My dear children,

Today I come to the world as the Great Higher Mirror of God.

I come as a simple Instrument of the Eternal Father so that, through the Inner Mirror of My Heart, the victorious merits achieved by My Son Jesus may be reflected and deposited once again in Brazil and in the world, merits that are preciously kept within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

It will be in this way, My children, that Brazil and the world will be relieved of the invasive information and stimuli that human beings receive in these times, which make their lives insensitive, autonomous from God and indifferent before the sorrowful situations that the current humanity goes through.

As this Great Higher Mirror of God, Your Heavenly Mother comes today so that as many souls as possible may be in contact with the Attributes of the Supreme Source in the inner planes. This is urgent because as times goes by in this chaotic surface, many souls become disconnected from that which is true and essential.

For this reason, the Celestial Father sends Me again to the world, the suffering world, to remind you, the believers and the nonbelievers, that many are letting themselves be dragged toward the abyss of the beast. And the beast, by means of its cunning, pride and arrogance, deceives and holds with its claws many priests of the Church, many peoples and nations that are already being converted into territory of extensive spiritual darkness.

With prayers and more consciousness, I come once again to ask you to continue praying for Brazil and South America because the destiny of Brazil and of the whole world is in your hands.

Meanwhile, in this time, the Mother of the Mirrors of God gathers all Her army upon the surface of the Earth to awaken and call them to the reality from which many want to hide because they fear facing it.

But My Son gave you His Word, He delivered His Message to you throughout the last years and granted you the path of your conversion and forgiveness through the spiritual science of the Sacraments.

Then, remember all the Graces received and act according to the Will of God because moments of greater watchfulness and discernment will come.

Trust in the Holy Spirit and do not stop taking the steps toward the Heart of God.

Do not forget the acts of Mercy. Do not become crystallized in the spiritual and prayerful path.

Be warriors available in love, tolerance and peace.

Cultivate dialogue, manifest coherence in your choices and faithfully follow the Attributes of God. In this way, you will make a planet that is freer of darkness, violence and impunity.

Love life and respect it. Do not allow Creation to continue to be outraged.

I pray for Brazil, for its destiny, for all its dear people of God.

Be peacemakers of My Son. We ask you once again not to get involved with lies and comments; may you love the Silence of God.

I thank you for responding to My Call in consciousness.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Whenever you cry out for peace, I will be there. My Heart is attentive to each plea, to each cry, to each sincere heart that ignites the light of its essence, even in the deepest abysses of the planetary consciousness.

When you pray from the heart, your voices are like melodies that resound between the dimensions and reach the Celestial Altars, moving the Heart of God, that responds to the plea of His children with pity, healing and Mercy, with the Truth that awakens you from the sleep of the world and allows you to return to His Heart.

Whenever you pray, remember to do so truthfully, placing attention upon each word, with life within everything that you pronounce, sing or offer, because the miracle of prayer is still a mystery to the human heart. But today, I tell you, children, that it is this mystery, held within your hearts, that reveals the true potential of human beings.

It is when you pray with sincerity, overcoming all shame, fear and the human condition, that you can experience what you are and discover your most pure and spiritual potentials.

I do not speak of universal life, I do not speak of material realities, but about your essences, of that which makes you in likeness to God, that which many think they know, feel and live, under the guidance of the essence, yet it is not so.

The more you pray, the more you will be able to ascend toward that deep space of consciousness. When you set aside your fears and all that you think about yourselves, when you place yourselves in the Presence of God, and only in Him, to enter into a profound dialogue with the Creator, this is when you can begin to come to know yourselves.

Self-knowledge begins with confession, when you allow yourselves to be transparent, without layers, without veils, and you allow yourselves to not only be exposed to God, but also allow that God be Who touches you with His Hands and shows you this about yourselves, that which you still do not know.

Why do I tell you these things today?

Because in these last years, this is the synthesis of all that I have to tell you; pray, in truth, in confession, before God, disengaging from everything that you believe about yourselves. Lose the fear and the shame of not being what you built for so long on Earth and beyond it, and let the Hand of God cleanse you and show you something wonderful about yourselves, you who are nothing, except a pure, divine essence, part of the Creator, capable of recreating and renewing all of His Creation.

Each time you pray, let it be in truth and, little by little, your lives will be a constant confession, in which you will not need to be alone to be transparent, but rather you will find yourselves in the Presence of God at all times, and all that you do will be real, in everything that your essence will express.

On this day of renewal and of Graces, I come to tell you something that you think you already know but, in truth, you still need to risk discovering. Pray and continue to pray, until you are nothing, and then find everything, until the mysteries cease to be mysteries.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


XVI - Be Healed by God

A soul was afflicted, for feeling in the depths of their heart that old pains energed, records of experiences unknown to them, and of others that they thought had been overcome. The soul felt that within their inner world there was never a time in which their old experiences passed and new experiences emerged in a harmonious way; rather, everything was mixed together and it became difficult to understand and transform that which was within.

Therefore, in a sincere prayer, this soul questioned God, saying: "Lord, time passes by, ouside of me, but within me it seems not to exist. How do I feel and suffer due to wounds that I am not even aware of existing within me? Today everything is so confusing; what seemed to have been overcome then emerges with greater force, and when it seems that I have risen, I fall again into the abysses of my fears and uncertainties, into the pain newly opened wounds, those both known and unknown. Explain to me, God: how can I heal and overcome that which takes place within me?"

And with love and wisdom, the Lord responded:  "In truth I tell you that not only within you, but also in true life, time does not exist. Time is a form that I created so that creatures of this world would be able to grow in a sequence of divine laws and sciences, which keeps them in an evolutive school up to the moment of their spiritual maturity. Time happens outside of you, for your human side. Time is perceived by your body, mind and feelings, but within you, little soul, in your deepest essence, there is no time. There, you are in likeness with Me, with My Infinite; within you pulsates an eternal life.

The closer the transition of the planet comes, which is the awaited for human maturity, the closer one comes to the moment when that which hides within you will manifest, when truth will express, when time will no longer exist, but rather Eternity will be revealed. It is part of this process of transition that your little soul will see emerging the innermost registers of that which you experienced in other times, because everything emerges to be recognized, to become aware of and balanced, according to the awakening of your consciousness and the love of your heart.

Therefore, in the face of the oldest pains, simply seek the Love that there is within Me and the Grace of My Spirit so that I may have a place to act in, through you, and thus balance and heal all that which you experienced through ignorance; all the wounds opened through a lifetime distant from Me. Simply seek Me and give Me a space within you, in your mind, body, soul and heart. Thus, I will be within you."

May this dialogue allow you to understand, children, that this is the moment for seeing emerge within you all the records of other times which still need to be healed. However, in the face of what you feel, do not despair, but simply seek God and give Him a place, because only He has the Grace and the Love to definitely heal you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

When a soul has a commitment with God, God patiently leads it through the path of surrender.

First, He inspires it to transform its life, to go through the path which leads towards His Heart, not toward the world. Little by little, He places upon its path opportunities, signs, encounters that inspire it to assume new steps towards the Heart of God.

As this soul knows the Love of God and trusts It, the Creator starts asking it for new things, new surrenders, new renunciations, until a definitive point arrives for this soul; when the Lord asks it for a greater renunciation, a complete life transformation.

When the soul throws itself into the unknown abyss of surrender, it discovers that it was falling into the Hands of God, into an endless Fountain of Love, which was hiding deep within the soul that learned to renounce and take the risk of living surrender. 

Still, upon this path, the soul, inspired by the Love of God, makes many offers to Him, placing everything into His Hands. However, it offers that which in truth is known, that which had already been surrendered while jumping into the abyss. The Lord then opens a door within the depths of its consciousness and points out that which must be transformed.

A new unknown abyss is then presented. The soul is faced with aspects of its consciousness that were like hidden treasures: its skills, magnetism, self-confidence, its most hidden vanities.

And however much it continues offering its life to God, its Creator always seeks, in the deepest layers of its being, the focus of surrender, that which must be emptied from its heart. Sometimes it hurts and the soul suffers but it knows that every space that is emptied within its heart and consciousness, hidden spaces of its being, are those which are given to the Heart of God, to His Love, to His Spirit, so that there He may have a sweet home, clean and ready to dwell in.

The path of surrender, children, is eternal, deep, a path to emptiness and, at the same time, a path to unity with the Whole.

So never think that you have surrendered everything, but always allow God to go deeper. And even though it sometimes causes pain, know that the pain is human and will be repaired by the Divine Presence within.

To this day and in each moment I offer the Father all that I am, all that is within Me and all that I do, live, experience, think and speak to the world, because surrender is eternal.

I invite you to follow these steps and each day deepen into your union with God.

You have my blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To come to be a knower of God, after having crossed the abysses, gone through the tribulations and the voids, you must persist in prayer.

The Rosary, children, will be your shelter in all stages of the desert.

The Holy Rosary will support you when your hearts are weak.

The Holy Rosary will protect you when your hearts are besieged.

The Holy Rosary will elevate you when your hearts are free.

The Holy Rosary will show you the Face of God when your spirits have become whole in prayer, surrendered to the Father and when your one and real aspiration is to reach Him.

It is from the hands of the Most Holy Mary that you will come to Christ and emulate His path.

In the same way that your Lord was fully and wholly united with His Celestial Mother and was thus safeguarded by Her silent and hidden prayers, both in the desert and on the Cross, so must each one of you be. With your heart intimately united with the Heart of Mary, allow yourselves to be guided and protected by Her.

Knowledgeable about the deserts as well as the cross, knowledgeable about death and the faith in resurrection, knowledgeable about the overcoming and the apostolate, knowledgeable about the celestial mysteries and the deep mysteries of the human consciousness, Your Most Holy Mother will always guide you.

And so, be it in the desert, in calvary, in life, in death, in resurrection or in the face of the celestial mysteries, trust in the guidance and the support of the Mother of God, the untiring Servant, thought of, manifested and sent by the Creator, to lead His creatures toward His Heart.

In Mary, see the Hands of God, which cross the dimensions to seek you and, in the Holy Rosary, see the bridge and the correct connection to remain united with Her Immaculate Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Stand up, breaking the barriers and difficulties. The Heart of Aurora is the one that causes its light to pulse amidst the darkness and rises like the sun, breaking the darkness of the night.

Stand up, raising your voice to proclaim the divine triumph within you. The Heart of Aurora is that which holds the Purpose of God for humanity and heals beings, repeatedly reminding them of their origin, until Divine Will is fulfilled.

Stand up, throwing out of your heart that which carries you into the abyss, that which causes you to retreat, to desist. Raise a cry for help, raise a cry of triumph and of faith, so that your voice may be heard to the ends of the Universe, in the Heart of the Creation of God. The Heart of Aurora is the one that rises up and knows how to be reborn from the ashes and to make all those who say "yes" be reborn with it.

Never desist. Never retreat. Let the resistances and the human degeneration break, but not the fortitude of the essence that keeps you standing and causes you to walk toward God.

You have My blessing to advance.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received during the trip from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Never close your heart to God for He, Who is wise and powerful, merciful and just, understands the limitations of your soul and consciousness.

Each time you feel at the edge of the abyss, give Him all that you are and everything you have experienced, knowing that His Creative Power transforms all things. There is no fear that cannot be dissolved or misunderstanding that cannot be clarified.

Each stage and moment in life is unique and unrepeatable. Each hour that goes by is renewed and what happened up until recently is left in the past.

For this reason, live in the present and inner blame will disappear. God loves you above all things and His Love is nontransferable.

Take a step toward the new life, to life renewed in Christ; in this way, you will succeed in seeing each test with a different degree of understanding and of wisdom.

Never lose your peace, the peace that will lead you to the Whole.

Trust that everything will transform. I am here for that. I am your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With My hands, I untie the knots and break the chains that imprison the consciousnesses of My children.

As a Mother, I slide My Sword of Light between the shackles so that they break, and souls feel liberated from captivity.

I come as Co-Redeemer to help My Son in the redemption and in the salvation of souls.

Therefore I offer God the Gifts that He Himself gave Me to be able to rescue His creatures from the different abysses of the Earth; thus, I renew the Divine Project in humanity.

As a Mother, I remove the veils of human blindness so that My children, for a moment, may see their spiritual reality, and through Me, they may encourage themselves to vanquish and transcend the different aspects of life, even though the purification of some of them may be painful.

However, despite the storms, I have My children triumph through the luminous strength of prayer and the unconditional service to souls. In this way, I generate a state of healing and spiritual restoration when I  draw close to My children daily,  so that they may feel supported and encouraged in their faith to continue their transformation in Christ.

 I thank you for keeping My words with love, because love is what I offer you!

 Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Do not let yourselves be deceived; many within My Church will use My Name to defend themselves, but the weight of their faults will leave them in the void of the abyss, because they will become naked before all eyes.

You should not defend yourselves, because I have already said it once, by your fruits you will be known.

Whoever sows in My Land will reap wonderful fruits, but whoever sows in their own land will have rotten fruits.

Let nothing surprise you; the Church that I once founded on Earth is falling down, because its foundations are rotten for not having sought for strength in My true Heart.

But not all shall be lost; the time will come in which humanity will come to know the last witnesses and they will not arise from the apparently constituted Church.

Those witnesses will be the humble of heart, who have no power, autonomy, or prestige.

With My own rod I will cleanse the impure Church of its gravest sins and when I return, the Celestial Church, the only one I have taught, will triumph.

In the meantime, may those who follow My Church repent and not seek the mote in the eye of their fellow being; first let them take out their own, because they have already hurt and offended the Lord with hundreds of innocent children who trusted in My weak priests.

Let My Church not judge My other Works, because the fire of purification is coming and will penetrate everything.

Meanwhile, the new Church, which has no name, already sails on its boat, out at sea, and no one will be able to stop it.

I thank you for considering My heartfelt Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Through My Wounds, I illuminate the dark abysses of the Earth, and each time I descend here, I release the fallen prisoners, carrying a great part of souls that are lost into the deep oceans of My Mercy.

Through My Wounds, I exorcize the psychic sphere of the Earth, and the Elohim purify the crust of the planet in order to detoxify it of the perverse currents of My adversary. Once again, the Archangel Saint Michael buries his powerful non-material Sword of Light and all the shackles of perdition and of damnation are dissolved on the coming of the extremely powerful transmuting cosmic fire.

Through My Wounds, the innocent are protected, as long as someone cries out for them and pleads for Mercy. Thus, all who are exploited, at some point, will be freed from their slavery and, once again, Mercy will triumph.

Through My Wounds, I establish the beginning of the Kingdom of the Heavens and souls are freed from the spirits, that wander the world, in order to condemn consciousnesses. What is most impure on Earth is cast out and the spirits in constant sorrow are consumed by fire and in brimstone so that any vestige of malice may vanish.

May the light of the power of My Wounds and the Glory of the Archangel Michael triumph again, so that peace may be established.

Thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Teacher, Christ Jesus


If you cannot enter the deserts of Earth as the ancient Fathers did to heal their sins and to convert their profound human condition, enter, child, into the desert of your heart.

In these final times, the things of the world are like magnets that constantly draw your consciousness to the deepest abyss of darkness and perdition. But you, as a child of God, conscious of His presence within you, can choose not to follow the tendencies of the Earth and to enter the desert of your heart so that, alone and in solitude, you may find God.

Enter into dialogue with the Father every day and feel His divine proximity to your heart. Do not let the things of the world consume you and have you forget or put into second place that which is the real meaning of your existence.

Do not forget to contemplate, in your heart, the Universe as the Infinite, and to recognize your smallness once again. The heart that recognizes itself as small, and is grateful to God with its simplicity, opens the doors to Heaven, to the divine dimensions, to the higher reality, where truth is revealed.

Let your prayers become ever more profound and sincere. Cross the threshold between being a child and a companion of God to a living part of Him, renewing himself in His Creation, to return to the All with a greater Love.

May the Divine Purpose always be visible to the eyes of your heart so that you never miss opportunities to love, forgive, understand the neighbor and find God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the same way that chaos grows on Earth, the minds destabilize and the souls get lost, Heaven also opens before the eyes and hearts of men, bringing to Earth inexplicable Graces.

In the measure of humanity's ignorance, God offers His Wisdom to those who know how to seek it.

While many sink deep into the abyss of their ignorance and the sciences move farther from God, others receive from the Father teachings that overflow beyond their merits and, with the little openness of their hearts, the Creator and Lord of all Knowledge and true Science gives them everything.

The ignorant see the simple of heart listening to God and think their teachings are false, because their own ignorance separated them from God and filled them with themselves, giving no possibility that the Wisdom that transcends their minds might be accessible or even acceptable.

Choose, children, at this time, the path of simplicity and self-emptyness, so you do not run the risk of not having, within yourself, space for the Divine Wisdom.

Recognize, each day more, in humility, that you know nothing and receive, with love, all the Knowledge that comes from God as something new and unique.

May all Wisdom find its place within your consciousnesses and that it not be to fill your minds, but yes to fill your being and become part of you, so that there is always a new space, a new place for what God wants to teach you.

In this revelation cycle, your spirits must always be empty.

Never underestimate the simplicity of God, because His Wisdom is not restricted to the far-fetched words of men or to that which for you is considered elevated and superior. A great Divine Instruction can come through the simple Words of His Messengers, in the maternal love of His Heavenly Mother, who overthrows the power of the proud and delivers the Keys of Heaven to the humble.

Those who really open to the Divine Wisdom will live all teaching with gratitude, whatever it may be. In that way, they will be able to grow in spirit and be ready for the coming times, to be called "Precursors of the New Life", "Seeds of the New Race".

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

How to receive Mercy

My Children,

I come to the world at this time to teach you not only how to cry out for Mercy, but how to generate merits so that you are worthy of the celestial atonement that Divine Mercy brings to your lives and to the world.

I come to warn you of the reality of the planet, which agonizes before the indifferent eyes of most human beings on Earth.

I come to remove you from ignorance because human ignorance and indifference have no nation, no religion and no culture.

Ignorance and indifference are in the human consciousness as deep roots, which have been growing and gaining space throughout your development as humanity.

And today, these roots are fed by the modernities, commodities and facilities that this world offers you, through things that are created at the expense of humanity and the Kingdoms, and by the outrage of the Earth.

Therefore, My children, I arrive at this time to cut these roots, to lead you to a new life, to show you an option that the world does not show you because darkness has taken over the daily life of many human beings.

In order to awaken within your hearts the love that leads you to Truth, I call you to service and to charity, I call you to prayer.

Only the heart that begins to serve can understand what I tell you, and if you do not try for yourselves, you will never drink from the Source of Wisdom, which is born from experience and not from words.

My Words are divine impulses, they are like the Light that brightens a dark room so that you may find the door out of the prison of these times. Therefore, My children, listen today to My call, My Voice that is pronounced by a Divine Will, superior to all things and that transcends human understanding.

Listen to My Voice and follow it.

This world is blind, and your Heavenly Mother comes at the request of God, to bring the Light so that you can again see and bring life to those who died and did not realize it because, day by day, they fall into the abysses of ignorance and indifference.

I come to a Nation that is full of knowledge, filled with sciences and philosophies, with an aspiration to transform, but today I tell you, My children, that not only your own lives should be cared for. This world as a whole is your home, and every being that dwells within it, all the Kingdoms of Nature, are your brothers and sisters and sacred creatures of your Celestial Father.

Today I call you to leave aside the sciences and philosophies, and all the knowledge that fills your minds in these times so that you receive from God the Divine Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

And I tell you that there is no other way to receive what the Father offers you if you do not cross the door of humility and, on your knees and in prayer, cry out for Mercy.

It is not the riches of the world that will fill your souls, but the fullness of knowing that you have done everything so that all your brothers and sisters can have an opportunity to feel and experience love and true joy, and the fullness of knowing that you have fulfilled your part to reach the Father, before His Celestial Altar, with a clean and peaceful heart.

Listen, My children, the warnings of your Celestial Mother. Serve, pray and cry out for Mercy.

Go to those who need the most, and let charity work in your hearts, transforming your human condition, cutting the deepest roots of ignorance and indifference. Thus, you will know and understand what I tell you.

I thank you for listening to My words, and for opening yourselves from the heart to the divine impulses that I bring you today.

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstat


Enter and dive into the deepest abysm of the Mercy of Your Lord.

Let yourself be flooded by an unfathomable mystery that is beyond Grace, and often beyond Divine Justice.

Allow your being to discover the Infinite Love of God that is hidden in the depths of His Mercy, and bathed in this healing balm, restore in you and in the world the most painful wounds, and the apparently indelible marks of human consciousness.

Where it is most needed, there is the abyss of the Mercy of Christ, as an inexhaustible Source and a divine answer to all the clamor emitted with the heart.

Come and give your "yes" in the name of humanity, so that this Source may surge and overflow upon the world to heal it and restore it in its most intimate spirit.

Pray and cry out in the name of humanity, asking the Father for His luminous abyss of Mercy to be revealed to the world so that humankind may know not only the God of Justice, but also the God of Mercy.

Discover that every sin can be healed and every debt is justified by the Blood and by the Water that, poured out from the Body of Christ, made the Source of infinite Mercy for the world be born.

Before true repentance and surrender proclaimed with the heart, all souls can become worthy to drink from the Source of Divine Mercy.

Therefore, child, go, and, at the Feet of God, pray for an opportunity and repent from the heart.

If your sins seem small to you or if you are not aware of your debts to God, cry out anyway; ask the Father to replace the dark abyss of your miseries with the deep and luminous abysm of Divine Mercy and never tire of crying out, not only for your salvation, but for the salvation of the whole world.

Mercy is the answer to souls who have lost hope and, if they are ignorant before this Grace, cry out yourself for them so that they receive an opportunity to raise their eyes to God and realize that He has always been there with His Arms open, flowing from His Chest an eternal stream of Mercy, which many cannot see.

Allow your heart to know the Divine Source of Mercy and let your soul awaken the devotion, the love and the faith that make it a bearer of this Mercy for the world.

Love to know Divine Mercy; love to be an intercessor between God and the lost souls that do not know and do not seek His Mercy.

Just think that while you try, while so many souls are lost, the Source of Mercy overflows in the world like a river that passes before someone who is thirsty and cannot see. And you, child, can be the finger that points to the waters and, through your sincere prayers, in the levels of the spirit, obtain merits so that those who are most in need may reach Mercy.

Understand this mystery and, before a world full of sins and perdition, love to be a bearer of Divine Mercy and, even if it is in solitude with God or in your most silent actions, cry out for Mercy and be Mercy for the world.

The Divine Messengers arrive to Poland not only to heal the deep wounds of a suffering nation, but above all, to renew the commitment of humanity with Divine Mercy and to teach souls to be instruments of Divine Mercy for the world.

Embrace with the heart this Mission that God gives you and wherever you are, be a bearer of the Mercy of Christ.

Your Father and Friend,

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

My Children,

From the Heart of God Gifts and Graces emanate on this day for the liberation of the planet, and your Heavenly Mother comes to decree Her triumph in this place through this liberation and the Peace that emanate from My Immaculate Heart.

The Sacred Immaterial Rays that come from the Heart of the Creator touch Earth today, and Its signs become visible through nature. Nothing will remain as it is, inside and outside of humanity, and its mud will be extirpated and purified.

I come as your Heavenly Mother, as your Universal Mother, to prepare the path for the new dawn of Aurora, which next August will shine again in the hearts of humanity and on the horizon of the Earth.

I come to unite My Heart to the heart of Aurora giveing a sign to the world that its liberation is not only near as it has already begun with My Presence.

The heart of Aurora again gives signs so that the pulsing of its life may once again illuminate the abysses of this world. But, for Aurora to resume its place, My children, it is necessary that humanity know how to conduct the events in union with the Heart of the Hierarchy and that it follows, step by step, the Will emanated by God for the Earth.

The silence of Aurora will gradually give way to its healing word, and the expansion of its light will be visible. But, while this moment is prepared, accompany your Heavenly Mother step by step, because everything has its time and place.

The expansion of the heart of Aurora will take place gradually, so that its light crosses the horizons and reaches the hearts of humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature and the depth of the consciousness of the planet, liberating all kinds of life from the darkness that still dwells in this world .

But this must happen without wounding; its fire must burn, but not wound. Its heart expands and comes alive, respecting the Laws that rule this world, because thus humanity has chosen to learn.

To those who do not understand My Words, because they do not know the Aurora of which I speak, I say to you, just feel its grace in your hearts and let it expand, taking its corresponding place, because this is the Will of God.

My children, your Heavenly Mother, on this day, comes to prepare a very important moment: the expansion and return of Aurora of the dawn, to illuminate the hearts of the world.

Pray with me, pray so that the nations open up to the Will of God; pray so that the Plans of the Creator may be fulfilled on Earth; pray so that, in the depth of a true prayer, your Father Who is in Heaven may find the necessary permission to help this world.

There is still much to happen for God's Plans to concretize and, with Power and Peace, your Celestial Mother comes to unite the Scepter of God to the Scepter that rules the Aurora of My Heart, so that, gradually, it decrees its return and its triumph.

Beloved children, today I also come to give you a special Grace, through the beloved soul that offers itself every day so that My Plan may continue fulfilling itself. Soul that, like Me, united her heart to the heart of Aurora, so that this world might always have an opportunity to be healed.

Know, My children, that, with the simple surrender of a few, My Heart will work miracles on Earth.

With this I tell you not to give up surrendering your lives to God; do not give up taking steps toward union with the Heart of the Father and, in spite of everything that happens on the planet, never lose hope that the healing that comes from the heart of Aurora will extend to the world and touch all life, bringing back to the sacred what was lost and distorted by human misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am your Heavenly Mother, the One who shows you the way to reach Christ and, on Earth, I left you an earthly spiritual mother, so that she would point to the Father together with My Heart and that, united to Me, she might tirelessly work for the rescue of souls.

Unite with this mother soul that I gave you, because today I tell you that, upon her, your Father, Who is in Heaven, has placed His trust.

Therefore, today, do not only pray for Aurora to dawn again; also pray for the awakening of Unity on all this Work of Love, and may the hearts know how to recognize the instruments that the Father placed on their paths to never get lost.

Everything is part of a unique construction; listen to My Voice and unite with Me, and thus, My children, you will not confuse yourselves and you will be able to make triumph the Heart of God trough your lives.

I bless you and ask you to accompany Me, preparing with the heart the final awakening of the Aurora of the dawn.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother.


Second Message

Listen to the Voice of your Master and make it part of yourself at every moment.

I Am the Lord of the Universe and the Redeemer of the World who comes in this time to submerge in the internal abysses where the consciousnesses live their reality, where they must face what they have never faced, and from where they must seek the way out to My Sacred Heart.

I Am the Lord of the Universe and I come to submerge myself in the darkest abysses of the planetary consciousness and I attempt, through My disciples, to withdraw souls from perdition.

But no one is free from living their own abyss and from being able to know it at any moment of this final time.

You must dare to overcome these difficulties by means of My Merciful Love.

Because My Merciful Love is an incandescent flame that enlightens everything, that transforms and pacifies everything.

There is no other remedy you can seek but this Merciful flame of My Heart, which at this moment radiates to the world, to help it.

Then live the transition of these abysses of the consciousness and of the great abyss of humanity, in which millions of souls are submerged, without even perceiving it.

Do not be afraid of knowing this truth that the abyss of human consciousness is in. Do not be afraid to cross it.

Do not be afraid to cross this desert, where someday you will feel alone, as if nothing had meaning or answer.

The world and its humanity have never faced this abyss, in any other time or in any other era.

You are part of a definitive transition that walks towards the great awakening.

For this, you will have to transcend the obstacles, you will have to know how to overcome the tests, you will have to know how to be above the challenges.

I will not get tired of looking for you and of calling you.

Humanity is a great abyss that must be reversed by Love and Light, by the triumph of peacemaking hearts, by the absolute donation of servants, by the expression of love of the hearts, in every sense.

And although your own inner abyss may hurt, go ahead.

There is no greater abyss than the one that this world lives at this moment, from where many cannot get out, because they do not have inner strength, nor courage to do so.

The great abyss of humanity is the mirror of the planetary purification, of these such profound roots that must be removed from the soil in order for the earth to be plowed and for new seeds of Light and awakening to be sowed, for new forms of knowledge to be sowed, as well as new forms of life that humanity has not lived nor known so far.

For this reason, before the inner abyss of your consciousnesses, the inner Sun must shine, that Star that the Father gave to you, your essence, which is the principle of all Creation and of this universal life.

Hold on to the Sun of your inner essence and overcome the abysses of these times, so that, in this way, you may learn how to overcome everything and help those who will not be able to do it by themselves.

I give you the most emblematic tools so that you can do it, so that you can transcend times, first in yourselves, and then in humanity.

I give you the key of Communion with Me, every day, because it is something that becomes inextinguishable before darkness, because it is the Love that triumphs in the Body and the Blood of Christ, when every being communes with Me in humility and penance.

I give you the key of Adoration, so that you can find My Existence in the Eucharist, My Spirit and My Divinity in all that has been created, so that you may cross the portal to My Kingdom.

When your eyes contemplate My Living Body, I can renew everything, even if it seems impossible.

In that spirit of being able to overcome everything with humility and courage, do not fear to dive into the abyss of humanity, because some, in representation of the majority, will have to learn, by all means, to seek the way out to the new portal where the Sun of God will rise on the horizon to dispel the darkness and the abysses of consciousness.

By My Sorrowful Passion you already have the base to do it.

Your Master and Lord knew the abyss of human consciousness and of the planet, endured and suffered this reality, but never, never let Himself be defeated, knowing the Father had put Him before a test of great Love.

May that Love that comes from Me never be emptied in you, but rather may it increase in degrees and in steps of confidence and unity.

You are already learning to accompany your Master in a Work that is for all humanity, which does not restrict itself to a group of souls, to a community or to a spiritual center; we are talking about great and unknown things, about having the vision of the whole and not just of a single place, about expanding consciousness as God expands it to embrace His children in love and in peace.

Thus, I come to give you the same internal forces that I received during My Agony, so that you may learn to endure everything, at least for Me; so that you may learn to live everything, at least for Me, and, thus, you may, at this time, give great testimonies of love and transcendence, greater than those I lived in the past.

Because what you live at this time, as humanity and as a planet, I could not have lived it at that time, in the Gethsemane Garden, nor in the Passion.

What must be defined in this time is very big and exceeds all borders and all limits.

For this reason, the work of overcoming the inner duality will be very hard, the work of maintaining a balance will be great indeed and all this will be for a Greater Purpose that I wish to conceive in the souls of the world and in those who are awakening.

Have courage to overcome the abysses of human consciousness and to not have restrictions in asking for forgiveness as many times as necessary, because in this way your hearts will be at peace, they will be in good, they will be in My Mercy.

Do not leave to cross these abysses of the end of times, because on the other side awaits your Master and Lord to lead you towards the Light that is eternal and invincible.

Thus, I come to strengthen you with all the possible impulses so that you may give, at this time, testimony of your transformation to the world and so that it may not only be a theory, but rather a reality that motivates other hearts to live the great transformation.

May your essences be the ones that, today, are in the highest of Heaven, in the most sublime of the Universe, so that you may shine and thus your inner abysses may be closed so that peace and Light may reign.

Receive, then, My Sacerdotal Blessing, reminding you that this Marathon is a moment of great reflection for souls, in order to prepare to take a new step, although you believe you are not ready.

I bless you and give you My Mercy, to all who hear in love and in faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Behold, My children, the dark night of this world will begin within humankind who, separated from God, offer themselves to be instruments of the enemy of the Creator.

Behold, this night will be long and will seem eternal to those who do not have their strength anchored in the faith of the heart.

Behold, the world will tremble and will experience the consequences of a life empty of spirit and of spiritual meaning.

From Heaven the Celestial Mother will observe Her children who, as they can, will try to disseminate  Her  Words, which at that moment will be echoed by the word of Her little ones.

Behold, this time has already begun, because souls increasingly distance themselves from God and fall into the abysses of this world.

The fortitude of the children of Mary will take root in obedience to all God asks of you through His Messengers, and it is through learning to obey God today that you will know how to obey Him tomorrow, when His voice will be like a whisper within your own heart.

God will always speak to humankind, even if it is as a feeling or an intuition, but for that, today you must build the path of unity with the Father, so that neither chaos nor evil, in battle in the coming times, are able to disturb and destroy that union, which will allow you to hear God.

Behold, My children, the world must face its purification, and many will not want to see that what they experience are the consequences of their own actions and deviations, and they will place the blame for their sufferings on God.

I tell you today to have your spirits be firm in faith and unity with the Heart of the Father. Build in the consciousness a safe space in which you will be able to hear the Voice of God, which will inspire you.

Peace must be a state of consciousness, the result of a spirit of neutrality, which is born in hearts matured by prayer and by divine knowledge. And it is there, in that state of peace, that you will be able to understand the coming events in a different and true way, knowing how to move through the obstacles without becoming lost, and what is most important, being capable of guiding others so that they do not become lost.

Behold, in the dark night of the world, I will call on you to be the torches that will guide humanity. And I do not speak only of a symbol, My children; I speak of a spiritual reality, because if today humanity is already cold and lost, what will happen to everyone in the most critical moments of the purification of the planet?

The faith I build within you will guide the world, and will be the true testimony of the authenticity of My Presence among humankind. I will be alive in the hearts of My children, and My Words, which are eternal, will find the way to perpetuate themselves, echoing in the Word that will come out of your mouths when souls may need encouragement and support.

My Son called on you to be the Light of the world and to be visible, on the table, so as to illuminate this home which is the Earth. Make this prophecy and this divine intention come alive, and allow yourselves to be shaped today by what God expects of you, so that tomorrow you see My Words manifested in your lives.

Understand, beloved children, that everything I build within you today is for the salvation of all My children, who tomorrow will need to find encouragement through each one of you, because God will be silent and His Messengers will be silent with Him, emitting only the eternal hope and the infinite Love of Their Hearts to sustain the hearts of those who were united with Them from the beginning.

Everything I tell you and everything I call on you to experience is so that you build a new time and a new life. Allow yourselves to be molded, and if today you do not understand My words, tomorrow you will understand them. 

The One Who loves you, blesses you and guides you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I bring the Light of My Heart so that souls may light their paths.

I bring the Light of My Heart so that My children may find the pathway toward love.

I bring the Light of My Heart to pour it out upon the planet and all of its consciousness.

I bring the Light of My Heart so that souls abandon their abysses.

I bring the Light of My Heart so that humanity may receive the Grace of being redeemed.

I bring the Light of My Heart to make this planet a sacred place, as it was in the beginning.

With this Light that I bring, My Heart can dispel evil.

With the Light I bring within My Heart, I can touch each soul that needs it and free it from its errors.

With the Light I bring within My Heart, I grant inner freedom and the opportunity of uniting more and more each day with the Creator Father.

With the Light I bring within My Heart, I lift up consciousnesses toward new spheres.

May this Light that emanates like a spring from My Heart accomplish the Work of God in souls and in all creatures that must wake up to their redemption.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come to this immaculate house to bring relief from the inner suffering which the world and the voices of some of My children have generated.

I come to renew hope, and above all, to strengthen the filiation with God, so that My apostles in redemption feel that the Love of God is in all servers.

I come to teach you to experience what it is to be denied, just as My Son experienced it after having given so many Graces.

I come to remedy and to heal, in the depths of your spirits, what has already taken place and has generated discomfort.

As the Mother of relief and consolation, I come to testify to the Love of Christ in your hearts and to fulfill within you the part of the Purpose that is still to be accomplished.

I come to teach you to love the error of others and not to judge it, as the majority of humanity does, both religious and non-religious, which offends the Heart of the Father.

I come, dear children, to help you go through the Calvary of the end of times and that you learn of unknown things you have still not experienced.

I come to give you the strength of My Heart and the Love of My Divine Spirit, because united with My Consciousness, we will transcend the abysses of the Earth and the Greater Plan will be fulfilled.

On this sacred day, I come to give you My Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who fills you with the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Beast of the End Times and the Woman of All Times

An imminent sign will precipitate over the world and it will clearly reveal to all that the end times have come.

This sign that will arrive in the world will open the last and great abyss, and the raging beast, which was imprisoned in its hells, will come to the surface. The world will not see a material beast because, with its cunning, it is already conquering many innocent hearts.

This sign, that will come to the world from the Universe, will reveal to all who pray how much the beast has reigned in the main consciousnesses of this planet. Its great ostentation is to lead hearts into constant sin, this is why the beast, which is still in its abyss, is strengthened by the desires that all humankind experiences in this material life.

But the beast does not desire souls that are more aware, but rather, with its cunning, it sows indifference and omission.

It does not give up seeking the bravest, its claws are on the great governments of the world, which, as a result, defeats the dignity of souls and their evolution.

When the beast emerges from its abyss, all capital sins will be greatly and decadently exacerbated. As many know, everything will be allowed, even debauchery and superstition.

The beast feeds upon the failure of its fellow beings, but it does not know that prayer makes souls invisible and disengages them from its claws. The beast develops its fury through conflicts, and all that live in conflict draw to themselves the fury of the beast itself.

On the other hand, the soul that prays builds and elevates itself, it knows how to sustain itself and the planet, and is freed from decay. But the beast already knows it must go in search of the children of the Sun.

Because of this, at this hour, the Woman Clothed of the Sun is running to the desert and signaling to Her beloved children that it is time to work intelligently.

The beast will not only try to keep any Christ from being born, but, with its false power, it will try to destroy everything that a consciousness of the Light has inwardly built. To be protected from these clashes of the beast, you must be attentive and vigilant about all the external stimuli that will cause you to lose true Christic codes.

From where it reigns, the beast manipulates the nations, and, at the same time, their governors. One who is truly not in God will not manage to escape these sharp claws, because the beast creates and recreates itself in the capital sins that, in truth, are the roots of evil and the damnation of millions of souls throughout the world.

Each time a consciousness opens the door of its being to these temptations, even if sporadically, the beast is satisfied by these energies, and this consciousness enters the kingdom of the beast consciously.

The beast that subjugates the world is generated time and again by humankind, and humankind itself receives all its punishment from the beast. But a hopeful Light descends from the universe and the Mother of God, the Woman of all times, battles with the beast in another way in order to dispel it more and more from the consciousness of the planet.

The beast knows that it has little time left, but in the time it has left, it will want to carry to its abyss the greatest number of fallen and non-fallen stars. Because of this, the children of the Blessed Woman must not sleep, because in the face of any sly movement of the beast, the battle could be lost.

May the intelligence of the soldiers be vigilant over their desires and expectations as the beast wallows like a pig within superficial and mediocre things.

To weaken the beast, which humanity itself has created and which is now uncontrollable, it will be necessary to love the Plan of God and live it as if it were the main thing in your lives because the beast does not know the inner love of creatures, it does not know the love that Christ teaches, that love that makes the beast weak and sickens it to the point of making it oftentimes immobile.

If this love were always sufficiently great and true, the beast would no longer have its reign in the Middle East.

May the school of the Love of Christ motivate consciousnesses to abandon illusion because while your consciousnesses are on two paths, you will be opening the door for the beast to enter. Be wise and, by your prayer, may the beast be deactivated.

The Woman of all times again points out and marks the path for you so that the majority of souls do not deviate from the path of Light.

But to defeat the beast, the Woman will have to physically and spiritually count on consecrated soldiers so that, at a universal level, this act of consecration will testify and confirm that the beast will be expelled from the planet.

Humanity itself must generate the conditions for everything to be reversed. While uncontrolled desire and capital sins continue to feed the beast, the planet will have no peace.

Therefore, with more awareness and intelligence than the beast itself, help me defeat it through love and unity, which humanity has not yet experienced.

Take refuge every day in the desert of the Holy Woman in order to be protected, because the beast does not know the emptiness of self, it does not even know what that is.

Because of this, without outer motivations, which are the things that attract the beast to the surface of this planet, work in this time to create evolutionary conditions that are the opposite of the conditions that you have always experienced in this humanity.

May My children at this hour perceive that we are now in another time, and that it is urgent to truly change your behavior, for, in this way, the mask of illusion and blindness will fall from many faces that are still asleep and not able to see the Light of Divine Mercy.

I would like to see My soldiers wide awake and not inert because the beast feeds on and also becomes stationed within convenience and minimal effort; it is repelled by sacrifice.

The beast fears the New Christs.

I thank you for accompanying in consciousness the end and awaited times!

Who guides you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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