Friday, September 7 of 2018

Daily messages

Unite your Heart to the Heart of God, contemplating each one of His Aspects of His manifestation in life.

Begin by finding, in the smallest of the particles that composes your body, a hidden God, immense and infinite, occult in the apparent human smallness.

Go through your own body, recognizing your cells, your organs, your body itself, as living mirrors of an infinite Creation. If God did not dwell in everything that you are, you would never be able to express perfection, as you express, even in your smallest particles.    

Recognize, then, the presence of God outside of you, in the invisible air that touches your face, in the breath that enters imperceptible within you and that gives you life, granting matter the possibility of expressing and living its perfection.

Contemplate, thus, God in the elements. Recognize the presence of God in water, without which life is not possible. Water and air unite in one single element, transformed by its expression and function in life, but one does not exist without the other.  

Such are the Aspects of God. God is only One, that expresses in different forms to give life to the possibility of existing and, more than this, of expressing perfection.

Contemplate inside of you the presence of God in the sound of the birds and in the scent of the flowers, in the beauty of the woods, in the love and fraternity among humankind. This is God, nourishing souls with such vital things as air and water are for the body.

The singing of the birds nourishes the spirit, the scent of the flowers strengthens the heart, the beauty that enters through the eyes reaches the soul and gives it joy, gives it life.

Go expanding your consciousness and understand the presence of God.

God is not something invisible and non-material in the Celestial Heights. God is the One that Is and without whom nothing could exist. You are, child, constantly in the presence of your Creator, because He is Life itself.

In gratitude and reverence, live accordingly to the God that dwells in you and let perfection express itself not only in your cells, but in all your consciousness. Just as the cells allow themselves, be inhabited and nourished by God, let your consciousness also experiment, being an expression of God in this world. Thus everything will be fulfilled. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph