Thursday, October 11 of 2012

Daily messages

With joy and happiness I place each one of my children in the Celestial Kingdom of God.

Dear children, today we celebrate from the heart the coming of the Queen of Peace to Her favored place in Aurora.

As the Mother of the New Aurora today I give to all of you My maternal blessing and I thank you for answering to My call for Peace.

As instruments in the hands of the Highest, today I invite you to consecrate your dwellings to the Celestial Father. Know, My little ones, that He waits for the love of the pure and true souls, those that will want to live in the One Fountain of Love, which forgives and which repairs all.

Today I am calling you to be participants in the Divine Mercy through My Immaculate Heart. Dear children, I call you all so that you will go one step more with absolute confidence in the plans of God.

Dear children, as the Divine Conception, I ask you to pray so that many of My children in this critical time also can be touched by My Inner call. Today, besides this, I remind you that each call that you answer has worldly repercussions for this final time. Each call that is responded to, from your humble hearts, will help in the redemption of humanity through the coming victory of Christ on the Earth.

My soldiers, may your hearts always be ready for all, for that which God wants in these moments. Know, My little ones, that you are working by means of prayer so that salvation will be possible, even for the souls that are less deserving.

Dear children, each prayer that flows with love from your hearts, I promise you will be heard and it will be answered under the Superior Will of God.

Dear children, as Mediator among hearts. Thank you for hearing My supplications!

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.