Crown of Stars


Behold, the Lady of all peoples and of all races comes to meet you with the potency of the Scepter of God in Her hands, with the love of the stars of the sky in Her Heart.

Behold, the Mother and Lady of all peoples of Heaven and of Earth, Mother of humanity, of the angels and of the Son of God comes to meet you, bringing Peace in Her Heart, pouring out Graces from between Her hands.

My Crown of stars pours Mercy upon the world. The scepter of God in My hands deters the Justice that descends upon the souls because, in spite of the indifference and of the ignorance of humanity before celestial things, the Love of God for His children has no end.

I come today, children, for people who must recover their Faith in God and their spirituality, extracting from its consciousness the roots of evil, of separateness, of injustice and of lack of love.

I come to show you the doors of the Celestial Church of your Creator Father and the path through which you will reach it, regardless of your culture, race or creed on this Earth.

I come to lead you to the conversion of heart, of consciousness and of life, not to show you a new religion, but to lead you to a new standard of life in which your hearts may unite with God through transparency, truth and love, and may express this unity with your brothers and sisters through service, fraternity and love for your fellow beings.

I come to unite Heaven and Earth, in the priesthood of forgiveness and healing, which My Son granted to Me while on the Cross.

I come to guide the apostles of the last times and the latter-day saints, awakening you and congregating you within and outside of the Church, because it is not only in the churches of the Earth where the children of God and the companions of Christ are. I come to get you in the four corners of the world, because the time for you to awaken has come.

My Heart prepares the arrival of the Messiah in the world and, just as I once gestated Him in My Womb and opened the doors so that His Spirit, Soul, Body and Divinity might be on Earth among those of His, today, children, I come to prepare His return, together with you. I come to announce the good news of His arrival in the world and prepare the flocks that will accompany the Shepherd in the institution of a New Life.


My Crown of Twelve Stars is crowned by the essence of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

My Mantle is covered by all the leaves of the plants of the world, but My Heart is the Divine Rose that represents the synthesis of the Creation of God on this planet.

My Blue Belt is the vine of life, the one that seeks to grow, to spread, and always rise to the highest to praise God.

My Tunic is embroidered by the matrix of themost simple flowers of the world, those that express a permanent devotion to the Creator. And I am surrounded by the Rays that each Kingdom expresses on this planet, to donate itself to God.

I am the Mother of Nature and I am integrated by each Aspect of God once manifested in the beginning of this Creation.

My Immaculate Heart keeps the matrix of the Kingdoms of Nature. My Cells keep the memory and the origin of each created Kingdom.

I Am a part of Life, of the Infinite, and of the regeneration for this planet. The one who from theheart, is with the Kingdoms of Nature, will always be with Me to be able to realize the Will of God on this planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature simply need to feel themselves loved by the human being of the surface, so that they too may be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children:

On the eve of the fulfillment of the ninety-nine years of My Apparitions in Fatima, I would like to lead you through Lis for you to find the Mercy of God.

I would like your souls to search for the perfect union with each one of the inner gardens of Lis-Fatima, and at the same time, to find the source of the original purity not only for yourselves but also for the world.

I come, children, on this day of vigil of prayer for us to continue praying for peace, without getting tired of pronouncing the blessed prayer of the Hail Mary.

In this month of May I want to see you full in the prayer as in the inner union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Therefore, dear children, once more the doors of the Kingdom of Lis-Fatima, of the Inner Sanctuary open themselves through the hands of the holy angels that welcome and receive those who, day by day, walk without delay through the path of transformation.

United to the Inner Sanctuary of Lis-Fatima, dear children, believe in this original purity that God deposited since the beginning of your existences, and be united to others, be these blazing flames of love for humanity.

Repeat today with joy “Hail Mary,” because the Grace of the Father will be the one that will make you worthy to be able to enter in consciousness and devotion into the inner garden of Lis. In this Heaven of Fatima where the inner gardens reveal themselves, you, dear children, will find the history written on Its mirrors about the Love of Your Heavenly Mother for humanity.

When the doors open themselves to the time of purification, My children, allow that the sacred flame of Lis goes through your hearts, and that your consciousnesses be touched by the Love of God. So, children, you will allow Lis to reemerge in you as if it were the first time; allow that all its Sacred and Angelical Center shows itself to the essences still not redeemed.

Walk free of yourselves through these inner gardens and let your essences be bathed by the Light of the Kingdom of Lis. United on this day of prayer, pray, My children, feeling the presence of the Kingdom of Lis in your lives and in each one of your prayers. In this way you will find Your inner mirrors and will reflect from this Center the purity that humanity needs nowadays.


Dear Children,

Everyday I am crowned by your simple prayers and all of the crowns of love that you offer Me, I place them at the feet of the Creator so that His Mercy keeps on being poured over the Planet as a powerful flow.

Children of Mine, all prayers convert themselves into spiritual nourishment of salvation for the most sinful and thus I have the permission to help the most lost souls, those that have been denying God for a long time.

EsIt is in this way, under the intercession of My Merciful Heart that I, your Mother of the World, descend in order to look for the lost essences in the abysses of the Earth.   Each time that you pronounce: “Hail Mary”, an angel of My armies ignites a torch of light so that I may find in the hells of this world the most condemned souls.  In this way your Heavenly Mother activates the liberation of evil and these souls reencounter the path of union with Christ and then with the Celestial Father.

Dear children, the humble prayers are the shield against all temptation and they save lost lives, and especially the hearts are able to reconsider their actions and take the decision to change in their process of conversion.

Beloved children, all of the honors that I received on the part of My dear children, I pour them in Grace and in Mercy over those who are mostly in need.  Keep on working united to Me, thus My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who envelops you in the mantle of peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

As the Star of the Heaven and of the Universe, your steps are guided under the light of My Immaculate Heart. Thus your feet walk on this path towards the meeting with My Son. This is the path that you have built in the pacification and in the faith of the heart.

Dear children, today I call you to happiness in your hearts and to not fear for anything, because your Celestial Mother is with you, is at your side, observing that walk of each soul, observing the choices of each heart before the Plans of God. Because each one of you keeps in the heart something that is revered by the Angels of Heaven, tavese each one of you keeps in the heart something that is reverenced by the angels of Heaven se your Celestial Mother is with his preciousness that you guard is called purity of the heart.

Although the world forgets day by day to strengthen the spirit through prayer and through love of God the Creator, today I invite you to search within yourselves, for the immaculate purity of the heart. Out of Love God has given to you His Favored Son, who left for you the path of Truth and of Salvation.

For this, dear children, today reverently, adore and glorify the presence of the Son of God in your lives.

For this day of important reparation of the Heart of Christ, I ask you from love, to surrender your lives to Jesus and that you may encounter the merciful Love of Christ, the door for your salvation and redemption.

My children, as new instruments of Christ, as new fires of His Merciful Love, you must awaken for this time because the souls, as sparks of Love for Christ, will help through service and through consecration in the salvation of the essences.

Today, dear children, I want you to be reminded that you are a precious essence of God, and that beyond your comprehension and your rationality, is the expression of the Love of the Father in each one of His creatures. If at least the souls could remember that they are essences created by God, the steps in consciousness could be united to the Will of God.

Dear children, as the Mother of Redemption, I leave today for each one of your hearts My crown of stars, so that guided by My Immaculate Love, you will confirm the value of your faith and of your absolute trust in God the Creator.


My little children, flaming souls in the Creator, with joy for His Mercy, may Jesus be praised in all the hearts of My children of Paraguay.

Dear children, by the Grace of God the Highest, today I visit you with much Love to invite you again to proclaim the prayer of the heart. My children, I send My maternal blessings to the whole Guarani Nation, and today, as the Mother of the Americas and as Servant of the Lord, I bring you My Maternal Peace and comfort to the afflicted.

Little children: as in Guadalupe with Juan Diego upon the Tepeyac*, today again I place My Crown of Stars upon each one of My Guarani children. Dear children, My call for this time is a call to the prayer, to the reparation of the life of all people and of the whole humanity, as well as each of the American cultures, and this will happen through your sincere prayer.

As the Mother of the Unity and as Queen of Heaven, children of Mine, today I call you to reaffirm, through prayer, your conversion to God, to the All-Powerful; this will allow your souls to share the presence of Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I arrive in Paraguay to give you also My maternal blessings and My Peace.

As the Mother of all souls, I beg you to pray for the salvation of all the people of the Americas, so that like Juan Diego, they may regain humility, simplicity and the love for God.

My children, today from here, from the Celestial Universe together with Juan Diego, we thank you for answering to My requests. I hold a special fondness for all My children of Paraguay, because the always Blessed Virgin Mary knows your love for Her Immaculate Heart.

Dear Children, pray, pray a lot so may God hear you from the voice of your hearts. Pray for the Guarani communities. Pray so the education and a dignified life may be expressed in each one of these children of Mine.

I adore all of you with My Heart. Let us pray for the presence of Peace in all of Paraguay.

I thank you!

To all the prayer groups in Paraguay, thank you for listening to My call.

In the Living Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


*Hill near Mexico City, where in 1531 the Virgin appeared to the Indian Juan Diego.

In My sweet stars you will find the guideline that I come to announce to the world. They are as the loadstar of Bethlehem for each of My children, because the stars are as the dawn and the bright light for those who must revive to life in Christ.

Dear children, with immense delight I bring you to the Heart of My Son, who must be loved and venerated daily by this humanity.  In this way this preparation will allow you to receive the coming of the Redeemer for the second time to this humanity.

With all this dear children, today I want to invite you to contemplate the Merciful Face of the Living God through the presence of My Son and so that you may also witness the presence of the Most Beloved Heart of God through My Immaculate Heart.

Know dear children, that in My stars you may see the new dawn, the long years of peace, that promise written in the Heart of God the Father for all My children.

In the adorable and venerable Heart of Christ you will find the safe path that will lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Humanity may with prayer, remedy the past and the suffering that it has gestated for a long time.  Now My Marian soldiers must express hope and redemption for all those who still do not have them.

Also today I announce dear children, that My monthly presence for the days of May 12th and 13th, again in the re-emerging and beloved Portugal, will end on May 14th, with a pilgrimage of all those present in the apparitions to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Aljustrel.  In this exercise you will be as many other children relieving My Immaculate Heart and repairing the Justice promised to Europe.  The angel of the Lord will help you and He will consider this humble offer as on behalf of all.

Thank you children for replying My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



And the Lady dressed of Sun will pour the Crown of Stars, so that a path may arise from the bowels of the Earth and through which will walk the new redeemed flocks.  Each one of Her stars will be the visible sign of a new cycle and each soul, according to their choice, will enter through a path that will be able to bring them to the Kingdom of the Lord.

At the Greater Door of Heaven, the Beloved Lord will wait for His beloved soul, so that together in victory, they may consecrate the spirit to the Eternal Love of God.  The Lady dressed of Sun will manifest Her universal symbol and this will be the sign that will announce the next coming of the King of the Universe. 

Blessed are those who will be waiting in joy for the coming of the King of the Patriarchs, because they will be participants of the Good News for the world.

Blessed are those who have given of themselves, in order to transfigure in Christ their lives, because they will recognize the rays that come from the Heart of the Son of God.

And the New Boat of life and of prayer, will sail in deep sea and many will see it arising by the efforts of the little beings of Christ.  The New Boat will not be from the past, it will be born as a new child from the womb of His Immaculate Mother.

Many will not understand this mystery and not many will feel the brightness and the strength of its light, that which comes from the Boat and the new flocks.  These are the ones brought together for the redeeming mission, those who silently will lift high the torch of light, to show to the world the path of the true conversion.

No one will remain without knowing where to go, because the Boat is already sailing by means of the impulses that it receives from the favored fire of prayer.  Those who are curious will want to know the essence of this great food for the spirit, but because they do not know themselves they will see too late that everything starts and ends in the prayer of the heart.

The workers speed up the work of the great bridge to the Great Spirit of God; time flies and the souls slow down their steps towards God.  The Bird of the Holy Spirit announces a new call and only will follow in flight the ears attentive to the voice of the heart.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.