Saturday, August 10 of 2013

Daily Messages

Never forget that I Am the Lord of Pity and that I always remain by your side to assist your consciousnesses along the path.

Those who meet with Me will never regret it. Those who unite themselves with Me will be saved. This will be the Law of Love for those who fervently encourage themselves to follow Me without concern for anything else.

For this, today I will tell you the story of one of My Disciples.

Once upon a time, in a city not very distant from here, there was a server who was still asleep to the spiritual path. She was awakened overnight because I came to visit her heart.

Her life was given to the world and I asked her to surrender her existence to Me. Then, when I announced Myself, I told her, as I told My Apostles: “Take all that you are and follow Me, without looking back, and trust in Me”.

Her life changed because her poor and lonely heart was invaded by My Confident Love. From that day on, she surrendered all for all, including the previous life that she had formed, for living only the unbreakable experience of My Divine Love.

It was this Love of Mine that gave her wisdom to take steps into the emptiness that I was marking for her. It was the Love of My Heart that guided her in spite of the blindfold, and it was this that led her to find the path that from my Spirit I so much wished for her. It was Love and Pity that redeemed her and she abandoned herself entirely into My Arms, and she was upon My Lap without any fear within.

But the greatest moment of her life was to cross the unknown threshold, in order to live My Eternal Will. When it happened the doors were opened and the world stopped being her spouse so that I could convert Myself into Her Eternal Faithful.

From then on, the Kingdom and the Universe spoke to her and formed her as a part of My Heart, and thus My Consciousness entrusted several flocks to her eternal guidance and instruction.

After all this, the Lord gave everything to her because of the trust that she had radiated to Me since the beginning and, in this way, under her maternal mantle, new sheep that entered into My Discipleship and Apostolate were born.

For this, today I want to demonstrate to you the power of My Pity and of My Trust, trust that comes from the manifested Universe.

Why do I pass this story on to you?

So that you may believe, from now on, that My Project upon you has a beginning and an end, and that those who allow themselves be guided by Me will not suffer, but they will receive the breath of the Thought of God, so He can make the decisions, even in the most simple things.

This is My Divine Example, that of a disciple who only would say to Me: “yes, Master, I want to be in You”.

For this, your hearts are potential doors of light so that other hearts and other souls may enter into My Universe, into My True Universe of Superior Love.

Under the Light and the Forgiveness of God, be blessed.

Thank you for experiencing My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus of the Divine Pity