Just love one another, as I loved you, as Father and Lord, from My Birth until My Ascension.

Love one another always, and may this love of the heart never be missing from you, however poor or imperfect, may it be true and healthy love, capable of understanding and of accepting everything.

Love one another, much more than I love you, and surpass Me in love and in surrender. I have told you that you would do greater things than I did and this continues to be real and current for Me.

Love one another until you can express compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Love one another without fearing to unmask your characters and to only live for love and in love.

Love one another because it will be the love between brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, that will liberate you from yourselves.

Love without fearing to always say “yes” and to donate yourselves much more than I donated myself.

Love one another so that love may abound on Earth and so that it may be love that will defeat evil, falsehood and all pride.

Love one another in truth and you will fulfill My great Commandment.

Love one another and peace will not be lacking.

I thank all of you who made it possible to fulfill My call this year and those who will fulfill it next year so that the graces may abound on Earth.

Who blesses you always,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and, in this silence, contemplate the omnipotent Presence of God.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and contemplate the magnificent Creation through the Sun.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and contemplate the infinite Universe of the Creation.

Renew through all of this and, in inner communion, become a part of the Higher Laws.

Re-ignite in yourself your filiation with God and find the inner meaning of each learning.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and learn to feel the Presence of the Creator in all that exists, vibrates and manifests as Cosmic Light.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and find the path by which your spirit will return to the great Dwelling.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven and, with devotion, appreciate the One who created us, who loves us and blesses us.

Elevate your eyes toward Heaven to simply say "yes."

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Beloved ones,

I am here again with all of My precious children to keep celebrating, inside and outside of the heart of My faithful children, the advent of Christ, the advent of the New Humanity. 

Today My Heart of Mother is nestled inside of the heart of the faithful, of the devotees, of the unconditional, those who say YES to My Immaculate Heart and to the powerful call of the Son of God for these times.

In them I find consolation and relief for My Universal Consciousness, which, although it comes from the Creative Source, still feels pain for what it sees in this world and above all for the infinite ignorance and indifference that humanity suffers from in this planetary time.

I am asking the Eternal Father, with humility, as Mother of everybody, that in His Infinite Mercy He allow Me to be together with you for the longest possible time, because I see that many imperiously need My maternal instructions.

However that, I have total trust in that everything that has been delivered by Us, the Divine Messengers, has found inside of the consciousness of each one, a space to sprout, grow, give fruits and also flowers, seeds that can be sown in other souls. 

In this new anniversary I want to thank My beloved Aurora, to its Kingdom of Healing and of Redemption for having been the home, here on the planet, that in this cycle has opened its doors and its heart to receive the Universal Mother, the Mother of God, the Co-Redeemer of the Savior.

As never before a Kingdom of Love donated itself without conditions to the Greater Will, placing the Plan of Love, almost unknown, in first place, with full humility, love and confidence.

To this, My House on the planet, I give today the teraphim of My Immaculate Heart, so that it may always be available for the souls.

This Immaculate Heart will radiate Healing and Redemption, Divine Forgiveness, Liberation and Rehabilitation to all the souls that come here seeking a new opportunity for their lives.

Here, this Heart, united to the powerful Light of the Archangel Michael, will liberate from the oppression to all the spirits that come, with sincerity and humility, seeking to be pure, free, seeking to be healed of the diseases of the soul, those which sicken the minds and the bodies.

Here, the Mother of God will leave open forever the healing of the soul and of the spirit, the possibility for the beings to be washed and purified by the Codes that Christ reached when He shed His Blood on the Cross.

Every consciousness that enters in this place with reverence and humility, recognizing that it walks in a sacred ground, a space in which the Redeemer placed His Feet again on this planet, after two thousand years, will receive from the Universe what it needs to go forward, to serve the Son of God in the preparation of His path of Return to the world.

Here will be forged the Warriors of Mercy.

Here the valiant souls will receive their instruments, those that they will play together in the great symphony of the planetary rescue in the end of times. 

Here the Warriors of Peace will wait for the great signals from Heaven that will announce the great coming of the Son of God.

Here will be the place where the Warriors of Light will illuminate, with the Sun of their interior, the path for the souls that should come to find the lost way.

Here, in the Aurora of My Heart, will rise the spiritual columns that will sustain the fallen ones, those who will find God for the first time and, as a celestial miracle, will place their souls on the ground to offer them to the Redeemer when He returns.

This Aurora of My Heart, which with so much humility and rejoicing always waits for Me, will be the school of those who, through its essence and instruction, will govern the Promised Land, when, after the Great Transformation, the New Humanity arises in the dawn of a New Era.

To you, My Beloved Aurora, Hail!

