Dear Children,

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, on this day of Pity and Mercy for the whole world, I would like My Son to be recognized once again by all, through the consecrated Bread and Wine; so that, through the adoration of good souls, the errors and outrages, which the Heart of the Creator continues to receive, may be repaired.

Therefore, My children, through this gesture of merciful love of your hearts and lives, the Tabernacles of the Earth that are destroyed by wars or profaned by ignorant souls, spaces that are blessed by My Son, shall also be repaired and contemplated, just as the angels of the choir of reparation do.

I would like to tell you, My children, that the holy places, just as the Eucharist sanctifies everything that it touches and radiates, are fundamental spaces for the elevation of souls and especially of the planet, which need much Light and Mercy in these times.

The first step is that souls adore and value the Sacrament, so that humanity does not continue to lose its authentic spiritual union with the Creator.

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, I thank all My children who faithfully carry out every day the holy adoration of the Eucharistic and Heavenly Body of the Redeemer.

United in prayer for all impossible and urgent causes, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Forty days with Jesus along the Lent path

"May your gaze be upon the Heavens.
May your soul be in the Heavens.
May your heart be in the Heavens.
May your spirit be in the Heavens, and may you always remember that, regardless of any circumstance, God loves you as you are and wishes the good and peace to you and the world.

Make of your life an instrument of Peace.
Make of your life an action of Mercy.
Make of your being an expression of God's Love.

Let yourself be transformed, do not fear the power of My Fire; because when you conclude your experience on Earth, remember that you must shine like a star, capable of reflecting everything evolutionary and transcendent that you have lived.

May your consciousness be embraced by faith. Walk in this desert, and do not stop. I Am here always."

Christ Jesus


Forty days with Jesus along the Lent path

"I Am the Light of the world, no one can go to the Father except through Me.

Surrender with trust to that Greater Light, so that your steps in the desert may be guided by My Light. Surrender to the Light of My Heart and allow the rays of My Grace to touch your consciousness and your life.

This is the time of redemption. Leave your offering at My Feet, surrender your little heart to Me so that I may work wonders in your life.

Thirst no more, I offer you My Water of Life. Commune with My Body and drink of My Blood, let us together seal the covenant of unity and redemption, so that humanity may be liberated from all evil and all threat.

Be, in My spiritual garden, a flower of mercy and peace."

Christ Jesus


Dear children,

I rejoice to see you here, in this sacred house, a favorite place of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a space that gestates relief for the suffering of souls.

I want to tell you, dear children, that My Heart prays every day for the manifestation of the House of Saint Lazarus, a house that will be consecrated in honor of this important fact lived by My Son, Jesus, in the resurrection of Lazarus, so that souls that one day enter this space may receive within themselves the power of resurrection, through the care of love for those who suffer and for those who are sick in body and in spirit.

All of you are blessed by this project of the House of Saint Lazarus. In a short while, the doors of manifestation will open, and it will be the time and the moment, dear children, to work for the relief of suffering of the hearts that will seek peace, of many hearts that will appear seeking relief because they will not find it anywhere else.

Although this Project seems unattainable, for God it is not, because it is in His Will. And today I come as your Mother of the Relief of Suffering, to remind you of this request.

However, this mission of the House of Saint Lazarus is not the only one. This Light-Nucleus will expand its dimensions and spaces. This is why I ask you to ask yourselves internally if you are ready for this moment. Because while the planet and humanity suffer in an unknown way, God will place His Presence in some places of the planet, through spaces of light, love, charity and mercy.

I come here to tell you, My children, that I am with you, that I accompany each step and each moment of the concretion of the House of Saint Lazarus, as well as of the other projects through this Light-Nucleus, projects that someday will go beyond this city of São Carlos, projects that will also renew the Nucleus in São Paulo, so that it may re-emerge through the impulse of service that the self-summoned souls have lived throughout the times, because we are at a moment of emergency.

The Light-Nuclei must not only be spaces of salvation and rescue, they must also continue to be the archetype of a life experience, of a life consecrated to the Plan of God, of a life that may express the Community of Christ on Earth.

The pillars of the Light-Nuclei are sustained by the souls that present themselves in them, to take care of each space as if it were their very own life, just as you take care of yourselves.

Here, on the inner planes of this Nucleus, an Aspect of God reigns, which is the one that impels the work of charity, service and mercy, not only through the materialization of the House of Saint Lazarus, but also through the other projects of service that are lived here and those which will be lived here someday. Because there will be other projects that will gather other souls, different from you, but who will be embraced by the same impulse of Christ to express good and peace in a disturbed world, in an unbalanced society, in a family that needs unity.

Here the Aspect of Iod He Vaud He is present, which is the Aspect that represents the Spiritual Government of God for the Earth and the whole universe. I know that this is a very great conception for you and also for inner life, but do not worry, unite to Iod He Vaud He, so that He may inspire you, so that He may give you strength, so that He may grant you the bravery and courage to achieve and express His Will on Earth and in souls.

For a moment, think and meditate with Me, through each effort that has been made in the project of the House of Saint Lazarus, and for in the Project Fraternal Serving. How many souls have benefitted from this, not only incarnated souls, but also on the inner planes? How many have already achieved relief of suffering, even though the House of Saint Lazarus still does not physically exist? Do you understand, My children, how far the Love of God wants to go?

I know that you need something material to understand it, but I invite you to internally live the expression of the House of Saint Lazarus. Live the Law of Correspondence and all will happen according to what is written. If this project were not real for God, I would not be here today. This is why I come once again to reaffirm in you this Aspiration of the Eternal Father.

Beloved children, understand, once and for all, that the Eternal Father is the One who ardently wishes for the House of Saint Lazarus. Because in the end of these times, many, really many, must resurrect in spirit and also in life, through the miraculous and authentic service that this house will express through all the hands and, above all, all the hearts that give of themselves to reflect, within the House of Saint Lazarus, the fiery bases and principles of Figueira.

This treasure of the spirituality of Figueira is an incalculable treasure, it is a still unknown treasure, it is a Treasure of God, because it comes from His Heart.

You, beloved children, are part of this Legacy. Did you know this? Feel as part of this story that is written today in the mirrors, in the Mirrors of Creation, an experience of love and redemption of each one of you, so that many more, in a state of Grace and Pity, may attain the Mercy and the opportunity for the lives of many human beings to be dignified lives in the Lord, a part of His Kingdom.

Today, I embrace this house, this work and all its service with My Mantle and, above all, with My Arms. And I ask the Holy Spirit of God to inspire, guide and lead you, through His gifts, His seven gifts, toward His Will, the Will of God that is written in the heart of each one of you.

I feel so much a part of this work, dear children, that you cannot imagine. I would never tire of saying it, because where there is true love there is God, and where there is God there is the relief of suffering for all those who serve in His name, His Most Sacred Name, which gives you the power of overcoming and of transcendence, which every day grants you the Grace to stand up again to fulfill His Will, although you may have fallen.  

These are My Words. This is also My aspiration: I will be the first to enter this House of Saint Lazarus, because I was a witness of the miracle that My Son, Jesus, worked with Saint Lazarus. Thus, once again, I will be a witness of the miracle that My Son will work in you and in your brothers and sisters.

Let us celebrate this moment through the Holy Eucharist, so that at the Altars of God may be presented the offering of each heart, each server and each collaborator who places their life into a project that continues to descend from Heaven to Earth.

Let us offer this moment.

I once again thank you for responding to My call. I bless you and encourage you to follow in the steps of Christ, His footprints of Light. I invite you to follow His Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



My dear and beloved children,

Today, holding all of you in My lap, I invite you to continue praying and adoring the Eucharistic Body of Jesus, so that here the time foreseen in the Plans of the Father may be fulfilled.

Through the Monastery of the Door of Mercy, I would like you, in this new cycle of the Light-Nucleus, to open that door of Mercy for those who need it most; but mainly that you, My beloved children, learn at this stage to open the door of the heart so that all may have a place in you, just as God, the Creator, has a favorite place for His Children.

Through the Sacred Fountain of Jesus that you will open here, in this house, for all souls, remember that, from the most sinful to the most rescued, they will be able to use the Fountain of Jesus to purify their lives and thus, wash the marks of the past from their faces.

Today, once again, I come to bless you, I come to encourage you and to impel you so that My Sacred Heaven may continue to expand the Light of the Eucharist in this needy city of Belo Horizonte.

In the name of My Son, I thank you for these days that were shared.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of God's Sacred Heaven


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My beloved children,

Under My Mantle, I hold today the most urgent causes of the planet, which have gravely wounded the Heart of God in this 2023, a moment when humanity is confused and lost, in which intolerance and violence prevail, rather than love, truth and justice.

Behold, under My Mantle, each one of the situations that the Hierarchy attends to, although such situations also bring it a sense of urgency.

Behold the clamor of all peoples, nations, families and those who cry out for help.

Behold, children, the great need of humanity and of the whole planet.

Today, I come here to show you this, so that you may contemplate it with Me in prayer and, even more, in supplication, because the world needs an immediate solution. And know that not only My Heart, but also the Hearts of all the Hierarchies, are attentive to each moment and each situation.

I come to hold each one of the urgent causes under My Mantle, because the world and humanity cannot find a way out, can no longer see the path of peace and harmony.

This is why, children, despite the seriousness of the situation, all those who have prayed in the year that is now concluding, have sustained, together with the Mother of God, each one of the causes of the souls that cry out and ask for help.

This is why God, the Father, once again sends His holy angels to Earth, so that, through His legions and all His commands, they may help humanity, which is losing the values of loyalty, unity and understanding, which are essential foundations for human fraternity and the common good.

I want you to know, My children, that the true prayerful beings committed in daily life and throughout the ages, have helped the Mother of God very much in all that which your Heavenly Mother attends to at this crucial moment of humanity.

My children, I am here, at the doors of the last day of 2023, so that a new year of greater love, greater justice and hope may begin, because souls, peoples and nations must no longer continue to break the Law, and thus distance themselves from the Truth and the Wisdom that God can give them.

Therefore, this is the time and the hour to sustain the bridge that is breaking, so that this union between Heaven and Earth may be re-established at every moment and in every need.

Do not allow love to die in you or in your brothers and sisters.

In the name of My Son Jesus, the King of the Universe, I tell you again to love one another as He loved and still loves you. There is no other way out, My children, because many, many among My children in the world have lost the essence of Love.

And this essence of Love, which is the essence of life and of all creation, needs to re-emerge in the hearts that have distanced themselves from God, in the hearts that have closed and do not open to listen to the Good News of the Return of Christ, because they have lost faith, because they have lost love, because they have lost hope.

Tomorrow, December 31st, the last day of 2023, I ask souls, in the inner worlds, not to forget the Higher Universes that will be attentive, once again, to the voice of supplications.

Great Mercy is needed. Souls need Grace and they need to recover love, to be reborn in Christ, who is arriving.

Children, once again I will be with you tomorrow, as the Aurora that announces what is new, as the dawn that brings life and renewal, as the Breath of God that announces the Advent of Christ.

On the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the Altars of God will be open, because the angels will open their doors to welcome the offerings of hearts and, above all, of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, which will be offered for a higher goal, for a higher good, for a higher purpose.

May 2024, a year that foretells the Return of Christ, be a year of greater mercy and peace, greater fraternity and justice in the world, especially for the most innocent and for families.

Behold the Mother and Lady of the impossible causes, your Advocate, Mediator between souls and God, Consolation for the afflicted, Hope of the poor, Refuge of families, the Mirror of the Justice of God.

I wish the good for everyone. I am here and I Am your Mother, the Mother who does not stop, and does not take rest, the Queen of Peace.

I thank all those who respond to the Call of God in these critical times.

My blessing is upon the just and the unjust. My blessing is upon the servers, but also upon the sinners. My Son wants the salvation of the whole world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


My dear children,

While the world, and especially some nations, face the evil and chaos of these times, I call upon you to be bearers of My Peace.

While wars provoke fearful profits to those who promote arms and generate inexplicable suffering to the majority of My children, I call upon you to be ambassadors of My Peace.

While impunity blinds many ambitious minds and hearts, and causes pain and anguish to numerous peoples and families, I call upon you to be instruments of My Peace.

While abortion and the discarding of the newborn and the unborn become normal, indifferent and dark habits, I call upon you to be the Light of Christ's Mercy.

While entire regions dry up overnight, and cities and towns are destroyed by the fury of climate change, I call upon you to be ambassadors and protectors of Creation.

While indignation, hunger and misery undermine the gift of human and spiritual dignity, I call upon you to be representatives and guardians of the Values of God on Earth.

While souls face harsh trials and many discover their weaknesses, miseries and illnesses, I call upon you to be bridges of love and healing for this suffering humanity.

While roads, borders and oceans are closed for refugees and exiles, making the world insensitive and indifferent to the suffering of your neighbor, I call upon you to be intercessors of Peace and Mercy; because without instruments in My Hands, your Heavenly Mother will not be able to intercede.

May all voices and hearts unite in a single prayer, saying: "Lord, have Pity and Mercy."

I will always pray for you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


O, My Holy White Hummingbird,
who visits one of My Lands blessed
by the Holy Mother of God.

As a humble pilgrim,
together with all your brothers and sisters,
you come to meet Me,
at the Sacred Temple of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart,
to supplicate, in union with My Son,
for peace in the world and for the end of wars.

O, Holy White Hummingbird,
who flies high to attract to the Earth
all the Graces of Heaven,
I grant to you today the Grace that you have asked of Me
from the silence of your heart.

O, Holy White Hummingbird,
I encourage you to go ahead,
steadfastly carrying the Word of My Son,
so that hearts may continue to feel relieved
by your gestures of closeness and fraternity.

Today, I am united to You in supplication
so that the world may be converted and achieve peace.

From this Sacred Sanctuary of Fatima,
together with the Angels of Heaven,
I impart My blessing, My Love and My Peace
to the whole world.

May the Mercy of My Son
descend upon humanity again today,
so that more wounds may be healed,
and hearts may be comforted.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of the Night, who leads all His sheep, especially those who are most lost, so that they may return to the stable of the Heart of God and drink of the Sacred Fountain of His Divine Humility. Because if humility does not live in this world, if humility does not express itself in souls and hearts, it will not be possible to avoid a third and difficult war.

This is why I Am here today, on the highest region of the Alps. Once again, I congregate you at the foot of these sacred mountains, where the Hierarchy is gathered and united to you, to implore to God for a last opportunity for this humanity, so that the nations of the world, especially the nations of Eastern Europe, may reflect the harmony and peace that is so urgent in these times.

Therefore, nothing and no one has prevented the Lord of the Night from coming here, because He has brought the whole Universe, all of Creation, with Himself. And with His Feet he steps upon all evil that exists on this planet and shows, through the Light of His Sacred Heart, the path that souls must tread during this dark night so that they may never lose sight of the Flame of the Divine Purpose, but rather, through this Sacred Immaterial Flame, souls may find within themselves the Will of God, which expresses in this material life the Purpose that has been written since the origin.

This is why, on these days of merciful prayer, I come, in the name of God, to ask you to truly pray. That each bead of the prayer of Mercy offered may be sincerely prayed to avoid a terrible third war in this world and, above all, in this Northern Hemisphere.

But do not lose faith, because you are My companions and My friends, you are My children and My daughters, and today I have all of you within the Sacred Cenacle of My Heart so that, just as more than two-thousand years ago, you may celebrate the Sacred Eucharist with Me once again, the infinite Legacy of the Love of God, which unconditionally offered itself to you through the bread and the wine.

This is why we are at a similar time as two-thousand years ago. But now you, as postulants to be New Christs of the end of times, must not only eat of My Body or drink of the Chalice of My Blood, but you also must learn to live your own Garden of Gethsemane.

And despite the darkness that reigns on this planet, despite the uncertain doors that are still open, despite the ignorance, the war, the indifference, the coldness of many hearts, despite all the sins and offenses that the Heart of God receives every day, My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, on these days of intense supplication to Divine Mercy, will gather, from each one of you, each one of the beads that you will sincerely offer to Me, not only for peace in Ukraine and Russia, for the end of war in this region of the planet and in other places of the Earth, but I will also gather your prayers as a true offering to God, because you will have the chance to again trust My Mercy.

So that you may see how great My Mercy is, today I Am again here, in this region of the planet, contemplating through My Eyes and feeling through My Heart the pain and anguish of the souls that live in war and in the conflict of the world.

Companions, I want to tell you sincerely that all Hierarchies are working a lot for this planetary situation. That each one of your steps, the steps of the servers of Christ, are being contemplated at this very moment, as a justification and atonement, in the face of all horrors and outrages of this world, of this humanity.

For this reason, companions, these days will be decisive, not only for all My servers of the Redemptive Work of Christ on Earth, but they will also be definitive for these nations of Europe, because what will happen in the coming times in this region of the planet will have repercussions in other nations of the world, and Europe is feeling the weight of the war in Ukraine.

Through His Power and Love, through His Mercy and Sacred Intercession, God could have already stopped this war. But companions, the adherence of souls with other forces of this material world compromises this intervention, which is not only spiritual, but also material.

However, trust and do not regret, trust in the power and light of the prayer of the heart. Entrust to God all your supplications, all your intentions, all that you beg for, so that the war may stop in Eastern Europe, and the current events, just as other events in the world, which are hidden from the eyes of all, may not be used as weapons of war, fostering lack, need and injustice.

Therefore, through the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart, I invite you to be with Me in this long dark night that the planet is living, without losing sight of the Light of Divine Purpose, because many souls in these times lose sight of their Spiritual Purpose.

In truth, I tell you that the spiritual task of many will be up to a very few, just as it was two-thousand years ago, when very few, united to the Master of Love, did their very best, gave their lives for the redemption of humanity, for the salvation of this school-planet.

I know that what I promise you at this moment is not wonderful, I promise you the experience of a spiritual sacrifice that you have not gone through at any other moment.

This is why, through the symbols of My Sorrowful Passion, I will be able to pour out, upon those who accept them, new experiences of Christification and growth of inner love.

Who will accept to hold the Crown of Thorns of the Lord with their own hands?

Who will accept to carry with them the nails that pierced the Hands and Feet of the Lord?

Who will accept to carry the planetary cross with Me?

Who will allow the spear to pierce their side, knowing that you do not deserve all these things and that your Master and Lord deserved them even less?

But  what led your Master, the King of the Universe, to allow Himself to experience all these things?

There is one and only reason: Love, the Love that would trust, the Love that would accept, the Love that would include, the Love that would never reject, the Love that would endure, the Love that would make Me grow as Divinity and Spirit. It was Love that made me accept the Will to live the Sorrowful Passion.

This is why I offer the opportunity of inner Christification to the simple, to the imperfect, to the sinners.

See how My Church is and how My priests are, how many wounds they cause Me by moving away from Me, by taking other paths that are not those of Christ.

This is why I avail Myself of this moment and I avail Myself of each one of you, regardless of the imperfection or difficulties, regardless of the pain or tests, so that the Heart of your Master may be relieved in silence, through the adherence of souls, through the silent sacrifice of the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in which I can recline My head upon your chests, to rest and take comfort from the love of those who are Mine.

The world is not prepared to listen to this, but I committed Myself to tell you the truth, because I will always be the Way and the Life for you.

The world must surrender to My Mercy so that the Third World War does not happen, so that humanity does not keep opening the door to evil, which suffocates hearts and confuses minds by moving away from God.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be a moment of great maturity, may it be the great moment when each one of you must ask yourselves whether you are with Me or not. The time is ending and if before the cup was almost full, it is now overflowing.

Who will prevent this from happening?

Will it be necessary for more innocent blood to be shed in this world?

God does not want the sacrifice of humanity, My Father wants from you, through Me, your eternal happiness, the joy of living and belonging to the Kingdom of God, once and for all.

I ask you again to truly pray. I will be attentively listening to the voice of your supplications and I know that I will be able to count on all of you, just as on all your brothers and sisters in the world.

In the simple, in the humble, in those who adhere, in the pure of heart, lies My Celestial Church. And through these souls, through true and simple hearts, I can consecrate and  make this world sacred, so that someday it may cease to be unfaithful so as to be faithful, so that someday the world may no longer have self will but will begin to live Divine Will, the Sacred Will of God that will always lead you to peace and to the good.

I thank you for hearing Me. I thank you for preparing this space for Me, because as much as this world offers Me hundreds of cathedrals, I could only be within them if love, transparency and surrender truly existed.

This is why, once again, God shows the world that His Presence is in the humble, that His Hand defeats the powerful, that His Word resounds in the simple and expels the selfish, even those who say they are with Me.

My Church is in the heart of My children. My Love is there. My Life is there forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear children,

Today I come to the world as the Great Higher Mirror of God.

I come as a simple Instrument of the Eternal Father so that, through the Inner Mirror of My Heart, the victorious merits achieved by My Son Jesus may be reflected and deposited once again in Brazil and in the world, merits that are preciously kept within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

It will be in this way, My children, that Brazil and the world will be relieved of the invasive information and stimuli that human beings receive in these times, which make their lives insensitive, autonomous from God and indifferent before the sorrowful situations that the current humanity goes through.

As this Great Higher Mirror of God, Your Heavenly Mother comes today so that as many souls as possible may be in contact with the Attributes of the Supreme Source in the inner planes. This is urgent because as times goes by in this chaotic surface, many souls become disconnected from that which is true and essential.

For this reason, the Celestial Father sends Me again to the world, the suffering world, to remind you, the believers and the nonbelievers, that many are letting themselves be dragged toward the abyss of the beast. And the beast, by means of its cunning, pride and arrogance, deceives and holds with its claws many priests of the Church, many peoples and nations that are already being converted into territory of extensive spiritual darkness.

With prayers and more consciousness, I come once again to ask you to continue praying for Brazil and South America because the destiny of Brazil and of the whole world is in your hands.

Meanwhile, in this time, the Mother of the Mirrors of God gathers all Her army upon the surface of the Earth to awaken and call them to the reality from which many want to hide because they fear facing it.

But My Son gave you His Word, He delivered His Message to you throughout the last years and granted you the path of your conversion and forgiveness through the spiritual science of the Sacraments.

Then, remember all the Graces received and act according to the Will of God because moments of greater watchfulness and discernment will come.

Trust in the Holy Spirit and do not stop taking the steps toward the Heart of God.

Do not forget the acts of Mercy. Do not become crystallized in the spiritual and prayerful path.

Be warriors available in love, tolerance and peace.

Cultivate dialogue, manifest coherence in your choices and faithfully follow the Attributes of God. In this way, you will make a planet that is freer of darkness, violence and impunity.

Love life and respect it. Do not allow Creation to continue to be outraged.

I pray for Brazil, for its destiny, for all its dear people of God.

Be peacemakers of My Son. We ask you once again not to get involved with lies and comments; may you love the Silence of God.

I thank you for responding to My Call in consciousness.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To the soldiers and warriors of Mercy of the Brotherhood Community

My beloved children,

Despite loneliness, abandonment or the doubt that in these last two years you may have felt, today you are filled with My deepest and warmest Maternal Love.

Dear children, every day I have prayed for your persistence and enthusiasm, despite the fact that you have lived the sorrowful agony of My Son  in your own flesh during the pandemic of this lost humanity.

But now see, children, I am here, and I am your Mother of the Holy Spirit; I am the Guardian of your path toward God.

Beloved children, today I can tell you that you survived and that you are ready, despite your purification, to continue enduring the end of these times, a time still unknown and unpredictable for all of humanity.

But you, in spite of everything, knew how to be warriors of Mercy, and most importantly, My beloved children, you learned to place the Plan of My Son first, despite the uncertain and dark moment that humanity lived.

My Son, like a Good Shepherd, was there, present in each success as in each test. The powerful Love of Christ sustained each one of you and thus, beyond everything, you learned to sustain this Sacred Marian Center.

For this reason, I am here today to thank you, to give you My Gratitude and Consoling Love.

Children, each sincere effort that was lived by you is valued and recognized by the Eternal Father, and is kept in the depths of His Silent Heart.

Therefore, on this day, feel renewed, feel strengthened by His Blessed and Humble Heavenly Mother.

Everyone who in these last two years has either passed through or congregated in this beloved Community left the Sacred Heart of My Son a mark of love and sacrifice.

Now rise up and continue on walking.

I am the Mother of Calvary, the Mother who reaches everyone, to hear from each Inner Christ: "Mother, I renew all things."

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children of Argentina,

Behold, I AM your Celestial Mother, the Mother of Luján, the Holy Virgin of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas.

Come to Me, My beloved and wounded children of Argentina. I am here and I have returned to console you, to tell you that, as your Mother, I have accompanied every moment of your lives as well as each situation of the country.

Children, take My Hand, I want to lead you to Jesus, in this new meeting with His Unfathomable and Merciful Heart.

Children, open your arms to Me. I want to hold them tight, I want you to again feel the maternal warmth of My Heart.

My children, no longer feel indignation. May the upset be transformed into hope, may the injustice that your eyes see be converted into compassion.

My children, there is no other way out but turning toward God and trusting, because in this wounded and mistreated surface of the planet you will not find perfection nor transparency.

Beloved children, do not allow yourselves to succumb, elevate your voices toward My Beloved Son so that He, filled with Mercy, may guide and lead you toward the Kingdom of His Peace and Silence.

I have come to remind you that I love you.

I have come to ask you to truly pray, because your people needs much prayer, as discernment and transparency have disappeared.

I Am here to support you at this decisive and tense moment of your nation which needs, through faith and trust in the Father, to recover the original principles of its purpose.

Do not forget, My children, all the Sacred Relics that Argentina holds in its deepest core of the planet.

Turn toward that which is true and essential, and peace will return here.

As the Mother of Mercy, I give you My Peace, which is the eternal and unstoppable Peace of Christ.

I thank everyone who made this new and awaited reencounter with My Beloved Son possible. He also thanks you.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day of Mercy, may your deepest prayers keep being elevated to Heaven so that the world and, above all, the nations that are most oppressed and chastised by war and conflicts may recover peace, because no human being is capable of living without peace, as peace is to be in contact with God and the universe.

My children, on this day of merciful prayer, I call upon you to pray for those places in the world where there is no peace and where chaos reigns, because, as the Queen of Peace, I need, through your prayers, to reach the spaces in this world where hundreds of My children suffer hopelessness and lack of love.

Just as, in this month of August, you will be able to feel the Heart of My Son, I would like many more children to feel My Heart, and your true prayers are the bridge that will allow Me to find My most suffering and desperate children.

For this reason, My beloveds, recognize the Rays of My Grace, the Grace that, being inexhaustible and justifiable before God, has been filling you for more than fifteen years.

It is My wish that My Graces, the Graces granted to My Maternal Heart, may reach all, especially those who have condemned themselves to hell.

I am thankful to you in advance for the bravery and effort that you might dedicate to Me through the prayer of the heart, because prayer must permeate the world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear Children,

With joy and bliss, I come from Heaven, once again. This time for this awaited meeting between My Heart and yours.

Your Heavenly Mother is now here, with all of Angola and all of Africa.

Today, I come as the Mother of Africa. I come for a continent stigmatized throughout the times. I come for a race that is discriminated against and exploited.

I am here and I Am your Mother. Come to My Arms so that, once again, I may console you and embrace you in My Arms of a Mother.

Today I come full of Grace, Love and Mercy.

These Graces, promised to My children of Saint Isabel's House and to all of Africa, today I pour them out upon your hearts so that the heavy chains of indifference,  impunity and mistreatment may be broken by the precise blow of the powerful sword of Saint Michael the Archangel.

My children, have faith and believe. The end of captivity is near because My Son will return and He in His Glory will first return for you, for all of My dear and beloved Africa.

Throughout the days to come, I will keep coming, just as I once arrived at Kibeho, to tell the world that Africa is in My Maternal Heart.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all of Africa

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through the oceans, My Consciousness is mirrored throughout humanity, and within human beings it can mirror the great state of Christic Consciousness. It is this spiritual and inner state that I have sought to implement in the entire human race throughout times, through the impulses that I bring to you in this cycle.

Today My Heart and all of My Being are now in Africa, just as your inner worlds and your prayers may also be there so as to accompany Me in this daring task of redeeming the African Continent and of generating, in all peoples of Africa, the relief of suffering and the recovery of peace.

For this reason, I Am here today, but in Spirit and omnipresence, I Am also in Africa, dealing with very important and spiritual subjects, which up to today your consciousnesses have not known.

Once again, I invite you to love mystery through the Love that I offer to you. Thus, you will be able to feel, in your inner world and in your consciousness, the impulses that I bring to you, so that you may learn to recognize My Will, the Will that is already written in the Consciousness of the Eternal Father, in all His Angels and Archangels, this Will that has been trying to establish itself from the origin of the planet, from the beginning of humanity.

For this reason, My Divine Consciousness has worked from the origins of the Earth for this human project, which was lovingly thought of by the Creator.

But you must know something important: this is the time to correct humanity, not through Justice, but rather through Mercy, so that it may again find the path toward its evolution and awakening, which it has lost.

The African Continent holds very important treasures, precious treasures unknown up to today.

It is My task, and it is also My duty, to reveal these treasures to you through the spiritual wealth that is kept in many hearts of Africa. A spiritual wealth that was not only exploited and removed in an unjust way that went unpunished, but also a spiritual wealth that was buried, silenced and enslaved by the countries and consciousnesses that unfortunately rule these nations of Africa.

In My Return, I will come with a Great Project to carry out and concretize. One of these Projects that I hold in My Heart is the re-emergence of the spiritual consciousness of Africa, what it has represented for the Eternal Father since the beginning and the whole legacy that no one has yet come to know.

These treasures about which I speak to you are not material, but rather deeply spiritual, and I might even say, super-physical.

These treasures will allow the planet, as a soul and as an inner consciousness, to regenerate, and thus allow the emergence of the New Humanity, which is not the humanity of these times, because this is a humanity in transition, in trial, it is a humanity in suffering and in agony.

Through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, I come to open the doors throughout those places where they are closed: the Doors of Light, the Doors of Consciousness, the Doors of Grace and Healing, for those consciousnesses, souls and hearts that truly need them, such as My cherished Children of Africa.

For this reason, the beginning of this mission in Angola, at this stage, will be very significant, and it will not be like previous experiences, which strengthened the spirit of missionary service.

Now is the time to allow for the emergence, and also the concretization, of what the Father needs to materialize on the surface, that which you already know as sacred Points of Light, which will benefit not only Africa, but also the whole world. And this will demonstrate to all of humanity, once again, the sacrifice of the consciousnesses of Africa who do not lose faith and hope in My Heart, who only have My Heart so as to survive.

For this reason, My Heart gives of itself, once again, just as it once did in Rwanda. Now I come for all of Africa, for all nations of Africa, for all peoples and all cultures.

The time has come for humanity to recognize the errors it has committed against Africa and to correct and mend them, not only in a material way, but also in a spiritual way.

For this, I Am here as the Advocate of God, as the Mediator and Intercessor between the just and the unjust souls. I Am here through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy and by means of the Light of My Grace to make hope re-emerge in those who have lost it and do not have anything today.

For this reason, the steps that will be taken in this cycle will be important, they will be steps that will determine the coming times, they will determine the next cycles, and I might even say, the next events.

For this reason, you must be attentive and watchful. And as My apostles, servers and missionaries, called to live the Plan of God, you must carry forward the Purpose of your Master and Lord, that of sowing Christic Love in hearts and souls, and, that of allowing suffering souls, through this unfathomable, infinite and inexhaustible Christic Love, to again find hope, faith and the joy of living in this world, and also so that, at the same time, they may again find the virtues and gifts that they do not know today.

For this reason, through the foundation of My Work in South America, a bridge of Light, of unity and brotherhood is today created between South America and Africa so that Europe may also join this purpose and so that the African Continent may no longer be used as a discard, as trash of the consciousnesses that suffer the most, but rather that Europe and the Northern Hemisphere may finally take the step to cancel out the pending spiritual debt they still have with all of Africa.

I told you, as of 2017, about the importance of reaching Africa. Some movements took place, but they were not enough. Some experiences were lived, but they were not enough. It is time for each European consciousness, each member of the Northern Hemisphere, to place their hearts, and, above all, their life, unconditionally at the service of those who most need it. This will demonstrate to your Master and Lord that you can understand My Message, and that My Message does not get lost in time nor does it end up kept only as a remembrance.

It is time to act with readiness and determination. You, suns on Earth that are already awakened, know what you must do and where you must be. Do not resist, may the Europeans not resist, but may they rather open their hearts and cancel the debts they have with Africa.

Someone must take the step and you are the ones who must do it for those who will never take the steps, for those who will never look with Mercy or even compassion upon the suffering brothers and sisters of Africa.

I invite you to reconsider your attitudes and intentions. I invite you to definitively position yourselves on the path of the concretization of the Plan.

The times now urge. For this reason, you must be attentive, so as not to lose the impulses, so as not to lose all that I Am bringing to you in these times. Africa has waited for a long time for this moment, and will not be able to wait any longer. For this reason, I Am here to remind you, to let you know, that this is the time for action.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy prepare this immediate moment that I so much want to see concretized through you. A moment for serving without conditions, for giving of oneself without conditions, for doing something without conditions for those who suffer, for the brothers and sisters of Africa.

I can no longer hear, nor keep seeing the children of Africa, who wait for hands and arms that could welcome them, that could approach and, above all, that could love and serve them. They wait for love and not just for bread.

This is why it is important that you change your concepts about what survival life is. It is important that you may understand that in the hearts of Africa there are unknown and important treasures.

If this movement of permanent service for the African Continent takes place in these times through the collaboration and donation of all, it will allow for the spiritual debt of Europe and also of other regions of the planet to be relieved, allowing for the African consciousness to be repaired and spiritually rebuilt.

You must not just have a gesture of goodwill, this is not enough for Me; you must have a gesture of concretion, of readiness and not of resistance. You have My treasures and My Graces upon you, in your hearts and souls.

For this reason, I tell My apostles: this is the time to act, and to not allow My enemy to advance in this world and, above all, in those peoples and nations conditioned by the corrupt systems of this world.

I do not ask you to do big things, I ask you to make movements and carry out actions with love. There is the key to redemption.

After this Message, and through your prayers to the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, I will return to Africa to keep working, just as I have been doing throughout these days, preparing the continent for a new stage. But this new stage will take place and be concretized through collaboration, and I might even say, the enthusiasm of those who understand My Message, and not just listen to it.

Through this Marathon of Divine and unfathomable Mercy, I can tell you, My companions, that the world will live a Judgment in the face of what Africa lives and suffers today. Do not expect that those who claim to be powerful, or even those who exploit all of Africa, will change. The change, companions, begins within you, in the anonymous service for others.

This will grant the world an unknown, inexplicable amnesty, and Africa will be able to rise and re-emerge as the people and the culture it represents to God.

I will pray for you, My companions, to take the steps, especially all the members of this Work that belong to Europe. It is not enough that one, two or three consciousnesses make a movement for Africa, all are responsible for the spiritual debt.

I invite you to assume the cross, just as I assumed it for you. But I assure you that you will not experience the weight or the calvary that I experienced for you. I will always be there, by your side, to sustain you, to impel you, to transform you, to convert you into My apostles of the end times.

Be brave and do not step back. 

Do not fear the cross, nor the suffering, rather fear to be far from God and absorbed by the illusion of the world. 

You have the treasures of the Father, through Our Words and Our Apparitions, you have received these treasures; now it is time to place them at the service of others, of those who most need them, of those who have most waited for them, for such a long time.

I will be there, waiting for your definitive steps.

Now I truly return to Africa as a spiritual and divine Consciousness, hoping that more consciousnesses may assume a mature and not a passing service. Remember that Africa has a great spiritual and physical wound that has not yet healed. The presence of My apostles, of My servers and missionaries, will generate the healing of this situation, which is inexplicable to all.

Only Love will heal the pain.

I encourage you to move forward.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

In this time of planetary transition, some consciousnesses that serve My Son offer themselves to support, together with the most vulnerable and unprotected, the cross that many souls receive, a weight that is imposed upon them so that they cannot walk freely. That weight has to be transmuted by some, so that the most vulnerable and unprotected may have the Grace of being freed from oppression.

Therefore, this is a time of unknown Armageddon, this is a time in which everything is allowed so that souls define which path they will choose in the time to come.

The relief of the cross of the neighbor opens a silent spiritual door through which the Divine can work to rescue and save the most oppressed.

In this cycle, faced with the great debt of this world, the Divinity needs sacrificed and selfless hearts that are capable of accepting something that does not correspond to them on their spiritual path.

That offer is accepted attentively by the Heavens because it opens the darkest spaces for the angels of God so that Eternal Light can enter and so that this same Light can transmute and transform the most adverse situations and conditions in which the most oppressed souls are.

For this reason, dear children, offering to support and sustain this silent task means more than saying yes so that everything may be resolved. This represents the culminating moment in which Mercy will be able to act instead of Justice and thus rescue the hearts that are imprisoned.

All it takes is being attentive to the call of the Higher Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this beloved day, in which once more the Light and the Mercy of My Son descends, I invite you to renew yourselves in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that all children who do not reconcile nor ask for forgiveness may have the Grace of awakening to true repentance and penance.

In this way, beloved children, there will be well-deserved reasons for humanity to be absolved of all its faults, of all mistakes committed.

With the strength and the power of merciful prayer, may my prayerful armies never tire of asking for Pity and Mercy, because the majority, those who do not ask for Pity or Mercy, end up condemning themselves to spiritual perdition.

My wish is that all the prayerful beings on Earth may hold on and continuously unite to the Mercy of My Son. Thus, not only will they be united to the redeeming Heart of Christ, but they will also maintain the doors of the Heavens open so that the holy angels of the Lord may intervene in all causes that seem impossible.

Dear children, keep building, within yourselves, the strength of the prayer from the heart. I ask you to not cease praying, no matter what happens.

May the mirror heart of each child of Mine reflect onto the world the love and the peace needed for these times of tribulation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Believe absolutely in the strength and power of overcoming that God's Love offers you.

Believe that, despite your deepest miseries, the Love of My Son and His Mercy will be able to place you into another reality.

Believe that, in the overcoming of yourself, you will learn to live the redemption of your whole being and come to know how to take steps that will lead towards the fulfillment of God's Will.

Believe that, overcoming yourself, each day a little more, dissolves the heavy chains that bind humanity.

Believe that by overcoming yourself, you will generate the condition for the suffering to disappear from the face of the Earth.

Therefore, believe absolutely in the strength and power of overcoming that God's Love offers you, because, in this way, you will be recreating Creation and the inner situations will be different.

Have faith and overcome yourself every day. Overcome the limits imposed upon you by the fears of your consciousness.

Make all things new and live this time of purification, not as a punishment, but as a great moment to overcome yourself, so that humanity may overcome itself, and abandon, once and for all, indifference and coldness.

Believe in the strength of overcoming and place your awareness in another state, in that which is positive, in the universal current of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I know that sometimes you feel tired of your own purification, but I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not know how to move forward and you cannot find meaning in all that you do. I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not understand what happens or how the universe proposes some lessons and tests, but, you should know that I am here, come to My Arms, because everything makes sense to God, although you may not deeply know it. For this reason, I am here, so that you may come toward Me and be in My Arms. because I will only give you the strength and courage in order for you to learn to overcome these moments and these times.

I am here, at the doors of the month of August, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy will deliver to the world new impulses of Light that will permeate from your spirits towards your whole being. And these impulses that will come are those that will make you postulate yourselves to this path of apostleship that I come to offer to you at this moment, for this final moment.

This is why I come today to celebrate, with the consequent, these eight years of a path of prayer, of effort, of perseverance, of songs, of devotion, of praise and of honor to My Sacred Heart.

Today, I can say, companions, that beyond what happens today in the world, My Heart feels hope again for those who have been by My side, up to this moment, fulfilling My invitation, responding to My Requests, making known in the world the unfathomable power of My Mercy.

It is in this way that many souls, that you do not know today in the world, through these years of merciful prayer, through the participation of these souls in the meetings of prayer, those souls have been marked and anointed by My Spirit. This means a lot for Me, for the opportunity that these souls will have, of being able to remake their lives in the future, and especially to remake their spiritual path, the path that will lead them to God.

This is why, in this month, at the beginning of these sacred events of the Sacred Hearts, your Master and Lord announces Himself to the world to bring it the time of hope and healing that humanity needs, and to also tell you  that all those who live the Commandments will follow the universal Laws, and, by following the universal Laws, they will feel in their hearts an indescribable joy, despite the times of darkness, because upon you will descend the Holy Spirit and, with all Its Gifts, It will make you find the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God that lives within each one of you.

Thus, companions, you will fulfill My Promises before the Celestial Father, because you have been transformed by My Mercy throughout these years and, with your adherence and devotion, you have opened the doors at many moments for very painful and unknown situations to be solved, just as it was with the Indigenous Consciousness of Canada, which, for more than one hundred years, suffered the inquisition of My mistaken Church.

But I come today to raise these hearts and all the hearts throughout the world so that they may always keep in mind My Message, and not all those who follow Me, because those who follow Me could always be mistaken, this is human because it is weak. But in My Message and in My Word you will find the power of renewal and, by finding this power of renewal, you will find the Healing, Redemption and Mercy that all of you still need in order to attain the Kingdom of God.

With this impulse, I come to prepare your hearts for the new cycle, which will explicitly begin after August 8, when My Mother, who is your Mother, will open even more the doors to the definitive call in this Plan of the rescue of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature and, in consequence, of the salvation of the whole planet.

Therefore, what we have built together, up to this moment, has been the three important columns of the Work of Redemption: the column of Mercy, the column of Grace and the column of Forgiveness. These three columns unite through a great circle of Light, which  is the column of Redemption, which is what souls need today in order to remake their lives in this world that is contaminated by war, by technology, by the ideals and the grave tendencies that move souls away from the Love of God.

This Grace that I have brought to the world, since eight years ago, has been possible through the principle basis that was built for this spiritual task which is the basis of the Light-Communities which I invite all those who listen to know, so that they may enter the Islands of Salvation and may come to know the path that will rebuild your lives from these difficult times. But, first, you must keep loving My Project of Redemption, to someday be able to know the Project of Salvation through the evolutionary life of the Light-Communities.

Because the Light-Communities were the main pillars for the Work of expansion of Mercy to other nations of the world, to make it possible to include many more souls that in this life were waiting for redemption.

This is what I place today at the Feet of the Celestial Father: the efforts, the true surrenders, the devotion of hearts, the service of the selfless and innocent, the souls that strive to live humility, chastity and the unconditional spirit of an ever-deeper surrender for the concretion of the Plan of God through My Sacred heart.

Therefore, I encourage you and I invite you, companions, for this Marathon to be a moment of celebration, to be a moment for giving an impulse to all souls that participate in this prayerful meeting to renew their vows with the attribute of hope so that this Earth may be healed in all that is possible and allowed. Thus, you will understand, companions, that I will not do My Work in this place and in the whole world by Myself, I need your hearts and your lives, I need your ‘yes’ to carry out what is not yet materialized, what must still descend from the Spiritual Universe to heal this wounded Earth and create the bases of a New Humanity.

In these last 8 years, in which I have been appearing to you and delivering My Message to the whole world, I have seen that some of Mine have decided to enter the school of the degrees of love, and, even more, some have decided to enter the degrees of the school of compassion.

I invite you to move ahead in this school, I invite you, for your souls not to forget this school, because the Love of God will not only make you strong and invincible, the Love of God will make you ever more conscious of the reality and of the necessity, to the point that you, by yourselves, will be able to perceive, in everything, what you must help and assist.

Children of My Father, the end of times is already taking place, and, with Me, and in union with Me, you must keep the doors open to this universe of Mercy, where souls can be purified, washed, bathed and may receive an opportunity, as each one of you has received, on this path of the encounter with Me toward Mercy.

Because when your hearts are ready to live what I need, as many hearts are preparing for this, I will open  My Heart even more and I will show you My most unknown and deepest feelings, which I will invite you to feel in order for you to learn how to transmute and liberate this world; feelings of My Heart that cannot be seen by the physical eyes, but rather by the eyes of the heart, of a sensitive heart, open to the unknown.

I come here so that you may feel under My Spirit, because I know that it is difficult for many companions to cross this planetary moment, to live this world situation, to be a part of this human consciousness that day by day steps back due to the lack of love and compassion. But you, who many times have submerged in the ocean of My Mercy, can already know, but can also feel, what this means, and you can place yourselves at the service of all that is necessary to carry out, without fearing to surrender, until it hurts, because you will feel it even in your bones; at this moment, you will come to know charity, and your souls will be in joy, they will be in glory, in adoration, because they will be fulfilling a small part of the Plan of the Lord. If everyone did the same in this world, there would no longer exist a pandemic, there would no longer exist suffering, because all this would be replaced by the fraternity and the solidarity of the cooperation that emerges from the souls that, at this time, are here to serve.

In the name of the Source of Creation, at the doors of this month of August,  I want to bless you, so that this blessing may impel you even more towards the transformation and elevation of consciousness, for all the consciousnesses that do not elevate themselves and do not love, especially for the consciousness that make wars, humanitarian crises, inequalities, social conflicts, even the diseases that the world is today experiencing.

Although it may seem impossible, difficult or impenetrable, I invite you to imitate what I did in the sorrowful Passion, so that the merits of your efforts and surrenders, in this month of August, may serve as a justification of all the errors committed so that the chaos in the world may be soothed and the most lost souls may be reborn in love and forgiveness. This is My great aspiration in this month of August, and you will begin to accomplish it first among yourselves, with all those who surround you, with your families, with your dear ones and friends. thus you will come to know how much it is necessary to live the school of the degrees of love, in the conscious effort to attain it.

Therefore, I have come to bless you especially, not only you, but also the world, so that the spirit of collaboration may awaken in the hearts of all humanity, especially in the non-believers, so that someday the sacred spirit of brotherhood may awaken.

When this happens, Heaven will have descended to Earth and the Earth will have ascended to the Heavens, in perfect unity, and that is when I will return to bring Peace to the world.

At this moment, I hear the offerings of your souls. Although imperfect, let it be a true offering, let it be the offering that is born from the voice of the heart so that all may be redeemed and healed.

For this first event of the month of August, the Marathon of Divine Mercy, I leave to you what My Heart has that is most precious, what in brotherhood I once shared with you: the Eucharist, the Blood and the Body of Christ, which will always lead you to find the truth within you and redemption, because I did so for you, and I would keep doing so, many times more.

Remember that within the Sacraments lie the lifeline, the path that will lead you to peace and to the divine union with the Most Holy Trinity.

In this month of August, in which we have been so many years alongside each one of you, by means of Our Presence, of Our Sacred Hearts, of Our Words, we come to demonstrate to you that We are here to help this wounded, suffering and agonizing world.

Therefore, I invite you to be a definitive part of My Heart, I invite you to be a part of the Rays of My Heart to illuminate this world by means of works of charity and peace.

At the request of the Eternal Father, I bless you in this new cycle, when the doors of humanitarian service and prayer will open more, until it can reach the whole world, until all hearts possible may hear My Voice, may hear My Message.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


We will close this moment, making an offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by means of a song that impels us to live this path of apostleship so that the Light of Christ may descend to the world and His aspirations may be concretized through the ‘yes’ of each heart.



As Mother and Lady of Garabandal, I prepare to return and help, through you, the entire people of Spain, who have been struck by the pandemic, hit by the lack of faith and devotion, due to so many difficult events.

Once I said in Garabandal that the glass was almost full, now the glass is already overflowing.

Dear children, My return to Europe is to try, once again, to withdraw many of My children from the indifference and discrimination that they experience in this time.

I pray, day and night, and, while in vigil, your Celestial Mother prepares to begin a new stage and a new cycle with all Her children of Europe, and from Europe to the entire world, including Asia and Oceania.

Therefore, beloved children, I ask you to continue to pray with fervor for each of My intentions so that, one day, they may be converted into a reality of abundance and Mercy, for all My children.

I also ask you to pray for My Plans of salvation and peace, which the Virgin of Garabandal, the Lady of Fatima, will need to carry forward in Africa and the Middle East, through the support and the loving and fraternal collaboration of all.

The time that I will remain in Europe, sending My Messages to the world, will be long, because the northern hemisphere, including Africa, needs a lot of Mercy.

Hence, I will be grateful to you.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



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