Saturday, September 22 of 2018

Daily messages

Christ is not only your Master and Lord, King of the Universes, a living part of God manifested among men. Christ is a state of Divine Consciousness, a principle of the renovation of the Love of the Father, which awakens when beings give everything of themselves for love of the fellow being, for love of the Creator and, when they think they have drained their strength, they take one more step, and another, and another, until they surpass themselves, not in their strength; they surpass themselves in love.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Way: christification, surrender, giving of self, love for all creatures, without distinctions.

God sent His Son to the world to show them a Truth: He, the Creator of all things, dwells hidden within all beings, and all those who decide to step out of the darkness of ignorance to enter the path of love, which is beyond any science, will not only be able to know Him, but above all, live Him. Let the Father express Himself in your dwelling places, within creatures thought by Him, in order to renew and to surpass His Love.

God sent His Son to the world to reveal Life to them. Love is Life. Where there is no Love, there is no life. And although beings may walk through the world and believe that what they experience is living, they do nothing more than go through an experience permeated by illusion, without ever having known the Truth, without ever having experienced Life.

The Creator calls you to enter this Way, to know this Truth and to live this Life, which is His Son, Who is Christ.

Give yourselves always a little more. Do not leave for later the help that is necessary now.

Love, without expecting to be loved. Serve, without expecting to be served. And when it seems you have no more strength, ask the Lord to renew you and to teach you to surpass yourselves in love.

Say to Him: "Lord, my strength has reached up to here. Now, I surrender my body, soul and spirit to You, and make room for You, so that You come and, being in me, You make me surpass myself in love."

Begin by making your being available to God so that you may surpass yourselves in love, and when you have offered all of yourselves to God, it will be Him, within you, Who will surpass Himself, and like in His Son, will raise you and awaken you, in all the levels of your consciousness, in imitation of Christ, the so-called Christs of the New Time. Those who, entering the Way offered by the Lord, will come to know His Truth and will achieve the Life He thought for His children since the beginning.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph