Saturday, August 8 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear children,

On this day, My message of Peace and of inner preparation for all.

At the doors of a new time, My Heart continues to guide you through the path of redemption, a path that all have been called to live before the beginning of the Armageddon.

My Heart is donated to you like a flower when it opens itself to the rays of the sun.   My sole purpose is to make you aware of the truth that very few live in this cycle; a truth that is hidden by the impure hands of a few people of the Earth. 

For this, I come outside the Church in order to recover and to rescue the dignity and the affiliation of all of the souls with the One and Only Celestial Father.  In the Church of Christ, My voice was pronounced many times and is still doing so through Medjugorje in this time, but for My children it seems that many years of warning and of messages are not sufficient. 

So that you may not waste the precious time that God gives you in this moment, I come so that on this 8th of August you may learn to love the Word of the Heavenly Hierarchy, which as life and vibration, guides you and shows you the way.

Children, the present time indicates a decadent reality in the life of humanity, and it will not be necessary that I talk about this today, because you already see that around you.

It is for this reason, as well as for many others, that My Son comes in this cycle to ask you for the consecration to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, so that your lives in matter may represent at least ten percent of the materialization of the Plan of God for this humanity.

Children, the state of the world and the consciousness of this humanity is in this way because the omission of the majority blinds you completely and does not let you see the graveness of a world that burns in flames all of the time.

For this, as your Mother of the Apocalypse, I come to warn you over the importance of having, in the coming times, a spirit of peace, of neutrality, and above all, of love and of hope.

When a consciousness resists changing certain habits of life, those which broadly influence in the atrocious conquest of the forces opposing the Plan of God, the essence misses the cycle and then it must wait for the next opportunity. 

But My Grace is infinite and it is such sublime Grace of God that reunites all under the same goal and the same spiritual proposition.  I come to save the last roses from the wildfires of this world; I come to awake the consciousness to the higher realities, where the Sacred Purpose of God reigns and dwells.

I come to remind you of the scared path of prayer, and at the same time I come to remove the blindfolds from your eyes again and again, and in this way you will be able to see what My blessed Eyes can see about the destiny of this world.

I come so that the scripture of John the Evangelist will be fulfilled, in the same way as once Jesus fulfilled it by being the Messiah of Israel. 

Now, all has already been said, it is time for acting from the heart but without haste; the need of Light and of Mercy is great for you and for the kingdoms of nature that are the target of great disasters, human errors that are irreparable in the Heart of God.

When your attitude is fair, the Universe shows its balance.  When your action is precipitated, falsely powerful and petty, the Universe will be fair in all of the levels of consciousness.

Enter in the new cycle with a greater expansion of your hearts and with a little less of your own ideas.  God needs you complete, humble, and blissful so that you may finally become columns of a Plan that is in danger of not being accomplished.  It will be enough to pray, pray and pray, and to be a collaborator of the Heavenly Hierarchy, cooperating with the development of the mission of all of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

I bless this day that has come at last, so that all will be purified, and in love will consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit of God.

I thank you for answering to My final call!

Who unites you to the Divine Principle of the Supreme Will,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace