Thursday, August 24 of 2023

Vigils of Prayer

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In order to get here, I had to go through the darkest thresholds of the planet, and I know that you, My children, do not know what this means. But all of this is possible through the prayer of My children, through the hope of each heart that cries out to God. 

This allows Me to intercede and ask God for an opportunity for My children; even though this Grace, at this moment, may not be deserved.

Today, My silence speaks more than words, and it is necessary, in these times, My children, that you may plunge yourselves into the Silence of God so as to feel what He feels, to live what He lives, to see what He sees with His own Eyes.

This is why He sends Me once again. He sends Me as His Messenger, but also as His Spokesperson, to remind the world to deter the weapons, to abandon the ideas of war, of a conquest of the nations of the world that will never take place.

Woe to those who do not fear God!

Woe to those who challenge His Laws and His Will!

Therefore, all My children must keep praying fervently, just as the angels perpetually pray with their faces to the ground. This is the way through which God will grant humanity a new opportunity.

Weapons challenge the Law. Human beings do not know Creation, nor do they know where they come from. They cannot usurp the mystery because the mystery has not yet been revealed. Christ is the Mystery Himself, which will be revealed to all through His Return.

Just as the Books, the seals will have opened; so, Christ will reveal His true Face and there will be no one who can hide it; because He will come at the most culminating moment of the planet, and that moment is very close, closer than it seems.

Throughout these sixteen years that you have been with Me, moment after moment, step after step, we have built together a spiritual fortitude that not even the Church of Christ on Earth has reached.

For this reason, you must also pray for those who have not managed to respond to My Son; because the path of the New Christs is an unknown path to all, but it is not an impossible path, it is a path of challenges and transcendence. It is that Path of Christ, Our Lord, that will convert you into His true apostles, without illusions and without personal expectations.

This is what My Son needs at this moment to finish concretizing His Return. Just as He called upon you, He called upon the entire Church extended throughout the Earth to represent Him as the Light of the World, that invincible Light that many would seek in the end of these times, because in essence it is the Light of the Hierarchy, it is a Light that never changes, a Light that never fades, for it is part of the Eternal Light.

It is in the innermost depth of each being that Christ will begin to concretize His Return, and just as the first apostles and followers of the Lord, you must give your lives for the world, if you so accept.

The Christic path is not an abyss between you and Heaven. The Christic path is a bridge to all those who want to be consistent with Him, and be by His side wherever He needs it and whenever He needs it. The decision is solely within you, and nowhere else.

Allow the Love of My Son to rapture you, allow Him to convert you into what He eagerly awaiting for these times. Because in this way, His new apostles will be in places in the world they have never thought of, they will be preparing the multitudes and peoples for His arrival. And this will not be through magnificent works, but rather through true and simple examples that will move hearts to change.

I come as the Mother Who prepares that moment, for He has asked that of Me and I Am His Slave, I Am the Slave of the Lord because His Word has been made in Me.

Those who are called to be the last apostles of the last days, have decided that the Word of God be made in you?

I have seen with My own Eyes, with the Eyes of the Mother of God, that in many, the Word of God has been made, despite the tribulations and the trials.

Therefore, despite this terrifying world, regardless of what you may see around you, make yourselves available. No longer hide from God, go to meet the Eternal Father, and I assure you that you will be happy, you will be free, just as I was when I heard the call of the Archangel Gabriel.

Do not forget, My children, that I Am one more with you. I Am the Virgin Mother, the Rose of Peace, the Consoler and Advocate of those who suffer and those who cry out.

Do not become desperate, do not be distressed. No longer look at darkness, look towards the Light that Christ has left within you. In this way, you will find strength, just as I found it upon seeing My Son nailed to the Cross, by surrendering for all that which was most biggest in My life, just as many of you, and many of your brothers and sisters in the world who serve Christ,  have surrendered your families and the most precious things you have, so as to respond to the unknown call of Christ.

But the Eyes of Jesus, My Most Beloved Son, are upon your loved ones. He Himself takes care of them, He Himself protects them with His Mantle. In the same way, every day, although He is a King, He tries to protect your steps, the steps of those who claim to be His apostles.

I advise you of only one thing, My beloved children: surrender yourselves at the Feet of Jesus, just as Saint Mary Magdalene surrendered at His Feet and, with her own tears, washed the Feet of the Lord, because she was a soul that was asking for surrender.

What has this gesture meant to Jesus?

What has it meant to My Son that the Most Holy and Humble Slave of God should kiss the Feet of Jesus at the top of Mount Calvary?

But He, in His greatest agony and suffering, renounced for Me and for each one of you when, before dying, He said to Me, “Mother, behold Your son; son, behold your mother.” And today, as your Mother, the Mother of all, I am fulfilling this promise.

Have you realized, My children what it has meant to Me that you and your brothers and sisters in the world should be walking by the side of Mary and that your Virgin Mother should be walking by the side of Her children, patiently waiting for the steps of each one of you?

There is nothing more wonderful in this world than the Kingdom of the Heavens, where the angels, elementals and devas, the great creative potencies of the universe, gather to adore and praise the Name of God.

And although My Heart is wounded by what it sees of this world gone mad, when I can descend from Heaven, as on this day, My Heart finds comfort, My life becomes encouraged by all those who love Me, because love does not remain with Me, love goes directly to the Heart of God.

And He, in this way, opening His Arms and extending His Hands over the world, pours out His loving rays of Pity and Mercy, renewing through the last Christs, to the entire surface of the Earth, especially through those who anonymously serve to God.

Now I will speak to each one.

My son, My daughter, why do you suffer? Am I not here? And through Me, do you believe that you live in God, just as My Son lives through His children, through all His companions?

Make a decision, free yourself from your own burden and trust, because there is something wonderful for you, which God has written in the universe with His own Hand.

Surrender all that you have, surrender all that you are, and I assure you that you will not regret it. Because despite the deserts or the anguish, My Son renews all things; just as His Blood and His Water, which flowed out from His wounded Heart on top of the Cross, renewed the whole world.

Allow your soul to guide the boat of your life. Do not fear shipwreck, do not fear defeat, affirm yourself in the hope of My Merciful Heart and in the Merciful Heart of My Son.

Consecrate your life to Saint Joseph, and He will guide you through His Hand so that you may discover the grand Will of God, which will make you free forever, by breaking the shackles of illusion, breaking the chains of inertia and opening the portals to the great encounter, the encounter of your spirit with the Spirit of God.

I thank you for having the bravery every day, even if you do not know how, to follow the Footprints of Light of My Son. And I thank all those who pray for peace, because it is very urgent in this moment, especially peace in the hearts that no longer have it.

Never, never forget to be grateful. In doing so, you will relieve the Heart of God from so much ingratitude.

Be guardians of the Treasures of God. Be stewards of Our Messages and, without realizing it, on the great promised day, the Word of God will be fulfilled in you, just as it was fulfilled in the Slave of the Lord.

Now, we will sing again to the Lady of Kibeho, the Mother of the Word and of Speech, the Mother of Africa. Let us sing for the wounded African people, subjected to war, persecuted for their faith, condemned by the systems of this sick world, by the hunger in body and spirit.

Cry out, through the Lady of Kibeho and by means of this song, for My beloved Africa. And let us pray from now on so that Our Sacred Hearts may return to Africa next year. Are you ready for this challenge?

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the Light of Christ, I bless you so that peace may be in you and in all nations, especially in the nations that are most in need.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I love you, much more than you can imagine.

Hold onto My spiritual fortitude, and you will always see the Light of Christ on the horizon. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And now, let us sing this song to the Lady of Kibeho, responding to the request of the Most Holy Mother, so that the Graces of the Immaculate Heart of Mary may be poured out upon Africa and the world. And especially, may the Mantle of Light of the Mother of God guard and protect the children, youths and adolescents of all of Africa, and may the Mother of God grant them the Grace of relief and hope.

