Wednesday, February 12 of 2014

Monthly messages

My beloved and little children,

May the Peace of Jesus Christ live and reign amongst your little hearts.

As Mother and Queen of all the beings of this world and of the Celestial Kingdom, I come in this moment to instruct you and conduct you through a path of Peace and Redemption, a path that will lead you to the encounter with My Son, the King of kings, and which will make you return in Glory to the Celestial Dwelling from which you came.

My beloveds, My words come to bring to the world the Peace that it needs, but so that they may expand and accomplish the mission for which they have arrived I need hearts disposed to be the echo of My Voice; disposed to bring to all the corners of the world this Word that cannot yet be hidden among the few that have opened themselves to answer to My Call.

I need in this moment that My maternal Voice may reach the souls most lost and enveloped by darkness.  I need that My Light may arrive to the most forgotten places of the world, so that all the beings of this Earth may receive in their hearts the awakening of Hope and of Faith.

My beloveds, I want to nourish those who are hungry and thirsty of Spirit.  I want to lift those who are fallen.  I want to meet those who are lost and strengthen those who only suffer throughout the centuries the consequences of the unforgivable actions of humanity.

I come to bring Forgiveness to the world, which will touch all the essences that open themselves to this Powerful Grace, and even the sinner most committed to evil will receive from God the Light to be liberated from the situation in which they find themselves.

I only need that voices sincere and full of Faith may be the pure echo of My Voice and that strong arms, full of the Spirit of God, may be My arms in the world, welcoming all of those who do not have love and who do not know hope.

Today I come to teach you the virtue of maternity, because I want to build in all of those who listen to Me the mirrors of My presence, that may reflect in life the meeting with Me, and that through the actions, the feelings and the thoughts may express the Love that they have received from the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

My children, I call those who are full of bravery, to traverse the world from north to south and from east to west, bringing the Good News of the return of My Son and of the presence of the Messengers of God in the world.

Do not fear the judgments, the critics, the persecutions and the curses that you may suffer on this path, because thus it happened with My Son, who overcame evil through the pure Love for His enemies and thus taught them to bring the Good News of hope to the world.

Make yourselves heard in all the corners by the good and by the bad hearts.  Let that Love awaken those who sleep, convert those who deny you and embrace all, in a Divine embrace, that in which God will put His Arms.

Know that the merits of this life may be found only in Paradise, but I say to you that seeing the world from My Kingdom and reading the stories of your lives, you will know that all pain and all suffering, all anguish and sadness and all the struggle that you have lived, were too little to be worth such Light that will enter, not just in this world, but in all of the Universe.

I thank you profoundly for the persistence in being united with My Heart and I invite you to continue always, tirelessly.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity