Monday, February 3 of 2020

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the rising of the sun, the Light of the White Mountain will come, and this Light will be revealed to all. Any consciousness will be able to recognize it, regardless of their beliefs, religion or inner state.

This Light, which will be within the White Mountain, will come for humanity and for the planet. And other lights will come to the Earth, directly from the Universe, to position themselves in certain points of the Earth and reveal to humanity that the end time has arrived.

And this will be the culminating moment of humanity, but the Light of the White Mountain will be the first to announce it: the end of an end; to be prepared for the beginning of a new stage, of a new cycle, of a new humanity.

Many will want to know what this Light that comes from the White Mountain is about, but the interpretation of the discernment of humanity will not be enough because it will never reach the result of what this Light means and from where this Light comes.

These lights will come announcing the advent of the Return of Christ, the moment of the fulfillment of His promise, which will no longer be something non-material or spiritual, but physical.

The Light of the White Mountain will remove many aspects from humanity and it will be revealed to all in order to do this work that was entrusted to it.

This mystery will come directly from the Eternal Father, from His spiritual Universe. As this Light descends, among the planes of consciousness, it will materialize until it reaches the top of the White Mountain, which will be its last place of revelation and where its mysteries will be shown to those who are united to It from the heart.

And although I know that humanity will not understand what this will mean, some will have the Grace to know the revelation of this mystery and its origin, because the Eternal Father needs that humanity be prepared to enter another state of consciousness, not the one it has today, which is a state that is insufficient and precarious on the spiritual, mental and material levels. A state that has affected the evolution of the race and the correct harmony with the Kingdoms of Nature.

This powerful Light that will be within the White Mountain will come through an aspect of the Eternal Father. It will be this aspect of God that will materialize through the powerful Light of the White Mountain; and there will be no science that can reveal it or any scholar that will be able to understand it, because it is a Light that will come from the inner, from the most profound and invisible.

It will be so similar to the sun that rules you and illuminates you, day by day, and even more, it will have a power stronger than the very central sun of this galaxy. Its emanations will not be just ultraviolet or beyond. Its energy will transform all that it radiates towards and touches.

Many wait for the coming of this Light, before the Return of Christ, because it is not only a powerful and unknown Light, but it is also the great doorway to the new, to a new stage, a new time.

Many will have the Grace to detach from what they no longer need, from what oppresses them or from what disturbs them all the time.

Some will become aware of what they still hold in their hearts and inner worlds, but the majority will awaken to what they have never wanted to see with their own eyes, because the Universe will really become visible. And this Universe that will bring the powerful Light of the White Mountain will reveal an unknown reality that no one yet knows, only the Son of the Father and His Celestial Mother.

From this Light some movements will emerge. Many principles will emanate that which humanity needs in order to be healed and redeemed. Their actions will not be physical and will not be so invisible, because humanity needs to break its resistances and finally perceive that it has made a mistake.

Those who have cried out and asked the Heights will be helped by this powerful White Light that comes from the Mountain. And it will elevate those who have supplicated so much, and many will understand what the Plan of God is and why It has existed from the Origin, what Its destiny is and Its objective for the coming times.

Today I speak to you in symbolic words because all cannot be revealed yet. The mysteries come to be revealed to the humble of heart, to the simple, to the divested of self, to those who no longer want to live their own will, but rather the Will of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, the greatest and most infinite mysteries are unveiled to the poor of heart. This is how the great Will of God is fulfilled and everything begins to be transformed, according to how He thought from the Heavens for all of His children, for all of His creatures.

The Light of the White Mountain will bring a great announcement that will not be understood with words, but rather with symbols. These will be the signs that the Light of the White Mountain will give to the whole world. It will be shown, recorded and televised. During the three days of manifestation, until it fulfills what was requested of it, it will be shown according to what is written in the Heart of God, because this is part of the Apocalypse, is part of the end of the Armageddon.

And in this way, the Church that I founded through Peter will realize that it never opened to the Universe and that the true spirituality and the true Christianity that your Master established in this world comes from something greater, and not only from words, messages or instructions; that everything is a part of a Great Confraternity, which has always watched over and accompanied this planet and its entire race and that, even if the powerful Light of the White Mountain passes by this planet, the Project of the Creator must be fulfilled and, at this moment, everyone will be before the great opportunity to transcend duality and live in eternal unity.

Today I emit this message from the White Mountain which, in its silence, holds many spiritual treasures for humanity and the planet. Thus, this White Mountain unites to all the mountains of the planet, even in South America and also to the Himalayas, where its lights will show and be revealed to the world so that humanity may understand that it has always destroyed itself and has forgotten to love itself, as God loves humanity, in spite of all that it does.

Pray in this Marathon of the Divine Mercy so that the Universal and Divine Hierarchy can keep fulfilling the projects that are predicted in this world through the consciousness of your group, called by the Eternal Father Himself to fulfill His Will, surrendering your lives completely to service for Him and for His unconditional Love, the greater Love of the Father.

Do not miss the opportunity of what you are receiving and welcome in your hearts the Word of the Son of God, because a great part of humanity is still asleep, and it will awaken suddenly through the signs that will come from Heaven to the Earth, and in the most inhospitable and impenetrable places of the planet, where nature is the powerful nobility of God upon the surface of the planet, and not of humanity.

Keep these keys that I deliver to you as a treasure, and pray so that your Master and Lord can carry out and fulfill what the Father has requested of Him through His apostles so that, from the priestly life to the religious life, from the inner life to the external life of service for the neediest, everything can be accomplished; and so that Love, the Love that comes from God through His children, can heal the suffering and pain.

Today a new stage for North America begins. This is why I have brought you here, as I have brought here all of your brothers and sisters, because what is truly spiritual is simple, and in what is simple is where My friends are found, to live the void that I offer to you, going beyond your personalities and your understanding, to experience something you never understood and will never understand, just as I experienced for you up to the Cross, without understanding it, all for Love.

Not all have the Grace of receiving these Words; but they do have the Grace for them to be spread because, as I have told you, My task among you is finishing, and in the years that will come, everything will happen.

This will be the great moment for each one of you to experience and practice My teachings so that, when I return, you may recognize Me and follow Me as you have done in the Holy Land. And in this way, what once began to be written in the Holy Land will keep being written.

The people of Israel will gather again, with other faces and garments, in another time and under other circumstances, so that they may climb the White Mountain to receive their Redeemer, in glory and humility.

By means of My Words, I am anointing all of you today, recognizing the efforts of the just, the love of those who serve, the truth of those who try to be pure every day, the surrender of those who, without delay, respond to Me when I need it. So, in the most invisible and silent, My Will is fulfilled, which is the Will of the Father in you and in your brothers and sisters.

May the power of the Love that you live and that you have for Me impel you to move forward, to overcome your own darkness and tests, and to never give up; because in this way I will be able to reach you and you will reach Me, to then be beyond the hard times, in communion with the Heights, with the Universe, with the Brotherhood.

May the star that is held in your hearts illuminate the end of times.

May the star that is engraved within your chests ignite peace in these times; because many will need surrendered servers and beings to find relief, healing and redemption.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.