My dear children:

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, and My mantle reflects all the Light of the Sun, which illuminates and blesses Uruguay.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, and My tunic reflects the Mirror of the Heavens, which descends upon Uruguay to guide it and give it wisdom.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Confederate Mother, and My crown is the symbol of the gratitude and affection of all prayerful Uruguayans.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Patroness of this nation and of all the Charrúa people. My gaze is on the spiritual richness of the ancestral indigenous culture. My affection is in the values of brotherhood, solidarity and help that the Uruguayan people manifest and express as a gift.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three, the Mother of the workers and of all those who sacrifice day and night in order to move forward, trusting in their dreams, aspiring to reach their own goals.

I am the Lady and Mother of Uruguay, called Blessed among all women. I am the Star of the South of Uruguay, I am the One Who keeps in Her Heart the navigators. I am the One Who watches over all those who bring bread to the family table out of love.

I am the Lady of the Thirty-Three; I am the One Who prepares, in silence, the coming of Christ into every heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Forty-first Poem

Queen of Heaven and Earth,
illuminate our paths with the stars of Your Crown
so that on the pathway of life we may encounter God.

Make us simple of heart and ardent in prayer,
because we hope to be fulfilling
a part of the Creator’s Plan.

Queen of Heaven and Earth,
grant us the Grace of being released
from the chains of oppression
and from the slavery that our souls might be living.

Queen of Heaven and Earth,
help us to finally
be disciples and servers of Christ.

May our lives and existence
be in the Sacred Hands of Your Son
so that He may mold them as new instruments
at His service of Love and Peace.

Queen of Heaven and Earth,
we aspire to no longer want anything for ourselves
but rather that our lives may be the example
of the promises of Christ
for the redemption of humanity.

Queen of Heaven and Earth,
we ask You to guide and accompany us
until we are able to walk alone
so that, with maturity,
we may lovingly respond to the requests of God.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloveds,

Today My Crown of Stars is illumined by the power and the faith of the prayers offered through the Powerful Novena to Saint Raphael the Archangel.

The Creator Father is withdrawing from the planet, having fulfilled a most important stage in the mission of rescue and liberation of souls within the chain of suffering and illness.

But still, dear children, there is much to do, there are still souls to rescue, to awaken and to place upon the path of return to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

During these nine days, those who prayed were able to experience the silent work of transmutation and vibration that the Angelic Hierarchy does, and they were also able to be aware of the great need for help and prayer that the planet has.

So, during these nine days, in which the striving prayer beings carried out the novena, they were able to accompany Saint Raphael the Archangel in his planetary task of healing and reconciliation of humanity.

Opportunities will still be given to all to be able to continue praying from the heart for the end of the pandemic so that humanity may reconsider and recognize its spiritual distancing from God.

So it was, that the Eternal Father Himself sent one of His Archangels so that he could intervene for humanity.

Children, after these nine days of having been placed into contact with the sacred Law of Healing, may your prayers continue arriving to the beloved Heart of God so that more healing and more redemption may embrace the planet.

I thank you for having responded promptly to the call for the healing of humanity!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Surrounded by the Twelve Stars of the Attributes of the Universal Mother, today I cause all the Divine Principles to descend upon My children and, as a result, upon the planet so that at this moment of purification souls may learn to be in God and to seek Him at all times. 

This will prevent My children from being distracted by the things of the world and allow them to be fortified, whole and available for the prayer that impels them into transformation.

My Twelve golden Stars come to the world to ignite the Attributes of God in souls and so that they may remember these Attributes in these times, which will protect them from all that the world will face.

Within these Attributes, you will find the necessary bases to affirm your life of consecration and to affirm your life of altruistic service for humanity.

From the Attributes of the Universal Mother will come the impulses that you need to make of your lives the spiritual model that the Father thought of for each one of you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Behold, the Lady of all peoples and of all races comes to meet you with the potency of the Scepter of God in Her hands, with the love of the stars of the sky in Her Heart.

Behold, the Mother and Lady of all peoples of Heaven and of Earth, Mother of humanity, of the angels and of the Son of God comes to meet you, bringing Peace in Her Heart, pouring out Graces from between Her hands.

My Crown of stars pours Mercy upon the world. The scepter of God in My hands deters the Justice that descends upon the souls because, in spite of the indifference and of the ignorance of humanity before celestial things, the Love of God for His children has no end.

I come today, children, for people who must recover their Faith in God and their spirituality, extracting from its consciousness the roots of evil, of separateness, of injustice and of lack of love.

I come to show you the doors of the Celestial Church of your Creator Father and the path through which you will reach it, regardless of your culture, race or creed on this Earth.

I come to lead you to the conversion of heart, of consciousness and of life, not to show you a new religion, but to lead you to a new standard of life in which your hearts may unite with God through transparency, truth and love, and may express this unity with your brothers and sisters through service, fraternity and love for your fellow beings.

I come to unite Heaven and Earth, in the priesthood of forgiveness and healing, which My Son granted to Me while on the Cross.

I come to guide the apostles of the last times and the latter-day saints, awakening you and congregating you within and outside of the Church, because it is not only in the churches of the Earth where the children of God and the companions of Christ are. I come to get you in the four corners of the world, because the time for you to awaken has come.

My Heart prepares the arrival of the Messiah in the world and, just as I once gestated Him in My Womb and opened the doors so that His Spirit, Soul, Body and Divinity might be on Earth among those of His, today, children, I come to prepare His return, together with you. I come to announce the good news of His arrival in the world and prepare the flocks that will accompany the Shepherd in the institution of a New Life.

He will come, brighter than one thousand suns, with the splendor of God in His Heart. His Face will show itself to all with truth and power, more transparent than He showed Himself to His apostles in His Transfiguration. His presence will make visible the miseries and the virtues of human beings and, with a mere gaze, it will knock down the structures of the false spiritualities of the Earth. And those who did not know how to love will understand their errors and will repent, but for some it will be too late.

For this reason, My children, the Redeemer sends His Servant to the world, not to intimidate you, but to awaken you, to show you the path of Mercy and of the Grace of God.

I come so that your hearts may recognize the deviations of your lives and may reconcile with God, while there is still time.

I come so that there may be love in the hearts of human beings and that this same love can heal the stains and deepest wounds of the consciousnesses of the nations.

I come to tell you and show you that, through prayer, you will heal your hearts and your nations of all errors from the past.

I come so that you may repent, children, on behalf of humanity, and cry out to God from the heart for a greater Grace, because it is now in His Hands, ready to be poured out upon the world, it suffices that you just say “yes” to Him.

Today, receive My words with love and pray with Me for a greater good. Feel My presence in your hearts. May My Love reveal a new human being within you so that, from today on and forever, you may not be the same, but may be perpetually united in love with your Celestial Father.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Crown of Twelve Stars is crowned by the essence of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

My Mantle is covered by all the leaves of the plants of the world, but My Heart is the Divine Rose that represents the synthesis of the Creation of God on this planet.

My Blue Belt is the vine of life, the one that seeks to grow, to spread, and always rise to the highest to praise God.

My Tunic is embroidered by the matrix of themost simple flowers of the world, those that express a permanent devotion to the Creator. And I am surrounded by the Rays that each Kingdom expresses on this planet, to donate itself to God.

I am the Mother of Nature and I am integrated by each Aspect of God once manifested in the beginning of this Creation.

My Immaculate Heart keeps the matrix of the Kingdoms of Nature. My Cells keep the memory and the origin of each created Kingdom.

I Am a part of Life, of the Infinite, and of the regeneration for this planet. The one who from theheart, is with the Kingdoms of Nature, will always be with Me to be able to realize the Will of God on this planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature simply need to feel themselves loved by the human being of the surface, so that they too may be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

As a Warrior of the Light, today I wear My potent Armor of silver and, upon My Crown of Stars, I have the crystals that radiate all the Light of the universe.

I am ready to assist My children and all needs that come forward.

As much as My adversary sets traps for you, I will point out the path and the way out so as not to fall into temptation.

In My hand I carry the powerful golden ruby Sword that manifests the Will of the Most High for all of Creation. Nobody will be able to oppose His Designs from being accomplished.

I come dressed in My Armor of silver to show My children that we are still in times of battle, in which everything is at stake.

Thus, be attentive to all movements, your lives are at stake, as is the planet, and in this spiritual battle of the end of times, everything is allowed.

Remember that, if you are with Me, nothing will happen to you. Pay attention so as to not fall into distraction, indifference or omission.

Everything is within everybody's reach. For this reason, so that everything flows correctly within the spirit of protection, ardent attention will be the key for deviating battles, and silence and prayer will be the shield that will make you invisible.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from São Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Do not fear; I am here and if I am here, so is God and all His angelic and archangelic universes.

If the beast is agitated, it is because it is losing the battle and its evil plans sink as if in quicksand.

Its defeat is near and all its plans will fall apart; nothing that comes from it will reign.

Your Mother spreads Her Mantle and, under it, shows you Her fourteen Swords, which will cut and dissolve the fourteen aspects of the adversary.

The Creator Fathers will use the fourteen Swords to defeat the enemy, and all of its invading kingdom on the surface will destroy itself, because the love of hearts will reign, and swords will no longer oppose swords.

The new Goliath will be defeated and thrown into the abyss, until the time of its universal judgment arrives. 

Meanwhile, I will give My Crown of Stars to those who follow Me unconditionally, and My Crown of Light will guide you on the paths and towards the virtues of the New Jerusalem. In this way, you may come to know the Gifts that God will give to the new world, finally freed from the evil one and its constant condemnation.

The planet will be born again and the Christs, together with My Son, will fulfill the prophecy of the thousand years of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to reignite your commitment to the Celestial Father.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to reignite the attributes that will be part of the New Humanity.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to substitute the old codes for new codes.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to exchange the faults for extraordinary Graces.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to withdraw those who wait for liberation from the abysses.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to establish a time of more inner peace.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to pour out the Gifts of God over the world.

With My illuminated Crown of twelve Stars, I come to finally gather together the twelve tribes of Israel.

With My Crown of twelve Stars, I ignite the Sublime Mirrors so that the race may be transmuted.

With My Crown of twelve Stars, I offer the Father the prayers of My children, and in this way, He grants Me a spiritual expiation for those who do not deserve it.

With My Crown of twelve Stars, I bring the Mercy of God to the world.

I thank you for responding to My call with perseverance!

Who loves you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


With My stripped and pure Feet, I step on what causes pain and sadness in My children. In the name of God, I am firmly on the serpent and make it feel the Power of the Creator, so that in this way, it may be placated.

With My Hands together in prayer, I plead for the planet and for each soul of this world, without ceasing to guide and accompany those who invoke My aid.

With My luminous Mantle, I radiate the Kingdom of God so that souls may distinguish it, and recognizing it within themselves, dare to enter the Heart of God.

With the Crown of twelve Stars on My Head, I establish the Attributes of Light for the world and send the angels of Heaven on a mission so they may sow in humanity everything that will make it more fraternal, service-oriented and peaceful.

With My Gaze of Love on the world, I intensely plead for those who are lost in the material life, and with My Divine Mind, I lift up what is fallen so the Law of Redemption may be accomplished.

And so it is that I am with My Consciousness unfolded, to encompass everything, beyond this world and this humanity, because My Purpose is that everyone be able to live the Supreme Will.

For this reason, I come in aid of all those who say 'yes' to Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of My Heart is near

Dear children,

Do not fear nor despair because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near and the hell of the Earth will be sealed.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the great powers will tremble; the ground beneath your feet will be removed and there will be no stone left on top of another.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will oppose it, the Kingdom of God is approaching and all souls will see it in the Second Coming of the Redeemer.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the false kingdoms of the world will perish because once again the Love of My Son will triumph, which is the Love of the Living God.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and I will reignite the fallen stars, and make them so similar to My Love that no one will believe it.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the Crown of Light of My head will shine in the abysses to remove from illusion those who sleep and are deceived by humanity.

The triumph of My Love is near and the beasts will tremble at that moment because their great and anticipated defeat will be near and the fallen angels will be rehabilitated.

Have faith and trust because the triumph of My Plan is near and I will prevent, above all, one nation from opposing another nation.

The triumph of My Divine Heart is near, first within those who were self-summoned to this mission of peace in the world.

My children, see the great triumph of My Heart already realized, for the conversion of your lives and souls, at the moment when each one of you must ask God for forgiveness.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the forces of evil will lose the battle after I have protected, in My desert, each of My children. There, the armies and celestial powers will descend to the planet to allow the power of the Love of My Immaculate Heart  to triumph in the great abyss of the Earth.

My Grace sustains you and calms you so far; the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain without being taken into account because everyone will be warned before the end of time that will come.

Dear children, despite everything, know that the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain unprotected if in simple humility you ask me to do so. There I will be, to embrace and protect you from all adversity under My Mantle.

Now, beloved children, while everything is about to happen, I lovingly ask you to allow My maternal Plan of Love to triumph in each Marian Center, just like in each Light-Community, which I so lovingly protect.

Make service, charity and good triumph in every Light-Community. Make the Islands of Salvation triumph, which will be shelters for a great part of humanity. Open your hearts to what I tell you today.

Triumph and unite every day through love. My time amongst you is now ending and, from Heaven, I want to see the fruits of this planetary Work. The Communities are your internal and external shelters, they are the space where your bodies can rest protected when chaos settles in humanity.

Value the divine heritage which the universe has given you because shortly you will understand what I am telling you today.

Dear children, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will also be given by your surrender and self-giving to all the Communities, which are the foundations of the Marian Centers.

Dear children, with your hearts wide open after having received so many gifts and instructions, at least say to your Heavenly Mother: Yes, Divine Mother, I will respond to this Work and, until the end, I will do whatever is necessary so that the Heavenly Plan of Your Immaculate Heart may triumph!

Dear children, I will be grateful that on all the holy days of the Lord, you live and work with this affirmation so that more souls may receive, through your service, that which they are most awaiting. 

The triumph of My Heart will be given to all humanity by their inner response to My Plan.

May Medjugorje not stop shining within your hearts, just like every Marian Center which I have consecrated for the salvation of humanity.

I thank you for understanding Me and for living My call!

Who loves you and elevates you to the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

On the eve of the fulfillment of the ninety-nine years of My Apparitions in Fatima, I would like to lead you through Lis for you to find the Mercy of God.

I would like your souls to search for the perfect union with each one of the inner gardens of Lis-Fatima, and at the same time, to find the source of the original purity not only for yourselves but also for the world.

I come, children, on this day of vigil of prayer for us to continue praying for peace, without getting tired of pronouncing the blessed prayer of the Hail Mary.

In this month of May I want to see you full in the prayer as in the inner union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Therefore, dear children, once more the doors of the Kingdom of Lis-Fatima, of the Inner Sanctuary open themselves through the hands of the holy angels that welcome and receive those who, day by day, walk without delay through the path of transformation.

United to the Inner Sanctuary of Lis-Fatima, dear children, believe in this original purity that God deposited since the beginning of your existences, and be united to others, be these blazing flames of love for humanity.

Repeat today with joy “Hail Mary,” because the Grace of the Father will be the one that will make you worthy to be able to enter in consciousness and devotion into the inner garden of Lis. In this Heaven of Fatima where the inner gardens reveal themselves, you, dear children, will find the history written on Its mirrors about the Love of Your Heavenly Mother for humanity.

When the doors open themselves to the time of purification, My children, allow that the sacred flame of Lis goes through your hearts, and that your consciousnesses be touched by the Love of God. So, children, you will allow Lis to reemerge in you as if it were the first time; allow that all its Sacred and Angelical Center shows itself to the essences still not redeemed.

Walk free of yourselves through these inner gardens and let your essences be bathed by the Light of the Kingdom of Lis. United on this day of prayer, pray, My children, feeling the presence of the Kingdom of Lis in your lives and in each one of your prayers. In this way you will find Your inner mirrors and will reflect from this Center the purity that humanity needs nowadays.

As disciples of God and servants of the Queen, appeal profoundly and in devotion for the golden crown of Your Mother and Her twelve stars of attributes of love to radiate to all the world, and from the Center of Lis, to emanate the rays that will ennoble those who awaken.

May today the love of Lis-Fatima be shared among all, since Your Solar Queen is in command of the great moment of rescue. Smile at the life that God has given you and look with mercy at those miserable of spirit for them to be touched someday by the Love of Your Mother.

Prepare the altar for the encounter with Lis-Fatima because a sacred opportunity will be presented to all My children of Europe, a sacred knowledge will define yourselves forever as servants of Your Queen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

From the purity of Lis, Inner Sanctuary,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

As your Mother, I am always before you, struggling against the assaults of My adversary.

The Twelve Stars of My Crown are the most powerful rays of the sun that illumine the paths of those who became lost.

I am with you always in the battle. My Mantle is the protection of all the innocent, where those who must be guided toward the path of reconciliation take refuge.

I am with you in the battle. My Heart is the protective shield against all adversity; in it you will find strength, encouragement and hope for continuing onward.

I am with you in the battle. My eyes observe the steps of all the children of God and My hands point out the way of prayer so you may be invisible in the face of so much evil.

I am with you in the battle. The fire of My Heart burns all the evil influences and My rays of Grace show you the pathway to take.

I am your Mother of Grace; I give you the Rosary as an instrument of protection and each word pronounced will be a prayerful treasure of salvation for you.

I am with you in the Battle until the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in Villa Serrana, Minas, Levalleja, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Princess of Peace and the Queen of the Universe, the rays of redemption and pity flow from My Heart. The stars rescued from the Earth shine upon My mantle. The world is beneath My feet, and My soles of light trample the head of the evil one. My crown radiates the twelve attributes of the New Humanity and from each star, the rays of the Mercy of God are born, those rays that guide souls.

Dear children, I am the Princess of Peace, I am the Mother who unties the impossible knots that no one can untie. Whoever is with Me, will win, whoever is with Me will always awaken to the new. In My Kingdom, there will be more than one flower, in My Kingdom there will be the redeemed mirror that will ignite in Mercy and radiate peace to the universe.

I am the one who guides the lost souls. It is through My children that I have guided all hearts that wander throughout the world without finding meaning or reason in life. I rescue what is lost. I convert what is wrong. I ignite in faith what has been extinguished.

I am the Princess of Peace, who brings within Her womb the perfect image of God and who gestates within the consciousness the new science of spiritual healing.

I am the one who prays for all, I am the one who covers good souls with Her mantle and makes them invisible before the eyes of Her adversary.

Dear children, I am the Mother who guides everyone towards the Purpose. I am the one who helps accomplish the mission of each being.

I thank you for responding to My celestial call, despite the time of the adversity!

Whoever is with Me will triumph.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear Children,

Everyday I am crowned by your simple prayers and all of the crowns of love that you offer Me, I place them at the feet of the Creator so that His Mercy keeps on being poured over the Planet as a powerful flow.

Children of Mine, all prayers convert themselves into spiritual nourishment of salvation for the most sinful and thus I have the permission to help the most lost souls, those that have been denying God for a long time.

EsIt is in this way, under the intercession of My Merciful Heart that I, your Mother of the World, descend in order to look for the lost essences in the abysses of the Earth.   Each time that you pronounce: “Hail Mary”, an angel of My armies ignites a torch of light so that I may find in the hells of this world the most condemned souls.  In this way your Heavenly Mother activates the liberation of evil and these souls reencounter the path of union with Christ and then with the Celestial Father.

Dear children, the humble prayers are the shield against all temptation and they save lost lives, and especially the hearts are able to reconsider their actions and take the decision to change in their process of conversion.

Beloved children, all of the honors that I received on the part of My dear children, I pour them in Grace and in Mercy over those who are mostly in need.  Keep on working united to Me, thus My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who envelops you in the mantle of peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the apparition of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

Contemplate, in My eyes, the imperishable Light that never goes out, so that it may illuminate your paths that lead you to the Heart of God.

Contemplate in My Mantle the eternal protection, so that you may risk to take the steps and, without fear, experience the transformation.

Contemplate in My Heart the flame that will sustain you in devotion and in faith, and that will not allow you to lose heart before the ordeals of the enemy.

Contemplate in My hands the perpetual, tireless and impassive help that will always await you to lead you to the Light.

Contemplate in My feet, sanctified by the glorious walk I have taken to the Kingdom of God, the secure path through which your little feet will also walk.

Contemplate, in My crown of stars, the Light of the Holy Spirit, which will appear even in the dark of night and that will appear from behind the thickest clouds that approach your lives.

In My Rosary, contemplate the unshakable faith and the eternal persistence of My Heart that prays day and night for the souls of the world.

Contemplate, in the roses under My feet, the permanent offering generated by My perpetual prayer, an offering that is adored by God and that represents all humanity.

Today, My children, I clothe your bodies with My Mantle, I cover your heads with My crown of stars, in your hands I place My Rosary and, under your feet, I lay seven roses so that you may follow My example eternally, an example that I bring to your hearts week after week, month after month.

I want you to accept this true offering of My Heart so that you can have a pure heart, a simple and humble life, a journey full of faith and absolute trust in God; and through the rosary in your hands, never forget that each step must be taken for your neighbor.

Experience the transformation as an eternal service of help to humanity and to the whole planet, which needs hearts Christified by the Love of the Holy Spirit of God; hearts ready to cross the threshold of a new race, a new humanity, based on Love.

My Presence at this time comes to show you the path which you must follow, until the moment you will meet My Son, and from then on, you will follow Him, in His glorified example of union with the Father.

My children, luminous is the end of this path of stones; I only ask you to be persistent and to follow the instructions left by the Messengers of God, for in this way, the stones will be opportunities for growth and not reasons for atavism.

My beloved, seek in My Heart and in the contemplation of My Sacred Image, the strength and faith that nourishes your spirits; thus, I will always be able to guide you and to accompany you, side by side with your hearts, on the trajectory you must experience.

Like water that flows in the river of life, allow yourselves to conform to the Will of God expressed in the instructions you have received; this way, you will free your beings from being in unnecessary suffering at this time.

Never forget to pray. Pray, pray a lot to achieve peace in the whole world.

I love you and I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Special Message

Today I cast the stars of My Crown upon the Earth, so that the celestial brightness that covers the Queen of the World may awaken those who are still asleep and those who remain in the darkness of the consciousness, in ignorance.

My children, when My stars cross the threshold that exists between Heaven and Earth, a new dawn breaks in the lives of all beings. Each of My stars symbolizes the living attributes of My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.

I bring upon My head a crown of 12 stars so that each time My feet touch the Earth, the hearts of the world may receive this luminous sign that descends from Heaven, this symbol of redemption that brings with it the Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God.

A great mystery is kept within My Crown of stars. Each of the new apostles of Christ will have within My Crown of stars the inspiration and instruction for their apostolate.

Contemplate with your heart the brilliance of My stars and allow this mystery of the Woman clothed with the Sun to enter into your consciousnesses. 

My beloved ones, through these stars, God pours out the awakening of His Holy Spirit into creatures, pours out upon the world the hidden teachings that live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The stars that form My Crown are the keys to the awakening of your spirits, they are the keys to open the doors of the heart and to open the doors of Heaven.

Those of My children who seek the Creator, carrying in their heart one of My stars, will be recognized as children of God and His faithful Servant. The one who permanently assumes this celestial star on their chest will be recognized as a beloved child of the Woman clothed with the Sun.

If you receive this symbol of love within your hearts, you will be protected from all evil, and if you sincerely trust in this mystery that I deposit into your hearts, the dragons that roam the world will not find you.

Perceive, My children, the stars that descend from Heaven to Earth, stars that come from My blessed Crown and are here to seal the commitment of My children with My Immaculate Heart.

Be as the child from the prophecy of John, the Apostle, be in My arms, protected by the Sun and by the stars of My Crown; in this way, no evil will approach your hearts.

The Heavens count on the faith in the hearts of humans, they count on the response that each one can give to the Lord when they listen to My Words. Be faithful to the voice of your own heart when My Voice, full of the Holy Spirit, echoes within you. Be simple and humble to understand, always through the heart, the Words that I pronounce.

The most hidden mysteries that live within My Kingdom are unveiled through the purity of the heart and not from the cunning of the mind.

My beloveds, it is already time to unveil some mysteries to your beings. Those who open their hearts to listen to them will receive from the Spirit of God the necessary discernment and comprehension to understand and live the Will of God contained within these mysteries.

Those who try to hear My Words and find their veracity through the mind will suffer the darkness of ignorance and will not allow the Spirit of God to echo within their hearts, to search the depths of their spirits and tear the veils of their consciousnesses.

Receive My call today with love. Receive within your hearts the mystery enclosed within My Crown of stars, seek and ask the Lord that these stars may be present within your hearts, because if one of My stars finds space in the hearts of humans, the Holy Spirit can descend upon the Earth and ignite the human heart with Divine Fire.

I thank you, My beloved and little children, for allowing yourselves to be guided by My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the World and Queen of Peace

Daily Messages

And the Lady dressed of Sun will pour the Crown of Stars, so that a path may arise from the bowels of the Earth and through which will walk the new redeemed flocks.  Each one of Her stars will be the visible sign of a new cycle and each soul, according to their choice, will enter through a path that will be able to bring them to the Kingdom of the Lord.

At the Greater Door of Heaven, the Beloved Lord will wait for His beloved soul, so that together in victory, they may consecrate the spirit to the Eternal Love of God.  The Lady dressed of Sun will manifest Her universal symbol and this will be the sign that will announce the next coming of the King of the Universe. 

Blessed are those who will be waiting in joy for the coming of the King of the Patriarchs, because they will be participants of the Good News for the world.

Blessed are those who have given of themselves, in order to transfigure in Christ their lives, because they will recognize the rays that come from the Heart of the Son of God.

And the New Boat of life and of prayer, will sail in deep sea and many will see it arising by the efforts of the little beings of Christ.  The New Boat will not be from the past, it will be born as a new child from the womb of His Immaculate Mother.

Many will not understand this mystery and not many will feel the brightness and the strength of its light, that which comes from the Boat and the new flocks.  These are the ones brought together for the redeeming mission, those who silently will lift high the torch of light, to show to the world the path of the true conversion.

No one will remain without knowing where to go, because the Boat is already sailing by means of the impulses that it receives from the favored fire of prayer.  Those who are curious will want to know the essence of this great food for the spirit, but because they do not know themselves they will see too late that everything starts and ends in the prayer of the heart.

The workers speed up the work of the great bridge to the Great Spirit of God; time flies and the souls slow down their steps towards God.  The Bird of the Holy Spirit announces a new call and only will follow in flight the ears attentive to the voice of the heart.

A New Humanity awakens in the south of the world.   On the horizon the Aurora breaks radiant, in order to open the cycle of purification.  All of the universe comes together so that the Divine Purpose may reach its reality in the sleeping consciousnesses.

Compassion for those who will cry for having depreciated the instruction of Heaven!  The Voice of the Great Master will continue to resonate for some more time, while His Light illuminates with love the pace of the New Boat.

The old will be knocked down, because the pillars were not based in living the Law of the Lord. It is time to recognize the Time and to live in the wisdom of the Lord.

The Doors of Heaven are opened to welcome all of those who have been separated from God.

Penance for the proud ones!  Redemption for the timid!  Mercy for those who do not tire of serving the Great Lord!

The Star of the Universe will announce the great moment for the world, while the New Boat sails to the south of the world; its passing knocks down with love the structures that are already expired.  No one will be able to oppose it, because it is filled by the Light of the Great Universal King.

Recognize with faith all that you receive in your hands, because for the expected time there must exist a repentant heart, so that it may be healed by God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My signs with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Master of Love


As the Star of Heaven and of the Universe, your steps are guided under the Light of My Immaculate Heart. Thus your feet walk on this pathway towards the encounter with My Son. This is a pathway built in the pacification and in the faith of the heart.

Dear children, today I call you to rejoice your hearts and not to fear for anything because your Celestial Mother is with you, by your side, observing the walk of each soul, observing the definition of each heart before the Plans of God. Because each one of you keeps in the heart something that is revered by the angels of Heaven. This precious thing that you keep is called “purity of the heart.”

Although the world forgets, day to day, to strengthen the spirit through prayer and through the Love of God the Creator, today I invite you to search within yourselves for the immaculate purity of the heart. Out of love, God has given you His Favorite Son, who left for you the path of truth and salvation.

Therefore, dear children, today revere, adore and glorify the Presence of the Son of God in your lives.

On this day of important reparation of the Heart of Christ, I ask you that, out of love, you surrender your lives to Jesus and that you find, in the Merciful Love of Christ, the door to your salvation and redemption.

My children, new instruments of Christ, new fires of His Merciful Love must awaken in this time because the souls, as sparks of the Love of Christ, will help in the salvation of the essences by means of service and consecration.

Today, dear children, I want you to remember that you are precious essences of God and that beyond your understanding and reason, there is the expression of the Love of the Father in each one of His creatures. If souls could at least remember that they are essences created by God, the steps in conscious- ness would be able to be united to His Will.

Dear children, as the Mother of Redemption I leave My crown of stars to each one of your hearts today so that, guided by My Immaculate Love, you may recognize the value of your faith and of your absolute trust in God the Creator.

Today I also tell you to fear nothing and to walk, walk in prayer, because it will be your shield for the important moments. Uniting day by day your hearts in fraternity you will be able to carry imprinted in your beings the Eternal Celestial Peace of the Lord.

Propagate the merciful power of prayer and may your lives reveal to those who are distant from God, the teachings and the transformations that Christ has made in your consciousnesses.

Be the new shepherds of prayer and, through the exercise of prayer, be the guardians of all souls with Me. Let us pray for the presence of the Mercy of God in the world.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My little children,

Flaming souls in the Creator, with joy for His Mercy, may Jesus be praised in all the hearts of My children of Paraguay.

Dear children, by the Grace of God the Most High, today I visit you with much Love to invite you again to proclaim the prayer of the heart. My children, I send My Maternal Blessings to the whole Guarani Nation and today, as the Mother of the Americas and as the Server of the Lord, I bring you My Maternal Peace and comfort to the afflicted.

Little children, as in Guadalupe with Juan Diego upon the Tepeyac(*), today again I place My crown of stars upon each one of My Guarani children. Dear children, My call in these times is a call to prayer, to the reparation of the life of people, of each one of the American cultures and of all humanity, and this will happen through your sincere prayer.

As the Mother of the One and Only and as Queen of Heaven, My children, today I call you to reaffirm, through prayer, your conversion to God, to the Almighty; this will allow your souls to commune with the presence of Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I arrive in Paraguay to give you My Maternal Blessings and My Peace.

As the Mother of all souls, I supplicate you to pray for the salvation of all the peoples of the Americas so that, just as Juan Diego, they may regain humility, simplicity and the love for God.

My children, today from here, from the Celestial Universe together with Juan Diego, We thank you for responding to My requests. I hold a special fondness for all My children of Paraguay, because the ever Blessed Virgin Mary knows about your love for Her Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that God may hear you from the voice of your hearts. Pray for the Guarani communities, pray so that education and a dignified life may be expressed in each one of these children of Mine.

I adore you all with My Heart. Let us pray for the presence of peace in all of Paraguay.

I thank you!

To all the prayer groups in Paraguay, thank you for listening to My call.

In the Living Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


(*) Hill near Mexico City, where in 1531 the Virgin appeared to the Indian Juan Diego.



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