Wednesday, May 27 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to deepen their union with God, and mature that union through a true surrender and a pure contact with the Heart of the Celestial Father, prayed to Him, saying: "Lord, my life and all life belongs to You; my heart and each heart belong to You and are living parts of Your Heart of Love. Teach me, then, to feel myself ever more a part of Your Being, of Your Spirit, of Your Source. Teach me to live and move always within You, expressing You and being Your instrument in this world and beyond it."

And after an instant in silence, contemplating the inner self of this soul, the Lord responded:  "To express Me, more than yourself, little soul, you must first do as My Son taught you: enter into your room in silence and pray in secret to My Heart, which hears you in secret. It is there where you strengthen your union with Me. Before demonstrating it to the world, before being an instrument of Mine in the eyes of humankind, first you must not only build, but also, over the coming centuries, consolidate and renew this union with My Heart.

It is in secret that I reveal what I most want from you; it is in secret that I show you My Kingdom within you; it is in secret that I hear your confession and forgive your sins, wash your feet, your face and your hands, and I make you new, every day, so that you may always have a new opportunity to try and come closer to My Spirit, to My Source.

Complete your prayer with service, silent and simple, striving and attentive, but always seeking humility. At first, beloved soul of My Heart, do not even look to be an example, because the one who is looking to be an example is looking for the attention of somebody to observe them and learn with them. You do not want to teach, only live; you do not want to show, only be. Know that you are an apprentice and that you are trying every day to be better, and if for My Glory someone watches and learns from you, let your heart not change, but remain an eternal apprentice of My Spirit, an eternal servant within My Plan, an eternal seeker of My presence. In this way, you will learn through real contact with Me, and I will be within you, and you will represent Me, perhaps, without perceiving it."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to seek God, deepening your contact with Him and being His instruments in this world and way beyond it.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph