My dear children,

The Love of God is the source that nourishes the whole of Creation and life. Towards this source you must go so that your spirits are in the Lord. This source of Love also expresses itself in different ways and degrees in all of Its children; but some consciousnesses take possession of this source and it neither fulfills nor carries out the mission that it has come to accomplish.

The Love of God manifests in creatures in different degrees, according to the inner work done by each consciousness in order to awaken it.


Just as the rain, that touches the Earth and makes the fruit grow in arid deserts, so do My Graces, which touch your hearts in order to convert them into the perfect model that God planned for since the beginning.

Children, I know that which must still die and be transcended within you, so that someday the true apostle of redemption may manifest.

Dear children, we are in a time of spiritual battle, and many of My children do not want to realize it; for this I come to ask you for prayer, so that you can realize how distracted the world is and how it affirms, before the Universe, that it is doing everything fine.

I come to demystify what you believe about your lives so that you may recognize the Will of the Celestial Father and so that your own will may die.  Thus, children, you will be worthy of understanding all things.

Now the Universe allows certain events so that all may learn and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Children, I am consistent with you and I will touch you with My Grace, as many times as necessary, because My true purpose is to convert you into that which you are not yet.  Be patient and love transformation, thus, it will be less dificult for those who are willing to know themselves; when this happens, you will be able to be conscious that your very little problems in life are light compared to the great sin of humanity.

Seek fidelity through Christ; do not despair over that which you experience; there are greater planetary problems that encompass regions, peoples and, above all, a project of spiritual evolution.

Purge that which is old, empty yourselves all the time and thus, you will be the new wineskins that will be filled with the Precious Blood of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who purifies, heals and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to work with maturity and consecration to the Plan of God, I give you the Seven Precious Stones of Salvation:


- To not be ungrateful towards the universe or towards your neighbor


As a Sacred Consciousness of Light, I descend to the world, after having traversed the universes searching for unredeemed souls and consciousnesses.

Thus My mantle, which flies over the universe, holds within it all the souls that have not reached either peace or redemption.

I am the Queen of the Universe; My sovereignty is not of this world, but of others. I come from the twelfth Heaven, where the Great Consciousness of Abba manifests the power of His Love and the Humble Omnipotence of His Will.

All forms come from this Sublime Kingdom, and the sacred mirrors of prayer participate there in an inner meeting each time they ignite in prayer and in faith. Many sources bourgeon in the Kingdom of Abba, which manifest the gifts and virtues for souls.

In the Celestial Universe, unity is the essence of life, and obedience to the principles is the virtue of the saints. Your Mother comes from this Kingdom, and every month I descend to Earth to remind it that it must never forget the Infinite Purpose that guides it; the Purpose that has created it and that has caused it to persevere throughout time.

I am the Perpetual Source of Prayer, which radiates to all the hearts that open to recognize Me as the Mother, and as the Principle of Peace for everyone.

Towards those Kingdoms I want to take you. I wish your consciousnesses, and especially your hearts, to expand in love and in faith so that some day they find the same Kingdom, the one your Mother found after Her Assumption.

My eternal commitment is to raise you up spiritually towards this Kingdom from this terrestrial and lost consciousness. If the greatest number of souls should enter the school of mirrors of prayer with a healthy inner and heart-felt attitude, new divine and deep foundations for planetary life could manifest and transmute a part of the consciousness of the planet.

Your clock is registering the time of the determination, which must not be impelled by sentimentalism, but by the faith and devotion of believing every day that a Greater Kingdom awaits you.

It is for this greater reason that I am here today with you, just as I have been on the Hill of Medjugorje for thirty-four years, patiently waiting for the change in humanity.

Who has understood My message?


Dear children,

I come to ask the world to convert itself into a true mirror of prayer that reflects peace for itself and for the lost souls.

Who will accept My offer?

Who will understand the urgency of My message?

May your lives be a mirror of Prayer, of Mercy, of Piety.  Permit that, in these times and through prayer, the celestial spheres of the mirrors of My Heart radiate those all the time.

The definitive hour approaches and I must train My praying mirrors so that they may reflect the true principle of humility, of purity, and of simplicity.

My Heart congregates you through the sacred vigils of prayer, so that after almost three years of continuous prayer you, My children, may learn to work at the planetary level.  For this, every month I ask you to gather in order to pray with the heart, more than with words; the true ability of praying is found in the art of knowing to love it, beyond knowing or not the language in which it is being prayed.

Children, a true mirror can be the soul itself, which is the first to receive the impulse of the spirit, and the spirit is filled by the celestial spheres of prayer.

Every month, as your Mother and Universal Governess, I have attempted to make you learn correctly about this school of the mirrors of prayer; a school that is based on unity, on the non-competition, and mainly, that is free from arrogance and from human pride, because these are the aspects of the superficial human life that poison the life of a praying-mirror-soul.

This school in which many participate is constituted by the most simple and surrendered in order to search all the time for the path of the prayer of the heart that is the first school for the Christic discipleship.  To be a mirror does not mean to have ability or self-impetus; to be a mirror is to be in a permanent inner emptiness, because the being’s inner strength to reflect good things is given by the Love of the Celestial Father that lives in you, since He is the Greatest Mirror of the Creator Mercy.

Dear children, why do I tell you these things?


Crossing the portals of Heaven, I stop in beautiful Aurora to contemplate its splendor and the daily work of those who, out of love and unconditionality, offer their lives to God, every day.

I stop in Aurora to witness the beauty of its effort, the untiring work of those who sustain it, in spite of challenges, deserts and instability.

Crossing the portals of Heaven, I stop here, within this place, to contemplate the faithfulness of a few; of those few who follow Me, no matter the consequences or the results; those who are faithful to My Word and testify to My Message through sacrifice and their constant giving of self.

All of that and much more is what causes me to stop in Aurora, to contemplate what many do not see with the eyes of the heart, but that some feel, through the perceptions of the soul.

Aurora is the House of the Son of God because it is something beyond the physical; it is a spiritual dwelling place that was a setting for the great Masters. This month, and in those coming, My Heart will be felt here, leaving you the message of My eternal company for an Aurora that gave completely of itself, beyond its possibilities and its means.

For this reason, God recognizes the brave, the soldiers and the sailors that in the storm have overcome shipwreck, loneliness and emptiness.

Behold the Son of Man, Who returns in the quietude of the coming months to dedicate His Consciousness to those who have always revered it.

Aurora is a part of My Heart, just as My Heart is part of the children of Aurora.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


When you feel a great emptiness in your life and you believe that you will not have strength to surrender yourself to Me, direct your gaze to Heaven and tell Me what it is that you expect from your life.

There does not exist anything but the transformation of the consciousness and this is especially for those who consecrate themselves all of the days to My Heart.  I come in the hour of Mercy so that all of the days you may surrender to Me in trust, a little more of your lives and of your faults.

When the souls manage to identify this school of the Earth as the school of constant purification of matter and of the consciousness, from then on they will be able to take steps to find Me.

Put aside all that torments you.   You must know that I Am not only found in light, but also in darkness in order to redeem it.   I Am found in joy as in sadness and in desolation.  I accompany My friends through the desert, and in silence I go following the footprints that your steps leave in the walking.

I Am in every place and in every event.  My Heart accompanies your successes and your failures.  Nothing wrong that you may do in your lives will take away from Me patience.  Know that I was the slain lamb, I was the consciousness that knew the mistaken and condemned humanity.

That one who drives themselves to My Source will never be thirsty.  Seek Me!  Call Me!   Implore Me!  And I will leave you free from mistakes.

Know from now on that I Am Forgiveness manifested.  I Am your faithful Companion who learns together with you.  Remain in My Peace.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


What are you waiting for, Soul of Mine, to divest yourself from the world and to live eternally in the consoling of My Heart?

Follow the invisible light that is before you, they are the rays of My Heart that illuminates during the dark night of the world.

O celestial soul of God!  You wait impatiently to resolve all things.  In your hands exists the humble power of prayer, an infinite path to arrive to the Creator.  Remain in the ocean of My sublime emptiness so that in all you may see that there exists a reason and an answer.

Sacred soul, what are you waiting for to give Me the eternal yes?  In My Path I offer you sacrifice as liberation, and surrender as redemption.  In My Kingdom only exists peace, that which you often look for in external things.  Soul of Mine, surrender yourself in My arms, let the Water that springs from My Body wet your body so that it may be transfigured into a body of light, a perfect instrument in the hands of the Creator.

You still believe that you have not been defeated but My Love is the unending outflowing that will defeat your being to give you to drink of a new water, a water that will nourish entirely. 

My little soul, the Lord calls you to find in this time the path of humility and of renunciation.  Let that My Supreme Light flood your bodies so that they may be the living symbol of the new transfiguration.

Dear soul, the time has of dispossession has come.  Accept the supreme love of Your Husband because in this way you will find the inner answer that you so much look for.  Trust in My presence, I want to make you to know the greatness of My Celestial Kingdom.

My soul, clothe yourself with the vestment of purity so that the angels of Heaven may receive you free and surrendered to My Heart.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for surrendering yourself to My Heart!

Christ Jesus


At the end of the message we asked the Master why He was directing His words to us in these days in such a special way and He answered:

Today I talk to you in this way because many of My ones in a short time will marry the Faithful Husband forever.  This is a cycle dedicated to the precious souls, those that always seek the Faithful Consoler.  For this I Am calling all who may want to listen to Me.

Your Master of Love


In truth I tell you that the souls forget My Divine Piety.  Because it will be through Piety that I will be able to resolve your problems.

I ask you that you be brave and that with courage and braveness you face the headwinds that will come to your lives. I will never abandon My soldiers because the moment has come for My ones to take the steps towards the ascension of the heart.

In My eternal silence I shelter you within My Being, in My Heart I commune with all of you. Do not fear to be completely empty before life or before your families because it is only My Love that unites you.

It is only My Redemption that will resuscitate you in life. It will be only My Mercy that at the difficult moments will fulfill you and My Source will quench your inner thirst. Look always only to the horizon because a new star of peace and of hope will emerge in your life. You will not be in the darkness because whoever trusts the power of My Mercy will be guided until the end.

In truth I do not promise you joys in this life, I do promise you Blessings and Graces in the upcoming eternity. There you will be together with Me, there will no longer exist suffering nor pain for learning.

I Am Your Path, Your Piety and Your Sun.

Stay with Me, it is time to look at the infinite and to encounter the light of My Mercy.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed and meek.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus, Your King

Prayer of Reconciliation and of Brotherhood among the good servers of Peace

May my hand never separate itself from the fraternal hand of the brother and sister
because for Christ I will grow up and I will be a new being.

May my feet walk by the side of the brother and sister
because in Christ we will follow His steps of light.

May my eyes always look to Heaven
because together with the brother and sister we will search for the Eternal Grace of God.

May my being donate itself entirely to the neighbor
because with Christ will be born the New Humanity.

In You, Lord, is my strength.

For you, Lord, I will be redeemed.


I knock on your door: may I enter?

Let Me be with you and talk to you about the wonders of God. I am here to listen to you, know that you will have all My Comfort.  Be deceived no longer, take My Hands to proceed in the path of sacrifice.

Be still and in silence tell Me what you need. Disturb your heart no longer, only concentrate your gaze in My Sacred Heart and feel the beat of My Celestial Rhythm. Stay in Me and seek to live the great experience of redeeming love with Me.

Seek the warmth of My eternal company and see everywhere the light of My Omnipresence. Reunite yourself with your friends to talk about God and do this only in perpetual prayer. Nourish yourself with My Word of Life and before any need of help, call Me because I will listen to you.

Stay in My Kingdom, live in My Kingdom and feel yourself as a part of the infinite ocean of My Mercy. Empty your heart of the past and you will allow that the chains be liberated from you so that the light of the true being may emerge. Think of Me. Do all in My Name so that your actions may be sacred and charitable for those who need relief.

I Am here, calling at the door of your house. I Am arriving in the silence and in the Glory of God, your eternal Celestial Father.

Under the Good of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Shepherd.


Never forget that I Am the Lord of Piety and that I remain all the time at your side to aid your consciousnesses in the path.

The one who meets with Me will never regret. The one who unites themselves with Me will be saved. This will be the law of love for those who fervently encourage themselves to follow Me without nothing else mattering.

For this today I will tell you the story of one of My Disciples.

Once upon a time, in a not very distant city of this country, there was a server who was still asleep to the spiritual path. She woke up from the night to the day because I visited her heart.

Her life was given to the world and I asked her to surrender her existence to Me. Then, when I announced Myself, I told her as I did to My Apostles: “Take all that you are and follow Me, without looking behind, and trust in Me”.

Her life changed because her poor and lonely heart was invaded by My Confident Love. From this day on she surrendered all for the whole, even the previous life that she had formed, for living only the unbreakable experience of My Divine Love.

It was this Love of Mine that gave her wisdom to take the steps into the emptiness that I was marking for her. It was the Love of My Heart that guided her in spite of the blindfolds and that led her to find the path that I so much wished for her from My Spirit. It was Love and Piety that redeemed her and she abandoned herself entirely into My Arms, and she entered into My Lap without any inner fear.

But the great moment for her life was to cross the unknown threshold to live My Eternal Will. When it happened the doors were opened and the world stopped being her spouse so that I could convert Myself into Her Eternal Faithful.

From then, the Kingdom and the Universe spoke to her and formed her as a part of My Heart and thus My Consciousness gave to her several flocks to her eternal charge and instruction.

After all this the Lord gave all to her because of the trust that she had radiated to Me since the beginning and in this way were born under her maternal mantle new sheep that entered into My Discipleship and Apostolate.

For this today I want to demonstrate to you the power of My Piety and of My Trust, trust that comes from the manifested Universe.

Why do I convey this story to you?


As were the three days that I was in hell, in the same way I will return three more days to rescue those who are fallen upon the surface of the Earth.

Contemplate My Solar Presence, I Am not the one who comes to your encounter, it is the Universe that comes to talk to you because I Am the Universe and all look through My System to fulfill My Will that is the Will of God.

Today I bring to you a ray unknown to your consciousness, something that is called immaterial because it is the moment for you to know it before My Return. The Universe and Aurora are united at this moment as an only Sun.

It is the moment to venerate in order to be able to save the world, it is the moment of determination. I come every day to the world to help it but who comes every day towards Me?

For this I send you My Mother as rescue and salvation, She will be who will open the door for My Return, for this you must reverence Her as your truly Mother. Remember that I gave Her to you on the Cross, divesting Myself of this maternity out of love for you.

Today My Presence is solar because it is infinite;  It is perfect before your inner eyes and senses. I do not materialize Myself as energy because you would be afraid to know My New Face, the face of My Infinite Mercy, that which I achieved on the Cross in face of obscurity and tribulation.

Why I have instructed you about three in the afternoon as an important hour?

Because the world is disconnected from itself in spirit and in truth.  For this I try day by day that you unite yourselves to Me and that you strengthen this union with Me before the world purifies itself completely. These are not philosophical words, these are My Truths, the Truth of the Supreme.

For this I descend from the Universe to your encounter. This is My Message for you today. A message that I am allowing you to listen to because everything has its place, its time and its rhythm.

I want that you live in My Priesthood, that which I instituted on the Cross.  My Heart is heavy for the pain of the world but there are good hearts that relieve It. The power of My Love for you for this time is Transfiguring. It could crack the deepest layers of your consciousness and deeply liberate you.


Only contemplate Me and quiet yourself.

Only contemplate Me and observe yourself.

Only contemplate Me and unite yourself to My Heart.

Only contemplate Me and silence yourself.

Only contemplate Me and shelter yourself in My Being.

Only contemplate Me and tell Me what you want.

Only contemplate Me and empty your being of every pain.

Only contemplate Me and affirm your path in Me.

Only contemplate Me and live in My Mercy.

Only contemplate Me and listen to the voice of your heart.

Only contemplate Me and ask your soul for what it needs.

Only contemplate Me and seek the truth in your spirit.

Only contemplate Me and see My Love for you.

Only contemplate Me and renovate your being.

Only contemplate Me and wash your wounds.

Only contemplate Me because in this way I will be able to liberate you from the past.

Only contemplate My Heart, My Soul, My Divinity because in this way you will allow Me
        to be near you.

Only contemplate Me and forget what you were.

Only contemplate Me and you will discover the only path.

Only contemplate Me and accept Me as your guiding star.

Only contemplate Me and surrender yourself to My arms of compassion.

Only contemplate Me and trust in what I tell you.

Only contemplate Me to be able to withstand purification,

Only contemplate Me and await My victorious arrival.

Only contemplate Me and vigil with the heart.

Only contemplate Me so that I may be able to indicate to you the path.

Only contemplate Me with fervor, devotion and adoration.

Only contemplate Me so that you may be able to see in Me God.

Only contemplate Me and you will untie the knots of your consciousness.

Only contemplate Me and you will no longer occupy yourself with yourself.

Only contemplate Me and you will serve with love your brothers and sisters.

Only contemplate Me and you will be able to live in My Eternal Unity.

Only contemplate Me and stop worrying about the past and the future.

Only contemplate Me and you will live in the Eternal Present.

Only contemplate Me so that you may learn to love the Will of God.


Brothers and sisters, and servers of My Father:

Today I am here in the Divine Heaven of God to irradiate to you My Love and My Grace, My Mercy and My Forgiveness.

I need your inner emptiness, your detachment from ideas and projects, so that My Heart of Love may be the true project in your lives. This means to follow me, to walk as sheep, as a server or a companion at My side so that I may share with you the expressions of My Redeeming Love.

For this, day by day I am with you, encouraging you in silence, because as a Big Brother I want that you live in the Will of My Lord. I find in you many expectations, aspirations and longings that you must consecrate to the Will of God. Thus you will get to know the vast universe of the Creator because empty, you may be fulfilled of the Spirit of God.

If love is in you, you will be able to love the Will of God and thus you will receive His Wisdom to resolve your daily needs, because in all is My Father, even in the smallest. He shows Himself if you open the inner door, so that in this way, you may get to know His different phases of Love and Compassion. Infinite is your Father, so infinite that He gave His Son for you to recognize Him in Christ Jesus.

Under the Mercy of the Universal Father, be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Each cycle brings a path to be trodden, and the paths may be long or short, depending on the rhythm of the steps of the one who walks.

The path toward the void can become long and painful if the walker remains slow upon it and does not accept the changes of the times, the tests that come and all that the Universe brings to them so that they may more rapidly reach the end of that cycle.

That path becomes short and fast when the walker makes their void become an opportunity to let new laws permeate their being, when they allow the void within them to be filled by God and become fully revealed through the Divine Presence.

The void, child, is a state of consciousness in transition, in which you already know what you are not, but you still do not know the truth about yourself and about life. So, you are no longer filled with yourself, nor with the world, but you still have not discovered what it is that dwells within you, what you are a part of, what your wholeness is.

The void is the moment of definition, between staying within the fall of the abyss and the leap into infinity. Thus, experience the void with faith, with your hands always raised up to the Heights. Live the void with faith, with your eyes turned inward. At some moment during this walk your void will show itself to be full, and you will discover yourself to be a part of everything, of the All, of God.

My words will then become few to explain what you experience and live, and everything will become clear as the sun and whole as the Wisdom that comes from God.

The cycle of revelation and of freedom from ignorance will soon come. Meanwhile, walk with faith upward and inward.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Do not be afraid to leap towards emptiness. 

Do not be afraid to correct your ways and start over.

Do not be afraid to give the best of yourselves for love.

Do not be afraid to set aside your own thoughts, feelings, anguish and joys in order to overcome yourselves, for the sake of the pain that the planet suffers that at this moment.

Do not be afraid to render yourselves and discover the plenitude that is not based on human contentment. Finding the superior life is also to transform the meaning of joy and plenitude, transform what fulfills you and allow your beings to find peace in serving God and surrendering yourself entirely, by discovering that you can forget yourselves for the sake of a planet that suffers, for a Plan to accomplish, for a Divine Love that must be renewed.

Look at the Cross everyday; contemplate the absolute Love of your Lord. In Him is the key for the healing of all sins, the transcendence of all miseries, the surrendering of all resistance. 

Transforming yourselves, in this time, is to take a leap into the void and into the unknown. Discover a service that you have not underaken, a love that you have not felt, a surrender that you have not known. This begins, children, by wanting, fighting and affirming your own overcoming, every day.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Perceive, child, life around you, colors, sounds, elements, vibrations that this life emanates, what you attract to yourself, what you radiate to your neighbor. Observe how everything is united, how everything is part of a Whole, and silence yourself.

Perceive your inner world more deeply; perceive the inner world of your brothers and sisters, always so full of mysteries. Feel how everything is united, how everything is part of a Whole.

Perceive joy and plenitude; perceive anguish and suffering; perceive emptiness and the incomprehensible, and feel how these same states are manifested in life, in the consciousness of the peoples, within beings, in the expression of the Kingdoms of Nature, in the manifestation of the elements. Perceive how everything is united, how everything is part of a Whole.

Find the mystery of the similarity with God, feel that you are part of Him, part of the planet, the stars, of life and, at the same time, all of this is part of you. 

Pray for peace, by living peace.

Pray for love, by seeing this love being born and expressed in you.

Pray for a new life, by rebirthing.

 Pray for a new time, letting the union of times happen within you.

Live the present, the now, the service, the need, the prayer, the Plan of God.

Find God within you; find the Father within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Place your heart in the Heart of God to hear My words, and may they be fruitful inside of you.

I know, child, that every day I talk to you about elevating your consciousness on High and your thoughts to God, but yet you only see around you the infinite confused entanglements of human life and inside of you, you only see the constant battle to be on the path of evolution, as corresponds to you.

I know that everything seems distant and the Wisdom and universal Knowledge are a hope, but not a reality for you. But today I tell you that in this cycle, I come so that Higher Life ceases to be a hope for the future and turn to be a reality in the present.

I come to teach you to be in this world without belonging to it, and to understand life from a more wide perspective than the horizons that your eyes can see.

I only ask you that you dedicate yourself to meditate on My words for a moment every day, and let them, on their own, permeate and transform your consciousness like a great lake that, being empty, is gradually filled, drop by drop.

If I tell to you: "Think of God and contemplate the infinite inside of you", do that. And in that second, let the Creator be a living Consciousness in your interior.

In this simple way, each day experiencing something about what I tell you, you will see how the Universal Life will enter into you and you into it, as parts of one another, and all in God.

I bless you and I thank you for following, day by day, what I place inside of you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Go and seek the Heart of God beyond the human miseries.

The errors are a way of recognising your own imperfection and seek, beyond the superficialities, that which is real, which is true.

God, child, offers you to learn through the knowledge of His Grace, awakening in your heart a profound faith in your Father and Lord Who, from the beginning of His Creation, until today, finds ways of demonstrating His Love to His children.

But it is also possible to know God through tiredness, through the constant errors, through the miseries that overflow the human condition without an apparent solution.

There the heart seeks a hope, something that is more real than its miserable condition, something that dissolves, with its truth, the illusion and the mirage of the labyrinth of vanities.

There is when the heart halts and thinks: God.

There is when the consciousness, that knows the occult meaning of life, finds a space, between the distractions of the personality, so that it descends over the being a drop of Grace, and this drop starts to transform everything it touches.

A drop of God satiates the thirst of the souls and gives them back life, but a river of the Divine Presence turns them into His instruments, living sources in a world that has thirst for Truth and that dies for not seeing the source before their eyes.

He who was thirsty and was satiated can no longer see the thirst before his eyes and do nothing, because he knows the emptiness and the illusion, and this makes him despair.

But know, child, that everything has its time and freewill gave men the election of knowing God through love or clamouring for Him in the deepest of the one own miseries.

Know, however, that the Gaze of your Father is always attentive on His children, it does not halt and it does not get distracted. A simple movement is enough for Him to respond with a river of Graces to those who deserve Justice, because the Creator of the world is the God of Mercy and His Heart is renovated and it rejoices in the awakening of each human heart.


Dear companions in Christ,

I know that many believe we repeat the same words many times, and ask themselves why we do this.

Is that not so because you still have not opened yourselves to the essence of the learning and remain in the superficiality of understanding, but not in the depth of living? Is that so because you remain with the information inside your mind, believing that knowing is the same as being?

I come to talk about silence, this one that is so little understood and lived by humanity, mostly in the West of the planet.

I come to talk to you about silence as a quest for emptiness and for the path to humility. I want you to understand silence as something that takes you out from yourselves and not something that encloses you in your own navels.

The badly lived silence makes you selfish, full of judgments about the others and with a subtle feeling of superiority. This is a false silence, which shuts the mouth, but makes the mind and the lowest aspect of the being get out of control. This is a silence which is forced, a silence which oppresses, a silence which – starting from the lack of peace and being generated by forced and conflicted means – will never bring peace to the spirit and even less to the planet.

The silence that I mean is the one which the soul starts to seek when it does not find a way out for its imperfections and can no longer stand being with itself. For this reason it walks eagerly to elevation, to God who is the Word and, at the same time, the Silence itself, which supports all that was created in His mysterious sound without noise.

In these times of purification, the silence will be a master key that – by being combined with service and fraternal charity – will never allow that you lose the path.

In the midst of so many imperfections, which are at the same time so tangible and so illusory, the soul will only be able to get out of the confusion that involves it, seeking silence, silencing the tumult of the inner expurgation, in order to live its own evolution in a way that is more peaceful and harmonious, conscious and effective.

You must not seek silence as muteness and think that everything is already solved. Silence is the means. Elevation is what encourages you. But the encounter with God is the true goal.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.