Wednesday, February 1 of 2012

Daily messages

May the Lord bless you, because My Works of Peace are being fruitful.

My dear children, for this month that is beginning, I call you to meditation in the groups of prayer. I call you to an exercise of contemplation, which will be conducted by the presence of the Heart of My Son.

Dear children, if you seek Christ, your hearts will rejoice. To live in the joy of the heart, you must pray so that the whole world may live in peace.

Little children, each group of prayer must radiate its seed of peace so that it may sprout through your prayers. When it sprouts, it will be open to what is new and in it will bloom its first vocation: the eternal prayer. Dear children, take care of this seed of talents and fruits, which is to be found in each one of your hearts.

My dear ones, share the fruits that you are receiving through prayer and through peace. Give your hearts in the name of peace and thus, all your brothers and sisters will be able to be permeated by Grace.

Beloved children, at the moment of group prayer, your hearts will be partakers in a loving encounter with Christ. For this, little children, I invite you to witness the Sacred Heart of Christ so that He may inspire you on the path towards the pure and the sacred. When you manage to live in Him, the relief of all pain will be able to come as a sparkle of Infinite Grace. I prepare you for the Works of God, works in prayer and in the giving of self. In this way, I will be following each one of your steps.

Dear children, My call is responded with joy by the children in Medjugorje and now it is being responded by all the faithful of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In each nation, a spiritual gift. In each heart, a path to redemption.

Children, I conduct you through the path of faith; the Lord needs the experience of peace in each one of your hearts. This will help the sick world. It is time to heal all through the word of prayer. In prayer is to be found the exit to arrive in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Who adores you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity