My dear children,

In spite of the conflicts and wars throughout the world, which divide and disturb families, My Center of Light of Medjugorje today lights up to internally transmit to you My Message of Peace.

I Am the Queen of Peace and I want all My children in the Kingdom of God so that the world may no longer keep losing the innocence and the light that God once deposited in each human heart.

For this reason, Medjugorje gleams in light and hope today, because I wish to deter the chaos and vengeance that many hearts are experiencing in these times, forgetting that all are brothers and sisters, children of the same Father.

For this reason, He sends Me once again as His Messenger of Peace, to tell the world that, if the war does not end, something worse will be unleashed.

To prevent more innocent blood from being shed in the world, at this moment, I count on the fervent prayers of all My children. This prevents the wrath of the Angel of God from precipitating upon the world, and humanity from losing its state of being rescuable.

For this reason, this is the great moment for all in which, despite the tests or the difficulties, My children must hold on to My Mantle and take Me by the hand so that I, as the Mother of all, may keep guiding and leading you toward My Beloved Son.

From Medjugorje, may hearts today feel the peace that brings them hope and faith, which everyone needs at this moment.

Remember that I Am here and that I Am your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

It is in the silence of My Heart where I can listen to your prayers.

It is in this moment, in which all My children are in My Heart, not only because of the situation of the planet and that of humanity, but because it is now time for the preparation of the return of My Son, the Christ.

I come to meet you with a Message of peace, healing and reconciliation. The world has not yet understood the Message of the Heavens.

Tirelessly, I come to My children to take them towards the Peace of My Son, towards the spiritual communion with God. In this exercise, the souls will be renewed and will find the internal strength to go forward.

Even though I am withdrawing in this time, My children, My Presence will not be erased from your hearts and lives.

You must watch, within you, every moment shared with Me, every opportunity in which I have taught you about love and forgiveness.

I always want to take you to this path, so that love and forgiveness may unite hearts, reconcile lives and bring peace. 

Behind Me on this day, I bring the Universe, that Universe which you must aspire to find within yourselves: the Universe of the Love of God, a Love that always renews itself, a Love that never dies, a Love that is immortal.

It is this Love of the Universe of God that brought My Son to Earth, from His Birth until His Ascension, while passing through His painful and difficult Passion.

It is in this triumphant Love, My children, that I want to see you, a Love that always says yes, a Love that is unconditional and alive and that understands and comprehends the Plan of God.

His Work manifests one of so many aspects of the Love of God, this is why it is alive and never dies.  It is a Work that will always give an impulse to renovation, to the change of consciousness and to peace: in this way, many more hearts will be healed. And, in spite of not being here, even at a distance you will feel the strength and the power of this Love which My Son, Christ, brings to you, by means of His Presence and His Sacraments 

Today, in a special and loving manner, I am anointing you with My Light, so that you may place your miseries and imperfections at My Feet, and so that, within you, there may remain only the truth of the Love of God, all that He has conceived within you since the beginning up to the present.

Today, I share with My children the beauty of the Love of God through creation and through nature. Thus, renew yourselves and, at this moment, find the opportunity to receive My Grace.

Today, I dedicate these words, in this way, because I have found a special place, a special reception that I have always felt and recognized.

Thus, I continue inviting you to live in My simplicity and humility, knowing that the challenge in this time will be greater than it has been before, but in the Silence of My Heart and My life, I will be here with you so that in prayer you may keep on strengthening yourselves and fulfilling the Plan of God.

My first aspiration is that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart be in your lives to then be in the lives of your brothers and sisters. 

Continue to aspire for this moment in which the victory of the Love of the Mother of God will be concretized with the redemption of all souls.

Be a testimony of My Message, of My Word and, above all, of My unconditional Love that will always nurture you and lead you to live the Will of the Father, just as His Servant had lived It in the past.

Today, I not only consecrate this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which is at the foot of this sacred tree, the jacaranda, but I also consecrate this monastery, which will promote and welcome My call in the Community of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, this Marian Center, despite these difficult times, will be able to shine with all the Light that God has deposited within it by means of His Grace.

This must be the Community of the heart, of the heart that feels, of the heart that recognizes, the heart that serves, the unconditional heart, of the heart that proclaims peace and tirelessly lives it.

In this way, in the Community of Mary, everyone will be able to be in My Heart, not only those who live here, but also those who are not here. My Heart is the maternal home to all My children. I have a special place for each one of them. 

My Heart is what I can offer and grant to you, it is the testimony that God is here, by means of His faithful, tireless and eternal Servant. 

Divine Father who art in Heaven and on Earth, who lives and perpetuates Yourself in the hearts of Your children, grant My children, those who are here today, the Grace and the strength of carrying forward this task, which will be filled by My Love so that, each day, they may all feel more like worthy children of God and of Mine, children of My Immaculate Heart, children of life, of redemption.

May Your Light, beloved father, make Itself present at this moment, and may Your Peace embrace hearts so that they may feel to be in the refuge of Your Love forever. Amen.

With simplicity and austerity, I thank you for responding to My call.

I Would like a humble chapel of prayer here, in this location, where the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima can silently work for Her children of the Community of Mary and of all the Communities so that, through this chapel, the energy and the principle of consecration may be alive in the hearts that offer to surrender to God. 

By means of this humble chapel of prayer, I will sanctify the disciples of My Son. It will be a chapel of thanksgiving of this Order to the Mother of God and on behalf of all the religious orders of the world.

My Heart will always lead you to God.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


On a day like today, twelve years ago, I called upon very ordinary and simple people so that they might follow Me, so that they might transform their lives out of love for My Son, and might respond to a great and important invitation that I brought from Heaven.

Thus, I appeared as the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and the Lady of Aurora because, in My Heart, I was bringing the announcement of the time of redemption and of spiritual healing for souls.

On a day like today, but twelve years ago, such simple people who had nothing to gain nor lose said "yes" to Me, and together with Me established the manifestation of the Purpose that God had requested of Me for South America.

His request was that, before the hundred years, since My Apparitions in Fatima, should pass, I descend with all of My Consciousness to a humble place in the north of Uruguay to call the world to the conversion and to the redemption of all planetary life. But also, My request was to carry My Message of Peace by means of simple but profound pilgrimages thoughout the different nations of the world.

Thus, My Divine Person, as time went by, went calling hearts that would form part of this Mission and during this time, the first and small choir emerged, made up of three children of Mine.

One of My daughters would represent My singing Voice to the world, a Mission that was accomplished. But as the Purpose of God was so great, on seeing that My children responded, the Father asked Me to awaken more hearts and, in this way, the great choir of the Divine Mother emerged.

I then asked for a selfless Association to be founded that would disseminate My Message of Peace throughout the entire world; until finally, Misericordia María TV came along, a means of communication of the Divine Hierarchy which, through sound and images, would carry the Message and the Call of God to millions of souls in the world.

Twelve years have passed, of so many experiences, of children that left without having understood the essence of My call, of new and unexpected children who arrived, and those who will arrive to follow My pilgrim path.

Today, in My Heart of Light, I hold and remember the awakening of Aurora and the sweet aroma of the orange groves, as well as the fruits that many carried within themselves as an indelible Grace of healing.

Today, after twelve years, the planet cries out for Mercy and for forgiveness. Thus, I invite all My children to renew their vows so that, under the light of Aurora, new aspirations may be accomplished and concretized.

Under the Will of God, My children, may we be able to continue walking together in this eternal pilgrimage toward a meeting with the Heart of Jesus so that we may finally merge into the Love of God, because My one desire as a Mother is to always lead you toward God, so that peace may be achieved.

I thank all who have walked by My side during these last twelve years, and I am thankful for those who will continue walking by My side, helping Christ to continue carrying the cross of the pain of the planet so that it may be alleviated.

I thank you for responding to My sacred call!

Who blesses you in peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In times of stillness, as well as in times of challenges, I am present and under any circumstance, I safeguard and protect My sheep, because in My sheep, servants of My Heart, the Divine Plan must be accomplished.

Thus, through the different occurrences, I carry out My Plan, taking the love and the redemption that comes from the Universe, from the Source, to any place, like an inexhaustible wellspring.

This is why I am nearby My sheep, I guide them and take care of them when they allow Me to, because when I manage to care for them, I reveal My aspirations to them and they carry My Message of Peace wherever they go.

I am present and I never cease to assist the needs of My servers, because in them I build My Church so that inner peace and love may expand upon the Earth.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


May the Word of God be Heard by open and simple hearts so that the attributes of the Universe and the Gifts of Heaven may be sown within them.

May the Word of God enrich the spirit and sanctify the consciousness that attentively listens to the Decrees of God.

May the Sacred Word of God impregnate all spaces, all forms, and all principles so that the Gift of Wisdom and of Understanding may reign.

May the Word of God be present in each labor, in each work, and in each heart, so that Light and discernment may exist in everything.

May the Word of God be full within hearts and alive within consciousnesses that listen to God.

May the Word of God be recognized and valued by the nations of the world so that peace may be established.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


To the priests of the Americas and the world, favored children of the Most Holy Mother

Unite in heart and in the essence of Christianity, and have My call of Peace propagate all over the world.

Do not spend your time slandering My Name or talking about whether or not I am truly present with you or in your peers, whom some of My favored priest children persecute. 

I am calling on you to be peacemakers with all beliefs and to care for the flocks of My Son. Do not allow the discord of My adversary to enter into your minds and be stronger than the love and the faith that move mountains.

Some of My favored priest children do not perceive that they are neglecting My Church, that true Temple you must protect and safeguard in each heart, as shepherds who were called by My Son.

Persecution among members of My Holy Church is very great, and also beyond this; do not allow the Sacred Heart of My Son to lament or be saddened; embrace your cross with love and do not make the cross of your brothers and sisters heavier.

I need you to look beyond yourselves, your ideas and your purposes, in some cases destructive.

The Work of salvation and of faith that your Heavenly Mother performs in this time, outside of the old Church, is so that you may learn beyond everything to embrace the purpose of conversion of all hearts.

Watch your actions so as to not fall into temptation, as some already have, generating human contention and division among souls.

Do not cling to the things of the world; let your priesthood be of value and entrusted every day to the Work of the Redeemer.

We are already in the time of unifying the Church with all those who in some way seek the Love of My Son, because what matters in this hour is that the angels lead souls to their redemption and conversion.

My Son taught you how to do it and it is not through twisted words, which make souls doubt the path they must travel.

My Holy Image is finally honored outside of My Church, for if at one time your Heavenly Mother fled to Egypt, because of the imminent danger of King Herod, it was to not only protect the Work of the Sacred Son, but to also allow Egyptians to feel in their depths the loving power of My Motherhood.

See, in this simple example, how always throughout time, I am calling all the sheep of My Son to lead them through the same portal, the portal of Love.

Do not, My favored children, let the flame of your faith go out because of your judgments or comments; the Lord expects to find you united with each other, in the greatest respect and love, and this also must be outside of My Church.

Thus I come to free you of your sins, so that My Son may give you absolution and you repent in time; in this way, you will renew your vows, and with Faith and Mercy, you will give everyone the Holy Sacraments to awaken love and salvation in their souls.

Occupy your lives with the sacred office, and just like the apostles gathered together in the Cenacle, obey the guidance of your Heavenly Mother.

I desire the best for each child of Mine, I aspire that peace not be lost among the priests of Christ and the people through the work of My adversary.

We are already in the Apocalypse, and I want to guide you, so you experience kindness and compassion for others. No longer persecute the sheep with your judgments nor waste time showing them your consecrated countenances for defamation and public revolution.

I love you and want you to help Me institute peace.

I thank you for taking in My sacred and last call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day, My message of Peace and of inner preparation for all.

At the doors of a new time, My Heart continues to guide you through the path of redemption, a path that all have been called to live before the beginning of the Armageddon.

My Heart is donated to you like a flower when it opens itself to the rays of the sun.   My sole purpose is to make you aware of the truth that very few live in this cycle; a truth that is hidden by the impure hands of a few people of the Earth. 

For this, I come outside the Church in order to recover and to rescue the dignity and the affiliation of all of the souls with the One and Only Celestial Father.  In the Church of Christ, My voice was pronounced many times and is still doing so through Medjugorje in this time, but for My children it seems that many years of warning and of messages are not sufficient. 

So that you may not waste the precious time that God gives you in this moment, I come so that on this 8th of August you may learn to love the Word of the Heavenly Hierarchy, which as life and vibration, guides you and shows you the way.

Children, the present time indicates a decadent reality in the life of humanity, and it will not be necessary that I talk about this today, because you already see that around you.

It is for this reason, as well as for many others, that My Son comes in this cycle to ask you for the consecration to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, so that your lives in matter may represent at least ten percent of the materialization of the Plan of God for this humanity.

Children, the state of the world and the consciousness of this humanity is in this way because the omission of the majority blinds you completely and does not let you see the graveness of a world that burns in flames all of the time.

For this, as your Mother of the Apocalypse, I come to warn you over the importance of having, in the coming times, a spirit of peace, of neutrality, and above all, of love and of hope.

When a consciousness resists changing certain habits of life, those which broadly influence in the atrocious conquest of the forces opposing the Plan of God, the essence misses the cycle and then it must wait for the next opportunity. 

But My Grace is infinite and it is such sublime Grace of God that reunites all under the same goal and the same spiritual proposition.  I come to save the last roses from the wildfires of this world; I come to awake the consciousness to the higher realities, where the Sacred Purpose of God reigns and dwells.

I come to remind you of the scared path of prayer, and at the same time I come to remove the blindfolds from your eyes again and again, and in this way you will be able to see what My blessed Eyes can see about the destiny of this world.

I come so that the scripture of John the Evangelist will be fulfilled, in the same way as once Jesus fulfilled it by being the Messiah of Israel. 

Now, all has already been said, it is time for acting from the heart but without haste; the need of Light and of Mercy is great for you and for the kingdoms of nature that are the target of great disasters, human errors that are irreparable in the Heart of God.

When your attitude is fair, the Universe shows its balance.  When your action is precipitated, falsely powerful and petty, the Universe will be fair in all of the levels of consciousness.

Enter in the new cycle with a greater expansion of your hearts and with a little less of your own ideas.  God needs you complete, humble, and blissful so that you may finally become columns of a Plan that is in danger of not being accomplished.  It will be enough to pray, pray and pray, and to be a collaborator of the Heavenly Hierarchy, cooperating with the development of the mission of all of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

I bless this day that has come at last, so that all will be purified, and in love will consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit of God.

I thank you for answering to My final call!

Who unites you to the Divine Principle of the Supreme Will,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In spite of your errors and tests, I will always be Your Heavenly Mother because I understand you, I fully accept you, I love you, and I help you accept the time of your purification.  

For this reason, children, I come from Heaven every day so that you believe there is a Greater Life that evolves, and that participates all the time in the Kingdom of God. Everything you experience, think and feel in your material life represents a very small part in light of the macrocosm, which experiences another reality greater than yours.

My dear children, be patient with your tests. The world is stirred up, sinful and indifferent; this separates you from the true reality that exists in the higher Heavens.

Today I invite you to put your mind in the right place, and that does not mean you isolate yourselves from the reality of your purification, only that you use the ray of intelligence to avoid wasting time on things that have no meaning or purpose.

If you were the ones who had to deliver the message of peace to the world, before communicating it, I assure you that, like the Divine Messengers, you would see the serious situation of this humanity, which still insists on practicing things that are outside the Law.

My Heart brings you a lifeline. When there is true repentance, many recurring situations can be released, and this is possible through the action of My maternal Grace.

Dear children, once again I ask you to love your purification, and thus you will suffer less. As mature consciousnesses prepared by the instruction of My Son, experience the end of this time, free of all evil and willing to concretize greater tasks. My Heart will always help you, when you simply invoke Me with the prayer of the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who consecrates you to the Great Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Goiania, Goiás State, to the city of San Carlos, São Paulo State, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús


Today I draw as close to you as your hearts allow.

As your Mother from Heaven, I wait for the great day of your redemption, for in this way, you will be free of the prison of doubt and the lack of real love.

Today I come from the Divine Universe to give a Message of Peace to the world, and for this to be possible, I come to look for the spirit of transcendence and peace in you. In this way, you will walk free of yourselves and will avoid always returning to the same departure point to begin again.

My grand Love waits to make you free, more every day, because on being withdrawn from the captivity of the heart, the soul will become as free as the flight of a sacred bird.

I wish your lives to be sanctified in Christ. I no longer need your inner resistance. Open your heart! Because during these last seven years of special Graces, you have already learned to love. If you do not love, you will never be able to forgive nor forgive yourselves.

My Son died for all, so that nobody else would have to pay the price of injustice and pain. Remember My Crucified Son, present in the Eucharist, and dispel the tribulations from your hearts.

I pray for your true inner freedom. It is already time to quickly reconsider and become reconciled, so as to not become like a stone between My Feet.

I wish for a rose of peace from your souls. Since the beginning, I aspire that you be converted in Christ and for Christ. Thus, the promised plan will be fulfilled and the whole Earth will achieve the Thousand Years of Peace.

Remember what I tell you. Do not reject My Words; take them as your own, for in this way, you will grow, and as adults, you will live a true Christic discipleship.

Know, children, that I love you and correct you, so you are able to expand the Love of God in this apocalyptic world, a love so needed by imprisoned souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who cultivates the spirit of holy humility in you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace and of humanity, transmitted in the city of Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on the occasion of the anniversary of the monthly Messages

My dear children,

With Grace and Mercy, I raise your hearts to Heaven, to offer the Celestial Father the loveliness and the beauty of your lives.

Today, for the last time, I send My Messages of Peace to the world. Today a cycle closes in which humanity should have heeded My call and listened to My warning Message.

On this evening of Graces and redemptions, I have prayed for all of you and have received your essences upon My lap, which are truly important from an evolutionary point of view to your Celestial Father.

While the world places its attention on the things of material life, I come here with the objective and with the divine mission that you take Me into your homes as co-redeemer and Mother of all hearts. In this way, you, My dear children, will allow Me to intercede for your peers so that they too may achieve the redemption of the heart.

In the name of the blessed Love of God, I ask you to carry My sacred Word to all the places you go; in this way, I too will be able to carry out My plans in the souls that day and night become lost in this world of illusion.

As Mother of the Divine Word, I announce Myself to all of you as I once announced Myself in Fatima, in Lourdes, and recently, in Medjugorje, because God has allowed Me to appear in all the places where is a real spiritual risk.  

With this aim, on this evening I open My arms, I lift them up to Heaven, and I plead for all of humanity and for all Kingdoms of Nature, which are ravaged by this race. I come to remove the blindness from your eyes so that through My universal healing and My Motherhood, you can awaken to the Return of Christ, Our Lord.

My eyes will illumine your paths when you simply pray with Me for the priests and the consecrated, so that they are able to be the luminous mirror of the Face of My Son Jesus; because, beloved children, this humanity is closed to hearing what comes from Heaven to correct you and place you on the path of peace.

As Queen of the Holy Rosary, I ask you to pray with Me for My plans, before the enemy manages to convince you to live a life of material illusion.

My children, My desire is that here, as in the whole world, the apostles of love and redemption be born who will be able to bear faithful witness to the return of Christ.

Thus, I ask that you be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart so you may be protected and safeguarded from all evil, because when all of you manage to open the doors of your hearts, God will be able to give you His restorative and merciful Love.

You are in a time to take up the rosary and begin to pray for peace, a peace that does not exist in humankind nor in any soul. You hold the truth in your hands. Pray with devotion, ask for forgiveness, reconcile in time and you will be worthy of experiencing the redeeming supper with My Son, the Higher Priest.

Through My Immaculate Heart, I open the doors of the Kingdom of God to you so you may quickly be elevated in spirit and dispel the codes of evil from your lives.

Through your 'yes,' My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I am grateful for the great companionship of all My children during these last three years of Graces and of conversions.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and of all humanity



My dears,

Today I want to confirm to your hearts that My Mantle must be a single mantle of light that covers all of humanity. I want each corner of this Mantle to be sustained by the hands of My children, those who have given themselves to My Heart, independent of religion, belief, or race.

My Heart contemplates hearts, souls, and spirits, and there, where My gaze can reach, there is no difference between My children.

My dears, My Word arrives in this time in many places of the world and, in all of them, My Message is the same, a message of peace, of union between peoples and nations, races and religions.

Humanity itself created its own separation, so that each one, in their own way, could find God, and now My Heart comes to unite all of My children under My Mantle of Light.

As the Mother of all humanity, I come to ask you to pray for one another, so that all of My children may know My Heart and thus reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let there be no competition, envy, nor any distinction between My little ones, because today I tell you that all the creatures that your eyes can see and your hearts can feel must equally enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

All of My children must walk together to achieve the Grace of being by My side. And it does not matter to the Heart of God who will arrive first at His Kingdom, nor does it matter to Him the number of merits generated to reach Paradise. 

My Heart descends to Earth bringing the boat of salvation for souls and for all Kingdoms, and this boat will only return to the Kingdom of God when the last of My children has entered it.

Today My Heart invites you to awaken to love and fraternity; it invites you to see the hearts of the world through My eyes and, when you see any creature before yourselves, aspire with the heart that it may find Me, that it may walk towards the Heart of God, through the Heart of Christ.

If each time that you see a brother or a sister you silently send them an impulse of love and hope, so that they may one day find the Kingdom of Heaven, the impulse will reach these hearts and will open the door for the Love of God to enter these souls. In this way, you will be intercessors of souls before God, working for all of His children.

If you never forget that all creatures, absolutely all of them, must reach the Kingdom of Heaven, little by little competition will be erased from your hearts and celestial fraternity will be drawn with a pencil of light.

Place your hearts in this simple lesson of peace and allow love to accompany your thoughts and let the heart be the guide of your lives.

Always pray for one another.

I thank you for praying with Me and for receiving Me today.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Special Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Praised be Jesus, dear children of Rio de Janeiro!

For the first time in the history of My Apparitions, My Immaculate Heart receives the celestial permission to descend in Glory and Mercy upon your needy city of Rio de Janeiro.

In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on this day I call you to truly open your hearts to My Heart, so that, in this way, I may have the permission to take you to Jesus Christ.

Dear children, after so many months and years in which My Work has been accomplished in this part of the Americas, together with the Center of Medjugorje, My fundamental Message for all of you is Peace! Peace! Peace! If you do not try to live in peace, how will the Kingdom of the Heavens reach your tiny lives?

For this reason, dear children, may peace reign among you, so that it may later reign in the cities and in the peoples; mainly, peace must reign in families, so that my Son Jesus may receive the permission to reign, with His redeeming Light, in your hearts.

My children, let peace be the keynote of this epoch. The world must be in peace so that it may be in the Arms of God, and this will be possible, beloved children, when you simply pray the Rosary with your heart.

Dear children, in each Mystery of the Rosary you have the keys to achieve your conversion and find the states of peace: peace in your heart, peace in your consciousness, inner peace, peace in your souls, peace in your work for God, peace in each space.

In the Peace of Heaven, you will find relief for your recurring problems. If you still do not have peace, My dear ones, it is because you must first love God. If you love the Father, you will never lack joy, and thus, Peace will be the main cause that will generate happiness, hope, and daily victory in you, a divine victory that can reside in the heart of each being.

Seek within yourselves where peace is to be found because peace is strengthened through the sublime power of prayer. The repercussion of prayer is many Graces; so, My dear ones, may prayer be the true reason for you to live in peace.

If peace is lacking, it is because prayer is lacking. True and sincere prayer is the impulse for the heart. Be good prayerful beings, because, with the rosary in hand, you have the path to your redemption, for the Rosary is the doorway of salvation and the straight path to the blessed Heart of My Son Jesus.

So, My dear ones, if the world truly prayed to God and lived the Commandments, it could be under the Grace of God, wars and the divisions between peoples would be avoided, and you would have yet another time of peace.

When I call you to prayer, I call you to the awakening of your sleeping consciousnesses. Children, awake to this important request. Thus, I come here on this evening to meet with you, because as a Mother, I love each of you and will do everything until you take the definite step towards the consecration of your hearts to God.

You cannot live without God, because it would be like a child without its mother. Nobody can replace your inner meeting with the Father of Heaven. He expects a profound union from you. God is the Lord of Compassion and Mercy, do not fear because of your sins, make way so that God may be the new path and in this way, your souls will be disseminators of the loving Light of the Father.

Dear children of Rio de Janeiro, as a Mother, I come to your city so that sleeping souls may awake in time; the time has now come to respond to the Call of God through the work of the heart.

My children, for this you have Your Mother, ready to lead you on the path of your quick redemption. First, seek the path of peace, because as Mother and Queen of Peace, I gather you around My Presence so that you may recover the strength and the will to say a loving 'yes' to the Lord of the Universe.

Dear children, remember that you are still in time to meet My Son, Jesus. I come as the Mother of all, to look for those who were called by My Son for a greater task.

Dear children, today, begin by giving all your love to My Heart through prayer.

May the blessing I bring today from Heaven for all those present be able to also radiate to those who most need it.

Receive from My Heart today the Mercy of Jesus, your only Shepherd.

I thank all My children of Rio de Janeiro for responding to My special call!

Who blesses you with love and compassion,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



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