Sunday, June 2 of 2019

Daily messages

Just as humankind was created from an Essential Principle of God, the planets were also. With different missions to express and different levels of life and of participation in the transformation and evolution of the Divine Creation, planets are also parts of the Consciousness of God, fruits of His Breath and of His Word, bearers of His spiritual presence.

Understood from an evolutionary standpoint, Creation, children, is formed by different parts of the Divine Consciousness which, when multiplied, recreates and renews through the learning and experiences lived by the beings.

The feeling of individuality and of independence which some beings experience is fruit of the unconsciousness of their true essence. The Creator granted His creatures the possibility of learning through free will and, throughout their evolution, He only observes and accompanies them, according to their choices, according to the permission they offer to God for Him to act in their lives and guide them. In spite of being present in the vital essence of His children, the Creator remains silent within them.

To think on the science of Creation is like thinking of the human composition: all they are, from the spirit to their cells, are living parts of one being; however, if the consciousness does not enter into dialogue with its different nuclei, each one of them may act in an independent way and sometimes even their cells create their own life within the body, manifesting illnesses, oftentimes incurable. These cells do not cease to be part of the body because they are cancerous, for being ill, but they act as if they were not; as if they could live in disharmony with the whole, which is the consciousness of the being.

In the same way, children, it happens in greater proportions with the Divine Creation. You do not fail to be a part of God for believing to have your own life and for not being aware of the Mystical Body which you are part of.

In the same way, the planets are like the organs of God, galaxies and universes are His systems and you are those particles, almost invisible within the whole, which could be called atoms and which, in spite of being so small, hold infinite mysteries within themselves.

An atom of your bodies can change your lives completely. In the same way, you can transform Creation.

To be aware of unity means to approach God and to collaborate for His Celestial Body to be in harmony. To sow peace in a nation means to sow the healing of a life system which depends on each being in order to evolve and to return to the unity with the Heavenly Father.

I tell you all these things in such way for you to understand the design of Creation; for you to understand yourselves within It, as well as It within each of you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph