Saturday, November 4 of 2023

Weekly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain in peace while I am present, because the world needs peace.

I give thanks for the response of My children, the immediate and sensible response of all those who gather, at this moment, around the Mother of God, just as the angels of God gather at this moment.

I return to My beloved and favorite House of Figueira, because this place, blessed by My Father who is in the Heavens, has opened the doors for Me so that I might reach the whole world.

This is why today I come to relieve your wounds. I come to make your sadness disappear. I come to make your agony disappear, so that suffering may disappear from this world and this humanity, suffering that has become aggravated in these times.

This is why I again tell you, time and again, do not lose faith. I am here and I Am your Mother, who guides you and who will always guide you to the secure path, the blessed path to the Heart of God.

Although this time is unknown, despite the doubts and even the uncertainties, it is time to trust the Supreme; because I am here to open the door to the Supreme for you. I am here to lead you to the Truth, and I will not tire of doing this, My children.

This is why I come here in an untiring way, so that My children may be restored in My Heart, so that they may always know that there will be a glimmer of God’s Hope that can shine, beyond the darkness of the world, beyond one’s own inner darkness.

Be brave, and decidedly follow the steps of My Son. He needs to build a new time, through His apostles and servers. At this moment, He needs, imperatively, that there may be witnesses of His Love, for the world cannot live without the Love of God, souls cannot live without the Love from the Source.

You know that this is so, My children. This is why I come here, in the name of this Higher Love, of this Love of God, which gathered you all from the beginning to build the foundations of this Spiritual Work, formed by the Mystic Body of Christ, by means of all souls that congregate and have self-summoned to be part of the army of Christ in this time, without fearing anything.

Children, while I am here, in joy for this re-encounter with each one of you, I ask you: trust and divest yourselves, so that humanity may be divested from its conflicts, ambitions and wars.

You must take the first step yourselves, because you are more aware than others, for you have received Graces and treasures from Heaven and Earth. This is the only thing My Son asks of you: that you take the steps He needs you to take, because it is urgent that the New Christs may be present on the surface of the Earth. And this is not for tomorrow, this aspiration of Christ is for now.

Your spirits were formed through the Word of the Lord, but your consciousnesses were also forged to live transformation, purification and then redemption.

Why do you fear what you are living and going through in this time, if you are living what was already written?

The Love of God will always be greater than all things. This Higher and Divine Love will always embrace you and fill you. And if it is necessary, My Beloveds, God’s Love will make it possible for Me to hold your souls in My Arms, to teach you even more about the Love of God, the Love of God that kisses and consoles, just as a good mother kisses and consoles her children.

This is what the world needs in this time, it must not lose the sense and the path of Higher Love; because Higher Love will make you understand your neighbor, it will help you to accept all situations and conditions, however difficult they may be. The Love of God will always help you to surpass yourselves, because the Love of the Father is the faithful testimony of His Presence.

What is happening here today is a work of God’s Love. It is a Grace of My Son, the Christ. It is the maternal Love of My Heart for My children.

This is why I come today to prepare you not only for the coming times, but I also come to prepare you to live the meetings with My Son these days, knowing that they are the last meetings, in which your souls and spirits will be able to drink from this Source of Consoling and Merciful Love, which will dissolve all evil and renew you from within so that you may have life in abundance.

Do this for humanity: take the steps for those who do not take them, pray for those who need prayer, live and have a gesture of love and mercy for your neighbor.

Because My burning desire as a Mother is that you may already feel like apostles of Christ the Redeemer, living the life of the apostolate, of mission and of service, rather than seeking to be apostles, even in these critical times, because in your hearts are all the keys that My Son gave you to open the doors to greater knowledge, to understand existence and the  human condition. In this way, the human condition may not be judged or condemned, but rather understood and accepted through the Love of God, which can perpetually live in you and renew itself through each new Sacrament.

Know that each time you receive a Sacrament, you will be before the doors of Paradise. Because the Sacraments that My Son instituted are not only reparative Graces, but are also opportunities for souls to find themselves again and resume the path toward infinite Purpose.

The last thing I would like to tell you tonight, when I can feel a little of the love of each one of My children, is that you may trust in the virtues and gifts that God gave you, because each time you have listened to the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, each time you have been able to study Our Messages again to understand a little more what We tell you and all that We instruct you, you are receiving the opportunity to live the Gifts of God.

And the first school to be able to live the Gifts of God is that you may live the Love of Christ yourselves, which anoints and sanctifies you whenever you take the risk of placing your knees on the ground to ask for Forgiveness and Mercy, not only for yourselves, but also for the world.

At the doors of the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, may My children remember that they always receive Graces and blessings, in the face of the emergency of these times, while millions of souls, who live in darkness, suffering and war, cannot see the Light and Love of God.

Therefore, your offerings are important in these times so that souls may be saved, especially those who are most in need of the Mercy of Christ. And this is not only for those who are far from here, suffering in a true and, I could even say, inexplicable way, but also for the souls who need salvation that might be here among you, without you perceiving it.

For this reason, love what you live, love each new offering. This is what the Celestial Father needs, so that His Mercy may descend to the planet, and the New Humanity may be a reality.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us stand up, for the Mother will teach us a simple prayer, so that we may dare to imitate Mary.

We repeat:

Divine Mother,
consecrate my heart,
so that it may feel
how Your Heart feels.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my eyes,
so that my eyes may see
just as Your Eyes do.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my lips,
so that my lips may be like Your Lips,
which perpetually pray
for souls and for Creation.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my hands,
so that my hands may serve
with charity and mercy,
just as Your Hands serve
with charity and Mercy,
marking a gesture of Love at each step.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my feet,
so that my feet may walk
just as Your Feet walk,
incessantly seeking the path of Christ, Our Lord,
and fully trusting
in the Purpose of Our Creator.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my soul,
so that my soul may live
the same joy that Your Soul lives,
upon responding, at each step, to the Call of God.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my spirit,
so that my spirit may be united to God,
just as Your Spirit is eternally united to the Father.

Divine Mother,
divest my being completely,
just as You divested Yourself before God,
being a perpetual Slave of His Project.


 We will ask the priests to bring the elements, for the consecration of the Eucharist, which we will carry out together with the Divine Mother.

Meanwhile, we will intone the Names of God, and try to make this prayer, which Mary taught us, resonate in each part of our beings, just as it resonates in each part of our Mother, in Her Spirit, in Her Soul, and in Her whole Being.

In this way, let us make our offering, the deepest offering of our hearts, so that Christ may be among us at this moment, just as Mary brings us Her Son at this moment, in Divinity and Spirit.

Let us sing these Names of God with the Divine Mother, invoking the presence of the angels.