In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain in peace while I am present, because the world needs peace.

I give thanks for the response of My children, the immediate and sensible response of all those who gather, at this moment, around the Mother of God, just as the angels of God gather at this moment.

I return to My beloved and favorite House of Figueira, because this place, blessed by My Father who is in the Heavens, has opened the doors for Me so that I might reach the whole world.

This is why today I come to relieve your wounds. I come to make your sadness disappear. I come to make your agony disappear, so that suffering may disappear from this world and this humanity, suffering that has become aggravated in these times.

This is why I again tell you, time and again, do not lose faith. I am here and I Am your Mother, who guides you and who will always guide you to the secure path, the blessed path to the Heart of God.

Although this time is unknown, despite the doubts and even the uncertainties, it is time to trust the Supreme; because I am here to open the door to the Supreme for you. I am here to lead you to the Truth, and I will not tire of doing this, My children.

This is why I come here in an untiring way, so that My children may be restored in My Heart, so that they may always know that there will be a glimmer of God’s Hope that can shine, beyond the darkness of the world, beyond one’s own inner darkness.

Be brave, and decidedly follow the steps of My Son. He needs to build a new time, through His apostles and servers. At this moment, He needs, imperatively, that there may be witnesses of His Love, for the world cannot live without the Love of God, souls cannot live without the Love from the Source.

You know that this is so, My children. This is why I come here, in the name of this Higher Love, of this Love of God, which gathered you all from the beginning to build the foundations of this Spiritual Work, formed by the Mystic Body of Christ, by means of all souls that congregate and have self-summoned to be part of the army of Christ in this time, without fearing anything.

Children, while I am here, in joy for this re-encounter with each one of you, I ask you: trust and divest yourselves, so that humanity may be divested from its conflicts, ambitions and wars.

You must take the first step yourselves, because you are more aware than others, for you have received Graces and treasures from Heaven and Earth. This is the only thing My Son asks of you: that you take the steps He needs you to take, because it is urgent that the New Christs may be present on the surface of the Earth. And this is not for tomorrow, this aspiration of Christ is for now.

Your spirits were formed through the Word of the Lord, but your consciousnesses were also forged to live transformation, purification and then redemption.

Why do you fear what you are living and going through in this time, if you are living what was already written?

The Love of God will always be greater than all things. This Higher and Divine Love will always embrace you and fill you. And if it is necessary, My Beloveds, God’s Love will make it possible for Me to hold your souls in My Arms, to teach you even more about the Love of God, the Love of God that kisses and consoles, just as a good mother kisses and consoles her children.

This is what the world needs in this time, it must not lose the sense and the path of Higher Love; because Higher Love will make you understand your neighbor, it will help you to accept all situations and conditions, however difficult they may be. The Love of God will always help you to surpass yourselves, because the Love of the Father is the faithful testimony of His Presence.

What is happening here today is a work of God’s Love. It is a Grace of My Son, the Christ. It is the maternal Love of My Heart for My children.

This is why I come today to prepare you not only for the coming times, but I also come to prepare you to live the meetings with My Son these days, knowing that they are the last meetings, in which your souls and spirits will be able to drink from this Source of Consoling and Merciful Love, which will dissolve all evil and renew you from within so that you may have life in abundance.

Do this for humanity: take the steps for those who do not take them, pray for those who need prayer, live and have a gesture of love and mercy for your neighbor.

Because My burning desire as a Mother is that you may already feel like apostles of Christ the Redeemer, living the life of the apostolate, of mission and of service, rather than seeking to be apostles, even in these critical times, because in your hearts are all the keys that My Son gave you to open the doors to greater knowledge, to understand existence and the  human condition. In this way, the human condition may not be judged or condemned, but rather understood and accepted through the Love of God, which can perpetually live in you and renew itself through each new Sacrament.

Know that each time you receive a Sacrament, you will be before the doors of Paradise. Because the Sacraments that My Son instituted are not only reparative Graces, but are also opportunities for souls to find themselves again and resume the path toward infinite Purpose.

The last thing I would like to tell you tonight, when I can feel a little of the love of each one of My children, is that you may trust in the virtues and gifts that God gave you, because each time you have listened to the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, each time you have been able to study Our Messages again to understand a little more what We tell you and all that We instruct you, you are receiving the opportunity to live the Gifts of God.

And the first school to be able to live the Gifts of God is that you may live the Love of Christ yourselves, which anoints and sanctifies you whenever you take the risk of placing your knees on the ground to ask for Forgiveness and Mercy, not only for yourselves, but also for the world.

At the doors of the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, may My children remember that they always receive Graces and blessings, in the face of the emergency of these times, while millions of souls, who live in darkness, suffering and war, cannot see the Light and Love of God.

Therefore, your offerings are important in these times so that souls may be saved, especially those who are most in need of the Mercy of Christ. And this is not only for those who are far from here, suffering in a true and, I could even say, inexplicable way, but also for the souls who need salvation that might be here among you, without you perceiving it.

For this reason, love what you live, love each new offering. This is what the Celestial Father needs, so that His Mercy may descend to the planet, and the New Humanity may be a reality.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us stand up, for the Mother will teach us a simple prayer, so that we may dare to imitate Mary.

We repeat:

Divine Mother,
consecrate my heart,
so that it may feel
how Your Heart feels.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my eyes,
so that my eyes may see
just as Your Eyes do.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my lips,
so that my lips may be like Your Lips,
which perpetually pray
for souls and for Creation.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my hands,
so that my hands may serve
with charity and mercy,
just as Your Hands serve
with charity and Mercy,
marking a gesture of Love at each step.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my feet,
so that my feet may walk
just as Your Feet walk,
incessantly seeking the path of Christ, Our Lord,
and fully trusting
in the Purpose of Our Creator.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my soul,
so that my soul may live
the same joy that Your Soul lives,
upon responding, at each step, to the Call of God.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my spirit,
so that my spirit may be united to God,
just as Your Spirit is eternally united to the Father.

Divine Mother,
divest my being completely,
just as You divested Yourself before God,
being a perpetual Slave of His Project.


 We will ask the priests to bring the elements, for the consecration of the Eucharist, which we will carry out together with the Divine Mother.

Meanwhile, we will intone the Names of God, and try to make this prayer, which Mary taught us, resonate in each part of our beings, just as it resonates in each part of our Mother, in Her Spirit, in Her Soul, and in Her whole Being.

In this way, let us make our offering, the deepest offering of our hearts, so that Christ may be among us at this moment, just as Mary brings us Her Son at this moment, in Divinity and Spirit.

Let us sing these Names of God with the Divine Mother, invoking the presence of the angels. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rivers of blood flood the surface of the Earth; just as this ocean, before your eyes, floods life.

Who will pay the price for the innocence that was destroyed?

Who will take charge, My children, after the Precious Blood of My Son was shed, drop by drop, in order to redeem and save the world?

Today, I come to Russia, also as the Mother of this nation, which has another Spiritual Purpose and not the one that it is committing in these times.

If all the nations of the world had fulfilled their Spiritual Purpose from the beginning, I assure you, My children, that war, famine, exile and impunity would not exist.

But this Project of God, on the surface of the Earth, deviated from its intended path. For that, God the Father sends us to the world as His Messengers to awaken the consciousness of humanity.

How much more will have to happen on this surface, My children, for something to change in the human being?

Although the majority is not responsible for the wrong decisions made by very few and which have repercussions on millions of souls in the world, I ask you, My beloved children, that your profound school of prayer, in these critical and challenging times, be deepened even more, so that this school of prayer, which is a permanent invocation to the Kingdom of Heaven, may touch the Heart of God, a Heart offended and hurt by His Children.

But I come to offer to the world the Reliquary of My Immaculate Heart so that souls may enter God through My Heart, and the difficult and complex situations that are lived in these times may be repaired by the offer of good souls, of souls who seek God unceasingly, of souls who live the gift of the Fear of God, not as a justice, but as the imperious need to be in Him and for Him, serving on this surface of the Earth.

Weapons are still being activated. Humankind still lives in war and the souls who, on this surface, are under these difficult living conditions, are frightened and terrified by what they hear and by what they see, day by day; from My youngest children, who are the most innocent and pure, to My oldest and most adult children, who are subdued by the arrogance and by the power of a few.

Unfortunately, in this world there is an infernal network that conditions many populations of the planet; but this cannot continue, My children, because the signs of the planetary birth continue to increase. The Earth will continue to tremble, volcanoes will continue to erupt, nature will show its fury and its power for not having been cared for and respected.

Can you imagine, My children, just for a moment, how many will be under this condition?

We can only pray, in heart and in truth, not allowing a single day to fail to be permeated by the light of prayer.

As Mother of perpetual prayer, who prays for all Her children of the world; as Mother of Mercy, in the face of so many injustices and errors; as Queen of Peace, in the face of so many conflicts and wars that are committed; I come to ask you, My children, once again, to heed the appeal of My Heart, because I assure you, dear children, that very few are prepared for the end of times; so few are prepared as the number of angels that accompany Me today.

Do you understand the urgency of these times?

I do not come to give you fear or dread, because that is not from God. I come to pray, today, on my knees, that Russia may be converted to My Immaculate Heart so that the Third Secret of Fatima may not be fulfilled, so that evil and impunity may not continue to spread in the world. My Thorned Heart is pressed by the thorns of My children's pain and My Heart sheds Blood on this day, just as My Son shed His Blood on the Cross.

May this Blood, shed by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be repaired by the sincere prayer of Her children, those who know that praying is not an obligation, those who already know that praying is a necessity and an emergency, because under the light of prayer they will be protected and sheltered by My Mantle of immaterial and universal Light.

My Hands today are not enough to help all those in need. The hosts of Light, sacred angels of the Eternal Father, are also unable to attend to so many emergencies and needs that are not only physical, but also spiritual, because spiritual needs are the most urgent.

Who will decide to take the step to assume, together with the Mother of Sorrows, this planetary cross?

Who will no longer distance themselves from the cross and will be the new Cyrenian who, through silence, persistence and faith, will carry with My Son all the sins of the world, with the ardent aspiration to help the Lord?

Who will decide, once and for all, to be a mirror of prayer on Earth, to understand that it is no longer the time for selfishness and individualism, to understand that it is the time and it is the hour for the "we", where the whole Celestial Brotherhood vibrates?

Regrettably, mistakes will continue to be made in the world, and this will be so until My Son returns. He knows this, He watches in His utmost silence; but His Love does not judge, His Mind does not question, His Spiritual Government does not pressure, His Light radiates, His Compassion is established beyond the borders of this material plane.

But do not lose faith, affirm in yourselves the Divine Hope. The world will need, more and more each day, that there be good instruments of God, so that His Love may be deposited and His Light may be poured into all the tabernacles of the Earth, which are the sincere souls who offer themselves to enter into communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the sacred science of the Sacraments and of the sublime adoration of the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

May all the Blessed Sacraments be opened, in these times, so that the Light of Christ may be multiplied in the world, so that equilibrium may be established, so that peace may fill the spaces and consciousnesses.

As Mother of Russia, I ask you to pray for the religion of this country, sadly conditioned, empty of spirit because of its commitments that are not with God. Many, many souls depend on this.

Now, do you understand My affliction? Now, do you feel My Heart?

I will thank you for heeding My spiritual requests, because you do not have to do anything different from what you already do. You must only become more aware of the reality and the time of emergency, so that the nations do not continue to engage in evil and so that millions of people are not under this condition.

I come to ask you, once again, to pray for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.

Today, I come here to give this special Message because God has allowed Me to do so. I will do all that is possible and a little more for My children, so that they do not lose peace and unity with the Eternal Father.

Now, your Heavenly Mother will withdraw into silence and thus, She invites Her children to withdraw into the sacred silence, so that My Words do not go unnoticed or souls forget them from one moment to the next, because it is God who sends Me to give this Message, it is the Voice of God that resounds through My Words and My Lips, so that His Love may echo in the world.

I thank you for being here with Me today in this place, praying on your knees next to the Mother of God.

May the Love and Light of My Son bless you all.

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear children,

Today I come to the world as the Great Higher Mirror of God.

I come as a simple Instrument of the Eternal Father so that, through the Inner Mirror of My Heart, the victorious merits achieved by My Son Jesus may be reflected and deposited once again in Brazil and in the world, merits that are preciously kept within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

It will be in this way, My children, that Brazil and the world will be relieved of the invasive information and stimuli that human beings receive in these times, which make their lives insensitive, autonomous from God and indifferent before the sorrowful situations that the current humanity goes through.

As this Great Higher Mirror of God, Your Heavenly Mother comes today so that as many souls as possible may be in contact with the Attributes of the Supreme Source in the inner planes. This is urgent because as times goes by in this chaotic surface, many souls become disconnected from that which is true and essential.

For this reason, the Celestial Father sends Me again to the world, the suffering world, to remind you, the believers and the nonbelievers, that many are letting themselves be dragged toward the abyss of the beast. And the beast, by means of its cunning, pride and arrogance, deceives and holds with its claws many priests of the Church, many peoples and nations that are already being converted into territory of extensive spiritual darkness.

With prayers and more consciousness, I come once again to ask you to continue praying for Brazil and South America because the destiny of Brazil and of the whole world is in your hands.

Meanwhile, in this time, the Mother of the Mirrors of God gathers all Her army upon the surface of the Earth to awaken and call them to the reality from which many want to hide because they fear facing it.

But My Son gave you His Word, He delivered His Message to you throughout the last years and granted you the path of your conversion and forgiveness through the spiritual science of the Sacraments.

Then, remember all the Graces received and act according to the Will of God because moments of greater watchfulness and discernment will come.

Trust in the Holy Spirit and do not stop taking the steps toward the Heart of God.

Do not forget the acts of Mercy. Do not become crystallized in the spiritual and prayerful path.

Be warriors available in love, tolerance and peace.

Cultivate dialogue, manifest coherence in your choices and faithfully follow the Attributes of God. In this way, you will make a planet that is freer of darkness, violence and impunity.

Love life and respect it. Do not allow Creation to continue to be outraged.

I pray for Brazil, for its destiny, for all its dear people of God.

Be peacemakers of My Son. We ask you once again not to get involved with lies and comments; may you love the Silence of God.

I thank you for responding to My Call in consciousness.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I know that sometimes you feel tired of your own purification, but I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not know how to move forward and you cannot find meaning in all that you do. I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not understand what happens or how the universe proposes some lessons and tests, but, you should know that I am here, come to My Arms, because everything makes sense to God, although you may not deeply know it. For this reason, I am here, so that you may come toward Me and be in My Arms. because I will only give you the strength and courage in order for you to learn to overcome these moments and these times.

I am here, at the doors of the month of August, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy will deliver to the world new impulses of Light that will permeate from your spirits towards your whole being. And these impulses that will come are those that will make you postulate yourselves to this path of apostleship that I come to offer to you at this moment, for this final moment.

This is why I come today to celebrate, with the consequent, these eight years of a path of prayer, of effort, of perseverance, of songs, of devotion, of praise and of honor to My Sacred Heart.

Today, I can say, companions, that beyond what happens today in the world, My Heart feels hope again for those who have been by My side, up to this moment, fulfilling My invitation, responding to My Requests, making known in the world the unfathomable power of My Mercy.

It is in this way that many souls, that you do not know today in the world, through these years of merciful prayer, through the participation of these souls in the meetings of prayer, those souls have been marked and anointed by My Spirit. This means a lot for Me, for the opportunity that these souls will have, of being able to remake their lives in the future, and especially to remake their spiritual path, the path that will lead them to God.

This is why, in this month, at the beginning of these sacred events of the Sacred Hearts, your Master and Lord announces Himself to the world to bring it the time of hope and healing that humanity needs, and to also tell you  that all those who live the Commandments will follow the universal Laws, and, by following the universal Laws, they will feel in their hearts an indescribable joy, despite the times of darkness, because upon you will descend the Holy Spirit and, with all Its Gifts, It will make you find the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God that lives within each one of you.

Thus, companions, you will fulfill My Promises before the Celestial Father, because you have been transformed by My Mercy throughout these years and, with your adherence and devotion, you have opened the doors at many moments for very painful and unknown situations to be solved, just as it was with the Indigenous Consciousness of Canada, which, for more than one hundred years, suffered the inquisition of My mistaken Church.

But I come today to raise these hearts and all the hearts throughout the world so that they may always keep in mind My Message, and not all those who follow Me, because those who follow Me could always be mistaken, this is human because it is weak. But in My Message and in My Word you will find the power of renewal and, by finding this power of renewal, you will find the Healing, Redemption and Mercy that all of you still need in order to attain the Kingdom of God.

With this impulse, I come to prepare your hearts for the new cycle, which will explicitly begin after August 8, when My Mother, who is your Mother, will open even more the doors to the definitive call in this Plan of the rescue of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature and, in consequence, of the salvation of the whole planet.

Therefore, what we have built together, up to this moment, has been the three important columns of the Work of Redemption: the column of Mercy, the column of Grace and the column of Forgiveness. These three columns unite through a great circle of Light, which  is the column of Redemption, which is what souls need today in order to remake their lives in this world that is contaminated by war, by technology, by the ideals and the grave tendencies that move souls away from the Love of God.

This Grace that I have brought to the world, since eight years ago, has been possible through the principle basis that was built for this spiritual task which is the basis of the Light-Communities which I invite all those who listen to know, so that they may enter the Islands of Salvation and may come to know the path that will rebuild your lives from these difficult times. But, first, you must keep loving My Project of Redemption, to someday be able to know the Project of Salvation through the evolutionary life of the Light-Communities.

Because the Light-Communities were the main pillars for the Work of expansion of Mercy to other nations of the world, to make it possible to include many more souls that in this life were waiting for redemption.

This is what I place today at the Feet of the Celestial Father: the efforts, the true surrenders, the devotion of hearts, the service of the selfless and innocent, the souls that strive to live humility, chastity and the unconditional spirit of an ever-deeper surrender for the concretion of the Plan of God through My Sacred heart.

Therefore, I encourage you and I invite you, companions, for this Marathon to be a moment of celebration, to be a moment for giving an impulse to all souls that participate in this prayerful meeting to renew their vows with the attribute of hope so that this Earth may be healed in all that is possible and allowed. Thus, you will understand, companions, that I will not do My Work in this place and in the whole world by Myself, I need your hearts and your lives, I need your ‘yes’ to carry out what is not yet materialized, what must still descend from the Spiritual Universe to heal this wounded Earth and create the bases of a New Humanity.

In these last 8 years, in which I have been appearing to you and delivering My Message to the whole world, I have seen that some of Mine have decided to enter the school of the degrees of love, and, even more, some have decided to enter the degrees of the school of compassion.

I invite you to move ahead in this school, I invite you, for your souls not to forget this school, because the Love of God will not only make you strong and invincible, the Love of God will make you ever more conscious of the reality and of the necessity, to the point that you, by yourselves, will be able to perceive, in everything, what you must help and assist.

Children of My Father, the end of times is already taking place, and, with Me, and in union with Me, you must keep the doors open to this universe of Mercy, where souls can be purified, washed, bathed and may receive an opportunity, as each one of you has received, on this path of the encounter with Me toward Mercy.

Because when your hearts are ready to live what I need, as many hearts are preparing for this, I will open  My Heart even more and I will show you My most unknown and deepest feelings, which I will invite you to feel in order for you to learn how to transmute and liberate this world; feelings of My Heart that cannot be seen by the physical eyes, but rather by the eyes of the heart, of a sensitive heart, open to the unknown.

I come here so that you may feel under My Spirit, because I know that it is difficult for many companions to cross this planetary moment, to live this world situation, to be a part of this human consciousness that day by day steps back due to the lack of love and compassion. But you, who many times have submerged in the ocean of My Mercy, can already know, but can also feel, what this means, and you can place yourselves at the service of all that is necessary to carry out, without fearing to surrender, until it hurts, because you will feel it even in your bones; at this moment, you will come to know charity, and your souls will be in joy, they will be in glory, in adoration, because they will be fulfilling a small part of the Plan of the Lord. If everyone did the same in this world, there would no longer exist a pandemic, there would no longer exist suffering, because all this would be replaced by the fraternity and the solidarity of the cooperation that emerges from the souls that, at this time, are here to serve.

In the name of the Source of Creation, at the doors of this month of August,  I want to bless you, so that this blessing may impel you even more towards the transformation and elevation of consciousness, for all the consciousnesses that do not elevate themselves and do not love, especially for the consciousness that make wars, humanitarian crises, inequalities, social conflicts, even the diseases that the world is today experiencing.

Although it may seem impossible, difficult or impenetrable, I invite you to imitate what I did in the sorrowful Passion, so that the merits of your efforts and surrenders, in this month of August, may serve as a justification of all the errors committed so that the chaos in the world may be soothed and the most lost souls may be reborn in love and forgiveness. This is My great aspiration in this month of August, and you will begin to accomplish it first among yourselves, with all those who surround you, with your families, with your dear ones and friends. thus you will come to know how much it is necessary to live the school of the degrees of love, in the conscious effort to attain it.

Therefore, I have come to bless you especially, not only you, but also the world, so that the spirit of collaboration may awaken in the hearts of all humanity, especially in the non-believers, so that someday the sacred spirit of brotherhood may awaken.

When this happens, Heaven will have descended to Earth and the Earth will have ascended to the Heavens, in perfect unity, and that is when I will return to bring Peace to the world.

At this moment, I hear the offerings of your souls. Although imperfect, let it be a true offering, let it be the offering that is born from the voice of the heart so that all may be redeemed and healed.

For this first event of the month of August, the Marathon of Divine Mercy, I leave to you what My Heart has that is most precious, what in brotherhood I once shared with you: the Eucharist, the Blood and the Body of Christ, which will always lead you to find the truth within you and redemption, because I did so for you, and I would keep doing so, many times more.

Remember that within the Sacraments lie the lifeline, the path that will lead you to peace and to the divine union with the Most Holy Trinity.

In this month of August, in which we have been so many years alongside each one of you, by means of Our Presence, of Our Sacred Hearts, of Our Words, we come to demonstrate to you that We are here to help this wounded, suffering and agonizing world.

Therefore, I invite you to be a definitive part of My Heart, I invite you to be a part of the Rays of My Heart to illuminate this world by means of works of charity and peace.

At the request of the Eternal Father, I bless you in this new cycle, when the doors of humanitarian service and prayer will open more, until it can reach the whole world, until all hearts possible may hear My Voice, may hear My Message.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


We will close this moment, making an offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by means of a song that impels us to live this path of apostleship so that the Light of Christ may descend to the world and His aspirations may be concretized through the ‘yes’ of each heart.



We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You,
because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
(3 times)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within My Heart weighs the reality of the world, the situation of the nations, the condition in which humanity is to be found.

Within My Heart weigh the difficulties of all Christians, the serious problems of the most indigent, the loneliness of the dying.

Within My Heart weighs the situation of this pandemic, which is the first crucial test of humanity in this time of planetary transition.

Within My Heart weighs the adversity in which many are submerged, and from that adversity, they cannot leave.

Within My Heart weigh those who are indifferent, those who omit the Call of God and, above all, those who received it once, and, up to today, have rejected it.

Within My Heart weigh many things, which I share with you today, which I reveal to you today, not for you to feel My grief, but rather for you to help Me transmute these situations of the world.

I come in search of those who still do not believe in Me and who have not allowed Me to enter their hearts.

I come for those who are still tepid and undecided.

I come for those who have not yet put their feet upon My Path and have not decided to find Me.

What relieves the sorrow of My Heart is a  the good work, the consistency of the apostles of the last times, the sacramental life, the experience of the Gospel by means of the daily examples of life, the unceasing practice of the Commandments, the faith of the Christians and of the believers, the solidarity of those who look at the one who suffers and help them.

Those who relieve the sorrow of My Heart are also those who are consecrated and do not step back, those who remain united to Me in spite of the circumstances.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who do not doubt nor are they mistrustful, those who fulfill, step by step, what I request of them.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who decide to live their purification; those who do not get submerged in their own problems; those who do not compromise the Plan of My Father; those who understand reality, beyond themselves.

Those who live My Heart are those who serve untiringly, those who are available at any time and at any moment; those who understand the truth, beyond their ideas and feelings.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who foster war, those who incite humanitarian crises, those who foster the displacement of the refugees.

Those who make My Heart suffer are also those who are aware and do not help, those who do not want to enter this situation and reality in order to be able to solve it.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who govern, those who rule the nations and are out of the Law, those who no longer live the Word of Life, those who desecrate the Gospel.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who have everything and do not share anything, those who keep their riches with fear, those who make a material illusion of their lives, those who do not care for the poorest.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who persist, those who do not always look only at themselves, those who are fraternal and try, every day, those who, in spite of their errors, continue onwards and start from scratch.

Those who rejoice My Heart are the peace-makers, not only of the word, but also through example, those who work without delay for peace.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who take refuge in Me, those who seek My Presence in the Tabernacle, those who in the Communion seek the Sacred Alliance with the Universal King.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who adore the Blessed Sacrament and who, beyond forms, understand the immaterial message that the Sacred Monstrance emits.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who are in contact with Me, those who aspire, day and night, to live in Me, those who seek My Presence and My Heart, beyond their battles.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who live in My Faith, those who seek charity anywhere, those who are open to the changes and do not fear their resistances.

Those who wound My Heart are the omissive, those who know that they can do everything and do not do so, those who justify themselves so as not to change.

Those who wound My Heart are those who have received all the treasures of Heaven and have wasted them, those who do not have gratitude, those who forget compassion.

Those who wound and hurt My Heart are the proud, those who do not invoke sister humility, those who lose their time in their own processes.

Those who wound My Heart are those who forget My Message and My Word, those who have not had enough reverence for all they have received from Heaven, those who have not yet realized the Grace that fills them abundantly.

Those who wound My Heart are those who complain all the time, those who still have not seen My Presence pass before their eyes, those who have still not yet discovered the Mystery.

Those who wound My Heart are those who hinder the Plan, those who change My ideas and My Projects, at each moment, those who forget redemption.

But My Heart feels the joy, in its very depths, for those who take steps and do not delay, for those who do not fear the unknown nor lose control, for those who surrender at My Feet the power they believe they have, for it to be transformed.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are the kind and merciful, those who not only speak, but also live My Message.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who commune with Me and do not forget how important this Sacrament is.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who rejoice in My Good News, those who wait each month for My Message, those who are thirsty for Me.

Thus, today you are getting to know the infinite mystery of My Heart, of a Heart that still feels and beats for you, of a Heart that still lives for this world and for this humanity, of a Heart that is touched by suffering because it has known it in Its own flesh, in Its own Body, of a Heart that has become divine for you and gives you Its Mercy so that you can be redeemed and so that you can forgive.

The infinite mystery of My Heart prepares you for Armageddon, to cross the doors of the Apocalypse, to continue on, in spite of what may happen.

I want you to meditate today upon everything I have told you and reflect in sincerity with yourselves, because I no longer speak to children, but rather to adults, adults in evolution and in commitment.

The Work of My Mercy must be fulfilled through the consequent and responsible souls, through those who do not fear to say ‘yes’.

May all those who truly cry out and ask for help enter My Heart so that they may be a part of this joy and bliss that touches Me, so I can be present and contemplate those who move forward, because in this way they will no longer be thorns in My Crown, but rather rays that I will scatter over the world to grant it healing and peace, to once again bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Be postulants to rejoice in My Heart, because, in this way, I will be able to feel that you can understand what you live with Me and the responsibility that this has before God.

I will keep walking with firm steps, marking upon the ground the Footprints of Light so that My apostles may recognize them, and, in this way, they may tread the path that the Master is showing, at the end of these times, on this planet and within this humanity.

In this way, I once again sacralize you, and, by means of My Spirit, I give you Peace, so that this Marathon of Divine Mercy may be a step further in the commitment and in the experience of this vow.

I leave you My Message as a lifeline, as a spiritual impulse to take a great leap into the void, into the void of yourselves, into the void of God, where you will find the inner unity with the Whole and, thus, with the Origin.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Sun of God that comes to assist you, the Sun of Redemption and of the Eucharist that comes to illuminate and dispel the darkness of the world.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Legacy that you have received, in which you have always participated and which has always nourished your spirit.

Prostrate at my Feet, recognize the attributes, gifts and virtues that, in confidence, I have placed in each one of you, to make your whole life new so that your consciousnesses are redeemed and transformed.

Prostrate at the Feet of the Sun of God, recognize this planetary moment, the importance of the expression of the new apostles, of those who keep the torch of faith burning, regardless of the circumstances.

Today come and place yourselves at My Feet so that your lives may be blessed and reconsecrated so that your higher consciousnesses may be depositories of the Christic impulses that I bring you today.

In this perfect alliance with the Eucharistic Sun of God, you will be able to repair the Heart of Christ from all the offenses that He receives daily, from everything that is done to him, day and night, through outrages and indifference, omissions and faults.

Through the Eucharistic Sun of God, I come to withdraw you from the darkness of consciousness and from the superstition of the ego. I come to open the eyes of your souls so that you may see upon this interior horizon the Presence of the Son of God, who still hopes that each of your lives be the testimony of His Word and His Legacy.

I am bringing you this Sun of God again so that your paths be guided and receive what each one needs at this moment, far from your own desires and aspirations.

This is the Sun of God that illuminates the end of times, but also reconstructs the spiritual life of those who prostrate at His Feet to recognize one God, one universal, cosmic and internal Presence to participate in this perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who at this time offers himself again in sacrifice for souls, and especially for the most sinful, for nations, for humanity.

May the spiritual treasures that I have given you throughout time not be lost, not become faded nor be erased from your hearts.

Make each of My Words become a part of you and may your lives be converted one day into the flow of My Fountain of Mercy and Pity. Because today some are distracted by other paths, they set their minds on other paths; and thus they darken the heart, losing true attunement with Me, with My Will.

This is the time when everyone must face their own Armageddon, they must know about themselves what they have never seen, until now, because it is a veil that is removed from their eyes so that they can see and recognize this moment.

Today, I accept the sacrifices of those who persist. Today, I recognize the courage of those who transform and those who never stop moving forward, despite everything. It is there where the Work of Redemption and Mercy take place internally. It is in that constancy and in that faith, where the sacred seeds of the Light give their first sprouts to one day bear the fruits that I need to prepare My Return, through you.

Today, I see, with eyes of compassion, the mistakes that some of my companions made due to recklessness, lack of attention, lack of generosity and lack of consciousness. But today I do not come here to point out those errors, but to remind you of the Commandments that, in essence, you must deepen into to understand their hidden meaning, a meaning that will lead you to live in the Universal Laws, in these critical times, in which many offerings will be presented to you as if they were better offers than those I give you.

Do you understand what this means in this planetary cycle?

I come to again anoint, with My Spirit, those who said yes to Me and who, beyond themselves, try to understand My Will and My Work. The Redeemer, your Lord, will continue to take firm steps towards the Purpose and He will take with Him all those who, divested of themselves, will follow His steps in the same way to find the goal, the inner goal.

This is a time when you must be aware that you will fight against that inner duality. Duality that will show you with such force what you do not know, with an opposite force and parallel to the force and power that I give you with My Word and My Presence.

Is this a battle? Yes, it is a spiritual battle. It is the moment when, before yourselves, you will define the next cycle, under the Gaze of God. And that cycle, which will be defined, will indicate the possibility or not that your Master may soon return to the world. But remember, always remember, that I do not depend on anyone to return to this humanity, as it is written.

Your souls must bear in mind, in your consciousness, that you may or may not participate in this event of the Return of Christ. Because for this Return to be possible, in a certain proportion, first My Divinity, My Spirit, must dwell in you so that later I can return to the world in its most difficult and painful moment.

I want you to know, companions, that you are before the Book of Holy Scripture, you are before the chapter and the sign of this great planetary moment when the last Christs of the end of times will be the ones who will mark the next destiny. And that goes beyond their consciousnesses, their ideals or even their opinions.

I want you to know that being with Me is not something momentary, but rather to be under strict fidelity to divine obedience and to the supreme Will. But know that there are no other consciousnesses or other brothers and sisters who can do so, who can prepare My Return to the hearts of humankind. If first, this does not happen, in this density and planetary chaos, how could I come here into the world, through the power and authority that God has given Me, from the beginning and for all eternity?

I need your inner dwellings to be My dwellings. And still, I am waiting for this. Examen your consciousnesses, not to feel intimidated or judge yourselves, but to grow inwardly in offering and in service.

Because in the next few months you will see unimaginable things, and you, as My companions, who claim to be My companions, have to be prepared for what will come, and these are no longer only words, but will be facts, they will be events throughout the world.

In these last years, you have learned to love me and are still doing so. You have learned to trust in these, My Apparitions, and you have learned to drink from the Source of My Word through the Messages, but I know that at some point you doubted who is really speaking to you.

I do not come here only for you, I come here for a Higher Purpose. That same Purpose that My Mother, the Virgin Mary, has already presented in other times and in other humanities so that the greatest number of souls and hearts reach the life of the spirit and the union with the Triune Consciousness.

Today I do not come to make you see your miseries, but I come to make you see what is really happening so that you recognize and accept it in humility and in deep gratitude.

I will no longer stop for anyone. Your planet is on fire.

Who will cross the thresholds of hell with Me to interrupt the loss of hundreds of consecrated and lay souls?

Who will go with Me to the deepest depths of the abyss to ignite their own Christic light and thus be able to overcome in Love the darkness, just as I did through each drop of My Blood, and, even more, up to the moment of My surrender on the Cross?

I am not here to place you under an unknown and unbearable pressure.

In the name of Love and Mercy, which you still deeply ignore, I come to place you before a reality that it is time to accept and live because many of you came to be My apostles. And this is not an ideology or a theory, much less a feeling or a passing emotion, it is an undeniable commitment that your spirits have made in the universe and that commitment for each one has a time, it has a duration that only God knows. 

When souls seek other teachings that are not Mine; think about how I may feel in the face of all that I have lovingly and confidently given you, year after year, day after day, week after week and month after month.

You cannot lose the objective of your Purpose, you cannot let yourselves be deceived, nor can you lie. You are before the King of the Universe, not before a judge, but before the sacrificed Heart of the Lamb of God that was immolated, to save you, until the end of time.

Remember that your path of conversion and redemption lies in the Sacraments and not in other books. May your true spirituality be based on the faith of Christianity and the absolute confidence that you can be fulfilling the Will of God.

As you will be able to perceive, companions, I come with a warning Message, but one of deep compassion and solidarity with those who become lost day by day on the path and stop seeing, in their own paths, the Footprints of the Master.

May this Marathon be one more step towards definition and, above all, a step towards being able to value and recognize what was received with so much sacrifice and effort, so that nothing is in vain.

I bless you, in this time of internal and planetary crisis. Know that, beyond suffering and pain, there is the Light of the Living Christ, of the One who died for you so that you could have life in Me, and thus have life in the Eternal Father.

May the prayers of Mercy in this meeting not only be repeated words, but affirmations felt deep in the heart.

I thank you for being courageous and for daring to listen to me in the spirit of faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have come to Me, barefoot, to the Temple of My Heart.

Behold My Temple that welcomes you, just as it welcomes the world and its needs.

I Am the Lord of the refugees and of the innocent, of those who have no land, of those who have no home, of those who have lost everything and tread the path of this world, seeking an opportunity and hope.

I will again return to multiply the bread and the fish, to give manna of eternal life to those who are hungry, to those who have lost hope, to those who are in exile. 

I want you to know that, through this Work, the missionary hearts, the eternal volunteering of serving others in an unconditional way, will always be renewed.

This will be a source that will always be open to give an impulse to other consciousnesses for humanitarian service, for extending their arms and hands to help those in need, the millions of the needy throughout the world who keep being punished by a system of adversity and control.

The Temple of My Heart, which is the very Eucharist, contemplates all these needs, in the end of times: the crises that the world experiences, the disturbance of the men and women of the Earth, the despair of the innocent hearts, who only hope to eat and drink water in order to survive.

For you here, and for your brothers and sisters who listen to this Message and have everything, it is time to give thanks, but also to share. It is time to revere and glorify the Grace that you have received throughout the times, and it is your spirit of volunteering and selflessness that will mend and heal the wounds of the refugee hearts.

It is not only food and water that will save lives, not only protection and refuge will support the innocent and the children, but also the Love of My Heart that you can mirror into the world will redeem humanity.

Upon seeing the suffering of the world and the refugee camps, the pain of My Heart is indescribable, and this goes beyond life in matter or the organizations that carry it forward.

The world has still now known the true Celestial Government, the one that was thought of from the beginning so that all of you could be happy in the Holy Land. But humanity has gone astray and, as it has been throughout the generations, the most innocent suffer the marginalization and slavery of these times.

Who will deter this perpetual agony?

Who will relieve the suffering hearts?

Who will step out of themselves to see the need, the great need that the world experiences?

On this day, I come in a special way, because you cannot be without guidance and without instruction.

All that you have received throughout the times must not be considered only as the expansion of your consciousness, but also as your response, your generosity and service.

The souls that do not truly understand Me and do not truly listen to Me, have to go out to the world to see the reality, and face this reality until it hurts.

I chose you for a reason, that still today you do not know, for a reason that is written in the Sacred Books of God, which is a part of the recovery and spiritual integrity of the old People of Israel, which, spread throughout the world, has become lost, even though I died for you on the Cross.

It is time for you to place before your eyes the planetary situation, the need. When you serve and welcome those who suffer, your inner situations or your problems will dissolve.

Because the true universal family must be constituted by the emergence of a small group that will carry forward this Aspiration of God, so that, in this way, the New Humanity can arise.

The Plan of God is written through your actions and your adherence to the Most High; there is no other way that allows the Plan to be fulfilled, but through the readiness of your hearts and lives, for what is necessary.

If I had not come to the world, in what situation would your consciousnesses and your civilization be?

You could not imagine, companions, because it would be something more serious than what you live today as humanity.

Being able to acknowledge the Grace that fills you and blesses you, divesting yourselves and coming towards Me barefoot, towards the Temple of My Heart, is a sign that you can understand My Message and that you accept to live humility, so urgent and necessary in these times.

Humility must not lack in humanity, because it would be the victory of chaos over humankind.

To few souls of the world, I come to ask for what might seem impossible, that which will spiritually lead My Plan towards triumph in the inner planes, and will lead them to experience the Christic path.

I do not need great movements to carry forward My Work, I only need you to accept to live My Will, as much as you do not understand it, because in My Will lies your protection and your support.

I know it is not easy to obey the commands of the Lord and the guidelines of the Most High.

There is no being on the surface of the Earth that has not undergone this experience, but it will be after they fulfill My Will that they will understand the Plan and the meaning of having received the Call that comes to converted hearts.

As the Lord of the refugees and the innocents, I come to ask the world to open its eyes to this need. It is not enough for a few to help, neither for the wealthy minorities to take advantage of the world crisis.

If you open your eyes to the necessity, although they are not Christian or spiritual, you will comply with the attribute of charity, and many serious situations that the world keeps generating today will be forgiven by My Mercy, and will not be corrected by My Justice.

But you must first believe in what I am telling you and in what I am proposing to you because the opportunities are unique and will not be repeated.

If you open your eyes to the necessity of the humanitarian crises, at least those who are within this Work and follow My Call will leave their homes and families to serve Me, and help those who suffer.

Those who cannot serve me from anywhere, due to a disability or any other reason, let them pray with Me and adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that the Grace of My infinite Mercy may permeate the Earth and the souls that suffer, so that the traumas of these souls and hearts can be healed, in the opportunity of a new hope.

As long as nations do not repent from their acts, peace will not come; and only those who fulfill My ardent aspiration will be bearers of peace, and able to bring the Peace and Love of My Heart to the great refuges of the world, where there is no longer Light or hope, only agony and hell.

Just as I told the twelve apostles, today I tell you: “Go, two by two, or go in group and serve, so that someday you may live your redemption by means of service, for those who suffer and become desperate.” 

The triumph of the Love of God will take place through your surrender and service, through your total and unconditional 'yes'. Thus, you will be before the doors of My Mercy, and the infinite ocean of My Compassion will fill you so that, in service and in silence, you may reach those who suffer.

This critical time is the beginning of something more difficult, but, through prayers and the surrender of hearts that are sincere with Me, many situations and events will be deviated, by the power of Mercy.

Thus, My sorrowful Blood will cease to be shed upon the world so that My Rays of Mercy may illuminate the souls and grant them peace.

No longer be tempted or deceived by yourselves or by My adversary. You have the tools to overcome it.

I have given you the Sacraments so that you would live them, so that you would be sanctified in My Name and be under the protection of the Holy Spirit, which is this Divine Spirit that speaks to you today, just as it speaks to the world, for it to awaken.

I sanctify you with My Light, and invite you to the renewal of the missionary heart in the most difficult times of the world and of humanity.

Trust My Words and the bridges of hope will be built so that the most innocent and the refugees can cross them towards the New Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

During the time of the Armageddon, may your fortitude in Christ be unbreakable.

May nothing disturb you.

May the sacred flame of faith teach you to overcome each moment and situation.

This is the time of the spiritual war of everyone against everyone, but through prayer, you will remain free of this worldwide movement that will try to carry souls along the path of damnation.

Throughout the years, I have taught you how to help your fellow being, not only through service, but also through the strength and power of prayer.

Now, more than ever, prayer will be that path that will allow you to communicate with God when Our Sacred Hearts have completely withdrawn.

Those who pray will be by My side and I will accompany them throughout their transition and purification because the triumph of My Heart will also happen within your lives.

Do not cease to seek My Son in the Sacraments as well as in His Word. There lies the support for all of you, the protection that you will need in the moments when everything is unleashed.

Dear children, always be grateful, and you will learn in this life to be humble, and humility will carry you into peace.

Persist and continue to walk alongside My Son, because His Divine Light will always dissolve all adversity, and the trusting hearts will be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear child,

Be anointed by the luminous sign of the Cross so that your soul may be in peace, knowing that this is the most difficult time for humanity and the planet.

Be anointed by the divine Light of the Sacraments. May everything within your consciousness be renewed so that your soul may be in service to the Plan of Love of Christ. 

Be anointed by the merciful Love of God so that your steps of effort and surrender may continue to be taken in the direction of the reencounter with your original purity, with that which you truly are rather than what you seem to be.

Be anointed by the Grace that comes from My Heart so that in this cycle you may continue to risk walking through the impulse of the faith and the trust that may be latent within you, without you having to doubt it.

Be anointed by the Compassion of Christ so that in this moment of unpredictable situations, your heart and your life may be under the protection of God, so that your consciousness may be within the great consciousness of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Be anointed by My Peace and all shall pass. Let the Love of God resonate within your soul, because His Love will free you from all evil.

Be anointed by the Sacred Word of My Son, for there you will find the support at this time.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Tabernacle of My Heart wishes to be present at all the Marian Centers and Monasteries of this Order.

You will be able to find Me in the Tabernacle, as well as in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

My Presence in the Tabernacle is eternal, and it is there where souls must seek Me and recognize Me to be able to feel Me within themselves.

The Light of My Tabernacle is not recognized by many souls in the world.

In the tabernacle of My Heart, I have a space prepared for each soul: a purpose.

Before departing and leaving the world, I want you to fulfill this request, because this is not only for your religiosity, but also for the souls of the world that, at this moment, need to discover the mystery held within the Tabernacle of My Heart.

In this Chapel, which has been built in My Name, I also wish to see a Tabernacle; as well as in all the religious houses of your Order and the Marian Centers, because the Tabernacle of My Heart is the visible sign of ecumenism and the peace amongst religions.

You will be able to gather in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart at the most difficult moments, as well as in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament and the Tabernacle of My Heart are the greatest legacies that I have left for humanity throughout time.

Many good souls have been converted in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, and I have communicated with them throughout time, in the presence of the Tabernacle of My Spirit and of My Divinity.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, souls will be able to be consecrated, even though they do not live a religious life, because that which is consecrated is your soul. This must be the aspiration of your lives within the universe of consecration.

Many difficult situations that the world is experiencing could be resolved if souls venerated the Tabernacle of My Heart, where I too will be able to sanctify you with My Spirit and with My Peace.

Today, through My Chest, I reveal to you the Tabernacle of My Heart, the light of the Grace that descends to the world, by the merits of the Passion of Your Lord and Redeemer.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart lies the synthesis of My experience and My life on Earth, from when I was born up until I ascended to the Heavens.

I know that souls sometimes do not place their attention upon the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart; so today I reveal it to you and share it with you, because the Marian Centers and your religious houses will be where you will be able to find Me.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is a bridge to the Heavens, to the Universe, to Greater Life.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not experience adversity or disturbance.

 In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your ideas will become clear, and you will have discernment through the impulse of My Grace and My Wisdom.

I need the world to understand the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart, because souls do not yet know what I keep within It. Within it is not only My Body and My Blood, but also there is the spiritual life of Your Lord, which is omnipresent and eternal life.

John the Apostle got to know the Tabernacle of My Heart on the Cross. My Mother allowed him to know it at the culminating moment of My agony while, in the deepest core of My Being, there was loneliness and abandonment from humankind.

In the greatest darkness and suffering on the Cross, the Tabernacle of My Heart emerged as a spiritual and divine form. And that elevated fallen souls from the abysses and many souls achieved the victory of redemption by means of My Blood. Even though this took place more than two thousand years ago, it is still alive.

Today, the Tabernacle of My Heart is here so that it may be venerated and adored by good and humble souls.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will be able to find the humility you need and the surrender you require to experience and go through these so unknown and unpredictable times.

Around the Tabernacle of My Heart, that will be able to be present at the Marian Centers and in your religious houses, just as it is present in the churches of the world, is where the angels contemplate God in His second person, the Son, Who gives souls and hearts filiation with the Eternal Father, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whoever has faith and adores Me in the Tabernacle of My Heart will be healed spiritually and the illnesses of their bodies will inexplicably disappear.

There are souls in the world that came to serve Me through their suffering. The souls of people are afraid to have this experience because it is something similar to what I lived, from the Garden of Gethsemane until the death on the Cross.

I will not rest until you learn to surpass Me in love and in service.

Before closing My cycle with you, I leave you the greatest legacy of the spiritual universe, that is the Tabernacle of My Heart, so that the Holy Eucharist may be not only adored, but also recognized and loved by humankind.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is the refuge for your sorrows, the relief of your agony, the healing of your wounds, the love for your consciousnesses, the wisdom in your confusion, the clarity on your paths, the eternal surrender of your souls.

Within the Tabernacle of My Heart lies My whole life and My existence.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is full of Mercy for souls.

My Being is full of Light for hearts, but many do not accept it.

Let this last Marathon that you will experience with Me not only be a synthesis, but also an opportunity to remember what you have lived with Me throughout these years, from the sacred pines of Aurora, to going through all the cities that the Pilgrimage for Peace visited.

In each moment, this mystery of the Tabernacle of My Heart was present, accompanying you and serving souls most in need, especially those that seemingly did not need it.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you are crystalline. I can see and recognize everything, there are no limits or appearances.

in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your souls can govern you, and they can learn to do so in these critical times.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not forget your commitment in the moments of the greatest tests, because I Myself will remind you of what you came to serve and offer Me.

It is through the Tabernacle of My Heart that I will leave My representatives on Earth, all the adorers and those that venerate My Sacred Body in the Eucharist.

Through the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will find the Celestial Kingdom, and you will be strengthened in peace for the moments of the greatest tribulations.

Now, in the Tabernacle of My Heart, I wish to have your experiences of love and forgiveness, because this will recreate both Creation in this school of Divine Love and the expansion of consciousness, through the impulse that the Love of God brings to the world.

The last thing I want to tell you, companions, is that you must value all that you have received from My Person and from My Divinity during these recent times.

Let this moment of the farewell of Your Master and Lord be an opportunity to definitely assume your commitment with Me, in the work of service and prayer, because the spiritual exercise of the prayer of Mercy will continue on.

Now the time has come to engage and become responsible as adults on the spiritual path. Up until now, everything was a preparation.

I will withdraw, not only because My Father has called Me, to prepare Me for My Return, but because you have already learned how to sustain My Plan of Love in humanity.

Definitely be the Love that I have given you in the Sacraments and through each word, each message and instruction. In this way, from the Heavens, I will have a place and space in your souls, where I can reflect Myself and refract the Light of My Mercy.

I thank those who have committed to Me during these years of merciful prayer, and those who will continue doing so, understanding beyond themselves what this means for this moment of the planet and humanity.

I can only be in what is simple, austere and humble. This is where I can return, so that souls may find Me, and live Me.

The self-giving of Your Master is eternal and unconditional; such must be your lives and consciousnesses, because today you will not understand what this means, but tomorrow you will know. This is a promise.

May your lives, experiences and prayers continue being written in the Books of the Wisdom of God, so that humanity may yet have the chance of being redeemed. So be it.

May we pray in this Marathon, as if it were the first time, knowing that I will be attentive to each one of you, and waiting for you to respond to Me in the same way as when I called you for the first time to this spiritual exercise, knowing that I will avail Myself of this moment of prayer to help the planet and the souls, so that the salvation of hearts may be fulfilled.

May My Peace be reflected within you. May you be bearers of My Peace. May My Peace multiply and expand throughout the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

It is in the silence of My Heart where I can listen to your prayers.

It is in this moment, in which all My children are in My Heart, not only because of the situation of the planet and that of humanity, but because it is now time for the preparation of the return of My Son, the Christ.

I come to meet you with a Message of peace, healing and reconciliation. The world has not yet understood the Message of the Heavens.

Tirelessly, I come to My children to take them towards the Peace of My Son, towards the spiritual communion with God. In this exercise, the souls will be renewed and will find the internal strength to go forward.

Even though I am withdrawing in this time, My children, My Presence will not be erased from your hearts and lives.

You must watch, within you, every moment shared with Me, every opportunity in which I have taught you about love and forgiveness.

I always want to take you to this path, so that love and forgiveness may unite hearts, reconcile lives and bring peace. 

Behind Me on this day, I bring the Universe, that Universe which you must aspire to find within yourselves: the Universe of the Love of God, a Love that always renews itself, a Love that never dies, a Love that is immortal.

It is this Love of the Universe of God that brought My Son to Earth, from His Birth until His Ascension, while passing through His painful and difficult Passion.

It is in this triumphant Love, My children, that I want to see you, a Love that always says yes, a Love that is unconditional and alive and that understands and comprehends the Plan of God.

His Work manifests one of so many aspects of the Love of God, this is why it is alive and never dies.  It is a Work that will always give an impulse to renovation, to the change of consciousness and to peace: in this way, many more hearts will be healed. And, in spite of not being here, even at a distance you will feel the strength and the power of this Love which My Son, Christ, brings to you, by means of His Presence and His Sacraments 

Today, in a special and loving manner, I am anointing you with My Light, so that you may place your miseries and imperfections at My Feet, and so that, within you, there may remain only the truth of the Love of God, all that He has conceived within you since the beginning up to the present.

Today, I share with My children the beauty of the Love of God through creation and through nature. Thus, renew yourselves and, at this moment, find the opportunity to receive My Grace.

Today, I dedicate these words, in this way, because I have found a special place, a special reception that I have always felt and recognized.

Thus, I continue inviting you to live in My simplicity and humility, knowing that the challenge in this time will be greater than it has been before, but in the Silence of My Heart and My life, I will be here with you so that in prayer you may keep on strengthening yourselves and fulfilling the Plan of God.

My first aspiration is that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart be in your lives to then be in the lives of your brothers and sisters. 

Continue to aspire for this moment in which the victory of the Love of the Mother of God will be concretized with the redemption of all souls.

Be a testimony of My Message, of My Word and, above all, of My unconditional Love that will always nurture you and lead you to live the Will of the Father, just as His Servant had lived It in the past.

Today, I not only consecrate this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which is at the foot of this sacred tree, the jacaranda, but I also consecrate this monastery, which will promote and welcome My call in the Community of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, this Marian Center, despite these difficult times, will be able to shine with all the Light that God has deposited within it by means of His Grace.

This must be the Community of the heart, of the heart that feels, of the heart that recognizes, the heart that serves, the unconditional heart, of the heart that proclaims peace and tirelessly lives it.

In this way, in the Community of Mary, everyone will be able to be in My Heart, not only those who live here, but also those who are not here. My Heart is the maternal home to all My children. I have a special place for each one of them. 

My Heart is what I can offer and grant to you, it is the testimony that God is here, by means of His faithful, tireless and eternal Servant. 

Divine Father who art in Heaven and on Earth, who lives and perpetuates Yourself in the hearts of Your children, grant My children, those who are here today, the Grace and the strength of carrying forward this task, which will be filled by My Love so that, each day, they may all feel more like worthy children of God and of Mine, children of My Immaculate Heart, children of life, of redemption.

May Your Light, beloved father, make Itself present at this moment, and may Your Peace embrace hearts so that they may feel to be in the refuge of Your Love forever. Amen.

With simplicity and austerity, I thank you for responding to My call.

I Would like a humble chapel of prayer here, in this location, where the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima can silently work for Her children of the Community of Mary and of all the Communities so that, through this chapel, the energy and the principle of consecration may be alive in the hearts that offer to surrender to God. 

By means of this humble chapel of prayer, I will sanctify the disciples of My Son. It will be a chapel of thanksgiving of this Order to the Mother of God and on behalf of all the religious orders of the world.

My Heart will always lead you to God.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


God came down from Heaven and became a man among humankind to be crucified, humiliated and abused by those who received His miracles and blessings.

God poured out every drop of His Blood, through His Son, and that very Blood redeemed and is redeeming, up until today, all those who invoke It so as to be purified.

God poured out His Water, through His Son, so that humanity could be newly blessed by the Consoling Holy Spirit, and then His Spirit descended at Pentecost.

Only so great, patient, humble and merciful a Love could have done what was done and, in this time, it is done again, because God loves His children through Christ.

Thus, in these days, the Crucified One again endures and suffers, this time through the sacrifice of His Spirit for humanity, so that souls may again find the path of return to the Celestial Father.

And by means of this path that Christ offers, by means of the Sacraments, let hearts reconsider and see that without fraternity or solidarity it will be impossible to continue onward with this beloved Project of Creation that is the human race.

The awareness and the faith of those who believe in Christ will allow them to live this change, and the doors of Grace will be held open so that what is written and foreseen can occur.

Thus, children, let the Passion of Christ make you understand the passion that the planet is living today and, in this way, the majority may manage to bring about the relief that the whole planet cries out for.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


While the priests throughout the whole world serve souls through the Sacraments, hearts are blessed by a special Grace that comes from the Heights through the office of the priest.

In addition, the more priests that carry on their sacramental life, the more My adversary loses a field of action and of perdition.

Each time a priest offers one of the Sacraments, hell closes even more and darkness trembles with awe and terror, because a soul achieves the light of redemption through the Sacraments.

It is in this way that all that My adversary does is expelled and dissolved in the sulphur lakes of hell, and it experiences a great defeat through the power of the descent of the Light of Christ through the priestly office.

This event has a larger repercussion and effect on days like today, in which many souls gather together to affirm their faith in Christ and in the redeeming legacy that My Son left you.

The abyss becomes paralyzed by the great moment of the Sacraments and Love triumphs again above all evil.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


These are times of spiritual needs, but also of material ones.

These are times when only the opening of the heart and willingness will allow for bringing healing and redemption for souls.

Therefore, this is the time for embracing the needs of those who suffer, as well as welcoming those who have never been loved.

This is the time to express what each heart holds, to awaken good, peace and solidarity.

In this sense, I wish to tell you that just as the seasons change, the needs of the souls also change.

For this reason, through the pilgrimages, I take you and place you before meeting all needs, mainly those that require greater love and forgiveness.

This is why the experience with the Sacraments during these last years have represented the possibility that all could learn to avail themselves of the Christic Love, in order to know how to share it and give it, in the same way that I give you My Heart as a safe refuge.

Thus, I wish to tell you that only during the pilgrimages, beginning with the next meeting of prayer for the Amazon, pilgrims shall be welcomed and, according to their needs, they may approach one of the Sacraments in order to receive it.

For this, as from the next month, the 4th shall be eliminated and on the 5th and 6th, during the process of the Marathon during the morning, Sacraments shall be offered to those who need them.

In this way, two or three confessionals, two spaces for the Sacrament of Baptism as well as for Foot-Washing, and one space for the Sacrament of Anointing and the Anointing of the sick shall be placed.

Thus, while the exercise of the Marathon is taking place, the spiritual needs of souls will be served, and at the same time souls will receive the Graces they need.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I am the Lord of the Eucharist and through My Divine Mercy I lead all souls towards the Kingdom of Love and Unity.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist so that you may venerate Me and honor Me in all the tabernacles of the Earth.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through it, I announce the redemption of humanity and of the planet in each new Communion.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through it, I convert the hardened hearts, I attract towards My Divine Spirit all those who need love and forgiveness.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through it, I establish in the world times of peace and cooperation among souls.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through it, I renew the consciousnesses that infuse and live the Sacraments as the greatest testimony for the spiritual redemption of current humanity.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through it, I impart Graces towards the four corners of the Earth, bringing Mercy and Redemption.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and, through those who adore, I transmute the human condition and all inner or outer adversity.

I am the Lord of the Eucharist and I grant inner peace to those who seek Me.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Message for the Vigil of Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children:

Today I speak to your hearts, so that united on this day in the Love of Christ we may pray for peace in the hearts.

My children, yesterday I spoke to you about the importance of supporting with the heart the workers of God on Earth, workers that help the flocks of My Son to be conducted through the path of eternity.

Dear children, today I ask you that on this day of spiritual decisions that will occur in the Church of My Son you, like true brothers and sisters of the path, renew yourselves in prayer and fraternity, supporting the important plans of My Son Jesus. The Lord, who is in Heaven, awaits your honest and humble collaboration with the designs of the Church of My Son, through the offering of your prayer.

My children, know that millions of brothers and sisters in the world will depend on the new worker of God, a worker that must feel accompanied by the fraternal hearts that radiate peace and that live the true face of the Divine Purpose.

Through prayer, you will not only be rebuilding the world, as with fasting, but you can also be loyal servers and guardians who keep vigil of the paths of many souls. This is one of the reasons for so many Marian Apparitions in Medjugorje, like now in your house, month by month.

Dear children, for this reason, My call in Medjugorje is to reignite the life of the Sacraments, such as Confession and Communion, and also the experience of fasting, of the gospel and of prayer, that I have revealed to you as the five little stones of salvation.

Now present with you for almost seven consecutive years, My Immaculate Heart calls the Christians and the believers in God so that, in fraternal unity, they support the events in the world. This task requires from you all the love, faith, and fidelity for the world not to be so spiritually harmed, as it is now.

Therefore, My children, in this specially blessed month of March, My maternal Heart will follow, as in Medjugorje and in Salta, the great spiritual and Christian moments that the Church of Christ will experience.

Here, dear ones, we will be gathering in love the flocks, as it is written in the Holy Scripture: the chaff will start to be separated from the wheat and your hearts must be ready in prayer for this moment.

If humanity listened to My call, prayed, and lived My Message, the Holy Spirit of God would convert and save the world. As My beloved Son has said, I will count on many devotees, but I will face evil to defeat it with few soldiers, so will be the Law for this time.

Who would want to risk their lives out of love for the Plan of God?

Which of My children will accept to experience it in trust and faith as the Virgin Mary experienced it?

Dear children, above all things I am in your hearts and I will be for a longer time through Apparitions until God asks Me. I love you, therefore My Love wants to be present within you all the time.

I thank My children of Figueira for having waited for me all these months because My Immaculate Heart returns home!

I thank you, dear children,

Praised be Jesus!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

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