Friday, October 12 of 2012

Daily Messages

As the Mother of the Christians and of the non-Christians (*), in name of the Light of My Son, I try day by day to remove many souls from the immense inner desert in which they live, for lack of faith and love in the heart.

In these times, dear children, may your hearts be active precursors of My call for peace and for the salvation of the creatures.

Dear children, as the Mother and Door of Heaven, today I ask you to search for God within your inner beings, for the Love of the Father, for the Immaculate Spirit of Peace, because this Spirit will allow you to grow and It will strengthen you for the decisions in life, in the mind and in the spirit of each one.

Today I am calling you to prepare with consciousness your dwellings so that in a short time Jesus, the King of the Universe, the Master of masters, may find rest in pure and crystalline dwellings where His Absolute and Unfathomable Mercy may be poured.

Dear children, the world is going through great tests in the faith and in the life of many hearts. For this reason I ask you to place the millions of children that I have under My protection in the true exercise of your prayers so that they enter into the definitive Law of Forgiveness and Mercy.

As I have told you, dear children, this is a last cycle for the confirmation of the hearts before the Plans of God. Humanity can live in the new Plan of God, a Plan that will lead you to remain in the true state of peace and reconciliation.

My children, it is very important to keep the fire of the prayer of the heart ignited, prayer that unites you to the Sacred Divine Spirit of My Son. But for this to happen, dear children, your lips must only pronounce words of love and peace, words that may spring from the heart, words that may relieve the great suffering that many solitary souls are living.

Dear children, today again I supplicate you and I speak to you with immense Love from My Immaculate Heart, because as you all know, these are already the last announcements that God sends Me to transmit to all hearts.

Before the new time that will come, My children, may your hearts, your thoughts and your feelings be merciful so that God may reign within you, so that the Love of My Son may reign forever.

Keep gratitude in you so that it radiates humility and Mercy.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


(*) Tr: “Mother of Christians and non-Christians” refers to and expands upon the meaning of the well-known title of the Virgin which in English has been called “Mary, Help of Christians.”