Dear children,

This is the time of the apostles of My Son, it is the time of your maturity, it is the time of your action for the accomplishment of the Will of Christ.

The apostles of My Son are the ones who will prepare His arrival at the most culminating moment of humanity.

Be determined apostles, open to facing the challenges of these times.

I, as the Mother of the Apostles, call you to climb one more step on this ladder that will lead you to assume the responsibilities that My Son expects of each one of you.

Children, I do not speak of a material responsibility, but of a spiritual commitment to My Son, to help Him carry the heavy cross of this time, because the weight of the cross is greater than those who are available from the heart to carry it, along with Christ, your Master and Lord.

At this time, may the apostles of My Son be confirmed and also define themselves.

There are many needs, but one of them, the most important one, is the need of souls to receive love and forgiveness.

May the apostles of the end of times open to assume what does not correspond to them. May they do so as an act of Love and Mercy, so that each apostle of Christ may discover within themselves the universe of the Love of God, so that the mystery of the absolute surrender of My Son may be revealed to the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Unknown and new situations will come to the world, mysteries that will be revealed in order to raise awareness and redeem the human consciousness. But most people will not be very attentive to perceive that moment. The most awakened will recognize the coming of that experience.

All of this will place humanity before the truth; no one will be able to hide it or make it disappear, no manipulation will prevent it, because the time has come for the human mind to be overflown, by revealing impulses that will define an entire cycle.

Therefore, you must be attentive to the signs, to everything that Heaven will show and leave as symbols of its revelation. Now, it is time that you may first recognize it, and then understand it. Consciousnesses will have the Grace of knowing it and identifying it.

Prepare your hearts without expectations.

A long story that seemed to have no end, will finalize.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Tabernacle of My Heart wishes to be present at all the Marian Centers and Monasteries of this Order.

You will be able to find Me in the Tabernacle, as well as in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

My Presence in the Tabernacle is eternal, and it is there where souls must seek Me and recognize Me to be able to feel Me within themselves.

The Light of My Tabernacle is not recognized by many souls in the world.

In the tabernacle of My Heart, I have a space prepared for each soul: a purpose.

Before departing and leaving the world, I want you to fulfill this request, because this is not only for your religiosity, but also for the souls of the world that, at this moment, need to discover the mystery held within the Tabernacle of My Heart.

In this Chapel, which has been built in My Name, I also wish to see a Tabernacle; as well as in all the religious houses of your Order and the Marian Centers, because the Tabernacle of My Heart is the visible sign of ecumenism and the peace amongst religions.

You will be able to gather in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart at the most difficult moments, as well as in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament and the Tabernacle of My Heart are the greatest legacies that I have left for humanity throughout time.

Many good souls have been converted in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, and I have communicated with them throughout time, in the presence of the Tabernacle of My Spirit and of My Divinity.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, souls will be able to be consecrated, even though they do not live a religious life, because that which is consecrated is your soul. This must be the aspiration of your lives within the universe of consecration.

Many difficult situations that the world is experiencing could be resolved if souls venerated the Tabernacle of My Heart, where I too will be able to sanctify you with My Spirit and with My Peace.

Today, through My Chest, I reveal to you the Tabernacle of My Heart, the light of the Grace that descends to the world, by the merits of the Passion of Your Lord and Redeemer.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart lies the synthesis of My experience and My life on Earth, from when I was born up until I ascended to the Heavens.

I know that souls sometimes do not place their attention upon the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart; so today I reveal it to you and share it with you, because the Marian Centers and your religious houses will be where you will be able to find Me.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is a bridge to the Heavens, to the Universe, to Greater Life.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not experience adversity or disturbance.

 In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your ideas will become clear, and you will have discernment through the impulse of My Grace and My Wisdom.

I need the world to understand the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart, because souls do not yet know what I keep within It. Within it is not only My Body and My Blood, but also there is the spiritual life of Your Lord, which is omnipresent and eternal life.

John the Apostle got to know the Tabernacle of My Heart on the Cross. My Mother allowed him to know it at the culminating moment of My agony while, in the deepest core of My Being, there was loneliness and abandonment from humankind.

In the greatest darkness and suffering on the Cross, the Tabernacle of My Heart emerged as a spiritual and divine form. And that elevated fallen souls from the abysses and many souls achieved the victory of redemption by means of My Blood. Even though this took place more than two thousand years ago, it is still alive.

Today, the Tabernacle of My Heart is here so that it may be venerated and adored by good and humble souls.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will be able to find the humility you need and the surrender you require to experience and go through these so unknown and unpredictable times.

Around the Tabernacle of My Heart, that will be able to be present at the Marian Centers and in your religious houses, just as it is present in the churches of the world, is where the angels contemplate God in His second person, the Son, Who gives souls and hearts filiation with the Eternal Father, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whoever has faith and adores Me in the Tabernacle of My Heart will be healed spiritually and the illnesses of their bodies will inexplicably disappear.

There are souls in the world that came to serve Me through their suffering. The souls of people are afraid to have this experience because it is something similar to what I lived, from the Garden of Gethsemane until the death on the Cross.

I will not rest until you learn to surpass Me in love and in service.

Before closing My cycle with you, I leave you the greatest legacy of the spiritual universe, that is the Tabernacle of My Heart, so that the Holy Eucharist may be not only adored, but also recognized and loved by humankind.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is the refuge for your sorrows, the relief of your agony, the healing of your wounds, the love for your consciousnesses, the wisdom in your confusion, the clarity on your paths, the eternal surrender of your souls.

Within the Tabernacle of My Heart lies My whole life and My existence.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is full of Mercy for souls.

My Being is full of Light for hearts, but many do not accept it.

Let this last Marathon that you will experience with Me not only be a synthesis, but also an opportunity to remember what you have lived with Me throughout these years, from the sacred pines of Aurora, to going through all the cities that the Pilgrimage for Peace visited.

In each moment, this mystery of the Tabernacle of My Heart was present, accompanying you and serving souls most in need, especially those that seemingly did not need it.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you are crystalline. I can see and recognize everything, there are no limits or appearances.

in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your souls can govern you, and they can learn to do so in these critical times.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not forget your commitment in the moments of the greatest tests, because I Myself will remind you of what you came to serve and offer Me.

It is through the Tabernacle of My Heart that I will leave My representatives on Earth, all the adorers and those that venerate My Sacred Body in the Eucharist.

Through the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will find the Celestial Kingdom, and you will be strengthened in peace for the moments of the greatest tribulations.

Now, in the Tabernacle of My Heart, I wish to have your experiences of love and forgiveness, because this will recreate both Creation in this school of Divine Love and the expansion of consciousness, through the impulse that the Love of God brings to the world.

The last thing I want to tell you, companions, is that you must value all that you have received from My Person and from My Divinity during these recent times.

Let this moment of the farewell of Your Master and Lord be an opportunity to definitely assume your commitment with Me, in the work of service and prayer, because the spiritual exercise of the prayer of Mercy will continue on.

Now the time has come to engage and become responsible as adults on the spiritual path. Up until now, everything was a preparation.

I will withdraw, not only because My Father has called Me, to prepare Me for My Return, but because you have already learned how to sustain My Plan of Love in humanity.

Definitely be the Love that I have given you in the Sacraments and through each word, each message and instruction. In this way, from the Heavens, I will have a place and space in your souls, where I can reflect Myself and refract the Light of My Mercy.

I thank those who have committed to Me during these years of merciful prayer, and those who will continue doing so, understanding beyond themselves what this means for this moment of the planet and humanity.

I can only be in what is simple, austere and humble. This is where I can return, so that souls may find Me, and live Me.

The self-giving of Your Master is eternal and unconditional; such must be your lives and consciousnesses, because today you will not understand what this means, but tomorrow you will know. This is a promise.

May your lives, experiences and prayers continue being written in the Books of the Wisdom of God, so that humanity may yet have the chance of being redeemed. So be it.

May we pray in this Marathon, as if it were the first time, knowing that I will be attentive to each one of you, and waiting for you to respond to Me in the same way as when I called you for the first time to this spiritual exercise, knowing that I will avail Myself of this moment of prayer to help the planet and the souls, so that the salvation of hearts may be fulfilled.

May My Peace be reflected within you. May you be bearers of My Peace. May My Peace multiply and expand throughout the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


VI - Prayer and the Transformation of the World

A soul that believed in God, in His infinite Existence, but that could not understand the mysteries of prayer,  questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord, I know that You exist and that You are the God of life and eternity; but I also know there are laws that move this life and that free will exists, which gives us the freedom to be within it. Therefore, Lord, I do not understand the mystery of prayer and I cannot believe that a Rosary or a simple dialogue with You could transform the laws of the Earth."

Feeling the sincerity of the soul´s questions, the Lord responded, saying:  "Little soul, in truth, what you  ignore is not the power of prayer, you ignore My Power and My Love for you. You ignore the ability you have to unite with Me and the authority that I give you when you pray in My Name, because you are a dear and beloved child. And just like a child who asks receives what they need from their father, in  this same way, I, Who can do all things, also give My children what they need.

However, the mystery of prayer is even more profound, because I do not expect you to ask Me only for what you need in order to remain in the world as souls of the world. What I expect is that you ask for that which makes of this world a part of My Kingdom. And when you surrender before Me and open your hearts, I grant you forgiveness, I reveal to you the Love hidden within your essences, and I give you the authority to transform laws and life, as the angels and the archangels do while recreating My Creation.

Not only is the mystery of prayer unknown to you, little soul, but the mystery of your own life and the mystery of My Love are still unknown to you. For this reason, even if you do not understand, pray and surrender your incomprehensions at My Feet, at the foot of My Altar, for when I find an open heart in you, I will lead you to not only to understand, but also to come to know and experience all these things."

Through this dialogue with God, children, may your souls be inspired to pray and cry out, each day more, for the transformation of the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When you have no strength, offer God your weaknesses, your human feebleness, your smallness.

When your heart seems empty, offer God this space, so that it may be Him, and not the world, who fills this emptiness within you.

When your song has been muted, offer God your silence and pray with your thought, so that it may be Him, and not the world, who fills your mind.

When your body is tired, offer God the steps taken, all the service experienced and each merit attained, and perceive, in this way, My child, that there is always something to offer your Creator, the One who awaits, not only for your triumph, but for your whole being, from smallness to greatness, from what you know to what is still a mystery to you; place everything in the Hands of God.

You have my blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From the high mountains of the Himalayas to the high mountains of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the Masters descend in pilgrimage to experience the sacred meeting with the essences of humanity.

Through the flutes and mantras, They attract the immaculate spirit of compassion and, for a moment, souls feel protected and consoled by the maternal womb of the Earth.

The sacred East shows itself to the distant West and, thus, an intimate communion between the peoples of Tibet and the peoples of the indigenous consciousness is experienced, because both recognize the same Origin that created them.

For this reason, today they unite in spirit and offer their schools so that the school of redemption of this current humanity may be accomplished in all beings.

From the Himalayas, the mantras resound, and the flutes of the original peoples emit the melodies that the human race needs to hear in this time so that it may see the great portal of redemption. 

And so the Grand Canyon experiences its silent ceremony, and the fruits of knowledge and of experience are offered for the transfiguration of humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the rising of the sun, the Light of the White Mountain will come, and this Light will be revealed to all. Any consciousness will be able to recognize it, regardless of their beliefs, religion or inner state.

This Light, which will be within the White Mountain, will come for humanity and for the planet. And other lights will come to Earth, directly from the Universe, to position themselves in certain points of the Earth and reveal to humanity that the end time has arrived.

And this will be the culminating moment of humanity, but the Light of the White Mountain will be the first to announce it: the end of an end; to be prepared for the beginning of a new stage, of a new cycle, of a new humanity.

Many will want to know what this Light that comes from the White Mountain is about, but the interpretation of humanity's discernment will not be enough because it will never reach the result of what this Light means and from where this Light comes.

These lights will come announcing the advent of the Return of Christ, the moment of the fulfillment of His promise, which will no longer be something immaterial nor spiritual, but physical.

The Light of the White Mountain will remove many aspects from humanity, and this will be revealed to all so that it can do this work that was entrusted to it.

This mystery will come directly from the Eternal Father, from His spiritual Universe. As this Light descends, among the planes of consciousness, it will materialize until it reaches the top of the White Mountain, which will be its last place of revelation, from where its mysteries will be shown to those who are united to it from the heart.

And although I know that humanity will not understand what this may mean, some will have the Grace to know the revelation of this mystery and its origin, because the Eternal Father needs for humanity to be prepared to enter another state of consciousness, not the one that it has today, which is a state that is insufficient and precarious on the spiritual, mental and material levels. A state that has affected the evolution of the race and the correct harmony with the Kingdoms of Nature.

This powerful Light that will be within the White Mountain will come through an aspect of the Eternal Father. It will be this aspect of God that will materialize through the powerful Light of the White Mountain, and there will be no science that can reveal it or any scholar that will be able to understand it, because it is a Light that will come from the inner, from that which is most profound and invisible.

It will be so similar to the sun that rules you and illuminates you, day by day, and, even more, it will have a power stronger than the very central sun of this galaxy. Its emanations will not only be ultraviolet or beyond. Its energy will transform all that it radiates towards and touches.

Many wait for the coming of this Light before the Return of Christ because it is not only a powerful and unknown Light, but it is also the great doorway to the new, to a new stage, a new time.

Many will have the Grace to detach from what they no longer need, from what oppresses them and from what has always disturbed them.

Some will become aware of what they still hold in their hearts and inner worlds, but the majority will awaken to what they have never wanted to see with their own eyes because the Universe will really become visible. And this Universe that will bring the powerful Light of the White Mountain will reveal an unknown reality that no one yet knows, only the Son of the Father and His Celestial Mother.

From this Light some movements will emerge. Many principles will emanate that which humanity needs in order to be healed and redeemed. Their actions will not be physical and will not be so invisible, because humanity needs to break its resistance and finally perceive that it has made a mistake.

Those who have cried out and asked the Heights will be helped by this powerful White Light that comes from the Mountain. And it will elevate those who have supplicated much, and many will understand what the Plan of God is, what its destiny and objectives are for the coming times and why It has existed since the Origin. 

Today I speak to you in symbolic words because all cannot yet be revealed. The mysteries come to be revealed to the humble of heart, to the simple, to the divested of self, to those who no longer want to live their own will, but rather the Will of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, the greatest and most infinite mysteries are unveiled to the poor of heart. This is how the great Will of God is fulfilled and everything begins to be transformed, according to how He thought it from the Heavens, for all of His children, for all of His creatures.

The Light of the White Mountain will bring a great announcement that will not be understood with words, but rather with symbols. These will be the signs that the Light of the White Mountain will give to the whole world. It will be shown, recorded and televised. During the three days of manifestation, until it fulfills what was requested of it, it will be shown according to what is written in the Heart of God, because this is part of the Apocalypse, it is part of the end of the Armageddon.

And, in this way, the Church that I founded through Peter will realize that it had never opened to the Universe and that the true spirituality and the true Christianity that your Master established in this world comes from something greater, and not only from words, messages or instructions; that everything is a part of a Great Confraternity, which has always watched over and accompanied this planet and its entire race and that, even if the powerful Light of the White Mountain passes by this planet, the Project of the Creator must be fulfilled and, at this moment, everyone will be before the great opportunity to transcend duality and live in eternal unity.

Today I emit this message from the White Mountain which, in its silence, holds many spiritual treasures for humanity and the planet. Thus, this White Mountain unites to all the mountains of the planet, even in South America, and also to the Himalayas, where its lights will show and be revealed to the world so that humanity may understand that it has always destroyed itself and forgotten how to love itself, as God loves humanity, in spite of all that it does.

Pray in this Marathon of the Divine Mercy so that the Universal and Divine Hierarchy may keep fulfilling the projects that are predicted in this world through the consciousness of your group, called by the Eternal Father Himself to fulfill His Will, surrendering your lives completely to service for Him and for His unconditional Love, the higher Love of the Father.

Do not miss the opportunity of what you are receiving, and welcome within your hearts the Word of the Son of God because a great part of humanity is still asleep, and it will awaken suddenly through the signs that will come from Heaven towards the Earth, and in the most inhospitable and impenetrable places of the planet, where nature is the powerful nobility of God upon the surface of the planet, and not of humanity.

Keep these keys that I deliver to you as a treasure, and pray so that your Master and Lord can carry out and fulfill what the Father has requested of Him through His apostles so that, from the priestly life to the religious life, from the inner life to the external life of service for the neediest, everything can be accomplished, and so that Love, the Love that comes from God through His children, can heal the suffering and pain.

Today a new stage for North America begins. This is why I have brought you here, as I have brought all of your brothers and sisters here, because what is truly spiritual is simple, and in what is simple is where My friends can be found, to live the void that I offer to you, going beyond your personalities and your understanding, to experience something you never understood and will never understand, just as I experienced it for you up to the Cross, without understanding it, yet all for Love.

Not all have the Grace of receiving these Words but they do have the Grace for them to be spread because, as I have told you, My task among you is finalizing, and in the years that will come, everything will happen.

This will be the great moment for each one of you to experience and practice My teachings so that, when I return, you may recognize Me and follow Me as you have done in the Holy Land. And, in this way, what once began to be written in the Holy Land, will keep being written.

The people of Israel will gather again, with different faces and garments, in another time and under different circumstances, so that they may climb the White Mountain to receive their Redeemer, in glory and humility.

By means of My Words, I am anointing all of you today, recognizing the efforts of the just, the love of those who serve, the truth of those who try to be pure every day, the surrender of those who, without delay, respond to Me when I need it. So, in the most invisible and silent, My Will is fulfilled, which is the Will of the Father within you and within your brothers and sisters.

May the power of the Love that you live and that you have for Me impel you to move forward, to overcome your own darkness and tests, and to never give up because, in this way, I will be able to reach you and you will reach Me, to then be beyond the hard times, in communion with the Heights, with the Universe, with the Brotherhood.

May the star that is held in your hearts illuminate the end of times.

May the star that is engraved within your chests ignite peace in these times, because many will need surrendered servers and beings to find relief, healing and redemption.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When you cannot do anything for your life, give it to Me so that I may perform miracles of Love.

When you are unable to find meaning or reason within your being, give Me your life and I will perform wonders in your being.

When you believe that you have lost everything and nothing makes sense or has reason any longer, give Me your soul and I will do works of redemption.

You cannot justify that you are unable to do anything for your life, because I will give you the strength and the motive to understand the reason to be here and to live in the school of this world.

Do not believe that you came to Earth to be a normal person; you are part of an existence still unknown to you, and one day you will understand why He lovingly created you in His image and likeness.

You must penetrate the mystery of such a vast and not temporary Love, which allowed Itself to be nailed to the Cross in flesh, so that your redemption could be assured.

So, imitate Me, not in perfection, but rather in the infinite possibilities of stepping out of yourself every day, so as to be able to triumph in love and in surrender to that which is Greater.

This is the time to live the void and submerge into the Universe so that your star of origin may be the one to guide your steps toward the carrying out of service, out of love for a Greater Love.

Dare and you will not regret carrying the cross of these times with Me, just like the Cyrenian carried it, out of love for the unknown, to Mount Calvary.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.

Therefore, do not only listen to that which we tell you, but let yourselves be elevated. Go deep and seek within that which only silence is capable of showing you and, with this strength, you will be ready to deepen within yourself.

It is by praying and uniting your own heart to God, and to the Divine Messengers, that you will be worthy to know what makes you like your Creator. And in this way, My children, you write with your own lives the Gospel of these times; the Gospel that is the concretion of the end, but also the beginning of the new.

I leave you My blessings so that you may be beyond every internal or external conflict; so that you may be held within My Heart and, by elevating your own spirit, you may help humanity to also be freed from the ties to the slavery of ignorance and illusion.

I love you, support you and with My Love I guide you so that you may be in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in pure souls that pray from their heart for the establishment of peace.

My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in the souls that open the Doors of Heaven with their prayers, and do not fear to know the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

I come, My children, so that your spirits may know this Truth, so that Argentina does not remain in ignorance about itself and about life on Earth, but rather that it may know who it is and what the potential is that it holds as a nation and as a people.

I come, as I came so many centuries ago, to prepare the birth of the new humanity which will emerge from within each one of you. A humanity that will reveal the similarities of your hearts with God; a humanity that will demonstrate to you what you were created for and what the purpose of your lives is.

I come to raise men and women by means of My presence; to raise a people from its darkness and from its inner abysses so that, strengthened by its best virtues, it may convert into a fertile and sacred soil, worthy of receiving the Feet of the One who will come to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth and to reveal this Kingdom within beings.

My Heart of Mother, so many times flagellated and outraged by human actions and by the indifference of hearts, is repaired by the sincere prayers of My children and, more than that, beloved children, I find encouragement and merits to intercede for the world when your spirits are open and available for a new life.

I come, to remove you from illusion and suffering, and to teach you to repair the Heart of God with your own lives. I come to open your eyes to the simplicity that there is to find and live the celestial Truth and higher life.

I come to point out the way and show you the signs in the sky and within you so that your inquietudes may find responses in the Truth that is revealed to your hearts.

Argentina is a nation filled by mysteries and hidden gifts, and the moment has come for them to be revealed, and it will be the very Hand of God, My children, that will remove the veils that cover your eyes and will show you what is hidden, although it has always been here, since before the establishment of your people as a nation.

From the top of the mountain ranges to the depths of the seas, everything will be revealed. The light that shined, hidden by nature, will no longer shine within the Earth but rather before your eyes, reflecting in the mirrors of your hearts and revealing that not only upon the Earth, but also within yourselves, a greater life was hidden.

This is a time of revelations; revelations of a Truth that has existed since the beginning of the Origin of life; a Truth from which you have distanced and which will be revealed to you so that you can return to it. With the light of this Truth, the light of My Son will also be shown to you. You will first see His splendor in the Sun of His Eyes and of His Heart; then you will see His Feet, which walk toward the Earth, and then you will recognize Him as the Son and a part of God, as God Himself surrendered to humanity.

