A soul, sensitized to the urgency of the need for the awakening of humanity, to the urgency of the need to transform and serve, prayed to God, asking Him for more opportunities to serve, more responsibilities and possibilities for acting in His Plan of Love, saying to Him:  "Lord, here is my heart, my spirit, soul, mind, body and feelings; use me for the manifestation of Your Plan. Give me more possibilities for serving, more responsibilities for moving forward with the manifestation of Your Will on Earth. God, do not leave me simply observing the dormancy of humanity, but rather bring me to those places where I am able to serve Your Heart more and more."

And because the Lord knew the sincere momentum of this soul to serve and surrender, with love He said to it:  "Little soul, do not seek just to serve more; seek to serve better. Do not look for opportunities to manifest My Work in great things, because I do not want you to be a martyr in the history of humanity; I do not want you to be a revolutionary soul that will be remembered in the books of this world. I call on you to transform the human condition from the inside out.

I do not call upon you to serve more; rather, I call upon you to serve better, to polish what separates you from Me in each instant of your life. I do not call you to be memorable to humankind, but rather to all of Creation, because My Project is fulfilled when It triumphs within beings, in their consciousnesses, in their souls and in their spirits.

When you serve better in the small things, in the excellence of your surrender, in your love for others, in the sincerity of your prayer, in the transparency of your expression in life, in the living of the Gifts of My Spirit, it is then, little soul, that great work is accomplished.

When you serve better, you will naturally serve more; because the energy itself of life will lead you to greater responsibilities, which will not always be material, but many times, it will be inner, hidden and invisible to the eyes of humankind, because the attention of human beings is on the outer, but the gaze of the Universe is on what is done in the essence of humankind, for it is in this way that My Plan manifests.

For this reason, little soul, let your momentum to serve always be alive, leading you to serve better, more deeply, more sincerely, in a pure and transparent way, in service that occurs within your heart, between your heart and Mine; and My Will shall be fulfilled in you."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to fulfill the Will of God in a sincere and complete way, and to serve Him better each time, from the inner to the outer.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.

Therefore, do not only listen to that which we tell you, but let yourselves be elevated. Go deep and seek within that which only silence is capable of showing you and, with this strength, you will be ready to deepen within yourself.

It is by praying and uniting your own heart to God, and to the Divine Messengers, that you will be worthy to know what makes you like your Creator. And in this way, My children, you write with your own lives the Gospel of these times; the Gospel that is the concretion of the end, but also the beginning of the new.

I leave you My blessings so that you may be beyond every internal or external conflict; so that you may be held within My Heart and, by elevating your own spirit, you may help humanity to also be freed from the ties to the slavery of ignorance and illusion.

I love you, support you and with My Love I guide you so that you may be in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When God requests a mission from humanity, He measures not only its possibilities of fulfilling it, but also the urgency of the times and the days, urgency for souls to awaken and receive an opportunity of redemption; urgency for nations to be relieved of the darkness that surrounds them so that, as a people, they can comply with their part in the evolution of the planet.

In this time, children, God the Creator will ask you to fulfill His Plan based on your absolute surrender, sacrifice and love, because in spite of the crisis that exists on the material levels of the planet, much greater is the spiritual and planetary crisis, which is the one that defines the destiny of souls, of humanity as a race, and of the planet as Divine Creation.

Once and again, We ask you to elevate your consciousnesses so that you may understand why and what you are in this world for. There is a greater evolution to be lived, more than an instruction, more than an experience.

Superior life should no longer be mysterious for the disciples of Christ. The instruction you have received must start to live within your consciousnesses, because only in this way will you know how to wisely deal with the difficulties of life and to measure your priorities, not by human survival, but by universal evolution.

I know what I tell you may be incomprehensible at this moment, but meditate on My words and ask the Father for the Grace of not only knowing His Truth, but also of experiencing It and expressing It while there is time.

There will be no more life to sustain, there will be no more planet to save if souls do not liberate themselves from indifference and embrace divine purpose. Therefore, pray, serve and deepen each day in the awakening of your consciousnesses. Thus, you will be able to fulfill what you have come to fulfill in this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My companions,

At the end of this time, in which the planetary situation demands great assistance, the Spiritual Hierarchy doubles its efforts to be able to aid and help in all inner and outer needs.

In this sense, the Hierarchy tries to contain and support the most urgent situations of humanity, especially those that involve more work and effort.

To be able to sustain points of conflict or social disorder, sich as humanitarian crises, the Hierarchy makes use of those consciousnesses that, participating in a true act of the giving of self, will be able to counteract the imbalance and the inequality.

So the spiritual and human support necessary for these social missions have a limit to their support and perseverance.

In this, I want to indicate the example of the current humanitarian missions, which are in a permanent activity of service in order to solve a situation, which would correspond to everyone as humanity.

But in certain moments there must be a pause, in order to be able to recalibrate and reflect upon the next steps, because there is a hidden and silent task that occurs in the missions, a task that neutralizes many faults committed and dissolves much suffering.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Grow up and be faithful to God in all ways.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the influences of this world or by that which is within yourself, which, not yet having found the path for redemption, permanently influences you to spiritually regress.

When there is confusion within you, stop your steps for an instant and think of God; contemplate the starry sky, the infinite above you, which you can find  wherever you are, and remember, child, that a Higher Plane awaits you and that it is no longer time to be entangled in human and petty things, but rather to consolidate your union with the Infinite.

Listen to the Voice of God, which is pronounced for you not only because of a grace, but because of an urgency that is not only planetary, it is universal.

For you, the days go by the same and you little perceive the change in the times, because your heart has gotten used to everything and even chaos has become normal.

Stop your heart for an instant and look within yourself; ask yourself how much you have progressed in love and in fraternity. Observe where you are and resume the purpose of your existence. You are not on Earth to be a triumph of the world, but rather to be a triumph of God. What you conquer in the world belongs to it, but what you conquer for God is eternal and is multiplied beyond the dimensions, as merits for the evolution of all of life.

Therefore, observe yourself, stop your steps and see if within you, you are building a bridge to the Heart of God. Listen to your soul. Is there fullness in it? Or is there the silence of a soul tired of not being heard by its own being?

Fullness, child, is spiritual; it is between you and God. Wherever you are, you can be filled, because it is enough to give attention to what lives in you, waiting to manifest in the life upon this world.

Your father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

There is no use repeating that these are times of emergency in the world.

Our Words must reach the whole planet. There must not be even one soul that does not know the Presence of the Messengers of God in this place (1). For this reason, today I ask that you disseminate Our call without fear, without being ashamed of proclaiming your own faith, without fear of not being accepted or recognized by those you respect and love.

Just hold in your consciousness that everybody needs to wake up, that there will no longer be any time for the illusions of life because prayer will be the only way out for the planetary situation.

Do not think about what beings will feel, do not worry about what the minds of the people in the world will manifest; simply glimpse the need of souls to be reconciled with God, of praying and of uniting with the Plan of the Creator.

The immediate response of consciousnesses upon entering into contact with Our Words does not matter. What really matters is that the seed of light will be planted within the beings, and when they come to the moment of real need, they will have something to resort to: they will remember those valleys in Brazil (1) and also that refuge of peace among the orange groves (2); they will remember the mountains that hold the Holy Spirit of God (3) and also those that safeguard the future of humanity with the Codes of the Child Jesus (4), so they may be placed in the little ones of this world.

Announce to your families that your lives are no longer the same; announce to your acquaintances, announce to those unknown to you who are in need of peace. Announce to the rich, announce to the poor. Announce to the healthy and to the sick, to the young and to the old.

Let the future of the planet find the essence of peace in the hearts of the youngest, and may those who leave this planet, the eldest, carry the discovery of love wherever they go after this life.

I make this request of you because souls must not miss the opportunity of experiencing love, since this is why they came into the world.

Let the doors of the hells close before the prayerful response of all the hearts that awaken in time.

Let the Perfection of God, which exists within all creatures, not be exchanged for the innumerable capital woes that the enemy sowed in the human consciousness.

I call on you today to be true apostles of Christ, without fear or shame, even if you seem mad, let it be the holy madness expressed in your hearts.

Let your loving and fraternal actions be the testimony of Our Presence in the world. Let your capacity to forgive and to be reconciled with others be the proof to human eyes that God is among humankind, through His Messengers.

Thus, today and every day of your lives, go, serve, be reconciled with your neighbors, ask for forgiveness, serve those who hate you, love those who persecute you, pray as the priority in your lives, as if prayer were water without which you could not live.

Disseminate, announce to the world the Message of God, of peace and transformation, the call to awakening and redemption, through His Messengers. Something will resonate in the human consciousness, as long as you are sincere in all that you do.

Before proclaiming with your mouths, live with your senses, with your intentions, and with your heart all that you aspire for beings to know. Be carriers of peace and hope for this world lost in illusion.

Let us not allow a part of the Heart of God to be extinguished.

I love you and I bless you always, so this blessing may come alive in all the spaces of the human consciousness.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1. This refers to the Marian Center of Figueira, Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

2. This refers to the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay.

3. This refers to the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina.

4. This refers to the Marian Center of the Child King, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Dear children,

For the world to take a step towards the Kingdom of God and get out of the situation which it experiences, the hearts that dwell in it must decide to surrender definitively to the Creator.

For the victory of the Divine Light to be a reality in this world, the human hearts must raise to Heaven a plea for Mercy and be consistent with their aspirations.

My dear ones, there is already enough lamentation in this world. Many are already resigned to the suffering which they experience, and many others surrender to the darkness without realizing it and do not find the strength to open their eyes.

I come to the world in search of souls who accept to experience the awakening, souls who no longer want to live sustained by darkness but who ardently wish to open the doors and windows of their lives for the Divine Light to enter.

Today I come to ask you to no longer live the comforts that this world offers you, but to embrace sacrifice, the permanent effort to enter as humanity into the Kingdom of God.

My beloveds, if you could see the world as I see it, you would definitely understand that these are times of emergency and you would be eager to get out of where you are and become sacred instruments of God, faithful soldiers of His army of Peace.

Dear children, do not lament over the events of the world, do not cry for your own pains or the pains of others, but rise from where you are, transformed by the Grace of My Presence, and act! Live to transform these evil events because, just as everything that happens in the world is a consequence of human actions, the reversal of these facts is also the responsibility of humanity.

I have often pronounced secrets to the hearts of My children that may one day come true, prophecies that speak of the Justice of God approaching the world, and I do not say this to cause fear in your hearts; I do not want to threaten you, I want to awaken you and make you aware of what is happening in this world that your eyes cannot see or that your hearts do not allow you to feel the seriousness of these times.

I speak to all who listen to Me because each one, to a different degree, must awaken to the reality of this life. I need soldiers more and more aware of the purpose to be manifested. Awaken! Awaken every day a little more!

My dear ones, if every day you offered a small sacrifice to the Creator, a small effort on behalf of the awakening of humanity, you would collaborate so that the suffering of this world could be alleviated.

Meditate on My Words, they never reach the world in vain. Each phrase that I pronounce holds in itself a greater purpose. He who knows how to listen will be able to receive everything that God delivers to the world, through His Messengers.

Be strong and determined, humble and servant. Be tireless, just as those who descend from the Heavens to rescue humanity.

These are times of urgency, these are times of definitive awakening.

I love you and thank you for responding to My call today, even if you do not know it.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace, the bearer of the awakening of this humanity


My Heart needs to have an important space in your lives, a place that is irreplaceable before the presence of My Merciful Face.

But as I come from My Father and I expect that My followers learn, I await that the they offer the space that I need to enter in the dwelling of each heart.

The time of My Coming is approaching and My servants will have to contend with the accelerated rhythm of the changes and with the time that they will have to dedicate to the presence of My Heart. A disciple without an instructor is like walking the paths without a compass.

That the true guide to your souls and your hearts may be the presence of the Sacred Heart, that knows you, loves you, knows well about each of Its Children.  Do not allow that the urgencies of the time, that disturb your harmony, take the time from you to be more in Me.

Be brave before the final changes foreseen for humanity; keep the memory of My Presence in you lives so that you will be able to have a firm heart to take the steps; a contemplative soul to adore Me; and a peaceful spirit to carry the immensity of My Peace.

I give you My Peace, and with My Peace I redeem you, and I love you deeply.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for taking My words to the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Blessed children,

In response to the urgent call realized yesterday to My children, I announce to those to whom I have appeared for five years as the Blessed Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, that My Beloved Son, Christ Jesus, sends Me today to your hearts to tell you that the Almighty God has observed from His Heart your response to the celestial call of attention.

Dear children, in the face of the urgent necessity of conversion and redemption of all the creatures of God, today I call you to continuous prayer and especially I call you so that, during this whole month, your lives may deepen and may give time to the meditation on each one of the holy Mysteries of the Rosary.

There you will find the keys for the conversion of your hearts that are: peace, surrender, trust in God, charity, forgiveness, the Love of My Son, sacrifice, and the resurrection together with the glorification of Christ.

My children, in this month of the Rosary I want that you especially dedicate yourselves to unite your hearts to each one of the passages of the life of Jesus and of the silent life of My Immaculate Heart.

My little ones, that in this time may awaken in your consciousness the call to Redemption and to the Surrender to God, a call that My voice pronounces day by day by means of the daily messages.

Dear children, under the Grace of God we are now close to the completion of one year, continuous and without interrup- tions, of daily blessed messages of My Immaculate Heart, of the Queen of Peace, who intends to guide you along the path of Good and Peace in the heart.

After a continuous year of Graces received, today I want that in response to these Graces, you unite your lives to the key teachings of Christ.

For this victorious reason of My Immaculate Heart in each one of your lives I announce to you today in the name of the Merciful Love of Christ Jesus, that on the day of tomorrow, the 21st of October, 2012, My visionary children, will be honoring Me by means of a simple prayer and an internal communion in the Sanctuary of Aparecida, a sanctuary that I love with fondness for the humble expression of faith from all of My pilgrim children of Brazil.

Therefore, dear children, the Honorable ever Virgin Mary, Lady Aparecida of Brazil, invites you and calls all Her chil- dren so that together with My children the visionaries, you may realize this simple pilgrimage towards the Sanctuary of Aparecida and that, through the offer to pray fifty beads of the Holy Rosary and of the inner communion with Christ, you may repair My Immaculate Heart.

In response to the events that have happened between you and God, I promise you that whomever participates with a sincere spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness before the Most High, the Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, will radiate the power of Divine Mercy from Heaven, and your lives will be absolved before the Law.

Dear children, I have brought roses in My hands to the throne of God, and the Father of the Source of Love and Compassion has accepted My offering for all of you. This exercise of frater- nity that I ask you to realize will allow, once more, that your hearts be clean and pure before God.

Once again, dear children, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

Thank you for responding to this celestial call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Being the Mother of Graces, I contemplate the need of each one of My children. As the Mother and Queen of Peace, I invite you to put in your prayers all the supplications that your brothers and sisters send Me so that the Light of the Father and the Grace of His Love may be able to respond to the call of His children.

My children, with this you will see how great is the urgency of prayer for humanity, for the nations and for the continents. Dear children, as servants of Christ, today I call you to pray for all the supplications that the souls pronounce every day towards Heaven.

By praying and fasting you will help so that the Grace of the Mercy of My Son may propagate itself in the hearts of all My children. Little children, I invite you to mature by means of the exercise of prayer, because it is in prayer that you will discover the wisdom that your consciousness needs so that, in these times, it may make the decisions of peace.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace I ask that at each moment of your lives you seek Jesus to alleviate the offenses that He receives from humanity. My children, try, through prayer, to alleviate the Heart of My Son and, from the exercise of prayer, to consolidate in your heart the covenant with Christ.

Dear children, in these times peace must reign in the dwelling places of all My children. You, with prayer, have the key that opens the Door of the Celestial Universe of God.

By means of prayer you will find the most peaceful path for your lives.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

My words of Peace must be in your hearts so that in them flows the Love of My Son.

Dear children, each cycle that you live in life is a moment of renovation for the feeling of the heart. With this I want to say that your lives are precious before the Kingdom of the Lord. For this My children, remember that the prayer that comes from the fountain of the heart will bring you closer to the Kingdom of God.

As Mother of Assistance of all those who follow and who do not follow Christ, today again I give you My Peace so that by receiving it in your hearts it may be as a flame of light and truth for everyone.

In the immense bliss of the Glory of God, today I ask you that in prayer you elevate to Heaven all pleas that are urgent for the hearts that day by day have their inner flames extinguished.

Dear children, we are commemorating My seven months of transmissions of daily messages of instruction. For this, I ask you to meditate and to enter in each one of the announcements and that in prayer you live the greatness of My Love for all of you.

If it were like this, little children, the paths of humanity could be permeated by the existence of Grace.

My little children, smile to the life that God the Father gave to you. That within the Kingdom of Divine Mercy of Jesus, all the souls may be reborn under My Mantle of Peace.

We are in prayer for all causes. My Immaculate Heart accompanies follows you in each step you take towards the Lord of Love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

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