My dear and beloved children,

While violence, abuses and war in the world continue to worsen, on the other hand, My enemy tries to influence or tempt many priests so that the union that the priest establishes between Heaven and Earth may be interrupted.

This is one of My greatest pains, because it has consequences for hundreds of souls who are waiting for this opportunity through the loving experience of the Sacraments.

Dear children, I need the souls who have offered to pray for priests and for the priesthood in the world to continue to accompany Me in this spiritual battle.

May faithful hearts, who trust in the Presence of My Son in the Eucharist, help priests to fulfill their duty and spiritual mission.

If this does not happen, not only will more souls lose the faith that is already outraged in many hearts, but without the presence of committed and true priests of Christ, peace cannot be established.

I need My faithful praying armies on earth, united in priestly ministry, to know how to go through this fierce battle of the end times.

Dear children, My Mother's Heart seeks to protect My beloved children, the priests of the Lord, for without priests there are no Sacraments and without Sacraments there are no Graces to bestow on souls.

This is the hour for all to remember the sacrifice of My Son for you. Without this in mind, the sorrow of those who have not heard the Voice of the Lord will be great.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, on this day of Pity and Mercy for the whole world, I would like My Son to be recognized once again by all, through the consecrated Bread and Wine; so that, through the adoration of good souls, the errors and outrages, which the Heart of the Creator continues to receive, may be repaired.

Therefore, My children, through this gesture of merciful love of your hearts and lives, the Tabernacles of the Earth that are destroyed by wars or profaned by ignorant souls, spaces that are blessed by My Son, shall also be repaired and contemplated, just as the angels of the choir of reparation do.

I would like to tell you, My children, that the holy places, just as the Eucharist sanctifies everything that it touches and radiates, are fundamental spaces for the elevation of souls and especially of the planet, which need much Light and Mercy in these times.

The first step is that souls adore and value the Sacrament, so that humanity does not continue to lose its authentic spiritual union with the Creator.

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, I thank all My children who faithfully carry out every day the holy adoration of the Eucharistic and Heavenly Body of the Redeemer.

United in prayer for all impossible and urgent causes, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I rejoice to see you here, in this sacred house, a favorite place of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a space that gestates relief for the suffering of souls.

I want to tell you, dear children, that My Heart prays every day for the manifestation of the House of Saint Lazarus, a house that will be consecrated in honor of this important fact lived by My Son, Jesus, in the resurrection of Lazarus, so that souls that one day enter this space may receive within themselves the power of resurrection, through the care of love for those who suffer and for those who are sick in body and in spirit.

All of you are blessed by this project of the House of Saint Lazarus. In a short while, the doors of manifestation will open, and it will be the time and the moment, dear children, to work for the relief of suffering of the hearts that will seek peace, of many hearts that will appear seeking relief because they will not find it anywhere else.

Although this Project seems unattainable, for God it is not, because it is in His Will. And today I come as your Mother of the Relief of Suffering, to remind you of this request.

However, this mission of the House of Saint Lazarus is not the only one. This Light-Nucleus will expand its dimensions and spaces. This is why I ask you to ask yourselves internally if you are ready for this moment. Because while the planet and humanity suffer in an unknown way, God will place His Presence in some places of the planet, through spaces of light, love, charity and mercy.

I come here to tell you, My children, that I am with you, that I accompany each step and each moment of the concretion of the House of Saint Lazarus, as well as of the other projects through this Light-Nucleus, projects that someday will go beyond this city of São Carlos, projects that will also renew the Nucleus in São Paulo, so that it may re-emerge through the impulse of service that the self-summoned souls have lived throughout the times, because we are at a moment of emergency.

The Light-Nuclei must not only be spaces of salvation and rescue, they must also continue to be the archetype of a life experience, of a life consecrated to the Plan of God, of a life that may express the Community of Christ on Earth.

The pillars of the Light-Nuclei are sustained by the souls that present themselves in them, to take care of each space as if it were their very own life, just as you take care of yourselves.

Here, on the inner planes of this Nucleus, an Aspect of God reigns, which is the one that impels the work of charity, service and mercy, not only through the materialization of the House of Saint Lazarus, but also through the other projects of service that are lived here and those which will be lived here someday. Because there will be other projects that will gather other souls, different from you, but who will be embraced by the same impulse of Christ to express good and peace in a disturbed world, in an unbalanced society, in a family that needs unity.

Here the Aspect of Iod He Vaud He is present, which is the Aspect that represents the Spiritual Government of God for the Earth and the whole universe. I know that this is a very great conception for you and also for inner life, but do not worry, unite to Iod He Vaud He, so that He may inspire you, so that He may give you strength, so that He may grant you the bravery and courage to achieve and express His Will on Earth and in souls.

For a moment, think and meditate with Me, through each effort that has been made in the project of the House of Saint Lazarus, and for in the Project Fraternal Serving. How many souls have benefitted from this, not only incarnated souls, but also on the inner planes? How many have already achieved relief of suffering, even though the House of Saint Lazarus still does not physically exist? Do you understand, My children, how far the Love of God wants to go?

I know that you need something material to understand it, but I invite you to internally live the expression of the House of Saint Lazarus. Live the Law of Correspondence and all will happen according to what is written. If this project were not real for God, I would not be here today. This is why I come once again to reaffirm in you this Aspiration of the Eternal Father.

Beloved children, understand, once and for all, that the Eternal Father is the One who ardently wishes for the House of Saint Lazarus. Because in the end of these times, many, really many, must resurrect in spirit and also in life, through the miraculous and authentic service that this house will express through all the hands and, above all, all the hearts that give of themselves to reflect, within the House of Saint Lazarus, the fiery bases and principles of Figueira.

This treasure of the spirituality of Figueira is an incalculable treasure, it is a still unknown treasure, it is a Treasure of God, because it comes from His Heart.

You, beloved children, are part of this Legacy. Did you know this? Feel as part of this story that is written today in the mirrors, in the Mirrors of Creation, an experience of love and redemption of each one of you, so that many more, in a state of Grace and Pity, may attain the Mercy and the opportunity for the lives of many human beings to be dignified lives in the Lord, a part of His Kingdom.

Today, I embrace this house, this work and all its service with My Mantle and, above all, with My Arms. And I ask the Holy Spirit of God to inspire, guide and lead you, through His gifts, His seven gifts, toward His Will, the Will of God that is written in the heart of each one of you.

I feel so much a part of this work, dear children, that you cannot imagine. I would never tire of saying it, because where there is true love there is God, and where there is God there is the relief of suffering for all those who serve in His name, His Most Sacred Name, which gives you the power of overcoming and of transcendence, which every day grants you the Grace to stand up again to fulfill His Will, although you may have fallen.  

These are My Words. This is also My aspiration: I will be the first to enter this House of Saint Lazarus, because I was a witness of the miracle that My Son, Jesus, worked with Saint Lazarus. Thus, once again, I will be a witness of the miracle that My Son will work in you and in your brothers and sisters.

Let us celebrate this moment through the Holy Eucharist, so that at the Altars of God may be presented the offering of each heart, each server and each collaborator who places their life into a project that continues to descend from Heaven to Earth.

Let us offer this moment.

I once again thank you for responding to My call. I bless you and encourage you to follow in the steps of Christ, His footprints of Light. I invite you to follow His Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Forty days with Jesus along the Lent path

"I Am the Light of the world, no one can go to the Father except through Me.

Surrender with trust to that Greater Light, so that your steps in the desert may be guided by My Light. Surrender to the Light of My Heart and allow the rays of My Grace to touch your consciousness and your life.

This is the time of redemption. Leave your offering at My Feet, surrender your little heart to Me so that I may work wonders in your life.

Thirst no more, I offer you My Water of Life. Commune with My Body and drink of My Blood, let us together seal the covenant of unity and redemption, so that humanity may be liberated from all evil and all threat.

Be, in My spiritual garden, a flower of mercy and peace."

Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My beloved children,

Under My Mantle, I hold today the most urgent causes of the planet, which have gravely wounded the Heart of God in this 2023, a moment when humanity is confused and lost, in which intolerance and violence prevail, rather than love, truth and justice.

Behold, under My Mantle, each one of the situations that the Hierarchy attends to, although such situations also bring it a sense of urgency.

Behold the clamor of all peoples, nations, families and those who cry out for help.

Behold, children, the great need of humanity and of the whole planet.

Today, I come here to show you this, so that you may contemplate it with Me in prayer and, even more, in supplication, because the world needs an immediate solution. And know that not only My Heart, but also the Hearts of all the Hierarchies, are attentive to each moment and each situation.

I come to hold each one of the urgent causes under My Mantle, because the world and humanity cannot find a way out, can no longer see the path of peace and harmony.

This is why, children, despite the seriousness of the situation, all those who have prayed in the year that is now concluding, have sustained, together with the Mother of God, each one of the causes of the souls that cry out and ask for help.

This is why God, the Father, once again sends His holy angels to Earth, so that, through His legions and all His commands, they may help humanity, which is losing the values of loyalty, unity and understanding, which are essential foundations for human fraternity and the common good.

I want you to know, My children, that the true prayerful beings committed in daily life and throughout the ages, have helped the Mother of God very much in all that which your Heavenly Mother attends to at this crucial moment of humanity.

My children, I am here, at the doors of the last day of 2023, so that a new year of greater love, greater justice and hope may begin, because souls, peoples and nations must no longer continue to break the Law, and thus distance themselves from the Truth and the Wisdom that God can give them.

Therefore, this is the time and the hour to sustain the bridge that is breaking, so that this union between Heaven and Earth may be re-established at every moment and in every need.

Do not allow love to die in you or in your brothers and sisters.

In the name of My Son Jesus, the King of the Universe, I tell you again to love one another as He loved and still loves you. There is no other way out, My children, because many, many among My children in the world have lost the essence of Love.

And this essence of Love, which is the essence of life and of all creation, needs to re-emerge in the hearts that have distanced themselves from God, in the hearts that have closed and do not open to listen to the Good News of the Return of Christ, because they have lost faith, because they have lost love, because they have lost hope.

Tomorrow, December 31st, the last day of 2023, I ask souls, in the inner worlds, not to forget the Higher Universes that will be attentive, once again, to the voice of supplications.

Great Mercy is needed. Souls need Grace and they need to recover love, to be reborn in Christ, who is arriving.

Children, once again I will be with you tomorrow, as the Aurora that announces what is new, as the dawn that brings life and renewal, as the Breath of God that announces the Advent of Christ.

On the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the Altars of God will be open, because the angels will open their doors to welcome the offerings of hearts and, above all, of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, which will be offered for a higher goal, for a higher good, for a higher purpose.

May 2024, a year that foretells the Return of Christ, be a year of greater mercy and peace, greater fraternity and justice in the world, especially for the most innocent and for families.

Behold the Mother and Lady of the impossible causes, your Advocate, Mediator between souls and God, Consolation for the afflicted, Hope of the poor, Refuge of families, the Mirror of the Justice of God.

I wish the good for everyone. I am here and I Am your Mother, the Mother who does not stop, and does not take rest, the Queen of Peace.

I thank all those who respond to the Call of God in these critical times.

My blessing is upon the just and the unjust. My blessing is upon the servers, but also upon the sinners. My Son wants the salvation of the whole world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain in peace while I am present, because the world needs peace.

I give thanks for the response of My children, the immediate and sensible response of all those who gather, at this moment, around the Mother of God, just as the angels of God gather at this moment.

I return to My beloved and favorite House of Figueira, because this place, blessed by My Father who is in the Heavens, has opened the doors for Me so that I might reach the whole world.

This is why today I come to relieve your wounds. I come to make your sadness disappear. I come to make your agony disappear, so that suffering may disappear from this world and this humanity, suffering that has become aggravated in these times.

This is why I again tell you, time and again, do not lose faith. I am here and I Am your Mother, who guides you and who will always guide you to the secure path, the blessed path to the Heart of God.

Although this time is unknown, despite the doubts and even the uncertainties, it is time to trust the Supreme; because I am here to open the door to the Supreme for you. I am here to lead you to the Truth, and I will not tire of doing this, My children.

This is why I come here in an untiring way, so that My children may be restored in My Heart, so that they may always know that there will be a glimmer of God’s Hope that can shine, beyond the darkness of the world, beyond one’s own inner darkness.

Be brave, and decidedly follow the steps of My Son. He needs to build a new time, through His apostles and servers. At this moment, He needs, imperatively, that there may be witnesses of His Love, for the world cannot live without the Love of God, souls cannot live without the Love from the Source.

You know that this is so, My children. This is why I come here, in the name of this Higher Love, of this Love of God, which gathered you all from the beginning to build the foundations of this Spiritual Work, formed by the Mystic Body of Christ, by means of all souls that congregate and have self-summoned to be part of the army of Christ in this time, without fearing anything.

Children, while I am here, in joy for this re-encounter with each one of you, I ask you: trust and divest yourselves, so that humanity may be divested from its conflicts, ambitions and wars.

You must take the first step yourselves, because you are more aware than others, for you have received Graces and treasures from Heaven and Earth. This is the only thing My Son asks of you: that you take the steps He needs you to take, because it is urgent that the New Christs may be present on the surface of the Earth. And this is not for tomorrow, this aspiration of Christ is for now.

Your spirits were formed through the Word of the Lord, but your consciousnesses were also forged to live transformation, purification and then redemption.

Why do you fear what you are living and going through in this time, if you are living what was already written?

The Love of God will always be greater than all things. This Higher and Divine Love will always embrace you and fill you. And if it is necessary, My Beloveds, God’s Love will make it possible for Me to hold your souls in My Arms, to teach you even more about the Love of God, the Love of God that kisses and consoles, just as a good mother kisses and consoles her children.

This is what the world needs in this time, it must not lose the sense and the path of Higher Love; because Higher Love will make you understand your neighbor, it will help you to accept all situations and conditions, however difficult they may be. The Love of God will always help you to surpass yourselves, because the Love of the Father is the faithful testimony of His Presence.

What is happening here today is a work of God’s Love. It is a Grace of My Son, the Christ. It is the maternal Love of My Heart for My children.

This is why I come today to prepare you not only for the coming times, but I also come to prepare you to live the meetings with My Son these days, knowing that they are the last meetings, in which your souls and spirits will be able to drink from this Source of Consoling and Merciful Love, which will dissolve all evil and renew you from within so that you may have life in abundance.

Do this for humanity: take the steps for those who do not take them, pray for those who need prayer, live and have a gesture of love and mercy for your neighbor.

Because My burning desire as a Mother is that you may already feel like apostles of Christ the Redeemer, living the life of the apostolate, of mission and of service, rather than seeking to be apostles, even in these critical times, because in your hearts are all the keys that My Son gave you to open the doors to greater knowledge, to understand existence and the  human condition. In this way, the human condition may not be judged or condemned, but rather understood and accepted through the Love of God, which can perpetually live in you and renew itself through each new Sacrament.

Know that each time you receive a Sacrament, you will be before the doors of Paradise. Because the Sacraments that My Son instituted are not only reparative Graces, but are also opportunities for souls to find themselves again and resume the path toward infinite Purpose.

The last thing I would like to tell you tonight, when I can feel a little of the love of each one of My children, is that you may trust in the virtues and gifts that God gave you, because each time you have listened to the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, each time you have been able to study Our Messages again to understand a little more what We tell you and all that We instruct you, you are receiving the opportunity to live the Gifts of God.

And the first school to be able to live the Gifts of God is that you may live the Love of Christ yourselves, which anoints and sanctifies you whenever you take the risk of placing your knees on the ground to ask for Forgiveness and Mercy, not only for yourselves, but also for the world.

At the doors of the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, may My children remember that they always receive Graces and blessings, in the face of the emergency of these times, while millions of souls, who live in darkness, suffering and war, cannot see the Light and Love of God.

Therefore, your offerings are important in these times so that souls may be saved, especially those who are most in need of the Mercy of Christ. And this is not only for those who are far from here, suffering in a true and, I could even say, inexplicable way, but also for the souls who need salvation that might be here among you, without you perceiving it.

For this reason, love what you live, love each new offering. This is what the Celestial Father needs, so that His Mercy may descend to the planet, and the New Humanity may be a reality.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us stand up, for the Mother will teach us a simple prayer, so that we may dare to imitate Mary.

We repeat:

Divine Mother,
consecrate my heart,
so that it may feel
how Your Heart feels.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my eyes,
so that my eyes may see
just as Your Eyes do.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my lips,
so that my lips may be like Your Lips,
which perpetually pray
for souls and for Creation.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my hands,
so that my hands may serve
with charity and mercy,
just as Your Hands serve
with charity and Mercy,
marking a gesture of Love at each step.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my feet,
so that my feet may walk
just as Your Feet walk,
incessantly seeking the path of Christ, Our Lord,
and fully trusting
in the Purpose of Our Creator.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my soul,
so that my soul may live
the same joy that Your Soul lives,
upon responding, at each step, to the Call of God.

Divine Mother,
consecrate my spirit,
so that my spirit may be united to God,
just as Your Spirit is eternally united to the Father.

Divine Mother,
divest my being completely,
just as You divested Yourself before God,
being a perpetual Slave of His Project.


 We will ask the priests to bring the elements, for the consecration of the Eucharist, which we will carry out together with the Divine Mother.

Meanwhile, we will intone the Names of God, and try to make this prayer, which Mary taught us, resonate in each part of our beings, just as it resonates in each part of our Mother, in Her Spirit, in Her Soul, and in Her whole Being.

In this way, let us make our offering, the deepest offering of our hearts, so that Christ may be among us at this moment, just as Mary brings us Her Son at this moment, in Divinity and Spirit.

Let us sing these Names of God with the Divine Mother, invoking the presence of the angels. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Sun of God that comes to assist you, the Sun of Redemption and of the Eucharist that comes to illuminate and dispel the darkness of the world.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Legacy that you have received, in which you have always participated and which has always nourished your spirit.

Prostrate at my Feet, recognize the attributes, gifts and virtues that, in confidence, I have placed in each one of you, to make your whole life new so that your consciousnesses are redeemed and transformed.

Prostrate at the Feet of the Sun of God, recognize this planetary moment, the importance of the expression of the new apostles, of those who keep the torch of faith burning, regardless of the circumstances.

Today come and place yourselves at My Feet so that your lives may be blessed and reconsecrated so that your higher consciousnesses may be depositories of the Christic impulses that I bring you today.

In this perfect alliance with the Eucharistic Sun of God, you will be able to repair the Heart of Christ from all the offenses that He receives daily, from everything that is done to him, day and night, through outrages and indifference, omissions and faults.

Through the Eucharistic Sun of God, I come to withdraw you from the darkness of consciousness and from the superstition of the ego. I come to open the eyes of your souls so that you may see upon this interior horizon the Presence of the Son of God, who still hopes that each of your lives be the testimony of His Word and His Legacy.

I am bringing you this Sun of God again so that your paths be guided and receive what each one needs at this moment, far from your own desires and aspirations.

This is the Sun of God that illuminates the end of times, but also reconstructs the spiritual life of those who prostrate at His Feet to recognize one God, one universal, cosmic and internal Presence to participate in this perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who at this time offers himself again in sacrifice for souls, and especially for the most sinful, for nations, for humanity.

May the spiritual treasures that I have given you throughout time not be lost, not become faded nor be erased from your hearts.

Make each of My Words become a part of you and may your lives be converted one day into the flow of My Fountain of Mercy and Pity. Because today some are distracted by other paths, they set their minds on other paths; and thus they darken the heart, losing true attunement with Me, with My Will.

This is the time when everyone must face their own Armageddon, they must know about themselves what they have never seen, until now, because it is a veil that is removed from their eyes so that they can see and recognize this moment.

Today, I accept the sacrifices of those who persist. Today, I recognize the courage of those who transform and those who never stop moving forward, despite everything. It is there where the Work of Redemption and Mercy take place internally. It is in that constancy and in that faith, where the sacred seeds of the Light give their first sprouts to one day bear the fruits that I need to prepare My Return, through you.

Today, I see, with eyes of compassion, the mistakes that some of my companions made due to recklessness, lack of attention, lack of generosity and lack of consciousness. But today I do not come here to point out those errors, but to remind you of the Commandments that, in essence, you must deepen into to understand their hidden meaning, a meaning that will lead you to live in the Universal Laws, in these critical times, in which many offerings will be presented to you as if they were better offers than those I give you.

Do you understand what this means in this planetary cycle?

I come to again anoint, with My Spirit, those who said yes to Me and who, beyond themselves, try to understand My Will and My Work. The Redeemer, your Lord, will continue to take firm steps towards the Purpose and He will take with Him all those who, divested of themselves, will follow His steps in the same way to find the goal, the inner goal.

This is a time when you must be aware that you will fight against that inner duality. Duality that will show you with such force what you do not know, with an opposite force and parallel to the force and power that I give you with My Word and My Presence.

Is this a battle? Yes, it is a spiritual battle. It is the moment when, before yourselves, you will define the next cycle, under the Gaze of God. And that cycle, which will be defined, will indicate the possibility or not that your Master may soon return to the world. But remember, always remember, that I do not depend on anyone to return to this humanity, as it is written.

Your souls must bear in mind, in your consciousness, that you may or may not participate in this event of the Return of Christ. Because for this Return to be possible, in a certain proportion, first My Divinity, My Spirit, must dwell in you so that later I can return to the world in its most difficult and painful moment.

I want you to know, companions, that you are before the Book of Holy Scripture, you are before the chapter and the sign of this great planetary moment when the last Christs of the end of times will be the ones who will mark the next destiny. And that goes beyond their consciousnesses, their ideals or even their opinions.

I want you to know that being with Me is not something momentary, but rather to be under strict fidelity to divine obedience and to the supreme Will. But know that there are no other consciousnesses or other brothers and sisters who can do so, who can prepare My Return to the hearts of humankind. If first, this does not happen, in this density and planetary chaos, how could I come here into the world, through the power and authority that God has given Me, from the beginning and for all eternity?

I need your inner dwellings to be My dwellings. And still, I am waiting for this. Examen your consciousnesses, not to feel intimidated or judge yourselves, but to grow inwardly in offering and in service.

Because in the next few months you will see unimaginable things, and you, as My companions, who claim to be My companions, have to be prepared for what will come, and these are no longer only words, but will be facts, they will be events throughout the world.

In these last years, you have learned to love me and are still doing so. You have learned to trust in these, My Apparitions, and you have learned to drink from the Source of My Word through the Messages, but I know that at some point you doubted who is really speaking to you.

I do not come here only for you, I come here for a Higher Purpose. That same Purpose that My Mother, the Virgin Mary, has already presented in other times and in other humanities so that the greatest number of souls and hearts reach the life of the spirit and the union with the Triune Consciousness.

Today I do not come to make you see your miseries, but I come to make you see what is really happening so that you recognize and accept it in humility and in deep gratitude.

I will no longer stop for anyone. Your planet is on fire.

Who will cross the thresholds of hell with Me to interrupt the loss of hundreds of consecrated and lay souls?

Who will go with Me to the deepest depths of the abyss to ignite their own Christic light and thus be able to overcome in Love the darkness, just as I did through each drop of My Blood, and, even more, up to the moment of My surrender on the Cross?

I am not here to place you under an unknown and unbearable pressure.

In the name of Love and Mercy, which you still deeply ignore, I come to place you before a reality that it is time to accept and live because many of you came to be My apostles. And this is not an ideology or a theory, much less a feeling or a passing emotion, it is an undeniable commitment that your spirits have made in the universe and that commitment for each one has a time, it has a duration that only God knows. 

When souls seek other teachings that are not Mine; think about how I may feel in the face of all that I have lovingly and confidently given you, year after year, day after day, week after week and month after month.

You cannot lose the objective of your Purpose, you cannot let yourselves be deceived, nor can you lie. You are before the King of the Universe, not before a judge, but before the sacrificed Heart of the Lamb of God that was immolated, to save you, until the end of time.

Remember that your path of conversion and redemption lies in the Sacraments and not in other books. May your true spirituality be based on the faith of Christianity and the absolute confidence that you can be fulfilling the Will of God.

As you will be able to perceive, companions, I come with a warning Message, but one of deep compassion and solidarity with those who become lost day by day on the path and stop seeing, in their own paths, the Footprints of the Master.

May this Marathon be one more step towards definition and, above all, a step towards being able to value and recognize what was received with so much sacrifice and effort, so that nothing is in vain.

I bless you, in this time of internal and planetary crisis. Know that, beyond suffering and pain, there is the Light of the Living Christ, of the One who died for you so that you could have life in Me, and thus have life in the Eternal Father.

May the prayers of Mercy in this meeting not only be repeated words, but affirmations felt deep in the heart.

I thank you for being courageous and for daring to listen to me in the spirit of faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you untie the knots you have on Earth, in Heaven the knots will also be untied.

Thus, a Law is fulfilled, the Law of Impermanence, of that which is neither fixed nor static.

Untying the knots of consciousness means liberation in this time, an opportunity that you are giving the universe so that it can regenerate and recreate.

When you untie the knots on the Earth, the universe is in charge of untying the knots in Heaven and everything reaches a liberation that is unknown, that can neither be measured with thought nor with the intellect.

It is a liberation that comes from the heart that trusts in the universe and in the possibilities offered by the universal Laws and the material Rays.

When the knots in Heaven are untied, the doors are opened to other perspectives, the doors are opened to other learnings and schools that you were never able to live before for different reasons and motives.

At this time, it is very necessary to untie the knots of consciousness, not only those that are on Earth, but also those that are in Heaven, because you will allow the angelic consciousness to intervene and intercede for you. There is no way to generate that movement, there is neither an attitude nor a thought.

Untying the knots on Earth and in Heaven is a possibility that you offer to your soul and, consequently, to your spirit and that which is beyond. Thus, an endless story begins to close.

The doors of the past, of mistakes, are closed, and the consciousness that unties the knots here, on Earth, receives a Grace, receives an opportunity that cannot be measured by movement nor thought, it can only be felt with the heart, with the opportunity to love and recognize Divine Mercy.

If every human being on this planet learned to untie the knots that he possesses here on Earth, imagine, for a moment, how many things would happen! How many opportunities would be offered! What benefit the consciousness of the planet, that lives in a constant suffering, would receive!

As the end of time approaches, greater are the events within the human beings. Not only will they be able to recognize the dwellings that God has given them so that one day they would turn them into sacred temples of elevation and surrender, but also that the same human beings will recognize and know everything they have done in other times.

 Is there no meaning in knowing the Truth?

This does not mean retrogressing, nor does it mean staying in the past. It means consciously amending that which has never been amended, that which has never been forgiven or reconciled within, neither with existence nor with the universe.

There are many consciences that need to untie these knots, in these times, to be able to take their steps, the safe steps toward My Heart and toward My Consciousness, the steps that I expect you will take, day by day, with determination, free from mediocrity, from neglect, from what is small, from what is poor; because God, since your origins, has given you everything, and you still do not know it.

You need to amend that which has happened so that you reach reality and learn, like your brothers and sisters, to get out of the illusion of the world, learn to immerse yourselves in Our Higher Life.

If you were not here, next to Me, you could not live that which you live today nor that which you learn today. The schools that I offer are unique, they are unrepeatable, they are non-transferable, because I know what each soul and each spirit need in order to evolve.

Everything that I give you and everything that My Father has given you throughout time and, above all, since your origins, since the Source, cannot be offered with a small amount. Your self-giving must be ample, infinite and immeasurable, just as I did for you until the last minute, in the final second of My expiration.

And even at that moment, I did not stop, I showed you through the Resurrection how to achieve the reemergence of the spirit, from the ashes of the past, to be driven by the fire of the Divine Source and thus be able to heal everything, thus be able to redeem everything, thus being able to enter the Kingdom of My Peace.

Your structures must be removed from their places, My treasures cannot be deposited in internal universes that are empty and poor.

True poverty of spirit is achieved with a given heart, the donation of life, with selflessness. That is what I need from you, it is what I need from every human heart.

Each one knows what to give me, what to present to me, what to offer me.

These are not times to measure what one should give or how far one can go. If you say you live in My Heart, can you not do everything?

The alliance with Me must not be built on tepid principles. The alliance with Me must be strengthened in Christification and in permanently giving thanks for the opportunity that presents itself within your lives, day by day; the opportunity that the universe gives you in each new step.

Because everyone must be an important piece of this great puzzle of the Plan, the pieces can be replaced, the pieces can change places according to the need and the Will of My Father. But My precious pieces cannot be lost as if nothing ever happened.

You have very close examples of pieces that I have lost because they are in the hands of My enemy. Have you ever felt what that means for Me? And how must I look at the Father so that He intercedes for them?

Nobody has the capacity to understand what their stay on this planet means, in this school that I have instituted through the Cross, so that you live redemption.

God Himself incarnated among you and gave you His Word, gave you His testimony and His Good News, offered you miracles, conversions and the liberation of souls. He became a Body through bread and gave His Blood through wine.

He is constantly renewed in the priestly office, in the opportunity that My apostles have to relive My Passion and to love it,  to love it more deeply every day, and without superficiality.

You must feel the Passion of your Master and Lord, offered in each new Eucharist, in each new Communion, because if the world does not cling to this, how will it survive? How will it remain in the Peace of the Lord in the face of so many conflicts and diseases?

Now, you must not only avail yourselves of My Body and My Blood, you must be part of My Mystical Body. What are you waiting for?

Thus, among few companions in the world, I will strengthen My Mystical Body that will be nourished by My Eucharistic Body, by My Body of Light, so that the whole world does not stop seeing the Light, despite the darkness.

Within the inner worlds is where the Plan is carried out, it is where the great operations of your Master and Lord are carried out with each one of the souls of the surface of the Earth.

Priesthood is always exposed to being attacked and destroyed, because the priesthood power that I offer you is unbreakable, and the gates of hell fear that.

For this reason, even the last drop of My Being was poured out on the Cross, and even more, the Water and Blood of My Side gave life, healing and renewal for all.

Although My Wounds healed in the Resurrection, I need the signs of My Passion to be alive in priests and in believers, in those who profess faith, despite difficult times.

In the signs of My Wounds, you will find your liberation, in the power of My Blood you will find your redemption and justification before the Father of all your mistakes and sins committed since Adam and Eve.

Now, you must be this mystery that is revealed, transformed and redeemed, you must be the expression of this love, you must want to reach the higher spheres that I offer you at this planetary moment, because there is still much to be done.

Your rest will be in the priestly service, in the life that each one can give to My Sacraments. Because now that souls cannot receive It in person, My priests must be that sacramental sign that should be engraved in the inner worlds so that suffering and agonizing souls may be strengthened.

Aspire to achieve perfection in priestly service, because the world needs it, humanity needs it, and in this way My Return will be prepared.

May souls discover their true virtues, may they see with loving eyes what God has given them and may they not only immerse themselves in their impurities and imperfections because that is the place where My enemy wants them. If you say you are intelligent, why are you there?

May the strength of your love be not in the mind, but in the heart, in the deep feeling of loving, as I love you, of serving, as I serve you, of uniting, as I unite you with the Source of My Eternal Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this time of Armageddon, companions, I call you to cross unknown oceans with your feet so that the limits of ignorance may be overcome, so that the voice of My Heart may resound within each one of you.

Just as the apostle Peter, step with both of your feet upon the unknown oceans that I present to you today; in this way, you will discover within you what you truly are, and what you came to fulfill in the name of My Father.

I am the Fisherman that calls his companions to the deep seas, to the profound oceans of the infinite so that you may submerge in the essence of life, so that, within the Source of Light, you may find the Truth, that Truth that the world lacks due to its indifference and ignorance, due to the lack of search for higher Truth.

I Am the Lord of the Oceans, I invite you to walk upon the waters, and in this time of Armageddon, it will be your faith that will allow you to cross the very vast oceans that I present to you. In this way, with your offering, you will also elevate the consciousness of humanity and help to remove it from the great abysses of these times, when suffering and desolation reign within hearts.

I call you to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite in trust, igniting the flame of faith at this planetary moment, because faith and trust will allow you to understand everything, to accept everything and to no longer suffer.

I invite you to cross the unknown oceans with courage, with the bravery of a server of Christ, with a soul in detachment and in selflessness for the service of others, to meet the great planetary need.

When you step upon the oceans with your own feet, do not doubt, because if you doubt you will sink, and then your faith will be weakened, it will be poor faith for not believing.

If I call you to cross the oceans, it is because you can believe in Me. I continue being the Way, the Truth and the Life. I Am the Way to reach God, I Am the Truth to find it within each one of you, I am the Life that will never die, because it is an Eternal Life, the Life of the Spirit.

Now cross the oceans, upon the waters, feeling the firmness of what I tell you. Do you know how you will be able to cross these unknown and infinite oceans? Not by looking at your feet, at your imperfections nor at your doubts, but rather by looking at the horizon, where I Am, waiting for you as the Eucharistic Sun of Adoration. In that direction, you must look.

Your eyes must penetrate the mystery to be able to cross the great oceans of consciousness and go through the thresholds of ignorance and indifference in order to find, beyond yourselves, My Spirit of Truth.

Today, I am upon the oceans of the world and I invite each one of you to also be upon them because it is in these great oceans where you will find your inner void and you will be free from the expectations of the end of these times, of all that could happen.

Although the world view is something more than a serious and painful crisis, I call you, as My apostles of the end of times, to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite with your own feet, stepping firmly upon the waters, feeling the elevation of consciousness, leaving that which is material and earthly, superficial and petty; walking upon faith and trust, spiritual dignity and prayer, until you find, upon the horizon of the oceans, My solar and cosmic Consciousness, opening its Arms to receive and welcome you into My Heart.

If souls would decide to cross the oceans that I offer you, these unknown and infinite oceans, the whole world would not be in this situation. The oceans, on which you must step with your own feet, invite you to overcome your own fears, your insecurities and your doubts.

I know that you will go through these feelings and thoughts, because walking upon the oceans not only means having a spirit of determination and trust, but also going beyond faith, what is beyond faith and what comes from that which is eternal, from the unchangeable, from the unconditional.

The unknown oceans of the Christic Consciousness open before you so that you can cross them at this critical moment of humanity, as it will be through the path of the oceans that you will be able to find the peace and emotional serenity that you need at this moment, in the face of the whole planetary situation.

However, if throughout your walk upon the oceans you come to feel doubt, uncertainty or insecurity, know that I will be there to help you. I will help you to walk upon the waters of the typical turbulence of these times.

Trust, beyond what you live and what you know.

Trust, because I will extend My hand towards you and you will hold it tightly. And if out of ignorance you fall into oceans that you do not know, I will raise you up, and I will bring you with Me to the end of the path, towards where My Father needs you, at this moment.

If many more let themselves be led and guided by Me, you would not be living this moment that humanity lives today.

Although you are on this planet and within this school, which the universe has given you in order to learn to love and serve, I have precious treasures for each one of the souls, but these treasures are in crossing the great oceans of the inner and spiritual consciousness.

If your trust is strengthened and not lukewarm, you will cross, with your own feet, the oceans that I offer you, and you will not fear what is unknown because, in the end, upon the horizon, you will find the portal, a threshold that will lead you towards something more profound that you still do not know.

Thus, when you come to this moment, you will perceive that you are losing the control and the power that you believed you have always had. For this reason, I speak to you of trust and faith at this planetary moment.

Do not fear to cross the oceans that you do not know, because they will never cause you harm.

Today, see yourselves before the oceans that I offer you, at the shore, upon the sand, listening to My Message, hearing My Words, seeing My Presence on the sidereal horizon.

I call you to cross the oceans with your own feet, without fearing that you might fail. Your history and your past will be left behind, the wind of the oceans of My Christic Consciousness will impel you to reach the goal that I propose to you today, which is an inner goal.

If you cross the oceans with your own feet, you will be able to become aware of the talents that I have deposited within your hearts, souls and spirits.

This is the time to launch into the unknown, into what you cannot control nor direct with your power, but rather launch into what you can live, in divestment and in emptiness, in humility and in surrender.

Many still find themselves at the shore, barefoot on the sand, thinking whether or not they will cross the oceans that I offer them towards the unknown and infinite. But they see Me, many see me on the horizon of the oceans. They listen to the sound of the waters, they see the movement of the waves, feel the breeze of the wind upon their faces, but they have still not taken the final step. Because there will not be a boat that will take them. Their boat will be trust and faith, which will sustain them at this moment and in this time.

And when you cross the oceans with your own feet and step upon the waters, if you trust, you will know who you are and from where you have come, what you have lived and how long you have been here, waiting for this great moment of again meeting your Lord, the Lord of the Oceans, the Lord of the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Meanwhile, I pray for you and for the world so that the ocean of ignorance no longer embraces you nor causes you shipwreck; so that the ocean of indifference does not drag you towards unknown places, without a safe harbor, without firm land.

I pray for the world and for you so that the Ocean of My Love and My Mercy may flood you. And so that someday, free from your inner and outer, bodily and spiritual prisons, your true being may again be born, that which once emerged from the Source, from the sacred Lakes of Light of the universe, to fulfill the Divine Will.

The oceans prepare the Return of Christ.

This is the time to overcome your fears. It is time to no longer fear the unknown.

It is the time to lose the control and the power you believe that you have by means of emptiness and divestment.

I call you to step with your feet upon the waters, where doubt, insecurity or lack of faith cannot make you fail.

I am here to help you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have come to Me, barefoot, to the Temple of My Heart.

Behold My Temple that welcomes you, just as it welcomes the world and its needs.

I Am the Lord of the refugees and of the innocent, of those who have no land, of those who have no home, of those who have lost everything and tread the path of this world, seeking an opportunity and hope.

I will again return to multiply the bread and the fish, to give manna of eternal life to those who are hungry, to those who have lost hope, to those who are in exile. 

I want you to know that, through this Work, the missionary hearts, the eternal volunteering of serving others in an unconditional way, will always be renewed.

This will be a source that will always be open to give an impulse to other consciousnesses for humanitarian service, for extending their arms and hands to help those in need, the millions of the needy throughout the world who keep being punished by a system of adversity and control.

The Temple of My Heart, which is the very Eucharist, contemplates all these needs, in the end of times: the crises that the world experiences, the disturbance of the men and women of the Earth, the despair of the innocent hearts, who only hope to eat and drink water in order to survive.

For you here, and for your brothers and sisters who listen to this Message and have everything, it is time to give thanks, but also to share. It is time to revere and glorify the Grace that you have received throughout the times, and it is your spirit of volunteering and selflessness that will mend and heal the wounds of the refugee hearts.

It is not only food and water that will save lives, not only protection and refuge will support the innocent and the children, but also the Love of My Heart that you can mirror into the world will redeem humanity.

Upon seeing the suffering of the world and the refugee camps, the pain of My Heart is indescribable, and this goes beyond life in matter or the organizations that carry it forward.

The world has still now known the true Celestial Government, the one that was thought of from the beginning so that all of you could be happy in the Holy Land. But humanity has gone astray and, as it has been throughout the generations, the most innocent suffer the marginalization and slavery of these times.

Who will deter this perpetual agony?

Who will relieve the suffering hearts?

Who will step out of themselves to see the need, the great need that the world experiences?

On this day, I come in a special way, because you cannot be without guidance and without instruction.

All that you have received throughout the times must not be considered only as the expansion of your consciousness, but also as your response, your generosity and service.

The souls that do not truly understand Me and do not truly listen to Me, have to go out to the world to see the reality, and face this reality until it hurts.

I chose you for a reason, that still today you do not know, for a reason that is written in the Sacred Books of God, which is a part of the recovery and spiritual integrity of the old People of Israel, which, spread throughout the world, has become lost, even though I died for you on the Cross.

It is time for you to place before your eyes the planetary situation, the need. When you serve and welcome those who suffer, your inner situations or your problems will dissolve.

Because the true universal family must be constituted by the emergence of a small group that will carry forward this Aspiration of God, so that, in this way, the New Humanity can arise.

The Plan of God is written through your actions and your adherence to the Most High; there is no other way that allows the Plan to be fulfilled, but through the readiness of your hearts and lives, for what is necessary.

If I had not come to the world, in what situation would your consciousnesses and your civilization be?

You could not imagine, companions, because it would be something more serious than what you live today as humanity.

Being able to acknowledge the Grace that fills you and blesses you, divesting yourselves and coming towards Me barefoot, towards the Temple of My Heart, is a sign that you can understand My Message and that you accept to live humility, so urgent and necessary in these times.

Humility must not lack in humanity, because it would be the victory of chaos over humankind.

To few souls of the world, I come to ask for what might seem impossible, that which will spiritually lead My Plan towards triumph in the inner planes, and will lead them to experience the Christic path.

I do not need great movements to carry forward My Work, I only need you to accept to live My Will, as much as you do not understand it, because in My Will lies your protection and your support.

I know it is not easy to obey the commands of the Lord and the guidelines of the Most High.

There is no being on the surface of the Earth that has not undergone this experience, but it will be after they fulfill My Will that they will understand the Plan and the meaning of having received the Call that comes to converted hearts.

As the Lord of the refugees and the innocents, I come to ask the world to open its eyes to this need. It is not enough for a few to help, neither for the wealthy minorities to take advantage of the world crisis.

If you open your eyes to the necessity, although they are not Christian or spiritual, you will comply with the attribute of charity, and many serious situations that the world keeps generating today will be forgiven by My Mercy, and will not be corrected by My Justice.

But you must first believe in what I am telling you and in what I am proposing to you because the opportunities are unique and will not be repeated.

If you open your eyes to the necessity of the humanitarian crises, at least those who are within this Work and follow My Call will leave their homes and families to serve Me, and help those who suffer.

Those who cannot serve me from anywhere, due to a disability or any other reason, let them pray with Me and adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that the Grace of My infinite Mercy may permeate the Earth and the souls that suffer, so that the traumas of these souls and hearts can be healed, in the opportunity of a new hope.

As long as nations do not repent from their acts, peace will not come; and only those who fulfill My ardent aspiration will be bearers of peace, and able to bring the Peace and Love of My Heart to the great refuges of the world, where there is no longer Light or hope, only agony and hell.

Just as I told the twelve apostles, today I tell you: “Go, two by two, or go in group and serve, so that someday you may live your redemption by means of service, for those who suffer and become desperate.” 

The triumph of the Love of God will take place through your surrender and service, through your total and unconditional 'yes'. Thus, you will be before the doors of My Mercy, and the infinite ocean of My Compassion will fill you so that, in service and in silence, you may reach those who suffer.

This critical time is the beginning of something more difficult, but, through prayers and the surrender of hearts that are sincere with Me, many situations and events will be deviated, by the power of Mercy.

Thus, My sorrowful Blood will cease to be shed upon the world so that My Rays of Mercy may illuminate the souls and grant them peace.

No longer be tempted or deceived by yourselves or by My adversary. You have the tools to overcome it.

I have given you the Sacraments so that you would live them, so that you would be sanctified in My Name and be under the protection of the Holy Spirit, which is this Divine Spirit that speaks to you today, just as it speaks to the world, for it to awaken.

I sanctify you with My Light, and invite you to the renewal of the missionary heart in the most difficult times of the world and of humanity.

Trust My Words and the bridges of hope will be built so that the most innocent and the refugees can cross them towards the New Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Give thanks, every day, for being able to be next to My Son, Jesus, because many souls in the world are not, nor do they live His Word.

Give thanks that Christ has called you to serve him in the diversity of surrender and sacrifice that each praying heart can offer.

Give thanks for being able to listen to the message of My Son, and that your consciousnesses are free from the illusion and mirage of these times.

Give thanks for being able to contemplate and adore My Son in the Eucharist.

Give thanks because every day you can receive the Communion of the Sacrament of Faith.

Give thanks because you are loved and appreciated by the Heart of the Redeemer. Thus, your lives, My children, will be an example and a testimony of holiness and redemption.

I invite you to embrace your own cross and carry it so that you may follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

Dear children, this is the time to truly offer yourselves. It is time to give yourself to the world in service and apostleship so that Divine Love may reign in this critical moment of humanity.

In your gratitude lies the key that will open all doors.

In your effort lies the freedom for your souls.

In your self-giving lies the holiness of your lives.

Jesus expects you not to be afraid of effort or self-giving because I will always be there, as a Mother, to help you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


When you feel the weight of your past mistakes which, like harassment, the enemy uses as attempts to deter your steps, just place your eyes upon the Cross, upon the Eucharist, upon the Heart of Christ, and stay there.

On the Cross, child, your deepest sins have been forgiven. On the Cross, your biggest mistakes have been justified.

Not only the memory of forgiveness is on the cross, but also the living and eternal forgiveness, which is renewed, time and again, each time a sincere heart is able to repent for the merits of the Cross of Christ.

However, on the Cross there is not only forgiveness for your sins; your path is also found on the Cross.  The guide for your next steps is written on it so that you will not sin again, so that you will know where to go.

On the Cross, you discover God's forgiveness, but also the way that your Creator grants it to you in order to make that forgiveness fruitful. It is through surrender, humility, sacrifice and, above all, unconditional love, so that you may imitate the steps of the Christ of Calvary, so that you may drink from the Chalice that His Father offered to restore the Covenant between God and humans.

It is there, child, at the foot of the Cross, where your path begins. But it is when your Lord descends from it and ascends to Heaven that you are called to multiply the gifts of your redemption, bearing witness to the Love that has healed you and that is constantly being poured out upon the world, from the Heart of Christ to all those who know how to seek and find the merits of the Cross.

Therefore, when the enemy places your mistakes and sins before you, may your eyes turn to the Cross, may your heart remember that you have already been forgiven and that it is now a matter of following the footsteps of your Lord, Christ Jesus.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Together with the angels and archangels, I am at the foot of the Cross of Christ, gathering all the Blood and Water poured out for the redemption of humanity and all Creation.

The spring of Mercy flows for all souls, inexhaustible and unfathomable, a mystery that has no end, held in the Blood and in the Water of Christ.

This Blood is now being poured out upon the world, upon the life of all creatures, changing their genes and their heart into the likeness of Christ.

The Blood of Christ is already being poured out upon the world and upon all beings, not only to redeem, but also to transform and restore life.

Humanity will finally come to know the Thought of God and, within themselves, they will go through what it is to feel and experience the Living Christ.

The Blood of Christ descends upon the Earth, transforming all blood and all life. His Passion became a living Eucharist for the whole planet, and His surrender now not only redeems the Tribes of Israel, but also all creatures, all life, all essences.

The sacrifice of Christ becomes a spiritual and cellular communion and, like a divine miracle and a spiritual Grace, souls are touched and transubstantiated by the Blood of Christ in the same way as the wheat and the grape upon the altar.

Humanity will be the Altar of Christ in this time of the planet, and everyone who prays in the name of His sorrowful Passion will be a living Eucharist and unity with Christ. 

This is the gift of the priesthood spread over the Earth.

This is the miracle of Grace and of Divine Mercy that touches all creatures.

Meditate upon His Passion and yield your hearts. Live a unity with Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I come to ask all the monasteries, religious houses, churches, sanctuaries and places of sacred Christian and ecumenical worship, that you display the Most Holy body of your Lord so that He not only be contemplated by adoring souls but so that in the spiritual planes the Most Holy Body of your Lord  may carry out an inner task so as to bring relief to the current global health process that all of humanity is experiencing and so that souls may especially unite with the divine mysteries held in the Sacred Eucharist and, in this way, souls may be strengthened and protected by the powerful immunity of the Glorified Body of Christ, in which no evil can prevail or reign.

For this reason, I call upon all the religious places so that every day for fifteen minutes the Most Holy Body of your Lord may be displayed as a measure and a spiritual practice of protection and healing for souls so that any idea or thought against the wellbeing and the health of humanity may be deactivated.

You will carry out this request until April 15, 2020 and, if a longer time is necessary, I will let you know.

As from now, I am grateful for the response of those who will fulfill My Call.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Quiet your heart so as to unite it with the Universe and the Infinity. Higher life begins to be revealed within you.

Send to the very depths of your consciousness the Gift of Forgiveness, which comes from the Divine Consciousness.

Meditate upon your Lord on the Cross and upon all the merits that He achieved so that you may experience redemption, not only from what was done and experienced upon this planet but also, and, above all, far beyond it, the history of your evolution, which you do not yet know.

Contemplate the Blood of Christ and feel how that very Blood, a redeeming code, permeates your cells and atoms. Commune of forgiveness and of redemption.

Beginning with your cells, let this forgiveness enter into your inner universe, into the deepest registers of your consciousness. And there, where universal life unites with your human condition, let the purpose of your incarnation take place and experience the peace of feeling forgiven.

Every day, the sacrifice of Christ is renewed in each Eucharist so that His codes of forgiveness and redemption, achieved for you upon the Cross may reach ever deeper into your being.

With your heart, accompany the establishment and the fulfillment of forgiveness in all of your being. The time has come to be healed rather than just to purify endlessly that which was rotten within you.

Your forgiveness and redemption must be conscious. It is necessary to know and to see what it is that you must forgive, but for this, child, your consciousness must be matured in the Love of Christ and in the certainty of all that He has already achieved for you.

Now that you have the mud before you, contemplate the Love and Forgiveness of Christ and experience the hidden chemistry of the redemption and transfiguration of consciousness.

Your miseries, touched by the Mercy of God, are transformed into the renewal of His eternal Love.

You have My blessing to experience what I tell you, and to achieve peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The celestial spheres must be more and more alive within you, every day. You, child, must be the portal to the Infinite, the bridge toward Divine Consciousness.

While the Time of God has not yet come to take the place of world time, and souls remain in the illusion of their confused lives, there will be battles and there will be conflicts between the planes and the realities that co-inhabit the planet.

For this reason, I tell you that your union with what is real must be consolidated from the inner to the outer, within the depths of your being, to then reach the world.

When you pray, when you seek God in silence, when you unite with the sounds of the sacred, when you adore your Lord in Spirit and in the Eucharist, you create paths and ways for your consciousness to enter into more elevated vibrations so that your essence may recognize and express the celestial spheres.

Thus, keep your heart within the heights. Allow the inner contact with love, grace and divine reality to become deeper within you.

Let the eyes of your spirit and the deep feeling of your heart open because then, child, you will be in peace and outside of the dimensions of conflict that are expanding throughout the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into the celestial spheres through the adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ. Let the Bread be revealed as a consecrated part of your Lord and find the mirrors and the portals within It.

See your essence reflected within the One who gives Himself to be adored, and, in the silence of your heart, experience the revelation of the Covenant, always new and eternal, sealed by Christ, so that your consciousness may transcend the human condition and live His Divine Purpose.

To deeply adore the Eucharistic Body of Christ is to experience the revelation of the unity between God and humankind, between the infinite Cosmos and the microcosm within you. This is where the truth is revealed, where the already torn veils open, like the curtains of a theater that has come to its end, and the characters cease to exist so as to show their true faces.

Not only do you contemplate and adore the Eucharist, child, but also, as a spiritual and divine magnet, let It come toward you, and you will find that portal to the Heart of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Then, upon entering, you will be in the eternal Time of God and be able to recognize who you are.

In the Sacred Eucharist, contemplate the Celestial Church of your Lord. Let It reveal that which is sacred within you.

In this way, understand that there are infinite mysteries, not only in what is hidden and in the silence of the invisible dimensions of life, but also, child, in that which was given to you as Grace and ceremony; furthermore, in your own being, in your own body, soul, spirit and heart; there are mysteries that you must unveil.

In the Sacred Eucharist, contemplate the doorway that leads you toward this celestial revelation and where mysteries no longer exist.

You have My blessing for that.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While a chalice is elevated for consecration, the Divine Codes are placed within it so that its content may be transubstantiated and changed into the Blood of Jesus.

Each time a chalice is offered upon the altar for the consecration and the sorrowful Passion of your Lord is remembered, Graces descend and, in this moment of profound celebration and intimate communion with the aspects of Christ, the souls have the Grace to receive an absolute forgiveness and the opportunity to be renewed through the revelation, in this case, of the most precious Blood of Christ.

Each time a chalice is offered and is elevated in remembrance of the Passion of Jesus, the priestly life of the planet is renewed and all that is corrupt becomes incorrupt through the Grace that the Blood of Jesus brings.

Each time you are present among a new eucharistic celebration, you must remember that the value, power and strength of the Blood of Christ and of all Its merits allow an atonement to be granted to whom needs it and repents from the heart. 

I thank you for celebrating with your heart the Sacred Mysteries of Christ!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The use of three to six little bells during the eucharistic celebration has the spiritual and divine purpose of invoking and calling upon a certain number of Angelic Hierarchies so that they may participate in the moment of consecration of the spiritual and inner mysteries of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus.

Ringing the three bells, at the same time, calls upon the angelic choir of Archangel Gabriel so that it may collaborate in the transubstantiation of the elements offered at the altar through the bread and the wine.

At this moment and at once, this Angelic Hierarchy gathers up the purest intentions of the faithful who participate in the said celebration.

If four, five or six bells are rung, other angelic choirs are called upon and they descend from the supra-terrestrial Universe toward the place and space where the celebration is being conducted.

All the faithful devotees that participate in the consecration of the bread and the wine must remember that they are before the grace of recognizing themselves spiritually as worthy children of God and, in the name of all of humanity, affirming the recognition, the obedience and a total fidelity to the spiritual mysteries that Christ lived through His Last Supper, His Agony, His Death, His Resurrection and His Ascension.

This means that the moment of ringing the bell does not refer to something catholic, but rather to the loving gesture of the angels to imitate and revere the sacrifice of the Son of God so that the Fount of Mercy may descend to humanity and peace may be established.

This is the reason for beginning to apply, in eucharistic communions, the sacred little bells of the Angels of God.

I thank you for obeying Me and for trusting in all that I am teaching you!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Planetary life would not be possible if priestly life did not exist.

Priestly life is the only bridge that allows communication with sublime worlds. Without true priests, this communication would not exist, for it would be empty, hollow and have no solidity.

The planet must not be without real and honest priests; for the perversion of priests over the course of time has been great.

Thus, their is an importance and a duty for all the faithful to pray for them, so that the priests may have the momentum of determination and will to keep building the bridges of contact between Heaven and Earth.

If there are no priests, there is no Mercy nor Grace; there is no true sacramental life in Christ.

Their hands must be clean to keep elevating the Body and Blood of Christ.

Their mouths must be protected and abstain from very low words.

Their eyes must be in Heaven so as to be able to see and find God.

So that all this may be a reality and not a fantasy, you must pray for the priests, for they, before time, surrendered their infrahuman condition so as to be able to transform themselves into Christ upon the surface of the Earth.

Thus, I ask you from My heart to pray for the priests, so that their hearts and souls may remain immune to the attacks of these times, and so that the Holy Spirit may work through them with a renewing strength that may bring and grant forgiveness and reconciliation to all those who are fallen and have lost their faith.

Pray for My priests, because only through them, being worthy in Christ, will I be able to expand the Work and power of My Mercy.

Support them, just as My Mother supported the apostles until the end.

I thank you for keeping My supplications in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


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