Wednesday, July 22 of 2015

Daily messages

ÓN​​Your consecrated essences, like roses in My garden, can express the honor of feeling loved by God in spite of the times of purification that you are going through.

For this, children, day by day I come to encourage you on the path of conversion, something that you must work every day by means of a sincere prayer and a true service for your fellow humans.

It is this way, children, that your steps will enlarge in order to reach the aim and thus you will not face the abysses of consciousness, because your heart will already be as donated as Mine to you.

Therefore, children, let us build in each interior a great fortress that will be supported by the love and by the unity of always seeking the perfect communion with the Creator.  As your Mother, I teach you how to donate yourselves a little more every day so that your consciousnesses, out love for all of humanity, may embrace the path of sacrifice and of redemption that My Son offers you, such as He once did for you. 

Dear children, today I invite you to find, through immediate donation, the bridges towards reconciliation and forgiveness, something of which all of humanity loses sight for arrogance and self-love.  Love simplicity, which is spiritually much greater than it seems to you.  Your prayers are heard when your consciousnesses embrace the path of sacrifice for the others, in this way a part of this world will not get lost or succumb.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who teaches you how to donate yourselves from the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace