Surrender your heart and your life into the Hands of God so that your inner suffering may end.

Allow the rays which descend from Heaven for the definition of beings not to cause pain within you, but rather to free you from your resistances, from the walls of stone which separate you from that which you are, which prevent you from reaching God.

Let the barriers of resistance be broken; allow your forces and your love for the Plan of God to be renewed.

All opportunities for the ascension and enlightenment of consciousness are to be found in your daily life; the key lies upon your posture before the events, trials and needs which lead you to overcoming.

Your feet are now upon the calvary of this world; therefore, do not delay your steps, but embrace the cross which was given to you, with peace in your heart.

Remember the embrace of your Lord on the wood, when the cross of your redemption weighed upon Him; and today, when you are called to imitate His steps and give all of yourself out of love, do the same: embrace the cross, for the redemption of the blind of spirit and hard of heart, for the indifferent and ignorant, for those who have not received Mercy because they believed their state of miseries to be the treasure of their lives.

When you embrace the cross, from Heaven will come the help for you to carry it.

When you embrace the cross, you will experience the revelation of the Love of God in Christ.

When you consummate your surrender on the cross of these times, you shall see the Love of God become renewed within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May each instant of your life be a mission offered to the Creator. Find in each event an opportunity to serve, renounce, love, understand, so that the Christic principles may flood your acts and be installed within your consciousness and thus, child, enter into the depths of human consciousness, there where thoughts, feelings and actions are generated.

Understand each moment as the right moment to be offered as an instrument to the Father and, even if it is to those who are next to you every day, be a source of peace, of grace, of healing, through which the Rays, that come from God in help of humanity and all life upon the Earth, can flow.

Remind your consciousness of its purpose in this world. You already know that you have come to the world to live a Greater Law which restores life and the evolution of all creatures of God.

In your smallest actions, imprint this purpose of peace. Thus, child, you will be in God and He will be within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Devotion: A Door to Liberation

Devotion, children, is a Gift of God in the hearts of human beings, a Divine Ray placed inside beings so that, when active and awake, it may lead you to return to the Heart of the Father.

Devotion activates in human consciousness its potential to unite dimensions, to dissolve all barriers which separate hearts from God and to open doors so that beings may be liberated from all that impedes them from reaching the Father.

Devotion is like a magnet that raises the consciousness towards God and, at the same time, purifies it so that it may reach the Father.

Devotion allows hearts to recognize the need to be in God and, when this devotion is mature and evolutionary, beings are conscious of the need to create a condition so that those who do not manage to, may also have the possibility of reaching the Father.

Devotion, which is born in the heart and rises towards the consciousness, allows beings to mature their lower nuclei and transmute them, because the energy itself allows you to understand that it is necessary to transform oneself in order to reach God.

Devotion is a door towards planetary liberation and a safe path to awaken and activate the mirrors of your hearts.

Devotion must always deepen within beings, raise their vibration and stop being an emotional process to become an experience, a spiritual and inner condition of beings.

Devotion must keep rising from the heart to the consciousness so that you always know how to open the doors to reach God.

Allow devotion to express itself in your hearts. Do not be afraid to transform yourselves and become pure before God, for this is what will make you return to the Father.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The time of this world goes by and, in the Universe, the Time of God is approaching.

The cycles are transformed, the laws are exchanged so that other laws will be the impulses received by life.

Within the beings, spirits scream, and those who realized strong commitments with God can no longer remain in their ignorance and in the common living of their days.

The rays that spiritually descend from the Heavens moves, within the souls, the need to awaken; moves within those already awakened, the need to mature; and moves in those who are mature, the need to deepen. Nothing will remain as it is.

The Time of God will bring restlessness to all beings because their cells will be changing vibration, their essences will approach their origin, their spirits will see in the horizon the possibility of returning to God. Everything will move you towards evolutionary life.

Listen to the voice of your hearts. Know how to respond to your souls and, before a divine call, always say "yes".

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series - Divine Revelations of these times

From the humble cave of Bethlehem to the Temple of the Circumcision - Part II

After the physical, internal and universal events that took place in the simple cave of Bethlehem, after a few days, Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother prepared to present the Child God in the Temple.

This was now the second mystery that would be revealed to men, during that time, concerning what would spiritually signify the coming of the Messiah to the Earth.

At that time, the cave of Bethlehem was permeated and filled with Christic light and within each place that the Child King passed by divine attributes and codes were deposited, not only as teraphims, but also for all those who, in some way or another, participated in and knew about the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; they received spiritual impulses that would bring them to a transformation of consciousness.

Days after the sacred Child of Israel was born, Saint Joseph had already made the preparations and finished the prayers so that He would also go through, within the Temple, the process of so-called purification.

Saint Joseph arrived in the Temple together with the Most Holy Mary and the Little Child in Her arms but during the process of the circumcision of the Little Child, as the Law of Moses requires, an unexpected fact was revealed through a humble priest called Simon.

This wise and contacted being was one of the many people on Earth that waited for the coming of the Messiah and for the fulfilling of the prophecies of the Prophets.

In this instance of the Presentation of the Little Child in the Temple and after the circumcision, Simon, inspired by the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit, shared and announced a prophecy to the Mother of God, telling Her that a sword of pain would pierce Her Heart. And, immediately, He recited one of the prophecies about the advent of Christ on Earth.

The Temple of the Circumcision was the place that not only determined the complete consecration of the Child King to the Plan of God but where the spiritual sacrifice that His Heavenly Mother would live by offering the Little Child as spiritual reparation and atonement for all the errors committed in humanity.

It was from that moment, of Jesus being in the Temple, that the fall of the evil empire, which in that time subjected and punished the Earth, oppressing the continuity of the sacred People of Israel, would begin.

The arrival of the Little Jesus to the Temple and the company of Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother represented that, at that very same hour, the great divine intervention would develop, the one that would bring to an end the decadence of men and of all the human degeneration, through the presence of Christ on Earth, as well as all the unconditional life that this very Child, later a Man, would give for love for all His brothers and sisters.

The act of purification in the Temple meant the passage to another stage of that perfect but silent Plan, that God Himself was carrying forward through His Beloved Son.

It was through the presentation of the Child King in the Temple that the angelic and archangelic intervention began to directly occur within all of the souls of humanity, of that time, since it was necessary for all of humankind to move away from its process of self-destruction and its ambitious power.

For that reason, since the time that Jesus had incarnated on Earth, the angelic and archangelic beings, at the request of the Mother of God, made use of the highest spiritual instruments and the purest Immaterial Rays so that the spirits on Earth may live the first steps of redemption.

In order for all of this to be possible, the Child King, still being a newborn, applied certain divine Laws that modified the spiritual condition of the Earth, but that, at the same time, opened the portals of contact and spiritual communication among the Greater Source and the inner worlds, places where the essences are.

All of the universal movements carried out, by the presence of the Sacred Family and the angelic intervention, stopped the advance of the evil powers over human consciousness, which was more primitive in that time.

All of these contrary currents, as a punishment, had to present the entire victory that was generated from the Birth of Jesus until the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

In this way, the planet and humanity were converted and redeemed by the potent voltage of Love-Wisdom.

The alliance that was achieved between Heaven and Earth defeated and overcame the projects of the adversary. But now, in this current time, and before the second Coming of Christ, humanity is in a moment so similar to that of the Birth of Jesus, a moment in which each human being will have the Grace of overcoming in love and of surpassing and transcending indifference so that Christ may triumph again in all hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Everything in the life of those who surrender to God can become a service even if their minds do not know it.

Let the Father make of your being His instrument in the world, so that your prayer may be liberating, that your renunciation is repairing, that your surrender is healing, that your love to God is the motor that makes the Divine Mercy an unending source for Earth and for all of life.

The human heart is full of mysteries and one of them is that almost all the Laws and Divine Rays can manifest themselves in your lives, even if there is no knowledge about Them. In this way, children, your actions are pure and sincere, your intentions are turned only to the Divine Purpose.

Today be a little more conscious of this higher reality and pray, allowing the doors of liberation to open in this world and so the ties and oppression that suffocate the souls and the Kingdoms of Nature will be dissolved.

Renounce with joy and let that action be like a balm for the Heart of the Father because when you renounce your human will to fulfill the Will of God, you are repairing the Heart of the Father of all the wounds that human indifference and self-will cause Him.

Serve and surrender your heart to the Greater Law so, child, your actions will attract the Sublime Laws of Heaven which will make the Heavenly Source pour graces and Mercy upon those who do not deserve it but that, in spite of their mistakes and sins, are profoundly loved by God and were created with the Divine Purpose from which they deviated.

May your life be as a light in the world, lighting up the path of those who have lost themselves and giving peace back to them.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

My Children,

From the Heart of God Gifts and Graces emanate on this day for the liberation of the planet, and your Heavenly Mother comes to decree Her triumph in this place through this liberation and the Peace that emanate from My Immaculate Heart.

The Sacred Immaterial Rays that come from the Heart of the Creator touch Earth today, and Its signs become visible through nature. Nothing will remain as it is, inside and outside of humanity, and its mud will be extirpated and purified.

I come as your Heavenly Mother, as your Universal Mother, to prepare the path for the new dawn of Aurora, which next August will shine again in the hearts of humanity and on the horizon of the Earth.

I come to unite My Heart to the heart of Aurora giveing a sign to the world that its liberation is not only near as it has already begun with My Presence.

The heart of Aurora again gives signs so that the pulsing of its life may once again illuminate the abysses of this world. But, for Aurora to resume its place, My children, it is necessary that humanity know how to conduct the events in union with the Heart of the Hierarchy and that it follows, step by step, the Will emanated by God for the Earth.

The silence of Aurora will gradually give way to its healing word, and the expansion of its light will be visible. But, while this moment is prepared, accompany your Heavenly Mother step by step, because everything has its time and place.

The expansion of the heart of Aurora will take place gradually, so that its light crosses the horizons and reaches the hearts of humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature and the depth of the consciousness of the planet, liberating all kinds of life from the darkness that still dwells in this world .

But this must happen without wounding; its fire must burn, but not wound. Its heart expands and comes alive, respecting the Laws that rule this world, because thus humanity has chosen to learn.

To those who do not understand My Words, because they do not know the Aurora of which I speak, I say to you, just feel its grace in your hearts and let it expand, taking its corresponding place, because this is the Will of God.

My children, your Heavenly Mother, on this day, comes to prepare a very important moment: the expansion and return of Aurora of the dawn, to illuminate the hearts of the world.

Pray with me, pray so that the nations open up to the Will of God; pray so that the Plans of the Creator may be fulfilled on Earth; pray so that, in the depth of a true prayer, your Father Who is in Heaven may find the necessary permission to help this world.

There is still much to happen for God's Plans to concretize and, with Power and Peace, your Celestial Mother comes to unite the Scepter of God to the Scepter that rules the Aurora of My Heart, so that, gradually, it decrees its return and its triumph.

Beloved children, today I also come to give you a special Grace, through the beloved soul that offers itself every day so that My Plan may continue fulfilling itself. Soul that, like Me, united her heart to the heart of Aurora, so that this world might always have an opportunity to be healed.

Know, My children, that, with the simple surrender of a few, My Heart will work miracles on Earth.

With this I tell you not to give up surrendering your lives to God; do not give up taking steps toward union with the Heart of the Father and, in spite of everything that happens on the planet, never lose hope that the healing that comes from the heart of Aurora will extend to the world and touch all life, bringing back to the sacred what was lost and distorted by human misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am your Heavenly Mother, the One who shows you the way to reach Christ and, on Earth, I left you an earthly spiritual mother, so that she would point to the Father together with My Heart and that, united to Me, she might tirelessly work for the rescue of souls.

Unite with this mother soul that I gave you, because today I tell you that, upon her, your Father, Who is in Heaven, has placed His trust.

Therefore, today, do not only pray for Aurora to dawn again; also pray for the awakening of Unity on all this Work of Love, and may the hearts know how to recognize the instruments that the Father placed on their paths to never get lost.

Everything is part of a unique construction; listen to My Voice and unite with Me, and thus, My children, you will not confuse yourselves and you will be able to make triumph the Heart of God trough your lives.

I bless you and ask you to accompany Me, preparing with the heart the final awakening of the Aurora of the dawn.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother.


My companions:

Let nothing that comes from you yourselves surprise you, because just as you will see appear what is most hidden in your sibling, so will you see emerge from yourselves what is most hidden. And let this not be a reason for gossip nor comments made among My disciples, because the time has come in which the door of the dungeon will be opened so that a profound cleansing of the consciousness may be done, in order to liberate it from its constant errors.

Animated by My Priestly Spirit, you will enter and submerge into yourselves, in prayer, to liberate all that is already old and does not a part of My Plan.

You might feel an unbearable inner pain, but know that what is most resistant and hard is being broken by My hammer of Light so that, from this shell arises a peacemaker spirit, that spirit of the truth of each being which was formerly imprisoned by the aspects of life.

I know that for the majority it is difficult to face yourselves and see the truth, but be brave, as your Master and Lord was brave, so as to be able to overcome all things through love.

May you not lack love at this moment, because love is what will liberate you from these chains, from these dungeons of the consciousness, from all inner prisons.

Open your arms and let the Liberating Ray of My Heart impregnate you, so as to establish a new being within you, just as the Father thought of it from the beginning.

Only be brave and thus you will achieve peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


As a Bird of Light, I penetrate the deepest spaces of the human consciousness in order to transform it. In that place, I pour out Grace that emanates from the Rays of My Wings so that My children can re-encounter the Celestial Father.

There, everything is removed so that souls may be free from captivity and from the prisons of life.

The Bird of Light enters into the depths of consciousness to show the human being the time and the moment of their purification. Throughout this path, the Bird of Light dissipates and dissolves the abysses of the consciousness so that the beings from the surface can again find the spiritual path that leads them into peace.

It could be painful to banish and break old structures; that is why the Bird of Light enters into the spaces of the deep consciousness so as to not leave any hidden corner inside of the being, but rather that everything be revealed so it may go through the transformation.

While you pray, the Bird of Light can reach the greatest and most unknown depths; while you pray and have faith, the task of your Heavenly Mother can be expanded.

In that way, the day will arrive in which there will no longer exist all the atavisms in My children and the sacred divine energy of Love will reign, which will nourish the spirit with an eternal gladness, in a splendid life united with the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Celestial Commander

Here is the Celestial Commander, who carries stamped on Her Maternal Heart the Sacred Star of the Brotherhood.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who commands armies of angels and souls in this Universe to be able to establish long periods of Peace.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who together with Her Beloved Son carries forward the Rescue Plan, the one Who builds the bridges of light and the fraternal bonds of love through the prayers of all Her children.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who silently works in this Universe, the one Who ignites the Mirrors of hearts so that souls feel the ardor of the Love of Christ.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who seeks the good in Her children, the one Who promotes the redeeming prayer, the Mother Who will always bring you closer to God.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who descends from the Kingdom of the Heavens to grant hearts a Grace, the one Who accompanies, helps, and understands Her fellow beings.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who carries with Her the Sword of Light of the Archangels of Heaven, in order to expel the invading spirits, to separate souls from the path of perdition.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who carries between Her Hands the Shield of the Archangel Michael, to be able to defend Her children during the battles, the one Who protects and supports the innocent souls.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who intercedes for the impossible causes, the one Who defends the souls during their judgement, the one Who grants hearts moments of Peace.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who raises the consciousnesses towards what is true, the one Who prevents destruction in this world, Who guides and accompanies the inner awakening of souls.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who brings from the Universe the Gifts of God, to pour them upon the world as infinite Graces, the Mother Who presents the offerings of Her children to God.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who interrelates the Universes so that the Rays may transfigure the planet from time to time, the Commander Who, transmutes from cycle to cycle, the chaos of humanity.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who gestates in Her Most Pure Womb the emergence of a new humanity, the one Who will show the world the door through which Christ will return.

Here is the tireless Celestial Commander, the one Who baptizes Her children with the Holy Spirit, the Mother who grants the inner reconciliation.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who today descends in Glory upon this Marian Center, to be able to open the eyes of Her children and show them the true path of the spirit, the path of perpetual prayer.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the Patroness of Brazil, the Lady Aparecida, the Kind Mother Who protects the spirit of the nations.

That today, on the day of Her celestial celebration, the souls receive from the Lady Aparecida sufficient strength of love to be able to live the changes that will come.

Here is the Celestial Commander, the one Who prepares the souls for the return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From My most pure Womb is born cosmic life, and that life is projected in the different dimensions of Creation.

My Womb of Light gestates the new, and every being or consciousness that it receives is transformed by My maternal Light.

From My Womb are born the immaterial Rays that circulate throughout the universes to order and govern under universal harmony.

From My luminous Womb, new spiritual lives can be born in the hearts that unconditionally surrender to Me.

From the most pure Womb of your Mother of the World comes the Principle of Creation, and, in this way, time and again, Creation is renewed and everything evolves within the universe of the Light of God.

In My most chaste Womb, I give spiritual and essential life to that which seemed to be dead.

My Womb revives the lost spirits and, through the Principle of Healing, recovers the souls that distanced themselves from God.

My Womb is a new universe that gestates love for the New Humanity.

Those who place themselves within My Womb will be initiated into a new stage and they will be in Me, and I, as Mother, will be humbly mirroring Myself in the creatures of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Elohim: Golden Angels

In the Essence of the Heart of God, there once arose the great Purpose of creating life and the planes of consciousness.

As I told you yesterday, dear children, the archangels, those called the Resplendent, were born of Divine Inspiration, an inspiration that allowed archangelic and angelic beings to become concretized and manifested.

God expressed in the Mental Universe His twelve principal manifestations, which arose from the Most Pure Source. From there, the twelve Elohim, as Rays and impulses of fire, were born within the consciousness of the Higher Mental Universe.

From the moment in which the Eternal had the sacred will that, from His Most Pure Essence, the Archangels should be born, the Mental Universe was already a vital reality within the Spiritual Universe.

The Elohim were appointed by the Most High to carry out the organization and manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist.

Thus, from the moment in which the Elohim were manifested within the Mental Universe, the first legions were subtly created in reservoirs of light, which are great receptacles and conduits of divine energy that preceded the Mirrors.

Let us see then, dear children, how the divine history of Creation previous to material life was considered by God Himself to be a Project of love and of absolute unity.

It was based on love and unity that the Angelic Hierarchies, those called Elohim, developed the Project of the Eternal Father and gave continuity to the Work of Creation.

The reservoirs of light were also created through the essence of Divine Will, and the first Elohim were the ones that accompanied the manifestation of these states of consciousness, which held within themselves the spiritual emergence of angelic life.

Each archangel, as a Creator Father, deposited in the reservoirs of light a molecule of the twelve spiritual Rays that were present at the moment of the birth of the angelic beings. An angelic consciousness is born from the expression of love in the Mental Universe and through an act of profound union that the archangel establishes with the One Source.

At that moment, the archangel projects on the reservoir an extremely potent flow of love and unity and, as a consequence, through the grouping of all the molecules of the Creator Fathers, the reservoir emanates an angelic consciousness which is inside a precious crystal of a magenta, blue, green, white or gold color. When the angelic consciousness emerges from the reservoir and until it finishes forming, the crystal remains suspended above it for a certain period, like the gestation of a child in the womb of the mother. It is the creative and divine energy that internally gestates the purpose of this angelic consciousness.

The crystal may contain any of the twelve Rays to show the Mental Universe what has been the Greater Will for the task and service that the new angel will fulfill.

Thus, after its manifestation as mental and spiritual consciousness, the angel experiences a formation that helps it develop its mission in the Mental Universe or in the Material Universe.

After gradually forming the armies of light, which from their birth live an unconditional service and a perfect union with the Eternal, the archangels begin the building and materialization of the Academies of the Rays, so that each angelic being may develop its purpose before the Father.

The next step is the manifestation of the spiritual formation of the Seven Heavens or that of the seven states of Divine Consciousness, where the great armies begin to populate the celestial dimensions.

At that moment, under Highest Will, the archangels define the mission of each angelic consciousness, which establishes what Heaven or which states of consciousness it is to eternally serve.

As from this moment, the Creator Fathers assume the government of the Seven Heavens, so that from the beginning the Law of Hierarchy may be cultivated among consciousnesses.

The mission the angelic consciousness lives will be according to how its emergence has taken place inside the crystal.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a magenta crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of living love, of radiating it and protecting it in the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a blue crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of protecting and vivifying the unity of all the universes, as well as that of being a guardian of the sacred knowledge of the spiritual, mental, and material Laws.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a green crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of exercising the Law of healing, and of continuously emanating harmony in all of Creation and wherever it is.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a white crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of drawing to itself the highest degrees of purity and of expanding it as essence toward the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a golden crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of an eternal praising of the One, as a member of those called Celestial Choirs, which draw to the universes the principles of the Source of God.

It is thus that the Creator Fathers send all the angels that were born of the Source through the reservoirs of light on a mission so that, together with their archangelic regents, they may assume the mission of protecting and supporting the evolution of the universes through the different Rays to which they belong.

The Elohim are part of the Divine Purpose and they are represented through the twelve main emanations of God, which we understand as the archangels; from that, the twelve emanations formed the twelve governors, and from the angelic governors another twelve emanations arose until we reach the guardian angels.

The Mental Universe has no limits and it is an infinite state formed by the Will of God. There the state of resplendence is lived, which means that each angelic consciousness generates in itself the highest degrees of love and of unity with the One.

The whole of angelic consciousness exists to protect and guard the essence of the Project of God within the Spiritual, Mental, and Material Universes. In this way, the Elohim can penetrate the dimensions and planes, even though they are mental beings, because they are at all times moved by the spirit of obedience and of eternal service.

From the beginning, the Father conceived the Elohim as the main guardians of the Purpose of Creation and of all life existing in the universes.

In this way, through the Resplendent Ones arose the first experience of the Cosmic Brotherhood, which later became established as a premise for all consciousnesses present on the different planes.

The Elohim are also considered the Messengers or the spokespersons of the Primordial Source for the Material Universe; they are the ones who carry out the concretion of the Divine Purpose and they are the ones who give impulse to the guardian angels so that each soul may live its mission within Creation, and in this manner fulfill the objective of the Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with each guardian angel,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Angels


I come from the Eternal and Omnipresent Heaven to appease your hearts. I come with the hope of your prompt redemption and absolute surrender to My Merciful Heart.

For this the one who is truly with Me will receive from the Father all of the treasures and gifts that are guarded in Heaven.

Also in the difficult times I Am with My ones so that they may be able to mature in the lessons of life.

At three in the afternoon My Consciousness radiates all of the rays that I acquired by means of My Infinite Mercy. These rays that come from the Sacred Universe of God are the immaterial rays, those that will reconfigure the humanity that is in ruins.

Through My soldiers of Mercy I hope to rebuild the millions of temples and of inner dwellings of those who live upon this present world and that the souls have abandoned.

I constantly need your warm and devoted prayers. I need that you unite to Me in spite of the circumstances and of the sufferings, because in truth I tell you: there is no greater miracle of love than that of the Love of God for all of His little creatures.

For this go and continue firmly towards the promised path that you must ardently traverse among hard stones and the thorns of the rosebush because on the other side of the sphere of the Earth, in the Portal of My Compassionate Heart is your Beloved God of Truth, of Unity and of Love.

I ask you to not lower your arms, raise them towards the High so that your spirits may be able to achieve the path that you have lost. There, in the High, is the Supra Consciousness of the Infinite, the Source that always will provide you and that will quench the thirst that your beings hold so much.

The Father hears and contemplates your needs. Be brave, there still remains a way to go to the completion of My Path and of My victorious return to the world.

Never forget that I love you and that in silence I protect My sheep from any ambush. I Am with those who make an effort to comply with the Plan of My Father. I am with the workers of the Greater Plan all of the days of life.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for allowing My designs of love and of redemption to be fulfilled!

Christ Jesus, Your Savior


As were the three days that I was in hell, in the same way I will return three more days to rescue those who are fallen upon the surface of the Earth.

Contemplate My Solar Presence, I Am not the one who comes to your encounter, it is the Universe that comes to talk to you because I Am the Universe and all look through My System to fulfill My Will that is the Will of God.

Today I bring to you a ray unknown to your consciousness, something that is called immaterial because it is the moment for you to know it before My Return. The Universe and Aurora are united at this moment as an only Sun.

It is the moment to venerate in order to be able to save the world, it is the moment of determination. I come every day to the world to help it but who comes every day towards Me?

For this I send you My Mother as rescue and salvation, She will be who will open the door for My Return, for this you must reverence Her as your truly Mother. Remember that I gave Her to you on the Cross, divesting Myself of this maternity out of love for you.

Today My Presence is solar because it is infinite;  It is perfect before your inner eyes and senses. I do not materialize Myself as energy because you would be afraid to know My New Face, the face of My Infinite Mercy, that which I achieved on the Cross in face of obscurity and tribulation.

Why I have instructed you about three in the afternoon as an important hour?

Because the world is disconnected from itself in spirit and in truth.  For this I try day by day that you unite yourselves to Me and that you strengthen this union with Me before the world purifies itself completely. These are not philosophical words, these are My Truths, the Truth of the Supreme.

For this I descend from the Universe to your encounter. This is My Message for you today. A message that I am allowing you to listen to because everything has its place, its time and its rhythm.

I want that you live in My Priesthood, that which I instituted on the Cross.  My Heart is heavy for the pain of the world but there are good hearts that relieve It. The power of My Love for you for this time is Transfiguring. It could crack the deepest layers of your consciousness and deeply liberate you.

For this Heaven has chosen this place, not only because My Father placed His Eyes upon it, but also because He contemplates the world as only one. Some places in this world will serve as a retreat for the souls, where they will be able to encounter the last essences of peace that the world is losing from its decisions.

There still remains some more time to walk together with Me. I come to banish your sufferings and your pains.

But who will allow Me too? Because when I try to, you do not feel comfortable. The spiritual life, the life in God, is not about comfort.

Silence is prayer, it is perpetual faith, it is emptiness after emptiness of oneself, but many do not achieve it and in this way the enemy gets what it wants: to dominate My hearts.

For this I have promised to return from the beginning so that after My Mercy I may be able to pour the ray of liberation and that hell that the world lives may be able to end so that My Peace may be established, that which I have sown with My Blood on the Cross.

Today I wish that I were closer to all.  Today I am giving some special time for you and with pain I Am observing humanity because it does not change. My first descent to Earth was in the East but My Second Descent will not be there.  I will come in glory and as I have told you once I will be with you until the last days.

For this I have consecrated with My Consciousness elements like the Eucharist, the Adoration, the Contemplation, so that your weak fire may not be extinguished in these critical times of vanities and competitions. May no one be astonished by what you will see, may life be the path of prayer, as I taught My Apostles in Gethsemane.

Today I do not come to the world as on every day for the world to turn its back to Me, but so that you may recognize that I Am the only path that will bring you to faith and to redemption, because I know that which is  guarded within you, that which is pure and immaculate, the same that God created in Me when I was born in the manger in Bethlehem.

Today I leave to you My Firmness that which will sustain the basis of your lives. Today I leave to you My Trust which is what will allow your spirits to be elevated. Today I leave My pure and unbreakable Love, which is what will heal you when you only say yes to Me.

I Am facing consciousnesses from different schools, but now it is no longer time for this.

My Dear Companions: the Universe talks to you tirelessly transmitting the same message so that you may listen to it and you may cultivate it in the heart. It was very necessary that you listened to the Universe, that I surrendered Myself once again to talk to you day by day.

My Heart rejoices  in this way, It rejoices to be able to encounter the souls praying to My Mercy, to be able to renew the original request that I made to My daughter Faustina and that few understood, for it being an immaterial request, for it being something of My Immaterial Spirit.

But today what else can I leave to you but My Heart, that which will never fail you and that will make you feel the truth in the face of doubts and uncertainties?

Who will want to drink from My Blood at the end of these times so that their cells may change and be transformed according to My precepts?

Heaven wants to show you the Truth but it is necessary to change, to stop being for oneself, to be totally for Me, as I have designed in My Merciful Heart.

For this I have entrusted My Presence to very few consciousnesses throughout the world and throughout history. Until that which is written is fulfilled I will not rest because I Am part of you and you are part of Me in some sense of the life and of the spirit.

Yesterday My Mother came to your encounter. Now I come to reaffirm that which She has told you in Her Virginal Purity. I want that you be part of My Energy, of My Consciousness, of My Ocean, of My Source.

I know that your senses and wills are weak but I want something beyond this, that is your heart, that which never darkens, that never loses love no matter how upset it may be. It will be up to you, as a flock in this time, to weave the threads of light and to form the network of salvation. In the same way that I ask you, I have also asked other apostles that are in this time working for Me on the Earth in humility and in surrender.

Who will take the risk with Me to sustain the torch of the victory of light?

For this you must not allow two fires to burn you, but only that My Fire purify you according to My Will and My Decisions. Today you are within the ocean of My Mercy, do not forget it because this never will be repeated until the end of your days, until that you cross the threshold to meet Us.

At this moment I will tell you: what have you done with this Fire? What have you done with this water of Renovation, that with which I baptized you in order to forgive you?

There is still much left for you to learn in this endless walking, in this school of the Earth. Remember that upon you is the Greater Universe which you can count on moment after moment because humanity looks at itself all the time instead of looking towards the Universe and to understand the laws of the stars; to understand the signs that indicate the new time for those who open themselves to read with the heart what God weaves in Heaven with His Will and Creation.

It is time to unite that which is separated in the consciousness; it is time to let yourself be something new, renewed, crystalline and humble. I know that many wished they were near Me, where I Am today, but know that I Am with each one of you waiting for the moment and loving you with the Love of God, the Love that I matured on the Cross as a Man, as a Being and as a Divine Consciousness.

I want to leave a gift and a blessing for all, mainly for a group of souls that has a responsibility with Me from other times and that today I dare to say that it must return to Me in consciousness and in awakening1.

This is a message for your inner beings.

God is relieved and is rejoicing when He sees His Children singing, also My Heart glows with joy when this song is born, as a prayer, from the heart.

Rejoice yourselves because I am returning!

May the children of God sing and may the Heavens be opened because Light and Peace are coming to liberate the world from its own evil.

Under the Love and the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating and reflecting about My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


1 Here the Master is talking to a specific group that was present at the moment of the Apparition.


As the Mother of the Eternal Graces I want, at the end of these times, to convert your hearts into hearts renewed by the Glorious Love of God, because My Immaculate Heart promises this.

Dear children, much suffering invades the purity of the hearts. To be able to restore them, today I ask you to pray, to pray with the love of your hearts so that God, the Creator may be able to listen to you as humanity. If souls do not pray for the souls most in need, the Inexhaustible Graces of My Heart will not be able to be poured over those children that urgently need them.

For this reason, My children, we are in the time of the purification of feelings and thoughts that do not correspond to the One and Only Law of Universal Love. As the accumulation of feelings increases in the entire world, I ask you to pray with the heart because in this way I will be able to place all creatures under the repairing and redeeming fount of the Divine Mercy of My Son.

The Rays of Pity and Mercy of Jesus are still among you and over all of humanity. But many forget how important these Graces are and the enemy succeeds in distancing them from the source of these Graces.

This is why, as the Guardian of the Hearts, today I invite you to revere the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In His hands of Light He holds the sword of Redemption, which will be able to cut off and liberate all evils.

You, dear children, will be able to be the servers and the instruments of God that may consciously intervene in prayer and with love for all souls.

Remember that fasting, as an offer, helps in the descent of a Special Grace for the souls in Purgatory.

Reality and Truth are approaching the life of all My children; the Law of the Love of God is available to those who, as Jesus, may want to learn to love like Christ loved on the cross.

Ignite My Hope in your hearts, for the salvation of all.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Forgive! Forgive! Forgive each one of your lives so that the world may also reach absolute forgiveness!

My children, today I call you to the exercise of forgiveness in the heart, a necessary act that must emanate from your hearts. In this way, dear children, forgiveness will lead you to find Divine Mercy.

For this reason, My children, allow yourselves to be touched by the two Divine Rays that spring from My Son to the world. Thus, My dear ones, you will find a firmer path in these times of changes. If you pray with faith and compassion, you will find the Merciful Rays of Christ and He, in His Immense Glory and Peace, will lead you to the Universal Father.

Dear children, do not fear for how much you have failed; the important thing is that your intentions and your hearts transform themselves through the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For this reason, when you have fallen, cry out for the merciful forgiveness so that the Light of the Divine Heart of My Son may be able to help you to reverse the mistakes.

My children, the world offends God daily; therefore your prayers with love will help humanity and also when each of you may recognize that you are in this world learning.

Dear children, be like Lazarus, resurrect through the Presence of the absolute Love of My Son so that in this hour your tiny hearts may strengthen themselves in prayer and in love for the others.

Let us pray for the conversion of all hearts.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


May the voices of your hearts sing today so that the Heavens may radiate their light towards the Earth and so that, together with you, the Angels of the Lord may praise all His wonderful Creation!

Dear children,

Raise your hearts to the Light of the Lord and find repose in My Immaculate Heart so that your lives may always find the path towards consecration.

My children, the praise to God exalts the loveliness and the beauty of the Heights. In this way all hearts are partakers of the glorious Kingdom of God by means of peace in the heart and of the love that springs as an Inexhaustible Source of Graces. The praise that your hearts emanate towards the God of the Universe will make you partakers of the Merciful Gift of My Son, and in this way the Light that is necessary in many places will spread over the world for the hearts that have dis- tanced themselves from the One and Only Father.

Beloved children, the song of praise done with the heart repairs and restores the faults committed against My Immaculate Heart. The praise done with love and gratitude penetrates the Kingdom of the Heavens, and God in His Omnipotence, avails Himself of the songs of all humankind when they cry out for the Presence of God with sincerity and reverence.

Dear children, when you call My Son, His Merciful Heart responds by means of the Graces that were promised to the world. Therefore, beloved children, when you call Christ you are also calling a part of God.

The world needs to heal its wounds by means of praise to our almighty Lord of the Heights because in this way the world is relieved. When the souls gather for love of God and praise Creation, a Ray of Pity and Compassion descends from the center of the Heart of the Father. This Ray becomes as a Fount of Mercy that the Angels of the Lord bring to the heart of each creature. Thus, the destiny of humanity can be changed by the absolute Love of God.

In these times of changes, praise with your hearts so that through prayer your souls may shine before the Father.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace for all My children in the world.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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