Instruments of God


Dear singing and instrument-playing children,

That, for this day, with this new meeting, your voices and instruments may rise to God in order to keep imploring and crying out for the redemption of the planet.

May the Heavens descend to Earth through the inner portal that today your hearts will be able to open.

May the Heavenly Father again hear all of your musical offerings so that, by means of this impulse of love from His children of the Earth, He may pour all of His Infinite Mercy over the humanity in need.

Children, that today, in a simple but profound way, this essential union of your souls with the Creator may be established so that, through this musical meeting, the attributes of peace, harmony, love and fraternity may be present in the consciousness of all human beings.

May, in this gala night, in which your spirits will be able to shine more than hundreds of stars, your souls unite in a single brotherhood, in the same love and in the same fraternity, so that everything, which will be humbly offered today, may radiate throughout the planet, and the spiritual and internal needs of the peoples, races and nations may be supplied.

Dear children, today, once again, I will be accompanying you in unity and in good so that, with the special aid of the angels, the fruits of this special musical meeting may be placed at the feet of the Heavenly Father and the whole world may receive Mercy and atonement.

Beloved children, may your voices vibrate and rise in love before this possibility of being able to sing to God, to life and to all souls that will need to awaken from the deep sleep of this time.

Beloved children, may everything be in your heart as it has been in current times.

May each new gala be an opportunity of renewal and confirmation of your faith for the Work of the Hierarchy.

Today I leave you My Peace, knowing that, from now on, you will wholeheartedly offer everything for the healing and the redemption of this race.

I bless you and wish you a most beautiful musical gala for this special night.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Open your spirit so that the Holy Chalice of the Lord may pour over you its codes of life, and everything may be transformed and redeemed.

Let the Holy Chalice radiate its spiritual power, inner and immaterial, so that its divine currents may descend into your life through your faith in the powerful Blood of Jesus.

Open yourself to know the mystery of this instrument of God; in this way, you will be reaching the spiritual reality of this powerful tool.

Open yourself so that, through this mystery, you may find the great key that will open all the doors in order for you to soon enter into the Sacred Kingdom of the Holy Chalice, where the angels venerate and honor the most precious Divine Codes, achieved by their Master and Lord.

Participate in this inner communion with the Holy Chalice and renew the commitment and the trust to continue forward, beyond everything, so that purity may break out in your soul like a sacred Sun and you may receive the spiritual blessing of the powerful divine energy.

Before the Holy Chalice of the Lord your life is renewed, again and again. Everything is restored in the depths of your consciousness so that you may reach an inner state of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Through the intra-oceanic Mirrors, the spiritual Hierarchy can intervene in humanity,  since these non-material instruments of capture of cosmic light have the capacity of dissolving or ennobling a planetary situation.

To be before a Mirror is to be before a non-material and cosmic Source originated in the beginnings of the creation of the Universes; this means that the human consciousness in these times is facing a mystery that is revealed and demonstrated through knowledge and instruction.

The intra-oceanic Mirrors are bearers of ancient and eternal knowledge, materialized by the impulses that the Divine Consciousness, the Father, or the Primordial Source once emitted, before the Mental and Material Universes existed.

The Mirrors are emanations of the Creator Source Itself that, once placed on the different planes of consciousness, act and work by means of divine intelligence in order to allow the awakening and the redemption of the Universes, as well as of the humanities that deviated essentially from the Greater Will.

The power of light expansion and retransmission of the Mirrors is still unknown to surface humankind; but the moment will come when those connected to the Spiritual Hierarchy will receive, personally, the knowledge of these tools so that, by means of the Mirrors in their various manifestations, they may support the transition of the Earth through the Mirrors of the Universe.

The formation of mirror-beings will be expanded as from the next cycle, given the need for the balancing of the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Peace is the most important key for the upliftment of the human consciousness in these times.

If peace is united with prayer and song, an extremely potent bridge of union between the Material Universe and the Spiritual Universe will be built.

This bridge of union, raised and errected through the praying and the singing that fosters peace, reaches souls that have lost hope and motivates them to keep living, and touches everything that needs inner and spiritual healing.

Peace in the world can only be established through the prayer and the song that is offered to God so that He, as a Merciful and Compassionate Father, may change the destiny of the whole human race.

Each time you offer a new prayer or a new song, you create the spiritual condition for powerful flows of grace and mercy to descend over the world and over humanity.

Singing especially opens the Heavens, because the voice is one of the greatest instruments that the Father created for His children to praise Him and, with simplicity, to unite with Him.

I encourage you, in this time, to keep deepening into this practice so that more grace and more mercy may reach humanity.

I thank you for offering your voices to God!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May this conviction always emerge from your heart, dear child, that God dwells and lives within you, because thus each human aspect of life and of personality will become small before the true impulse of the essence.

In the essence of the creatures of the Earth lies the fulfillment of the Work of God and this Divine Project must awaken within the beings, in this time.

The essence in each being is an incalculable treasure and, at the same time, the human being itself cannot conceive what the Original Essence in itself means.

In order to have at least a little contact with this reality, the school of prayer offers to you this portal that will always lead you toward the intimate and deep encounter with what you truly are.

May more and more hearts dare, in this time, to enter the most intimate core of your inner essence, so that the principles of faith and of the communion with Christ may make of each soul an instrument of peace in the Hands of God, for this planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To be living witnesses of the Presence of God

My Children,

Today I call you to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men.

That your lives speak to the world and that your examples make those who find you seek peace and ask themselves what they are doing in their own lives.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God on Earth, you must first purify your hearts of all stain, of all criticism, of all lack of unity with others and with God.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men, you must assume a path of prayer and of service, wherever you are. You already know that you can make of your lives an eternal act of service at every instant.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men, you must learn to forgive others and yourselves and to open yourselves to understand the weaknesses of others, always putting yourselves in the place of others, to then understand their feelings and thoughts.

To be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must lose the shame and fear of being true and transparent every day, live your faith and be simple before the judgment of men.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must be willing to purify your own will, your own dominion and power over others and over everything.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must make the difference among men, willing to surrender what humanity always aspires to aggrandize; willing to be humble and silent; willing to be anonymous and in solitude, even though, My children, God puts you in the midst of multitudes.

You must never lose the thirst of being alone with God, because only those who know how to be in silence with the Father will know how to speak publicly in His Name.

Today, beloved children, I call you to one step more than the apostolate; I call you to surrender your lives to God as living witnesses of His Presence in the world.


As in scrolls of light, God's Designs descend to the world and are delivered to the hands of men, through His Messengers.

The Creator Father told them: "Go and fulfill My Plan, without understanding, without analyzing, without resisting, go and fulfill My Plan with love, with courage, with the gratitude that is born of the spirit and manifests itself in human works and actions.”

The Creator, children, invites you, at this time, to manifest a truly fraternal Work renewed by His Spirit, where the sacred can dwell and all souls find their space, their place, unique and irreplaceable.

Contemplate the Will of God for this world, as well as for each being and you will understand that I come in this time to teach you to love and to transform this world of chaos and war.

Beloved children, with the portals open to Heaven, I come to invite you to allow this Celestial Kingdom, still hidden to the human heart today, to manifest itself on Earth.

I come to call you not only to prayer and to the awakening of a superior life that for many is still invisible; I come so that you to may learn to manifest on Earth what you seek in the highest of Heavens, and so that you thus no longer spend your lives seeking something that you will never reach, but so that you may be builders of what humanity is seeking to find, and so that you, children, may be the hands that are extended before the souls so that they may see and feel that what they have so much been looking for is palpable for them.

I come to invite you to be the ones who concretize My Plans, manifesting the superior life, and so that it may not only be spiritual but also palpable and be part of your humanity, and compose the spirit of what man manifests in matter.

In a world of wars, in a world of abysses inside and outside of beings, I come to call you to be the new, and to always be willing to be others, accompanying the flow of transformation of the Universe so that in all stages of the planet souls may find in you what they need.


May the Light of the inner Aurora rise in the inner worlds of the beings of this planet so that, in this time, consciousnesses may recognize the power of Healing and of Love.

Let all revere the Light of the inner Aurora because even while being before a mystery not yet unveiled, they may feel the Science of Aurora working in the deep nuclei of beings.

May all be successors of the inner Healing of Aurora so that humanity and the planet may receive the so much needed relief.

In the face of the inner Healing of the Light of Aurora, may hearts participate in the time of their redemption, able to manifest and to realize this in their heart, which simply opens to receive it.

Let the Light of the inner Aurora finally place you all in the next cycle, in which healers of the word and of the heart must exist, effective instruments of the Hierarchy in this planetary time, in which all that is written will be fulfilled in humanity.

Each time you are before the Light of the inner Aurora, be grateful, because you will once again be before a Fount of Love of great mystery.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The little Flower of Carmo

Here is the little Flower of Carmo da Cachoeira, a flower that buds and opens on feeling the love of its most simple children.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that emanates the subtlest aromas of the Grace of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that expresses for everyone the beauty of Creation.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that shows everyone the Simplicity and the Purity of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that radiates the subtle rays of Love like a sun.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower present in the spaces and gardens of the pilgrims of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that is in the hands of its children, worthy children of the Lord.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that adorns and blesses the altars and the homes that receive the Presence of the Mother of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that draws the most simple and humble towards the Glory of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that reflects, in itself, a devotion for the beloved Lord.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that gives to all the simple Love of the Lord.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, that is found on the streets, in the valleys and hills of this people in redemption.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that draws from the Universe the Omnipotence of God, so that all living beings awaken to the spirit of Divine Compassion.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that conceives in its simplicity the inner Gifts of God, a flower that heals the wounds of the hearts and of the souls in need of forgiveness.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that opens portals to the Mercy of God, so that every creature, in Heaven or on Earth, may be worthy of the Grace of God.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that unites and consolidates what is divided; a flower that gathers and strengthens the fellowship in the family, a deep and wise love among all the beings of the Earth.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that mirrors the Purpose of God for the world, the essence of the mission for each being of this planet.

Here is the little Flower of Carmo, a flower that awakens the Holy Virtues of God in the pure of heart.


The Work of God manifests on Earth through instruments awakened by the Will of God.

Each instrument that works for the Divine Will receives the learning it needs to persue, so that finally, it may learn something in the school it was supposed to live.

In this sense, to work for the Plan of God requires an absolute giving of self, an absolute surrender of the life, and an absolute sacrifice for others.

When the instrument of God is protected under certain spiritual and monastic conditions, it is very evident that the results of Divine Will for this consciousness will be something different.

When the instrument of God is involved in more unstable conditions, and does not have the necessary spiritual protection around it, the repercussions of Divine Will in this consciousness will be few.

With this I want to tell you, dear children, that all souls hold the potential for consecration.

For this reason, throughout time and in My various Apparitions, the majority of the visionaries had to choose which path of learning they would tread: that of consecration, or that of the world. Neither is better than the other, it is just that the souls of Earth are responsable for taking certain steps, so that the Divinity may maintain Its Work on the surface.

When at a place where the Most Holy Mary has appeared for many years this vision is not kept clear, it is necessary to protect the Work from humanity itself, for the hands of humankind, because of temptation, manipulate and take advantage of the divine events that the Celestial Universe carries forward in some place on the planet.

This profit that many extract from the essence and the energy of spirituality, for example, from the Marian Centers in the world, sooner or later becomes an unpayable debt, because the human being is using an Energy and a divine Principle for their mental and spiritual benefit. This is what your Heavenly Mother struggles with, because in the end, those who took advantage of this spiritual Energy will come to an unhappy ending.

Let us pray then for all the hearts that dirty themselves every day with those manipulations, and that make the Marian Centers of the world comercial places of money and business, for Justice will consciously fall upon them.

As Mother, I pray to the Father to have the greatest Pity and I invite you to do the same with Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!


Queen of prophets

Through the ages, My Son has sent Me to the world to warn it and correct it about the imminent danger.

Thus, through the ages and as at this moment, My Maternal Consciousness has chosen the new prophets amongst all souls, who determinedly have announced the words and the message of the Heavenly Mother.

At all the moments when humanity was in gravest danger, the Queen of prophets awakened consciousnesses so they would render this greater service, which comes directly from the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit that fosters all celestial revelations for this Universe.

Thus, the Queen of prophets appeared in different moments of the history of humanity to awaken the lineage of the prophets in simple and selfless consciousnesses, which means a service of surrender to the rule of higher Laws that guide the consciousness that is summoned to this end.

The Queen of prophets has the mission of demonstrating, through the prophets, that Her message is universal, divine, and timeless; that it is able to serve all souls in their instruction, transformation, and change.

 The message of the Queen of prophets in all ages always tries to guide, warn, correct, and raise awareness in all of humanity, in a nation, or in an individual.

 The prophets have the task of subordinating themselves to spiritual principles that are not under their control, and cannot be manipulated by any consciousness. The gift of the prophet is based on their spirit of humility, on inner work with detachment, and mainly, in each day loving more the mission that the Queen of prophets has chose them for to accomplish with this humanity.

For the Divine Universe, there are temporal prophets and timeless prophets. It is something that leads directly to the Holy Will of the Spiritual Universe through the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 The temporal prophet is awakened for this mission by Deity itself; that is to say, by the Eternal Father through the Firstborn Son and the Mother of God, who have the highest authority to offer consciousness to a soul on this great and selfless service.


My beloved children,

Contemplating the world, I see the numbness of nations and hearts before all the suffering and pain that many are living in these times.

The human consciousness has not yet learned to leave aside their own needs and comfort in in favor of the evolution of the whole planet and, more than that, children, in favor of the salvation and redemption of all of humanity that is marking out its path into the abysm.

Even those who are listening to Me and who try to respond to My Call, for not living everyday situations of extreme chaos that others live, cannot definitely awake and offer their lives to the universe in order to be true instruments of God.

Children, in spite of what I have been telling you for more than eight years, few are the ones who truly understand My Call. I am preparing you to be sustainers of the planet.  I am training you to leave, in your hands, the evolution of the Earth. The time will soon come when I will not be able to intercede for you, I will only follow you and silently cry out to God for you to stand firm and not forget the time when I was at your side.

In theses times, I am trying to unite the hearts of the same nation, through the prayer with the visionaries, so that, thus united, you create a fortress that may sustain theses nations and open the path for the return of My Son.

I am trying to unite the Americas, so that, together, you may build the foundations of a new race that starts from the principle of unity that will awake in your hearts.

As the Queen and Mother of Peace, today I invite you to search in your hearts for the internal union with Jesus, so that through prayer you may help My Son to carry the cross of the world.

As the Cyrene (Simon the Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross until Golgotha), you may carry for love, with the pain of the world, so that your prayer may be the food that may satiate all, and be the water that quenches the thirst of many of My children.

Today I want to tell you that the cross of humanity must be supported in the perseverance of the groups of prayer that, united with the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, will fulfill the call to alleviate the Heart of Christ.

Even a small part of your life, through prayer, will serve as a service to your neighbor. Today I refer dear children, to the inner state of donating yourself to others. This inner state will allow you to recognize the humility that is necessary to live in this time.

Through a lack of humility in the heart of humanity, many happenings are unfolding, events that determine the harmonious walk of my children.

For this, searching in yourself for Jesus, the Redeemer Love, you will find the essence of donation and when this donation is exercised daily together with prayer, your hearts will begin to glimpse the light of humility.

This path of humility, the emptiness of yourself, all my children are being be called to live, for love of God and for the reparation of the great conflicts and the arrogance that humanity lives, in which there is so little love one for the other.

Dear children, I am calling you to form yourself as good instruments of God so that your High Priest Jesus may pour His Merciful Graces upon the pure hearts and over the fallen hearts.

It is time to be in Jesus all of the days.

We pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Mother of the Nations, dear children, today I invite you as I have for a long time to pray for peace, to work for peace. Invoke, in each prayer of the heart, so that the Divine Mercy descends for all My children.

My little ones, in this especially important day for the Lord, the Heart of My Son is present among you to remind you that it is time for each one to observe with passion the need of the other and to see the urgency of your equal.

For this My children, it is important that your hearts focus on the essence of charity and donation so that the Light of Christ can spring from the depths of your hearts. Still humanity must learn to live the essence of humility; all of you, My dear children, can convert your hearts into precious instruments for the Creator.

Also today My Immaculate Heart is on all My beloved children of Central America, children that I contemplate with much compassion so that from their hearts emanates the redeeming ray of My Son.

For this, dear children, open your arms to receive the Love of the Universal Mother of Graces, so that in this way each of your little hearts is consecrated to God’s design.

My children, this is the reason of My Immaculate coming to you. With My Immense Maternal Heart I ask you: pray, pray and pray so that everyone can be each day closer to the Will of God. My Voice comes to you to announce the moment of Mercy; it is as if the Bird of the Holy Spirit were impregnating you with Its Gifts and Its Graces. Now you can help with prayer so that this magnificent and omnipotent Spirit of God can be more present.

I want to teach you how to open the safe of the Heart of God, so that you discover the immense and powerful love He has for the existence of each creature on Earth. In the same way My Heart of Mother has peregrinated with Joseph to Egypt once, today I invite you to walk to the consecration of your hearts.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Let us walk together the path of peace and unity because in this way My little ones, you will be in My Kingdom, the Kingdom of My Son Jesus, Paradise, a place where your hearts must aspire to be with God.

Dear children, open the portal of the heart so that My Immaculate Light can fill and impregnate you with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Open your arms so that the heart of peace that exists in each of you can emerge from the depths of the soul and God can always reign there.

My children, spread the Peace I am giving you, Peace that is necessary in the heart of all My children of this world. For Peace to prevail, you must be as the water that springs from the fountain of My Maternal Heart. You must be a source of prayer to renew life under the Divine Spirit of the Lord. You must be an expression of faith for this world. You must be the fire of the Holy Spirit that in prayer can awaken and heal the aching heart of humanity.

You, My children, are members of this Creation and God created you to serve your equals in Charity and in Love, creating a New Fraternity in all humanity.

Feel that everything I tell you, and what My Heart emanates to you daily, is possible. In this way your hearts, with prayer and love, will allow your souls to be converted into simple instruments at the service of the Divine Creator Father.

For this, dear children, open your hearts again so that they do not close and only find rest in the hands of God.

I leave you a mission: pray for the fountain of Peace that is in Heaven so that this whole fountain can descend on Earth.

In this way, dear children, your lives will correspond to the plans of God.

Walk in faith. Everything is under the Gaze of My Maternal Kingdom.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Do not worry your hearts anymore; believe the mystery of love that I am revealing to you. This, My children, will allow you to live the absolute trust in My Son and in My Maternal Heart.

Dear children, always raise your prayers to Heaven, they are well received by the Great Heart of God because in this way the Grace of reparation can act as the fire of the Holy Spirit and convert the pain of your hearts.

My little ones, today I invite you to keep praying the mysteries of the contemplation of the rosary, so that in each of the events that My Son lived you can learn about love, sacrifice, surrender and faith. By lack of these principles in the heart and in the life of many of My children, humanity has made mistakes that have offended God Creator.

For this, dear children, the prayer of the heart and the prayer among united souls will open the Celestial Door, so that all these gifts can awaken in your lives and in this way each of your little hearts become a faithful instrument of the Creator.

If humanity only stopped to think if it is in the true path of God, many consequences could be stopped and humanity would avoid living the Law of the Universe. But if there are true groups of prayer that answer My call for peace, My maternal promise is to intercede for everyone, especially those who do not have God on the heart.

In this definitive time, it is necessary to learn to grow; you have many keys. Today again I bring you: Love, Prayer, Sacrifice and Devotion. All of them can awaken other more beautiful keys.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In truth I tell you dearest children, that whoever remains under the light of My Immaculate Heart will always be guided, reminded that you must be loving, helpful and compassionate with your neighbors so that My plans of Peace are fulfilled over all nations of the Earth.

For this My children, today I invite you to be a true part of the power of prayer so that your lives may be a principle of Creation in the hands of God and the sound of love that is born from His Voice.

It is important dear children, to be what God wants that you to be for this time. As instruments of the Father carry today My Peace because there are many who do not have it and who need it. You will be potential roses in My garden only when you join Me in the prayer of the heart. Thus you will irradiate for the world the light it needs for this time of changes.

Dear children, reciprocate with what God today asks of you: to be true children of God in the prayer of the heart and in peace because in this way you will be helping the inner harmony that many of My children need.

The Kingdom of My Peace wants to be the dwelling for the life of all, but I still find places that are not filled with My Maternal Love. For this, today I invite you to be empty, empty as was My Son Jesus in the moment of carrying the Cross and arriving at the Calvary.

Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility which all humanity should pass through before the Throne of God.

The Fountain of Love is springing in the name of the Father through My Maternal Immaculate Heart so that you may recognize that I love you and accompany you as the Lady of Eternal Graces.

I thank you for reciprocating My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

 As Mother and Door to Heaven, today I tell you servers of Peace: live in Peace and for Peace so that the greatest amount of souls may search this Divine Spirit of reparation.

 Dear children, the divine time that passes in through the world wants to transform you into instruments of God, but your lives go forward by learning lessons that must mature the consciousness.  For this dear children, each moment that you live day by day is a moment to be in reconciliation and in forgiveness before God.

 Each moment of life must grow the heart and convert it into a precious heart of Peace.

Many of the faithful devotees to My Immaculate Heart will be called servers of Peace by the Supreme Voice of the Heavens.  This means that your hearts must be well formed in the school of prayer, so that each one of you may collaborate in the rescue and salvation of another brother or sister.

 For this, you must be as Marian instruments of the prayer dedicated to My Immaculate Heart; this will help so that My Son’s victorious Plan of Mercy may deepen in many souls, more in those that still do not recognize the liberating power of  Divine Mercy.

My children for this today I invite you and all My praying children to be guardians of prayer for all the hearts of My children who must live My Son’s redeeming Plan of salvation, when He returns to the world.

 Now My children, your hearts must not only be in humility but also, through My Son, they must be merciful with the reality of each creature and thus they may see the service facing their lives.  The Plan of Peace is a purpose of My Immaculate Heart, because of this is important the existence of true groups of prayer consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

 Be in the Divine Peace of My Son.

 Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

To those that are fallen, I will raise them. To those that are sad, I will cheer them. To those who have lost hope, I will give them hope. The ones who suffer, I will relieve them. Dear children, these are promised from My Son.

For this, pray, pray with the heart so that all My children may receive this precious and merciful act from My Son.  My Heart serves you as a support, as a guard and as a salvation, so do not fear the falls of life.  Today I invite you, through the Divine Spirit of Christ, to rise from where you are and walk again, held by My Beloved Son’s Hands of Light.

You dear children must build in your hearts through prayer the promises of the Live Christ as a preparation for the new time of peace and in honor of the return of Jesus, which is awaited by all.

Today each one of My little ones must see themselves as a disciple who having received the instruction of the Master of Love, now awaits in vigil the coming of the next call.

Thus My children, My Heart of Mother in this time brings you again to the call of prayer, to forgiveness, to reconciliation and to mercy; may your hearts purify the feelings and all intention become pure and crystalline as the water of a charming river.

Open your hearts, day by day, before the Voice of My Heart because know well that God calls you so that your lives manifest the gift of peace and of meekness for this time.

The world may receive from you the prayers, but even more it may receive the effort to transform life into an instrument of My Peace.

I prepare you with love and I guide you with immense maternal love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, today I leave to each one of your hearts the sign of My Peace and you will find this sign in the daily prayer. Little ones: another sign for your souls is conversion. The Lord invites you to convert the spirit into a sacred temple of forgiveness and restoration of life.

Dear children: in the consecration of your lives by means of the Divine Verb of prayer you will find the path that will lead you to the doors of Peace, doors of My Kingdom.

My little ones: it is time to prepare your consciousnessess for what will soon come from the Heavens. A new prediction will be announced by My Immaculate Heart for all of the children that unite themselves to God. For this, little children, the world also must continue converting itself through prayers on the part of all of the children of the world. If you knew how necessary it is to pray for your hearts you would be each moment invaded by the Light of My Heart.

I want that you recognize that we are in the moment of irradiating peace for all those who need it. Your lives must convert themselves into constant instruments of God, thus the Divine Plan of God will flow according to the designs for each one of the souls. This most precious Plan of Love will relieve the constant generation of faults that many souls commit before the Throne of the Father while they live life in the world.

For this My dear children, I openly wait for you for us to merge ourselves in prayer for all these children. As humanity you must learn many lessons of peace and of humility.

In this path of building the Inner Plan you will find me.  It is enough that each one of the souls opens itself to My Immaculate call to conversion.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Peace for the lives. 


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.