Hail your pure and humble heart, My Love grows in your presence!

I love and bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Universal Mother


Third Series of Poems
First Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

what shall I do with so many
Graces within my consciousness?

I ask You, beloved Lord,
make me worthy of receiving them,
one by one.

Make my heart small and humble
so that I may have the happiness
of knowing Your Wonders.

You know, dear Jesus,
that I am not worthy
of so many mercies.

Help me to deepen into love,
as You did
in each step of Calvary.

How is it possible to love
that which would be unforgivable, Lord?

Tear out from my being
all pride and arrogance.

That in each moment,
dear Master,
I may be able to sustain myself in You
so that I may have enough bravery
to surpass
my own feelings,
my hardest resistances
and all the obstacles
that separate me from You
and from Your Truth.

May I be able to humiliate myself
as many times as needed
so that in the resignation
of my personality,
beloved Lord,
I can transform
the human condition
that has always condemned
and punished me.

Sacred Liberator of life,
Blessed Jesus!
make me nothing in every moment
and submit me to Your unchanging Will
so that any trace
of personal power may vanish
from my consciousness and thus I may be able to live
Your magnificent Will.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Image of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

The Image of My Chaste Heart must be contemplated by those who seek humility, simplicity, the maturity of spirit and the awakening of the spirit of service and charity.

This Image represents the moment in which My Chaste Heart pronounced Its “yes” to God and accepted, despite Its imperfections, to fulfill the Mission that God had entrusted to it.

This Image is the symbol that in order to serve God it is not necessary to be perfect, children, because Perfection, which comes from the Father, manifests in the soul and in the heart, as the being decides to walk.

Before this Image, you must ask the Father for the Grace of knowing to say “yes”, despite the apparent audacity of His Plans. Because today I tell you: it is not God Who asks you great things, but it is you who do not know your own potential, do not know yourselves and think you cannot give what God asks you.

Before this Image, pray the “Novena to begin the New Spiritual Cycles” and let My Heart inspire you so that you can say “yes” and know what is hidden until today and is unknown to you about yourselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the Plan of God consummated in human imperfection. I will place in it all the Graces that the Father granted Me to fulfill His Will and before it, children, you will pray not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, so that these Gifts of Surrender and Rendition, which made this Heart become a Divine Triumph, can reach each one of your brothers and sisters, in the four corners of the world.

Through the Image of My Chaste Heart and the Reliquary of My Heart, the Creator grants you two new and unique Graces so that you may know that all you need in order to become a celestial victory is within your reach.

Today I ask you for a small replica of the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart to pilgrimage around the world and to be at all altars of My Apparitions. Because in this Reliquary I will place the Gifts that humanity needs to renew itself, the standards of conduct for a new life, which will be irradiated in the nations and on the continents, as a teraphim of the New Humanity, so that those who contemplate it and pray before it may achieve the Grace of knowing and living who they really are.

I love you, I bless you and I thank you for manifesting this Work of Miracles and of Graces in this world.

Your Father and Companion,


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


First Message

From the top of the mountains, I come to pronounce the Word of God.

You are before the Prince of Peace, before the King of the Universe, before the Humble Heart of God, the One that comes to seek the works of mercy of His children.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I want to take you to the Peace of My Heart so that you know how to overcome these times, so that you know how to transcend the barriers, so that you find the way out that I am indicating to you in this time and that leads you towards My Merciful Heart. In this place I have a sacred space for everyone, without preferences of anyone.

I come to seek what is true in you, what God created from the beginning so that you could evolve and awaken throughout times.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I show you My Sovereignty. I bring you My Celestial Government, that government that God granted Me after the Ascension so that, after all, I might call the sheep by their names and they might come together with Me to fulfill the Plan.

Today I come with the Peace of the Kingdom of God, which stabilizes energies and spaces; which brings serenity to the consciousness and awakens meekness in the heart. Without this Peace nothing can be lived in these times, above all, the plans that God expects to accomplish, because He needs, companions, to mirror His Plans on His children.

You know that the majority of humanity will not awaken; but the Prince of Peace will make the attempt, because the Grace of God is also for the most miserable, for those who are most distant from Me, for those who do not feel My Heart neither seek It.

Enter, now, towards this state of Celestial Peace, in which everything is balanced, in which everything quietens, in which there is a profound retreat to allow feeling God within.

The Prince of Peace comes with the angels of Peace to announce to the world the last time of peace before everything happens, before everything is unleashed, before the humanity of surface sees the reality which it does not want to see yet.

Build in you, companions, states of peace that are unalterable. Seek wisdom and patience so that this can be built in you and in the most difficult moments you may know how to transcend difficulties and obstacles.

From the top of these mountains I pronounce My Voice, and My Divine Word echoes in the hearts.

May My Word resound in the inner worlds.

May the inner worlds raise the temples again so that God can dwell and make of human beings new people, make of the spirits, consecrated consciousnesses who do not fear to know who they truly are and what they have come to fulfill in this cycle.

Today I place My Hand on My Chest and I make you feel My Heart, My Pacifying Heart, so that everything may be neutralized, so that the obstacle may be dissipated, so that souls may find again the path and the security of being in God.

Today I come among the clouds to announce to the world My arrival, first in Divinity and then in Glory; first within your spirits and then around you, upon this surface.

The time has come for the return of the Lord, the time has come for the last preparation of the hearts for all that is supposed to come in these definitive times.

Keep yourselves in the certainty of being in My Heart, build in yourselves this bridge that unites you to Me, and do not allow earthly energies to make you oscillate.

Be firm before the Purpose, be firm before life, because in this way you will be good apostles, thus you will fulfill My call and you will fulfill My Work on this planet, a Work that is for the whole world.

Retreat your inner beings on top of these mountains and discover the true reality that exists in them, the true treasures that they keep and where many still cannot see them.

But I reveal these treasures to you, I reveal to you these principles and these Gifts that come to build the New Human, that come to make the old human die, that come to awaken in the spirits that which renews.

Allow these treasures that are kept here to be received by your spirits and the old human to lose their garments, so that they may baptized by the Spirit of God and this may make them worthy of His Kingdom.

While I Am here, with you, I Am with the world.

I bring you Peace so that you may feel it and live it. The Peace I bring you comes from Heaven and from the Universe. It is the Peace that comes from the Silence of God and from His most intimate and eternal retreat.

May this Peace raise you again as My consciousnesses, soldiers, apostles and servants.

May your essences be impenetrable to the harassment of the world.

May your essences be strengthened before My Celestial Presence and may the codes of a New Life be placed in them, the codes of the Light that I bring through My Heart, in order to cause to rise in you what God has requested from Me for each one.

May the advent of the New Christs be fulfilled.

May the advent of the last called be carried out so that the Earth may be prepared and also the whole human consciousness may recognize the coming of the Redeemer, Who still waits with His open Arms for the embrace of His children and His companions, to relieve the pain that His Heart feels because of human indifference, ignorance and error.

May the celestial Peace dissolve indifferences.

May the celestial Peace unify hearts.

May the celestial Peace establish the Kingdom of God within humankind so that life may be regenerated and the Suns of these times may awaken and emerge in the firmament, giving a “yes” to the Creator Universe.

May no one lose hope of being able to redeem themselves.

May no one lose the joy of serving Me.

May no one fail to follow My steps, because they are the last ones I am taking before My Return to lead you through the path of the great awakening.

May the Universal Laws be fulfilled in humankind.

May the Rays of the Universe descend upon the consciousnesses to rebuild the inner temples and, thus bring to the Earth the Grace of God.

May this Marathon be offered for the unification of beliefs, for the transcendence of human doctrines and philosophies so that everyone may achieve Christic Love and may unite to Me, in essence and spirit, so that the Church, which I founded more than two thousand years ago, may live the Designs of God and may not alter them.

This is why I come to call out of My Church those who need Me, those who expect Me and also those who do not seek Me, because in everyone is the Christic Love, because this Love is in you since the beginning when you were created in the image and likeness of God.

May the flame of faith ignite in hearts so that the Plan may triumph.

Because I will not come through the greater door of My Church for you to recognize Me, I will come in a different and anonymous way, through a place no one thinks, that no being imagines.

I will come in the night of the great Moon, because it will illuminate My paths and will announce the dawn of the New Aurora.

May God bless you and bless your lives, bless all beings of the Earth so that they may awaken to My grand summoning someday.

It is time to return to the Love of God because there, all will be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Contemplate the solar essence that is given to creatures through the spiritual treasures that God hides deep in beings.

Contemplate the solar essence that is given to creatures through the "yes" that a few emit to the Universe, forgetting themselves and surrendering their own lives to the Father for the benefit of human evolution, and more than that, for the benefit of the evolution of all the Universes and the renewal that God Himself lives when His Children say "yes".

Enter the desert of your inner being  and follow the sublime ceremonies that are carried out in the silence, while humanity, distracted, seeks a way out of the entanglements and the chaos of their own lives.

Contemplate the solar essence that God gives to His Children, so invisible, yet as palpable as the wind.

This Light, which does not come from this world, is not only like the Sun that illumines your days. It does not reveal itself to those who do not want to see it; therefore, child, enter the desert of your heart and there receive what God has to give you.

Like the Patriarchs who opened themselves to a new cycle and awakened the faith in One God, Who spoke to them in their heart and awakened their consciousness, you too enter the desert of your spirit, open to a new cycle, ready for a new Law.

I know that, for you, many mysteries are not palpable and even less, reachable before your imperfection, but today I take you to the desert and I show you a place where emptiness is real, where you become a new jar, ready for a new cycle and a new inner learning.

Just simply take My Hands and enter with Me into this desert and, like the peoples of ancient times, allow yourself to be renewed by God.

I will guide you and bless you on this path.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Aurora, the inner Sun that rises again

Aurora is the inner Sun that rises again, it is the sun that rises in the inner universe of those who invoke it.

Aurora is that Sun that dispels the darkness and brings spiritual healing to all souls.

Aurora is that Sun that never dies, because it is an eternal Sun.

Aurora is the fire that unifies all things, it is the flame that consumes opposing currents.

Aurora is that Sun that pierces through the abysses of consciousness, it is the mysterious force of God that exorcizes all everything.

Aurora is the magnet that attracts Laws of healing and of forgiveness for the beings of the Earth.

Aurora is that shooting star that illuminates everything.

From Aurora emerges the Fount of reparation for terrestrial creatures, because Aurora works through love and redemption.

Aurora is not yet known or understood.

Aurora precedes the existence of this world. It comes from a special spiritual conception, this makes Aurora a sacred and immaculate place and all those who arrive at Aurora must open their hearts in order to be impregnated and radiated by it.

Aurora is that unknown Sun that eternally shines; it is the light which does not let the night happen; it is that fleeting flame that illumines the inner worlds.

All those who arrive at Aurora, simple of heart and pure of intention, are worked upon by this sacred Sun of Aurora.

Aurora has no limits, but it does have doors. It communicates from heart to heart and activates the inner senses, which are not human senses, to establish a communication between the consciousness and God.

Aurora is that Sun that concentrates principles, experiences, and results of high degrees of love that it holds within itself.

Aurora is born from a mystery, but vibrates like a musical note in the Universe, it awakens the will to serve and to live a sacrifice for others.

Aurora survives in this time because it lives love, and this makes it strong and persevering together with the warriors that are part of it.

Aurora forges the truth of the heart and repels the false. It takes in the sick and heals the miserable, frees the oppressed and removes the self-imprisoned from the abyss.

Aurora grants an intangible but long-lasting Grace. It accompanies the humble and strengthens the faith in the tepid of heart.

Aurora is transparency; it repels liars and imprisons manipulators.

Aurora is a concrete and fair Law, for this it was created.

Its essence is the Will-Power of God and its unbreakable spirit is infinite love.

Aurora is the path for the redemption of those who say “yes”.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let the healing and redeeming current of Aurora enter into the depths of your being, so that unknown after-effects of the consciousness may be erased by the stream of the Aurora of love and of forgiveness.

When you open your heart to this mystery, it must first enter within you, so that it can then be revealed, and this knowledge may become a part of you.

Thus, when you are in Aurora, Aurora is within you, and there is nothing or anybody that can break this inner communion with the Essence of Healing for souls.

Always be grateful for being in Aurora, because it can make of you a new being, filled with the principles of redemption and of forgiveness.

Let the unknown Aurora always be in you, even if you believe it is not possible. It is active when the human heart and soul simply open to receive this powerful divine energy.

Receive, then, this balm of the Aurora of Love, and may all the spiritual unredeemed after-effects dissipate in order that the Principle which is Aurora be able to cause the principle of your conception to be reborn.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Remove all anguish and sorrow from your heart, and do not think you will not manage to do so.

Although it may seem unknown, dare to say 'yes' to the Universe in complete trust.

Take your steps toward Christ. Even in the moments of greatest tribulation, let My motherly Hand draw close to you so as to guide you.

Let that which is oldest in you gradually die while in your essence what you really are and what you came to fulfill on this blue planet awakens.

Trust that you will be able to carry on walking. Let the Sacred Flame of My Heart illumine your path and thus you may carry forward the inner purpose that the Father entrusted to you.

Meanwhile, my child, recover your hope from the beginning of your awakening, from the moment in which your heart had the feeling to follow this sacred but unknown path. From there, you must gain courage and inner strength to learn to transcend yourself, to learn to be uplifted and to find the justifiable sense of having to be here.

Now your life is like that moment in which Peter, the Apostle, had to confirm whether or not he was with Jesus, since, in spite of his denial, within the essence of Peter there existed that trust hidden by fear.

Open your heart and go through that threshold of fear that does not exist and say 'yes' to the Sacred Heart. Always say 'yes' even though you do not understand.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear son, dear daughter,

Completely empty all your being of expectations, results, and fears, because at this time the hour of conscious purification is approaching.

Empty all your being of elucubrations and wonderful ideas, so that, looking for the Void of God, you find the universe of nothing, of surrender, and of the unconditional.

Empty your mind of projects, of ideals, and of any doubt, so that, when you are before the Will of the Father, your consciousness does not lose the opportunity of fully and confidently launching itself into the Plan of God.

Empty your inner world of what is perfect or imperfect, of what is weak or has solidity or spiritual fortitude, so that before each new test, your heart can be living everything in peace.

Empty yourself without fear, empty yourself, so that the powerful seed of humility and of renunciation may arise in you, and thus, in each new learning you can be free of yourself.

You have to empty yourself completely of yourself so that you may hear the teachings and the corrections that will reach your path in order to shape your spirit and to transform everything that is archaic in your consciousness.

Empty yourself and just say "yes" to Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My time for being in this world and among you is ending. Therefore, children, be merciful and good, be loving and pacifiers, as My Beloved Son expects of you every day.

Learn quickly to take care of yourselves, the treasures of God; no longer offend the Father with your acts and indifference, with your lack of love between brothers and sisters. Children, do not allow omission or disrespect to swallow you.

My time among you is already ending and you will know it overnight, because just as I come from Heaven to help you, in the same way I will rise to Heaven and will not be able to come back anymore.

Children, live My messages, and no longer listen to them as if they were directed only to the world. Your transformation, your redemption, and your surrender are in first place.

My beloved children, My continuous time among you is already ending and if you do not live My words, if you do not seek My loving instruction every day, when I am no longer able to be among you, you will feel a great emptiness.

My little ones, My time among you and near to you is already ending and you must be witnesses of all that I have done in these last years, as much here as in other places of the world that I have already visited.

Woe, My children, of those who will shut themselves within themselves and will be more impenetrable than a great wall! Truly, I tell you, I will only pray for their salvation, so that these hearts hardened by pride and arrogance may break so that they may be able to convert in time.

Today more than ever a sadness  fills Me, not only because of what I see in the world, but for what I see in those who are near to Me, who in spite of so much love poured, have already decided not to change.

This anguishes Me as a Mother, as responsible for all your lives. My last request, while tears fall on My Face, is that you do not forget these words, that they at least serve as conversion for those who will say "yes" to Me with fervor and not with tepidness.

I thank you for listening to Me with an open heart!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let the weight or the anguish that your heart may feel not precipitate into your consciousness. It is at the moments of greater tests when the great spirit of temperance must be born and emerge. As a Mother, I comprehend and understand what it means to go through a culminating and crucial moment.

Beyond what might seem painful or difficult, you must learn, children, to see the omnipotent Will of God acting, which comes to safeguard you and protect you from yourselves. A Greater Will that has tried from the beginning of this planet to place the human consciousness on the true path of its evolution.

Encourage yourself to say "yes" to the pain, to the test, or even to the suffering that God sends you, because all of this will make your hearts stronger, and the human illusion of believing that life begins or ends here will dissolve.

I come as Mother of the pain lived by My Son, to give you the spirit of valor, the impetus to live with courage and determination this end of times, which most human beings do not accept living or facing and only try to escape from the true reality.

May this moment and this transition place each one of My children before the true reality of how the Plan of God should be carried forward in trust, in love, and feeling in the depths of the heart, just as I felt it when His Mother said "yes" to God through the Archangel Gabriel.

To accept, in this time, realities, truths, and revelations that vibrate and that are far from human control, power, or a personal inquiry into things, will be the keynote that will lead the human consciousness into defining if it loves the Plan of Our Creator more than itself, because that will demarcate the next step of the human race and its future destiny.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The more the clock hands stray from the time and, the hours that used to measure the days no longer pass in the same rhythm, the closer the Truth and The Time of God approach to this world.

The hours of the Earth are revealed as an illusion. The seasons and the days no longer are the same as before, because the Earth is not at the same point; it is in a constant movement of approaching the dimensions of the Universe.

The hearts of humankind fear the chaos and perdition because their souls can glimpse the abysses that open up before meaningless lives.

And those who can feel the anguish within themselves and hear the voice of their souls, are seeking a path on which they can safely walk.

Oh, hearts of the world! The moment of Eternal Time has come, of the dissolution of illusion, of the absolution of sins, of the reparation of the Heart of God, wounded so many times by humankind!

The last doors for the awakening are opening. Send your “yes” to the Universe and let prejudice, fear, or the inability to seek Good give way to a new cycle in your lives.

Be encouraged by the example of those who say “yes” and allow yourselves to be broken within, so that you may be rebuilt by the Hands of God.

To those who have set foot on a path to Higher Life, I tell you: do not allow yourselves to waver.

Be upright, firm with yourselves, and true. Be meek and simple and let the joy that is born in your hearts when finding God be seen, beyond human miseries, because this joy and this example will encourage the souls that are undecided between the Light and the chaos of this time.

Be instruments of assistance for human resolution, and that is not done other than through serving, loving, and allowing yourselves to be corrected, transformed, purified, redeemed, and elevated to God.

Children of a New Humankind, place yourselves in the arms of God, in His new and last Ship. And even in troubled waters, full of the fury inherent to this spiritual battle, stand firm in the faith, do not allow yourselves to be thrown into the sea of the illusions of the world.

Gather Fortitude from My Words. Listen to the echo of the Voice of God in His Messengers and move forward!

Row! And never stop rowing! Lift the white sails of the triumph of Peace and save those who have lost themselves in these waters of illusion. You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend, who will always row with you and in silence will help you to keep, on high, the sails of this new and last Ship of Salvation and Redemption of human life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Time to step out of the world illusion

The time has come, My children, to step out of the world illusion and to begin to face reality, first within you, and then to recognize it outside.

The world will not wait for you to mature so that it lives its purification and the transition of the times, which will mark the before and after between the old and the new man. The changes are already precipitating over the Earth and are expressed through the imbalance of the elements of nature, through men, through young people, through wars between nations, races and religions. Thus, children, the “end”, that many do not want to see because they believe that everything is where it should be, is shaped.

Today, as yesterday, I come as the Mother of Truth, the Lady of Divine Sincerity, so that nothing more may be hidden from your eyes and all warnings may be given to you in time, so that you may transform your lives and your souls awaken.

My beloved, amidst a world that is lost in its own ignorance, I come to build an example of transformation in this place. If you open the door to Me and say “yes” to Me, I will demonstrate to the world that it is possible to convert ignorance into wisdom and naivety into a true purity of heart.

I would like all My children of this town to come to meet Me, so that I may awaken them to the will that God has for this people.

Children, I want to build here a model of respect, equality and hope; a place where souls come to find again the dignity they have lost because of surrendering to illusion.

I know that the enemy of God will do everything to prevent this Plan from being fulfilled and souls from uniting to build this purpose. But today I ask you, beloved children, to just place your hearts on the goal of expressing to the world a hope of life, which it has lost.

I want to help you rebuild your families; I want to teach you to grow and respect the different expressions of the human heart. I want religions here to unite in service and prayer, for a world of peace. May respect and the consciousness that only One God exists, He Who gathers you, make it possible to erase from your hearts the prejudice and the feelings of superiority with respect to your brothers and sisters. I want you to see one another as unique essences of God, deeply loved by He Who created them. And, in this way, you may open to learn one with each other.

It is not much that I ask of you, My children. I want to root out violence through the awakening of the spirit. Because a heart that yields to darkness, is one which does not truly know God and has not found a meaning for its life. I come to give you this meaning and to open in your hearts that space which the Creator must occupy, so that one day, My beloved, you may express the likeness to the Father.

For the nations of the world, this is a distant and nearly impossible goal, but to the one who is in Me and allows himself to be guided by My Heart, nothing is impossible. Allow Me, children, to establish peace through your hearts. Allow Me to build the impossible in your lives.

I just want you to respect one another, to serve one another and to collaborate in the building of a world in greater peace. For the planet agonizes and the wars outrage the hearts of My children, due to the inability of men to live true love and conscious respect.

For this reason, children, I will ask you to accompany Me and to allow Me to transform this place into an example of a new life, where it is possible to respect, collaborate, admire the best of one’s fellow being, and thus live in communion.

If you allow Me to do it, and if you let yourselves be guided by Me, in a short while you will see My words manifested in the transformation of your lives.

Carry this message of Mine to the four corners of this town and let it echo in the hearts. Call My children to come and meet Me. It is time to awaken and to step out of the world illusion.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Letter of the Most Holy Mary to Those Who Say “yes”…

My beloved children,

It is through you, through your sincere prayers and your acts of love, that I can bring to Earth everything that exists in the Universe.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can show the world the path of redemption and purity.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can express Her warmest work of love in all the world for souls and for the Kingdoms.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able to submerge with all Her Consciousness into the deepest abysses of the Earth and rescue the unrescuable.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able, through prayer, to teach you to redeem the most archaic aspects of life, so that your souls may be free to express that which they really are.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother, during each new Vigil of Prayer, offers the Eternal Father the possibility of dismantling the great plans of My adversary.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother has the permission to act on the planet and in the most dormant humanity, through the ardent devotion and the inner joy of simple hearts.

Dear children, although it does not seem so, the “yes” of humanity could change the events of this world, and its effects would reach beyond the nations, the peoples and even the continents.

Each new “yes” pronounced by souls and expressed through a physical presence in the Vigils of Prayer for Peace in the Nations means for the Universe the chance to act in an operative way in humanity through its angels and the Hierarchies of Light in order to deactivate certain corrupt aspects within the human consciousness that cause it to spiritually retrocede, time after time.

A true and sincere “yes” from a child of Mine in this cycle would make a difference so that the spiritual Hierarchy could be able to help or not help humanity and all that it generates through its actions and its acts.

At this time, a sincere “yes” allows the Eternal Father to move forward with His Designs in the most inferior and lost creatures of humanity.

Even more, if this “yes” is composed  of a disinterested spirit of service, a heartfelt prayer and an unknown love, its repercussions in the human consciousness will be much greater than they seem.

For this reason, My children, a sincere “yes” allows the Universe to act through the Laws of Mercy and Grace, and the cases that are impossible to solve in humanity may be balanced and alleviated.

I invite you to think, feel and meditate upon the power of “yes” of the same “yes” that your Heavenly Mother gave so as to be the spiritual Tabernacle, the humble and most pure womb that would receive Universal Light and invincible Love through the coming of Christ.

May this sincere “yes” that can emerge from your hearts allow you to transcend the times, overcome the most difficult tests within and outside of yourselves, that will open a secure door, where you may find the Presence of the Universal King, Jesus Christ, through it.

Dear children, it will be the “yes” of this current humanity that will cause the planet to be purified and elevated, helping it to free itself of the weight generated by humanity.

It will be the “yes” of souls that will cause this humanity to be of a higher and more mature consciousness.

It will be the “yes” of hearts to the Divine Plan that will change forever the course of all the coming events.

It will be the “yes” of all My beloved children that will defeat the beast of all times.

It will be the “yes” of My children, of the children of Mary, that will open the doors of the Universe for the Return of Christ.

Dare to say “yes” to the Universe and you will not recognize yourselves.

I thank you for responding to My call!
Who blesses you,
Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Spiritual and inner treasures were pricelessly given to hearts that opened to receive them during these last two days of merciful prayer. Uncountable fruits were given into the hands of those who were consistent in the task of merciful prayer.

Now the time has come to be vigilant and make of these spiritual gifts true jewels that come from the Spiritual Universe for the most needy. All this is the work of the Divine Source, because of the Purpose and, at the same time, because of Justice.

Who has ears to hear must hear for the Lord has invisibly given an inner legacy to the souls that said 'yes' to Him from the beginning and responded to Him. This is cause for joy because something so spiritual and important that would never have been received by souls was today perfectly placed in the essences that once again opened to the Love of the Creator.

A new phase begins; souls will no longer be the same as yesterday nor as in the past; they are now different, as of today.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the Power of God descend to Earth so that souls may be freed of the pressures of material life.

May the supreme Gift of the Love of God incarnate, as verb and energy, in all essences that are rehabilitated through forgiveness and prayer.

May the kingdoms of darkness be dispelled from the face of the planet so that the currents of Divine Love that come in aid of humanity, may re-establish the spiritual mission of each creature.

May the Portals of Heaven open, today, so the power of healing may descend and the new Aurora once again ignite wounded hearts through a greater reconciliation.

May the original innocence of souls reawaken, so that the spirit of brotherhood guide the purpose of the self-summoned.

Today, the Voice of the Messenger of God can be heard in the universe, because the Plan and Infinity aspire to live in the depths of the hearts that were called.

All the spiritual towers that have fallen rise up to Heaven, and the sun of the universe illuminates the paths of those who have given their great 'yes' to God.

The kings of Heaven assemble and celebrate the eternal redeeming communion with Jesus Christ, the Lord and Master of Love.

Nobody in this world will fail to hear the call, because the strength of the Love of God promotes an unbreakable union of souls with the Higher Kingdom.

Those who have again found the path they once lost, rejoice, because the Spokesperson of Heaven calls on you to be rehabilitated. Thus, from your beings release the reins and the ties of the past, so that among hearts, the spirit of peace may arise.

I gather up all your needs in My Heart. God contemplates the purity of the just and the mercy of the good. It is now time to embrace the opportunity and not retreat.

The Heart of the Great Master calls you to a greater unity, because supreme life must be gestated in redeemed beings.

Hold in your hands the divine flame that illumines you, and do not cease to look at the firmament that accompanies you.

Be bearers of the restorative and liberating message. Be stars that are part of the new Universe of God. Praise the Father as the angels in Heaven do and be worthy of receiving universal Graces.

Rebuild humanity with prayer and no longer be separate because of appearances. Recognize the Voice that comes from the Universe, the hand that caresses your face, the Mantle that protects you from all evil, the eyes that contemplate you with kindness and love, the divine smile that encourages you to continue forward and the maternal embrace that welcomes you.

Feel the Kingdom of My Peace in your lives, the calm that penetrates you, the serenity that reassures you, the luminous spark of My Heart. Be My soldiers and help to redeem this beloved suffering planet. Accept My convocation and, through prayer, profess the love of God.

Do not cease looking at or listening to Me. I am the same mother and woman that gestated Jesus, the Savior, and now I am your Mother of hope.

It is time to close the hell of this world so that Christ can return soon. In your hands is the power for your transformation, in your hands and hearts, the spring of the prayer of the heart can be born.

Receive My call with joy and rejoicing. Sing to God every day; in this way you will alleviate His scourged Heart of Love.

I am with you in the silence as well as in the joy; I am with you in the healing as well as in sickness. Purify yourselves in time and receive My maternal Love.

My wish is that renewed charismatic groups of prayer emerge from Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Viedma, which represent the Law of Healing for humanity. This you will achieve through your inner union.

I thank all My children of Argentina and the world for having responded to My maternal call!

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the God of Mercy, blesses you and heals you.

Peace on Earth.


Cling to My Cross and do not tire of sustaining it, My Pure Spirit will give you the strength that you need to be able to follow My Path.

I promise to My valiant soldiers the eternal sacrifice and the donation for others; these are the secure keys to live your sanctification.  My Full Redeeming Love today consecrates you, despite the falls and the mistakes; the Lord gathers you around My Most Holy Heart so that you may feel in your lives the hour of My Return.

I promise to My followers deep trials, unreachable challenges and distant goals, but My Divine Mercy, which is perpetual and glorious, will be the engine of life that will propel you to walk by My side despite it all.

For this cycle I come in search of all of those that have said yes to Me despite what has happened, I come in search of those who have given Me the sacred permission to banish from life the pride that blinds and the vanity that condemns, because behind the imperfections of the beings, is found the Infinite Temple of God.

I come to reconstruct that which in this life you have demolished by your human actions; I come to search the essences that have offered themselves to form part of My Sacred Flock.

In this hour of world transition for humanity and for all the hearts, I come to convert you definitively to My Path.

For this, quench your spiritual thirst in My Gospel and that through My Word you may find the path again.  The times will not be easy for anyone, but I always, when I see you fall or already fallen to the ground, I will lift you and I will take you by My Hand to the House of My Father.

Rethink for your lives the experience of My Life in your lives.  The hour is indicating the accomplishment of the call and the offer that many have made to My Heart.  Do not fear suffering, do not fear loneliness, and only when you open the door of truth for Me, I will be in the silence and in your hearts.

My Mercy is directed as a powerful ray over the Community of the New Earth and for having honored and glorified the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Eternal Father has sent Me to help you through My Trusting Love.

Dear Friends of Mine and My little ones from New Earth: Go ahead!  Continue gestating in your hearts the powerful symbol of the Child King; your works and continuous charities give joy to the Heart of God and they repair all the outrages that the great part of the world commits day by day.

The Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy will always be your shield against all evil, because today, in joy and in honor of your offer to God, Jesus Christ, the King of kings, also consecrates this community of precious souls to the Sacred Heart of Christ, by saying:

It is All for You, Lord

Father, because of My Passion,
souls have resurrected to Your Divine Spirit.
Father, because of My Life,
sick hearts have been healed.
Father, because of My Resurrection,
humanity has been saved.
Father, because of My Good News,
essences have not remained alone.
Father, because of My Word, 
many have again found
the path they had lost.
Father, because of My Sacred Birth,
the children of the world have returned to Your Heart.
Father, because of My Sacrifice,
and for having drunk from Your Precious Chalice,
the wounds of the world have been healed,
evil has been overcome by
the Divine Power of My Love
and the emptiness of many has been
filled by the Faith of My Sacred Heart.
I am Your Shepherd, Lord
and I look after your Flocks.
I am Your greatest expression of Love
and I protect Your Soldiers.
Eternal Father,
Today I consecrate all of Your Children
before the Presence and Glory
of the Celestial Altars
so that Your Infinite Compassion
may be poured out as 
a Source of Peace upon all.

Under the Sacred Glory of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you New Earth for being born in the simple hearts!

Christ Jesus of Mercy.

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