I am not only your Celestial Mother and Mother of Life, I am the Light that ardently gives impulse to the devotion of your soul toward our dear and glorious Creator.

I am the balm with the aroma of roses that cleans, purifies and sanctifies your being so that, in this time, you are encouraged to take steps in trust toward the Creator.

I am this mirror that incarnated on Earth to deliver the essence of love to the children of God, the essence of a love that may be able to regenerate inner life and erase suffering and pain forever.

I am that flower, unique and unrepeatable. I am that eternal flower that surrenders in the hands of Its children so that they can contemplate it and love it, so that this love, that has not yet arisen from within each child, can blossom and work miracles of love in the lives of those who suffer, and those who have nothing.

I am the Mother that shelters you during the cold winters of life and Who protects you during the nights of storm.

I place all of you near my chest so that you may not only be in My arms, but so that you may also feel the love in My Heart, of a Heart that beats for each one of you.

This is the reason why I am here, for each one of My lost children and those who are not lost, believers or atheists, conscious or ignorant ones. I am for each one, to be able to take you toward My peace and so that, in My peace, My children, you may learn to live in God, in His Presence and in His Kingdom

I am that unconditional Mother, that Mother Who is consoling and relieving of human and moral suffering.

Come to Me, children, because in Me you will find God, and all of your experiences and tests will become small before the Love that comes from the Father, and this will make you free.

Children, I am the Mother Who understands and Who prays untiringly for today's world, for the humanity that is psychically and spiritually sick. Therefore, I come, because a mother would do anything for you. Only a mother is capable of feeling and of understanding, to the deepest levels, each one of her children.


When a soul awakens, it is like a rose that opens to receive the Grace from the Source. Then, a Law deeply changes a state for another and the consciousness participates in the beginning of the Transfiguration.

This is how, dear children, the reintegration of a being on the path of the Hierarchy confirms the fulfillment of one part of the Plan.

In this definitive time all those who are awakening participate in a spiritual science that is changing the old being into a new being.

In this way, the consciousnesses that awaken are supported by a Law that before they could not access for being connected with the things of the world. It is like a different fluid that starts to act in the consciousness that acquire knowledge of the truth.

In order that the process of awakening may happen in a harmonious way, the consciousness cannot lose the aspiration of serving and working in the name of the Great Love, this is how everything will be protected and the self-summoned will be impregnated by a new Light.

The time indicates the moment of a great awakening for the true task.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and supports you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


ÓN​​Your consecrated essences, like roses in My garden, can express the honor of feeling loved by God in spite of the times of purification that you are going through.

For this, children, day by day I come to encourage you on the path of conversion, something that you must work every day by means of a sincere prayer and a true service for your fellow humans.

It is this way, children, that your steps will enlarge in order to reach the aim and thus you will not face the abysses of consciousness, because your heart will already be as donated as Mine to you.

Therefore, children, let us build in each interior a great fortress that will be supported by the love and by the unity of always seeking the perfect communion with the Creator.  As your Mother, I teach you how to donate yourselves a little more every day so that your consciousnesses, out love for all of humanity, may embrace the path of sacrifice and of redemption that My Son offers you, such as He once did for you. 

Dear children, today I invite you to find, through immediate donation, the bridges towards reconciliation and forgiveness, something of which all of humanity loses sight for arrogance and self-love.  Love simplicity, which is spiritually much greater than it seems to you.  Your prayers are heard when your consciousnesses embrace the path of sacrifice for the others, in this way a part of this world will not get lost or succumb.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who teaches you how to donate yourselves from the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The flowers of light that are born in My Sacred Garden are diverse, but all together emanate the same aroma of prayer.  My celestial rays water the flowers of the garden every day so that they, on their own, may reach the expression of their inner beauty.

In My Garden the roses are a beautiful present for the Altars of God, each one of them has its time to be harvested and after be taken in My basket of gold to the Thrones of God.

These precious and diverse flowers from Heaven are the sublime expression of the souls that pray every day with Me and that, as in the earthly life are transformed step by step.

