Dear children of Mine,

Through the humanitarian mission in Turkey, a new kingdom is being built in the heart of the people who have been lovingly sheltered by My missionaries of peace.

This means the triumph, at this moment, of the spiritual life and of love in the existence of millions of people. Thus, children of Mine, you will comprehend that by fully living the selfless service, the doors of the Heavens will always remain open for those hearts that need redemption.

Now, dear missionary children, that you have learnt to perceive the human condition, may your arms be even more open to shelter spiritually in the Heart of the Divine Messengers those who expect to feel truly loved.

The humanitarian mission in the Middle East has reached an unparalleled spiritual repercussion because in all of this task of service and of Christic love you had always to work in order to surpass yourselves in behalf of each consciousness of the Middle East, in behalf of those who live the oppression of an armed war in their own flesh.

Dear children, Your Heavenly Mother accompanies you in this last spiritual stage, in which more codes of redemption, of mercy and of forgiveness will be sown in more hearts.

Children of Mine, all of this task has not only had repercussion on your through the mission, but also on your brothers and sisters of the communities, especially of the Marian Center of Aurora which has been the depositary of certain currents which had to be liberated. This is a difficult and hard reality that very few are willing to live at any time and with no time limitation for the spiritual salvation of humanity.

The work of the Heavenly Hierarchy is broader than what it seems and it is not restricted to one region of the planet where one serves, but also to planes of consciousness which during the humanitarian missions are supported by the Marian Centers founded by the Mother of Heaven.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who unites you to the Source of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

In the most important stage of the mission in Turkey and after having gone through experiences which have left strong marks in their consciousness, from now until the end of the mission, the missionaries will be able to make a deep synthesis and group reflection on all they have seen as the result of a great human calamity.

It will be at the end of the first mission to the Middle East that the missionaries of peace will carry in their hearts an indelible experience which will strengthen them so that in the near future they will be prepared to help in the most serious situations on the planet, situations that will go further than civil and regional war.

Dear children, for this reason it will always be indispensable that the praying ones support with devotion all the humanitarian missions because, in the name of everyone and all of this indifferent humanity, one group is taking a step towards the life of total service and absolute surrender to Divine Will.

My children, as well as Christ lived His great mission in the public life, you, dear missionary children, will live surrender even in the smallest details; in this way you will demonstrate to God, as you have done so far, that in truth the project for the redemption of the humanity will be able to be fulfilled.

I thank you for always answering My call!

Who loves you and protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

At the doors of the humanitarian service in Turkey, the Missionaries of Peace will continue towards the attendance of new spiritual, social and moral needs; all of them will be covered through fraternal love.

Es así, queridos hijos, que Vuestra Madre Celeste está en este momento trabajando en unión a los misioneros con grupos de almas especiales, las que desde el principio de sus vidas esperaban una ayuda espiritual mayor.

Thus, dear children, Your Heavenly Mother is in this moment working in union with the Missionaries of Peace with groups of special souls, which from the beginning of their lives have waited for a bigger spiritual help.

See, My children, how the true humanitarian service, without profits nor personal advantages from any part, the service from the heart, reaches the deepest of the spirit of each being.

The Mother of the World encourages the Missionaries of Peace so that they may reach the same degree of donation and surrender that My beloved Son lived. Along this path of absolute and abnegate donation from the children of God, the celestial doors remain open and these are the internal doors that indicate to the servers the next place of service.

When prayer is also filled by service and faith, dear children, the doors of the Law of Manifestation and of Absence of Need open themselves and the spirit of providence transforms the spiritual and material poverty of the consciousnesses.

Service is a gift, but at the same time it is a mystery that presents itself in the life of people so that they may be encouraged to transcend themselves and above all so that in the service to the neighbor true love be lived.

The Mission of Peace in the Middle East, in this moment, is permitting that the souls with different creeds recover through some path their intimate filiation with the Celestial Father. When this filiation and feeling of belongingness to the Divine are recovered, the suffering soul in need gains inner strength to move ahead and thus to advance in the name of God.

The religions in this moment will become a point of conflict for humanity, because as it has been so far, the faith and trust of the poor souls in the Lord will be at stake. This faith and this testimony of each child of the Middle East have permitted the Heavenly Hierarchy to send the servers of the Plan from the Americas on a humanitarian mission.

This clamor from the suffering hearts has also permitted, dear children, the humanitarian missions to expand throughout the whole Middle East, over the Arabian countries.

Through service, the flame of the Love of God will never go out because service keeps alive the soul that donates itself without interests or complaints; thus through the service of My children My Immaculate Heart will also triumph.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who encourages you to constant self-donation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

It is with the joy that My Immaculate Heart feels after the positive answer and the confirmation of a longer stay of the missionaries of peace in the Middle East, that on this day My Plan of peace, rescue and service will expand itself over the Arab regions.

It is in this way, dear children, that your Heavenly Mother will be sending the servers to carry out the next humanitarian missions in Iraq, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, among other sister nations that need the presence of the Christic energy through the donation to voluntary service.

In the spiritual plans, Your Heavenly Mother is already working together with the angels to manifest this project, in order for the love and the service of the Divine Messengers to reach, through the humanitarian missions, many needy and completely forgotten souls.

The positive answer of the Turkish association of service to the refugees, throughout many years, has opened the doors so that the unpayable spiritual debts between the Middle East and the Americas were balanced by means of the selfless donation of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation with the Turkish association that takes care of the refugees.

The ecumenical exchange that was spontaneously created through service will allow, in the next cycle and in the new missions, to approach many souls to the Divine Spirit of Mercy, of peace and of love, which goes beyond the religious creeds. The true ecumenism happens as a result of the attention that one soul gives to another when the later is suffering from pain and neglect.

Dear children, your Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph already find themselves preparing, in the inner plans, the next stages of service and selfless donation, which new consciousnesses belonging to this group of spiritual work will be called to live, directly by the inner call of the Divine Mother.

In this hour, in which the judgment is happening in the world and to all the souls on Earth, the Universe will be granting an extraordinary Grace so that, still in time, the seeds of love and mercy may be sown in the consciousness of humanity, seeds which – in this case, through the humanitarian missions – will be sown in the Arab nations of the Middle East.

What is happening between the different missions in the Americas and in the Middle East is extraordinary, since it is mobilizing the action of more elevated Laws of mercy and redemption to the world.

I leave this message as an opportunity, not only for the missionaries but also for all the servers, that there is still time to change the destiny of this humanity and of this beloved planet.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses and elevates you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


The Heavens open themselves to receive the offers of humanity.

Being sincere of heart, Mercy descends again in lands that are already living in the Divine Justice. Merciful acts are those which unite you to the Consciousness of Christ, The One who is Mercy Itself.

A humanitarian mission, children, is more than a social act, because I am talking to you about a request of God, a renovation and an awakening of a commitment that His Creatures have towards Him. As much as you are before two missions in which you meet cultures extremely different from yours, the souls recognize unity and the spirits are touched by the love that permeates their acts.

When you serve from the heart, you balance many evils, not only of those who you are serving. The love that you radiate touches those who are around you and permeates the life of spirit; it replaces the mistakes and debts of the nations for divine merits of redemption, of salvation and of mercy. If, in truth, everyone opened themselves to the missionary spirit, you would understand what I tell you.

Today I want you to know that the missionaries in Turkey have already become an instrument in the Hands of God because their spirits recognize that the service they are providing is not for themselves. Experience and the years have taken them to the consecration of life to the acts of Mercy, and in this way they have become, as a group, a bridge for the Mercy of the Creator to descend to Earth. But they are only 14 and they cannot multiply themselves in all the nations that must consecrate themselves to God through service and through prayer. Therefore, when I call you to service, listen to My Voice.

None of the missionaries in Turkey is perfect; none of them knew how to serve from the beginning, but the resistances were broken by love, and today, when they are before a mission asked by God, they can transcend their individualities and miseries in order to be bearers of the Divine Mercy.

We do not expect that the different missions that we ask for, have the same success, but that you do open yourselves to the missionary spirit that the consciousness-group of this Work of Love have already achieved over the past few years.

I wish the missionary spirit would expand itself beyond Brazil, and mostly Uruguay and Argentina would encourage themselves to transcend the atavisms to serve the neighbor and to discover in service a prompt transformation, the unity with God and with the neighbor, the transmutation and the liberation of these nations from all the mistakes committed in the past. Because, although the Earth has to restart, it needs to have a starting point, and you must leave in it a fertile soil, so that those who will come afterwards sow the seeds of a new time.

I love you and I only ask you to trust in what I tell you and that you do not be afraid to answer to the celestial requests. In these times, every effort is little to fulfill the goal which you have been responsible to fulfill since the beginning of this race.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Fraternity, Unity with God, Faith and Hope are attributes that must always reign in the human heart.

Based on the principle of the Unity with God, which has never ceased to be Unique in the diversity of the manifestation of His Consciousness, experience, you as well, the unity among yourselves as one body belonging to the Divine Consciousness.

The Creator multiplied Himself and expanded in different forms of life, expression, manifestation so that His Perfection would become life and matter, so that the Love He expresses in His Divine Spirit could become flesh, mind, feeling, soul, spirit, vibration, sound, so there would be no limit in the manifestation of His Love.

God permeates everything that was created and gives all creatures the opportunity of being in likeness to Him. Aware of the Principles of the Creator, you must imitate Him. May love be multiplied in your hearts, may it be expressed in different ways, with words, prayers, silence, actions, with inner, spiritual, or physic communion, at the time of receiving the Eucharist.

As a group, may you express yourselves as the Consciousness of God: in many ways of life, many ways of serving, infinite possibilities of loving, but all this without ever losing the unity.

Although the existing creatures are so different from each other, this does not remove from any of them the essence that unites them in the divine likeness to the Creator Father.

I tell you all these things because it is time for unity, reconciliation, fraternity as bridges for love.

The different missions that are being carried out today show the path that each one must tread in their daily lives: overcome the differences between races, cultures, languages, nations, religions, to experience, as humanity, the Unity with God.

May you be aware that the time will come to unite your consciousnesses in one purpose: bring peace and reconciliation to Earth.

The suffering of the human heart helps to overcome the barriers of loving, and the need to find peace unites you.

Both in the Middle East and in Chaco, you will understand what the material, mental and physical purification causes in human consciousness. You must be before these extreme situations not only to help but also to learn. So, with this learning in your consciousnesses, you must ask yourselves if it is really necessary to go through similar purifications to learn to experience love, to seek unity with your neighbor, to transcend differences and walk towards the implementation of the Plans of God as one race.

Pain makes you look for love, but the possibility to love exists within your hearts, latent as a natural condition of the human being. You must only step out of yourselves and surrender to the search of this true Christic Love; love that unites the universes, love that unlocks evolution, love that makes you in likeness to the angels and allows you to return to God.

Before the situations of the Middle East and Chaco, you may profoundly reflect and make your choices: wait for the times of chaos or learn how to love as of now, surrendering yourselves to the Grace of the Unity with God.

Your Father and long-standing companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I know that the Apparitions of the Divine Messengers are a mystery to many, a mystery that in some, causes growth in faith and in others, the torment of doubt.

This world, children, is full of mysteries. The human consciousness itself is a great mystery both for the cosmos and for you yourselves.

On this planet, you must learn to live through faith; faith in the invisible, in the intangible, in the divine, in wholeness. It is only through the grace of faith that a heart can be before the different situations of life with the necessary clarity and understanding.

I tell you this because, as a group and as humanity, you are before two challenges, which are the two missions you are experiencing. Both situations that need to be unveiled have very deep and unknown roots to everyone. And so that you are not before them in a superficial way, you must open your hearts to the living of faith, for it is in this way, trusting in the invisible and following your hearts in things that may be inexplicable or not very obvious to your minds, you will be whole before those two challenges.

The two situations that beings face today, both in the Middle East and in Chaco, Argentina, needed to become extreme for humanity to look at them, and even so, those brothers and sisters suffer a great deal through indifference, because the human heart still has not opened to defeat its own conveniences and look to the needs of its fellow beings.

Your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness tried to lead a certain part of the planet, especially the Americas, into an evolutive life different from the life of the rest of humanity. They found the Sacred thanks to their reverence, and it was precisely the lack of contact with material creations and the inventions of the human mind that allowed them to find a different evolutive path, based on love and simplicity.

But on a planet where everyone came in order to learn to love, the very tendency of the spirits present on it suffocated the natural expression of the guardians of purity, the original peoples. With the help and the incentive of the enemy of God, you were not able to understand the differences, and over the course of many centuries, tried to impose a form of mental material life, based on competition and struggle for power. Because the natives were not like that and because they had remained in their purity, you made them suffer, and up until today, you influence the minds of the little ones as you can, trying to make them disappear from the Earth, without realizing that with them will disappear love, simplicity, purity and the humility of the heart.

It is the same struggle to impose personal customs and ideas that generates permanent wars and conflicts in the Middle East. And I tell you that the incentive for those wars does not only come from the Middle East, and it is not only with the help of great Western economic powers that they grow and develop. I want you to understand that those evils have deep spiritual roots and one purpose: destroy the Plans of God. It is for this reason that we count more on the spiritual fortitude of a few than on the material resources of many.

One of the ways the enemy has of causing you to lose faith and hope is to place the craving for finding material results in the minds, but that search was what led Judas into suicide, because of not understanding that the victory of the Messiah was on the Cross.

You, who are more aware, must serve without seeking results, transform yourselves without receiving merits, strive without looking for returns or recognition. God has His Eyes on those who are true and faithful to His Plan. He will place His Cross on those, which for some may mean death and failure, but for those whose hearts are open and their consciousnesses awake, it will mean the triumph of God in the entire universe.

Serve every day with the certainty that the true battle is experienced in spirit and must be won there. That which takes place in the matter is a simple reflection of what is multiplied on the Higher Planes.

For this reason, I want to have you understand the events of the world from a broader point of view so that, in light of your service, you do not cling to that which you can do with your hands, but rather, to what is achieved with the heart.

For the discovery of service and the spiritual mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My dear children,

Your Heavenly Mother is preparing to descend spiritually, with Her resplendent Heart, together with the missionaries of peace, in the city of Ankara, Turkey, where the first steps of assistance to refugees, through this new humanitarian mission, will be revealed to My missionary children.

Turkey is a nation that has welcomed the suffering and exile of millions of refugees. Ankara has been one of the cities through which My children pass in exodus.

The fear of being lost, due to war and persecution, has led refugees into exile in the nations of Europe. Therefore, dear children, this humanitarian mission will first try to help by bringing peace in the midst of the despair of those who, out of fear and by war, have lost everything.

On the spiritual plane, the Celestial Hierarchy will work so that on the inner planes, souls regain faith and trust in God, which are dissipated by the war. In spite of all that is happening, your Celestial Mother will guide the missionaries so that they meet the souls who have true physical, moral and spiritual needs.

The missionaries of peace will carry within their hearts the testimony of the Love of God and will demonstrate it through works of service and charity to the people they will meet in every place.

Spiritual and human shelter will be one of the important keys for this humanitarian mission in the Middle East. Therefore, My missionary children will see, in all that is unworthy and sad, the opportunity to recover purity in the exiled hearts. It will be a time to reflect and to learn about the deep union that must exist with God, despite the circumstances.

Dear children, Turkey is the portal through which those who escape from war pass; the spirit of peace must be recovered, for everything must begin again.

My inner guidance will be in all missionaries.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In a Mission of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While we were praying I saw Saint Joseph, first in the Middle East, dressed as a Muslim and with a cloth around his head. He was walking in the desert, accompanying different families who were emigrating, putting in His arms the children who were most tired of walking, and helping them. Afterwards, I saw Him in other cities, in big cities, helping people on the streets and only accompanying them, as someone who was simply passing by there. I also saw Him in different indigenous villages and when He appeared, He was surrounded by indigenous children who looked to be between three and eight years old. While Saint Joseph was transmitting the daily message, the children who were accompanying Him, spiritually radiated Light to the different indigenous tribes of the world.

       Dear companions in Christ, Missionaries of love on this Earth in so much need of aid and of peace,

Today I come to you with joy, but also with much regret in the depth of My Chaste Heart. I come with joy because I knew that, when arriving to the world, I would find beings that are willing to be with Me wherever it is necessary. I come with regret because I cannot be indifferent to all that happens in the world and also in the universe as a repercussion of the events of the Earth.

Today I do not come only from the Middle East, I come from many places of this vast planet, where I can walk beyond the borders, since for Me they do not exist. I come mostly from the region of Chaco, in Argentina, and also from other villages and tribes of original peoples that humanity still does not know. And I am not alone, because I have brought to you the little ones who – from the plans of the spirit – radiate their purity to those human beings who have the mission to keep guarding the presence of the indigenous consciousness on the planet, so that purity and simplicity do not disappear from the human heart.

Many think that it would not be necessary to carry out two missions at the same time, and lucubrate thoughts, imagining the reason why we have asked a mission to the Chaco, since the missionaries are already going so far, to the Middle East.

I know that the typical ignorance of the ordinary human mind often does not allow you to think and feel like the Creator of all things thinks and feels. That is why I will explain some truths to you, with My request that you observe them and learn from them, so that when your time arrives, with its own discernments, you make important decisions – time in which We will no longer be able to dictate all the steps as now.

The indigenous consciousness, in general, has an important mission of guarding the purity in humanity and also the possibility of understanding nature and, through nature, finding God. The indigenous are guardians of unity, of life in community, in a peaceful and loving way. Throughout times, many were losing these attributes and the customs of the current humanity were influencing the different indigenous communities of the world.

In Argentina, the region of Chaco, as other places, is a space of the consciousness of the nation that – despite the abandonment and the suffering which it lives – has not lost the essence of what it is and keeps being a guardian of the purity, mainly for this nation.

As South America has a primordial role in the end of times, if Argentina itself does not take care of the treasure it has in Chaco, it might lose the possibility of living simplicity, humility, peace and purity, attributes that are primordial for the emergence of a new race.

This mission of consecrating the Americas to God is a responsibility of all those who correspond to this Work of the Lord, and you must be aware that which each people fulfills a primordial role in the construction of the New Earth.

Why do we send the missionaries to Chaco and, at the same time, to the Middle East? Because, while some will try to heal the pain, the suffering and the resentment of the beings who have left their lands, their homes, others will go to a similar situation of people who have also been removed from their lands and, however, have not lost hope.

May the purity of your indigenous brothers and sisters be radiated to the Middle East and may, thanks to the different missionaries who will compose these two missions and all the prayer groups that will support them, a connection of love and unity may happen, so that, through service, love strengthens the population of Chaco and so that the purity of this people, strengthened by love, reach the Middle East as a hope that, one day, they be able to live fraternity.

May in these two missions, both peoples rekindle hope of being among brothers and sister, in a world of cooperation, of fraternity, of unity with one another and all with God. All this can be achieved with the purity of intention and the heart united, perfectly, to the Heart of God, from where comes all the principles and archetypes for humanity.

Go ahead, missionaries of Christ, of Mary and of My Most Chaste Heart. We will be in Omnipresence with all, watching over the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

Your Father and Friend, Missionary of all hours,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My beloved companions and seekers of the celestial truth, today My Chaste Heart only comes to ask you to carry on deepening yourselves in the path of prayer and surrender.

I ask you to not forget of the campaign to which I invited you some time ago, and remember the sacred mission that the missionaries of Mary must carry out as soon as it is possible.

Know that the adversary of God will do everything in order that the missionaries are not able to reach the destination set by the Lord; for this, from now on, as praying soldiers of God who live to fulfill His Plans, place in your prayers and in your hearts this sacred mission, in order that, thus, the paths may be opened and the obstacles imposed by the evil may be dissolved.

For the Sacred Hearts, this mission is of vital importance as well as the campaign to sow the Love in humanity, because – if you fulfill these two purposes – humanity will be sending a sign to Heaven that it ardently aims that Light descends to the world and that evil be dissipated.

Today I tell you that, for all the evil that humanity causes to the planet, to God and to their own fellow humans be dissipated, it is not enough to want; you must pray, act and make many efforts and sacrifices.  You know that the greatest sacrifice of the human being is not the martyrdom of the body, but rather the living experience of humility.  It is for this reason that I send you in order that you will ask for forgiveness and will live the reconciliation, because in this way you will overcome what humanity has always nourished, which is pride and vanity, in favor of the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

All the conflicts of the world are based on the pride ingrained in the human heart; for this, in order to establish Peace, be humble of heart.

I love you because I know about the greatness of your hearts once you express the truth that is latent in your own interior.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

It is very important, for the manifestation of the Mission in Turkey and in Hungary and in order that such a Mission has the correct repercussion in the planetary consciousness, that all of you, servants of God, give your adherence to the Campaign1 of My Chaste Heart.  Do not forget that this is a work that is being guided so that a Higher Plan may be fulfilled and, for this, we need true action from all.

In recent days, the planetary consciousness received a great impulse, thanks to the answer of all to the Call of God, but this impulse needs to keep growing and deepening within each one of you, manifesting in this way the transformation of your lives and, as a consequence, of all humanity.

You must trust in this: that each one of your acts are valued before the universe and that, with each one of your steps towards the light, we can change the destiny of humanity.

The Victory of God in a group of consciousnesses will dictate the course of evolution of all of Divine Creation.  It is for this that, amongst so many worlds and such a vast manifested universe, the Consciousness of God is so close to your lives, with all of His Attributes.

The Creator intends to send increasing impulses to the planetary consciousness and to deliver all that which is most precious that exists in the Cosmos, in such a way as to lead you to express your potential as a Divine Creation. 

In these definitive times, the Creator will deliver all to humanity in order so that you will also deliver all to God and so that you may be in accord with what He has thought for each one.

My beloved ones, I speak every day to those who, awake in the heart and in the spirit, will follow My Steps and, in the simplicity of My instructions, will find the greatness and the Perfection of God.

To know and understand what I tell you, it is necessary that you experiment by yourselves.  It is for this reason that I ask you for this Campaign1, which is so simple, but so great in the eyes of God.   If you truly follow it and offer your actions to God, they will have incalculable planetary repercussions.

I love you and guide you to a greater transformation.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

1Campaign “Sowing Love in Humanity”,
        requested in the message of the 23rd of September of 2015. 


When a group of souls offer their lives to balance the suffering of a part of humanity, the Heart of God again ignites and the faith of the universe receives an impulse of light.

My dear companions,

For this next Mission to Turkey and Hungary, I ask you to not go based upon your emotions, but it should be those who are only willing to truly aspire to the principle of Love manifesting in the world, beyond their own lives, that should go.

All those who accompany such a mission with the heart will be a part of this labor, which is meant to renew the spirit of Love and Fraternity in the human consciousness, and to not allow hate and pain to be evils that take hold of all the hearts of the world.

Those who pursue the mission, as well as those who accompany them with the heart, must not fix their eyes upon the injustices, the suffering and the resentment of beings. You must simply be carriers of a love that is being extinguished in the world, and which the Divinity placed within your hearts.

To go on this mission, My Chaste Heart will lead you through a deep purification of your own inability to forgive and to love, and It will do this with all those who want to be missionaries, not only physically, but also in spirit.

I will lead you into transforming deep aspects of your consciousness, rooted in competition and in a desire for power, so that you may go forward purified of all the evil that generates wars and conflicts within the world.

More than any training, you must pray a lot, so that I may help you and place you in the point that you need to be in, to reach being true instruments of God for all humanity, and not only for the Middle East.

Know that we are inviting all groups of prayer to take a new step and experience the necessary transformation toward surrendering your lives out of love for God and His Plan.

Our protection and support will always be with those who respond to the Designs of God. You do not need to fear anything, simply love with the essence of the heart.

I guide you and strengthen you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Father of all Missionaries

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