Dear Children,

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, on this day of Pity and Mercy for the whole world, I would like My Son to be recognized once again by all, through the consecrated Bread and Wine; so that, through the adoration of good souls, the errors and outrages, which the Heart of the Creator continues to receive, may be repaired.

Therefore, My children, through this gesture of merciful love of your hearts and lives, the Tabernacles of the Earth that are destroyed by wars or profaned by ignorant souls, spaces that are blessed by My Son, shall also be repaired and contemplated, just as the angels of the choir of reparation do.

I would like to tell you, My children, that the holy places, just as the Eucharist sanctifies everything that it touches and radiates, are fundamental spaces for the elevation of souls and especially of the planet, which need much Light and Mercy in these times.

The first step is that souls adore and value the Sacrament, so that humanity does not continue to lose its authentic spiritual union with the Creator.

As Lady and Guardian of the Eucharist, I thank all My children who faithfully carry out every day the holy adoration of the Eucharistic and Heavenly Body of the Redeemer.

United in prayer for all impossible and urgent causes, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear and beloved children,

Today, holding all of you in My lap, I invite you to continue praying and adoring the Eucharistic Body of Jesus, so that here the time foreseen in the Plans of the Father may be fulfilled.

Through the Monastery of the Door of Mercy, I would like you, in this new cycle of the Light-Nucleus, to open that door of Mercy for those who need it most; but mainly that you, My beloved children, learn at this stage to open the door of the heart so that all may have a place in you, just as God, the Creator, has a favorite place for His Children.

Through the Sacred Fountain of Jesus that you will open here, in this house, for all souls, remember that, from the most sinful to the most rescued, they will be able to use the Fountain of Jesus to purify their lives and thus, wash the marks of the past from their faces.

Today, once again, I come to bless you, I come to encourage you and to impel you so that My Sacred Heaven may continue to expand the Light of the Eucharist in this needy city of Belo Horizonte.

In the name of My Son, I thank you for these days that were shared.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of God's Sacred Heaven


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rivers of blood flood the surface of the Earth; just as this ocean, before your eyes, floods life.

Who will pay the price for the innocence that was destroyed?

Who will take charge, My children, after the Precious Blood of My Son was shed, drop by drop, in order to redeem and save the world?

Today, I come to Russia, also as the Mother of this nation, which has another Spiritual Purpose and not the one that it is committing in these times.

If all the nations of the world had fulfilled their Spiritual Purpose from the beginning, I assure you, My children, that war, famine, exile and impunity would not exist.

But this Project of God, on the surface of the Earth, deviated from its intended path. For that, God the Father sends us to the world as His Messengers to awaken the consciousness of humanity.

How much more will have to happen on this surface, My children, for something to change in the human being?

Although the majority is not responsible for the wrong decisions made by very few and which have repercussions on millions of souls in the world, I ask you, My beloved children, that your profound school of prayer, in these critical and challenging times, be deepened even more, so that this school of prayer, which is a permanent invocation to the Kingdom of Heaven, may touch the Heart of God, a Heart offended and hurt by His Children.

But I come to offer to the world the Reliquary of My Immaculate Heart so that souls may enter God through My Heart, and the difficult and complex situations that are lived in these times may be repaired by the offer of good souls, of souls who seek God unceasingly, of souls who live the gift of the Fear of God, not as a justice, but as the imperious need to be in Him and for Him, serving on this surface of the Earth.

Weapons are still being activated. Humankind still lives in war and the souls who, on this surface, are under these difficult living conditions, are frightened and terrified by what they hear and by what they see, day by day; from My youngest children, who are the most innocent and pure, to My oldest and most adult children, who are subdued by the arrogance and by the power of a few.

Unfortunately, in this world there is an infernal network that conditions many populations of the planet; but this cannot continue, My children, because the signs of the planetary birth continue to increase. The Earth will continue to tremble, volcanoes will continue to erupt, nature will show its fury and its power for not having been cared for and respected.

Can you imagine, My children, just for a moment, how many will be under this condition?

We can only pray, in heart and in truth, not allowing a single day to fail to be permeated by the light of prayer.

As Mother of perpetual prayer, who prays for all Her children of the world; as Mother of Mercy, in the face of so many injustices and errors; as Queen of Peace, in the face of so many conflicts and wars that are committed; I come to ask you, My children, once again, to heed the appeal of My Heart, because I assure you, dear children, that very few are prepared for the end of times; so few are prepared as the number of angels that accompany Me today.

Do you understand the urgency of these times?

I do not come to give you fear or dread, because that is not from God. I come to pray, today, on my knees, that Russia may be converted to My Immaculate Heart so that the Third Secret of Fatima may not be fulfilled, so that evil and impunity may not continue to spread in the world. My Thorned Heart is pressed by the thorns of My children's pain and My Heart sheds Blood on this day, just as My Son shed His Blood on the Cross.

May this Blood, shed by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be repaired by the sincere prayer of Her children, those who know that praying is not an obligation, those who already know that praying is a necessity and an emergency, because under the light of prayer they will be protected and sheltered by My Mantle of immaterial and universal Light.

My Hands today are not enough to help all those in need. The hosts of Light, sacred angels of the Eternal Father, are also unable to attend to so many emergencies and needs that are not only physical, but also spiritual, because spiritual needs are the most urgent.

Who will decide to take the step to assume, together with the Mother of Sorrows, this planetary cross?

Who will no longer distance themselves from the cross and will be the new Cyrenian who, through silence, persistence and faith, will carry with My Son all the sins of the world, with the ardent aspiration to help the Lord?

Who will decide, once and for all, to be a mirror of prayer on Earth, to understand that it is no longer the time for selfishness and individualism, to understand that it is the time and it is the hour for the "we", where the whole Celestial Brotherhood vibrates?

Regrettably, mistakes will continue to be made in the world, and this will be so until My Son returns. He knows this, He watches in His utmost silence; but His Love does not judge, His Mind does not question, His Spiritual Government does not pressure, His Light radiates, His Compassion is established beyond the borders of this material plane.

But do not lose faith, affirm in yourselves the Divine Hope. The world will need, more and more each day, that there be good instruments of God, so that His Love may be deposited and His Light may be poured into all the tabernacles of the Earth, which are the sincere souls who offer themselves to enter into communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the sacred science of the Sacraments and of the sublime adoration of the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

May all the Blessed Sacraments be opened, in these times, so that the Light of Christ may be multiplied in the world, so that equilibrium may be established, so that peace may fill the spaces and consciousnesses.

As Mother of Russia, I ask you to pray for the religion of this country, sadly conditioned, empty of spirit because of its commitments that are not with God. Many, many souls depend on this.

Now, do you understand My affliction? Now, do you feel My Heart?

I will thank you for heeding My spiritual requests, because you do not have to do anything different from what you already do. You must only become more aware of the reality and the time of emergency, so that the nations do not continue to engage in evil and so that millions of people are not under this condition.

I come to ask you, once again, to pray for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.

Today, I come here to give this special Message because God has allowed Me to do so. I will do all that is possible and a little more for My children, so that they do not lose peace and unity with the Eternal Father.

Now, your Heavenly Mother will withdraw into silence and thus, She invites Her children to withdraw into the sacred silence, so that My Words do not go unnoticed or souls forget them from one moment to the next, because it is God who sends Me to give this Message, it is the Voice of God that resounds through My Words and My Lips, so that His Love may echo in the world.

I thank you for being here with Me today in this place, praying on your knees next to the Mother of God.

May the Love and Light of My Son bless you all.

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It gladdens Me to meet again My faithful and beloved children, at this Sacred blue Heaven, where many experiences have been lived by you, My children. Dark nights have been gone through, moments of joy have been lived and shared and, today, you are here with Me, in fidelity and love.

I would like you to know that the times to come will not be good, but if souls repent from the heart and surrender with faith in the Immaculate Heart, all can be avoided.

Now that your feet are tired from this trajectory and this path, renew yourselves.

I Am here and I Am your Mother. The Mother that will never abandon you, the Mother that will always receive you and give you the Peace that the whole world needs so much.

Rejoice, because I Am here to grant you My Graces once again, to grant you the Pardon of God and the renewal of your lives in this definitive cycle, a cycle in which effort will be the great master key among all keys. The key that will open the door to the descent of God’s Mercy.

Therefore, My children, let your minds expand, let your hearts open much more than they are already open, so that the consciousnesses that have self-summoned may come here, as it is foreseen in the Aspiration of the Eternal Father.

Everything you have learned throughout the times has been for this moment, My children, for this definitive hour, in which you must learn to walk in sacrifice out of love for God and out of love for My Son. Because He will never give you such a heavy cross that you can carry it by yourselves.

He will give you the cross of liberation and redemption, just as He carried it in a brave manner a long time ago, for each one of you. Therefore, continue to participate in this fidelity to God and to My Immaculate Heart.

In advance and forever, I give thanks for the channel offered in this place, for Vigil and Adoration.

My children, it is time to re-build the spiritual bases of this humanity, through the important exercise of Adoration to the Eucharistic Body of My Son. Because while this does not happen, you know that souls go astray time and again. My wish is to bring all toward God, not only those you do not know, but also your families, your loved ones, all those who are close to your lives.

All need to know the Mercy of God. This mystery was revealed and given on the Cross through the Blood that was shed by My Son, in each drop that He shed for the world.

Today, for this renewal, My Graces bring you the Codes of the Blood of Christ so that, after that which was lived throughout the last years, your consciousnesses may feel healed and renewed, may assume, with maturity and enthusiasm, the cross that My Son gives you, out of love for humanity and the planet.

My children, your Heavenly Mother knows, in advance,  all that you will do to receive Me next October 13, because you have learned to serve and give of yourselves.

I would like to see not only the flowers that you always place at the foot of My Altar, which you will raise in offering to My Immaculate Heart. I would also like your lives, on the coming days and in the times to come, to be these beautiful flowers of conversion, forgiveness, love and redemption, which I will be able to pick with My own Hands to give them to God and confirm that the Plan of My Son for this world is feasible.

Today, I embrace with My Mantle all those who need it. Today, I place upon My Chest all those who need to feel the beating of My Heart, so that you may remember that the Consoling and Co-redeeming Mother is always present here, in Spirit and Divinity.

Rejoice, because the end of captivity will come not only for you, but also for the whole world. Because when My Son returns, He will renew and transform everything, by the merits achieved in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

On this day, may your souls resurrect in spirit under the Love of God, under the Presence of the Mother of the Holy Spirit. Offer to God the best you can give Him. No matter how small it seems, let it be true and sincere. Because it is in that which is small and not in that which is big, that God works, through the souls and hearts open to His Consoling Love.

And just as I have done on these last days, in these last weeks, in this special Pilgrimage of re-encounter with My dear children, I will offer the Sacrament of the Anointment to you again. Thus, may the sign of the Cross of Emmanuel sanctify, protect, heal and accompany you in this new stage of renewal and re-founding of the bases of the Purpose of this Nucleus and of this point of Spiritual Light in this part of the planet.

Children, do not fear the cross, I Am here and I Am your Mother, the Mother of all of humanity and of the planet. Remember that here I find inner strength in those who adore, pray, watch and serve God.

Not only My Son seeks a place where He can rest and restore, also your Heavenly Mother seeks this place in the hearts that serve the Work of God on this planet.

Place your intentions at My Feet in the silence of the heart, and I will take them to God.

Pray and do not fail to do so, for your protection and the protection of your families. Unite to God through prayer.

Let us make the offering to God, from the innermost core of My Heart, at this moment.

Celestial Father,
who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us through the path of love,
so that Your Will may be done.

I thank you for having responded to My call in such an immediate way, because when this happens, My children, humanity ceases to suffer.

Now, let us go to the foot of the Altar of Christ, you, as His companions and apostles. Let us offer not only the bread and the wine so that they may be converted into the Body and the Blood of Christ. Offer your hearts also, so that this renewal may reach your lives and your families, through the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  

Be in peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

As the Celestial Church spiritually approaches the planet, the greater will be the inner and physical movements of humanity.

It is like a great Light that enters into the abyss and the darkness of humanity to turn night into day.

It is at this moment of worldwide inflection when souls must aspire, even more wholeheartedly, to allow the Celestial Church to free them from the chains of errors and suffering.

The Celestial Church will descend with Creative Power and give those who welcome it an impulse so that they may profess their faith and trust in the Eternal God.

While the Celestial Church begins to open its main doors, the angels come out from within it, descend to the Earth and prepare its solemn arrival.

But you, My children, must sustain this moment, since the Light and the darkness will meet, and from that point on, the last cycle of the battle will be opened, which will define love or indifference within humanity.

The more works of prayer and of good that are carried out in the world, the greater will be the spiritual and inner effect of the Celestial Church; and the souls that had no possibility of salvation will be considered.

At this moment, all those who adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar will be collaborating consciously so that the Celestial Church may reach all hearts possible.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Tabernacle of My Heart wishes to be present at all the Marian Centers and Monasteries of this Order.

You will be able to find Me in the Tabernacle, as well as in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

My Presence in the Tabernacle is eternal, and it is there where souls must seek Me and recognize Me to be able to feel Me within themselves.

The Light of My Tabernacle is not recognized by many souls in the world.

In the tabernacle of My Heart, I have a space prepared for each soul: a purpose.

Before departing and leaving the world, I want you to fulfill this request, because this is not only for your religiosity, but also for the souls of the world that, at this moment, need to discover the mystery held within the Tabernacle of My Heart.

In this Chapel, which has been built in My Name, I also wish to see a Tabernacle; as well as in all the religious houses of your Order and the Marian Centers, because the Tabernacle of My Heart is the visible sign of ecumenism and the peace amongst religions.

You will be able to gather in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart at the most difficult moments, as well as in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament and the Tabernacle of My Heart are the greatest legacies that I have left for humanity throughout time.

Many good souls have been converted in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, and I have communicated with them throughout time, in the presence of the Tabernacle of My Spirit and of My Divinity.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, souls will be able to be consecrated, even though they do not live a religious life, because that which is consecrated is your soul. This must be the aspiration of your lives within the universe of consecration.

Many difficult situations that the world is experiencing could be resolved if souls venerated the Tabernacle of My Heart, where I too will be able to sanctify you with My Spirit and with My Peace.

Today, through My Chest, I reveal to you the Tabernacle of My Heart, the light of the Grace that descends to the world, by the merits of the Passion of Your Lord and Redeemer.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart lies the synthesis of My experience and My life on Earth, from when I was born up until I ascended to the Heavens.

I know that souls sometimes do not place their attention upon the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart; so today I reveal it to you and share it with you, because the Marian Centers and your religious houses will be where you will be able to find Me.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is a bridge to the Heavens, to the Universe, to Greater Life.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not experience adversity or disturbance.

 In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your ideas will become clear, and you will have discernment through the impulse of My Grace and My Wisdom.

I need the world to understand the significance of the Tabernacle of My Heart, because souls do not yet know what I keep within It. Within it is not only My Body and My Blood, but also there is the spiritual life of Your Lord, which is omnipresent and eternal life.

John the Apostle got to know the Tabernacle of My Heart on the Cross. My Mother allowed him to know it at the culminating moment of My agony while, in the deepest core of My Being, there was loneliness and abandonment from humankind.

In the greatest darkness and suffering on the Cross, the Tabernacle of My Heart emerged as a spiritual and divine form. And that elevated fallen souls from the abysses and many souls achieved the victory of redemption by means of My Blood. Even though this took place more than two thousand years ago, it is still alive.

Today, the Tabernacle of My Heart is here so that it may be venerated and adored by good and humble souls.

In the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will be able to find the humility you need and the surrender you require to experience and go through these so unknown and unpredictable times.

Around the Tabernacle of My Heart, that will be able to be present at the Marian Centers and in your religious houses, just as it is present in the churches of the world, is where the angels contemplate God in His second person, the Son, Who gives souls and hearts filiation with the Eternal Father, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whoever has faith and adores Me in the Tabernacle of My Heart will be healed spiritually and the illnesses of their bodies will inexplicably disappear.

There are souls in the world that came to serve Me through their suffering. The souls of people are afraid to have this experience because it is something similar to what I lived, from the Garden of Gethsemane until the death on the Cross.

I will not rest until you learn to surpass Me in love and in service.

Before closing My cycle with you, I leave you the greatest legacy of the spiritual universe, that is the Tabernacle of My Heart, so that the Holy Eucharist may be not only adored, but also recognized and loved by humankind.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is the refuge for your sorrows, the relief of your agony, the healing of your wounds, the love for your consciousnesses, the wisdom in your confusion, the clarity on your paths, the eternal surrender of your souls.

Within the Tabernacle of My Heart lies My whole life and My existence.

The Tabernacle of My Heart is full of Mercy for souls.

My Being is full of Light for hearts, but many do not accept it.

Let this last Marathon that you will experience with Me not only be a synthesis, but also an opportunity to remember what you have lived with Me throughout these years, from the sacred pines of Aurora, to going through all the cities that the Pilgrimage for Peace visited.

In each moment, this mystery of the Tabernacle of My Heart was present, accompanying you and serving souls most in need, especially those that seemingly did not need it.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you are crystalline. I can see and recognize everything, there are no limits or appearances.

in front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, your souls can govern you, and they can learn to do so in these critical times.

In front of the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will not forget your commitment in the moments of the greatest tests, because I Myself will remind you of what you came to serve and offer Me.

It is through the Tabernacle of My Heart that I will leave My representatives on Earth, all the adorers and those that venerate My Sacred Body in the Eucharist.

Through the Tabernacle of My Heart, you will find the Celestial Kingdom, and you will be strengthened in peace for the moments of the greatest tribulations.

Now, in the Tabernacle of My Heart, I wish to have your experiences of love and forgiveness, because this will recreate both Creation in this school of Divine Love and the expansion of consciousness, through the impulse that the Love of God brings to the world.

The last thing I want to tell you, companions, is that you must value all that you have received from My Person and from My Divinity during these recent times.

Let this moment of the farewell of Your Master and Lord be an opportunity to definitely assume your commitment with Me, in the work of service and prayer, because the spiritual exercise of the prayer of Mercy will continue on.

Now the time has come to engage and become responsible as adults on the spiritual path. Up until now, everything was a preparation.

I will withdraw, not only because My Father has called Me, to prepare Me for My Return, but because you have already learned how to sustain My Plan of Love in humanity.

Definitely be the Love that I have given you in the Sacraments and through each word, each message and instruction. In this way, from the Heavens, I will have a place and space in your souls, where I can reflect Myself and refract the Light of My Mercy.

I thank those who have committed to Me during these years of merciful prayer, and those who will continue doing so, understanding beyond themselves what this means for this moment of the planet and humanity.

I can only be in what is simple, austere and humble. This is where I can return, so that souls may find Me, and live Me.

The self-giving of Your Master is eternal and unconditional; such must be your lives and consciousnesses, because today you will not understand what this means, but tomorrow you will know. This is a promise.

May your lives, experiences and prayers continue being written in the Books of the Wisdom of God, so that humanity may yet have the chance of being redeemed. So be it.

May we pray in this Marathon, as if it were the first time, knowing that I will be attentive to each one of you, and waiting for you to respond to Me in the same way as when I called you for the first time to this spiritual exercise, knowing that I will avail Myself of this moment of prayer to help the planet and the souls, so that the salvation of hearts may be fulfilled.

May My Peace be reflected within you. May you be bearers of My Peace. May My Peace multiply and expand throughout the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Companions, today I bring you the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that, in this month of May, you may offer a Reparative Communion every day, that God may hear the heart of His children and the supplications of those who truly pray, asking for this humanity and for this planet so that, in this end time, souls may be strengthened and learn to go through the end of these times, revealing and definitive times, times in which humanity will come to know the Truth, in this cycle of the Apocalypse.

I pour out the Rays of My Heart upon the Sacred Eucharist that I carry today in My Hand and upon the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that the Body and Blood of Christ may be that divine, perpetual and eternal unity that souls need in this end time.

It is there, in that divine strength, in that essential union with the Sacrament of the Altar where you will find the strength, the courage and the bravery to overcome these times, rather than anywhere else.

For this reason, today the Light of My Spirit pours out not only upon the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Holy Chalice, but also upon the world and, especially, upon humanity, upon those regions of the Earth where conflict, the pandemic and terror plague innocent hearts.

In this divine union that each one of you can achieve, through this special offering during the month of May, you will be truly united with Me and, as a result, you will be united with Higher and Cosmic Life.

Thus, in spite of what may happen, help will come from the universe through its powerful currents, through its sublime energies, through the sacred material and nonmaterial rays that must fill souls so that they may finally concretize the realization of their mission and their commitment to Me, so that the whole human race may learn to overcome these times and, above all, learn to go through them.

For this special offering, during the month of May, it is fundamental that the priestly life may be the one that, with the strength and the momentum of the heart and of love, will instill the help that souls need through the Sacraments that I have given you.

Now that, for millions of souls, it is impossible to commune with the sacred form of the Body of Christ or of the Precious Blood, this is the time for living a spiritual Communion, just as real as the usual Communion that you have always experienced.

It is in this spiritual union where your commitment will be strengthened, and those adversities, shadows and uncertainties will not prevail, for each day that you work with and experience this union with Me will allow Me to also act and work through you.

I especially dedicate My Message to all souls, to the silent and anonymous good hearts that pray for the priests, every day, because the spirit of prayer, the power of prayer will cause you to understand, beyond appearances, the spiritual essence of the priests in this end time, in which healing, redemption, reconciliation and Mercy for the whole world will be achieved through priestly life.

It is in this commitment and in this union that each one may be able to truly live with Me, through My spiritual Heart and the Light that emanates through the Rays of Divine Mercy, that I will be able to pour out and place in the hearts of the priests the attributes and above all, the designs that I have thought of from the beginning for each one of them.

While humanity is worried and agitated because of not knowing how the coming time will continue, I invite you to each day further deepen into this union with Me through the spiritual Sacrament with My Body and with My Blood.

In this time, I am also considering the adoration that is offered to the Holy Eucharist, because the more adorations accomplished, the more practices are spiritually made, and souls are also benefited by this spiritual practice that will allow hearts to be kept in balance, in that basic balance that humanity today does not have because of all that worries it and the uncertainty that it feels in this time.

Everything that I left, more than two thousand years ago, for the whole world, are important keys for today. That was the reason for the spiritual living of the Sacraments and for unchangeable and permanent strength that they have throughout the times.

In this way, through the Sacraments, in a spiritual way, you will find the strength of renewal and of faith and, in spite of everything that may happen in the world, souls will feel safe; because you will not become ill; your souls will rejoice and, with Me, they will celebrate the victory of My Heart within each one of them.

I need you to understand, in a broader vision, what this means to Me: that this living of the spiritual Sacrament within each one of you will be able to demonstrate to the Eternal Father that the treasures that I gave you are in safe places and that these very treasures that I gave you bring about results in redemption and in conversion.

This is the time in which, through the spiritual Communion with Me, through the Marathon of Divine Mercy that everyone will be able to experience, everyone will become strengthened and be able to understand, beyond everything, the essence of what I have done throughout the last years.

Because everything that I have done, up until now and since the beginning, has only been a preparation in your lives and spirits so that your consciousnesses would not be afraid nor doubt about being able to face these times and constantly lead humanity toward an elevation of consciousness, because as much as only a few make this effort and this surrender, all this will always benefit the rest of humanity and those who perhaps would not deserve anything, not even a Grace, will receive it.

It is thus that the Love of My Heart is multiplied in all hearts that offer to not only pray for the priestly ministry and priestly life, but also so that the Work of My Mercy and Redemption may be carried forward by the companions that I have summoned to live this life and this spiritual principle, among many others.

I want you to be attentive and have a clear vision that this is the time and the moment for living what I have so much hoped for throughout the times and generations.

I have worked and I have presented Myself with the same aim and purpose, and that will not change until I return to the world, in which your Greater Priest and Lord of lords will move forward with the institution and the advent of the new time, of the new life, of the new humanity.

If your spirits and souls are strong in the Communion with Me in this crucial time, nothing will happen to you; on the contrary, you will help those most need it, those who are weak of spirit, those who are tepid of heart, those who are not poor in life, those who have lost their faith, those who are not humble, those who do not accept Me.

All your offerings will multiply and I will accept them because I will return them in Grace and in Mercy for those who do not deserve anything.

It is in this way that, little by little, I invite you to experience the same school of overcoming, of surrender and of faith that I lived for you until the Cross, so that your last breath, in the last minute of your life, may also be an offering.

Think about and meditate upon what I tell you. I will not ask you for impossible things, but rather I will ask you for what you can really give Me, because I need to be in hearts, I need to be consoled by souls, I must have a space and a place in the temple of each heart so that you can suffer with Me, in silence, for the freeing and the transmutation of humanity for not having conformed to the Law, and not even to My Eternal Father.

You must understand what I am telling you, for these are now My last Words, in this end time. And you must not forget anything that I have told you, because I need to be living in the hearts and souls that offer to live this great surrender for My Heart and My Consciousness.

It is thus, through this path, that you will achieve Greater Life and Cosmic Life. First, you must yield so that I may triumph in the world through you.

Thus, today I bring you the Most Holy Body and the Sacred Chalice, the fruits of the surrender and the merits of the Passion of Jesus, so that the world would not forget that, before all this, there existed a man of Nazareth, Son of a carpenter and of a humble Mother, who fulfilled and carried forward an important task for humanity, pouring out His Blood for sinners, pouring out His Water for those who were lost, freeing the whole planet, to the deepest layers of this world.

Let the power of My Blood justify you before God. Let the power of My Water purify you before God, because I will wait for your great and definitive step, until it be necessary, until each one of you understands that, if I have come here to meet with you, speak with you and instruct you for such a long time, there is a reason and a purpose, because nothing is by chance.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy awaken within you the flame of healing that humanity needs and, above all, the planet that is in agony not only for this pandemic.

Humanity had to become ill to be able to understand what condition the planet has been in for so long and, even so, how the planet and its nature have responded and expressed in the face of humanity's stillness.

Through the Kingdoms of Nature, see the message that the universe leaves to you, and do not resist anymore. Dare to live the great change in consciousness so that everything may revert and be healed.

While that does not happen, the world will continue to suffer and your Master will also suffer in the hearts that open to receive the Cross that your Master lives in this current time. A Cross that wants to be shared with those who persevere, with those who are selfless, with those who are unconditional, with those who work, day and night, in humility and for peace, with one end and one goal; that Divine Will be fulfilled.

Through the Sacrament of Communion and of the Blood of Christ, I bless you so that this task of the Marathon of Divine Mercy may be profound and true, so that it is not just some time passing by, but rather an imperative and definite need to respond to God until it hurts.

I thank you for the union, the perseverance and the strength of determination in these times.

Remember the spiritual offering during this whole month of May so that, together with the consecration of your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your beloved Celestial Messengers may once again carry to God the fruits of redemption.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Today I come to ask all the monasteries, religious houses, churches, sanctuaries and places of sacred Christian and ecumenical worship, that you display the Most Holy body of your Lord so that He not only be contemplated by adoring souls but so that in the spiritual planes the Most Holy Body of your Lord  may carry out an inner task so as to bring relief to the current global health process that all of humanity is experiencing and so that souls may especially unite with the divine mysteries held in the Sacred Eucharist and, in this way, souls may be strengthened and protected by the powerful immunity of the Glorified Body of Christ, in which no evil can prevail or reign.

For this reason, I call upon all the religious places so that every day for fifteen minutes the Most Holy Body of your Lord may be displayed as a measure and a spiritual practice of protection and healing for souls so that any idea or thought against the wellbeing and the health of humanity may be deactivated.

You will carry out this request until April 15, 2020 and, if a longer time is necessary, I will let you know.

As from now, I am grateful for the response of those who will fulfill My Call.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


So that the religious orders of the world and, especially, those consecrated in this time are able to overcome and transcend the definitive times in themselves, I come to ask the Grace Mercy Order for the reparation of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus on Saturdays; so that My adversary does not continue to push My disciples with its tail to make them fall into the abysses, and so that the Heart of your Sweetest Redeemer may be consoled by all those who, in the religious and priestly life, lost the Gifts of God through the influences of the tests of these times.

I at least hope that the consecrated life in the world will continue to be a bridge that leads souls toward God rather than to a pigpen of squalor and adversities.

My wish is that, through the divine merits of My Sorrowful and Extreme Passion, your religious order, on Saturday at three in the afternoon, will offer a group prayer to Divine Mercy, irrespective of the place or moment when you meet.

If you respond to this request of your Lord for an unspecified time, the Saving Grace of the Father will descend over hundreds of clergy in the world, and the great temptations and disobedience of these times will be dissolved, for I will place My Hands over the one who pleads in My Name and they will no longer be an instrument of spiritual distortion, but rather a balm of love for My Heart.

I come to ask that, on the Saturdays of reparation, you have a collective adoration with all the members of your Order, which will also calm the indignation of God because of so many deviations that many clergy experience in this cycle.

If that request is done and nobody fails to fulfill it, I promise you, through the fruits of My unfathomable Mercy, to rescue the male and female clergy who fell into temptation and are lost.

I thank you for holding My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


For a soul to return to God it must receive constant impulses that inspire and guide it in its elevation in the quest for the Heart of the Father.

You will find these impulses, child, in the Living Word of your Creator, in His Gospel and in the countless instructions that He has given you through His Messengers. Feed your spirit with that which makes you search for God more. Nourish your consciousness with that which comes from the Father, for you to remember whence you came and where you have to return to.

Meditate daily on the Words of your Lord, with attention and peace in your heart, so that they enter into the depths of your human condition and from there start to transform you.

Before everything, remember your Creator, remember the Love He has for you and how He awaits your return to His dwelling.

Before everything, remember the Son of God, remember the love that He has for you and which was not only expressed on the Cross, but in all constant sacrifices that Christ makes, offering Himself as the Lamb before God to repair human faults.

Remember the Holy Spirit of God, inhabiting silently in all that you are. Allow a space for Him to be expressed. Silence your heart to listen to Him. Let the sacred that inhabits within you be able to be the true expression of your being for the world.

Live in God and emanate peace. Live in God and emanate respect, love, comprehension, charity. Let the Father demonstrate to the world that He inhabits within His children, through you.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Contemplate the Eucharistic Heart of your Lord and within it find relief for your heart and for your consciousness.

In the Eucharist, contemplate the constant surrender of the Son of God for you. Know that you are not simply looking at a piece of bread but rather, child, at an eternal sacrifice, which lasted beyond the Cross and which is renewed every day so that your spirit always has a new opportunity for redemption and forgiveness.

The Eucharist is the fruit of the Mercy of God. In it is to be found His universal Mystery, the key for the renewal of His Divine Love, the key to constantly overcoming, to the emptiness of self and to a wholeness in God so that, in spite of the solitude, the discouragement and the agony experienced by the one who carries the cross of these times, Love may always speak louder, forgiveness may always be alive and Mercy may renew itself constantly, beyond human errors and outrages.

Today, child, contemplate before you the Eucharistic Heart of your Lord and renew your heart, recognizing the Love of God in the Eucharist.

Your Creator calls on you to sacrifice and surrender, to renunciation, to the void and many times, to solitude; but He also lives this for you, every day, in each instant of your existence. That surrender is consummated in all the altars consecrated to God, in all the Shrines of the world.

So, when you feel the weight of the cross of these times upon your heart and your consciousness, come before the Eucharist and be thankful to your Lord for the Grace that He grants you in sharing with Him, not only His Cross but, above all, the revelation of His Love.

The Love of God is revealing itself in the hidden part of your heart and, as much as you sometimes only feel sorrow and emptiness, the time will come in which the tree of sacrifice will yield its fruits, and that will be the Love of God within you. Then you will no longer contemplate the Eucharist with your eyes, but instead you will find it alive in your heart.

You have My blessing for this. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



I speak directly to your heart, because I know it will always know how to respond to Me.

I am present in all the Blessed Sacraments of the Earth, waiting for many more to decide to know Me in the silence.

If souls truly surrendered a little more to My Heart, I could solve all the problems you experience; but the enemy always articulates its game to confuse those who are Mine; it just has to touch the open wound for the miseries that many experience to begin to show.

Child, you must know that in the Blessed Sacrament, your consciousness will expand, and you will soon know, through Adoration, how to discern My Infinite Will.

Through Adoration, you will be able to feel the path to be trodden.

You will know how to distinguish when I desire that you do some things but not others, when you must be attentive and silent.

Those who risked becoming immediately consecrated to My Heart and proposed to live the vows that daily reformulate selfless life, all of them will have double the work of controlling, in themselves, the needs and ideas that may emerge in their consciousnesses, because a completely consecrated being waits every day for the sign that comes from the Heights.

Of all of them, I will always expect a little more, to the point of their being prepared to seek Me and find Me in their inner heart. In them I pour out My Celestial Graces. By them and through them, when they truly respond to Me, I can work and make life miracles happen.

Now, let your focus concentrate on the power of Adoration; through it many tempests will dissolve, and you will find the remedy to heal spiritual ills.

I became a Living and Glorified Body so that souls, through the Eucharist, where I am always present, could physically unite with the universe and the spring of My Mercy.

In truth, today I suffer for those who are deceived and lose the strength of sanctification. I long to be able to find apostles trained for this end time. They will be sought like sheep among wolves, but My shepherding is true and will lead them on the path of redemption.

Thus, seek Me through Adoration. You will thus be confirming My Presence throughout the Earth, because in Adoration, a bridge of union is established with the Heavens, and the soul communes with Divine Principles unknown to it, but which are placed in its heart.

When you are alone, restless or weak, find Me in Adoration. My Heart is the Blessed Sacrament for the world, and all must penetrate the dimensions through contemplation. It will be the shield that will free you of all evil. It will be the star that will illuminate the next dark night.

But in truth, the majority of souls are adoring modernities and great electromagnetic discharges hypnotize the lower consciousness. Because of the influence of these involutionary means, Heaven cannot open over the dome of each spirit and a great distance is established between matter and the very divinity of each being.

I am observing how many are deceived; the prophecy of the Apocalypse is unfolding with strength and determination over the planet, but only the wise of heart will perceive these things. In them, I place the power of My Trust, but I know they will always be more tempted than those hypnotized.

Whomever concentrates their heart and their gaze on the Blessed Sacrament will not be lost, they will know how to distinguish the seeming from the real and will have spiritual tools to overcome the time of deception.

It will not be necessary to be surprised by what I tell you; this is only a small sample of the current illusion of humanity. No matter how confused the times seem, I am present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth and the soul that thirsts for Me will just come toward Me. In this way, it will not deviate from the path, will be freed from being tempted by the demons of sensuality and pleasure, which in this cycle will be creating sub-levels of malice and of conquest in good souls.

But whomever observes carefully will be able to know and will be able to feel what is correct and what is incorrect. I have the Divine Authority to dissolve all the cruelties of space. It will be enough that more hearts bow down at My Most Holy Sacrament so that, in profound honoring and Adoration, I may uproot the influences of evil and more souls, which die from such a bitter thirst, may be revived by My Water of Life.

These are no longer remote times; they are times of battle. Heaven and hell play for the reign of the Earth. The more temptation, the more the weakness; the more Adoration, the greater will be the unwavering strength of the spirit.

For the consecrated there is no salt other than Me. I am the only complement to life which will not fail you and will not cause you to suffer. For this reason, in seeking the salt of this world, many orders are weakened and buried in the arid sands of the Earth, without finding a way out.

I aspire that those who listen to Me be intelligent. I tell you these things to avoid new falls in you.

Faith will be the instrument of your Adoration and elevation to My Kingdom. You cannot image how many times I have called at the door of hearts and have only seen the results of long passions that blind and distance those who are Mine from My Eternal Heart.

God, your Father, allowed Me to give you these warnings, because you are now ready so that in the next month, seven years of abnormal and infinite Graces will have been accomplished. I say abnormal because only the Virginal Purity of My Mother made it possible to put out seeds in the deserts without water.

Now that many have blossomed through Divine Love, give of your human love so that, through My Heart, it may be purified and sublimated in the Greater Kingdom.

Pay attention; I am not asking you for the impossible; now, in this era, this would be of no use. I come to reactivate the final Message which I once gave in Rwanda. Aurora, the inner dawn, will be the bridge of redemption of all those who once were deported to Earth by God.

I come to rescue the unrescuable.

I come to give life to that which is already dead.

Woe be to those who will not repent! It will be late for them to recognize My Glorious Countenance at the moment of the Return.

While everything happens, seek the spirit of holiness. In this way, you will please Me all the time and I will be able to rest in your hearts.

In Christic Love, I always bless you.

Do not be discouraged, you will be able to do everything through My Heart of Peace.

The Glorified Christ Jesus

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