Prayer of the Servant of God

O Lord,
fill our lives
with the gifts of Your Grace.

Reveal Yourself, My God,
at each step of life.

Make Yourself present in the smallest thing,
so that many more may discover
the sacred power of Your Humility.

Lord, open the doors of Your Kingdom,
so that all may enter.

With Eyes of Mercy,
may You contemplate the magnificence
that all Your Creatures are in You,
and You, Lord, in them.

May the blazing flame of Your Divine Purpose 
be recognized by those
who go through the dark night,
for You, Lord, are the Light of the world,
You are that bridge that shows itself
before our eyes,
so that we may cross it
with confidence toward Paradise.

Lord, do not look at the indifference of humankind,
the cruelty of the unbelievers;
place, Your Gaze, Lord on all those
who in sacrifice and love surrender themselves to You,
to praise You and to recognize You
as the Only Lord, Adonai.

Lord, may Your unfathomable Love
sanctify the lives of Your Children.

Make the star of Bethlehem shine once again
in the innermost depths of the hearts
of those who aspire one day
meet Christ, face to face.

Thus, My God, prepare the New Earth
through those who, out of love, offer themselves to You,
so that Your Sacred Kingdom may descend to Earth.

In this perfect union
between Your Heart and the hearts of Your children
may Your existence be vivified,
because at the end of everything,
when all will have been fulfilled
as You have decreed,
Your Creatures and You, Lord of the Universe, will be one,
and nothing more will separate life from essence,
reality from that which is immaterial,
that which is internal from that which is divine and cosmic.

Your Servant and Slave, once again, offers Herself,
in love and renunciation,
so that many more may be reborn in You.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Servant of the Lord.


My dear children,

In the Law of Self-giving, you will find the inner strength to go through this moment, even if it seems impossible to you. For without self-giving, you will never understand God’s Will and all that He desires for your lives.

My children, self-giving is a master key that opens the door to piety and humility.

There is no way to understand or perceive what the Eternal Father traces with His Divine Thought, without first living by the Law of Self-giving.

Under that Sacred Law, you will purify yourselves. Under that Law, you will transcend yourselves. Under that Law, you will learn to be unconditional and righteous, just as Christ was until the last moment of expiring on the Cross.

Without self-giving, it is impossible to redeem the world and its sins.

Christ comes, through His Word, to awaken in you, My children, the commitment to embrace the Law of Self-giving, just as My son embraced the Cross and kissed it.

This is the moment, this is the great moment, in which Jesus will prove his fidelity to the Law of Self-giving, imperiously necessary to balance the evils of war, the impunity in nations, the indifference to those who suffer, the separatist ideologies of these times. For the Law of Self-giving will make you reunite again and again with your true essence; and in that inner communion with the essential, you will not be disturbed or intimidated. You will no longer believe, for yourselves, that the place and the moment that My Son entrusted to you to donate yourselves, does not make sense.

The opposite of self-giving is self-absorption. The opposite of self-giving is believing that you should no longer serve.

This is the exercise of the end times: self-giving without expecting anything in return, trusting that everything will be contemplated in you, even the smallest thing.

Think and meditate on all that I have told you, for My Son expects mature souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of the Night, who leads all His sheep, especially those who are most lost, so that they may return to the stable of the Heart of God and drink of the Sacred Fountain of His Divine Humility. Because if humility does not live in this world, if humility does not express itself in souls and hearts, it will not be possible to avoid a third and difficult war.

This is why I Am here today, on the highest region of the Alps. Once again, I congregate you at the foot of these sacred mountains, where the Hierarchy is gathered and united to you, to implore to God for a last opportunity for this humanity, so that the nations of the world, especially the nations of Eastern Europe, may reflect the harmony and peace that is so urgent in these times.

Therefore, nothing and no one has prevented the Lord of the Night from coming here, because He has brought the whole Universe, all of Creation, with Himself. And with His Feet he steps upon all evil that exists on this planet and shows, through the Light of His Sacred Heart, the path that souls must tread during this dark night so that they may never lose sight of the Flame of the Divine Purpose, but rather, through this Sacred Immaterial Flame, souls may find within themselves the Will of God, which expresses in this material life the Purpose that has been written since the origin.

This is why, on these days of merciful prayer, I come, in the name of God, to ask you to truly pray. That each bead of the prayer of Mercy offered may be sincerely prayed to avoid a terrible third war in this world and, above all, in this Northern Hemisphere.

But do not lose faith, because you are My companions and My friends, you are My children and My daughters, and today I have all of you within the Sacred Cenacle of My Heart so that, just as more than two-thousand years ago, you may celebrate the Sacred Eucharist with Me once again, the infinite Legacy of the Love of God, which unconditionally offered itself to you through the bread and the wine.

This is why we are at a similar time as two-thousand years ago. But now you, as postulants to be New Christs of the end of times, must not only eat of My Body or drink of the Chalice of My Blood, but you also must learn to live your own Garden of Gethsemane.

And despite the darkness that reigns on this planet, despite the uncertain doors that are still open, despite the ignorance, the war, the indifference, the coldness of many hearts, despite all the sins and offenses that the Heart of God receives every day, My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, on these days of intense supplication to Divine Mercy, will gather, from each one of you, each one of the beads that you will sincerely offer to Me, not only for peace in Ukraine and Russia, for the end of war in this region of the planet and in other places of the Earth, but I will also gather your prayers as a true offering to God, because you will have the chance to again trust My Mercy.

So that you may see how great My Mercy is, today I Am again here, in this region of the planet, contemplating through My Eyes and feeling through My Heart the pain and anguish of the souls that live in war and in the conflict of the world.

Companions, I want to tell you sincerely that all Hierarchies are working a lot for this planetary situation. That each one of your steps, the steps of the servers of Christ, are being contemplated at this very moment, as a justification and atonement, in the face of all horrors and outrages of this world, of this humanity.

For this reason, companions, these days will be decisive, not only for all My servers of the Redemptive Work of Christ on Earth, but they will also be definitive for these nations of Europe, because what will happen in the coming times in this region of the planet will have repercussions in other nations of the world, and Europe is feeling the weight of the war in Ukraine.

Through His Power and Love, through His Mercy and Sacred Intercession, God could have already stopped this war. But companions, the adherence of souls with other forces of this material world compromises this intervention, which is not only spiritual, but also material.

However, trust and do not regret, trust in the power and light of the prayer of the heart. Entrust to God all your supplications, all your intentions, all that you beg for, so that the war may stop in Eastern Europe, and the current events, just as other events in the world, which are hidden from the eyes of all, may not be used as weapons of war, fostering lack, need and injustice.

Therefore, through the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart, I invite you to be with Me in this long dark night that the planet is living, without losing sight of the Light of Divine Purpose, because many souls in these times lose sight of their Spiritual Purpose.

In truth, I tell you that the spiritual task of many will be up to a very few, just as it was two-thousand years ago, when very few, united to the Master of Love, did their very best, gave their lives for the redemption of humanity, for the salvation of this school-planet.

I know that what I promise you at this moment is not wonderful, I promise you the experience of a spiritual sacrifice that you have not gone through at any other moment.

This is why, through the symbols of My Sorrowful Passion, I will be able to pour out, upon those who accept them, new experiences of Christification and growth of inner love.

Who will accept to hold the Crown of Thorns of the Lord with their own hands?

Who will accept to carry with them the nails that pierced the Hands and Feet of the Lord?

Who will accept to carry the planetary cross with Me?

Who will allow the spear to pierce their side, knowing that you do not deserve all these things and that your Master and Lord deserved them even less?

But  what led your Master, the King of the Universe, to allow Himself to experience all these things?

There is one and only reason: Love, the Love that would trust, the Love that would accept, the Love that would include, the Love that would never reject, the Love that would endure, the Love that would make Me grow as Divinity and Spirit. It was Love that made me accept the Will to live the Sorrowful Passion.

This is why I offer the opportunity of inner Christification to the simple, to the imperfect, to the sinners.

See how My Church is and how My priests are, how many wounds they cause Me by moving away from Me, by taking other paths that are not those of Christ.

This is why I avail Myself of this moment and I avail Myself of each one of you, regardless of the imperfection or difficulties, regardless of the pain or tests, so that the Heart of your Master may be relieved in silence, through the adherence of souls, through the silent sacrifice of the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in which I can recline My head upon your chests, to rest and take comfort from the love of those who are Mine.

The world is not prepared to listen to this, but I committed Myself to tell you the truth, because I will always be the Way and the Life for you.

The world must surrender to My Mercy so that the Third World War does not happen, so that humanity does not keep opening the door to evil, which suffocates hearts and confuses minds by moving away from God.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be a moment of great maturity, may it be the great moment when each one of you must ask yourselves whether you are with Me or not. The time is ending and if before the cup was almost full, it is now overflowing.

Who will prevent this from happening?

Will it be necessary for more innocent blood to be shed in this world?

God does not want the sacrifice of humanity, My Father wants from you, through Me, your eternal happiness, the joy of living and belonging to the Kingdom of God, once and for all.

I ask you again to truly pray. I will be attentively listening to the voice of your supplications and I know that I will be able to count on all of you, just as on all your brothers and sisters in the world.

In the simple, in the humble, in those who adhere, in the pure of heart, lies My Celestial Church. And through these souls, through true and simple hearts, I can consecrate and  make this world sacred, so that someday it may cease to be unfaithful so as to be faithful, so that someday the world may no longer have self will but will begin to live Divine Will, the Sacred Will of God that will always lead you to peace and to the good.

I thank you for hearing Me. I thank you for preparing this space for Me, because as much as this world offers Me hundreds of cathedrals, I could only be within them if love, transparency and surrender truly existed.

This is why, once again, God shows the world that His Presence is in the humble, that His Hand defeats the powerful, that His Word resounds in the simple and expels the selfish, even those who say they are with Me.

My Church is in the heart of My children. My Love is there. My Life is there forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



When you need to return to the beginning of the Whole, to your origin, contemplate the starry sky at night and ask: Father, where am I from? Thus, you will be opening your heart to awaken to the knowledge of your existence.

Open yourself without fear, so that one day you may know where you come from and why you are here on this planet, because you must recognize that true life is not material, but immaterial.

But if you ask where your inner origin comes from, you should know, My child, that knowing this will commit you to being responsible and mature, for your evolution and awakening.

Therefore, I invite you to risk knowing who you really are, and allow your soul to be released from the material prison, which does not allow it to be what it has come to be here on Earth.

I am not talking about looking for achievements, but rather about knowing, in order to grow and better serve the Plan of God; because the Celestial Father needs His children to be awake and to abandon the illusion and pleasures of material life.

Thus, knowing who you are and placing yourself to serve, you will not fear death, because you will know that the spirit does not die but reintegrates into the dynamic universal life.

Be patient, but also be humble. Persevere every day in the ardent aspiration that your consciousness may rise to expand, only so that you become more aware, responsible and surrendered to Higher Life.

You have My support and blessing to begin this sacred path towards the return to Higher Existence.

Go ahead!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My child, My soul, 

When you have to take a step, on the path of your purification, you must know that you are taking a step towards the unknown that is within you. But, first, in order to purify that which is unknown, you must decide to, and that decision rises from within.

You must know, My child, that this is the time for this expected purification to take place. Christ, being the Son of God, purified himself in the temple to humbly fulfill the Law.

Christ was tempted throughout forty days in the desert in the same way that today many of My children are tempted, being placed in the permanent challenge of persisting, until the end.

The time of purification must be lived as a constant resignation of what one believes of oneself and also of what one believes of others. Without an attitude of resignation, in the face of unknown purification, there will not be sufficient humility to help placate the pride and arrogance disguised as noble people.

Decide to live this cycle of purification in a constant exercise of inner divestment, of a detachment from everything that you consider good or not good. Thus, you will open the correct door for Heaven to help you cross this desert that, sooner or later, will come to an end, and, after going through it, you will find the favorite oasis of the Heart of the Redeemer.

Remember, first you must accept the moment, and then go through it. Be consistent with My Words and all will be well.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I know that sometimes you feel tired of your own purification, but I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not know how to move forward and you cannot find meaning in all that you do. I am here, come to My Arms.

I know that sometimes you do not understand what happens or how the universe proposes some lessons and tests, but, you should know that I am here, come to My Arms, because everything makes sense to God, although you may not deeply know it. For this reason, I am here, so that you may come toward Me and be in My Arms. because I will only give you the strength and courage in order for you to learn to overcome these moments and these times.

I am here, at the doors of the month of August, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy will deliver to the world new impulses of Light that will permeate from your spirits towards your whole being. And these impulses that will come are those that will make you postulate yourselves to this path of apostleship that I come to offer to you at this moment, for this final moment.

This is why I come today to celebrate, with the consequent, these eight years of a path of prayer, of effort, of perseverance, of songs, of devotion, of praise and of honor to My Sacred Heart.

Today, I can say, companions, that beyond what happens today in the world, My Heart feels hope again for those who have been by My side, up to this moment, fulfilling My invitation, responding to My Requests, making known in the world the unfathomable power of My Mercy.

It is in this way that many souls, that you do not know today in the world, through these years of merciful prayer, through the participation of these souls in the meetings of prayer, those souls have been marked and anointed by My Spirit. This means a lot for Me, for the opportunity that these souls will have, of being able to remake their lives in the future, and especially to remake their spiritual path, the path that will lead them to God.

This is why, in this month, at the beginning of these sacred events of the Sacred Hearts, your Master and Lord announces Himself to the world to bring it the time of hope and healing that humanity needs, and to also tell you  that all those who live the Commandments will follow the universal Laws, and, by following the universal Laws, they will feel in their hearts an indescribable joy, despite the times of darkness, because upon you will descend the Holy Spirit and, with all Its Gifts, It will make you find the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God that lives within each one of you.

Thus, companions, you will fulfill My Promises before the Celestial Father, because you have been transformed by My Mercy throughout these years and, with your adherence and devotion, you have opened the doors at many moments for very painful and unknown situations to be solved, just as it was with the Indigenous Consciousness of Canada, which, for more than one hundred years, suffered the inquisition of My mistaken Church.

But I come today to raise these hearts and all the hearts throughout the world so that they may always keep in mind My Message, and not all those who follow Me, because those who follow Me could always be mistaken, this is human because it is weak. But in My Message and in My Word you will find the power of renewal and, by finding this power of renewal, you will find the Healing, Redemption and Mercy that all of you still need in order to attain the Kingdom of God.

With this impulse, I come to prepare your hearts for the new cycle, which will explicitly begin after August 8, when My Mother, who is your Mother, will open even more the doors to the definitive call in this Plan of the rescue of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature and, in consequence, of the salvation of the whole planet.

Therefore, what we have built together, up to this moment, has been the three important columns of the Work of Redemption: the column of Mercy, the column of Grace and the column of Forgiveness. These three columns unite through a great circle of Light, which  is the column of Redemption, which is what souls need today in order to remake their lives in this world that is contaminated by war, by technology, by the ideals and the grave tendencies that move souls away from the Love of God.

This Grace that I have brought to the world, since eight years ago, has been possible through the principle basis that was built for this spiritual task which is the basis of the Light-Communities which I invite all those who listen to know, so that they may enter the Islands of Salvation and may come to know the path that will rebuild your lives from these difficult times. But, first, you must keep loving My Project of Redemption, to someday be able to know the Project of Salvation through the evolutionary life of the Light-Communities.

Because the Light-Communities were the main pillars for the Work of expansion of Mercy to other nations of the world, to make it possible to include many more souls that in this life were waiting for redemption.

This is what I place today at the Feet of the Celestial Father: the efforts, the true surrenders, the devotion of hearts, the service of the selfless and innocent, the souls that strive to live humility, chastity and the unconditional spirit of an ever-deeper surrender for the concretion of the Plan of God through My Sacred heart.

Therefore, I encourage you and I invite you, companions, for this Marathon to be a moment of celebration, to be a moment for giving an impulse to all souls that participate in this prayerful meeting to renew their vows with the attribute of hope so that this Earth may be healed in all that is possible and allowed. Thus, you will understand, companions, that I will not do My Work in this place and in the whole world by Myself, I need your hearts and your lives, I need your ‘yes’ to carry out what is not yet materialized, what must still descend from the Spiritual Universe to heal this wounded Earth and create the bases of a New Humanity.

In these last 8 years, in which I have been appearing to you and delivering My Message to the whole world, I have seen that some of Mine have decided to enter the school of the degrees of love, and, even more, some have decided to enter the degrees of the school of compassion.

I invite you to move ahead in this school, I invite you, for your souls not to forget this school, because the Love of God will not only make you strong and invincible, the Love of God will make you ever more conscious of the reality and of the necessity, to the point that you, by yourselves, will be able to perceive, in everything, what you must help and assist.

Children of My Father, the end of times is already taking place, and, with Me, and in union with Me, you must keep the doors open to this universe of Mercy, where souls can be purified, washed, bathed and may receive an opportunity, as each one of you has received, on this path of the encounter with Me toward Mercy.

Because when your hearts are ready to live what I need, as many hearts are preparing for this, I will open  My Heart even more and I will show you My most unknown and deepest feelings, which I will invite you to feel in order for you to learn how to transmute and liberate this world; feelings of My Heart that cannot be seen by the physical eyes, but rather by the eyes of the heart, of a sensitive heart, open to the unknown.

I come here so that you may feel under My Spirit, because I know that it is difficult for many companions to cross this planetary moment, to live this world situation, to be a part of this human consciousness that day by day steps back due to the lack of love and compassion. But you, who many times have submerged in the ocean of My Mercy, can already know, but can also feel, what this means, and you can place yourselves at the service of all that is necessary to carry out, without fearing to surrender, until it hurts, because you will feel it even in your bones; at this moment, you will come to know charity, and your souls will be in joy, they will be in glory, in adoration, because they will be fulfilling a small part of the Plan of the Lord. If everyone did the same in this world, there would no longer exist a pandemic, there would no longer exist suffering, because all this would be replaced by the fraternity and the solidarity of the cooperation that emerges from the souls that, at this time, are here to serve.

In the name of the Source of Creation, at the doors of this month of August,  I want to bless you, so that this blessing may impel you even more towards the transformation and elevation of consciousness, for all the consciousnesses that do not elevate themselves and do not love, especially for the consciousness that make wars, humanitarian crises, inequalities, social conflicts, even the diseases that the world is today experiencing.

Although it may seem impossible, difficult or impenetrable, I invite you to imitate what I did in the sorrowful Passion, so that the merits of your efforts and surrenders, in this month of August, may serve as a justification of all the errors committed so that the chaos in the world may be soothed and the most lost souls may be reborn in love and forgiveness. This is My great aspiration in this month of August, and you will begin to accomplish it first among yourselves, with all those who surround you, with your families, with your dear ones and friends. thus you will come to know how much it is necessary to live the school of the degrees of love, in the conscious effort to attain it.

Therefore, I have come to bless you especially, not only you, but also the world, so that the spirit of collaboration may awaken in the hearts of all humanity, especially in the non-believers, so that someday the sacred spirit of brotherhood may awaken.

When this happens, Heaven will have descended to Earth and the Earth will have ascended to the Heavens, in perfect unity, and that is when I will return to bring Peace to the world.

At this moment, I hear the offerings of your souls. Although imperfect, let it be a true offering, let it be the offering that is born from the voice of the heart so that all may be redeemed and healed.

For this first event of the month of August, the Marathon of Divine Mercy, I leave to you what My Heart has that is most precious, what in brotherhood I once shared with you: the Eucharist, the Blood and the Body of Christ, which will always lead you to find the truth within you and redemption, because I did so for you, and I would keep doing so, many times more.

Remember that within the Sacraments lie the lifeline, the path that will lead you to peace and to the divine union with the Most Holy Trinity.

In this month of August, in which we have been so many years alongside each one of you, by means of Our Presence, of Our Sacred Hearts, of Our Words, we come to demonstrate to you that We are here to help this wounded, suffering and agonizing world.

Therefore, I invite you to be a definitive part of My Heart, I invite you to be a part of the Rays of My Heart to illuminate this world by means of works of charity and peace.

At the request of the Eternal Father, I bless you in this new cycle, when the doors of humanitarian service and prayer will open more, until it can reach the whole world, until all hearts possible may hear My Voice, may hear My Message.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


We will close this moment, making an offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by means of a song that impels us to live this path of apostleship so that the Light of Christ may descend to the world and His aspirations may be concretized through the ‘yes’ of each heart.



The Guardians and Stewards of the Divine Plan

1. Are those who obey promptly, before even thinking of obeying.

2. Are those who adhere to the Divine Will, and, from their plane, work to live it and manifest it.

3. Are those who protect, from themselves, the Sacred Mystery.

4. Are those who love the unknown spontaneously, even if they do not know it. 

5. Are those who profess and live humility through the permanent giving of self. 

6. Are those who work every day to be able to live transparency within their degree of consecration in order to one day live Truth.

7. Are those who ardently aspire towards the best spiritual results in their fellow beings.

8. Are those who learn to love through mistakes in order to one day be able to love unconditionally. 

9. Are those who do not break the rules and inner codes that they set for themselves.

10. Are those who assume to live the pain of humanity, but work every day to transcend the human condition. 

11. Are those who are not afraid of being mistaken; however, they are afraid of not being able to repair the error, but they trust in the infinite Mercy.

