Wednesday, September 13 of 2017

Daily messages

Time to step out of the world illusion

The time has come, My children, to step out of the world illusion and to begin to face reality, first within you, and then to recognize it outside.

The world will not wait for you to mature so that it lives its purification and the transition of the times, which will mark the before and after between the old and the new man. The changes are already precipitating over the Earth and are expressed through the imbalance of the elements of nature, through men, through young people, through wars between nations, races and religions. Thus, children, the “end”, that many do not want to see because they believe that everything is where it should be, is shaped.

Today, as yesterday, I come as the Mother of Truth, the Lady of Divine Sincerity, so that nothing more may be hidden from your eyes and all warnings may be given to you in time, so that you may transform your lives and your souls awaken.

My beloved, amidst a world that is lost in its own ignorance, I come to build an example of transformation in this place. If you open the door to Me and say “yes” to Me, I will demonstrate to the world that it is possible to convert ignorance into wisdom and naivety into a true purity of heart.

I would like all My children of this town to come to meet Me, so that I may awaken them to the will that God has for this people.

Children, I want to build here a model of respect, equality and hope; a place where souls come to find again the dignity they have lost because of surrendering to illusion.

I know that the enemy of God will do everything to prevent this Plan from being fulfilled and souls from uniting to build this purpose. But today I ask you, beloved children, to just place your hearts on the goal of expressing to the world a hope of life, which it has lost.

I want to help you rebuild your families; I want to teach you to grow and respect the different expressions of the human heart. I want religions here to unite in service and prayer, for a world of peace. May respect and the consciousness that only One God exists, He Who gathers you, make it possible to erase from your hearts the prejudice and the feelings of superiority with respect to your brothers and sisters. I want you to see one another as unique essences of God, deeply loved by He Who created them. And, in this way, you may open to learn one with each other.

It is not much that I ask of you, My children. I want to root out violence through the awakening of the spirit. Because a heart that yields to darkness, is one which does not truly know God and has not found a meaning for its life. I come to give you this meaning and to open in your hearts that space which the Creator must occupy, so that one day, My beloved, you may express the likeness to the Father.

For the nations of the world, this is a distant and nearly impossible goal, but to the one who is in Me and allows himself to be guided by My Heart, nothing is impossible. Allow Me, children, to establish peace through your hearts. Allow Me to build the impossible in your lives.

I just want you to respect one another, to serve one another and to collaborate in the building of a world in greater peace. For the planet agonizes and the wars outrage the hearts of My children, due to the inability of men to live true love and conscious respect.

For this reason, children, I will ask you to accompany Me and to allow Me to transform this place into an example of a new life, where it is possible to respect, collaborate, admire the best of one’s fellow being, and thus live in communion.

If you allow Me to do it, and if you let yourselves be guided by Me, in a short while you will see My words manifested in the transformation of your lives.

Carry this message of Mine to the four corners of this town and let it echo in the hearts. Call My children to come and meet Me. It is time to awaken and to step out of the world illusion.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace