I am the Sacred Tree

I am the Mother and Lady dispenser of all Graces.

I am the sacred Tree of the Universe, I am the one who bears fruit, and from the fruit are born all the seeds which are sown and germinated in all Its children.

I am the sacred Tree of Figueira(1), I am the trunk that supports and transmutes Its children.

I am the treetop that blossoms from era to era, reflecting the great beauty of God.

I am the great root that sustains all life and gives regenerative strength to all spirits.

I am the great Figueira; you are My favorite fruits that I cause to ripen with the rays of the solar Heart of My Son, so that you may give the new seeds that will be sown in the new humanity.

I am the sacred Figueira Tree; you are also part of My leaves, expressing life, healing, and renewal.

Oh sacred seeds of My beloved Figueira! May new fruit sprout in other fields that will be offered to the Celestial Father.

You are also My branches, and I am the great sacred Tree that unites you and makes you participants in the perfect union with the Creator.

You are part of My entire sacred Tree, you are the result of the continuous work of the sacred Tree. Be the branches, be the leaves, be the fruit and seeds of My beloved Figueira; express the love of knowledge and practice it, the hour has come, the time is now.

The sacred Tree of Figueira has already planted its foundations of instruction in all hearts, it is time to experience it, to adore it, and to love it.

Oh sacred seeds of redemption! Sprout in those fields where there is loneliness in the consciousnesses; sprout in service and in charity, as do all the Kingdoms of Nature. Be the seeds that bear My Light and My Mercy, be the living mirrors of the divine message.

I am the sacred Figueira, let no one forget. I am the sacred Tree of renewal and peace. I wish, beloved children, for you to someday stop being seeds and to become trees grown in love and in sacred knowledge.

Revere all the fruits that My sacred Figueira has given you, it is the cradle of the new fruits, it is the seed nursery of the new humanity.

Oh little figueiras (fig trees)! May your growth be as elevated as prayer, may your fruit be as beautiful as the flowers of My immaculate garden.


Enter into My Heart of Light, because there you will find the answers that you so much seek for the doubts and questions that disturb your little life.

Enter in trust into the protection of My mantle, because it is there, under the protection of My maternal essence, that you will be safe to grow and mature the consciousness.

My children, it gives Me happiness to return to this house of Mine and find hearts strengthened by the learnings of life.  It gives me happiness to see that many have woken up to the life of the spirit and to the life of the soul, through prayer.  Some do not even perceive, but they are entering, each day more, into the essence of My Kingdom.

My little ones, this is a sacred path, the one that was chosen by your souls, that have awakened in time to build in the interior the strength of prayer and to learn, through union with God and service to others, the Love that the whole world needs so much.

While many deny God and seek to flagellate His Most Holy Heart, I travel the world in the Divine Hope of awakening the greatest number of souls and, through the intercession of those who pray with fervor, to be able to rescue those who clamor day and night for help.

My children, today I say to you that because of your most sincere prayers, My redeeming Light is being expanded throughout the world and, by your constant efforts, My maternal presence will be able to arrive to those who are lost.

I want you to know that upon your answer depends the expansion of My Marian task over the world.  Each time that a soul takes a firm step towards the Heart of God, I receive from the Lord the permission to be a longer time over the Earth and to balance situations that many times already seem not to have a solution.

I want to let you know that My maternal Heart has accompanied the meeting that occurred in the Marian Center of Figueira and with attention observed the fruits, converted into transformation, that have arisen in the hearts and in the consciousnesses by means of the instruction received in these last days.  I have contemplated with joy the inner step that you took towards a greater comprehension; in this way, you are approaching God's Purpose for this time.


The flowers of light that are born in My Sacred Garden are diverse, but all together emanate the same aroma of prayer.  My celestial rays water the flowers of the garden every day so that they, on their own, may reach the expression of their inner beauty.

In My Garden the roses are a beautiful present for the Altars of God, each one of them has its time to be harvested and after be taken in My basket of gold to the Thrones of God.

These precious and diverse flowers from Heaven are the sublime expression of the souls that pray every day with Me and that, as in the earthly life are transformed step by step.

Today I wish that you be new flowers in My Sacred Garden, that you may beautify life upon the Earth through your love and your prayer; it will help that most of the flowers that die on Earth may blossom again as seeds in the stable of Your Lord, Jesus.

Dear children, in this way is expressed My Mystical Rose.  My Light profoundly springs from the Immaculate Heart in order to transform and convert in love the souls that have fallen.

Think, dear children, about the possibility that you may spiritually materialize this aspiration of Mine, that you may be beautiful flowers at the feet of the Creator; in this way your lives may be guided by new laws and that which to you seems not transformable, the Holy Spirit of God will transform.

Beloved children, encourage yourselves to live in the new; seek in your sincere prayer the Divine Life, that is the Life of Heaven, the path of holiness and of service.  Be holy in life, proclaim the greatness of God in all things; in this way you will help that all be renewed and many of your brothers and sisters may find hope again.

Beloved children, the Lord of the Universe observes you and accompanies you every day of your lives; only seek the one and true union with the Eternal Father. He waits for His servants to give Him the fruits collected from the great harvest of the end of the times.

I am still here among your hearts, because there is still much that heals and that scars; it is time to place your beings under the healing rays of Christ, so that My Son may exorcise and transform you in precious seeds of light, ready to be sown as groups of prayer upon the surface of the Earth.

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Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more