Rejoice and awaken, My children. It is time to make of your own conversion a reason for bliss and joy. It is time to make of your own awakening a reason for plenitude; to make of your own sacrifice a reason for renewal and of your own life an eternal revelation of God.

I love you, bless and thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate the Kingdom of God within you and discover that the Father, with all His Power and infinite Light, dwells within you.

Let Christ reveal Himself, always alive at the center of your heart, so that you may realize, child, that you do not need to die in order to be in God, but rather to discover the true life, the revelation that God is within you.

The Christs of the New Time are those who seek the Truth within their own hearts and find it; they are the ones who know the Kingdom of God dwells within them as well as within their neighbors, and that the key of love and of humility is enough to open the doors that keep It in their hearts.

The Christs of the New Time do not seek the revelation of the Kingdom beyond the stars, looking toward the sky. The Christs of the New Time revere the stars and their mysteries; however, they know themselves as mirrors of the infinite Cosmos; they know that that which they seek so much is within them.  

Thus, experience your search, child, from the inside out. Contemplate the Cosmos that exists within you; value the power of virtues and of love, and love to know that the Kingdom is within you. Be that living Kingdom to the world. Be a mirror that reveals to your neighbor that all that lives and breathes is part of God, dwelling of His Kingdom.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Monthly Messages

The light of the mystery is revealed in this time and is born from within the Sacred Centers so that the human consciousness may receive the impulse of awakening and of cosmic reality.

It is in this way that these Sacred Centers, fruits of Creation and present in various points of the planet, are the most potent powerhouses of light that attract, to the Earth and to humanity, the Grace of being able to have the Greater Knowledge radiated by the great constellations and stars.

It is in this way, My children, that the human being again remembers, and for the memory of the origin to arrive, of who they were and the reason for having emerged from a pure and supreme Fount, Founts present in various spaces of the Universe.

Each being of this planet is a star, which had once lived an experience in some place of the Universe, but for this experience to be more enriched and so that it could bear its fruits, most of My children had to arrive on this blue planet to deepen in love and in forgiveness.

But their history will not end in this life, there is something that exists beyond the sphere of the Earth which is called “macrocosm”. To there they must return, with learnings fulfilled and a mission accomplished.

The Sacred Centers are within the reach of human beings to allow them to remember all these things. For this reason, the light of the Center of Figueira is the first essence of love that, with power and fortitude, will be unveiled within the heart that opens to receive it.

Let the light of the Center of Figueira be a bridge of elevation and an impulse of transcendence for all human conditions.

From each Sacred Center will emerge, not only the light of their essences but there will also be the appearance of the Hierarchy as a member of a Higher and evolutionary Order of the entire Cosmic Universe.

It is time, children, to recognize, through these impulses, the last revealing impulses that will come to humanity to lead it toward the expansion of consciousness with the aim of someday taking on evolution, the care and the love for this planet, which is the receptacle of great and unknown Sacred Centers that God Himself created so that all of His children might be accompanied and could thus come to meet Him.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



What is a Light-Community?

A Light-Community, My children, is that space chosen and raised by God, so that there humanity can recover the spiritual principles and values thought of by the Creator in creating human beings.

A Light-Community is built first in the consciousness, then in the spirit, in the soul and in the heart of those who intend to transform themselves so that God may make of their lives instruments of peace.

When this divine principle is established in the consciousness and leads it to transformation, it also reveals other spiritual aspects that had remained hidden.

A Light-Community manifests as a spiritual space in the ethers of the Earth, in places chosen by the Creator to be pillars of peace, transformation and liberation for the planet.

A Light-Community is always sustained by Divine Grace and by His Holy Spirit, and the souls that live in it, although they one day have made the decision of being there, were first summoned by the Father within, because these souls, children, in spite of their errors and wrong paths, have offered their redemption to God, for this is to be the engine of redemption and of transformation for the entire human consciousness.

A Light-Community is the manifestation of God’s Love for His children; the manifestation of His hope that humanity may someday express His Divine Thought. For this, the Creator untiringly sends His blessings, His Light and the Divine Rays that come from His Heart upon the Light-Communities to renew the souls.

So that the Light-Communities may be what God thought, and so that souls may attain this Divine Will, My children, every day you must obey a little more, serve a little more and love a little more.

The Light-Communities, raised by God as pillars upon the world, hold many mysteries, which even those who live within them do not know: mysteries of the Divine Will, mysteries of the untiring presence of God, sustaining the transformation and the effort of His children.

Today, My children, let your souls recognize the Plan and the Love of God for them. Recognize that you were called by the Father to live a miracle of love; recognize that He Himself sustains you, in each day, and that you only have to surrender to this endless Love.

See in your lives the potential principles of the manifestation of a new life; see in the Light-Communities the sun that will shine in the darkness of the Earth and on the horizon of the human consciousness, announcing how the re-emergence of humanity must be, showing the way so that beings may enter a new time: the Eternal Time of God.

I love you and today invite you to seek the spiritual mysteries that sustain and build the Light-Communities: your homes on Earth.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Monthly Messages

God the Father establishes His Sacred Geometries by means of pilgrimages to the different nations and cultures of the world.

In this human diversity, the Father tries, by means of His Sacred Geometry, to have His Children of the Earth resume the essence of what they were in the beginning and before committing errors.

It is in this way that the Divine Messengers gradually draw, in the inner planes, the principles of these geometries, and thus important spiritual matrixes are established by means of the word, instruction, the Sacraments, Mercy and Grace.

The Sacred Geometries of God try, at this time, to have souls remember their origins so that in this Origin they can recover what they lost, that which is spiritual and divine, in these times, when modernity and influences deviate hearts from the path of fulfillment of their mission.

For this reason, the Sacred Hearts, while they go on pilgrimage in the world, take souls to the path of awakening so that the spirit of each being can recognize the Love of God within, and unite to the Eternal Father.

There, in this union, in this divine alliance, the soul comes into contact with the Sacred Geometries which are, in essence, the Virtues of God and His Greater Purpose for humanity.

For this reason, when a pilgrimage is fulfilled, as was this one that has just concluded in Europe, the Divine Hierarchy manages to finish establishing, in the inner planes, these Sacred Geometries that bring with them impulses of renewal for the nations, of awakening to a life of disinterested service and especially, these Sacred Geometries establish peace among peoples for greater periods of time.

In this sense, the Sacred Geometries always manifest, from the beginning to the end of a pilgrimage, and they can continue working for a longer time, although the pilgrimage has ended.

In this way, a mystery is projected upon the consciousnesses of nations and this mystery is unveiled when the consciousness adheres to the Divine Purpose, often without understanding or knowing it.

But every purpose is based on love, and it is this love that approaches the suffering souls so that they may experience it in the joy of finding God again, and of being able to live forgiveness and Mercy.

For this reason, in each new pilgrimage, new Sacred Geometries are delivered by the Divine Messengers to be sown in the consciousness of nations and, in consequence, in humanity.

All this spiritual and divine movement deactivates points of world conflict, as the hidden bases of exploitation, corruption and trafficking of persons, and also the Kingdoms of Nature are benefitted by the Sacred Geometries of God.

Thus, the planet, as a consciousness that lives and feels, breathes again.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Pray and welcome the divine Graces with love.

Receive in your spirit and in your heart the Rays which come from the Heart of the Creator of all things. His Divine Science manifests within beings when they pray from the heart and it reveals to them what they truly are; it allows essences to recover their brightness and their celestial expression, and demonstrates to humankind the purity and the mystery which lies within you.

Let all that which happens in the silence and in the invisible of planetary existence expand to all beings, to all of Creation. Let that which the Father gives you when you pray to flow from your heart to the world, and make of your life a permanent service for human evolution.

Be a server in silence, a server from the heart, a server who lives the Gospel within themselves and transforms the human consciousness from the inside out, converting the deepest roots of your degeneration.

You are a part of a whole; you are the product of a history that did not begin on this Earth and which will not end on it; but which is defined here, within each being.

If two or more experience the transformation that the Creator needs, it will already be enough to demonstrate the greatness of the Love of God to all of Creation, and renew the evolution of all life, on this planet and beyond it.

Aspire, child, to be the one who makes the difference. Seek to be the one who experiences the transcendence of self every day. Seek to live within yourself what you aspire for humanity to manifest, and find the Will and the Design of God through your purest aspirations.

You have My blessing for this. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who will collect, in the chalice of their heart, the Spiritual Blood that your Master sheds at three p.m. upon the world today?

Who will give the deserved value to this infinite Mystery of Love?

Who will decide for Me to give everything for everything, for this world and the nations not to disappear?

I only need that, each day, you value the Legacy of your Master more, because His Divine Blood is able to purify and to wash your faults, especially those that are rooted in the deep consciousness and that only the Love of God can eliminate and liberate from your beings.

Therefore, every day, value and recognize the sacrifice of the Blood of Jesus by communing with Me truly, everyday, so that the world does not lack Peace nor the unfathomable Mercy of My Heart.

My Spiritual Body, My Heart and all of My Being are filled with codes of Mercy and of the Divine Blood for those who, in their purification, want to accept them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Mystery of Divine Mercy

Mercy is a Grace still unknown to humankind. The spiritual science that humanity knows has still not fully comprehended this mystery because they try to place Mercy in their known theology and cannot see it as something that transcends all that is known to humankind.

On the Cross, the Creator transformed all Laws, and the God of Justice opened a new cycle for all of life, a cycle of pity, of forgiveness and of redemption, in spite of the seriousness of the sins of humanity.

There was no other greater sin than that undertaken by those who flagellated and crucified God Himself; but even so, children, when they were touched by the merciful Blood of Christ, they were forgiven, healed and redeemed by the potency of His Love.

Mercy is a mystery that is joined with the mystery of human creation. It is a Grace coming from the link between humankind and God, their Creator. It was from the moment when the Father was fulfilled in His creatures, through His Son, and demonstrated to beings the true essence of what humanity is, that Mercy began to flow toward the planet and to all of Creation.

Mercy is born in the Heart of God as a new opportunity for beings to achieve the Grace of Love, but in order to reach the material universes of the manifestation of life, the vehicle of Mercy is the prayer of humanity, and the doorway to Mercy is their heart.

The human essence is intimately connected to the existence of Divine Mercy, to the point that their genes can physically carry the potency and the presence of this Gift that comes from God, just as it was in the Blood of Christ.

The Redeemer fully lived Divine Mercy so that all beings could recognize their own potential, and move toward it.

I tell you all these things so that you may understand the importance of truly crying out for Mercy in this time, not only for this world, but for all of Creation.

Recognize yourselves as potential carriers of the Grace that comes from the Father and cry out for it to descend upon the world and upon all of life. The more you cry out and pray, the closer you come to God and the more you awaken within yourselves what you truly are.

The potential of human beings is infinite, but in this time, children, only the purity of the heart and sincere prayer will be able to awaken you. It is in serving this planet that you will be able to enter into the mysteries about yourselves and draw closer to the heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I am the Lady of the Cross, and on this sacred day I remember all the important and blessed acts that My Son left as a legacy for humanity.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I remain embracing it, because the Cross is the most important spiritual reliquary of redemption and of love for souls; because in the Cross is the salvation of the world and the liberation for the lost.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and I relive the great mystery of love and of compassion that My Son expressed since when He was in My womb until His glorious resurrection.

Which is the mystery of the Cross?

It is the immeasurable and infinite love surrendered by a human heart, the same as yours, that donated itself until the last moment, up until the last breath, to grant redemption to the world.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I contemplate all of the new legacies that My Son will give you during these days so that My children may learn to go through the end of the ends, the closing of a cycle, in order to begin a new one.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I invite you, dear children, to be a living part of the testimony of the Holy Cross.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I surrender, time after time, so that souls may learn someday to love Me, to revere Me and to recognize Me.

If I had not surrendered in the Passion and on the Cross for you, you would never have had the possibility of living a life dedicated to union with Me and to the professing of faith.

For this reason, I continue to surrender to the world in different ways, and although the majority does not recognize Me, Your Master and Lord continues to surrender because someday all will awaken and become aware that the Son of God was Who surrendered out of real love for each one of you.

Meanwhile, in the meekness of My Heart, I wait for those who will be consistent with Me, so that they may learn to serve the Divine and the Supreme.

I wait for those who at some moment will become aware of what it means to be in Me, and the opportunity represented in living through the mystery of My Love.

Someday all will recognize Me, no matter the religion or the faith, because the Love that I pour out is for all.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

May the Star of My Peace illuminate the paths of the inner worlds so that the essences may always find themselves in the ocean of faith and compassion.

May the path of the believers in Christ be purified so that the path of the New Christs are able to manifest. 

May the exclusive conviction of being in Christ exist during this planetary time. May His soldiers of prayer never grow tired and never drop their arms. May their purest intentions and their supplications be always heard by the Noble and Loving Heart of God. 

May all mysteries be revealed in this hour so that, beyond all science or understanding, consciousnesses awaken to the true reason that brought them here; to carry out the Will of the Father God, of being able to finally see, on the surface of the Earth, a new and responsible humanity that lives for the sake of love, the principles of an evolving and ascending life. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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