Thursday, May 28 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul, sensitized to the urgency of the need for the awakening of humanity, to the urgency of the need to transform and serve, prayed to God, asking Him for more opportunities to serve, more responsibilities and possibilities for acting in His Plan of Love, saying to Him:  "Lord, here is my heart, my spirit, soul, mind, body and feelings; use me for the manifestation of Your Plan. Give me more possibilities for serving, more responsibilities for moving forward with the manifestation of Your Will on Earth. God, do not leave me simply observing the dormancy of humanity, but rather bring me to those places where I am able to serve Your Heart more and more."

And because the Lord knew the sincere momentum of this soul to serve and surrender, with love He said to it:  "Little soul, do not seek just to serve more; seek to serve better. Do not look for opportunities to manifest My Work in great things, because I do not want you to be a martyr in the history of humanity; I do not want you to be a revolutionary soul that will be remembered in the books of this world. I call on you to transform the human condition from the inside out.

I do not call upon you to serve more; rather, I call upon you to serve better, to polish what separates you from Me in each instant of your life. I do not call you to be memorable to humankind, but rather to all of Creation, because My Project is fulfilled when It triumphs within beings, in their consciousnesses, in their souls and in their spirits.

When you serve better in the small things, in the excellence of your surrender, in your love for others, in the sincerity of your prayer, in the transparency of your expression in life, in the living of the Gifts of My Spirit, it is then, little soul, that great work is accomplished.

When you serve better, you will naturally serve more; because the energy itself of life will lead you to greater responsibilities, which will not always be material, but many times, it will be inner, hidden and invisible to the eyes of humankind, because the attention of human beings is on the outer, but the gaze of the Universe is on what is done in the essence of humankind, for it is in this way that My Plan manifests.

For this reason, little soul, let your momentum to serve always be alive, leading you to serve better, more deeply, more sincerely, in a pure and transparent way, in service that occurs within your heart, between your heart and Mine; and My Will shall be fulfilled in you."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to fulfill the Will of God in a sincere and complete way, and to serve Him better each time, from the inner to the outer.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph