The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church is what first descends upon the orbit of the Earth, and the material universe feels the movement of the most powerful divine energy.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church penetrates the intermediary spaces of the consciousness of the planet and this resonates within the human consciousness, which begins to feel the time of definition.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church reaches the spaces of the most difficult suffering. Souls in agony breathe in the relief they so much search for; peace reaches each one of them.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church transmutes the contrary currents that oppose good and love.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church has an impact on the human aspects so that they surrender and become sublimated.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church prepares the divine descent of the King of the Universe.

The doors of the House of God begin to open; the angels assemble in praise and adoration so that souls may hear the arrival of the Church of the Lord.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church gestates the Temple of Devotion within inner worlds that will await the coming of the attributes and the gifts that will institute the last apostles of Christ upon the surface of the Earth.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church gives impulse to the awakening of the consciousness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


While the universal doors open again today, to help humanity and the planet, My Heart brings you a great spiritual and extraordinary grace, so that your inner beings trustingly, in unity and faith, may be given the impulse to move forward with all that the Hierarchy proposes for the Islands of Salvation, such as are the Light-Communities and Light-Nuclei.

This is the time to be aware and wise, so that in a near future the bases for salvation may be prepared, where the Hierarchy will be able to carry out its last operations and where the souls, most unknown to all of you, may find a spiritual space of love and service, where the results of the effort of each one of My companions will be seen.

Today, you, who are in the presence of the Universal King and the Governor of the Cosmos, have taken a step in degrees of love, and it will be this sacred step of adherence and fraternity that, through Grace, will allow you to assume an important task together with Your Master and Lord, a mission that will watch over the spiritual consciousness of Brazil and all its beloved people.

Let your hearts rejoice! for today you have witnessed for yourselves that it is possible to donate yourself more for a Greater Love that comes directly from the Universe, for each one of you and your brothers and sisters of the planet.

I thank you for having responded to My sacred convocation!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today, child, Not only prepare your heart to be before your Lord, Master and King. Prepare yourself to be truly His companion; prepare yourself to assume a deeper degree of commitment to Him; prepare yourself not to be a Cyrenian, but to carry your own cross, in the name of humanity.

Prepare yourself to no longer be Mary at the Feet of the Lord or purely Martha, serving Him tirelessly. Prepare yourself to take your own steps upon the Calvary of these times and renew the sacrifice of the Lord with the offer of your own life.

Prepare yourself to be another, new, to finally allow to be born within you this love that humanity hopes to feel and receive, but needs to learn to give.

Prepare yourself to be humiliated and silenced. Prepare yourself to be judged and not fear. Prepare yourself to be flagellated and to renew yourself. Prepare yourself to walk with the cross of this time and understand with love those who you find on your path. Prepare yourself to love unconditionally and forgive the unforgivable. Prepare yourself to live a Love that does not fit within you. Prepare yourself to renew the Love of God.

Then, let the Thought of God be expressed within you. Renounce your wills and plans. Renounce your wishes and aspirations, and listen deep within your heart to the Voice of God, which will guide you to this new human.  

Pray, and prayer will be your greatest strength, mainly so that you can overcome, in yourself, the temptations that come from your mind and emotions, from the old human that will shout within you in order not to lose their reign.

Pray, serve and love your brothers and sisters. There you will find your safety, your protection and, above all, there you will find the Purpose of God for you. 

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Now open the tabernacle of your hearts so that, during this next Nativity of the Lord, I may enter and finally be a part of your small lives.

Between you and I only a breath of Love exists. Between souls and God a powerful divine union exists.

Open the tabernacle of your hearts so that I may place My most precious gifts within you and so that those gifts, that one day will change into sacred talents, may be at the service of the Plan of God.

Simply open the tabernacle of your heart and all will be realized, and will be accomplished in your lives, according to the Will of the Most High.

Leave your inner tabernacle open so that your soul and all of your consciousness may live the preferred union with Me, through the Restorative Communion with My Body and with My Divine Blood.

I hope to enter the tabernacle of your heart so that you may receive the nonmaterial and spiritual help that you need.

Leave the tabernacle of your heart open to Me, for I wish for us to be one, so that, in perfect simplicity and love, we may be one in the Father in order to be one in Truth and in Justice.

On the eve of the rebirth of the Universal King, may your inner tabernacles be open, in vigil and in prayer, so that the Spirit of the Supreme Son may be within the Christs of the New Time.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Perceive the life around you, the Kingdoms, the elements, the presence of your brothers and sisters, the light, the color, the sounds. Perceive what the surroundings create in your heart, what they reflect in your mind, in your emotions, in your heart.

Life, child, is permeated by the silent presence of the Spirit of God, but He is hidden, hiding like the King of the Universe, hid in the Womb of His Most Holy Mother. The Spirit of God only reveals Itself to those who are humble of heart and who open to perceive the mysteries of the divine presence among humankind, just as His Son revealed Himself to the simple in the manger of Bethlehem.

If you cannot feel the presence of the Spirit of God around you, close your eyes, breathe and become silent. Within the air that enters your being, that is where the Spirit of God dwells. In nature, in its sounds, in its colors, there dwells the Spirit of God.

Live in this presence and act, in each instant of your life, under the Eyes of your Heavenly Father. In this way, you will see, child, that you will no longer do those things that cause you to fall, again and again, into the same errors and tendencies of the past.

Live with the gaze of the Spirit of God upon you. But do not only live in fear of God; know that His Presence comes to help you to re-consecrate your life and to persevere in your consecration.

May the Eyes of the Fire of God that are upon you lead you to transformation.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Behold, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven, through which all souls will have to enter at the moment of their definition.

When Mercy and Justice have already descended upon the world, when peace has consolidadted in the hearts of those who have opened to receive the Love and the Kingdom of the Mother of God; when darkness has settled into the heart of the ungodly who cry out, who will weep for a new opportunity, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven so that all souls may enter through them.

The first one will be narrow, simple, and luminous; the second will be as wide as the sea, but its destination will not lead to the Kingdom of the Heavens nor to the kingdom of the world, but to restart, to the void, to nothingness.

Up until the last moment of time, of this world, the Creator will try to rescue and awaken His Children; but those who insist on deceit and, with the malice of their hearts, condemn themselves, will shape their own destiny and build for themselves the path to the wide and uncertain door, empty of light and of God, for at that moment, the Father will only be able to observe His children.

The Angels of the Lord do not feel like humanity does; within their hearts only the Law dwells; their hands signal the destiny chosen by each being, their rays hasten the steps of the beings.

All those who honored and respected the king of darkness will return with him into his abyss. In his kingdom there will only be moans and darkness until the end of the Thousand Years of Peace when the day of Redemption will also come for them.

Prophecies will cease to be prophecies, which are called threats for those who do not know God. His promises will be true for everyone.

Those who have honored the King of kings, the Son of God, the Truth of beings, with Him shall see the fulfillment of His promises and in Him will serve until the end of their days, until the day of Unity, of the return to the Heart of the Father.

Empty your hearts of the sins of the world and do not surrender to the temptations of these times. Remember that, like this prophecy, everything that you live today has already been prophesied to you, and no one has been left unadvised of its definition.

''Persevere'', says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Hold firmly to one another's hands. Life in the world is losing its meaning for those who do not discover their only meaning is the renewal of Love.

Do not listen to the voice of those who sow discord; rather, cry out to the Father so that unity may reign and, embracing your brothers, strengthen one another and make your fortitude indestructible.

The narrow Door of the Lord will open for beings and inside of it, infinite will be the Mercy, eternal will be the Life in Christ.

''Confirm yourselves! Renew yourselves!", says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Those who do not want to continue walking toward the Light shall fall, by their own weight, by your side, but you keep your eyes lifted to God. The Creator should be your eternal goal.

Your Father and Companion until the end of days,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Christ is not only your Master and Lord, King of the Universes, a living part of God manifested among men. Christ is a state of Divine Consciousness, a principle of the renovation of the Love of the Father, which awakens when beings give everything of themselves for love of the fellow being, for love of the Creator and, when they think they have drained their strength, they take one more step, and another, and another, until they surpass themselves, not in their strength; they surpass themselves in love.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Way: christification, surrender, giving of self, love for all creatures, without distinctions.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Truth: He, the Creator of all things, dwells hidden within all beings, and all those who decide to step out of the darkness of ignorance to enter the path of love, which is beyond any science, will not only be able to know Him, but above all, live Him. Let the Father express Himself in your dwelling places, within creatures thought by Him, in order to renew and to surpass His Love.

God sent His Son to the world to reveal Life to them. Love is Life. Where there is no Love, there is no life. And although beings may walk through the world and believe that what they experience is living, they do nothing more than go through an experience permeated by illusion, without ever having known the Truth, without ever having experienced Life.

The Creator calls you to enter this Way, to know this Truth and to live this Life, which is His Son, Who is Christ.

Give yourselves always a little more. Do not leave for later the help that is necessary now.

Love, without expecting to be loved. Serve, without expecting to be served. And when it seems you have no more strength, ask the Lord to renew you and to teach you to surpass yourselves in love.

Say to Him: "Lord, my strength has reached up to here. Now, I surrender my body, soul and spirit to You, and make room for You, so that You come and, being in me, You make me surpass myself in love."

Begin by making your being available to God so that you may surpass yourselves in love, and when you have offered all of yourselves to God, it will be Him, within you, Who will surpass Himself, and like in His Son, will raise you and awaken you, in all the levels of your consciousness, in imitation of Christ, the so-called Christs of the New Time. Those who, entering the Way offered by the Lord, will come to know His Truth and will achieve the Life He thought for His children since the beginning.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Second Series of Poems
Twelfth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

My Lord and Celestial King,
reveal to me, in this life,
the projects that You have thought of
for my consciousness.

That, in truth and in sincerity,
I may be able to respond
to Your Designs every day
in order to manifest on Earth
the Divine Will.

Dear Jesus,
make me free of everything
that compromises my consciousness
so that I can take steps towards You.

Empty me constantly
so that I may have the Grace
of receiving Your most immaculate
and pure Celestial Principles.

And even if my consciousness
does not come close to the truth,
due to incapacity or some other reason,
I ask You, Lord, to help me
find the perfect meaning
of Your Designs so that,
as an apostle and servant of Yours,
I may represent on Earth
the testimony of redemption.

Remove from my heart
all feelings of vainglory.

Make me small and simple,
just as Your Spirit, Lord,
is simple and small.

Because if I am full
of Your consoling Love, Lord,
I will be able to share it and,
by means of the example
of service and charity, transmit
the vivifying force
that You provide us with,
time after time.

I offer You this moment, Lord,
so that it may be contemplated
as the true offering
my human heart.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

Second Message 

May the Voice of the Lord of Egypt be heard today, because there is a people crying for liberation, piety and redemption; there is a people crying for justice, mercy and peace. And it is not for lack of divine help nor of supreme help; this is part of what humanity generates among peoples and nations, among races and cultures.

From the Sahara Desert, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt be heard, Who today presents His Throne of Wisdom and Power to bring Justice to the world, the Justice that will balance the planet and humanity.

That is why you should pray as you are doing, every day.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to bring Justice to the world, for the requests of its people and its culture; for the pleas of the simple and of the humble.

May differences no longer exist between races and religions, between beliefs and doctrines.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to unify everything, from the beginning to the end; it comes to reveal to you that in essence you are all one. And from that unity, you all come from God; from the same Father who has created you; from the same Universe that has manifested you, from the same Love that has expressed you in an infinity of forms and manifestations.

All are one in essence, and in this unity there is the Love that transcends borders, cultures and peoples.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to reveal to you a time of great planetary purification; a time that no other race has lived in another era or in another century.

I come as the Lord of Egypt to speak to you in the name of Love, and also to show you that I am in everything, not only in Christianity.

I Am part of God and from God I come.

I Am part of His Divine Emanation and of His Purpose for this and other Universes.

This is the Voice that speaks to you, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt, the One Who was with you before and the One Who is with you now to give continuity to the Purpose of God.

May no people, culture, race or nation forget that each being first is an essence, before being matter; that they are part of an original Source and of a principle that must be fulfilled in you so that it can be fulfilled in the world.

Those who believe that they are powerful and make wars, will not win.

Those who are oppressed and suffer the consequences are the ones who will triumph.

Because Love will always be able to do everything. Love will renew everything and beliefs or religions will not be important, but rather the essence that will unite peoples and nations, where there will be no distinction of culture, race or color.

I come to show to My Church that I am also in those who would not believe in Christ. Because they do not really believe because they do not know Me, they have not felt Me and they have not lived Me, as you once lived and knew Me.

Expand this Love that I bring to the world, so that the world can have an opportunity and reconsider.

Therefore, from the Sahara Desert My Voice is proclaimed so that Christians, Arabs and Muslims listen to Me as the only God, as the emanation of the Firstborn Son, as the One Who has renewed all times in the past, through the Cross.

A moment will come when everyone will find themselves on the same path, and together, as peoples, cultures, religions and nations, they must cross the last portal, because there will be no other; there will be no portals to choose or door to cross, but one, which is the door of My Heart. There everyone will understand one another and will have clarity in the end times that I have always been the same, from the Alpha to the Omega, and that My Divine and Omnipotent Presence has been in everyone; although in the majority it has been hidden, even in order to awaken.

If I come as the Lord of Egypt, it is for you to know that My Christic Love is in others, and not only in so few or in those who believe they can retain Me by proclaiming My Name.

I Am the Son of the Living God, but also God is in Me, as in My brothers and sisters.

God, Abba or Allah is in everyone, as it is written in all the Sacred Books.

Because a day will come when the knowledge written in the Sacred Books will be one, when humanity receives the revelation that only one God was always in all creation, as in all times; going through all generations, all cultures and all peoples. And they will know that He has tried to express and show Himself in all places, as in all the corners of this planet.

And so, knowing this revelation, they will understand their filiation with the Father and they will join the Source. In that moment it will no longer be necessary to make wars or create conflicts, for material goods or for spiritual dogmas. At that moment I will already be present in the world and within humanity.

But, as in the past, the Living God in the Beloved Son will show Himself to small groups before showing Himself completely to the world and everything that will have happened through religions and this Work will be understood.

Those who did not accept it, will recognize it. Those who have stepped aside, will be ashamed for having abandoned Me. Those who persisted and will persist to the end, will enjoy My Spirit, something that will be unknown.

It will be the last impulse revealed by your Master and Lord to His disciples, in all those who have faith in My Name and in My Word.

And everything that will have been difficult, hard and sacrificed for those that are Mine will be understood and will have a meaning.

The anguishes lived; the sorrows that oppressed; the bitterness felt by the hearts that have separated themselves will be understood; because it is part of a purpose and a history that I am writing in this world and, mainly, in your hearts.

When everyone has conscience of what My Work has done through souls, many will regret too late; but those who are with Me will rejoice because they had full confidence in My Message and in My impulse of Light.

That is why I settle My Work in the most difficult places, so that it may be fulfilled and, at least, peace may be sown in the spirit of each place.

Therefore, everything you offer to your Lord for this Work will be invaluable in the eyes of the men of the world.

Because at this time it is written: The Lord of Egypt, the Lord of the East, will take away the power from those who believe they have it, and will give His treasures to those who have suffered for injustice and inequality; and the Promised Land, which dwells in the Heart of Christ, will be revealed to those who with effort have followed His steps, towards the path of Light and of unity.

And at that hour I will unite everything, cultures, peoples, beliefs, religions and races; and everybody will listen to the Master and Lord in one language, in His original language, which reverberates in the Universe and echoes in the deepest spaces of the Cosmos, like a mantric melody that, in an impulse of vibration and light, renews everything that it touches and transforms everything that is impossible.

The Voice of the Son of Man, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt, will be like a thunder that will illuminate the cusps of the Churches of the Earth, without preference of place or people. 

Because at the least thought moment the Lord of Egypt will show Himself and in His Heart, as in His Divine and Trine Face, He will bring the synthesis of all His experience lived on Earth as in Heaven, so that a New Humanity may begin.

In the meantime, listen to the Voice of the Lord of Egypt that tells you: do not tire of working for God, because God always will give His Treasures to those who live His Word truly and without prejudice.

Therefore, may love abound in these times so that millions of wounds may be closed in hearts that suffer for different reasons and motives.

When they understand the essence of the Purpose of God many will be surprised by what they will know, because they will know something they have never known; because something that they never saw will be revealed, and it will be clear to all; there will be no doubt, interpretation or mirage. Because when the Lord of Egypt returns to the world with His true Face, everything will be consummated.

May each prayer be valued. May each bead offered be contemplated. May every prayer offered be placed at the Foot of the Creator, for those who turned away from Me without understanding everything; because the only thing that I want for all of My companions is that they always see the truth and in truth live to someday be free of themselves.

I thank those who persist; those who are sincere and transparent; those who are not afraid to accept their mistakes and ask forgiveness to their brothers and to God.

I thank those who accept without understanding, because someday they will understand everything and, without realizing it, they will be transformed into what I have so much desired with ardor in My living and patient Heart.

May everybody learn from this moment and benefit this opportunity so as not to lose the Grace of awakening and renewing times, just as the Father expects from His creatures.

May the Gift of Wisdom be in the open hearts.

May the Gift of Wisdom illuminate the closed hearts.

May the Gift of Wisdom reconcile those who have moved away.

May the Gift of Wisdom restore the unity between the souls and God.

May the Gift of Wisdom impulse you to live the Purpose and the transformation of times; because who aspires to the Gift of Wisdom will know My Face.

I encourage you to continue materializing My Work.

I encourage you to continue fulfilling My requests; because I tell you again, companions, that everything will be clear at the end of these times.

Remember that My Kingdom is for everyone.



Child, write with attention what I will dictate to you today, this is a divine exhortation of love.

Dear companions and My followers:

Given the material results for the supporting of the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers and the lack of conscious collaboration with resources after all the impulses received during the last Sacred Week, your Master and Lord of the Universe today announces the possible cancellation and the absolute retreat of all the meetings scheduled for the month of May at the Marian Center of Aurora and at the Marian Center of Figueira.

You know that in order to be able to express the Work of God on the surface and above all in this current humanity, it is necessary to have faithful and permanent collaborators so that they can be on Earth the bridge of light or the torchlight that illuminates the times and allows the spiritual Graces to descend to the Earth.

To take care of the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers is not only to attune with it and participate; it also means to collaborate, to support, to donate, to sustain and lovingly contribute with all material that is necessary to supply and furnish, such as, for example, all the life of the Marian Centers and especially of the Communities-of-Light.

In this last cycle of transition, in which My companions are going through various problems and all kind of tests, it has been removed the essential attention of collaboration and of the donation necessary to sustain the Work.

If current humanity, the nations, the continents and above all your hearts reach the point of being without divine assistance in this acute cycle, the world would suffer serious consequences because of the great quantity of accumulated faults.

With this I do not want to generate sensationalism, but it is urgent that you perceive that, through your own acts, ways of thinking or of deciding not to collaborate, you are closing the door to Divine Mercy.

I believe, companions, that after the last Sacred Week you have been faithful witnesses of all material and spiritual effort made for the manifestation of this important meeting and how little help it received from all.

To you, putting the hand on the heart, I ask you to reconsider and put your attention on what is truly essential and what this Work of Love needs to achieve with the loving and sincere help of all My companions.

If this assistance, which today I directly ask you by means of this message, does not come to happen before the end of April, I declare, as of now, that the sacred meetings of May will be cancelled, since to carry forward a work faithful donators are necessary.

I know, since more than two thousand years ago, that it would be very difficult for the souls of this planet to be available to collaborate for love with the Divine Work.

But I ask you, for love, to break this chain of indifference, because on the Day of Judgment, which is approaching, everything will be placed on the table to be judged under the Higher Light.

I thank you for being considerate and responsible!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message

From the top of the mountains, I come to pronounce the Word of God.

You are before the Prince of Peace, before the King of the Universe, before the Humble Heart of God, the One that comes to seek the works of mercy of His children.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I want to take you to the Peace of My Heart so that you know how to overcome these times, so that you know how to transcend the barriers, so that you find the way out that I am indicating to you in this time and that leads you towards My Merciful Heart. In this place I have a sacred space for everyone, without preferences of anyone.

I come to seek what is true in you, what God created from the beginning so that you could evolve and awaken throughout times.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I show you My Sovereignty. I bring you My Celestial Government, that government that God granted Me after the Ascension so that, after all, I might call the sheep by their names and they might come together with Me to fulfill the Plan.

Today I come with the Peace of the Kingdom of God, which stabilizes energies and spaces; which brings serenity to the consciousness and awakens meekness in the heart. Without this Peace nothing can be lived in these times, above all, the plans that God expects to accomplish, because He needs, companions, to mirror His Plans on His children.

You know that the majority of humanity will not awaken; but the Prince of Peace will make the attempt, because the Grace of God is also for the most miserable, for those who are most distant from Me, for those who do not feel My Heart neither seek It.

Enter, now, towards this state of Celestial Peace, in which everything is balanced, in which everything quietens, in which there is a profound retreat to allow feeling God within.

The Prince of Peace comes with the angels of Peace to announce to the world the last time of peace before everything happens, before everything is unleashed, before the humanity of surface sees the reality which it does not want to see yet.

Build in you, companions, states of peace that are unalterable. Seek wisdom and patience so that this can be built in you and in the most difficult moments you may know how to transcend difficulties and obstacles.

From the top of these mountains I pronounce My Voice, and My Divine Word echoes in the hearts.

May My Word resound in the inner worlds.

May the inner worlds raise the temples again so that God can dwell and make of human beings new people, make of the spirits, consecrated consciousnesses who do not fear to know who they truly are and what they have come to fulfill in this cycle.

Today I place My Hand on My Chest and I make you feel My Heart, My Pacifying Heart, so that everything may be neutralized, so that the obstacle may be dissipated, so that souls may find again the path and the security of being in God.

Today I come among the clouds to announce to the world My arrival, first in Divinity and then in Glory; first within your spirits and then around you, upon this surface.

The time has come for the return of the Lord, the time has come for the last preparation of the hearts for all that is supposed to come in these definitive times.

Keep yourselves in the certainty of being in My Heart, build in yourselves this bridge that unites you to Me, and do not allow earthly energies to make you oscillate.

Be firm before the Purpose, be firm before life, because in this way you will be good apostles, thus you will fulfill My call and you will fulfill My Work on this planet, a Work that is for the whole world.

Retreat your inner beings on top of these mountains and discover the true reality that exists in them, the true treasures that they keep and where many still cannot see them.

But I reveal these treasures to you, I reveal to you these principles and these Gifts that come to build the New Human, that come to make the old human die, that come to awaken in the spirits that which renews.

Allow these treasures that are kept here to be received by your spirits and the old human to lose their garments, so that they may baptized by the Spirit of God and this may make them worthy of His Kingdom.

While I Am here, with you, I Am with the world.

I bring you Peace so that you may feel it and live it. The Peace I bring you comes from Heaven and from the Universe. It is the Peace that comes from the Silence of God and from His most intimate and eternal retreat.

May this Peace raise you again as My consciousnesses, soldiers, apostles and servants.

May your essences be impenetrable to the harassment of the world.

May your essences be strengthened before My Celestial Presence and may the codes of a New Life be placed in them, the codes of the Light that I bring through My Heart, in order to cause to rise in you what God has requested from Me for each one.

May the advent of the New Christs be fulfilled.

May the advent of the last called be carried out so that the Earth may be prepared and also the whole human consciousness may recognize the coming of the Redeemer, Who still waits with His open Arms for the embrace of His children and His companions, to relieve the pain that His Heart feels because of human indifference, ignorance and error.

May the celestial Peace dissolve indifferences.

May the celestial Peace unify hearts.

May the celestial Peace establish the Kingdom of God within humankind so that life may be regenerated and the Suns of these times may awaken and emerge in the firmament, giving a “yes” to the Creator Universe.

May no one lose hope of being able to redeem themselves.

May no one lose the joy of serving Me.

May no one fail to follow My steps, because they are the last ones I am taking before My Return to lead you through the path of the great awakening.

May the Universal Laws be fulfilled in humankind.

May the Rays of the Universe descend upon the consciousnesses to rebuild the inner temples and, thus bring to the Earth the Grace of God.

May this Marathon be offered for the unification of beliefs, for the transcendence of human doctrines and philosophies so that everyone may achieve Christic Love and may unite to Me, in essence and spirit, so that the Church, which I founded more than two thousand years ago, may live the Designs of God and may not alter them.

This is why I come to call out of My Church those who need Me, those who expect Me and also those who do not seek Me, because in everyone is the Christic Love, because this Love is in you since the beginning when you were created in the image and likeness of God.

May the flame of faith ignite in hearts so that the Plan may triumph.

Because I will not come through the greater door of My Church for you to recognize Me, I will come in a different and anonymous way, through a place no one thinks, that no being imagines.

I will come in the night of the great Moon, because it will illuminate My paths and will announce the dawn of the New Aurora.

May God bless you and bless your lives, bless all beings of the Earth so that they may awaken to My grand summoning someday.

It is time to return to the Love of God because there, all will be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


That on this day, on the eve of the day of My Divine Spiritual and Cosmic Conception, your hearts prepare themselves internally so that, together with Me, we change the year, as well as the cycle, and in this way, that which should finally descend from the Source of the Divine Purpose can do so through your unconditional "yes."

For this, My children, it will be necessary that your souls aspire to find their inner purpose so that, in this period and under these conditions of the end of times, it too can be renewed.

I invite you to not look back to the past anymore, nor towards the future.

I invite you and call you to live the present, so that the pain, anguish, and suffering that some event may have caused and generated can be dissolved from your consciousnesses.

This new year, that is about to begin, will be the year of emptiness of self and of what is unconditional for those who are the most miserable of spirit and of mind.

May your lives be able to enter this year renewed of self, so that Christ may govern  in souls a little longer.

A good beginning of the year to all My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Son comes in this end time to establish His Divine Purpose in humanity. But, for this to be possible, it will be necessary that souls be able to transform into the spiritual and inner model that He needs in order to carry forward His redemptive Work.

If it is not this way, and souls resist changing what they consciously know is not part of the Plan of My beloved Son, for their own protection they will not be able to participate in this Work, in the part that is theirs to do.

It is important to keep in mind that My beloved Son seeks allies and devotees of His Sacred Heart so that souls may serve as precious receptacles for Him, into which He can pour His Codes of life to renew them, time and again. Thus, the process of inner transformation is not only restricted to just one consciousness but rather it influences all that surrounds it, in a permanent way.

Christ expects to find, each day more, within His followers and servers, the possibility of carrying out His Supreme Work in them in a true and crystalline way. Thus, the transparency of your hearts and minds will determine, at this time, the chance you will give the Sacred King for transforming you into new vessels, into His transformed instruments.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, She will come brighter than the sun, the Servant of God, to prepare the return of Her Son, as She one day prepared His sacred Birth on the Earth.

Behold, the Silent and Humble Servant became Queen and Celestial Mother, because Her silence revealed Her Majesty and Unity with God the Father and His Beloved Son.

Just as the Heavens opened to receive Her in Body, Soul and Divinity, in the Mystery of Her Assumption, the Heavens are open again for the descent of Her Divinity and the announcement of Her Sacred Word; because the Blessed Mother of the Lord can no longer remain in silence, in the face of all that happens in the world. Her silence of other times sustained the echo of the Voice of Her Son in the valleys and in the peoples of the East, and now Her Word comes to prepare the Universal Triumph of Christ, because He will no longer come to preach and teach among humankind: the power of His Presence will be conversion itself; the power of His Feet placed on the Earth will be redemption itself for the planet. From His Mouth will only come out prayers and decrees that will unite Heaven and Earth, will close the hells and the abysses, will calm the despairs and will establish Peace.

For this reason, before the Son, again His Heavenly Mother and His adoptive Father, Humble and Faithful, approach, in order for Them to be the ones to prepare the human heart.

Children, today I tell you to listen with attention to the purposes of God, brought by His Messengers. They are like the truths said by the prophets in the past, to prepare the arrival of the Messiah in the world.

Our Word not only instructs you, but it also transforms and unites to the Universal Teaching, which will come with the Son of God, as a living expression of the Reality that dwells in the Universes.

With simplicity, We open to you the doors of the heart and the eyes of the spirit, so that you recognize the Laws that dictate universal evolution and you may enter them, in obedience and love, while there is time.

All Mysteries reveal themselves in the Law of Love and of Obedience, principles that rule all Evolutionary Life, in Heaven as on Earth. Spiritual Life reveals itself to those who know how to love and every Mystery revealed becomes simple and understandable to those who know Love, because their minds become pure and their hearts are simple.

With this, beloved children, I want to tell you that the Faithful and Tireless Servant of God comes to the world with simple words, to reveal Sublime Truths. I come to awaken Love in your hearts, so that you may comprehend Me, and without difficulties, live what I tell you.

What impedes you to live My Instructions is not the human condition, is not material karma and is not ignorance; it is the lack of true Love and of true Humility.

In a world of mysticism full of vanity and false bases of true knowledge, I come to conduct you to the Truth. But before this, I must oust from your hearts, pride and ambition for power and for knowledge.

For this reason, I teach you to love and to obey, above all things, the simple purposes of God. And it is in this way that I prepare you, transform and reveal the New Life, which will emerge in the hearts without their realizing it.

It is in this way that I unite you to the true Celestial and Cosmic Brotherhood, and I make your hearts able to be true companions of your King and Universal and Divine Master, Christ.

Behold, I am here, as Queen and Celestial Mother, and in the simplicity of My words is hidden the Power of God and the Truth that I Am. In My presence is hidden the Unity with the Infinity. And in this way I tell you that, if you unite yourselves to Me, you will unite yourselves to the Whole, to the Cosmos, to Life, to the Creation of God.

Prepare along with Me the Return of My Son, and announce, children, that it is time to repent of being in vain paths, which lead to nothing but to being lost, not only from God, but also from oneself.

Behold, I come to find you and to conduct you to the encounter with yourselves, so that you may know who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Do not be lost any longer. Follow My steps and I will guide you always.

I bless you and love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the deepest of the night, the day is announced. When everything is still dark, the song of the birds announces the arrival of the sun, of the morning breeze and calls you to awake. The night brings solitude, nostalgia, sometimes silence, sometimes noises...

So it will be, children, in the dark night of the planet. It will bring the feeling of solitude, often of restlessness - the fruit of a heart that has not learned to be silent. It will bring nostalgia for a life of illusions that cannot be found anymore in the world, and that will invite you to walk in the dark for a time completely unknown to you.

At the apex of this night, when all those who are awake feel that it will have no end; when those who are asleep enter profoundly in their illusion, they will hear the sounds that come from Heaven. Like the birds in the last moment of dawn, angels will sing and their trumpets will sound. The Sun will return to the world.

Its Light will bring relief to those who waited in vigil, however, it will blind those who slept in illusion. Many will not understand immediately what will happen in the world because, for these, it will be a common night and the extraordinary will never happen, they will not perceive that time will stop and no longer count on the clocks of the world, their hearts, empty of God, will pulsate in the old time.

Those who, awake, await the arrival of the Sun, with the beads passing through their fingers, to remind them of peace, will finally breathe the breath of a new day and will recognize the end of the old time.

Many expect crashes, world catastrophes and a sudden end for humanity, and those will get used to experiencing chaos and will not perceive that the times unite and the old gives its place for a new time.

The dark night is already upon the planet. It is long, slow and its time is not measured by the watch on the wrist of people. Therefore, children, it is time to watch and pray tirelessly.

The Sun will arrive and it will not be the same sun that illuminates the days on Earth; it will be a new and resplendent Sun, renewed by His Celestial Majesty.

The spiritual night will be felt dark and deep, as it goes on. Feel its silence and keep in peace; listen to its noise and keep in peace; experience the human nostalgia that your hearts will feel and keep in peace. Let yourselves be purified by the tests of the spiritual night that is upon all, but keep in peace and with the certainty that, in vigil, you await the arrival of the Sun.

Who simply prepares your hearts for a new time,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From My maternal Heart, I ardently desire that the Will of God be accomplished above all things.

I teach you to transcend the difficult times and to be in them without belonging to the cruelty that is promoted through the actions of humankind.

Thus, God builds and manifests His Kingdom in the humble, in those who have no interest in spiritual realization. The Father has requested that I teach this to humanity, but humanity still has not learned.

It is thus that I come outside of any institution or religion to teach the world about Love and Truth, which will always make you whole and free of any adversity.

I give the impulse to My soldiers so that they take firm and decided steps, definitive steps toward Christ. For, in this way, the very King of the Universe and Lord of Mercy will be able to unmask the false and give His Power to the poor of heart.

Throughout these last years, Your Heavenly Mother has been guiding you so that you may accompany Her until the clay mask falls from the faces that hide the truth and live the lie of yesteryear because when My Son returns, stone will not remain upon stone; only the simple hearts will prevail.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Letter of the Most Holy Mary to Those Who Say “yes”…

My beloved children,

It is through you, through your sincere prayers and your acts of love, that I can bring to Earth everything that exists in the Universe.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can show the world the path of redemption and purity.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can express Her warmest work of love in all the world for souls and for the Kingdoms.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able to submerge with all Her Consciousness into the deepest abysses of the Earth and rescue the unrescuable.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able, through prayer, to teach you to redeem the most archaic aspects of life, so that your souls may be free to express that which they really are.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother, during each new Vigil of Prayer, offers the Eternal Father the possibility of dismantling the great plans of My adversary.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother has the permission to act on the planet and in the most dormant humanity, through the ardent devotion and the inner joy of simple hearts.

Dear children, although it does not seem so, the “yes” of humanity could change the events of this world, and its effects would reach beyond the nations, the peoples and even the continents.

Each new “yes” pronounced by souls and expressed through a physical presence in the Vigils of Prayer for Peace in the Nations means for the Universe the chance to act in an operative way in humanity through its angels and the Hierarchies of Light in order to deactivate certain corrupt aspects within the human consciousness that cause it to spiritually retrocede, time after time.

A true and sincere “yes” from a child of Mine in this cycle would make a difference so that the spiritual Hierarchy could be able to help or not help humanity and all that it generates through its actions and its acts.

At this time, a sincere “yes” allows the Eternal Father to move forward with His Designs in the most inferior and lost creatures of humanity.

Even more, if this “yes” is composed  of a disinterested spirit of service, a heartfelt prayer and an unknown love, its repercussions in the human consciousness will be much greater than they seem.

For this reason, My children, a sincere “yes” allows the Universe to act through the Laws of Mercy and Grace, and the cases that are impossible to solve in humanity may be balanced and alleviated.

I invite you to think, feel and meditate upon the power of “yes” of the same “yes” that your Heavenly Mother gave so as to be the spiritual Tabernacle, the humble and most pure womb that would receive Universal Light and invincible Love through the coming of Christ.

May this sincere “yes” that can emerge from your hearts allow you to transcend the times, overcome the most difficult tests within and outside of yourselves, that will open a secure door, where you may find the Presence of the Universal King, Jesus Christ, through it.

Dear children, it will be the “yes” of this current humanity that will cause the planet to be purified and elevated, helping it to free itself of the weight generated by humanity.

It will be the “yes” of souls that will cause this humanity to be of a higher and more mature consciousness.

It will be the “yes” of hearts to the Divine Plan that will change forever the course of all the coming events.

It will be the “yes” of all My beloved children that will defeat the beast of all times.

It will be the “yes” of My children, of the children of Mary, that will open the doors of the Universe for the Return of Christ.

Dare to say “yes” to the Universe and you will not recognize yourselves.

I thank you for responding to My call!
Who blesses you,
Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Spirit of God will speak through humankind

When the human heart, My children, understands, through the consequences of its actions, where its arrogance and ignorance take it, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When religions realize that what is most important is to establish the Kingdom of God, rather than maintaining structures and institutions, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When governments understand that there is no government distant from the One Who created and knows all things, the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

When parents teach their children to live in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, with the Universe, and with fellow beings, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

Humanity will become tired of living the consequences of their successive mistakes, the fruit of actions they carry forward without God. In that moment, My children, the simple will look to Heaven and the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When humankind no longer wants to aggrandize themselves, because they understand their human smallness and misery, they will seek the Word of Life in the Heights, and it is then that the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

That moment will come when the consequences of human ignorance become visible to all the eyes of the world, and even those who longed for power will fear having it in their hands, because they will know their own frailty and inability to act without God.

The Spirit of God will speak through the simple, who at first will be heard by only a few, because they will be among the smallest, and many times, they will speak through the silence of their actions.

The Spirit of God will speak in the healthy of spirit, prepared by Him to come to the world, after having known the Universe, Creation, and the Divine Plan. They will be aware of human misery, but also of the greatness of God, which is hidden in their inner potential. That will make them humble and strong in Christ, to speak fearlessly to humanity, and through service and fraternity, proclaim the institution of the new life.

When hearts are no longer able to find consolation and many have lost faith in God for not finding guidelines in humankind where they sought them, it will be in the simplest and most hidden that the Spirit of God will emerge, will return and will live, as the prophets and patriarchs of the past. And He will speak, will announce and once more open the hearts of those who had lost their faith and hope. Humanity will find again the guidelines of love in the pure and the simple, who will shine not for themselves, but for the Spirit of God that will be with them.

When faith will seem to have vanished from the temples and churches, and love is scarce in the human beings who try to guide others on their own, rather than in God, it will be in the pure and in the simple, children, that the Spirit of God will speak, inspire, and unite religions and cultures, that on their own will not find the strength to remain in the world. Their examples will renew the faith and the hope for the return of My Son. They will speak of the Living Christ, and their word will be fire rather than only sound. They will open the paths to the Universal King and will be the first to prostrate on the ground, even before the Heavens open for the coming of the King.

The non-believers, who will still deny the Return of Christ, will see them prostrated, without anything happening, and they will slander them, mock them, and will exalt themselves. But the pure will not stand up, and until the Heavens open, they will not raise their heads. They will be humiliated in silence, so that humanity may perceive that it is through humility that the path for Christ is once again prepared. And behold, the Spirit of God in that hour will be silent through humankind. His silence will speak louder and will have more fire than any spoken verb.

When those who were speaking with the Spirit of God fall silent, and prostrated, calmly awaiting the return of Their King, when it seems that all has ended without a triumph and without hope, when humankind faces the void and the unknown, then, children, it will all begin.

The signs will emerge and will make the impure and the liars tremble. In that hour, the Spirit of God will no longer speak through humankind, but will only be silent and gaze through their eyes, so they will know how to recognize the One Who will be God Himself, resplendent over the world.

Until that moment comes, be pure, be simple, and strengthen your own faith in God, recognizing your own smallness and the Divine greatness; because the Spirit of God will come and seek the humble hearts, to announce to the world what very few want to hear.

I bless you today and always, and I leave you the Grace of My renewal and the principle of My humility, so that you may have them be fruitful in your hearts and consciousness.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My Son ascended from the Mount of Olives to Heaven and the Universe of the Father received Him in praise, glory and rejoicing.

The Son of God returned to His Celestial Home with the mission accomplished and He promised to return to humanity in the end of times. The Celestial Home was illuminated by the Presence of the Redeemer and a golden Cross was placed on the right side of Our Lord.

From His Son, the Father received the warmest affection, which flooded each divine space, causing it to become more sublime and fraternal among the angels and archangels.

The Son of God was crowned, and at the Feet of His Father, received the blessing of the universe and of all Creation.

At that moment, everything shone and was reflected in the universes. An expansion of Love radiated to every living being and what was previously spiritually dark achieved illumination and redemption, because the beloved Son emanated divine and unfathomable Mercy from His noble Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Rise up, rise up to the Heights!

Dear choir member children,

Once again, the doors towards healing will be opened, after this Sacred Center of Love was blessed by Yahweh. 

Today, play the note of the heart.

Knowing that each offering from the choir members means an opportunity for the planet, I ask you, dear children, that from now let us joyfully prepare for the coming of the Universal King at the next Sacred Week. 

Today, play the note of the heart.

Because by opening your hearts to the new impulses that you receive, humanity and the planet are blessed by a Greater Grace. 

Today, play the note of the heart. 

May your singing on this day be offered for peace on this planet and in this humanity; may through your surrender and sacrifice, the angels receive permission to liberate regions of the planet that are oppressed, so that the Peace and the Mercy of God may finally enter. 

Today, play the note of the heart. 

You, dear children, uniting in this purpose of humbly radiating healing to humanity, will create the inner and spiritual conditions so that humanity may continue being assisted until the end times. 

Today, play the note of the heart.

Let each musical piece that will be offered resound with gratitude, faith and hope in the whole of this Universe. 

Let the singing children of God be exalted in joy for responding to the call of the Highest. 

Let the doors to Grace be opened by each voice that pronounces the song of peace, so that all hearts of the Earth may feel the Great Call within themselves. 

Today, play the note of the heart.

Because as long as you play the note of the heart, My children, you will be uniting Heaven and Earth, the universe and humanity, and a deep connection with the Father will be taking place in creatures. 

May the currents of sublime healing descend on this day. 

Let each choir member and instrumentalist today be a mirror that reflects peace and harmony towards the planetary sphere, and do not forget to play the note of the heart.

United to each peace-bringing voice, One Who accompanies you always in this impulse of elevation, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


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