Friday, June 8 of 2012

Daily messages

My words of Peace must be in your hearts so that in them flows the Love of My Son.

Dear children, each cycle that you live in life is a moment of renovation for the feeling of the heart. With this I want to say that your lives are precious before the Kingdom of the Lord. For this My children, remember that the prayer that comes from the fountain of the heart will bring you closer to the Kingdom of God.

As Mother of Assistance of all those who follow and who do not follow Christ, today again I give you My Peace so that by receiving it in your hearts it may be as a flame of light and truth for everyone.

In the immense bliss of the Glory of God, today I ask you that in prayer you elevate to Heaven all pleas that are urgent for the hearts that day by day have their inner flames extinguished.

Dear children, we are commemorating My seven months of transmissions of daily messages of instruction. For this, I ask you to meditate and to enter in each one of the announcements and that in prayer you live the greatness of My Love for all of you.

If it were like this, little children, the paths of humanity could be permeated by the existence of Grace.

My little children, smile to the life that God the Father gave to you. That within the Kingdom of Divine Mercy of Jesus, all the souls may be reborn under My Mantle of Peace.

We are in prayer for all causes. My Immaculate Heart accompanies follows you in each step you take towards the Lord of Love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.