12. Are those who aspire to lose control of their decisions in order to one day live the divine decisions.

13. Are those who revere the Instruction and make it a part of themselves, even though they think they do not need it.

14. Are those who recognize the Power and the Glory in one God, present in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

15. Are those who do not forget others. 

16. Are those who learn to be compassionate with themselves in order to learn to be compassionate with others.

17. Are those who no longer justify themselves but always make themselves available. 

18. Are those who understand, beyond themselves, the Plan of God. 

19. Are those who live Justice, but, first, live Love.

20. Are those who stand in solidarity with everyone. 

21. Are those who, above all else, fulfill their duty without complaints. 

22. Are those who do not step back, but always advance.

23. Are those who promote and gestate brotherhood. 

24. Are those who eradicate, within themselves, indifference and lack of collaboration.


I thank you for responding to My call! 

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children:

In this time of tribulation, you must be courageous and persevering to be alongside My Son.

His merciful and just Presence will make you know of yourselves everything that must die so that all this does not modify the spiritual evolution of your lives.

Being next to My Son means remaining naked as a consciousness and seeing yourselves as you are, each one of you, without fear of knowing the truth of your existence.

My Son needs you more empty, every day; He needs you humble so that He, through His redeeming Love, may make you trustworthy trustees of His Christic life.

In this way, My children, your consciousnesses will truly be transformed. In this way, you will open the doors to the world and to the whole human race so that His Mercy and His Heart are able to work.

He needs His companions to define themselves; that they no longer dirty their feet with the impure mud of this world; that they undertake the path of redemption so that, one day, they may be called worthy children of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have come to Me, barefoot, to the Temple of My Heart.

Behold My Temple that welcomes you, just as it welcomes the world and its needs.

I Am the Lord of the refugees and of the innocent, of those who have no land, of those who have no home, of those who have lost everything and tread the path of this world, seeking an opportunity and hope.

I will again return to multiply the bread and the fish, to give manna of eternal life to those who are hungry, to those who have lost hope, to those who are in exile. 

I want you to know that, through this Work, the missionary hearts, the eternal volunteering of serving others in an unconditional way, will always be renewed.

This will be a source that will always be open to give an impulse to other consciousnesses for humanitarian service, for extending their arms and hands to help those in need, the millions of the needy throughout the world who keep being punished by a system of adversity and control.

The Temple of My Heart, which is the very Eucharist, contemplates all these needs, in the end of times: the crises that the world experiences, the disturbance of the men and women of the Earth, the despair of the innocent hearts, who only hope to eat and drink water in order to survive.

For you here, and for your brothers and sisters who listen to this Message and have everything, it is time to give thanks, but also to share. It is time to revere and glorify the Grace that you have received throughout the times, and it is your spirit of volunteering and selflessness that will mend and heal the wounds of the refugee hearts.

It is not only food and water that will save lives, not only protection and refuge will support the innocent and the children, but also the Love of My Heart that you can mirror into the world will redeem humanity.

Upon seeing the suffering of the world and the refugee camps, the pain of My Heart is indescribable, and this goes beyond life in matter or the organizations that carry it forward.

The world has still now known the true Celestial Government, the one that was thought of from the beginning so that all of you could be happy in the Holy Land. But humanity has gone astray and, as it has been throughout the generations, the most innocent suffer the marginalization and slavery of these times.

Who will deter this perpetual agony?

Who will relieve the suffering hearts?

Who will step out of themselves to see the need, the great need that the world experiences?

On this day, I come in a special way, because you cannot be without guidance and without instruction.

All that you have received throughout the times must not be considered only as the expansion of your consciousness, but also as your response, your generosity and service.

The souls that do not truly understand Me and do not truly listen to Me, have to go out to the world to see the reality, and face this reality until it hurts.

I chose you for a reason, that still today you do not know, for a reason that is written in the Sacred Books of God, which is a part of the recovery and spiritual integrity of the old People of Israel, which, spread throughout the world, has become lost, even though I died for you on the Cross.

It is time for you to place before your eyes the planetary situation, the need. When you serve and welcome those who suffer, your inner situations or your problems will dissolve.

Because the true universal family must be constituted by the emergence of a small group that will carry forward this Aspiration of God, so that, in this way, the New Humanity can arise.

The Plan of God is written through your actions and your adherence to the Most High; there is no other way that allows the Plan to be fulfilled, but through the readiness of your hearts and lives, for what is necessary.

If I had not come to the world, in what situation would your consciousnesses and your civilization be?

You could not imagine, companions, because it would be something more serious than what you live today as humanity.

Being able to acknowledge the Grace that fills you and blesses you, divesting yourselves and coming towards Me barefoot, towards the Temple of My Heart, is a sign that you can understand My Message and that you accept to live humility, so urgent and necessary in these times.

Humility must not lack in humanity, because it would be the victory of chaos over humankind.

To few souls of the world, I come to ask for what might seem impossible, that which will spiritually lead My Plan towards triumph in the inner planes, and will lead them to experience the Christic path.

I do not need great movements to carry forward My Work, I only need you to accept to live My Will, as much as you do not understand it, because in My Will lies your protection and your support.

I know it is not easy to obey the commands of the Lord and the guidelines of the Most High.

There is no being on the surface of the Earth that has not undergone this experience, but it will be after they fulfill My Will that they will understand the Plan and the meaning of having received the Call that comes to converted hearts.

As the Lord of the refugees and the innocents, I come to ask the world to open its eyes to this need. It is not enough for a few to help, neither for the wealthy minorities to take advantage of the world crisis.

If you open your eyes to the necessity, although they are not Christian or spiritual, you will comply with the attribute of charity, and many serious situations that the world keeps generating today will be forgiven by My Mercy, and will not be corrected by My Justice.

But you must first believe in what I am telling you and in what I am proposing to you because the opportunities are unique and will not be repeated.

If you open your eyes to the necessity of the humanitarian crises, at least those who are within this Work and follow My Call will leave their homes and families to serve Me, and help those who suffer.

Those who cannot serve me from anywhere, due to a disability or any other reason, let them pray with Me and adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, so that the Grace of My infinite Mercy may permeate the Earth and the souls that suffer, so that the traumas of these souls and hearts can be healed, in the opportunity of a new hope.

As long as nations do not repent from their acts, peace will not come; and only those who fulfill My ardent aspiration will be bearers of peace, and able to bring the Peace and Love of My Heart to the great refuges of the world, where there is no longer Light or hope, only agony and hell.

Just as I told the twelve apostles, today I tell you: “Go, two by two, or go in group and serve, so that someday you may live your redemption by means of service, for those who suffer and become desperate.” 

The triumph of the Love of God will take place through your surrender and service, through your total and unconditional 'yes'. Thus, you will be before the doors of My Mercy, and the infinite ocean of My Compassion will fill you so that, in service and in silence, you may reach those who suffer.

This critical time is the beginning of something more difficult, but, through prayers and the surrender of hearts that are sincere with Me, many situations and events will be deviated, by the power of Mercy.

Thus, My sorrowful Blood will cease to be shed upon the world so that My Rays of Mercy may illuminate the souls and grant them peace.

No longer be tempted or deceived by yourselves or by My adversary. You have the tools to overcome it.

I have given you the Sacraments so that you would live them, so that you would be sanctified in My Name and be under the protection of the Holy Spirit, which is this Divine Spirit that speaks to you today, just as it speaks to the world, for it to awaken.

I sanctify you with My Light, and invite you to the renewal of the missionary heart in the most difficult times of the world and of humanity.

Trust My Words and the bridges of hope will be built so that the most innocent and the refugees can cross them towards the New Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

During the time of the Armageddon, may your fortitude in Christ be unbreakable.

May nothing disturb you.

May the sacred flame of faith teach you to overcome each moment and situation.

This is the time of the spiritual war of everyone against everyone, but through prayer, you will remain free of this worldwide movement that will try to carry souls along the path of damnation.

Throughout the years, I have taught you how to help your fellow being, not only through service, but also through the strength and power of prayer.

Now, more than ever, prayer will be that path that will allow you to communicate with God when Our Sacred Hearts have completely withdrawn.

Those who pray will be by My side and I will accompany them throughout their transition and purification because the triumph of My Heart will also happen within your lives.

Do not cease to seek My Son in the Sacraments as well as in His Word. There lies the support for all of you, the protection that you will need in the moments when everything is unleashed.

Dear children, always be grateful, and you will learn in this life to be humble, and humility will carry you into peace.

Persist and continue to walk alongside My Son, because His Divine Light will always dissolve all adversity, and the trusting hearts will be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Now the time has come for the human hearts to become consecrated hearts, just like Saint Joseph managed to do. 

May the example of the simple carpenter of Nazareth motivate you to be able to find the transcendence of the human condition, accepting imperfection, but transforming it, day by day, just as Saint Joseph lived it.

May the example of His chastity and impersonality invite you to seek the same path, so that you may continue to go through the challenges of consecration and the aspirations of the soul.

Unite to Saint Joseph and be laborers of the Plan of Love. Build the foundations of the new and renewal will come.

Imitate Saint Joseph in His steps of humility. May your hearts be resigned, but empty hearts, full of service and of clarity, just as Saint Joseph has expressed it.

On this day, while the task of Saint Joseph is closing, may all His instructions be alive within you and, being blessed by the Chaste Saint Joseph, may your souls renew their vows with the Plan of Love of the Celestial Father.

But remember, Saint Joseph will continue to bless the world.

Now the time has come for each soul to live the same path that Saint Joseph lived. It is an inner invitation for those who may want to learn from the example of Saint Joseph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Blessed are they who, in spite of all gifts received, always allow themselves to be shaped and corrected by the Hands of God.

Blessed are they who never cease to be apprentices, those who never miss the chance to observe, learn and grow, each day, further becoming representatives of the good and of the peace in the world.

Blessed are they who teach through example, and from their mouths comes forth wise words that love, and with love correct that which was off of the path and the Purpose of God.

Blessed are they who seek humility, those who work so that others may grow, those who love the steps taken and the opportunities received by their brothers and sisters.

Blessed are they who observe the faults of others with compassion and do not affirm and reaffirm the error of a neighbor in order to justify their own errors, and feel themselves to be better than the rest.

Blessed are they who know how to be silent in order to bring peace, but who do not stop speaking to condemn with their thoughts, but rather they stop speaking in order to open their heart and, in thought, pray to attract Mercy.

Blessed are they who are transparent before God and their neighbors, those who free themselves from their ties through confession with Christ, those who do not fear to be seen as imperfect, weak and small in the eyes of the world.

Blessed are they who, in spite of everything, believe and seek the Kingdom of God within themselves, those who do not deny their human condition, but rather recognize it as a passage to something greater.

Blessed are they who see the sacred within life on Earth, those who are not satisfied with the energies of the world and who simply walk toward the Heart of God.

Blessed are they who believe in the celestial spheres, in universal and higher life, those who know themselves to be only a small part of an immense and unknown life.

Blessed are they who always recognize themselves as ignorant, but who do not remain as such. Blessed are they who open so that, into their ignorance, God may pour wisdom, and blessed are they who are always willing to go into infinity, from the simple fact of knowing themselves to be a part of it.

Blessed are they who love from the heart, because their own love will show them the path.

Blessed are they who aspire to be blessed and who strive for it, holding the fulfillment of the Will and the Plan of God as their only aspirations. Their efforts will be rewarded with a perfect union with the Creator.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In each cycle of human evolution, children, the time comes for the disciples to take their own steps and deliver the results of their learning to the Creator. This is experienced in Heaven as on Earth.

When the time comes to put into practice everything that you have learned, your first premise, the most basic as well as the primary one, is humility. Never forget that all the lessons received were based on the Grace of God, and not on human merit. Each instruction, each gift, each virtue and even each skill reached, everything is the result of the Divine Grace within your lives.

For this reason, children, do not lose sight of that Grace, and under the perpetual spirit of humility, know that you only triumph when you are in the Presence of the Lord and it is He Who acts through His children. Thus, prayer, silence and the eternal awareness of the Divine Presence and of the need for His Grace are that which will allow you to remain on the correct path.

This is what will uproot from your hearts any vestige of competitiveness and lack of union when you wish to impose your own ideas and thoughts upon the ideas and thoughts of others. May no one ever desire to establish their own will, rather, may everyone humbly gather in the Presence of the Creator, pray and ask for the Grace to act, decide and discern in the face of each situation in life. This will protect you, guide you and keep you safeguarded under the Law of the Grace and Mercy of God, even in the times of justice.

Everything in your lives must be guided by the Creator, and even though His Messengers become silent, you must learn to seek the Presence of the Father within your own hearts and listen to His designs. The bridges have already been created, the doors have already been opened; it is enough that your hearts remain always humble and conscious of the need for Grace in the face of any situation.

You have My blessing for this, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Fortieth Poem

Lady of Graces,
infinite Expression of the Humility
and Generosity of God,
may a profound and true gratitude
rise from us today
for all that You have given us,
with so much Love, Devotion and Grace.

May only gratitude, reverence and devotion
emanate from our hearts
as a way of expressing all our love
for the Heavenly Mother.

We wish our voices
to resonate throughout Heaven
so that the angels of the Virgin Mary
may hear our sincere proclamation.

Thanks to the Universe of God,
we have always been blessed, purified
and filled through the intercession of Our Lady.

May we have the happiness of being able to remember
each moment shared
with the Sacred Hearts.

In this cycle of definitions,
may our souls be turned
towards surrender, love and sacrifice
for this magnificent and humble Work of Love.

Today our souls reiterate their gratitude,
because we have been bathed by the Light
of the Immaculate Heart.

May the Divine Mother know
of our gratitude
and the heartfelt love we have for Her.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-fifth Poem

Most Holy Mary,
loving Power of God,
perfect Reflection of Divine Humility,
faithful Servant of the Creator,
help us to reflect all the beauty that we have.

May the talents that Your Son taught us
be a reality within us
so that we may represent His Work on Earth.

Make us simple and true.

May we learn to love and serve
as You, Our Lady,
serve and love each one of Your children.

Make us discover God’s power of Love

May we understand, beyond appearances,
all that Divine Love means and represents
within our lives.

May we not fear this Higher Love
because, beyond all things,
we aspire to be united
to the Purpose of Your Son’s Love,
a Love that will renew us and make us deserving
of the Father’s Grace and Mercy.

May we be consistent
with the Divine Love that we receive.

May You, Most Holy Virgin,
always show us how to love, more and more,
until we surrender completely to God.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


XXV - To Live in Balance

A soul that felt disturbed by their uncontrolled inner world, their sick body, their imbalanced mind, felt that their problems could no longer have a solution, and they questioned God, saying: "Lord, I am a well of illnesses and miseries, a well of imperfection and difficulty. I feel there is no solution for me, I feel that I do not have a reason to live. Can You tell me what sense there is in remaining like this?"

And after a long time in silence, the Lord responded: "Beloved soul, the solutions of Heaven are not the same as the ones of the Earth. Everything that you seem to suffer without end is in truth already the response for balancing something within you that needed to be balanced. The illnesses that beings experience in truth, have innumerable reasons and meanings, but all of them seek to awaken the sense of human frailty so that souls do not remain in self-sufficiency but rather perceive that only when there is unity with all life, there will be healing.

A body will only be in balance when all its systems function in unity, and if the smallest of its cells feels self-sufficient and begins to build its own plan within the body, there will be imbalance and illness; however a cell may be, a being can come to death simply through its rebelliousness.

When a soul is ill, they need to understand themselves to be a part of an All. To return to their balance, to be healed, they must be sheltered by the power of unity; they must let love and the help of the neighbor supply that which on its own the soul is no longer managing to achieve; they must allow unity with life, with the universes, with God to again reign within their heart. May this soul must not feel alone, isolated or separate from a greater body.

Each being, little soul, is a cell of the Mystical Body of your Lord and God. For this reason, you must perceive the flow of the laws, the meaning of life, which is not one's own, but rather a universal meaning. Each cell has its function but the purpose of a body is one. For this reason, beloved soul, do not seek a personal purpose; seek the purpose of the Universe, seek your place in My Heart. In consciousness, enter the space where you belong, within this infinite Body of Creation, and this is achieved with humility, allowing oneself to be helped, with peace and with profound rendition, the fruit of a heart that has learned to sincerely pray."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to always be in balance within the Mystical Body of your Creator.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twenty-eighth Poem

Lady of Humility,
in surrender and selflessness,
teach us to recognize
the inner need of the fellow being.

May our gaze not judge
but rather may our hands lovingly collaborate
in all that may be necessary.

may we no longer complain,
may we finally live
gratitude and love for sacrifice,
because we know and recognize
that this will make us free forever.

Help us, Virgin of the Stars,
to find the spirit of fortitude and giving
at this crucial planetary moment
so that we may serve our brothers and sisters,
and, thus, we may find in them
the suffering Face of Christ.

Dear Universal Mother,
may we live an unconditional surrender,
just as You live it for each one of us.

take into account our errors
and difficulties in truly giving of ourselves,
because we know that, through Your most pure Grace,
we will manage to take steps
out of love for the Higher Design.

We ask that, at this moment,
You empty our minds and hearts
so that the warm words of Your revealing message
may resonate within us.

Within the flame of gratitude,
may we always see
the untiring giving of Your Heart reflected.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


XX - The Healing, Forgiveness and Redemption of Christ

A soul that had commited many mistakes felt impure and unworthy before God, and facing the sins they had experienced, the soul questioned the Lord, saying: "Lord, I have sinned many times; I have fallen and, instead of standing up, I submerged even more deeply into the abysses of life. Today I stand before You; You have called me to sit at the table of redemption. Tell me, Lord, is it possible for a sinner like me to be called by You? How will I be able to take the steps that You need? How will I heal the infidelities and the deepest sins of my being?"

And with eyes of Mercy, the Lord responded, also with a question: "What did the leper do to be healed by My Son when he saw Him approach among the multitude? What did the woman with the flow of blood do to be freed from the weight of her impurities while, to her despair she saw My Son walking by? What did Zacchaeus do to be seen and, in spite of all his errors, be worthy of a single gaze of the Son of God?

The leper, little soul, exposed and humiliated himself before the multitude. With his bad scent, with his wounds, with his broken heart; hopeless in a world where there was no salvation for him, the only solution was to resort to Christ; dirty, impure, sick, rejected.

The woman with the flow of blood also risked herself among the multitude. She did not want to be humiliated, but knew that the only way to be healed was to resort to Christ. This time, it was the Lord Himself who made her noticeable, not to humiliate her, but rather to let the world know that to be healed and become clean,the sinner must to expose their sins and wounds to God. It is through the doorway of humility that one reaches the Feet of the Creator.

Zacchaeus knew of his bad behavior; he knew of his sins and imperfections, but within his soul, the need for forgiveness spoke loudler. This is why he exposed himself and, in front of the multitude, humiliated himself, climbed a tree where everyone could notice that despite all his errors, he was there, facing all the judgments and criticisms, simply for the need for being before Christ.

And when the Lord sees that sinners go beyond their sins, He also goes beyond in His Love, in His Mercy and in His Grace. For this reason, little soul, nothing is impossible. All illnesses have a healing, all sins can be forgiven; but for this, you need to set aside your pride and vanity and humiliate yourself before God. Be transparent and sincere, show the Lord your wounds and allow that with a single compassionate gaze, He may heal you."

May this dialogue, children, inspire you not to fear being exposed, humiliated, and thus, healed, forgiven and redeemed by Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


XI - A Higher Purpose

A soul that claimed not to believe in God nor in a spiritual life, was in a state of great inner emptiness and, before their deepest anguish, the soul looked up and said:  "What is there after death? A new life? From where and why did life emerge? You, Who people call God, do You really exist? Where are You? Why do You not make Yourself visible to those who call themselves Your children?"

And contemplating this soul with great compassion, the Lord responded: "From Me emerged life, a broad, deep, complex and very ancient life, previous to the existence of this world, previos to  the existence of the human mind and the time of humankind, in a space where science does not reach, the mind cannot explain and even the patriarchs and prophets could not understand, for a reason that is kept within My Heart yet not understood, but only loved and experienced.

I did not create life for any reason, but out of Love. Therefore, I am not reached through an answer, but rather through a profound living of the same principle and gift that allowed Me to manifest all things. This mystery is to be found within your little heart.

Beloved soul, when with humility you embrace the healing of your deepest wounds, you will know that I Am God.

When you allow yourself to be loved by a Love that is not of this world, but that comes from the Infinite, you will know that I Am God.

When the knowledge of your smallness and fragility is greater than the illusion of your pride, maturity and vanity, you will know that I Am God.

When you place your forehead upon the ground and surrender your mortal mind for an eternal Love, you will know that I Am God.

When, in the emptiness of your consciousness and the solitude of your heart, you take the risk to look inward and discover that I am within you, you will know that I Am God and I am in everything.

Within you, I wait in silence, and within your silence, I will be able to speak to your heart. You will come to know My infinite Love and, through it you will come to know that which you call the reasons for which everything was created. What for you is a reason, for Me is a Purpose. There is no reason for life but there is a Higher Purpose: that of renewing My Love and returning to Me."

May this dialogue with God inspire you, children, to turn inward and experience Divine Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Eleventh Poem

Eternal Lady of Light,
invincible and immaculate Power,
Sustenance for those who need You,
Divine Love for those who seek it,
make us discover God within
so that any adversity or challenge may be overcome
through the spiritual assistance that You give us,
Divine Mother.

On this day, we ask You
that You may always guide us towards Your beloved Son.

That in the unconditional service of our lives,
we may recognize the Face of Christ.

That, in each opportunity to give of ourselves,
 we may understand the importance
of the Plan of Love for humanity.

Thus, Most Holy Mother,
we will be free of ourselves
so that, each new day,
our surrender and offering may be deeper and deeper.

Dear Mother,
protect each one of our steps.

Help us to find humility and silence
in the rhythm of life,
because we aspire to imitate You
in contemplation and silent prayer.

Therefore, Mother, we surrender before You
so that Your most pure Heart
may bless us forever.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


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