Sunday, March 13 of 2016

Daily messages


Contemplate today the invaluable Grace of being in My presence and in deep union with My Immaculate Heart. Clamor to God for an opportunity for this world.

Yesterday, when you reconsecrated your souls to My Plan of love, I removed from your lives the roots of all suffering, of all anguish, of all that had been keeping you from finding God, despite your faith and devotion.

And today, My beloved, I will ask you for a spiritual intercession in the name of all those who do not know Me, who deny Me and who do not accept My maternal Love out of fear, out of insecurity, out of ignorance or because they are blind and with their hearts closed.

I will ask from all My children a greater depth in their own surrender, a greater openness to the experience of love and forgiveness, and also for communion with the Kingdoms of Nature. Because you, children, among the majority of human beings, are few who are living a greater awakening to love and higher knowledge.

There are other children of Mine in the world who follow Me and who respond to My Call, but who are also conditioned by their lives and their cultures. Therefore I cannot ask them the impossible for the human mind, as I venture to ask you.

Your hearts, My dears, have opened to manifest the impossible, to respond to the higher designs, even if this often means that you seem to be crazy in the eyes of the world.

My Heart can count on that space of your consciousness which - despite understanding, respecting and valuing life on Earth - knows that, in truth, this is only a path, a way to something higher.

I tell you this, My children, because I am preparing your hearts for a deeper and more complete surrender to the experience of an ever holier madness – sanctified by the fulfilling of My Plans.

As the human consciousness is so far removed from the plans of God and clinging to material things, it will cost you a lot to understand the spiritual designs of the Creator, and this is why you will appear to be crazy in the eyes of the world. But those who respond to Me, even without understanding, will see the fruit and the manifestations expected by God and only then, children, you will be able to confirm the truth of what I have been telling you for so many years.

When chaos permeates the whole world, but not the hearts of My children, humanity will understand what I wanted to tell you when I promised the establishment of My Peace in your lives.

When the nations I have visited manifest, in times of trouble, the response to the operation of Grace delivered by Me, through the awakening of the spirits, everyone will be able to see that My pilgrimages were not symbolic and what I was trying to show you was not so invisible.

Children, when the conversions of those who make contact with My words multiply and radiate to others through example, you will understand the power of My maternal Word and that there is something more than simple phrases full of love in what I tell you.

Maybe you do not really understand what I ask of you today, perhaps the dynamics of the transformation of the Plan and its constant adaptation, according to the response of everyone, causes you a lot of doubts and confusion. But this time, My beloved, just fix your eyes on what I have built within your hearts and measure the truth of My presence through the love that I deposited in your beings and not through what your minds can comprehend. Because the logic of the Plans of God and the Laws on which they are based are not the same which are comprehensible to the human mind.

Those who want to understand the Plans of the Most High, before loving them and following them, will be confused. For this reason, trust the Law of Love and remember that the victory of My Son seemed to be a failure for many. In this way you will see how the plans of God are incomprehensible to the human mind that does not know how to love.

Focus today on what I will tell you and open your own hearts, not to reason but to absolute love. In this way, I will be able to teach you what is the true keynote of these times and you will know how to think and feel as My Immaculate Heart does, so that at the end of everything you know how to guide your brothers and sisters as I have guided you.

I love you and bless you always.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace