Wednesday, February 8 of 2012

Daily messages

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: The Apparition of today took place during the afternoon. The Divine Mother arrived accompanied by Father Pio, who, full of joy, transmitted His Love and His Devotion to the Virgin Mother.

The Virgin Mary today placed us close to Her Immaculate Heart so that we could feel Her Peace and Protection as Mother.

This happened in the moment in which Our Lady descended from the Heavens to the place of the apparition. She raised our consciousnesses until they were very close to Her Heart. For us it was a special Grace of Love that the Divine Mother gave us with the presence of Father Pio. Right after that, the Divine Mother said:

Dear children, why do you cry, if I love you?

I come to bring you My Celestial Peace which is unmistakable among the creatures. My Kingdom of Peace is for each one of My children and you should no longer suffer, because I, the Queen of Peace, want to make you grow as kind souls of God.

Dear children, the world of today and all that the generations have created will lead you to learn about life. But never forget that I am among you to quench your thirst for My Son and to indicate to you the path that will lead you to Him.

My Heart suffers when I see you sad, it is as if a thousand spears hurt it. I need you to be as strong as the oak tree so that the heart may be nourished from true learning.

Remember, dear children, that the indomitable faith of the heart will allow you to see clearly the distances that you will still have to travel as souls of God. My dear ones, you must not lose hope so that the daily prayer may bear the fruit that it promises you, the fruit of true Love for God.

For this reason, My little ones, in My Maternal Silence, I observe you, because you are still very small within this world and now, little by little, you have begun to take the steps towards self-forgetfulness.

Dear children, prayer done with the heart and with Me, with My Immaculate Heart, will help you. And when you no longer have strength in the heart to be able to continue, remember, dear children, that My Heart will be the safe shelter to sleep and wake up in God. I see the world that suffers and wears away by the evident lack of love among hearts.

I come to give you My Peace and My Love so that you may grow and fly high like birds. All are kind hearts that aspire to find God. Today I invite you not to lose this hope; in order that it may be strong, you must drink from the fruit of prayer.

Dear children, time runs fast and I prepare you from the heart to awaken to the eternal life of faith. I shelter you with My Heart. I love you. Be strong and brave, do not be afraid of the changes of the heart. Trust in My Son and thus you will be able to trust in God.

I walk with you, I am the Pilgrim from Nazareth.

Thank you for growing with the heart and for responding to My call.

Mary, Queen of Peace