Dear children,

My Heart already contemplates this new year, full of challenges and of projects for our God.

A year in which faith must be further strengthened, and the knowledge and the formation of the disciples of Christ must now be taking place so that the Work may also strengthen and mature; that it may mature in the consciousness of all so that the spirit of commitment and responsibility may definitely awaken to what it means to carry forward the purpose of the Heights.

We are on the way to that goal, My children, that is why perseverance, constancy and discipline will bring about a rhythm in all things, as part of a universal rhythm.

On the other hand, children, also in this new year the time has come to unconditionally take a step in unity; a unity among brothers and sisters that is capable of representing the fraternity of Christ, a unity without traces of division that is apparent or stimulated by some human or personal impulse.

The time has come to work for this unity, and the key that will open that door will be the Truth, the Truth that you are able to reflect, the Truth that you can be and feel.

This will build and support the pillars of a Work that is not based on what is individual or petty, a Work that only lives and beats through the heart of the Hierarchy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Offer every difficult moment as a sacrifice and as reparation to the offended Heart of God and of His Beloved Son, for the indifference of those men of the Earth and for the religious who secretly outrage the Laws of Creation and life.

Although the internal and external pain may be unbearable, offer yourself in sacrifice, reparation and in prayer for those who, having received everything, demean the Name of Christ with their outrages, falsehoods, and their insults.

Offer yourself in sacrifice and reparation for those who will deny the Glory of the Father and His descent into the holy places chosen by Heaven.

May nothing surprise you or bother you. Offer yourself for those who will betray the truth behind one's back and for those who will join the essence of lie and show their puppet faces, moved and manipulated by the hands of My enemy.

Offer yourself for those who will not be able to offer themselves, for those who will not manage to forgive and have at least a little pity for those who are miserable of spirit and for those who do not live poverty of heart.

Offer yourself without conditions, again and again, for those who will betray the Heart of Christ and His Work.

Even if you do not understand it or accept it, offer yourself, because when the time of your dark night comes, you will ask that someone, for mercy, may offer himself or herself for you and, at that moment, you will receive consolation, because the Father never forgets the sacrifices and renunciations of His children. He rewards them all with His Comforting Love.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The closure of a cycle of Graces

The Source of Healing through sound and song remained open, during this last time, through those who adhered and made an effort so that the meetings of music could be carried forward.

After the last blessings received during the Sacred Week, the souls, in general, committed themselves to collaborate more and to contribute for the fulfillment of the Work of the Divine Messengers.

The meetings of music held in the last months showed the Universe the possibility that the human being of surface has to reverse and to spiritually heal certain serious situations of the planet, to the point of becoming a conscious cooperator of the Evolving Plan.

As time went by, the production of the meetings of music became characterized by an intense demand of work and of material dedication so that in every following 23rd, as it is today, it might be possible to concretize the fundamental task among the choirs and your Heavenly Mother: the mission of attracting, monthly, the actuation of new Laws that could modify the chaotic reality of the planet.

Such was the practical demand in the technical production during the last months, that your Heavenly Mother explicitly summoned selfless servers to collaborate immediately, with the aim of continuing the mission that was being carried out through the meetings of music.

This meant, from the human point of view, a great demand and an extreme requirement in order to be possible to carry out in the last three months such meetings.

For this reason and for lack of immediate response, your Heavenly Mother has requested these days, the recess for six months of the live program: Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, so that all servers of the Plan of Love, both those that actively participate, as well as those who witness these meetings on the 23rd, may perceive that the Work which the Divine Messengers have placed in humanity to generate a greater state of healing, of grace and of mercy, is responsibility of all those that are united to it from the heart.

With this, I am inviting My servers to leave the constant point of wanting to receive, to wait or to supplicate so that, definitively, you may act, work, protect and take care of the Work that was entrusted to you with so much love.


The return of the Guadalupan to Central America and Mexico

At the feet of the Tepeyac, Your Heavenly Mother prepares Her task with all the souls and hearts that will receive from Me the essence of love and of redemption.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Through the help and the collaboration of all, your Mother of Heaven will descend to the Mexican lands and to Central America, where the history of My presence and of the liberation of the indigenous peoples and of all the slaves was recorded.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

At this moment, dear children, accompany Your Holy Mother in this pilgrimage, so that, for the second time in the history of humanity, I may stamp My Holy Liberating and Redeeming Face of Guadalupe on the precious souls of My children of Central America and Mexico.

It is the return of the Guadalupan… 

Because of this, with rejoicing and joy, you, My children of Central America and of the world, will open the doors of your hearts and of your nations so that Your Mother of Guadalupe may enter and carry out the sacred mission of preparing the consciousnesses for the return of My Beloved Son.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

With the voice and the chant of the holy angels, the Governess of the Americas, the Holy Mother of God, rejoices because She will be able to meet again Her children of Central America, to pour on them Her Graces and to deliver to them the blessed Spirit of My Peace.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I will go to Central America to heal old wounds, past histories of pain and of suffering; at last I will be able to make My dear children be born again; I will be able to remove them from the illusion of the world and I will open for them the eyes of the soul and of the consciousness, so that all can see and feel Me.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Opening your hearts to receive Me, listen to the voice of the Mother of the Americas, a voice that summons you to the consecration of your peoples and of your nations, so that peace may reign and thus the error and the outrages to the little hearts may end.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…


Raised to Heaven be the hearts that are persevering and consistent with My call, as they will be crowned on the day of their Glory by the Celestial Queen.

Raised to Heaven be the innocents, because on the day of their judgment they will reach the Mercy of God.

Raised to Heaven be the missionaries of Mary, because having crossed the threshold of the material life they will reach the day of the perpetual unification with the Supreme Divinity of God.

Raised to Heaven be all the created kingdoms, because all those who have worked tirelessly to save and protect them will receive the great day of liberation and relief.

Raised to Heaven be the worshipers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, because arriving to the Kingdom of God they will remember the moment when the doors were open to the redemption of the whole humanity.

Raised to Heaven be the humble, because on the day of their death they will see the Celestial Spheres of the Creator arrive.

Raised to Heaven be the constant and perseverant, because on the day of their judgment they will be able to get to know the Glorious Face of My Son and in their lives there will not exist any evil.

Dear Children,

Today I wish all to be raised to Heaven in spirit of peace and love so that, once for all, you may see appear in your lives the virtues and gifts that you will awaken in this time.  Of these gifts, your Heavenly Mother, is served without forgetting the inner potential that each child expresses for this sacred Marian work.

You, My children, are the perfect pieces that I have chosen from this vast universe to take you to service and to total redemption of the debts.  You have walked by My side for a very long time, for this, feel now in your hearts the fruit of the truth and of the divine purpose that I have deposited in each of My children.

But precious fruit will still wake up during the time of your purification.  I Am your Guardian and Mother of Mercy, with maternal love I have chosen you from so many millions of souls so to that the work of your Heavenly Mother may be able to be fulfilled.

Children, it has come the time in your lives for you to see the fruit of My loving work in you instead of looking all the time to the thorns that are nailed in your feet.  To arrive to the school of peace you must pass through the school of purification, of surrender and of renunciation.


My Children,

In the beginning of this Palm Sunday, I invite you to remember the moment when your King and Savior entered through the high gate of Jerusalem to freed it from punishment and from the conquering power.

Remember this decisive moment because it was the beginning of the surrender of your Lord to the cross of Redemption.

For this, on this day, dear children, glorify Jesus because He was the one who, in the name of the Supreme Will, came to the world to end the captivity of all of humanity.

Raising your branches and palms of light to receive the Savior at the doors of the inner Jerusalem, open your hearts to recognize the Lord of the Infinite Mercy.  In this way, being healed and forgiven by His Luminous Presence, receive from His Sacred Heart the gift of Peace, because in these times Peace will lead you to testimony the second coming of Christ.

Now, in glory and in power, the King will arrive to end His Mission on Earth.  Prepare your virtues and gifts because soon He will come to get them to do with them His Works of Mercy in the souls of the world.

Children, silently, your Celestial Mother, in the joy and fullness of Her Immaculate Love, reminds the passage of the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem.  This moment was meaningful and predestined for all of humanity because it would reach, throughout this act, the time of its purification.

But it is now, children, that you must be prepared to wait for the second coming of Christ.  I call you to become aware of this universal event that will mobilize all of the laws of space, and the stars will be witnesses of the arrival of a new cycle.

Until that happens, bring back to your hearts the passage of the entrance of your Master to Jerusalem.  In this way you will attract the codes of light needed to define your paths.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who is with you today, at the doors of Jerusalem, waiting for the Savior,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

I Am the Eternal and Blessed Mother who builds the new paths through which the souls in redemption will pass in order to find the ocean of the Mercy of My Son.

On this day I teach how to prepare your internal paths so that the King may traverse them during His second coming to the world.  For this, children of Mine, as a good flock of the Shepherd, accept the lap and the arms of your Mother so that, in the warmth of My Love, you may feel the comfort that you so much need.

My walking on this world through pilgrimages demonstrates to all the oeuvre that your Heavenly Mother has been weaving with Her own hands of light in all the hearts of the world.

For this blessed cause, children, your Universal Mother is in charge of preparing, purifying and liberating the paths that the souls must traverse until they find My Son Jesus.

With merciful gaze, your Heavenly Mother reunites you at the cenacle of Her Most Pure Heart so that, purified by the divine gift of love, you get to the suitable time to live the apostolate in this school of prayer and discipleship that I offer you.

In this manner, the world will have the opportunity to remedy and change the ways of life that divert the souls from the paths of God out of ignorance and disbelief.

Dear children of Mine, may on this day, being invited to enter the apostolate, you perceive, with the essence of the heart, that you are already in a new cycle full of challenges and tests to transcend as well as to purify yourselves.  

But know, children, that your Heavenly Mother is accompanying you in this cycle in the name of the Love of God so that someday you may reach the Purpose, such as Christ reached it on the cross.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who envelops you in the sacred mantle of light,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Almighty God proclaims the power of His Word through My Immaculate Heart.  This Sovereign Power shelters you in the favorite bosom of His Most Pure Heart.

Children, through the magnitude of the Divine and Creating Word the forms are constructed and thus, the divine and superior Life is expressed by means of the existence of the creatures of this vast universe.

It is through the souls that Adonai accomplishes His Magnanimous and Infinite Oeuvre, because in every spiritual science, the life of all souls and essences is the main reason for the existence of the Plan of the Creator.

It is through the divine intervention of the creating and celestial angels that the Divine Thought is manifested throughout the dwellings of all the Heavens.  From there comes the fundamental essence and the major principle that allow the accomplishing of the projects thought by God.

And the souls of the Earth, how do they participate in origin of this principle?

It is enough, children, that you simply recognize yourselves everyday as worthy children of God and that you fulfill the commands that come directly from the Creating Mind towards your hearts.

You, Children of Mine, are a very important and a remarkable part of the indispensable attainment of this project.  Since the beginning of this humanity God thought about achieving His most intimate wishes through the manifestation of the soul of the creatures. 

Your soul is the direct bridge that will unite you to the infinite dwellings where the life of the spirit is expressed and the sublime experience with the law of Love and of Unity.

From your roots and your origins emerges the principle of The Whole and from this Whole the will is born to perform tasks that never end.  Because you are in first place in the Heart of the Celestial Father for His Most Pure Purpose and, without you, souls in redemption and rehabilitation, He will not be able to awaken the coming of the New Humanity and the new soul.

You, My beloved, are at the exact moment of a transition that has not started yet.  Embrace in your interior the Grace of belonging to the Plan of God and being aware of the divine laws which rule you every day, be thankful.  In this way you will be worthy and deserving of waiting for My Beloved Son in some corner of your consciousnesses and souls.

Dear children:

May you words not judge the other hearts, may you lips only pray for peace and for love in the entire world.

My children, may your feeling be an emanation of the Love of My Son because through Jesus you will find the Font of all love and forgiveness.

May your lives at the end of this time be only love and forgiveness, may your actions be transmitted through good works. You are My children and all My children must be porters of peace in the heart and thus irradiate it through charity and through donation.

Charity and donation are what is lacking among brothers and sisters of this world, because of this My Maternal Heart comes to you to teach you about the true love born as a flower in the sunrise.

Dear children, for this, may your arms always be as open as your hands to receive those who are most dispossessed and those who most need God.

Little children, today I invite you to imitate Me, today I call you to be true representatives of My message for the world, because as Mother I know that your hearts may be loyal representatives of My words on the planet.

You are inside of My Grace when I lovingly visit you month by month, but the world, where is it right now? Is it living the mercy of God?

Dear children, you as servers and as souls in prayer, are called to be participants and transmitters of the Divine Mercy, because with so much love and with a crystalline and pure love we will transform lives and hearts.

In your hands is the future of the world and of all humanity. In prayer, in fast and in vigil is found the strength of the life for each heart.

