My dear and beloved children,

Today, it rejoices Me to have you close to My Heart, so that each one of you may feel the maternal warmth of My Sacred Flame of Love.

In this Lent, which is ending, I invite you to come out of the desert to enter the Eternal Paradise of God, which is in the Heavens.

I want to take you with Me, in this coming Holy Week, along the sacred path of the Calvary, so that you may spiritually collect the triumphant codes of the Sorrowful Passion of My Son.

In this time, Our Lord needs for souls to exist that are capable of being depositories of His principles, values and attributes, so that the world may see an eradication of the violence, war, impunity and slavery that many among My children still face day by day.

I wish, as a Mother, that you may offer your lives to God as an example in the face of so many sins in the world.

Dear children, for this reason, My intention as a Mother is to take you by the hands and, above all, within My Heart, along the path of revelation of Christic Love, which is faithfully expressed through the Passion of Christ.

My Son needs witnesses of His Love, in the face of so much cruelty.

My Son needs witnesses of His Mercy, in the face of so much injustice.

My Son needs peacemakers, in the face of so much violence and mistreatment.

Therefore, you must begin the exercise of setting yourselves apart and distancing yourselves from these energies.

For this reason, I come to show you the path, the path that will lead you to My Son, Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.

After transmitting the Weekly Message, the Virgin Mary complemented it with the following Words:

My Son thanks you for being here today, and through this Message, which you will soon share(*), you will understand the essence of what He needs in this cycle. Because We hope, and We also pray, for at least a part of humanity to be saved, before it is too late; and mainly for the humanity that will be rescued to hold, in itself and in each heart, the Values and Principles of God, which, from the beginning, gestated the existence of races and peoples, the authentic expression of the divine values of the people of Israel.

My silence comes to comfort you. My prayer comes to rebuild you. My Love comes to elevate you before this spiritual and divine door, which opens to the Sacred Week.

The Church of My Son is ready, because what will shine at Its Altar will be the offering of each one of your hearts, this is what He ardently hopes for. It does not matter that it is imperfect or that it is miserable to you. My Son expects it to be true, with the loyalty that each heart can live, to understand the Call of God, which, in this time, comes to awaken all, because humanity must not fall asleep in its indifference and denial.

Humanity must be the race of the New Christs. And for this cause I also pray every day, just as I faithfully pray by the side of each one who unites to Me in prayer.

I thank you, and encourage you to live a victorious Holy Week, so that Christ, My Beloved Son, may govern each human heart. For this ardent aspiration of the Lord, I give you His Peace, the Peace of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be Light in the world, so that there may be Mercy.

(*) The Divine Mother refers to the Weekly Message.


Dear children,

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who contemplates the heavy crosses of all Her children.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who walks silently and imperceptibly beside every supplicating heart.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who holds in Her lap and in Her Arms all those who shed tears of pain and toil.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who accompanies and guides the hearts in search of truth and justice.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who this week prepares Herself like Her Beloved Son, to contemplate the Sorrowful and Victorious Passion of Jesus.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who encourages all Her beloved children to avail themselves of the merits of Christ and to commune with the principles and values of the evolutionary and Christic life.

Behold the Mother of the Holy Cross, the Mother who patiently awaits the awakening of the New Christs, who will neither fear nor retreat, but will courageously walk forward, preparing the Earth for the Return of the Lord, the Master of Love, Christ Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Holy Cross


Forty days with Jesus along the Lent path

"May God show you His Divine Face and illuminate your paths so that you may reach the purpose of your existence.

May the Lord, your God, anoint you with His Light and liberate you forever from all that, in your life,  imprisons you.

May the Celestial Father guide you and show you the sacred path to fulfill His Holy Will.

May your heart be opened like a temple, so that the Lord, your God, the God of Israel, may dwell in you; so that you may conceive in yourself an empty heart, free from ambitions, vices and all ownership.

May the Lord, your God, Adonai, transfigure your entire consciousness, so that  divine life may be in you and may one day be in all of humanity.

May Divine Grace, out of love, grant this moment, so that the New Christs may be present on the surface of the Earth."

Christ Jesus


Forty days with Jesus along the Lent path

"What have been the twenty-four steps you have taken in this Lent up to today?

What have you been able to solve within your own inner desert?

Have you realized that Lent is a Grace for experiencing penance?

Have you noticed that Lent is an opportunity to make good decisions?

What fruits of all your inner work will you present to Me?

Can My Words be part of you?

How much longer will the world have to wait for the emergence of the New Christs?

Will you dare to finish the last stage of your inner desert in these special forty days?

Do you already know who you truly are?

Have you managed to return to your origin?

Have great patience and compassion, so that your feet may not take a step that is greater than your possibilities.

Hold on to Me, I Am here."

Christ Jesus


Dear children,

May consecrated life represent, to all those who follow this path, the star that illuminates the night on the face of the Earth.

May consecrated life be the bridge that unites souls to God through the experience of the Sacraments.

May the consecrated life reflect the Living Face of Christ so that those who most need love and peace will find it through the consecrated life.

Let us remember that consecrated life, in spite of going through its moment of purification, is part of the Mystical Body of Christ and that, being part of My Son, consecrated life has the joy of receiving an Extraordinary Grace from God.

May all consecrated life continue to walk, through faith, in the ardent quest to serve the Lord and to be close to His Divine Consciousness.

May consecrated life be strengthened and affirmed on this planet, so that the existence of the New Christs may soon become a reality.

I pray day and night for all consecrated life, so that it may be an instrument of peace and charity in the world, so that it may reach those who suffer the most and endure the absence of peace and love.

Through consecrated life, may My Son prepare His Return to humanity, because consecrated life will be the space where Christ will affirm His next Work of the redemption of the world.

To all those who aspire to consecrated life, may they aspire to live it, for it is in the depths of their being that Christ must govern and work for the whole world.

Consecrated life is the flame that can never be extinguished on the entire surface of the Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of consecrated life


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain in peace while I am present, because the world needs peace.

I give thanks for the response of My children, the immediate and sensible response of all those who gather, at this moment, around the Mother of God, just as the angels of God gather at this moment.

I return to My beloved and favorite House of Figueira, because this place, blessed by My Father who is in the Heavens, has opened the doors for Me so that I might reach the whole world.

This is why today I come to relieve your wounds. I come to make your sadness disappear. I come to make your agony disappear, so that suffering may disappear from this world and this humanity, suffering that has become aggravated in these times.

This is why I again tell you, time and again, do not lose faith. I am here and I Am your Mother, who guides you and who will always guide you to the secure path, the blessed path to the Heart of God.

Although this time is unknown, despite the doubts and even the uncertainties, it is time to trust the Supreme; because I am here to open the door to the Supreme for you. I am here to lead you to the Truth, and I will not tire of doing this, My children.

This is why I come here in an untiring way, so that My children may be restored in My Heart, so that they may always know that there will be a glimmer of God’s Hope that can shine, beyond the darkness of the world, beyond one’s own inner darkness.

Be brave, and decidedly follow the steps of My Son. He needs to build a new time, through His apostles and servers. At this moment, He needs, imperatively, that there may be witnesses of His Love, for the world cannot live without the Love of God, souls cannot live without the Love from the Source.

You know that this is so, My children. This is why I come here, in the name of this Higher Love, of this Love of God, which gathered you all from the beginning to build the foundations of this Spiritual Work, formed by the Mystic Body of Christ, by means of all souls that congregate and have self-summoned to be part of the army of Christ in this time, without fearing anything.

Children, while I am here, in joy for this re-encounter with each one of you, I ask you: trust and divest yourselves, so that humanity may be divested from its conflicts, ambitions and wars.

You must take the first step yourselves, because you are more aware than others, for you have received Graces and treasures from Heaven and Earth. This is the only thing My Son asks of you: that you take the steps He needs you to take, because it is urgent that the New Christs may be present on the surface of the Earth. And this is not for tomorrow, this aspiration of Christ is for now.

Your spirits were formed through the Word of the Lord, but your consciousnesses were also forged to live transformation, purification and then redemption.

Why do you fear what you are living and going through in this time, if you are living what was already written?

The Love of God will always be greater than all things. This Higher and Divine Love will always embrace you and fill you. And if it is necessary, My Beloveds, God’s Love will make it possible for Me to hold your souls in My Arms, to teach you even more about the Love of God, the Love of God that kisses and consoles, just as a good mother kisses and consoles her children.

This is what the world needs in this time, it must not lose the sense and the path of Higher Love; because Higher Love will make you understand your neighbor, it will help you to accept all situations and conditions, however difficult they may be. The Love of God will always help you to surpass yourselves, because the Love of the Father is the faithful testimony of His Presence.

What is happening here today is a work of God’s Love. It is a Grace of My Son, the Christ. It is the maternal Love of My Heart for My children.

This is why I come today to prepare you not only for the coming times, but I also come to prepare you to live the meetings with My Son these days, knowing that they are the last meetings, in which your souls and spirits will be able to drink from this Source of Consoling and Merciful Love, which will dissolve all evil and renew you from within so that you may have life in abundance.

Do this for humanity: take the steps for those who do not take them, pray for those who need prayer, live and have a gesture of love and mercy for your neighbor.

Because My burning desire as a Mother is that you may already feel like apostles of Christ the Redeemer, living the life of the apostolate, of mission and of service, rather than seeking to be apostles, even in these critical times, because in your hearts are all the keys that My Son gave you to open the doors to greater knowledge, to understand existence and the  human condition. In this way, the human condition may not be judged or condemned, but rather understood and accepted through the Love of God, which can perpetually live in you and renew itself through each new Sacrament.

Know that each time you receive a Sacrament, you will be before the doors of Paradise. Because the Sacraments that My Son instituted are not only reparative Graces, but are also opportunities for souls to find themselves again and resume the path toward infinite Purpose.

The last thing I would like to tell you tonight, when I can feel a little of the love of each one of My children, is that you may trust in the virtues and gifts that God gave you, because each time you have listened to the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, each time you have been able to study Our Messages again to understand a little more what We tell you and all that We instruct you, you are receiving the opportunity to live the Gifts of God.

And the first school to be able to live the Gifts of God is that you may live the Love of Christ yourselves, which anoints and sanctifies you whenever you take the risk of placing your knees on the ground to ask for Forgiveness and Mercy, not only for yourselves, but also for the world.

At the doors of the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, may My children remember that they always receive Graces and blessings, in the face of the emergency of these times, while millions of souls, who live in darkness, suffering and war, cannot see the Light and Love of God.

Therefore, your offerings are important in these times so that souls may be saved, especially those who are most in need of the Mercy of Christ. And this is not only for those who are far from here, suffering in a true and, I could even say, inexplicable way, but also for the souls who need salvation that might be here among you, without you perceiving it.

For this reason, love what you live, love each new offering. This is what the Celestial Father needs, so that His Mercy may descend to the planet, and the New Humanity may be a reality.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us stand up, for the Mother will teach us a simple prayer, so that we may dare to imitate Mary.

We repeat:

Divine Mother,
consecrate my heart,
so that it may feel
how Your Heart feels.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my eyes,
so that my eyes may see
just as Your Eyes do.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my lips,
so that my lips may be like Your Lips,
which perpetually pray
for souls and for Creation.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my hands,
so that my hands may serve
with charity and mercy,
just as Your Hands serve
with charity and Mercy,
marking a gesture of Love at each step.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my feet,
so that my feet may walk
just as Your Feet walk,
incessantly seeking the path of Christ, Our Lord,
and fully trusting
in the Purpose of Our Creator.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my soul,
so that my soul may live
the same joy that Your Soul lives,
upon responding, at each step, to the Call of God.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my spirit,
so that my spirit may be united to God,
just as Your Spirit is eternally united to the Father.

Divine Mother,
divest my being completely,
just as You divested Yourself before God,
being a perpetual Slave of His Project.


 We will ask the priests to bring the elements, for the consecration of the Eucharist, which we will carry out together with the Divine Mother.

Meanwhile, we will intone the Names of God, and try to make this prayer, which Mary taught us, resonate in each part of our beings, just as it resonates in each part of our Mother, in Her Spirit, in Her Soul, and in Her whole Being.

In this way, let us make our offering, the deepest offering of our hearts, so that Christ may be among us at this moment, just as Mary brings us Her Son at this moment, in Divinity and Spirit.

Let us sing these Names of God with the Divine Mother, invoking the presence of the angels. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of the Night, who leads all His sheep, especially those who are most lost, so that they may return to the stable of the Heart of God and drink of the Sacred Fountain of His Divine Humility. Because if humility does not live in this world, if humility does not express itself in souls and hearts, it will not be possible to avoid a third and difficult war.

This is why I Am here today, on the highest region of the Alps. Once again, I congregate you at the foot of these sacred mountains, where the Hierarchy is gathered and united to you, to implore to God for a last opportunity for this humanity, so that the nations of the world, especially the nations of Eastern Europe, may reflect the harmony and peace that is so urgent in these times.

Therefore, nothing and no one has prevented the Lord of the Night from coming here, because He has brought the whole Universe, all of Creation, with Himself. And with His Feet he steps upon all evil that exists on this planet and shows, through the Light of His Sacred Heart, the path that souls must tread during this dark night so that they may never lose sight of the Flame of the Divine Purpose, but rather, through this Sacred Immaterial Flame, souls may find within themselves the Will of God, which expresses in this material life the Purpose that has been written since the origin.

This is why, on these days of merciful prayer, I come, in the name of God, to ask you to truly pray. That each bead of the prayer of Mercy offered may be sincerely prayed to avoid a terrible third war in this world and, above all, in this Northern Hemisphere.

But do not lose faith, because you are My companions and My friends, you are My children and My daughters, and today I have all of you within the Sacred Cenacle of My Heart so that, just as more than two-thousand years ago, you may celebrate the Sacred Eucharist with Me once again, the infinite Legacy of the Love of God, which unconditionally offered itself to you through the bread and the wine.

This is why we are at a similar time as two-thousand years ago. But now you, as postulants to be New Christs of the end of times, must not only eat of My Body or drink of the Chalice of My Blood, but you also must learn to live your own Garden of Gethsemane.

And despite the darkness that reigns on this planet, despite the uncertain doors that are still open, despite the ignorance, the war, the indifference, the coldness of many hearts, despite all the sins and offenses that the Heart of God receives every day, My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, on these days of intense supplication to Divine Mercy, will gather, from each one of you, each one of the beads that you will sincerely offer to Me, not only for peace in Ukraine and Russia, for the end of war in this region of the planet and in other places of the Earth, but I will also gather your prayers as a true offering to God, because you will have the chance to again trust My Mercy.

So that you may see how great My Mercy is, today I Am again here, in this region of the planet, contemplating through My Eyes and feeling through My Heart the pain and anguish of the souls that live in war and in the conflict of the world.

Companions, I want to tell you sincerely that all Hierarchies are working a lot for this planetary situation. That each one of your steps, the steps of the servers of Christ, are being contemplated at this very moment, as a justification and atonement, in the face of all horrors and outrages of this world, of this humanity.

For this reason, companions, these days will be decisive, not only for all My servers of the Redemptive Work of Christ on Earth, but they will also be definitive for these nations of Europe, because what will happen in the coming times in this region of the planet will have repercussions in other nations of the world, and Europe is feeling the weight of the war in Ukraine.

Through His Power and Love, through His Mercy and Sacred Intercession, God could have already stopped this war. But companions, the adherence of souls with other forces of this material world compromises this intervention, which is not only spiritual, but also material.

However, trust and do not regret, trust in the power and light of the prayer of the heart. Entrust to God all your supplications, all your intentions, all that you beg for, so that the war may stop in Eastern Europe, and the current events, just as other events in the world, which are hidden from the eyes of all, may not be used as weapons of war, fostering lack, need and injustice.

Therefore, through the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart, I invite you to be with Me in this long dark night that the planet is living, without losing sight of the Light of Divine Purpose, because many souls in these times lose sight of their Spiritual Purpose.

In truth, I tell you that the spiritual task of many will be up to a very few, just as it was two-thousand years ago, when very few, united to the Master of Love, did their very best, gave their lives for the redemption of humanity, for the salvation of this school-planet.

I know that what I promise you at this moment is not wonderful, I promise you the experience of a spiritual sacrifice that you have not gone through at any other moment.

This is why, through the symbols of My Sorrowful Passion, I will be able to pour out, upon those who accept them, new experiences of Christification and growth of inner love.

Who will accept to hold the Crown of Thorns of the Lord with their own hands?

Who will accept to carry with them the nails that pierced the Hands and Feet of the Lord?

Who will accept to carry the planetary cross with Me?

Who will allow the spear to pierce their side, knowing that you do not deserve all these things and that your Master and Lord deserved them even less?

But  what led your Master, the King of the Universe, to allow Himself to experience all these things?

There is one and only reason: Love, the Love that would trust, the Love that would accept, the Love that would include, the Love that would never reject, the Love that would endure, the Love that would make Me grow as Divinity and Spirit. It was Love that made me accept the Will to live the Sorrowful Passion.

This is why I offer the opportunity of inner Christification to the simple, to the imperfect, to the sinners.

See how My Church is and how My priests are, how many wounds they cause Me by moving away from Me, by taking other paths that are not those of Christ.

This is why I avail Myself of this moment and I avail Myself of each one of you, regardless of the imperfection or difficulties, regardless of the pain or tests, so that the Heart of your Master may be relieved in silence, through the adherence of souls, through the silent sacrifice of the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in which I can recline My head upon your chests, to rest and take comfort from the love of those who are Mine.

The world is not prepared to listen to this, but I committed Myself to tell you the truth, because I will always be the Way and the Life for you.

The world must surrender to My Mercy so that the Third World War does not happen, so that humanity does not keep opening the door to evil, which suffocates hearts and confuses minds by moving away from God.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be a moment of great maturity, may it be the great moment when each one of you must ask yourselves whether you are with Me or not. The time is ending and if before the cup was almost full, it is now overflowing.

Who will prevent this from happening?

Will it be necessary for more innocent blood to be shed in this world?

God does not want the sacrifice of humanity, My Father wants from you, through Me, your eternal happiness, the joy of living and belonging to the Kingdom of God, once and for all.

I ask you again to truly pray. I will be attentively listening to the voice of your supplications and I know that I will be able to count on all of you, just as on all your brothers and sisters in the world.

In the simple, in the humble, in those who adhere, in the pure of heart, lies My Celestial Church. And through these souls, through true and simple hearts, I can consecrate and  make this world sacred, so that someday it may cease to be unfaithful so as to be faithful, so that someday the world may no longer have self will but will begin to live Divine Will, the Sacred Will of God that will always lead you to peace and to the good.

I thank you for hearing Me. I thank you for preparing this space for Me, because as much as this world offers Me hundreds of cathedrals, I could only be within them if love, transparency and surrender truly existed.

This is why, once again, God shows the world that His Presence is in the humble, that His Hand defeats the powerful, that His Word resounds in the simple and expels the selfish, even those who say they are with Me.

My Church is in the heart of My children. My Love is there. My Life is there forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While the world is divided by war and pain, I come with the Light of the Heavens to bless all, so as to be able to elevate as many souls as possible before the Presence of the Celestial Father, and so that He, in His Mercy and in His Infinite Grace, may help as many souls as possible.

After having been in Fatima more than one hundred years ago, to deter the greatest cruelty of all times, I am here, at this Center of Love, together with each one of My children, to fulfill the prophecy that I once announced in Fatima: that in South America the Boat of God would sail, gathering all the consciousnesses that would prepare the Return of Christ. Because from South America the impulse of renewal and peace must emerge, from South America the union must be re-established between Heaven and Earth, between humanity and God.

For this reason, I am here today, to tell you again that the doors of the Marian Centers are now open and that your Heavenly Mother is attentively following the coming events of humanity, after the Arrival of My Son during this Sacred Week, when He will re-establish many codes in the planetary consciousness. And on re-establishing these codes in as many souls as possible, My Son will awaken the New Christs, all those who you would not even imagine, who have come in these times to serve Him in this plan of rescue for humanity.

For this reason, My Son also, as He announced in the Gospel during His Ascension to the Heavens, is coming in these times to fulfill His Promises, but He also comes to ask for the talents of hearts, which are indispensable and fundamental to prepare the planet and humanity for His expected Return.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 

Our Lady, at this moment, is opening Her Mantle, to show Her Immaculate Heart. And today this Immaculate Heart has thorns that stick out of It and cause the Blood of the Heart of Mary to be shed.

And Our Lady taught us the following prayer:


Oh Bloody Heart of Mary!
forgive all faults of humanity.

Let us repeat this prayer together, with Our Lady.

The Blood of the Heart of Mary, while we were praying, gradually disappeared. And the thorns in the Heart of Mary represent the extremely grave outrages of the wars and conflicts in the nations and, especially, the innocent blood that has been shed, from children to elderly people, from refugees and exiled, not only in Eastern Europe, but throughout the whole world. Our Lady says also in Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan and Syria.

Our Mother tells us: 


Pray to the Heart of Mary, for It not to be pierced by the grave offenses of those who make wars and conflicts. Pray to the Heart of Mary so that She not shed Her Blood, because it is the blood of the innocent, of the forlorn.

Today, I am here to deliver you this sacrifice and relieve the Heart of the Mother of God so that the heart of many consciousnesses may be relieved.

And now that you are ready to cross the desert again, just as My Son has taught you, the deserts of life that will soon come, be brave and have courage. Do not give up, but rather move forward, because you must keep in mind, in these times, that all that you live is not just for you, but also for the whole world.

Thus, beginning thirteen years ago, we have been close to you, bringing the Message of Heaven and of the Universe, bringing the Call of God to all souls and consciousnesses, and re-consecrating humanity, time and again, so that something worse may not come.

It gladdens Me to find you here, as a family, as a family that has learned to endure your own purification, striving every day to forget yourselves so as to place the Plan of God on your paths, that Plan that must be fulfilled and carried out in each one of your lives. And this will make you keep growing in spiritual maturity, in the responsibility to respond to My Son in these times with all that He needs to carry out at this moment.

Know that the door to the Return of My Son is now open, through this humble and simple moment that you are sharing with Me in this house, because this is how God wants to see you, united and close to one another, just as your Mother was with the apostles and is today with you, My beloved children.

May closeness be the keynote for these times, to relieve hearts, to liberate spiritual pressures; may a feeling of compassion sprout in your hearts so that criticism may no longer be in your lives, but rather the compassionate spirit of love, which will make you grow in charity, accepting your fellow beings as they are, just as God accepts you the way you are.

Now, with joy, as in every moment shared with Me on Saturdays, we will finalize this moment in the Presence of the Mother of God, with the consecration of the Eucharist. This will be done so that, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, these elements may be offered for the redemption of humanity, and  also so that the redemption and transformation of your lives through Our Sacred Hearts may be the confirmation which the Father needs to pour out His Mercy and not His Justice.

Know that at this moment, at the doors of the Sacred Week, many souls on the inner planes are being assisted. And this is possible because I have called your Guardian Angels, who, present at this very moment, serve together with the Mother of God.

Let us celebrate in Christ and for Christ.


My children,

Now is the time that you make your love for Christ known through an example of consecrated life, service and humility.

It is the time that, above all difficulties, the love of Christ may make you strong and persevering, able to give testimony of His Presence in your lives.

Thus, you will respond to that which My Son has asked you for so long, to be His apostles of the final times.

None of this is a theory, it is a reality that your lives and consciousnesses must assume because, while in the world, humanity is paralyzed by that which occurs today. My Son calls the New Christs in the inner plans so that they may awaken and be at service to the plan of rescue and salvation.

Dear children, as your Mother, I accompany you and pray so that, in this hour of uncertainty, My apostle children are whole and available to fulfill all that My Son awaits for.

Remember that the guidance of the Holy Spirit will never be lacking.

Trust. Ask and you shall receive, as My Son has taught you.

I am with you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three. I am the one who gave the impulse for the liberation of the Uruguayan people.

I return to this homeland today, because I have seen the Confederate Sun shine within hearts that, in this time, open to responsibly assume the different stages of the Plan.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Mother of Confederate Love, and I guide the Uruguayan people so that, in this time, they may attain spiritual freedom from the chains imposed upon this dear homeland, through the ideas, thoughts and actions that had condemned it.

But with the strength of the love of the confederate Uruguayan hearts, together with the Lady of the Thirty-Three, we will raise this sacred land, which was a witness of the Indigenous extermination, of their roots and of their spiritual values. 

Therefore, today, the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Immaculate Virgin of Uruguay returns, so that more Uruguayans may awaken and take position in the lines of the fulfillment of the next stages of the Plan.

Thus, Uruguay will attain a higher state of consciousness, and all of its people will perceive that their leaders distorted the path of an entire country.

And, gradually, the voices will ask for justice so that the little ones may not be removed from the womb of their mothers, so that the youngest and the elderly may not be a hallucinogenic model of the end of times; so that peace and security may return to all of this dear people.

May Uruguay rise again, and may the opponents of Christ, as well as their archaic Church, place their head upon the ground and ask for forgiveness, so that the Grace of the Lady of the Thirty-Three may grant you the peace, love and spiritual freedom that all of Uruguay needs.

Today, the Lady of the Thirty-Three returns to awaken those who are asleep, so that the last Christs may awaken.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

All those who persist and cry out for Mercy will receive My gifts and graces because, beyond everything, the Master of Love feels with sincerity the effects of that daily surrender that each disciple makes in the name of Love.

For the servers of Christ, the path of apostleship promises happenings and challenges that will place you even further into the School of Love because of this school will be born the New Christs, who will conceive the experience of redemption within themselves.

When this goal is achieved, My Plan, in part, will be accomplished.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


With your heart, accompany the awakening of the New Christs who are born of sacrifice, of martyrdom, of surrender and above all, of love.

The New Christs are born of silence, of renunciation, of chastity, of vigilance and above all, of unity with the Father.

The New Christs are born of the void, of faith, from the desert and above all, from an unconditionality before God.

The New Christs are born before the Eyes of the Creator and almost always will be known, only to Him.

Enter, child, into dialogue with God, so that He may make of you a part of His legacy of Love, a continuation of the Plan of His Son, a seed of the merits of His Passion, the result of His Blood and of His surrender.

You also aspire to be a Christ of the New Time, who renews the Love of the Father and of the Son, filled by the Holy Spirit, and in this way rebuilds the unity between the Creator and His creatures, giving God the possibility of renewing His Creation.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

The Universe stops to hear the Server of God and in all the inner planes His Word is heard, His Voice emits the essence of the Truth and there is no essence in this Universe that does not recognize the Voice of the Son of God.

Because I am the One Who came to be with you, who is with you and will be until the end of times so that the Purpose of My Father may be fulfilled in the hearts that are consecrated by My Love.

From the Celestial Universe, My Word is pronounced, and It echoes in all planes of manifestation.

Not only you listen, but the Universe also listens.

And everything that is beyond it is permeated by the Word of God and the Spirit fills the hearts, vivifies them, raises them and redeems them before My Presence.

The void must be present in your hearts at this moment so that the Son of God may be able to work and act, bringing to the souls the opportunity of light and of redemption.

Today I not only speak to your physical consciousness, but also to the innermost planes because in the internal planes the opportunity is granted to souls and souls do not lose the chance to find the Truth, to approach it and to be able to live it for these hard times.

Today, the Greater Priest comes to meet you, and He brings between His Hands the Chalice of Redemption; dressed in the stole of purification; barefoot and humble as a servant of God, He is on the right hand of the Almighty and comes from Heaven to meet you, to bless you and to grant you the Love of the Creator; a Love that must multiply and expand in the world, which will heal disease, which will bring peace, which will heal all pain and incomprehension.

It is in this Love that you must live, the Love that I offer to you and the Love that I grant you; because in this Love there will be your liberation from all perdition, from all guilt, from all evil.

In Love, there is the triumph of the Work of God, because the love that you can also give Me and offer to Me is contemplated by the Almighty, as part of the Work of His Wisdom.

May Love, then, be transformed and sublimated.

A Love that is unconditional, able to go beyond limits, able to overcome any difficulty and to surrender before any necessity.

If, in this time, My Love is not in the world, humanity will perish.

I do not grant you self-love, personal or autonomous. I grant you, companions, the Love that once created you as essences. It is this Love that must be regenerated within you, every day. Because Love is the best company.

In the Love of God, the soul can be in the Truth and learn not to move away from it.

You will have to go deeper in Love for the Truth of God to be in your lives, so that you may live it and teach it to your fellow beings, knowing that in this time Love and Truth, as attributes, will be able to walk together in your lives so that you may always have guidance and wisdom.

The times that are coming announce great changes. It will be essential to live in this Love to understand beyond forms, to live beyond the events, to accept beyond the mistakes.

It is this Love that I lived in the Passion and that also raised Me, for the Sacrifice given.

It will be this Love that will always sustain you and thus, you will never lose sight of its presence.

Because the Love of God always comes from the Source and it never ends, because it is an unconditional Love, able to embrace the error, able to transform the pain, able to understand and accept the impossible.

Love can do everything.

Offer your personal love to the great infinite Love of God so that, someday, your feelings may be the Feelings of God in the spiritual life, in charity and in the unity among creatures.

Love will always transcend borders, overcome obstacles, understand and accept beyond the events.

Because Love does not take over anyone. Love liberates, Love uplifts, Love welcomes the dying in spirit.

If this Love were not in you, nothing would be possible.

This is My great Message to the whole world, on this day, in which a stage between My Heart and your hearts finishes.

This is the moment for this Love in you to be real and not theoretical; to be a living Love, which accepts, which gives itself and which surrenders to others, without anything in return.

It will be Love that will defeat evil.

It will be Love that will dissolve the chaos of the nations.

It will be Love that will strengthen the faith in the hearts.

It will be Love that will ignite in the spirits the trust in God.

Today My ceremony is in the name of this Divine and infinite Love that makes everything possible from what is impossible.

A Love that grants, that yields. The Love that surrenders all the time.

This is what I can convey to you, beyond the miracles, the phenomena or the curiosities.

The one who, in this time, does not live in the Love of God will be like in a desert, alone and empty, with a great thirst that nobody will be able to quench.

Do not lose the opportunity for this Love to bring you to the Truth every day, so that someday you may reach the same Wisdom that I reached on the Cross.

My Love for each one of you, for each being of this world, was with arms wide open on the Cross.

My Love was never closed. The Love of God expanded in each drop of blood, in each suffering, because it is a Love that is able to go beyond all adversity.

And today I bring you within this Chalice, the testimony of the Love of God represented in the Blood of Christ so that each one of your souls may drink of this commitment and remember every day, that Love is what must reign so that it may triumph over all evil.

May your hearts open for this spiritual communion with Me, in which you are called to My Table to unite to the Love of My Heart, the Love that surrenders everything and that forgives everything, at this very moment.

Empty of your faults, absolved of your debts, receive from My Heart the greatest Treasure of God manifested in the symbol of this Sacred Chalice that kept, throughout the times, the most real and alive experience of Love that the Son of the Father granted up to the top of the Cross, until His last breath, until the closing of His Eyes, when he exhaled, commending His Spirit into the Hands of the Creator.

May this Love perpetuate within you until the end of times, and may this Love be capable of making you return to My Path when you remember and perceive that you have stepped out of It for some reason.

What matters the most to God is that His children, His creatures, do not separate from Him, from the Source of Love, because Love will be what will regenerate the world and will bring healing to sick souls.

Today I deposit here what I lived on the Cross and in the inner planes, a scenario similar to the Mount Calvary manifests here to demonstrate to the world, and especially to humanity, the triumph of Love above all pain and all adversity.

Because it was Love that, from the top of the Cross, transformed the pain into Mercy and Grace so that it might reverberate until the end of times within the heart of all those who may recognize the Son of God and feel part of Him, in each moment of life, as in each communion with His Body and with His Blood.

Before the doors of Heaven, open over Aurora, may the Breath of the Spirit of God be ignited within you as a sacred flame, just like in the Apostles, so that you may spread, in this time, the power and the trust that My Love can express for all souls, for all those who are fallen, for those who have lost peace.

May those who live wars persevere.

May families that suffer chaos not lose hope.

May the children who are not born today, cease to cry in the inner planes, because the new Paradise will come for them.

And may the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer in the silence of their essences, persist, because the day of liberation will come and evil will be defeated by the powerful Sword of Love of Saint Michael Archangel.

And in the hearts, the New Earth will be born again, the light of the last Christs will repopulate humanity and the attributes and Commandments of the Father will return to the planet to build the Plan again in all those who were self-summoned and did not respond.

With those who come with Me until the end of the days, they will lack nothing, they will be blessed by the Grace, filled by the Spirit of God, for the surrender and persistence of each believing and devout heart.

Suffering will be extinguished overnight and the light of the New Aurora will come, so that the souls may celebrate the day of their liberation. Amen.

Let us celebrate this moment with the opportunity of renewing your commitment, through the Sacrament of the Communion, before the Celestial Father.

May the doors of Heaven, at this moment, make the Divine Grace descend to the Earth. So be it.


Lord of the Universe,
giver of life,
untiring Father of Grace,
deposit over these elements,
and especially in the hearts,
the same opportunity You gave Me to love until the end, on top of the Cross. 
May each pain convert into relief, 
may each suffering convert into liberation,
so that all beings of the Earth,
gathered in the name of Your Love,
may participate in the glorious coming of Your Son.


At that time I gave you the bread and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I repeat again, companions, that this is My Body, which was given for you, for the forgiveness of the faults.

Taking the Chalice and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I tell you again, take and drink all from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant between the creatures and God, for all eternity.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ; blessed are those who avail themselves of this mystery of love to participate, someday, in the Eternal Glory. Amen.

I hope this Marathon is a Marathon that attracts hope to the Earth and the opportunity to live in God so that all souls may receive the Supreme Grace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and for peace on the whole planet, you will give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you.



A new alliance is instituted between Heaven and Earth, between the peacemakers and the Lord.

Seated at the table of redemption, The Master purifies the spirits of each disciple, washing them with His Water of Life.

The Lord washes their heads so that the Holy Spirit may baptize them with its Gifts.

The Lord washes the hands of His disciples so that they may live, from now on, a life of integral unconditional donation.

The Master washes the feet of His disciples, just as He washed the feet of His apostles in the past, so that they may tread the path of purity, of resignation and of obedience.

And thus, everyone is prepared to celebrate the internal and spiritual communion with the Holy Chalice of the Lord.

The most impure sins have been dissolved. The deepest doubts have been clarified.

The sense of purpose of each soul is revealed today. No one will be a prisoner of ignorance.

All the disciples of Christ are now aware of the responsibility of their commitment. Thus, the Plan of Love is drawn in the consciousness of those who welcome it, because by being touched by the Light of the Spirit of God, they receive a Grace that they do not deserve.

The moment has come. The Holy hour has come.

The Holy Chalice is taken from the altar by the hands of the Supreme Priest.

All revere this new event. The legacy that was once entrusted to this race awakens again like a tender remembrance in the heart of those who truly said "yes".

The Saintly Chalice is raised.

The sacred formula of consecration is pronounced by the Highest Lord, and His disciples, prostrated on the ground, receive the inspiration of the Sacred Flame of the Holy Spirit.

The covenant is consummated again, but this time the Lamb will not go to the slaughterhouse; Its Blood was, is and will be the testimony of the celestial victory throughout the ages and generations.

The New Christs will repopulate the Earth and finally, peace will be the breath.

Thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

May the Star of My Peace illuminate the paths of the inner worlds so that the essences may always find themselves in the ocean of faith and compassion.

May the path of the believers in Christ be purified so that the path of the New Christs are able to manifest. 

May the exclusive conviction of being in Christ exist during this planetary time. May His soldiers of prayer never grow tired and never drop their arms. May their purest intentions and their supplications be always heard by the Noble and Loving Heart of God. 

May all mysteries be revealed in this hour so that, beyond all science or understanding, consciousnesses awaken to the true reason that brought them here; to carry out the Will of the Father God, of being able to finally see, on the surface of the Earth, a new and responsible humanity that lives for the sake of love, the principles of an evolving and ascending life. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Come, My child, and be a part of the Confraternity of My Heart, be a part of the cenacle of the New Christs.

Come, My child, with all your successes and errors, with all your anxieties and joys and be a part of the Confraternity of My Heart.

Be a part of the Confraternity of the Universe and of the Earth. Integrate completely with the spirit of My Sacred Brotherhood and, in this way, you will know your origin and your purpose, the purpose that God put into place from the beginning in the essence of your being.

Come and be a part of the Confraternity of My Heart.

With Me build peace on the surface of the Earth.

With your own hands, raise the banner of the peace-bringers of the end of times, and in all things, give your life for me, because what I come to seek from your life is something interior, it is part of the spiritual richness that God the Father has placed in your soul.

Strengthen yourself in this sacred union with Me and there will no longer be boundaries or divisions in your consciousness.

Learn to die to yourself so that you may know how to rise to the life of the spirit every day.

Continue rowing My boat, which will take you to the port of the Kingdom of God.

Move forward.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Find within yourself the Kingdom of God and confirm His victory within you every day.          

Trust in the greatness of His Mercy and in the infinity of His Grace, these are the sources that reach your spiritual life again and again.

Do not stop at the defects, the difficulties or the imperfections. Work all the time so that the Kingdom of God may be a victory every day of your life.

Build within yourself that strength and that faith that has no limits and, through the Sacraments of Christ and through prayer, participate in a perfect communion with the Kingdom of God.

This is the Kingdom that some want to see defeated, or at least stop it from being expressed.


Live the Kingdom of God every day, knowing that your transformation and persistence will be the victory that the Father needs to renew Creation.

Follow the footsteps of Jesus and you will always find the Kingdom of God within you.

Continue on, trusting that one day you will manage to be a New Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Just love one another, as I loved you, as Father and Lord, from My Birth until My Ascension.

Love one another always, and may this love of the heart never be missing from you, however poor or imperfect, may it be true and healthy love, capable of understanding and of accepting everything.

Love one another, much more than I love you, and surpass Me in love and in surrender. I have told you that you would do greater things than I did and this continues to be real and current for Me.

Love one another until you can express compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Love one another without fearing to unmask your characters and to only live for love and in love.

Love one another because it will be the love between brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, that will liberate you from yourselves.

Love without fearing to always say “yes” and to donate yourselves much more than I donated myself.

Love one another so that love may abound on Earth and so that it may be love that will defeat evil, falsehood and all pride.

Love one another in truth and you will fulfill My great Commandment.

Love one another and peace will not be lacking.

I thank all of you who made it possible to fulfill My call this year and those who will fulfill it next year so that the graces may abound on Earth.

Who blesses you always,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


From the Heart of God, My Voice comes to the Earth of Love and Forgiveness, the sidereal school which will be the one to convert this and other Universes into a New Creation, in which the Race of Christs will flourish.

And it will be from here, from this tiny crib called Aurora, that these Christs will be born for the whole Universe.

I know that you do not understand My words, but you will soon see, My children, with the passage of time, how this humanity will give birth to the Christs of the New Time, who will impel in the Universe the changes that will give another direction to the Creation.

Today I descend as the Divine Conception of the Trinity to bring again the healing for humanity and for all of you, faithful and fraternal Children of God. I bring from the Source of Healing of the Creation this attribute that the Father wanted to place in this small place so that from here it could liberate, transmute and heal the world.

However, humanity has not understood the greatness of the Creator, although more than two thousand years ago He was placed, inside of a poor crib in Bethlehem, His own manifestation of Love through His First-Born Son.

Although more than two thousand years have passed, humanity still does not accept that, in His Infinite Humility, the Father places His Grand Will in the most sacrificed, in the poorest, in those who struggle the most every day to live true love and to honor the Truth every day.

For this reason, Aurora prepares itself like the crib of Bethlehem to give birth to the New Christs so that God can again express His Perfect Will in the small and humble.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in Love and Grace, placing its children in its cradle of love, of forgiveness, and of healing; today, the Aurora of My Heart offers healing and liberation to the spirits that come to offer their lives to Christ in order to be able to accompany Him in His Return.

Today, from here, I bless My crib of the end of times to all those who come with the heart in their hand and offer it to My Son and also to God so that His Divine Plan may be fulfilled.

Today, from this Aurora of My Heart, I send to all of My children in the world, to all those who are always in offering to My Son, the healing of pain and of errors, so that they can go ahead complying with their part in this Divine Miracle which is preparing the path of return of the Savior, Christ Jesus.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in the essences of the merciful, of the meek and the humble, of those who know sacrifice and temperance, of those who live in truth what My Son taught in simplicity.

Today I ask the Father, from My Heart of Celestial Mother, from this House of Love, that temperance, strength, and faith descend upon this place and on these hearts so that in this time, in which the presence of My Son will be in Aurora, this place may be blessed by these attributes that will consolidate the inner walls, which will sustain them during the time to come.

I love you; live in peace, the honor of serving God.

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Mother of Aurora


Now open the tabernacle of your hearts so that, during this next Nativity of the Lord, I may enter and finally be a part of your small lives.

Between you and I only a breath of Love exists. Between souls and God a powerful divine union exists.

Open the tabernacle of your hearts so that I may place My most precious gifts within you and so that those gifts, that one day will change into sacred talents, may be at the service of the Plan of God.

Simply open the tabernacle of your heart and all will be realized, and will be accomplished in your lives, according to the Will of the Most High.

Leave your inner tabernacle open so that your soul and all of your consciousness may live the preferred union with Me, through the Restorative Communion with My Body and with My Divine Blood.

I hope to enter the tabernacle of your heart so that you may receive the nonmaterial and spiritual help that you need.

Leave the tabernacle of your heart open to Me, for I wish for us to be one, so that, in perfect simplicity and love, we may be one in the Father in order to be one in Truth and in Justice.

On the eve of the rebirth of the Universal King, may your inner tabernacles be open, in vigil and in prayer, so that the Spirit of the Supreme Son may be within the Christs of the New Time.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


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