Friday, June 20 of 2014

Weekly messages
Special weekly Message of Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Be humble before those who, through error or fear, abandon My precious and preferred path.

Pour out the infinite Graces that I have placed in your heart upon those who have lost them through ignorance. Take a risk to the point of giving your life for your friends. There will never be something similar or different that can destroy the love that with so much effort has been built among brothers and sisters.

Happy are they who fully believe in My Truth and profess it because I promise to compensate them on the day of their celestial glory.

Look now at My wounded spiritual Side, which is a sign of the anxieties and the deserts caused by souls into which, from the beginning, I have poured out My infinite Mercy.

All want to drink of the Source, but few dare to seek it through pain, the desert and the void.

Pay attention! I have shown you the path of the desert, and in truth, I tell you that you have not even crossed the first part of the great aridity of the heart.

Sometimes, I have you spiritually experience the thirst that humanity caused Me during the Passion, on the Cross; but I know that when this unbearable and unsustainable thirst worsens, many have the impulse to abandon Me at that time.

I know that after everything you will understand the mystery that I come to reveal to you, the mystery of suffering out of love and of enduring the bitterness that would punish the world. For this reason, day and night, I avail Myself of your inner-selves, to place within states of emptiness and transmutation, necessary to avoid the sovereign Law over humanity.

When you still believe that you will never see Me, I will visit you. When you still believe that you will never feel Me, I will cause Myself to be deeply felt; but My Law is to test the degree of your love and the unalterable faithfulness of your souls.

Woe to those who have not truly invoked Me! They will soon lose all that was foreseen to be received within their dwellings.

But so great and mysterious is the power of My Divine Mercy that I come to warn you, that if you have thought of abandoning Me, you still are in time to return to the path of My Heart, to the blessed House of Adonai.

Today I open your eyes to take away the dust of blindness. Today I touch your hearts so that, now and forever, you will be able to believe that I Am Who speaks to you: Jesus of Nazareth.

Blessed are the simple, for they will always find the suitable answer.

Let your feet not tire of following Me; let every inner desert be a reason for purification and the concrete affirmation of the Plan of My Father.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and intelligent.

Thank you for persisting through My Heart!

The Merciful Christ Jesus