Contemplate, dear children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the mistakes of the world and by all the sins of indifference and omission.

Contemplate, dear children, My flagellated Maternal Heart, and see how much weight It is carrying to help to transmute humanity.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart, and relieve It from all the offences that souls of the world commit towards God.

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by seeing the priests of My Son in a deep indifference and pride.

Who will guide the flocks of My Son?

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the bad thoughts emanated by those who have closed their hearts to the Love of God.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart full of thorns of ingratitude and evil generated by the souls that commit themselves day by day with My adversary.

Contemplate, My children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by the actions of power over life, unfairly performed by humanity and by the ones who are most conscious.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart carrying the weight of the mistakes of all those who, in their spiritual illusion, believe that they are doing the right thing and forget the essential, forget Christ.

Contemplate with love My flagellated Maternal Heart and repair It at this time when much mercy will be necessary in order not to awaken the Wrath of God upon the consciousness. At this time, dear children, let us enter into prayer so that everything will be relieved.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and share My pain, so that My cry will stop and My tears can be the most pure offer of reparation for all the bad actions committed.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and do not forget to be in Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Each time you pray to My Heart, I protect you from all evil and from all adversity.

I bring you the Protection of God and I shelter you under My mantle so that nothing happens to you.

Each time you seek me, I meet you in the sacred oratory of God, where everything is done, just as God foresees.

I leave you all My Love of a Mother and I lead you on the path of peace; believe in this, because I am there.

Open your hearts and you will find the Heart of My Son, which awaits you in faith and love.

Be with Me in perpetual prayer; in this way I will also protect the souls that are most in need of redemption.

I leave you My devotion and prayer for all; have faith, everything will be all right.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Queen of prophets

Through the ages, My Son has sent Me to the world to warn it and correct it about the imminent danger.

Thus, through the ages and as at this moment, My Maternal Consciousness has chosen the new prophets amongst all souls, who determinedly have announced the words and the message of the Heavenly Mother.

At all the moments when humanity was in gravest danger, the Queen of prophets awakened consciousnesses so they would render this greater service, which comes directly from the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit that fosters all celestial revelations for this Universe.

Thus, the Queen of prophets appeared in different moments of the history of humanity to awaken the lineage of the prophets in simple and selfless consciousnesses, which means a service of surrender to the rule of higher Laws that guide the consciousness that is summoned to this end.

The Queen of prophets has the mission of demonstrating, through the prophets, that Her message is universal, divine, and timeless; that it is able to serve all souls in their instruction, transformation, and change.

 The message of the Queen of prophets in all ages always tries to guide, warn, correct, and raise awareness in all of humanity, in a nation, or in an individual.

 The prophets have the task of subordinating themselves to spiritual principles that are not under their control, and cannot be manipulated by any consciousness. The gift of the prophet is based on their spirit of humility, on inner work with detachment, and mainly, in each day loving more the mission that the Queen of prophets has chose them for to accomplish with this humanity.

For the Divine Universe, there are temporal prophets and timeless prophets. It is something that leads directly to the Holy Will of the Spiritual Universe through the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 The temporal prophet is awakened for this mission by Deity itself; that is to say, by the Eternal Father through the Firstborn Son and the Mother of God, who have the highest authority to offer consciousness to a soul on this great and selfless service.


Dear children, do not be afraid!  You will always find shelter in the fortress of My Heart.  There, nothing bad will happen, and you will feel the Immaculate Love that will always embrace you.

Living the time of your purification, which is the time of your constant preparation, take the prayer of the heart as an invincible instrument.  In this way you will discover the internal gifts of the fortress which constitutes My Immaculate Heart.

My children, may in these difficult and, at the same time, decisive times, your gaze just concentrate on the Purpose that the Celestial Father has planned for each one of you.  In this way, concentrating your feeling and your gaze in the Heart of the Eternal Father, you will be guided through the correct paths.

Dear ones, may not even a small part of your beings feel separated from God.  Work without delay to build a fortress similar to the one of My Immaculate Heart.

The Lord awaits you in the lap of His Celestial Kingdom to hold you in His arms and thus give you the eternal legacy of His Merciful Love.

With determination and surrender to the great Purpose of the Creator, you will establish the necessary bases for the manifestation of the spirit of the New Humanity, which will be acquitted of sin, of denial and of suffering.

The victory of My Immaculate Heart and the triumph of My presence in the world and in the whole humanity will determine the big evolutionary step that My children must take, overcoming their own selves.  This will liberate the innocents from all the outrages, and the most humble ones will be the precursors of the Good News for the time that will come.

On the path of the fiery prayer, you will always find Me, praying for you and for the world.

Do not fear!  Be brave and acquire the gift of My fortress to face the time of changes and definitions.

My Love will always permeate you all.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who blesses you under the Most Pure Love of the Creator,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Dear children.

In the eyes of God, the soul always loves.

In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.

In the eyes of God, the soul walks and ascends.

In the eyes of God, the soul is in God.

In the eyes of God, the soul recognizes the path to Christ.

In the eyes of God, the soul drinks at the Fountain of Love of God.

In the eyes of God, the soul grows and encounters strength in the Heart of God.

In the eyes of God, all souls are equal and all of them are united to the principle Creator of God.

Because in the eyes of God we live the great mysteries of the Heart of God.

Dear children, today I invite you all to remain beneath the merciful glaze of God.  Because in the eyes of God your hearts will become inseparable from the life of prayer and the great and Divine Spirit of God will allow you to know the humility that is necessary to fulfill His Unific Will.

My children, when I invite you to be in the gaze of God, it is for you to recognize that you are not alone in your walk and that you, united to His heart, will be guided by Love and the Holy Spirit.

Little children, many hearts still are not beneath the kindly gaze of God. The Father is close to each one of His beloved children, and you in the name of Love may help so that the entire world will be beneath the gaze of God.

Each child of this humanity must open the chamber of the heart to arrive to the gaze of God.

My Father, the Highest, is in your hearts. Thus I invite you to search for him inside your beings because many children easily forget God in the heart. Your attention to be in God will alleviate the martyrdom that He receives for the constant offenses of humanity.

If humanity was able to be in the Mercy of God, it would be a merciful humanity. You are still on time to encounter the Fountain of the Love of God in your hearts, because My maternal aspiration is that you may learn to love as I love Jesus.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

While humanity is still searching for satisfaction in life, My Maternal Heart calls all souls to the new and last flock of Christ.

As the Mediator before all souls that have found the spiritual path to God, I want that they may help the other souls that still deviate themselves quickly from the path of faith and of love of God.

For this, My children, I ask today to all prayer beings to not loose time so that they may pray with so much aspiration to the highest and wait for the Infinite Mercy of My Son.

I hope for My soldiers to awaken their consciousnesses and that they may offer to collaborate so that the majority of humanity may live one more time of peace.  But the clock of time is going so fast, for this, with your attentive hearts, I ask you to pray with the heart so that something may change in humanity.

Dear children, pray, pray, pray and pray with the voice of your hearts so that the Piety and Compassion of God may touch the hearts that have been separated from the law of the Lord.

Remembering the teachings of the Commandments of Moses, I ask you that you have them present in your lives as the first basic rules for a good child of God.

Dear children, for so long humanity has been called to change from the heart, for this may you open your eyes and see the Merciful Light that My Immaculate Heart is irradiating to all.

I remind you of the importance of living in fidelity to My Son, so that your hearts may be guided and protected in this final time.

I thank you for answering in these times to the Voice of My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear Children.

May your hearts today, through the exercise of prayer, comprehend and venerate in the name of the Love of My Children, the special Grace that your lives are receiving.

Dear children, for this I invite you to pray more with the heart, so that the Father God may listen to you and My Maternal Heart may continue coming to the meeting with your lives. This mission which God has trusted you with, is a mission of prayer for the salvation of all souls, because in this time, dear children, all will have the final Grace, to live the conversion.

Before the Divine Universal Judgment may approach itself to the world, you My little children, must be in deeper and true prayer so that there may be born in you the will to pray every day.

For this dear children, it is so important, month to month, the renovation of the groups of prayer through the prayer meetings that allow the strengthening of the groups and the energy to serve God and to be less invaded by the realities of the world.

Each group of prayer must be the Light of Christ in the work, and so that this Light may illuminate the obscurity, the Flames of Christ, that are in each one of the souls, must be united in the mission and be humble from the heart, because in this way the Holy Spirit may guide and bless the existence of each prayer group.

Dear children, today I communicate to you this important mission of the final times for all of these prayer groups. Know, My dear children, that My Maternal Heart will be among you, and accompany you, at the moment of the beginning of your exercise of prayer.

Dear children, it is already time that from hearts is born fraternity so that the task of prayer in group among sister souls may have universal repercussions. But in order for this to succeed it is necessary to have much humility and to be empty of ourselves, because in this way your meetings of prayer will be victorious and will be united to My maternal purpose of salvation.

Today my dear children, I thank you, each one of the prayer people and devotees, for answering to my urgent call for prayer and for peace.

I thank you.

Thank you for answering my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

If each soul accepts to be in My maternal arms, humanity will be guided and accompanied by the Light of the Spirit of God in each little heart.

For this, dear children, pray so that the Holy Spirit may bring wisdom to the consciousnesses. Pray so that the Spirit of Love may nourish the hearts that are empty. Pray so that the redemption of My Son vivifies each one of the essences.

If you pray, dear children, there will be a Greater Grace that will act for the salvation of humanity. Dear children today I pour over you My merciful rays, so that you may be guided under the unfathomable Spirit of Peace.

My children, My Voice may expand itself as Grace and as call by means of the good examples of charity and of love that your lives may express. For this, little children, remember that you have come to the world to live the teachings of My Son. Accept to live in the sacerdotal Love of Jesus and in joy receive the communion of His Celestial Presence.

Dear children, each act of love in the name of Jesus will help to heal the ignorance and the pride of the hearts that are blind before the presence of God.

For this reason I invite you to pray because you must know that all may receive the Grace of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Dear children, we are in a time of immense Works by means of the infinite power of prayer. The prayer that is born from your hearts will be the base to construct the bridge from which humanity may lift itself towards God, the Eternal Love.

Extend your arms and through your hands donate charity, donate without restrictions the Love of My Son, the Redeemer.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Lady of Light, today I bring you from Heaven the redeeming love of My Son.

Dear children, may you be in Jesus, the Savior, today, may your prayer be the aid for many hearts that need My maternal help.

Dear children, today I invite you to be consciously instructed in My school of prayer and devotion so that in faith the absolute trust in the Will of God is revealed in your lives.

Dear children, yesterday I called you to pray for all the little children in the world; today I call you to pray for all humanity. My children, know that your prayer can lovingly intervene in Heaven and My Maternal Heart gathers each of the prayers to offer them to the Creator, as the love of the heart of each of His children.

Dear children, in a time of emergency I call you to be formed daily in the prayer of the heart so that through it you can be under the merciful guidance of My Son.

Today the world still needs a lot of prayer, active participation of each praying group, so that in this way My Celestial Light can fill each of My children.

As the Immaculate and Divine Mother I tell you again: through the prayer of the heart you have the ultimate decision in your hands. Run without delay to the arms of My Son; as the Good Shepherd of all flocks, He wants to lead you to conversion and forgiveness. He awaits your permission.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of Peace for Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Spiritual and Immaculate Heart you will find the protection and the help that My Maternal Love wants to pour on each of the sheep of Christ.

Dear children, with your hearts Above I invite you to be in peace and to search for this eternal peace deep in your souls. It is time to prepare the heart for the coming of the Good News that My Son will announce for each one of your lives.

My children, looking at this world with compassion I ask you: pray with the heart! Because if you do not pray with the heart, the precious instrument that God has given you will lose the spiritual strength that it has. The world lacks a deep and loving life of prayer; through this prayer all My children can be guided, as the Holy Spirit has guided My Immaculate Heart.

My Maternal Heart counts on all the open hearts to answer My call, a call that My Voice announces from Heaven to this entire humanity that is deaf to the divine call of the conversion of the heart.

For this dear children, I invite you to convert all that still needs to be converted by the merciful fire of My Son. I talk to you with love so that your consciences awaken and do not fall asleep when My Voice is lovingly manifested to you.

I ask that you follow the path of consecration to My Heart because in this way you will give Me permission to guide you to the state of peace that you must live now as a premise for your lives.

Dear children, never stop praying. Constantly elevate the prayer to Heaven; God, always mindful of the supplications of My children, will answer you. Trust Him so that in this way you love the Celestial Will.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Celestial Immaculate Heart guides you and lights your long path in this world.

Dear children, with supreme reverence remain during this whole blessed day of the Lord in the infinite essence of gratitude, because if today your hearts feel a sincere gratitude I can reveal to you that My Maternal Heart will help you a while longer.

Your world needs an immense and inexhaustible mercy; for this My children, open your eyes and see My Son Jesus in front of you. Christ waits, without expectation and without delay, that your little hearts approach Him so that your lives can recognize the greatness of His Redeeming Love.

My little children, this is a reason for you to enter in trust the true universe of prayer, which you must build day by day in your hearts and in the hearts of all My children.

For this, dear children, as the world waits for Mercy, the Mercy of God, through Christ, My Son, I invite you to be conscious of your life here on Earth and how much it is collaborating with the plans of God, in surrender and in love.

My children, My Marian mission is to warn you that these are not normal times; it is time to pray with all the fervor of the heart to be worthy of the coming of the Supreme Priest of Love, of Jesus, your Savior.
In this way, little children, if your hearts pray and your thoughts are calm in My maternal presence, as Mother of all I can bring you close to the presence of the Divine Heart of Jesus. Your lives must be as the expression of the roses in a celestial garden, because in this way you will be worthy of receiving the beauty of the Love of God for each of your lives.

As a mediator before God today I bring you, dear children, the urgent call to prayer and contemplation, so that a conscious way you can serve everyone in the name of My Eternal Peace.

My Voice announces itself to each of your hearts; I am here because I love you and I guide you. Be as Jesus, imitate the path of meekness and humility.

Pray, only pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Mother of all My children in the world, today I contemplate the new time in My hands. For this, dear children, I only ask you to raise your arms to My Peace, since many suffering souls need to relieve their pain. You, dear children, the ones who have heard My call, must spread the power of the Grace which I am pouring over this city of Buenos Aires.

This is how it happens dear children, so that you know that Jesus, the Redeeming King of the Universe, loves you and contemplates you through My Maternal Love. It is time for all the groups of prayer that are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart to pray more for Peace, for true Peace which comes from My Son to all of you in this new time I am announcing,

Dear children, leave the past behind, be born again today in My arms because My Immaculate Heart loves you and knows you, It knows how much you need inner peace.

Today I invite you, My children, to be active founders of My Peace in the world and this task may be real when the groups of prayer have this celestial goal in each of their hearts.

My Son awaits you day by day so that in this new time that is coming, all your hearts adore and contemplate God through the merciful rays of Jesus, My Glorified Son. With all this, My little ones, I want to tell you that the world needs God’s forgiveness for all causes that it generates, causes that hurt Our Hearts, the Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.

To you who are more conscious of everything, I ask you to exercise as a priority the task of the prayer of the heart so that more Celestial Graces may descend from My Heart of Peace over many of My children in the world.

After all, it corresponds to that part of humanity which is more dedicated to prayer, to lovingly intervene before God so that in this way My Heart and the Merciful Heart of My Son may guide and help for the time that is about to come to this world.

Open to My call in spirit, you should only place your lives in the hands of the Only God of the Universe so that My Son starts to guide you again as He did once in this world, as a humble Shepard of Nazareth.

Dear children, may today the Light of the Face of the Father reflect in each of your lives so that in devotion you are always in His Restoring Love.

My Maternal Light to all Buenos Aires!

I thank you for everything!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In truth I tell you dearest children, that whoever remains under the light of My Immaculate Heart will always be guided, reminded that you must be loving, helpful and compassionate with your neighbors so that My plans of Peace are fulfilled over all nations of the Earth.

For this My children, today I invite you to be a true part of the power of prayer so that your lives may be a principle of Creation in the hands of God and the sound of love that is born from His Voice.

It is important dear children, to be what God wants that you to be for this time. As instruments of the Father carry today My Peace because there are many who do not have it and who need it. You will be potential roses in My garden only when you join Me in the prayer of the heart. Thus you will irradiate for the world the light it needs for this time of changes.

Dear children, reciprocate with what God today asks of you: to be true children of God in the prayer of the heart and in peace because in this way you will be helping the inner harmony that many of My children need.

The Kingdom of My Peace wants to be the dwelling for the life of all, but I still find places that are not filled with My Maternal Love. For this, today I invite you to be empty, empty as was My Son Jesus in the moment of carrying the Cross and arriving at the Calvary.

Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility which all humanity should pass through before the Throne of God.

The Fountain of Love is springing in the name of the Father through My Maternal Immaculate Heart so that you may recognize that I love you and accompany you as the Lady of Eternal Graces.

I thank you for reciprocating My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children.

Today again I call you to remain inside My Maternal Heart because in this way you will be in the Divine Heart of My Son.

As it was well written in the holy book, Jesus, who has been already resuscitated, is in the Universe among your hearts and with each one of the souls. He will come to announce the new world of Peace in the same way that His Divine and Unfathomable Mercy has come to you.

A new journey must be realized by humanity and this will begin through the prayer made with the strength of the love from the heart. All the Marian praying missionaries may be guided when in prayer they walk towards the door of peace.

My children, I announce to you the Kingdom that My Son has announced so much and, as Mother of Mercy and Grace, I guide you so that in the Peace of My Heart you and all humanity may find the in the heart the Living Christ, the Redeemer of all faults.

For this dear children, may today your hearts rejoice and, lit by the loving fire of the Holy Spirit, may they redeem that which is still not redeemed in all this humanity.

Remember the daily union with the Holiest Heart of Christ because it is in this merciful alliance that all the souls will see, before life, the one fountain that will quench your thirst: Jesus.

Thus, in prayer your hearts may repair the Heart of My Son which is currently much offended by the disagreements and the separations that day by day increase among the souls of this world.

So that all may be reborn into eternal life the praying missionaries of My Immaculate Heart must be as the flame of the Divine Holy Spirit in the darkness, a flame that dazzles all the hearts that need Peace.

Dear children:

Be in Jesus and live in My Son so that your hearts may prepare the inner temple for the coming of the Greatest and Venerable Redeemer.

Today I call you to deepen into the path of prayer because in this way, dear children, you will remain with your hearts and your lives more elevated, far away from the temptations of the world. I want to be with you, accompanying you from the immensity of My Immaculate Heart so that your steps may follow the paths My Son will reveal to you in His Return.

Keep in your hearts all that as souls you may live through prayer, because in this exercise true love may prevail in your hearts. For this My children await in My Son the new, the good and the pure, but before all you must know that you will need to build a path permeated by My Peace and My Love.

As Mother Co-Redeemer, I bring you daily to My Son because this world still diverts the souls from the purpose that God reveals to each little heart. I am here, among your lives, to guide you and show you how it is to come to My Glorified Son.

The good exercises of faith and prayer elevate your hearts as the great towers that are in vigil over the presence of the light of God. Never forget that you must turn to God with eyes of peace and forgiveness so that the purpose may be fulfilled in each one of My children.

Know My dear ones that the prayer donated through your hearts helps in the salvation of all My children, the ones who still live without hope and without peace.

I call you to perseverance through the powerful and luminous Heart of Christ.

Peace for the world, because every day humanity needs Peace, the Peace of God.

Thank you for answering My call.

May My Voice reverberate with love in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Come into My Peace and live in the Faith of My Immaculate Heart. Drink from My crystalline Fountain of love and of forgiveness. Abandon your heart in Me, so that My Steps may guide the new path. Just do not let the time pass without being in prayer with Me, because the beads of contemplation are part of the salvation of humanity.

Recognize that your heart is still growing up and that life drinks from the fountain of learning and of the knowledge of God. My children, allow that each soul lives the school that it has come to attend. Without experience your lives cannot testify to the presence of My Son, because we learn about love through the walk of each heart.

My Words are nourishment for your lives, they are the fire that illuminates you so that you may find the Fountain of Peace.

For this little children I tell you today, remain in My Peace! And walk through each lesson united with My Heart, because it will guide you. Know that My Eyes accompany each one of your steps so that in My maternal Vigil you may find refuge under My Mantle of protection.

Many of My Children are still unprotected, because their lives are without God.

Now can your hearts see how close I am to each of you?

I am a simple Heart that wants to penetrate you with a prayer for the heart. I will only show you the true and good so that your hearts may grow and walk.

For this, again I tell each one of your little hearts: enter into My Peace! Abandon yourselves on My Lap, so that I may hold you up as I have done with Jesus.

Always be as children so you may be close to God. Return to the path of sanctity through the absolute faith in My Son.

I illuminate you with My Heart and I will find you in prayer with Me. Go forward!

I love you in the silence of My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, I send this message to you especially, because it will help to bring you peace, My true and maternal peace. It will also be an instruction to all.

Dear children:

Look for help in My Son and after, with absolute confidence, come to My Immaculate Heart so that My feet may guide you through the path and My Light irradiates to you clarity for your hearts.

Dear children: many souls still suffer because they lack hope and strength; these beloved souls that are My children are scattered throughout the world in search of material purposes. For this, My dear ones, I invite you today to, through the imperious exercise of prayer, to raise towards the Heavens all the souls that, daily forget God.

Dear children: find in My Heart the path to arrive to My Son and thus, in the name of humanity, daily your lives will participate in the communion with My Glorified Son.

My children: My Heart announces itself among you so that you may recognize that My Celestial Gaze and My Heart are observing the lack of love that exists among souls. For this I come to remind you that it is important that you not only live on the fruit of prayer, but that you feel the presence of My Son in your brothers and sisters of the path, in the families and in those closest to your lives. In this way, dear children, you will start living in fraternity, necessary for all the children that do not know it as wisdom of God.

My beloved children: life in fraternity among hearts can revert the great spiritual miseries that many souls live. For this firmness in the transformed heart and perseverance in the life of prayer will allow you to know the degrees of love in all this Creative Universe.

In your eyes I place My Light so that your consciousnesses may see the necessity of all souls. I leave the tracks of My feet on the path, so that you can follow the path that My Son has marked towards the Lord.

May your hearts perceive the coming to the Holy Ghost. He will be a balm of peace for those who trust in this divine mystery of God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Dear children, may the infinite love of Christ be present in your hearts.

Today, My little ones, you shall know that I make Myself appear daily in the heart of Casa Redención (Salto, Uruguay). For this My dears, we must rejoice the hearts with My maternal presence.

Permit that each daily announcement be a renewal for the feelings and for the soul; thus My little ones, you will find the meaning of My words and to where My Merciful Love wants to arrive.

Each Apparition of My Heart represents for our Father the salvation of souls. My Love is radiating many Graces for many souls that are receiving one more opportunity in life so that they may be reconciled with God.

For this, My dear children, I come daily from the Heavens to announce Myself to your hearts, because we are already in the hour of the Peace and of the Restoration of the heart. Unite yourselves to Me in prayer; receive communion daily from the Most Holy Heart of My Son. Open your arms and your hearts to receive Him.

He, in His Glory waits to radiate to you the prodigious love of His Mercy. Find rest in the arms of the Shepherd of souls; follow the steps that the Burning Heart of Christ will be indicating to you. Above all, trust in the powerful force of His Restoring Love.

Let, My little ones, that your souls be expressed in this ultimate time, so that your hearts may receive the gifts and the talents that will serve as relief to many souls. Seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart so that you may thus enter My Temple of Adoration. When your hearts will love the Creator with confidence, I will be able to say that your souls will be consecrated to God.

Let us pray for all the needs, but even more for a need that abounds in the souls, which is the lack of the presence of the Divine and Merciful Love.

Dear children, may the resplendent love of Christ be in your hearts.

Never abandon the boat in which you are navigating: go in the great purity to the encounter with the Merciful Redeemer. And when you find Him in life, love with devotion the Will of the Lord.

Today I call you to a deep and contemplative prayer, having as its only mission the elevation of the world and the salvation of the souls that are lost in the fire of the world.  For this rescue of essences I invite you to be with Me in an inner communion with My Immaculate Heart.

Seek the Divine Presence of My Son in each place and in every moment of life, for in this way you will be lead and guided by the power of His Divine Mercy and by the compassion of His Most Holy Sacred Heart.

Strengthen the life in this world through prayer, so that the light of the angels accompany the infinite ocean that you, My little ones, are navigating. Do not fear the storm of life, everything passes away and everything prevails when your hearts are united in fidelity to My Maternal Heart.

Let us go forward with faith, renewing the vows of consecration to the Most High for this mission of love that I entrust to you. My Heart is united to your hearts.

Who adores you always,

Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.


When you pray “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…” do you know what important deed of Christ you invoke?

In each prayer is encountered a key that opens a new door for the redemption of the soul.

At three in the afternoon I bring to you the Grace of conversion and of the emptiness of oneself.  For this I need that you always remember these prayers, they will serve as a shield for the most important moments.

Let that the powerful ray of each one of them penetrate the depths of the consciousness and in this way be reborn a new being.  Leave upon My Hands your intentions, walk in trust by My side so that I may be able guide you.  I am always with you in the moments of joy, as also in the moments of tests.

You are in My Heart only when you are with Me.  I lead you and I guide you always, do not forget it.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for opening the doors of the heart to My Instruction!

Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.