My children, you are in My Maternal Heart because the Lady of Peace wants to make you humble before God, so that together with the angels, all souls will live their salvation and the conversion, and praise for centuries upon centuries to God.

Pray for the shepherds because in them My Son wants to be always.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

When you live in the Will of the Father you will recognize through prayer the great works of love, pity and mercy that He manifests for this entire world.

When you live in the Will of the Lord you will recognize your preferences and your goals and you will know which one to purify.

When you live in the Will of God you will feel that which is Good so that imitating it your lives can also guide other souls.

When you live in the Will of My Son you will recognize the one who talks to you with so much love day by day and you can value all that has been given to your hearts.

When many of My children live in the Will of the Father you will recognize My messages and warrant all the maternal instruction given every month.

When humanity lives in the Will of the Holy Spirit everyone will know where they are and that in this moment they are invited to travel the new path of Christ.

When the hearts live in the Will of God they can surrender life in the hands of the Creator and they will lose control of their own life; this will allow God to express His Universe in each of His Children.

My children, if humanity lived in the Will of the Lord conflict would end in the world and Celestial Peace would be present, there would be no separation in the families and only unity would reign; everything would be rebuilt so that God can make Himself present in the hearts of His children.

But still dear children, the souls do not live in the Will of God because they fear what Love, the Eternal God, may aspire to do in each essence. If humanity were already in the Will of the Lord the plans would change and Divine Mercy would be light expanded in all the corners of this world.

While the souls do not live in the Divine Will of God, I ask you for constant prayer so that the soul recognizes the path it is being called to travel, the path of redeeming love.

My little ones you can aspire to live in the Unfathomable Will of God because this feeling will please the Heart of God and help Me in the mission of the Queen of Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

May the Lord bless you, because My works for Peace are beign fruitful. My dear children: for this month that is starting, I call you to meditate in the groups of prayer. I call you to an exercise of contemplation, which will be conducted by the presence of the Heart of My Son. 

Dear children: if you seek Christ, your hearts will be able to be happy. To live in the happiness of the heart, you have to pray so that all the world lives in peace.

Little children: each group of prayer must irradiate its seed of peace, so that it sprouts through your prayers. When it sprouts, the seed will be open to the new and in it, its first vocation will bloom: the eternal prayer. Dear children, take care of this seed of talents and fruits, which can be found in each one of your hearts.

My dear ones: distribute the fruits that you are receiving through prayer and through peace. Donate your hearts in the name of peace and thus, all your brothers and sisters will be able to be permeated by the Grace.

Beloved children: at the moment of prayer in the groups, your hearts will participate in a loving encounter with Christ. For that little children, I invite you to witness the Sacred Heart of Christ, so that He inspires you on the path towards purity and the sacred. When you reach to live in Him, the relief of all pain may come as a sparkle of infinite Grace. I prepare you for the works of God, works in the prayer and in the donation of yourself. I will thus be following each one of your steps.

Dear children: with happiness My call is answered by the children in Medjugorje and now is being responded by all the faithful of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In each nation a spiritual gift. In each heart a path to redemption.

Children: I guide you through path road of faith; the Lord needs that you live the peace in each one of your hearts, this will help the sick world. It is time to heal all through the word of prayer. In prayer, you can find the way out to get to the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I adore you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception and the Trinity.



I feel immense and inexplicable joy for you, for being able to return to one of My favorite homes and Service Nucleus for humanity.

After a long walk, your Master and Lord comes to the heart of each one of those present so that, in adoration and in silence, He may rest together with His disciples and praying pilgrims.

This is a special moment because, as from today on, the Light-Nuclei will prepare, after many years, to someday change into Centers of humanitarian shelter and support in the current time of transition.

Here in the Light-Nuclei exists the main archetype of the attributes of the Light-Communities; they are the arms and the hands stretched out to the world that can welcome, receive and bring relief to those who suffer. All this is a treasure of the Spiritual Hierarchy, because the Light-Nuclei are spaces dedicated to helping souls to take the first steps in fraternity, in the good and, above all, in love.

If the Light-Nuclei did not exist as basic support and pillars of the Work of the Hierarchy, today it would not be possible to carry humanitarian and fraternal service to the world, because the Light-Nuclei are not only spaces for reconnecting with the sense of the inner world, but they also represent the experience and the synthesis of the Light-Communities.

In short, the Nuclei are fruits of the sacred tree, of a tree that, by means of souls and servers, must continue to sow forgiveness and redemption in the most spiritually needy hearts.

I am forever grateful for the eternal and loving service of the souls of this and all Light-Nuclei. I am grateful to those who in faith still hold up the torch of their Lord on the surface of the Earth.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I will draw, to My Heart, souls that are unknown to you, and they will approach this Work through My intercession.

They will be like butterflies that will alight on the Flower of My Heart, or like bees that will drink the nectar of the living flowers of My Garden.

These souls will be withdrawn from the superficial life of the Earth, and with all of My Love, I will give them shelter so that they may have the grace of knowing, for a time, the Source of Divine and unfathomable Mercy.

I will place them in the ocean of My Love so that they may be purified and may receive the spiritual impulses that they need, like the rain that moistens the earth to make it fertile.

These souls will come from various places and paths, and I will guide them onto a single path; I will open the sacred door of My Inner Temple to them so that they may receive the blessing of the Divine Spirit.

Some of them will feel the impulse to totally consecrate themselves to Me; and others will feel the need to follow My Path until they are able to find for themselves the Fount of My Mercy and drink from it to nourish their essences.

It will be up to you to be attentive in order to learn to recognize the souls that I will send you to become part of My commandos, just as you now are, according to My Will. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The twelve songs composed and intuitively elaborated by José Trigueirinho, during the course of his thirty years of instruction, of learning and of service to the Plan of God, reflect the aspiration, the hope and the call to the manifestation of the spiritual attributes which, during his first phase as an instrument of the Hierarchy, he yearned to concretize, in this humanity, just as other spiritual and philosophic instructors that have come to the Earth to fulfill a Greater Will.

By means of these twelve songs, José Trigueirinho achieved to transmit one of the seventy seven Wills of God manifested in twelve Principles, which were literally expressed as inner messages coming from his soul. These messages reflected the aspiration of the Divine Hierarchy for the concretion of the first attributes, which would impel the awakening of the consciousness of the New Humanity.

Another main accomplishment carried forward throughout the years by José Trigueirnho, the instrument of God, was the manifestation of the Choirs-of-Light, one of the streams of the Divines Will, in this case the main stream, which would help in the descending of more and more attributes to the consciousness of humanity.

In this sense, the first choirs, which had officially formed based on the experience and the living of the collective work, by means of the Community-of-Light of Figueira, accepted to develop, little by little, the expression of the attributes that José Trigueirinho had once heard in his soul and had written on paper, as inner statements, which transmitted a message and a higher call to the Hierarchy.

This legacy, which impelled, after thirty years, the expression of the Communities-of-Light, the awakening of the groups of service, of prayer, of instruction and of healing; is renewed today for all consciousnesses, demonstrating to each one of them that the twelve main songs once written by the instrument of God were prophetic symbolic messages which were revealing, on many levels of consciousness, what would happen during the first thirty years of a Work based on love and on faith in the Hierarchy.


In the most difficult moments is when My Merciful Heart is radiated towards the consciousness that suffer, because in the hour of My Mercy the source of life and of reparation washes deeply the spiritual wounds of the fragile and lonely hearts.

But when in truth you feel lonely My Wisdom invades your little spirits and comforts the soul that needs forces to be able to continue on My Path. In the plans of the Father, His Works are accomplished according to the availability and the surrender of the servers but these superior works are fulfilled, or they are held up without obstacles when the soul truly needs inner rest.

Those who in truth serve Me and who surrender all to Me are few. For this in them I confirm My Will so that My savior Project is fulfilled.

Guard today the Healing Face of My Being. Know that the Sacred Heart of Jesus also helps and accompanies Its disciples when they are sick or sad. My Light comes to the world to ignite again the commitment. May nothing disturb you, no matter how great it may seem. Trust in the moment of purification and of redemption that your souls and bodies are living.

Be one with Me. In this way I will help you to sustain yourselves in spite of the battles of the enemy. Know that My Light will always triumph on the Earth and in Heaven.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message with soul and heart!

Christ Jesus


I contemplate the tired hearts and the hearts that rest in the other hearts.

In My Work there are the ones who sacrifice and the ones who try to live sacrifice.

In My Work there is the server and the one who is serving for a greater reason.

But all pass through the school of surrender and of sacrifice, in this way I relate Myself to My friends. To some I give My Will and to others I give My Aspirations for something good and better.

But all have the same place in My Heart because there are not two paths to get to Me, but only one, a path of renunciation and sacrifice that will permit you to achieve the state of humility.

For this those who are with Me are those  that do greater part of the work, for those who are comfortable and for those who are blind without being able to encounter the life of spirit. Thus I always make use of the same ones. My Heart ennobles Itself and rejoices Itself when a disciple does an extraordinary, loving and abnegated service. In this way I am seeing the mature fruit of the merciful seeds that I have sown in each being.

The one who gives all for Me and for the fulfillment of My Plan will receive the gifts of My Love. I will also give to you My Sacrifice, that which I lived on the Cross for all. I will also give you a similar cross so that you may know how to carry it in your back for those who abruptly are lost without leaving footprints of the presence of their most little spirits.

For this, all that you may receive in My Name will give you strength to love the power of the surrender and the sacrifice offered out of love and for the redemption of humanity. In this way you will see the fruit and the merits of your work in the salvation of those who were dead in life, separated from My Light and who by your Graces will reach Eternity and Mercy.

Guard in your hearts the hope of finding in the Kingdom of the Heavens the true treasure for your spirits because there you will rest between My Arms as good redeemed sheep.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed of soul and of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.  


My Works are various in the whole world and they are accomplished through all of those who answer to My Merciful call.

Those who surrender their lives out of love to My Heart will never cease being observed by the compassion of My Paternal Spirit, because it is through the humble souls where My Kind Heart finds rest, it is in the simple souls where My Universal Spirit rests to be able to help the world.

For this may each one of My Disciples know that they are accomplishing a precious task to generate and awaken redemption in the world and in humanity.

May no one lose the joy of serving Me every day of life because at the end of the task in this world, I will recognize in Heaven the greatness of their love for My Heart and I will recognize the path of surrender that they have taken for My Work on the whole Earth.

Whoever complies with My Will, will be able to lead a life invaded by the presence of My Spirit and should not occupy themselves with anything, only with accomplishing the simple that I ask of them, which is the life of merciful prayer, because My Heart will take care of the rest of the questions of life.

At three in the afternoon is opened a door to the renewal of your little consciousnesses.  At three in the afternoon is opened a door in the universe so that the souls may be reconciled with God through the infinite Mercy of My Heart.

For this, may no one miss this hour, because My Heart will be attentive to the voice of the pleas of all those souls who dispose themselves to drink from My Merciful Source.  Day by day I want to clean your feelings and thoughts, so that they may be as pure and as divine as Mine.

I aspire to find you at three in the afternoon in profound contemplation and adoration to My Heart of Peace because in this way you will simply help Me to help the world in Light and in Mercy.  My Soldiers are formed by means of the donation to merciful prayer.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer


There are mysteries that only are revealed to the simple soul, the one that, in its simplicity, stops aspiring to the things of the world and starts to place the focus of its evolution in living what is real and completely unknown by it.

Know that even that soul that is apparently traversing a spiritual path, when it has some goal or material aspiration for itself, will never understand the paths of God and will not be capable of entering truly in His Heart.

The soul that puts itself on the right path is the one that does not aspire to absolutely any merit in this world.  All that it builds up in its material life, including its own transformation, is done with the single intention of obeying what God asks it, knowing that something He will do with all that.  Its true aspiration is in dissolving itself in God, finding Him and being nothing within His Greatness.

That was the essence of the Sacred Family, which was an example to all of humanity.

In the material life, offer all with endeavor, effort and perfection, so that whatever God asks may be materialized, not for you to become the constructors of the work of God, but only to obey Him, no matter the purpose that He will give to all that you live.

If you make yours the goals of God, you run the risk to place your own will into the celestial designs; you will try to discover what the goal of God is and, at the thought of knowing it, when it does not materialize itself, you will feel that you have failed.

My dear companions, do you understand then the essence of being a worker of God?  The worker of God does not know how the end of this work will be, they do not know what they are constructing, they just lay, each day, the brick wherever it is asked to them.  And they make it with much freedom and with much love, because this work it is not theirs, it is of God.

The true goal of the worker is not to materialize the work, but to obey, each day, the great Celestial Constructor.

Set, then, your aspirations in the right place and abandon your own goals, even if they may seem spiritual to you.  Each day, let yourselves be constructed by God and do not want to know in what will result His work.  Just love being servants of the Creator, trust in His perfection, and with simplicity, you will find absolute union with Him.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.