Wednesday, June 24 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

I come to ask the world to convert itself into a true mirror of prayer that reflects peace for itself and for the lost souls.

Who will accept My offer?

Who will understand the urgency of My message?

May your lives be a mirror of Prayer, of Mercy, of Piety.  Permit that, in these times and through prayer, the celestial spheres of the mirrors of My Heart radiate those all the time.

The definitive hour approaches and I must train My praying mirrors so that they may reflect the true principle of humility, of purity, and of simplicity.

My Heart congregates you through the sacred vigils of prayer, so that after almost three years of continuous prayer you, My children, may learn to work at the planetary level.  For this, every month I ask you to gather in order to pray with the heart, more than with words; the true ability of praying is found in the art of knowing to love it, beyond knowing or not the language in which it is being prayed.

Children, a true mirror can be the soul itself, which is the first to receive the impulse of the spirit, and the spirit is filled by the celestial spheres of prayer.

Every month, as your Mother and Universal Governess, I have attempted to make you learn correctly about this school of the mirrors of prayer; a school that is based on unity, on the non-competition, and mainly, that is free from arrogance and from human pride, because these are the aspects of the superficial human life that poison the life of a praying-mirror-soul.

This school in which many participate is constituted by the most simple and surrendered in order to search all the time for the path of the prayer of the heart that is the first school for the Christic discipleship.  To be a mirror does not mean to have ability or self-impetus; to be a mirror is to be in a permanent inner emptiness, because the being’s inner strength to reflect good things is given by the Love of the Celestial Father that lives in you, since He is the Greatest Mirror of the Creator Mercy.

Dear children, why do I tell you these things?

Because in order to fulfill the mission entrusted by your Heavenly Mother it is time, through the instruction that you have received, for you to be able to reflect good principles and fraternal attitudes.  As long as your lives be under self control and your determination, in truth I tell you, dear Children, that you will not be able to reach the state of a true and pure inner mirror.

The planet needs true emanations of Mercy, and this will be possible when you let go the reins of personal power and of the pride that blinds you.

I come to guide you towards My Kingdom of the Greater Mirrors, where sources of life and of light-energy that radiate to the whole universe exist, which is the first school of your great learning.

If one day you decide to surrender to My Heart I will be able to count on you as part of My praying army of the Mirrors of God’s Mercy.  I wait for you and I ask you to reflect good actions.  Abandon the old being, and take advantage of the last Grace that I bring to you.

Peace and Redemption!

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who elevates you to the Mirror of the Inner Healing of the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace