Friday, August 9 of 2013

Daily Messages

As were the three days that I was in hell, in the same way I will return three more days to rescue those who are fallen upon the surface of the Earth.

Contemplate My Solar Presence, I Am not the one who comes to your encounter, it is the Universe that comes to talk to you because I Am the Universe and all look through My System to fulfill My Will that is the Will of God.

Today I bring to you a ray unknown to your consciousness, something that is called immaterial because it is the moment for you to know it before My Return. The Universe and Aurora are united at this moment as an only Sun.

It is the moment to venerate in order to be able to save the world, it is the moment of determination. I come every day to the world to help it but who comes every day towards Me?

For this I send you My Mother as rescue and salvation, She will be who will open the door for My Return, for this you must reverence Her as your truly Mother. Remember that I gave Her to you on the Cross, divesting Myself of this maternity out of love for you.

Today My Presence is solar because it is infinite;  It is perfect before your inner eyes and senses. I do not materialize Myself as energy because you would be afraid to know My New Face, the face of My Infinite Mercy, that which I achieved on the Cross in face of obscurity and tribulation.

Why I have instructed you about three in the afternoon as an important hour?

Because the world is disconnected from itself in spirit and in truth.  For this I try day by day that you unite yourselves to Me and that you strengthen this union with Me before the world purifies itself completely. These are not philosophical words, these are My Truths, the Truth of the Supreme.

For this I descend from the Universe to your encounter. This is My Message for you today. A message that I am allowing you to listen to because everything has its place, its time and its rhythm.

I want that you live in My Priesthood, that which I instituted on the Cross.  My Heart is heavy for the pain of the world but there are good hearts that relieve It. The power of My Love for you for this time is Transfiguring. It could crack the deepest layers of your consciousness and deeply liberate you.

For this Heaven has chosen this place, not only because My Father placed His Eyes upon it, but also because He contemplates the world as only one. Some places in this world will serve as a retreat for the souls, where they will be able to encounter the last essences of peace that the world is losing from its decisions.

There still remains some more time to walk together with Me. I come to banish your sufferings and your pains.

But who will allow Me too? Because when I try to, you do not feel comfortable. The spiritual life, the life in God, is not about comfort.

Silence is prayer, it is perpetual faith, it is emptiness after emptiness of oneself, but many do not achieve it and in this way the enemy gets what it wants: to dominate My hearts.

For this I have promised to return from the beginning so that after My Mercy I may be able to pour the ray of liberation and that hell that the world lives may be able to end so that My Peace may be established, that which I have sown with My Blood on the Cross.

Today I wish that I were closer to all.  Today I am giving some special time for you and with pain I Am observing humanity because it does not change. My first descent to Earth was in the East but My Second Descent will not be there.  I will come in glory and as I have told you once I will be with you until the last days.

For this I have consecrated with My Consciousness elements like the Eucharist, the Adoration, the Contemplation, so that your weak fire may not be extinguished in these critical times of vanities and competitions. May no one be astonished by what you will see, may life be the path of prayer, as I taught My Apostles in Gethsemane.

Today I do not come to the world as on every day for the world to turn its back to Me, but so that you may recognize that I Am the only path that will bring you to faith and to redemption, because I know that which is  guarded within you, that which is pure and immaculate, the same that God created in Me when I was born in the manger in Bethlehem.

Today I leave to you My Firmness that which will sustain the basis of your lives. Today I leave to you My Trust which is what will allow your spirits to be elevated. Today I leave My pure and unbreakable Love, which is what will heal you when you only say yes to Me.

I Am facing consciousnesses from different schools, but now it is no longer time for this.

My Dear Companions: the Universe talks to you tirelessly transmitting the same message so that you may listen to it and you may cultivate it in the heart. It was very necessary that you listened to the Universe, that I surrendered Myself once again to talk to you day by day.

My Heart rejoices  in this way, It rejoices to be able to encounter the souls praying to My Mercy, to be able to renew the original request that I made to My daughter Faustina and that few understood, for it being an immaterial request, for it being something of My Immaterial Spirit.

But today what else can I leave to you but My Heart, that which will never fail you and that will make you feel the truth in the face of doubts and uncertainties?

Who will want to drink from My Blood at the end of these times so that their cells may change and be transformed according to My precepts?

Heaven wants to show you the Truth but it is necessary to change, to stop being for oneself, to be totally for Me, as I have designed in My Merciful Heart.

For this I have entrusted My Presence to very few consciousnesses throughout the world and throughout history. Until that which is written is fulfilled I will not rest because I Am part of you and you are part of Me in some sense of the life and of the spirit.

Yesterday My Mother came to your encounter. Now I come to reaffirm that which She has told you in Her Virginal Purity. I want that you be part of My Energy, of My Consciousness, of My Ocean, of My Source.

I know that your senses and wills are weak but I want something beyond this, that is your heart, that which never darkens, that never loses love no matter how upset it may be. It will be up to you, as a flock in this time, to weave the threads of light and to form the network of salvation. In the same way that I ask you, I have also asked other apostles that are in this time working for Me on the Earth in humility and in surrender.

Who will take the risk with Me to sustain the torch of the victory of light?

For this you must not allow two fires to burn you, but only that My Fire purify you according to My Will and My Decisions. Today you are within the ocean of My Mercy, do not forget it because this never will be repeated until the end of your days, until that you cross the threshold to meet Us.

At this moment I will tell you: what have you done with this Fire? What have you done with this water of Renovation, that with which I baptized you in order to forgive you?

There is still much left for you to learn in this endless walking, in this school of the Earth. Remember that upon you is the Greater Universe which you can count on moment after moment because humanity looks at itself all the time instead of looking towards the Universe and to understand the laws of the stars; to understand the signs that indicate the new time for those who open themselves to read with the heart what God weaves in Heaven with His Will and Creation.

It is time to unite that which is separated in the consciousness; it is time to let yourself be something new, renewed, crystalline and humble. I know that many wished they were near Me, where I Am today, but know that I Am with each one of you waiting for the moment and loving you with the Love of God, the Love that I matured on the Cross as a Man, as a Being and as a Divine Consciousness.

I want to leave a gift and a blessing for all, mainly for a group of souls that has a responsibility with Me from other times and that today I dare to say that it must return to Me in consciousness and in awakening1.

This is a message for your inner beings.

God is relieved and is rejoicing when He sees His Children singing, also My Heart glows with joy when this song is born, as a prayer, from the heart.

Rejoice yourselves because I am returning!

May the children of God sing and may the Heavens be opened because Light and Peace are coming to liberate the world from its own evil.

Under the Love and the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating and reflecting about My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


1 Here the Master is talking to a specific group that was present at the moment of the Apparition.