Sunday, April 23 of 2017

Daily Messages

The closure of a cycle of Graces

The Source of Healing through sound and song remained open, during this last time, through those who adhered and made an effort so that the meetings of music could be carried forward.

After the last blessings received during the Sacred Week, the souls, in general, committed themselves to collaborate more and to contribute for the fulfillment of the Work of the Divine Messengers.

The meetings of music held in the last months showed the Universe the possibility that the human being of surface has to reverse and to spiritually heal certain serious situations of the planet, to the point of becoming a conscious cooperator of the Evolving Plan.

As time went by, the production of the meetings of music became characterized by an intense demand of work and of material dedication so that in every following 23rd, as it is today, it might be possible to concretize the fundamental task among the choirs and your Heavenly Mother: the mission of attracting, monthly, the actuation of new Laws that could modify the chaotic reality of the planet.

Such was the practical demand in the technical production during the last months, that your Heavenly Mother explicitly summoned selfless servers to collaborate immediately, with the aim of continuing the mission that was being carried out through the meetings of music.

This meant, from the human point of view, a great demand and an extreme requirement in order to be possible to carry out in the last three months such meetings.

For this reason and for lack of immediate response, your Heavenly Mother has requested these days, the recess for six months of the live program: Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, so that all servers of the Plan of Love, both those that actively participate, as well as those who witness these meetings on the 23rd, may perceive that the Work which the Divine Messengers have placed in humanity to generate a greater state of healing, of grace and of mercy, is responsibility of all those that are united to it from the heart.

With this, I am inviting My servers to leave the constant point of wanting to receive, to wait or to supplicate so that, definitively, you may act, work, protect and take care of the Work that was entrusted to you with so much love.

The recess of music for healing will mean the silence of humanity, which which will not be able to cry out for mercy, which it needs with urgency.

I hope that after this Sacred Week, just as My Beloved Son has asked you, your actions and thoughts may no longer be the same.

The Spiritual Hierarchy calls you to participate in a plan of rescue and of planetary emergency; we are already in another cycle and it is time to act with readiness and not with slowness or inertia.

I invite you again to awaken from this possible worldly dream in which you may entered.

The whole Universe waits for the step of the servers of the Plan of Redemption of Christ.


Who makes you aware,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace