Friday, January 12 of 2018

Daily messages

Aurora, the inner Sun that rises again

Aurora is the inner Sun that rises again, it is the sun that rises in the inner universe of those who invoke it.

Aurora is that Sun that dispels the darkness and brings spiritual healing to all souls.

Aurora is that Sun that never dies, because it is an eternal Sun.

Aurora is the fire that unifies all things, it is the flame that consumes opposing currents.

Aurora is that Sun that pierces through the abysses of consciousness, it is the mysterious force of God that exorcizes all everything.

Aurora is the magnet that attracts Laws of healing and of forgiveness for the beings of the Earth.

Aurora is that shooting star that illuminates everything.

From Aurora emerges the Fount of reparation for terrestrial creatures, because Aurora works through love and redemption.

Aurora is not yet known or understood.

Aurora precedes the existence of this world. It comes from a special spiritual conception, this makes Aurora a sacred and immaculate place and all those who arrive at Aurora must open their hearts in order to be impregnated and radiated by it.

Aurora is that unknown Sun that eternally shines; it is the light which does not let the night happen; it is that fleeting flame that illumines the inner worlds.

All those who arrive at Aurora, simple of heart and pure of intention, are worked upon by this sacred Sun of Aurora.

Aurora has no limits, but it does have doors. It communicates from heart to heart and activates the inner senses, which are not human senses, to establish a communication between the consciousness and God.

Aurora is that Sun that concentrates principles, experiences, and results of high degrees of love that it holds within itself.

Aurora is born from a mystery, but vibrates like a musical note in the Universe, it awakens the will to serve and to live a sacrifice for others.

Aurora survives in this time because it lives love, and this makes it strong and persevering together with the warriors that are part of it.

Aurora forges the truth of the heart and repels the false. It takes in the sick and heals the miserable, frees the oppressed and removes the self-imprisoned from the abyss.

Aurora grants an intangible but long-lasting Grace. It accompanies the humble and strengthens the faith in the tepid of heart.

Aurora is transparency; it repels liars and imprisons manipulators.

Aurora is a concrete and fair Law, for this it was created.

Its essence is the Will-Power of God and its unbreakable spirit is infinite love.

Aurora is the path for the redemption of those who say “yes”.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace