Like a sun that rises upon the horizon, today I bring the splendor of My universal Consciousness to illuminate your paths and hearts.

I come under the maternal and divine authority that the Celestial Father granted Me, from the first moment when His Servant said “yes“ to the fulfillment of His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Under all the light of the Universe, I come today to lovingly meet you, to dissipate and transmute those forces of evil that imprison and condemn nations and their peoples.

I come to offer honor and power to the Name of God, in each one of His servers and disciples of Christ. Under this powerful divine authority, I come to meet you and to make you participants in the Truth that springs forth from the Heart of the Eternal Father, to each one of My children who said “yes“ to His Will.

Thus, dear children, I come to sustain you and to console you.

I come to encourage you to renew in Christ so that you can witness the existence of Christ within your neighbor, beyond that which is human and mortal.

I come so that you may value your inner world and everything that this inner world has received from the Universe and from the experiences of life.

Children, these times will place each child of Mine before the truth, their own clear inner and personal truth so that, before the culminating moment of the planetary Armageddon, you may have resolved within you all that which separates you from God.

Therefore, We invite you not only to pray for the suffering nations of the world, we call you to sustain a time that you have never experienced nor gone through.

We are leading you toward the path of Love and of the solid Brotherhood.

Therefore, all the dark nights can be moments of light in which the flame of faith and of trust, as small as it may seem within you, will help you to change and transcend the difficult moments that the human being is facing.

But do not forget, children, that I am here, in silence, waiting for you, waiting for each one of you to call Me and to ask Me for what you need.


An act of Reverence and Love to the Kingdoms of Nature

I wish I were like a bird to just praise and sing to God.

I wish I were like the water of the oceans to only mirror the Peace of God.

I wish I were like a tree that rises up to reach the Kingdom of God.

I wish I were like a flower that opens every morning to show its devotion to God.

I wish I were like a plant that decorates environments to leave them full of harmony and light.

I wish I were like a dolphin that amidst the waves overcomes itself to reach God.

I wish I were like a sunflower that opens every day to receive sunlight.

I wish I were like a crystal that keeps the most beautiful thing it has to express its love for the Creation.

I wish I were like the wind that blows strong and constant to reach all corners of the Earth with love.

I wish I were like fire to illuminate the days of darkness.

I wish I were like the Earth that tirelessly gives itself to be the womb that gestates the Creation again and again.

I only wish that the trees were not cut in order not to leave the planet without beings that rise toward God.

I only wish that birds were not hunted so that the Earth would not be left without beings that fully praise God.

I only wish that the earth would not be transgressed anymore with toxins and chemicals so that humanity would not run out of living food.

I only wish that the oceans were no longer contaminated so that marine life would not soon die and the seas could continue to mirror peace.

I only wish the human beings were aware that the planet is our home and that we depend on it in order to live.

I only hope that all of us will be in communion with all of the Kingdoms so that, for a moment, we can feel their constant suffering and thus we can relieve them, without transgressing the Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Sun that lights this world, at its last time, before night.

I am the Trumpet that sounds in the Heavens, warning the souls that the cycle of definition for your lives, as for the whole Universe, has come.

I am the Hand that detains Justice, for there to be a greater time for Mercy for souls. But My Heart cannot transform Laws, if your hearts do not decide to follow Me unconditionally at this time.

I am also part of the Living Word of God for this world, and for the whole Creation. The Voice that sounds beyond the Divine dimensions, and from which the sound of Purity comes, but also Truth. Because it is time for you to know the Truth, not only the Truth that brings you the Graces that descend from Heavens, but also the real awakening, consciousness and definition.

To be part of My Work at this time, children, is more than having a rosary between your hands. It is wanting to be part of the commands of Your Heavenly Mother, who with the Scepter of God in hands will open the path in the darkness to rescue even the last of lost souls. And without fear, nor conditions, She will face the abysses with the support of Divine Will, to establish Her Peace, where it does not exist nowadays.

The seals no longer exist in the books and in the sacred parchments. The moment has come for definition of the souls, and this will be seen in your smallest actions and choices.

I know it is difficult to say “yes” to the Cross of these times. I know that many are called to live what they have never lived before and to give of themselves what they have never given. But, how to renew God Himself but with extreme surrenders, with new Laws, new Life, a new “yes”?

The awakening for this time is unknown, not only for humanity, but for all Life, all Creation, and even for God, who will renew Himself through His children.

For this reason, I tell you: Little is not enough, the known is not enough, the lukewarm is not enough, it is not enough to have affinity with My words.


Aurora, the inner Sun that rises again

Aurora is the inner Sun that rises again, it is the sun that rises in the inner universe of those who invoke it.

Aurora is that Sun that dispels the darkness and brings spiritual healing to all souls.

Aurora is that Sun that never dies, because it is an eternal Sun.

Aurora is the fire that unifies all things, it is the flame that consumes opposing currents.

Aurora is that Sun that pierces through the abysses of consciousness, it is the mysterious force of God that exorcizes all everything.

Aurora is the magnet that attracts Laws of healing and of forgiveness for the beings of the Earth.

Aurora is that shooting star that illuminates everything.

From Aurora emerges the Fount of reparation for terrestrial creatures, because Aurora works through love and redemption.

Aurora is not yet known or understood.

Aurora precedes the existence of this world. It comes from a special spiritual conception, this makes Aurora a sacred and immaculate place and all those who arrive at Aurora must open their hearts in order to be impregnated and radiated by it.

Aurora is that unknown Sun that eternally shines; it is the light which does not let the night happen; it is that fleeting flame that illumines the inner worlds.

All those who arrive at Aurora, simple of heart and pure of intention, are worked upon by this sacred Sun of Aurora.

Aurora has no limits, but it does have doors. It communicates from heart to heart and activates the inner senses, which are not human senses, to establish a communication between the consciousness and God.

Aurora is that Sun that concentrates principles, experiences, and results of high degrees of love that it holds within itself.

Aurora is born from a mystery, but vibrates like a musical note in the Universe, it awakens the will to serve and to live a sacrifice for others.

Aurora survives in this time because it lives love, and this makes it strong and persevering together with the warriors that are part of it.


The Great Miracle of the Sun

One hundred years ago at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal, the last and definitive Apparition of the Mother of God happened, the one which brought to the world the end of a terrible war and a prolonged period of peace. At that time, humanity was on the brink of its own perdition.

Although the message of Fátima was clear and convincing through the revelation of the three secrets of Fátima, the Most Holy Mother warned Her children that a true penance was urgent and immediate, since the repentance of the hearts would grant the world a significant atonement.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the so-called stellar phenomenon was the culminating event when, on the 13th of October of 1917, this local Universe, of which this planet forms part, lived a cut in time and in space.

The Miracle of the Sun, or stellar phenomenon, consisted in mobilizing great consciousnesses of the Material Universe and Cosmic Regents which allowed, at a planetary level, to put an end to the endless cycle of siege, of destruction and of the conquest that humanity was immersed in by the First World War.

This phenomenon, understood by humanity as the constant and random twirl of the Sun, meant the reunion of certain cosmic currents of the Material Universe, that have their bases in the Central Sun of this galaxy.

I would like, dear children, that you comprehend that if this evolutionary intervention of the Greater Universe would not have happened during the 13th of October of 1917, humanity would have already destroyed itself.

It was necessary, at universal and divine level, to carry forward this movement of the solar and stellar elements of the Universe.

This allowed to stop on the planet and in its humanity the idea of a conquest and of an unmeasured power, that would lead to the development of other events.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the stellar phenomenon, cleaned and purified the psychic of the entire planet in less than fifteen minutes, time in which the solar and stellar elements that were operated by the Regents of the Universe, dissipated from the ether of the Earth a great quantity of registers of suffering and of death that had been generated.

The global Miracle of the Sun, with the reunion of angels and Hierarchies, despite having its epicenter in Fátima, embraced the whole planet relieving it from its chain of great human and terrestrial errors.


The Sun that illumines these times is called Jesus, and He is coming to the world to save it.

His Presence consecrates all that surrounds Him and His humble Gaze vivifies all that He contemplates.

He is the Son of the Primordial Source; He was and is the One Who was among you a long time ago, but now He returns glorious, loving and victorious.

All those who follow Him understand His Message. The only living language is that of love and His disciples learn to practice it.

He is the Solar Son and I Am the Mother Moon. In all the Universe the Plan of God is realized, and many consciences participate of the evolution of the Consciousness.

Happy will be those who recognize the Lord, Jesus Christ. United to Him they will be, in spite of current circumstances.

May no one miss the opportunity of sublimating their lives.

May you all find in your inner worlds the sacred path of return to the Heart of the Creator.

He comes to renew all forms. He is returning to celebrate with His own the triumph of the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I will always hold My children in My arms; I will shelter them and I will protect them, even if, crossing the desert of these times, all the beasts stand against them and against Me.

I will always hold My children in My arms, because they are for the Creator the greatest treasure of all of His Creation; they are part of My Womb and the blood that flows in their veins comes from the fount that rises from My Immaculate Heart.

I will always hold My children in My arms, even when this desert passes and we find the New Jerusalem, the promised Land, where the Will of the Creator reigns and where there is no other that triumphs except the Father.

My children, I have you in My arms, crossing the great desert of these times, where assaults persecute the Mother and the children of God. However, My steps of light cannot be overtaken and there will be no darkness capable of stopping Me. Therefore, I will only ask you to keep yourselves in My arms and to not fear.

I have you placed in My Heart, where the love that I feel for souls and for Life defeats any darkness and converts any evil. Let your heads rest on this Heart and only hold yourselves tightly in My arms, because one day the desert will end and then the House of the Father will come, the safe Dwelling Place for the one thousand years of Peace.

While you are in My arms, the cold winds may blow and the night may fall upon us, but the Sun of My Essence is unquenchable and will always illumine the path. That one who is in My arms will not be lost, because I will walk with them and protect them.

Be innocent and surrendered like children; let Me hold you in My arms and show you that without your Celestial Mother there is no life. I sustain you, I protect you and shield you in the desert and beyond it.

There will be days, children, in which you will feel lost, because the desert sometimes seems to have no end, but keep yourselves in My arms, pray with Me and listen to the whisper of My sweet voice in your hearts, saying: "I am here."

My children are the greatest treasure of Creation, it does not matter what error they have committed or how they have deviated from the path, because errors and deviations are the result of the learning process that they experience in this world. Do not mistake what you do with what you are. Seek the truth within yourselves and keep yourselves in My arms.


From the invisible levels of the Earth emerges all darkness that has been hidden. The souls that have been in pain and suffering for many centuries raise their arms asking for the light and forgiveness of God. Evil no longer hides its actions because Good is also expanding and announcing its triumph.

It is a great battle between the duality of this world, because the time of definition has come for the entire human race; it is time to live the absolute unity with God or be taken to primary scales of evolution, to start over.

In many parts of the world, the Sun seems to be hidden by the clouds of pain and suffering.

In the East, what was once a sea of graces, has become a sea of terror and despair through the indifference of humankind. But that does not mean, My children, that My Heart will not triumph.

In the heart of the Americas, the light begins to expand and the Sun of a new time arises, as the Aurora of dawn. The fire that emanates its cosmic light comes from the love of awakened hearts.

Human beings are discovering their likeness to God through prayer, and the truth descends on Earth with the same power of Mercy emanated a long time ago by My Son on His Cross.

To all who hear Me, I will say not to fear but to feel in your lives the triumph of My Heart. My mantle expands beyond the continents and I grow the seed of new life that I have planted in the Americas in the hearts of all those who, anywhere in the world, accept to respond to My call.

There will be no tribulation to knock down My soldiers, because they will be sustained by the strength of My maternal and infinite Love. Not even the greatest of beasts that rises against My little ones will make them falter, because the truth impressed in their pure hearts will bring them the certainty that reality dwells only in the light and consciousness of God, and all that is outside of Him is part of an ancient illusion, which ties consciousnesses to the damnations this world.

Children, even though the darkness that emerges in and outside of you, and in many parts of the world, seems to be infinite, do not fear and remember My words when I tell you that the potential of the Sun of God in your hearts will defeat any night and any darkness. The darkest night announces the clarity of a day of renewal and Graces.


Dear children,

There is no greater sun than My Immaculate Heart, that which offers itself before God every day to be the path and the light among the darkness.  My Heart incarnates the Holy Spirit of God and it is this Spirit that I pour as gifts of Mercy and Forgiveness to the world.

Children, now that you got to know the work of My Spirit and My Heart throughout the times, I offer you this moment of renewal so that certain internal values might become available to the service of God the Father.

For this, children, your paths are being straightened by the cycle of purification.  May all of you be able to accept the call for responding to the Will of the Eternal Father, so those Plans of the Universe, which are not fulfilled by the hearts that are blind and distracted, will be able to be accomplished and fulfilled in the hearts that are opened to recognize the Will of the Lord.

For these times I bring to you the science of discernment, the time to be able to search for the inner resources that will help reforming the life over the planet.  For this, My beloved ones, your Heavenly Mother gathers you in the cenacle of the Heart of Christ, so that you may feel the power of His trust and the love of His Consciousness, which will help you walk and take the correct steps towards the Sacred Purpose of Adonai.

In all this work, you, My children, have an important participation towards the Plan of the Divine Messengers; it is through an awake and less indifferent humanity that everything will be able to be converted and consecrated in time.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who blesses and cares for you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Dear children:

May you words not judge the other hearts, may you lips only pray for peace and for love in the entire world.

My children, may your feeling be an emanation of the Love of My Son because through Jesus you will find the Font of all love and forgiveness.

May your lives at the end of this time be only love and forgiveness, may your actions be transmitted through good works. You are My children and all My children must be porters of peace in the heart and thus irradiate it through charity and through donation.

Charity and donation are what is lacking among brothers and sisters of this world, because of this My Maternal Heart comes to you to teach you about the true love born as a flower in the sunrise.

Dear children, for this, may your arms always be as open as your hands to receive those who are most dispossessed and those who most need God.

Little children, today I invite you to imitate Me, today I call you to be true representatives of My message for the world, because as Mother I know that your hearts may be loyal representatives of My words on the planet.

You are inside of My Grace when I lovingly visit you month by month, but the world, where is it right now? Is it living the mercy of God?

Dear children, you as servers and as souls in prayer, are called to be participants and transmitters of the Divine Mercy, because with so much love and with a crystalline and pure love we will transform lives and hearts.

In your hands is the future of the world and of all humanity. In prayer, in fast and in vigil is found the strength of the life for each heart.

My children, you are in My Maternal Heart because the Lady of Peace wants to make you humble before God, so that together with the angels, all souls will live their salvation and the conversion, and praise for centuries upon centuries to God.

Pray for the shepherds because in them My Son wants to be always.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children

After the 13th of October of 1917, when the Sun of God showed its true face, the life of many souls has changed for the good of the Divine Plan, the war among the hearts stopped and my Maternal Spirit established one more time of Peace.

My children still need miracles, but today I tell you all that after so many Graces that have been poured since Jesus from His Sacred Heart and from My Immaculate Heart, the great Grace for this time is that I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, is here among your hearts calling you in the name of My Son to live conversion and forgiveness in this time of mercy.

My children, for this today, I invite you to remember and keep in your hearts a Great Miracle of Love that God manifested through My Immaculate Heart in the luminous presence of the Sun. The great seed of light was sown in the hearts of those that had faith and in the hearts of those that did not have faith.  The seed of My Maternal Light was sown in the believers and in those that did not believe. No one remains without receiving one more time the Grace of God, His Forgiveness and Redemption.

For this dear children today I am calling you to meditate through prayer upon these mysteries that made themselves visible one time in Fatima before the eyes of all of My children.

God has called me to pour His Infinite Grace in a time where humanity one more time was walking towards perdition.  But the merciful love of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary intervened to harmonize the happenings that occurred in the world.

The Angel of Peace brought to humanity the sign of conversion and of penitence.  The Angel of Peace prepared the path of salvation for all of humanity, and this succeeded through His spiritual intervention upon all the souls.

Then dear children, after that arrived the Lady more brilliant than the Sun to diffuse to the world an important call for Peace and Forgiveness.

Today once again I descend from Heaven to open your hearts to this important cycle in which humanity must consecrate itself to the Will of God.

I want to tell you My little ones that each soul must confirm the degree of its love to God, this will permit other laws of the Creator to act upon the world.  Through the exercise of prayer the hearts will receive irradiation through My Love as was in Fatima.

Dear children,

Never stop contemplating all the divine beauty that God has created for love of the Eternal Love.

Dear children, may the essence of love and truth spring from you so that your hearts can be open to the essence of donation. My children, never stop seeing the love of God in your hearts, embrace the essence of forgiveness in your inner worlds so that the new Spirit of Love is planted in you.

Dear children, never lower your arms, raise your aspiration to infinity, aspiration for a life in the Kingdom of God, aspiration for living the Reconciliation and Mercy of My Son.

Little children, never lose the joy of being in Me and seeing in you the power of My Immaculate Love. Accept to be in My path, your souls recognize where My Maternal Heart comes from, they recognize My presence before your consciences do.

I am the Lady of Heaven, I am the Mystical Rose, I am the Mother who helps the pilgrims and I am the Immaculate Heart that is donated to you, to love you and to forgive you.

Dear children, My Voice is announced to the world once more so that My children do not lose the path to salvation and to the rescue of the heart.

I am with you in this path of pilgrimage to eternity. May pain, bitterness and desolation not be a burden in your lives; may your hearts, invaded and permeated by the Holy Spirit, receive Peace. Peace that comes from the Universe, Peace that the suns and stars emanate, Peace that is irradiated from all galaxies, Peace that comes from Infinity, which you do not know.

From Infinity My Maternal Heart comes to you to show you the way to a humble and peaceful life, a path to the Universe, to everything that the Father, Adonai, has created for your love and glory.

Dear children, glorify God! Love God! Search for God in your lives! In this way your little essences and all the essences will be in the Celestial Kingdom of the Universe.

Beyond your terrestrial life there is eternity, the eternal present, the Omnipresence of God in all the Universes.

Dear children, pray, pray and pray! Your lips cannot get tired of praying so that the Mercy of Christ can aid humanity.

I thank all My children for the loving welcome in this Nation of Paraguay.

Love and Peace for everyone.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Prayer of the Sacrificed Soul
If my life, Lord, is to serve you always,
without receiving anything in return,
may Your Will be done, Jesus,
because the greatest treasure I have is to be able to find You
in the unconditional service to my dear brothers and sisters.
Lord, do not allow me to become blind with my own miseries.
Help me, Jesus, to step out of myself every day,
so that I can discover and confirm
that in sacrifice and the constant giving of my life
is the victorious path to surrender.
Jesus, You are the Sun of our lives.
Dazzle the world with the rays of Your Mercy
and, in this way, I will realize that everything that You did for us
is greater and more immense than all the renunciations
that I must overcome and go through, day after day;
because in the depths of each learning, my Jesus,
there is Your silent Will,
which only aspires to make of me
a kind, loving, helpful and good consciousness.
So I ask You, my Lord, that you not have me lose
the spiritual richness of each sacrifice and of each test.
That I have the grace of being able to imitate you
in compassionate love and in Mercy,
because You are the Lord, without time, without rules or conditions.
You, my Jesus, are everything for us,
and someday I aspire to do the same for others.
Let the path of fraternity 
teach me to detach from myself

Second Message

The revelation of the mystery is approaching the human consciousness. This is the moment of knowing the Truth deeply and of being able to penetrate this mystery through the revelation of its divine and cosmic knowledge.

Today I come again from the Sun because this is the universal star that rules and illuminates you, day by day.

In spite of what may happen, and before any event, the Sun, as an essence, gives you life, regeneration and healing.

For this reason, today My Message also comes from this place, from this Sun that governs this solar system and that concentrates many universal and cosmic Laws for the evolution of life and consciousness.

The Sun will be the witness of the events of the end of times on this planet and in its humanity, and in it, all the principles will be poured so that the solar system may be regenerated again and everything may start from scratch.

The Sun that rules you is not only a physical, material or cosmic element; it is an energy that has been placed within this system of life so that all could learn from it throughout the cycles and seasons.

Each element, just as each event, has its place and its hour. The Sun that rules you will enter a new state and a new form through its divine self-purification and that of its laws that are part of this Material Universe; laws that are also part of hundreds of Suns in other regions of the vast Cosmos.

In this Sun, you will find power plants for the regeneration of human essences and of their spiritual counterparts that will still have to live their redemption, purification and, lastly, their rehabilitation.

The waves that it will emit for these times will be intense and decisive. A part of humanity will identify this as a punishment, as a global imbalance, or as part of a universal event; although this is true, the intention and purpose is another, the Universe never stops and has never stopped, it lives in a constant dynamism and a permanent acceleration.

You, as humanity and as a planet, are within this system of life and within this system of evolution that reaches the deepest of your bodies, matter, cells and atoms.


In spite of the times of darkness and of urgency, I will always come like the evening Sun, to announce to the world the hour of its salvation.

I will be stronger and more intense than the oceans, because in them souls find peace.

I will be stronger than the wind, because through it, souls can feel the perpetual caress of My Love.

I will not abandon you when times are difficult. I will be there, amongst you, in the silence of the night, to listen to you and so that you hear to My advice.

The time that is approaching will be moving for everyone. Therefore, whoever joins with Me will not perish, they will find the long awaited relief and calm.

I only ask you one thing, that you persist and you sustain yourselves through My Faith, because Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain in courageous hearts.

Receive from me all the inner strength necessary to go through the end of times for My sake; thus, I will always offer you My Hands to lead you to the House of My Father, a place where a new stage will begin.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the city of Santa Fé, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I will always be this spiritual Sun that will illuminate the night of the times.

The one who allows themselves to be bathed by the light of this Sun will achieve eternal life, will erase all the past from within, and in the future will truly be totally different.

I am this spiritual Sun that encompasses everything, knows everything and understands everything.

The one who lives through that Sun will no longer have footsteps from the past but rather will know how to follow the steps of the Master, surrendering to His invincible Love.

I am this spiritual Sun that dissipates any darkness; that gives warmth to cold hearts; that illuminates the paths of those who aspire to achieve freedom from themselves someday.

I am this Spiritual Sun that permeates everything; that brings new codes and that renews, no matter what, everything it touches. Because the rays of My Sun come from the Sacred Heart that gives Itself all the time, more than hundreds of suns in the Universe.

I am this spiritual Sun that dissolves the hells, that gives life to what was dead before.

I am the Sun that will always reign above all darkness. Because the one who allows themselves to be illuminated by this Sun receives the rays of My Grace and someday will awaken to Healing, to the upliftment of consciousness.

Behold the great Sun of My Heart that gives Itself in the Eucharist, in perpetual communion; that can burn like a fire of devotion within each being.

Behold the Sun that brings you peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


That today may come to Me those who feel tired.

That today may come to Me those who feel overwhelmed.

That today may come to Me those who are without comfort.

That today may come to Me the simple of heart.

That today may lie down on My chest the face of those who have mistaken.

That today may those who have sinned feel the beating of My Heart.

That today may come towards Me all My beloved ones.  I Am that I Am, I come from the Great Am and from the Universal Am comes the Source of Life and of Reparation.

May your beings not worry, but may your hearts rejoice themselves because the King of Humility today has brought you very close to His poor throne of Light so that you may feel My Infinite and Perpetual Mercy.

Open the arms to receive My Comfort.  In a special way I have lovingly accompanied this group of souls as a Good Guardian of the hearts.

Dear servant of Mine, leave your disturbances in My Heart.  You know that I can do everything now and always, walk by My side, even if you have failed Me.  I come in this time to resuscitate the spirit of your heart and the favored union that you must have with Me.

In My simple Steps is found your path.  In My Walk is found your liberation.  In My Simple Gaze is found your union with God.  Do not ever fear to look Me in the eyes, I Am that I Am, I Am the One who comes from the Sacred Temple of the Creator, I Am the Guiding Star that descends from the greater universe to guide your steps.

I still wait for you to abandon yourself to My Heart.  I still wait to embrace your little soul and to carry you in spirit to the heart of My Kingdom.  I still wait that you to open to Me the doors of your heart so that I may enter.

In this week meditate about the time that you have been united to Me.  I want to be Life in your cells, I want to be the Fire of devotion for your heart.  Do not abandon Me, I Am all yours, remember it well.

I Am that I Am, I Am the Love of God manifested, I want to be in your path forever.

Do you accept Me as Your Master and King?  I wait for you in the Sacrarium so that we may talk.  I wait for you in the silence of the heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

I thank the souls that are present for having trusted My in my summons!

Who blesses you,

Christ Jesus of Mercy


I come to the world to pull out from the hearts the inner fears and to liberate the essences from perpetual suffering.

At each moment I give you My Divine Mercy, so that you may recognize it as your path of salvation and of redemption.

But the unalterable Peace will be the great key for the end of this time, the key that will permit you to project the future and carry forward the transition and the changes.  I Am the Great Spiritual Sun that constantly seeks to illuminate the path of those who are blind and of those who do not want to see the truth and the offer that today I make to humanity.

But something beyond what is normal must happen if humanity does not change nor prays with the heart to ask God for His Mercy.

Meanwhile the Beloved Father sends His Most Holy Son to call the world for the awakening of the consciousness and of the events.  Seek without delay the Eternal Fire of My Heart and feel profound trust; those who follow Me will prevail, even though with such little time I will ask, to some, inner changes that seem impossible. 

In truth, I know on whom I count for this hour of definitions; in truth, I already know on whom I will count for My Return.

While the events happen, prepare every day your dwelling places; the great day of the revelation will come to those who want to see it and to those who want to hide beyond My Celestial Light.

Now I gather you internally in the Cenacule of My Heart and I announce to you the mysteries of Heaven; they prepare your essences for the awaited moment.  Do not be mortified, offer to God that which in sincerity you may offer to Him, Heaven will rejoice for receiving your little offers.

The time deserves an evolutionary and conscious action.  The hour marks the great encounter with the King of Love.  Be in Peace.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Heart again!

Christ Jesus, the Sun of the Eternal Grace


Through the Supreme Grace that you receive directly from My Heart pray for those souls that, even being alive, are prisoners in the jails of the enemy and that do not manage to even to see the splendor of My Divine Mercy.

I assure you that in the coming time the chains that oppress and bring to the past millions of hearts in the world will be broken because the High Priest of Love will be seen by many.  He will come among the clouds announcing the redemption of evil on the Earth and the establishment of Eternal Peace in all of those who have lost it for various reasons. 

For this great moment My disciples must be attentive and prepared so that in the last hour they may not change My Glorious Presence for the cunning modernity that the enemy has managed to sow in the consciousness of humanity.

When the Son of God arrives the malignancies that the souls of My Father undergo will be expelled and these souls will be rehabilitated in the Cenacle of Love and Forgiveness.  No stone will be left unturned, as once I have already announced.  All that may seem to be distant to the eyes of the simple ones will be revealed and no lie will ever prevent the loving awakening of a warm heart.

Those who with intelligence and devotion unite themselves to the Rosary of My Divine Mercy will know what steps to take in order to not lose the sense of the spiritual path.  And in the end the religion of My Father will be one only, the religion of love, of humility and of forgiveness.

No one will remain without knowing that I will soon be returning.  Those who have denied Me will be transmuted by the Powerful Fire of My Love.

Now, before the ship of humanity declines, sustain with your faith the torches that illuminate the dark sea of this world.  There will soon emerge in the universal firmament the Eternal Sun that will illuminate the life of those who have always had faith in the return of the Son of God.

Under the Good and the Peace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My Prophesies with attention!

Christ Jesus


As were the three days that I was in hell, in the same way I will return three more days to rescue those who are fallen upon the surface of the Earth.

Contemplate My Solar Presence, I Am not the one who comes to your encounter, it is the Universe that comes to talk to you because I Am the Universe and all look through My System to fulfill My Will that is the Will of God.

Today I bring to you a ray unknown to your consciousness, something that is called immaterial because it is the moment for you to know it before My Return. The Universe and Aurora are united at this moment as an only Sun.

It is the moment to venerate in order to be able to save the world, it is the moment of determination. I come every day to the world to help it but who comes every day towards Me?

For this I send you My Mother as rescue and salvation, She will be who will open the door for My Return, for this you must reverence Her as your truly Mother. Remember that I gave Her to you on the Cross, divesting Myself of this maternity out of love for you.

Today My Presence is solar because it is infinite;  It is perfect before your inner eyes and senses. I do not materialize Myself as energy because you would be afraid to know My New Face, the face of My Infinite Mercy, that which I achieved on the Cross in face of obscurity and tribulation.

Why I have instructed you about three in the afternoon as an important hour?

Because the world is disconnected from itself in spirit and in truth.  For this I try day by day that you unite yourselves to Me and that you strengthen this union with Me before the world purifies itself completely. These are not philosophical words, these are My Truths, the Truth of the Supreme.

For this I descend from the Universe to your encounter. This is My Message for you today. A message that I am allowing you to listen to because everything has its place, its time and its rhythm.

I want that you live in My Priesthood, that which I instituted on the Cross.  My Heart is heavy for the pain of the world but there are good hearts that relieve It. The power of My Love for you for this time is Transfiguring. It could crack the deepest layers of your consciousness and deeply liberate you.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.