Today, I come from Heaven, uniting the faces of the Rose of Peace and of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to offer to the world that which is most pure in My Heart, that which God deposited in My Consciousness and in My Essence when He created Me, as a part of His part, emanation and extension of His Divine Spirit.

With this, My children, I prepare your hearts for the times that will come because, in the year that will come, your spirits must be strengthened in humility, made one in service, founded in sacrifice, confirmed in surrender and renewed in love. These are the keys that I bring to you today, so that you may not only support the transition of the times, but that you may triumph in Calvary, a victory in the cross of these times.

Today, beloved children, I open My Heart, and from this Heart I let you know about the purity of the origin, the essence of life, the first Love that gave an impulse to its Creator to manifest life, so that in this way you may be filled with the true essence of the existence, not only of humanity, but of all life.

I tell you today that your stories were already written in the Thought and the Heart of God from the origin. The Creator contemplates, with eyes of compassion and hope, each lesson that you live, each error and each triumph, each step and each retrogression.

All the beings of the Earth have upon their paths dual options to choose, because this is the learning of this planet, as of this Universe. You must learn to choose Divine Light, Love and Divine Will, in spite of all stimuli and impulses that lead you to live the opposite.

All the beings of this Universe, when their essences were created, received from the Archangels the Plan of God, the perfect Plan of the Creator for this new life. And they received from the Lords of the Law and from the Angels of Justice and Universal Evolution the path that represented the opposite of their evolutionary steps, a path that is written not to be lived, but to be overcome.

This is so, My children, because before the existence of material creatures, before your lives, even as essences, in the beginning of Creation, there existed spiritual, universal and solar consciousnesses that, with their errors, manifested duality.

This Universe, as a living consciousness and as a part of Divine Creation, must reverse a very ancient error, which today your small minds cannot understand but, even so, you must be conscious of the triumph that you must generate, by means of the renewal of love in your essences.

Your evolution, My children, is similar to a vast beach, where a mere speck of sand can change the destiny of all life that dwells within it. Mysteriously, human evolution is like this, and in this way you must understand that the mystery that dwells in your essences is so immense, profound and with such a great a potential to reverse the errors of the past, that your hearts get lost within it and do not realize it.

Today, My children, I come to talk to your souls, those which are capable of understanding what I tell you, those which know that, although they are small, hold in themselves a bridge to an Eternal God.

With this, I just want to lead you to an understanding of the vastness of life, so that you do not stay in what is small and superficial in this cycle that comes, but that you enter this definitive year with consciousness, My children, consciousness of the responsibility that you have towards life, not only of this planet, but also in this Universe and beyond it.

It is for this reason that I today deliver to you My Rose of Peace, and I place it in the depths of your hearts. Today, I deliver to you the gifts of My Divine Conception, so that all may awaken to what you were created for, conceived in the depths of Divine Love, and so that you may be consequent with the missions that God gave to you from the beginning.

I love you, with My Spirit I bless you and with My Heart I thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


On a day like today, twelve years ago, I called upon very ordinary and simple people so that they might follow Me, so that they might transform their lives out of love for My Son, and might respond to a great and important invitation that I brought from Heaven.

Thus, I appeared as the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and the Lady of Aurora because, in My Heart, I was bringing the announcement of the time of redemption and of spiritual healing for souls.

On a day like today, but twelve years ago, such simple people who had nothing to gain nor lose said "yes" to Me, and together with Me established the manifestation of the Purpose that God had requested of Me for South America.

His request was that, before the hundred years, since My Apparitions in Fatima, should pass, I descend with all of My Consciousness to a humble place in the north of Uruguay to call the world to the conversion and to the redemption of all planetary life. But also, My request was to carry My Message of Peace by means of simple but profound pilgrimages thoughout the different nations of the world.

Thus, My Divine Person, as time went by, went calling hearts that would form part of this Mission and during this time, the first and small choir emerged, made up of three children of Mine.

One of My daughters would represent My singing Voice to the world, a Mission that was accomplished. But as the Purpose of God was so great, on seeing that My children responded, the Father asked Me to awaken more hearts and, in this way, the great choir of the Divine Mother emerged.

I then asked for a selfless Association to be founded that would disseminate My Message of Peace throughout the entire world; until finally, Misericordia María TV came along, a means of communication of the Divine Hierarchy which, through sound and images, would carry the Message and the Call of God to millions of souls in the world.

Twelve years have passed, of so many experiences, of children that left without having understood the essence of My call, of new and unexpected children who arrived, and those who will arrive to follow My pilgrim path.

Today, in My Heart of Light, I hold and remember the awakening of Aurora and the sweet aroma of the orange groves, as well as the fruits that many carried within themselves as an indelible Grace of healing.

Today, after twelve years, the planet cries out for Mercy and for forgiveness. Thus, I invite all My children to renew their vows so that, under the light of Aurora, new aspirations may be accomplished and concretized.

Under the Will of God, My children, may we be able to continue walking together in this eternal pilgrimage toward a meeting with the Heart of Jesus so that we may finally merge into the Love of God, because My one desire as a Mother is to always lead you toward God, so that peace may be achieved.

I thank all who have walked by My side during these last twelve years, and I am thankful for those who will continue walking by My side, helping Christ to continue carrying the cross of the pain of the planet so that it may be alleviated.

I thank you for responding to My sacred call!

Who blesses you in peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As a sun born from the most pure Love of God, the Creator's aspiration of being among His children manifested.

It was to reveal the Celestial Truth to humanity so that, through prayer, hearts might find a secure path toward God.

It was so that the wonders of the Universe did not remain hidden from the eyes of humanity and so that the mirrors of their hearts might be ignited; so that their spirits might be awakened; so that their past might be redeemed and so that the new future might be built upon bases of love.

It was to reveal the Time of God and the Universal reality, that which human beings distanced from, such a long time ago; so that they might understand and experience the Divine Conception, which was not lived only by Me, but by everything that emanated from the Heart of the Father, all of you, His children.

It was so that ignorance might be dissipated, so that indifference might be defeated by the power of love; so that forgiveness might triumph over all human and universal errors; so that the path of return might be drawn and revealed to all children of God.

It was to unite all peoples, to unite hearts in the spirit of love and of unity; so that creatures might discover that they are equal in essence, children of the same Father and of the same Mother, emanations of one and the same Creator.

It was to dissipate deception and that which separates hearts from each other and everyone from God; so that they could understand and live the power of unity and be able to receive Mercy, Pity and Compassion to face the tests of the planet.

It was to deter Divine Justice and allow beings to learn through love and the Grace of forgiveness.

It was for My children not to feel lost and lonely, but for them to know that a Celestial Mother supports them and leads them toward the Arms of God and toward His Divine and Supreme Son.

It was so that hearts might find peace: the peace of being in God, the peace of knowing the Truth, the peace of doing one’s own part, the peace of serving this world and doing what is possible for the rescue of love in the human essence; the peace of knowing that you are returning to God, the peace of knowing that you are also preparing His Return to the world.

It was to awaken you and to remind you of the commitment that you made with the Creator since the beginning, since the Origin of your lives.

It was to renew your yes and My yes, that I came to the world, My children.

It was to be by your side, to open the doors and show you the path, that is why I have been here for 12 years, and I will continue to be here, while I am allowed.

As long as you pray from the heart and as long as you are thirsty for the Truth, as long as you keep serving, surrendering your lives, transforming and generating merits for the transformation of the world, you will allow Me, beloved children, to be here and to guide you.

It was for all these reasons and many more that the Creator sent Me as His Servant and Messenger, to guide your hearts and establish peace.

With your lives, I am building a perfect Plan, which comes from the most pure Divine Thought.

Feel My presence, renew before My Love and allow, My children, many more to receive the Grace of being before God and His Messengers.

There is still a lot to come, a lot to be revealed to the world; there is a lot to serve, a lot to render, a lot to love and a lot to do in this world, until you return to the Heart of God. I will accompany you.

Today, I thank you and, with the Heart full of Love, I bless you for being by My side, for being this army that fights by means of prayer to establish peace.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


From the Heart of God, My Voice comes to the Earth of Love and Forgiveness, the sidereal school which will be the one to convert this and other Universes into a New Creation, in which the Race of Christs will flourish.

And it will be from here, from this tiny crib called Aurora, that these Christs will be born for the whole Universe.

I know that you do not understand My words, but you will soon see, My children, with the passage of time, how this humanity will give birth to the Christs of the New Time, who will impel in the Universe the changes that will give another direction to the Creation.

Today I descend as the Divine Conception of the Trinity to bring again the healing for humanity and for all of you, faithful and fraternal Children of God. I bring from the Source of Healing of the Creation this attribute that the Father wanted to place in this small place so that from here it could liberate, transmute and heal the world.

However, humanity has not understood the greatness of the Creator, although more than two thousand years ago He was placed, inside of a poor crib in Bethlehem, His own manifestation of Love through His First-Born Son.

Although more than two thousand years have passed, humanity still does not accept that, in His Infinite Humility, the Father places His Grand Will in the most sacrificed, in the poorest, in those who struggle the most every day to live true love and to honor the Truth every day.

For this reason, Aurora prepares itself like the crib of Bethlehem to give birth to the New Christs so that God can again express His Perfect Will in the small and humble.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in Love and Grace, placing its children in its cradle of love, of forgiveness, and of healing; today, the Aurora of My Heart offers healing and liberation to the spirits that come to offer their lives to Christ in order to be able to accompany Him in His Return.

Today, from here, I bless My crib of the end of times to all those who come with the heart in their hand and offer it to My Son and also to God so that His Divine Plan may be fulfilled.

Today, from this Aurora of My Heart, I send to all of My children in the world, to all those who are always in offering to My Son, the healing of pain and of errors, so that they can go ahead complying with their part in this Divine Miracle which is preparing the path of return of the Savior, Christ Jesus.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in the essences of the merciful, of the meek and the humble, of those who know sacrifice and temperance, of those who live in truth what My Son taught in simplicity.

Today I ask the Father, from My Heart of Celestial Mother, from this House of Love, that temperance, strength, and faith descend upon this place and on these hearts so that in this time, in which the presence of My Son will be in Aurora, this place may be blessed by these attributes that will consolidate the inner walls, which will sustain them during the time to come.

I love you; live in peace, the honor of serving God.

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Mother of Aurora


The Origin of the Sacred Feminine Source

Beloved children,

Who in these last eleven years spoke and shared with you the Love of God, comes from a peculiar Source that was created by the Ultraterrestrial Universe before the Material Universe existed.

In that Source, the Divine Essence, of Who later would be Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was gestated, conditioned and lovingly prepared to carry forward the great mission in the humanity.

This Ultraterrestrial Source of the Spiritual Universe, was characterized by its highest level of purity, of love and for its immaculate essence.

The Father, after the fall of the Project of His first children, Adam and Eve, He thought to create a way and a sufficiently pure, immaculate and humble Consciousness, which with Her invincible Love could embrace all human error and convert it through forgiveness and the sublime Maternity.

It was thus that the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, received the request of God and, in the elevated Celestial Universes, each Archangel began to contribute with the best of Themselves, so that the Feminine Essence, which would emerge from the Creative Source, would come to Earth to begin as soul and divinity with Her special mission.

The Sacred Source of the Feminine Energy was translucent by means of the Principle of Maternity.

In past times, the Eternal Father thought that it was necessary that His children  have a Mother capable to receive them, understand them, help them and guide them on the right path of good and of peace.

Thus, from two human beings, from Anne and Joachim, the Consciousness of Mary was born, the One who from a young age would carry forward the mission of gestating in Her Most Pure and Immaculate Womb the Child Jesus, the Redeemer.

A special universal conjuncture, cosmic and spiritual, happened during the gestation of Mary, as during the gestation of Jesus.

The Archangels achieved to manifest, and attract to the Material Universe, creator currents of energy which contained high voltages of Love-Wisdom, as of essential and virginal purity.

At that time, the Idea of God was fulfilled and again, by the Presence of the Mother of God and of the Divine Son, evil was defeated, just as the fallen angel was once defeated by the Archangel Michael in the Universe.

The existence of the Consciousness of Mary, a simple mother of Nazareth, was the result of a divine and angelic experience that overcame all times.

The Eternal Father, through Mary, has shown us His Consoler Love, taught us how great is His Mercy and how infinite is His Forgiveness for His lost children.

God has taught us, through Mary, the universality of His Love and the presence of His Paternal Heart at all times.

From this special Divine Conception comes Mary, the Mother of Christ and Mother of everybody.

She is the unconditional and eternal advocate between humankind and God.

She is who waits in the silence and who prays for Her children in the stillness of Her Immaculate Heart.

She is the one that comes to the help of those who sincerely repent and She reaches to all the poor and humble of heart.

Mary is the Mother who consoles all, who repairs all and who heals all.

Her Heart suffers when Her children are separated from the Truth and submerge themselves into the lie.

She is the Mother who will never say "no", who will always say "yes" to whoever calls Her.

God gave us a Mother that we many times offend, hurt and omit with our indifference and ignorance.

She is the patient Mother who always expects us to reach beyond appearances, that we can feel the heart of the brethren who searches for peace and comprehension.

Mary teaches us how to truly love so that, in Christ, we may walk towards the goal of being in God, forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace Rose and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Behold, the Heavens opened, and the Lords of Time began a new cycle for the Earth. The Universes placed their eyes of Wisdom upon humankind, and That One, Who has no form and is in everything, contemplated with love the creatures of the Earth.

Today is one more day of the Silence of God, but His Silence transmits to humankind the Serenity and Peace of the Creator.

Blessed are those who enter into this peace and live in it the cycle that will come.

Behold, Heaven has opened, as it has opened and will open every December 31st, to announce to human hearts a new and only will, the renewal of the Plan of the Creator and His designs for creatures.

Heaven opened so that the Messenger of God might reach the Earth and Her Word is like a subtle and spiritual fire that transforms, but pacifies, hearts.

May minds become silent and hearts listen.

It is a time of definition, of seeing before your eyes the paths that are presented, and choose.

Do not be afraid of moving forward, but know, children, that before any step to be taken, the certainty that God is Who guides your step must be in your hearts.

Humanity has already grown and knows the consequences of its actions, as of its thoughts.

You have already experienced enough of life on Earth to know, today, that you must define your own steps.

Thus, before the Heavens that open over the Earth, find the silent gaze of the Creator, Who observes you, and proclaim to Him your own definition.

The time has come for a conversation with God, because the Creator needs to know whom He can count on in this last time.

His Plan will no longer be redefined in each instant, because the Heavens are already open and Mercy, but also Justice, are preparing to descend into the world.

The chalices of human consciousness are open and free to be filled by that which consciousnesses may have chosen to drink in these times.

Thus, My children, you are no longer infants, and you can no longer play with the evolution of the Earth.

I do not tell you to be afraid, I do not bring you terror, but rather the Gift of the Spirit of God, which is the consciousness of the fear of drawing away from His Path.

Take the Gift of the Fear of God and let it help you in this new and last cycle, so that you may know how to look into the Eyes of fire and silence of your Celestial Father and declare your own definition, your choice for this time.

Based on this, children, your Father and Creator will design for your lives that path that you chose to live, because His Love, unalterable, respects the choices of His creatures, no matter how imperfect and sometimes very immature they be.

Behold, today Heaven opens, and the silent gaze of God contemplates the world.

May creatures know how to perceive His Presence, and may they not begin this definitive cycle in blindness and in profound ignorance.

Pray today for those who lose themselves in the abysses of their own ignorance and in the festivities of this world, and have not perceived that the planet is in agony because of their indifference.

Pray for those who are alone, ill of spirit and of heart, and do not find meaning for their lives.

And also pray for those who will say “yes” to God and will begin this new cycle by His side, so that their faith may be greater than the temptations of the world, and the Greatness and Strength of God take the place of their smallness and human fragility.

I love you, I bless you, and invite you to look to Heaven that today is opening, and looking into the Eyes of the Creator, and proclaim your “yes” to His infinite Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


That on this day, on the eve of the day of My Divine Spiritual and Cosmic Conception, your hearts prepare themselves internally so that, together with Me, we change the year, as well as the cycle, and in this way, that which should finally descend from the Source of the Divine Purpose can do so through your unconditional "yes."

For this, My children, it will be necessary that your souls aspire to find their inner purpose so that, in this period and under these conditions of the end of times, it too can be renewed.

I invite you to not look back to the past anymore, nor towards the future.

I invite you and call you to live the present, so that the pain, anguish, and suffering that some event may have caused and generated can be dissolved from your consciousnesses.

This new year, that is about to begin, will be the year of emptiness of self and of what is unconditional for those who are the most miserable of spirit and of mind.

May your lives be able to enter this year renewed of self, so that Christ may govern  in souls a little longer.

A good beginning of the year to all My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Celestial Government

Here is My celestial government, which has always descended to the world when your Mother descends to open the portals of the Heavens.

Here is My celestial government, formed and integrated by the angels of different hierarchies, who in obedience and in an unconditional way, serve Your Humble Celestial Mother.

Here, children, is My celestial government, which has its basic foundation in the teachings of My Beloved Son and in His Divine Work of Mercy.

Here, dear children, is My celestial government, guided by the Divine Thought of the Father and manifested by the work of His Eternal Grace.

Here, My little ones, is My celestial government, which has its universal headquarters in the Divine Church of Christ, existent and present in the sacred Spiritual Universe.

Here, My children, is my celestial government, inwardly extended in this world by those who proclaim their faith and their love for Christ.

Here is My celestial government, renewing and expressing itself in devout hearts and in the spirits that surrender for the love of service.

Here and now is My celestial government announced by the Archangel Gabriel in the first moments of the Annunciation.

Here is My celestial government, proclaimed by the humble word of My cousin Saint Isabel, and from then on by all generations.

Here and now is My celestial government, spread throughout the Universe after My Assumption into the Heavens, through the work and the immediate service of the angels.

Here and now is My celestial government, given by the Divine Father and by the Loving Son during My coronation as Queen and Mother of the Universe and of the Earth.

Here, children, is My celestial government, concretized by means of the purpose that the Almighty entrusted to Me for this Universe and for this beloved blue planet.

Here and now is My celestial government, given impulse as a work by the state of My eternal Grace, and carried forward with the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart.

Here is the Eternal Slave of the Lord, Who holds all Her beloved children in His invisible Kingdom, Who protects the steps of the wayfarers of faith, Who guides and shepherds the lovers of Christ.

Here and now is the celestial government of Your Most Holy Mother, alive and resplendent through the Mirrors, which subtly radiate the eternal principles for the emergence of the new consciousness of humanity.

Here and now is the celestial government of the Mother of God, which is carried forward throughout time with the adherence and the surrender of Her little children.

Here and now is My celestial government, manifested during these years of work with Me with the work on the surface, which is inwardly moved by the constant impulses that the Holy Spirit sends.

Here and in this time is the work of the Most Holy Mary present in the hearts that are a part of it.

Here is the Marian Work of God through all of this group of souls that has given its “yes” to Mary, just as Mary gave Her “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel.

Here and now is the work of the Co-Redeeming Mother of Christ, a work that has expanded and and become widespread on the five continents, a work that reaches the souls of various languages in the world.

Here is the work of Love and of the Mercy of God through the Most Holy Mary, slowly acting and working through the love of Her children and the faith of Her soldiers.

Here is the work that arose, in the beginning, in an orange orchard of Aurora and that then emerged like a great sun for the whole planet, today managing to serve and to rescue the most lost souls.

Here is the work of hope, Mary’s work and our work, guided by Her noble Heart and carried out by Her humble hand.

Here and now is the work of peace, present in the world by the Will of the Father after ten years.

Here is the work that has regenerated many lives, that has worked true miracles in hearts in need, that has returned love and life to those who had lost them.

Here and now is the work formed by many children of Mary that together with their Mother, are weaving the mantle of peace in the world, the mantle where Christ will place His Feet when He returns.

Here is the spiritual delight of Your Mother on seeing the glow of Her Grace in the eyes of Her children, and the hope expressed in the countenances of those who had lost it.

Let us give thanks to God for having allowed His Humble Lady of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity to come to you so as to be able to make of your lives receptacles of Grace, instruments of love, and pillars of Her eternal and divine Mercy.

For the sharing of these ten years, today I thank you.

Who blesses you under the light of the Immaculate Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

In the name of the Love of My Son, I gather you once again to show the world that it is possible to live the Divine Will.

This is how, dear children, My Immaculate Heart draws near to bring you the infinite Gratitude of God because truly, My servant children, you are carrying the Will of God forward.

This is why today I come from Heaven to announce this Message to you, so that in your lives and in the lives of your fellow beings, the sacred Purpose of God may be fulfilled.

Here, dear children, there is a simple strand of prayer, devotion and charity; and I wish that the impulse of unity and love, which you must always internally gestate amongst you, may radiate to the whole world.

You are a sacred and ancient people who came to the world to realize the manifestation of the Plan of God through selfless service and charity.

Now, your sacred task, dear children, will be the service for souls through the formation of seven groups of prayer, which spiritually represent the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and, through this task that you will undertake, I can work for the divine protection of the whole of Brazil.

With this, dear children, I would like to invite you to spread the Work of the Divine Messengers in this region and in the whole state of Minas Gerais.

I especially wish, dear children, that the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and the Glorified Christ may be known in this place and throughout Brazil.

It will be through the living devotion of your hearts that I will be able to protect the destiny of this nation, My beloved nation.

Today, I came to thank you and renew the commitment that you will help Me in awakening consciousnesses, which through prayer will be able to enter the spiritual path and Christic life.

For all that you have manifested for the Plan of the Father, I thank you and, today, I leave engraved in the spirit of this house, My beloved house, the following prayer to the Sacred Sky,

Prayer to the Sacred Sky
For the protection of the task of all servers of the Sacred Sky Nucleus of Belo Horizonte
Sacred Sky of God,
which is manifested in the sublime heavenly vault.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Descend to this human reality,
sanctify our lives and
 light the flame of our hearts all the time.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Summon all servers of the Greater Good to serve;
may charity be the torch of the peacemakers,
may devotion be the light that illuminates all paths.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
May Your Celestial Kingdom descend  upon us so that
the Plan may triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Oh, memorable day on which Heaven descends to Earth to glorify the Mercy of God expressed in the Heart of His Holy Servant, the Virgin Mary.

Oh, day of Graces, of joy and of celestial praise, day on which the hearts receive from the Divine Source the piety to convert their lives and to find the salvation and the fullness in God.

A day of mercy will be this, on which the Lord will synthesize the Graces poured out by the womb of Creation, so that the souls receive over and over again the codes they have lost in the path.

Oh, day of salvation and of rejoicing in the Holy Spirit, because The One who conceives the Trinity in Her most pure womb will turn Her sweet eyes to the world, so that this Holy Spirit impregnate now the hearts and the consciousnesses of the pure of intention.

Today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity, a day chosen by God so that, before a cycle finishes and it starts another in the planetary life, the creatures may renovate themselves in Christ and receive from the Sacred Hearts the Graces they need in order to persevere.

Blessed will be those who will recognize the greatness of this day and who will they disseminate them in the world, announcing that hope still lives in the human heart.

Blessed will be those who will believe in the words of God and will receive, from His Divine Hands, the celestial treasures for the fulfillment of His Plans.

Blessed will be those who will consecrate their lives and will renounce to the stinginess and to the futilities of the world in order to live something pure and truly spiritual.

Blessed will be those who will take the impulses given in these days of special Grace and will live them in every instant of their lives, because those will be called multipliers of the Divine Grace.

Be joyful, rejoice and unite to God, in reparation of sins and perditions of souls that voluntarily launch themselves into the abysses of the world.

May this Earth be liberated and finally find peace and merge itself into the Spirit of God, with humanity conceiving the gifts of the Most High, because today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant and faithful Husband of the Holy Virgin Mary


My beloved and little children,

May the Peace of Jesus Christ live and reign amongst your little hearts.

As Mother and Queen of all the beings of this world and of the Celestial Kingdom, I come in this moment to instruct you and conduct you through a path of Peace and Redemption, a path that will lead you to the encounter with My Son, the King of kings, and which will make you return in Glory to the Celestial Dwelling from which you came.

My beloveds, My words come to bring to the world the Peace that it needs, but so that they may expand and accomplish the mission for which they have arrived I need hearts disposed to be the echo of My Voice; disposed to bring to all the corners of the world this Word that cannot yet be hidden among the few that have opened themselves to answer to My Call.

I need in this moment that My maternal Voice may reach the souls most lost and enveloped by darkness.  I need that My Light may arrive to the most forgotten places of the world, so that all the beings of this Earth may receive in their hearts the awakening of Hope and of Faith.

My beloveds, I want to nourish those who are hungry and thirsty of Spirit.  I want to lift those who are fallen.  I want to meet those who are lost and strengthen those who only suffer throughout the centuries the consequences of the unforgivable actions of humanity.

I come to bring Forgiveness to the world, which will touch all the essences that open themselves to this Powerful Grace, and even the sinner most committed to evil will receive from God the Light to be liberated from the situation in which they find themselves.

I only need that voices sincere and full of Faith may be the pure echo of My Voice and that strong arms, full of the Spirit of God, may be My arms in the world, welcoming all of those who do not have love and who do not know hope.

Today I come to teach you the virtue of maternity, because I want to build in all of those who listen to Me the mirrors of My presence, that may reflect in life the meeting with Me, and that through the actions, the feelings and the thoughts may express the Love that they have received from the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

My children, I call those who are full of bravery, to traverse the world from north to south and from east to west, bringing the Good News of the return of My Son and of the presence of the Messengers of God in the world.

Do not fear the judgments, the critics, the persecutions and the curses that you may suffer on this path, because thus it happened with My Son, who overcame evil through the pure Love for His enemies and thus taught them to bring the Good News of hope to the world.

Make yourselves heard in all the corners by the good and by the bad hearts.  Let that Love awaken those who sleep, convert those who deny you and embrace all, in a Divine embrace, that in which God will put His Arms.

Know that the merits of this life may be found only in Paradise, but I say to you that seeing the world from My Kingdom and reading the stories of your lives, you will know that all pain and all suffering, all anguish and sadness and all the struggle that you have lived, were too little to be worth such Light that will enter, not just in this world, but in all of the Universe.

I thank you profoundly for the persistence in being united with My Heart and I invite you to continue always, tirelessly.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Meet Me in the silence of this world.

Find Me in the heart of all of My children who pray.

I Am the Supreme Voice that comes from the Universe.

I Am the Bird that flies in the Celestial Peace.  I Am the Messenger of the Path.

From Me are born the hearts that have fallen.

I carry all towards the Greater Kingdom.

I Am the Mother of the Eternal Grace.

The one who seeks Me will find Me.  The one who calls Me will hear Me.

I Am the sweet voice that comes from the Word of God.

I Am the Mother of all the creatures.

I Am the straight Path to My Son.

I Am who shelters all of your pleas.

I Am that one who understands your problems.  I Am also the one who solves them.

I Am a part of the Infinite Light.

I Am the Daughter and the Mother of the Trinity.

I Am the Great Mirror that radiates Justice.

I Am the Spirit of Peace.

My words come from the Divine Word and the Divine Word is born of God.

I Am the Daughter of the Most High.  I Am His Faithful Messenger and His Universal Lady.

I Am the Mother of those who are lost.  I Am also the Mother of those who are on the Path.

I Am the Shield against all evil because My protection lies in the Absolute Love.  I help those who call Me.  I listen with attention to the needs of My children.

I Am the Woman Dressed of Sun, the One announced in the Sacred Book.

I Am the Word of Life together with My Son.

I Am the Universal Mother.

I Am the One who reveals the mysteries to those who are distant from God.

I come in search of the brave ones. I also come in search for those who have fallen asleep.

In My arms rests the New Child, the One who will be born as the New Humanity.

I Am the One who gestates the New Time.

I Am the Worker who prepares the coming of the Savior.

I Am the One who sets in order the inner worlds.

I Am the Mother of the Great Light.

Whoever resorts to My Heart will always be sheltered.  Whoever seeks for solace will find it.

I Am the Lady of the Great Divine Thought.

I Am the Master of Prayer.  I Am that who reunites in My School the disciples so that they may learn to love the union with God.

I Am the incandescent Bright Star.

I Am the Queen of the Holy Peace.  My Grace springs from the Heart of God and I manifest for all the great miracle of love.

I Am the Mother who heals the wounds.  I Am the Immaculate and Powerful Companion of Christ.

I Am the One who teaches the Gospel.  I Am that One who asks you to love the instruction.

I Am the Guiding Star of the sailors of the spiritual path.

I Am the Dear Mother Mary.  I Am that One who teaches you humility.

Whoever lives in Me will live the love to sacrifice and will become as a source of constant donation.

I Am the Portal to the Infinite.

I Am the Immaculate and Sacred Heart.  I Am that One who radiates the new principles for those who unite themselves to the simple prayer.

I Am the Housekeeper of the Universe.  I Am the Omnipresent Spirit of the Maternal Love of God.

On this special day I Am for all.  I Am the Mother of Truth and of Love.

I want that in the world be celebrated the annual day of the Divine Conception.  Those that do it will be perfectly united to the power of manifestation of My Face of the Trinity.

I give thanks for this day to be one of joy and gratitude for all.  I unite you all in My Immaculate Heart because I Am for you the Queen of Light and of Redemption.

I love you and I protect you.  I shelter you and I guide you.

Thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Weekly Message received of the Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of the Blessed, transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

On the eve of the anniversary of the weekly Messages transmitted by My Immaculate Heart, today I call on you to remember all the teachings that I have communicated during this last year, and I also ask for the collaboration of the pilgrims for the publication of the first book with all the daily Messages, which I will bless on December 25 of this year, because I promise to come on that day with Christ.

On the eve of the anniversary of the weekly Messages, these sacred but simple instructions will become monthly, thus fulfilling the request of your Lord, of also appearing the third Saturday of each month to guide you and accompany you. After a year has passed of monthly Messages, My task with you will go through a withdrawal; that means, dear children, that afterwards, My coming will be once a month, in the coming year of 2014.

But if your hearts do not lose the devotion and the love with which you honor My Immaculate Heart, the Lady of the Solar Universe will also be able to visit you in a special way.

Beloved children, today I declare this communication to you because you know that My Apparitions throughout the centuries have had a cycle and a specific time. But today I want you to strengthen that union with Me, for in this way, more hearts will be activated in prayer and will thus be responding to My celestial call.

On this day of Mercy, I want to thank you for the persistence and the effort you made in the life you gave to this, My Marian Center of Figueira, as well as the fruits you have cultivated through each Marian meeting on the Hill.

I invite the other  Marian Centers to join and practice the same rhythms of devotion that you have at the Marian Center of Figueira. In this way, your hearts will work on your fraternity and in the end times you will not feel alone even for a moment.

Dear children, today the Queen of Peace thanks you for this spiritual moment that you share with Me, because the life of a Marian Center is built and evolves through the steps of love that My children decide to take.

Today, the Marian Center of Figueira is carrying out its greater task from the spiritual universe. Thus, now I ask that the members of this Center work and organize a monthly pilgrimage to the Hill of Apparitions, for the simplest of the simple; so that in honor of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, for Me they pray the Holy Rosary for Peace in the inner self of all the beings of the Earth. This pilgrimage can include the precious procession of candles and the songs that I always listen to from the top of the Hill.

Beloved children, may the impulse of living the peace of the heart be ever stronger, for the whole world has need of your beautiful prayers.

I thank you, dear children, for responding to My call!

Peace to you all,

Mary, Queen of the Blessed


Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary of My daily messages, when God gave Me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

My children, therefore, through all the instructions that My Heart has given, I invite you to exercise the reading from the heart again, that is, the reading of all of My messages from your heart. I invite you to live My messages, to practice them in a simple and humble way.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorje, when My Maternal Heart prepared My visionaries so that they would accomplish the task that has been carried out in the name of God throughout this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united with My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you transform your hearts day by day, you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penance and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penance and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more of your beings, without living great privations, but rather giving from your hearts all that can be transformed and redeemed.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will be rising themselves as a bird rises itself towards the top of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of grati- tude and devotion so that your hearts may unite to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, one year ago, on the 15th of November, 2011, My voice was announcing the emergence of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a very broad Work thanks to the response of My soldiers.

But to all of you, dear children, those who accompany Me month by month in My apparitions, I ask that you help and collaborate so that this co-redeeming work that is united to the Master Jesus may be able to expand itself even more, just as the work of Medjugorje was propagated 31 years ago.

My children, I want to tell you that all the Work that is real- ized in South America with the Blessed Virgin Mary must be supported with a little collaboration from all of My children. I ask you for a true collaboration from the heart, a surrender to God from your inner being, because a work on Earth happens and manifests itself through the workers that work in it, and these workers need the resources to accomplish it.

Thus God takes care of His workers and at the same time, of the Work.

Children, everything is united by the same link and your prayer will help so that My co-redeeming work may continue touching hearts in pain and suffering.

My dear ones, I invite you to accompany Me as the Pilgrim Mother so that Light may reach those that deny the Merciful Love of My Son.

Let us work through prayer so that the Work of God may be accomplished in South America.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Blessed children,

In response to the urgent call realized yesterday to My children, I announce to those to whom I have appeared for five years as the Blessed Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, that My Beloved Son, Christ Jesus, sends Me today to your hearts to tell you that the Almighty God has observed from His Heart your response to the celestial call of attention.

Dear children, in the face of the urgent necessity of conversion and redemption of all the creatures of God, today I call you to continuous prayer and especially I call you so that, during this whole month, your lives may deepen and may give time to the meditation on each one of the holy Mysteries of the Rosary.

There you will find the keys for the conversion of your hearts that are: peace, surrender, trust in God, charity, forgiveness, the Love of My Son, sacrifice, and the resurrection together with the glorification of Christ.

My children, in this month of the Rosary I want that you especially dedicate yourselves to unite your hearts to each one of the passages of the life of Jesus and of the silent life of My Immaculate Heart.

My little ones, that in this time may awaken in your consciousness the call to Redemption and to the Surrender to God, a call that My voice pronounces day by day by means of the daily messages.

Dear children, under the Grace of God we are now close to the completion of one year, continuous and without interrup- tions, of daily blessed messages of My Immaculate Heart, of the Queen of Peace, who intends to guide you along the path of Good and Peace in the heart.

After a continuous year of Graces received, today I want that in response to these Graces, you unite your lives to the key teachings of Christ.

For this victorious reason of My Immaculate Heart in each one of your lives I announce to you today in the name of the Merciful Love of Christ Jesus, that on the day of tomorrow, the 21st of October, 2012, My visionary children, will be honoring Me by means of a simple prayer and an internal communion in the Sanctuary of Aparecida, a sanctuary that I love with fondness for the humble expression of faith from all of My pilgrim children of Brazil.

Therefore, dear children, the Honorable ever Virgin Mary, Lady Aparecida of Brazil, invites you and calls all Her chil- dren so that together with My children the visionaries, you may realize this simple pilgrimage towards the Sanctuary of Aparecida and that, through the offer to pray fifty beads of the Holy Rosary and of the inner communion with Christ, you may repair My Immaculate Heart.

In response to the events that have happened between you and God, I promise you that whomever participates with a sincere spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness before the Most High, the Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, will radiate the power of Divine Mercy from Heaven, and your lives will be absolved before the Law.

Dear children, I have brought roses in My hands to the throne of God, and the Father of the Source of Love and Compassion has accepted My offering for all of you. This exercise of frater- nity that I ask you to realize will allow, once more, that your hearts be clean and pure before God.

Once again, dear children, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

Thank you for responding to this celestial call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


With joy and bliss I place each one of My children in the Celestial Kingdom of God.

Dear children,

Today, let us celebrate from the heart for the coming of the Queen of Peace to Aurora, Her favorite home.

As the Mother of the New Aurora today I give you all My Maternal Blessing and I thank you for responding to My call for peace.

As instruments in the Hands of the Most High, today I invite you to consecrate your dwellings to the Celestial Father. Know, My little ones, that He waits for the love of the pure and true souls, that may want to live in the one Source of Love that forgives and repairs all.

Today I am calling you to be partakers of Divine Mercy through My Immaculate Heart. Dear children, I call you all so that you may take one more step, with absolute trust in the Plans of God.

My children, as the Divine Conception, I ask you to pray so that many of My children in these critical times may also be able to be touched by My inner call. Today, in addition, I remind you that each call to which you respond has worldwide repercussions in this end of times. Each call that is responded from your humble hearts will help in the redemption of humanity through the victorious coming of Christ to Earth.

My soldiers, may your hearts be always ready for everything, for that which God wants in these moments. Know, My little ones, that you are working by means of prayer so that salvation may be possible, even for the souls that are less deserving.

Dear children, I promise you that each prayer that flows with love from your hearts will be heard and responded to under the Highest Will of God.

Dear children, as a mediator between the hearts: thank you for listening to My supplications!

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I am the Lady clothed and surrounded with the Light of the Great Sun.

I am the Immaculate Spirit guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the Universe, I am the Queen of Peace.

I am the emanation of Love, of Unity and of Faith for all My children.

I am the refuge for those who are alone, I am the morning that awakens in each one of the lives.

I am the Morning Star, I am the Aurora that gathers the flocks of Christ.

I am the Immaculate Conception that brings comfort for the desperate, Love for the dispossessed, Faith for the lonely and Redemption for those who have denied God.

I am the bridge to the Heights, I am the Mother of the Perpetual Prayer of God.

I am part of the Divine Word, I am the testimony of the Creator.

I am His Servant, I am His Server. I am part of His Light for the world.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I am for you the New Flower, I am the subtle Scent from the Fount of God.

I am the Mother of the Redeemer, I am the Servant of Christ. I am, for My children, the fountain that heals the wounds, I am the Blessed and Immaculate Heart.

I am the Mystic Rose, I am the Spirit of Peace.

But I will be even more, upon this world and in the universe, through your love, your compassion and your humility.

My children, today I invite you to be part of the Great Spirit of God. I invite you to live in the Heart of the Most High so that humility, sacred devotion and reverence may be able to be born from your tiny souls.

In you I will be the Mother of Graces. United to My Motherhood you will be united to the Eternal Father who conducts each soul, each one of My little children.

Dear children, may from your essences spring the wisdom to understand with the heart who, for Love and Grace, visits you month by month.

Just as I want to be with you, My Son wants to be part of your beings.

What greater Love is there if not the one that is born perpetually from God?

Dear children, today I am calling you to contemplate the immensity and the magnitude, the greatness and the universal expansion of the Love of God over all the universes.

Dear children, today I tell you and I remind you that each one of you is part of the divine expression of the Love of God, because through prayer you will allow the Love of the Creator to be born and to awaken in you in this defining time.

Today, only be Love, Divine Love and Immaculate Love. Today, only be peace, souls in the Peace of God and serve God with joy.

Blessed are the humble and those who persevere in My Son, because they will find the Kingdom of God in the heart.

I am the Mother of the Most Holy Heart of the Creator; as a part of Love, I love you and I bless you in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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