Sunday, March 13 of 2016

Daily Messages

I am the Sacred Tree

I am the Mother and Lady provider of all Graces.

I am the sacred Tree of the Universe, I am who bears fruit, and from the fruit are born all the seeds which are sown and germinated in all My children.

I am the sacred Tree of Figueira(1), I am the trunk that supports and transmutes My children.

I am the treetop that blossoms from era to era, reflecting the great beauty of God.

I am the great root that sustains all life and gives regenerative strength to all spirits.

I am the great Figueira; you are My favorite fruits that I cause to ripen with the rays of the solar Heart of My Son so that you may give the new seeds that will be sown in the new humanity.

I am the sacred Figueira Tree; you are also part of My leaves, expressing life, healing and renewal.

Oh sacred seeds of My beloved Figueira! may new fruits sprout in other fields that will be offered to the Celestial Father.

You are also My branches, and I am the great sacred Tree that unifies you and makes you participants in the perfect union with the Creator.

You are part of My entire sacred Tree, you are the result of the continuous work of the sacred Tree. Be the branches, be the leaves, be the fruit and seeds of My beloved Figueira; express the love of knowledge and practice it, the hour has come, the time is now.

The sacred Tree of Figueira has already planted its foundations of instruction in all hearts, it is time to experience it, to adore it, and to love it.

Oh sacred seeds of redemption!, sprout in those fields where there is loneliness in the consciousnesses; sprout in service and in charity, as do all the Kingdoms of Nature. Be the seeds that bear My Light and My Mercy, be the living mirrors of the divine message.

I am the sacred Figueira, let no one forget. I am the sacred Tree of renewal and peace. I wish, beloved children, for you to someday stop being seeds and to become trees grown in love and in sacred knowledge.

Revere all the fruits that My sacred Figueira has given you, it is the cradle of the new fruits, it is the seed nursery of the new humanity.

Oh, little figueiras! (fig trees) May your growth be as elevated as prayer, may your fruit be as beautiful as the flowers of My immaculate garden.

In the coming time, you will see all the little figueiras (fig trees) in the sacred forest live by the Light of God and are as expressive as eternal devotion.

Embrace My sacred Tree of Figueira with love so that in this internal union your feet may walk barefoot and liberated from everything toward the eternal garden of the Heart of God.

Children, allow to sprout within you that which is the purest and holiest, that God has poured out through love.

Let us be united in spirit as one, around the beloved Figueira of light.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who congregates you in prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


(1) Figueira in Portuguese means fig tree, and is the name of the Marian Center where this Message
         of Mary was transmitted.