Song: “Our Lady of Kibeho”.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We want to conclude this Vigil of Prayer by making an account, at the request of our      Divine Mother. We will try to repeat all that happened, without losing a word, because     today the approximation and the Presence of Mary were very strong. The first thing I     would like to say, before I forget it, is that She felt this Vigil of Prayer to be true, very     sincere and very honest on the part of everyone.

When She arrived, She asked if we, as the Work, as pilgrims, as prayerful beings, will     be willing to accompany Mary on the 24th of each month, through this format of the     Vigil of Prayer. Because She told us that, with all that humanity and the planet are     going through, the only thing that our Mother has to offer to God at the moment are our     prayers, that we may gather as a group and as souls in prayer with Her.

And I feel that all of us are internally giving this yes, so that from now on, we may     resume this format of the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, so that we may,     together with Mary, strengthen this school of prayer that She has taught us and,     especially, that we may pray for all urgent causes, responding to Her request.

Today, when the Divine Mother arrived, as She always does, crossing the portals of the     Heavens in a gradual manner, She took us, as consciousnesses, to the darkest places     of the abysses of the planet, which are spiritual abysses that cannot be seen with the     physical eyes.

And She carried out this movement and presented this situation as She did in the third     secret of Fatima. The Virgin Mother crossed a city totally destroyed by war and     weapons, screams of suffering and pain could be heard, there were people without     legs, arms.

She was the only Light shining there, and that Light was shining through Her due to     our prayers of today. She was collecting each bead of prayer of this Vigil and also all     the prayers that we have said in these sixteen years of Apparitions, to offer them to     God as an act of atonement and mercy.

In my personal case, honesty, I was deeply impacted by what I saw. I thought I would     not be able to continue with the task. When Our Mother perceived it, She withdrew this     scene and brought Heaven.

As She spoke, She gradually approached each one of us. I could say that today She     was closer to us then She had ever been before.

And She, not only spiritually, was She raising the planet and humanity from where they     are at the moment, as well as the peoples, the nations that are suffering, but She was     also raising each one of us.

 And Her Love, that pure and unmistakable Love of Mary, was gradually transforming     the miseries of the world and our own miseries. And Her Love, in a form of Light, which     emanated from her Immaculate Heart, gradually entered those spaces of our cellular     and spiritual memory where there are many marks, where there are many fears.

 What She did was encouraging us and, with Her Love, She was enveloping and     transforming us into something new, She separated us from this darkness, which we     sometimes go through and She gradually did this to the planet as well.

Today, She was like a Great Pilgrim and Server, and Her Eyes could see everything.     She could see us as we are, not with judgment, not with condemnation. Seeing Her     Gaze was intense, because it was a Love not of this planet. She emanated that Love     of God and gradually closed, in that way, many doors within us and in the world. And     Her Word, which was the Word of God, built new inner bridges for each one of us, so     that we might dare to cross those bridges, in these times, toward that hope that She     spiritually brought to us today.

 Then, She carried out an important spiritual task for Africa. There, another very hard     scenario presented itself again, where children were dying from malnutrition and the     mothers of those children were desperate. Mary would nourish those mothers with Her     spiritual strength, She would relieve the heart of those mothers and also the Divine     Mother gradually collected all the children in Her Arms.

In short, that was what happened. Many other situations presented themselves during     the Apparition, but the best way to remember them is to watch again the moment that     we experienced with the Divine Mother.

So, we have this commitment, as from today, to pray together in these Vigils of Prayer     for Peace in the Nations every 24th.. On the 12th of each month there will also be a     Vigil of Prayer, just as Our Lady established it so many years ago. On the 12th of each     month, Mary wants Her children to keep praying, just as they do every 12th.

Let us give thanks once again and bring the Words of Mary to our hearts.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

 In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.