Today I wish that you be new flowers in My Sacred Garden, that you may beautify life upon the Earth through your love and your prayer; it will help that most of the flowers that die on Earth may blossom again as seeds in the stable of Your Lord, Jesus.

Dear children, in this way is expressed My Mystical Rose.  My Light profoundly springs from the Immaculate Heart in order to transform and convert in love the souls that have fallen.

Think, dear children, about the possibility that you may spiritually materialize this aspiration of Mine, that you may be beautiful flowers at the feet of the Creator; in this way your lives may be guided by new laws and that which to you seems not transformable, the Holy Spirit of God will transform.

Beloved children, encourage yourselves to live in the new; seek in your sincere prayer the Divine Life, that is the Life of Heaven, the path of holiness and of service.  Be holy in life, proclaim the greatness of God in all things; in this way you will help that all be renewed and many of your brothers and sisters may find hope again.

Beloved children, the Lord of the Universe observes you and accompanies you every day of your lives; only seek the one and true union with the Eternal Father. He waits for His servants to give Him the fruits collected from the great harvest of the end of the times.

I am still here among your hearts, because there is still much that heals and that scars; it is time to place your beings under the healing rays of Christ, so that My Son may exorcise and transform you in precious seeds of light, ready to be sown as groups of prayer upon the surface of the Earth.


Blessed children.

In response to the urgent call realized yesterday to My children, those for whom I have for five years appeared as the Blessed Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I announce to you that My Beloved Son Jesus Christ today sends me to your hearts to tell you that the All Mighty God has observed from His Heart your answer to the celestial call for attention.

Dear children:

In the face of the urgent necessity of conversion and redemption for all creatures of God, today I call you to continued prayer and especially I call you so that, during all of this month, your lives may go deeper and donate time for meditation on each one of the holy Mysteries of the Rosary.

There you will find the keys for the conversion of your hearts, keys such as:  Peace, Surrender, Trust in God, Charity, Forgiveness, Love of My Son, Sacrifice and the Resurrection with the Glorification of Christ.

My children, in this month of the Rosary I want that you especially dedicate yourselves to unify your hearts to each one of the passages of the life of Jesus and with the silent life of My Immaculate Heart.

My little ones, may you in this time awaken in your consciousness to the call of redemption and to surrender to God, a call that My Voice pronounces day by day by means of the daily messages.

Dear children, under the Grace of God we are already close to one year, continuous and without interruptions, of the daily blessed apparitions of My Immaculate Heart, of the Queen of Peace, who has intended to guide you to the path of Good and of Peace in the Heart.

Before a continuous year of received Graces, today I want that in answer to these Graces, you unify your lives to the keys of learning of Christ.

For this victorious reason of My Immaculate Heart in each one of your lives I announce to You today in the name of the Merciful Love of Christ Jesus, that on the day of tomorrow, the 21st of October 2012, My children, the Seers, will be honoring me by means of a simple prayer and an internal communion in the Sanctuary of the Aparecida, the sanctuary that I love with favor for the humble expression of faith from all of My children, pilgrims of Brazil.

Dear children:

Begin each day under the presence of My Peace and in prayer plead for the conversion of the world. My Maternal Heart wants to see the souls in constant prayer. My Maternal Heart wants to see the souls that at each moment remember the prayer of the heart.

My children, the path towards permanent peace is possible, for this I invite you today to pray for peace in the heart of those who do not have it. Pray for all My other children, for those who are distracted, for those who are distant from God, and for those who do not believe in My maternal call.

Dear children, the prayer that is born from the groups of prayer will help in the formation of the new path for humanity. For this, My little ones, each prayer that is uttered and donated from the heart, the Heavens will receive as a rose, as a pure and true prayer.

It is important, My dear children, that in all this exercise of prayer be present the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because His Merciful Love must be your aspiration and your flame of peace for the world.

Dear children, opening your arms to My call, your hearts will receive the help that they need. Permit, dear children, that the Holy Spirit of wisdom and of truth may conduct the life and the essence of the task in each group of prayer.

Count on Me, My children, as Mother and Guardian of the hearts here on the Earth.

May the Spirit of God bless you for this day, under the sign of the luminous cross of Christ.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Who are we?

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.