Queen of prophets

Through the ages, My Son has sent Me to the world to warn it and correct it about the imminent danger.

Thus, through the ages and as at this moment, My Maternal Consciousness has chosen the new prophets amongst all souls, who determinedly have announced the words and the message of the Heavenly Mother.

At all the moments when humanity was in gravest danger, the Queen of prophets awakened consciousnesses so they would render this greater service, which comes directly from the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit that fosters all celestial revelations for this Universe.

Thus, the Queen of prophets appeared in different moments of the history of humanity to awaken the lineage of the prophets in simple and selfless consciousnesses, which means a service of surrender to the rule of higher Laws that guide the consciousness that is summoned to this end.

The Queen of prophets has the mission of demonstrating, through the prophets, that Her message is universal, divine, and timeless; that it is able to serve all souls in their instruction, transformation, and change.

 The message of the Queen of prophets in all ages always tries to guide, warn, correct, and raise awareness in all of humanity, in a nation, or in an individual.

 The prophets have the task of subordinating themselves to spiritual principles that are not under their control, and cannot be manipulated by any consciousness. The gift of the prophet is based on their spirit of humility, on inner work with detachment, and mainly, in each day loving more the mission that the Queen of prophets has chose them for to accomplish with this humanity.

For the Divine Universe, there are temporal prophets and timeless prophets. It is something that leads directly to the Holy Will of the Spiritual Universe through the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 The temporal prophet is awakened for this mission by Deity itself; that is to say, by the Eternal Father through the Firstborn Son and the Mother of God, who have the highest authority to offer consciousness to a soul on this great and selfless service.


Dear children of Mine,

Every day at noon when this sacred hour is fulfilled in this part of the world, an infinite ocean of Repairing Graces is poured from My Most Pure Heart of Mother.

These extraordinary Graces are the ones that allow to carry out the conversion of heart in this time, and I wish today this announcement to be clear for everyone.  Your Eternal Father has allowed Me to let you know how the whole humanity at this hour just thinks about nourishing themselves with the things of the world instead of nourishing themselves with the spirit that the prayer of the heart provides.

Children, go and testify My message.  I hope that you can give the example of a life redeemed by My Immaculate Heart.  Today I let you know the celestial wisdom, that which has allowed through My intercession to help you and instruct you with maternal love.

For this, children, I need you to open your hearts and recognize the daily Laws of your Father, who always waits for you to enter in truthful communion and in truthful nourishment for your spirits.

As your Mother I lead you to walk through safe pathways so that one day you may find the peace of the heart.

Therefore, My children, let My feet mark your paths so that united to My Heart you may awaken to the importance of seeking the union with the Kingdom of God before anything.

I always bless you and pray for your sacred mission.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who embraces you with special maternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

By means of these maternal words, again by the action and the glory of the Grace of God, today I present Myself before your souls—donated to My Heart from the beginning and willing to serve Me to the end.

Today My Heart reveals to you that in this time without peace, I gather you again around the sacred table of Our Lord Jesus so that you may eat of His Body and drink of His Blood again.

My only goal, beloved children, is making you remember the Kingdom of God, that which in these moments is much forsaken and substituted by the trends of this world, those that erase the fire of the heart of many souls.

For the sake of the things that deviate the souls and all of humanity, sedated by the wiles of the enemy, from the Plan of God, your Mother of Peace and of Grace returns to reestablish the Kingdom of God, the supreme life and mercy in all that seems irreparable and impure.  Because now My celestial eyes see and shelter the offers of all of Her children who are the inner impulse to be able to materialize, together with the Angels of Heaven, the moment of the great planetary change.

I shall pray for you until the ultimate days, when some, who will already be blissful, will see coming amid the clouds My Beloved and Glorified Son.  The faults of the humanity of today and their future consequences can be placated by the light of the Mercy of My Son.

I come so that daily you may read My messages and that you may make them part of your lives and daily rhythms.  I desire that the true consciousness may awake in all of My children.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this new cycle!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace of God


Dear children:

Today we have accomplished, by the Will of God, one uninterrupted year of daily Apparitions and of the daily Messages of love.

For this reason dear children, today I tell you that the always Blessed Virgin Mary will announce Her words of Love and of Redemption for all of Her children for some time more.

Dear children, in this day I announce to you that God has asked me that, after today, I communicate My instructions to you on the days of Saturday and on the days of the Apparitions.

My children, after one continuous year of received Graces, My Maternal Heart asks that you look inside your hearts and that you grow from within through My Redeemer Peace.

For this, dear children, may this day for you be a day of synthesis, so that you can keep in your hearts all that God has delivered to you through My Immaculate Heart. Now after today we will meet daily through the prayer of the heart because the world is waiting to receive the Mercy of My Son.

To My children, those who one year ago accompanied me to Medjugorje, I thank you for having peregrinated with devotion and love, because this state of love irradiated from your hearts before God in Medjugorje allowed that He send me to you to guide you during all this year of great changes.

Dear children, on this day you have as a task for all the groups of prayer and for all the souls, to pray week to week so that in this way you wait for Saturdays for My weekly message, each one also to be accompanied by an apparition to My clairvoyants.

My children, now has arrived the time to grow and mature from the heart so that the soldiers of My Son will be prepared for the time that will come to humanity.

Dear children, once again I place all of you between My arms to offer to God the voice of your prayers, those that have helped in the conversion of humanity.

For this next year of 2013 I will visit you with My Maternity and from the Heavens two times a month, during the days of the 13th and the 25th of each month, so that together we will accompany the descent of the Holy Spirit that will help humanity.

Little children, may your day today be happy because during one year My Immaculate Heart triumphed because of your answer to My Maternal call. The Celestial Choirs together with your hearts are praising the One God during all of these days.

I thank you for answering during this year to My call for Peace.

Dear children:

I hope that you, during this last year of daily messages, have accepted to live in the Grace of God. It is a merciful revelation that My maternal words have accompanied each one of you in all this time that has passed, when your hearts needed to grow and mature before the reality of the end of the time.

My children, for this today I am calling you to deepen in your hearts gratitude to God, gratitude because through My Son and his Loving intercession, God permits me to come to your encounter daily through the messages.

Dear children, you know that the world is suffering so much and that each new day innumerable souls are lost, condemning themselves to the path of purgatory,

For this I call you to live the prayer of the heart, because your prayer will be the only hope for the salvation of many hearts, above all those children that in the ignorance of their lives offend God.

Lovingly I ask you to pray beneath the Light of God and to commend to God all souls possible through the power of prayer. Those that still do not pray, because they lack maternal love and need to quench the thirst that their souls have felt for so long.

Dear children, it is a definitive time, it is a time of changes, for this I invite you to be conscious of your task of prayer, so that more Light from the Universe of God may help and save the souls from condemnation.

My children, hold between your hands the prayer of the Rosary and may each new prayer that you realize be an offering and a supplication to the Mercy of Jesus.

In My Son is the path. In My Son is found your redemption and your pardon.

Be awake to prayer!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

In this time you must have a pure heart and, to live with a pure heart you must pray with a totally pure love, and to pray with a totally pure love you must be day by day in the Heart of My Son.

At the end of this time the souls are weakened from the influences that they receive on the part of the enemy and from the different states of humanity. This generates consequences at times irreparable in many hearts that, inside of the life of illusion, believe themselves to be in the correct path.

As the Protector Mother I invite you, day by day, to prayer so that in this definitive time your hearts may perceive and may feel what is the true, the healthy and the good for life. If you fall into the normality of this fast time do not be discouraged, but awake even more on your lips the power of prayer. And when you feel that you cannot walk, call for the Light of My Immaculate Heart.

If the souls will read My messages, My words will strengthen then and through prayer they may walk in love and in bravery. The souls of this time that live upon this world are not the same souls as yesterday, this time of changes and of transformation must be supported by your lovely and fervent prayer of the heart.

Dear children, in this way you will help your own selves and will help many hearts that are clamoring to be alleviated and pardoned. God awaits you to walk in this final time at His side, reaching in this way up to the heart of the abyss so that the souls in this world may return and be lifted and reconcile themselves with the Highest.

You, My dear children are in the time of definitions for the spiritual path of millions of consciousnesses. For this, prayer will be a perfect support for this time and My Maternal Heart may help you, always when you call me.

Dear children, today I am giving to you My Pardon and My Celestial Light because I love you and I know what is the best for each one of you.

I await you always in prayer.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 


Dearest children from Córdoba and from all of My beloved Argentina,

As the Queen of Peace today I come to your encounter through a Special Apparition of My Immaculate Face.

May this day be glorious, blissful and joyful for all so that we may be together and united to the Celestial Jubilation of God and, through the prayer of the heart, we may say “yes” to the Salvation and Redemption of souls.

Dear children, God the Father has sent Me to the city of Córdoba to give My Great Maternal Blessing and for this reason My Immaculate Heart has heard the loving voice of your prayers and of your call.

When souls say “yes” to the Divine Plan, the events that are written in the book of God change through the intervention of My Immaculate Heart and of the Sacred Heart of My Son. And this happens because you, as so many other souls, live the inner power of prayer.

Therefore, dear children, may your hearts continue to pray, creating new groups of prayer that respond to My requests and thus strengthen the faith in each one of you.

As the Mother of Divine Mercy today I bless you all for this path of faith and devotion that your hearts are living in honor of the Lady of the Immaculate Peace.

My children, My Message is reaching everyone throughout the world. Today I also ask you that your hearts be faithful propagators of My message and of My call, because many souls that have distanced themselves from God must begin to pray again and many souls that do not know the Love of God must feel the Celestial Father in the depths of their hearts.

Dear children, in order for this to happen, your faithful prayer must continue every day and thus open the heart to receive those who are in most need of God.

Dear children from Córdoba and from the sister provinces, today I invite you to participate in the new life of the spirit through the selfless service to the Plan of God. Therefore all the groups of prayer from Argentina are called to collaborate for love in the emerging of the New Christic Community of Brotherhood (*), extending your arms and giving yourselves through your hands. Therefore you are invited to be the work- ers of this Plan of Love.


 My little ones,

Keep in your hearts the whole path of love and conversion that, through the Faithful Servant of God, you have lived. For this maternal reason today I invite you to remember that it has already been eleven months of encounters and of daily messages for the world.

Today I am calling you to be the living example of My Mater- nal Message through charity and giving.

Dear children, I call you to form part of My Marian army of peace and to propagate My words by means of your prayer. You are in time to live in the Mercy of My Son, you are in time to forgive with the heart.

My children, today I also call all those who hear My urgent call for Peace and for Goodness so that you may propagate My words of support and help to all the hearts in the world.

Your goal, as is Mine, must be to alleviate the tired heart, the wounded heart and the fallen heart. To ignite, through prayer, the Flame of the Holy Spirit and to trust, in the name of My Son, in all the wisdom that you will receive to grow as consciousnesses and as hearts.

My children, today there is reason to celebrate from the heart the past eleven months in which My Maternal Love, My Hope, My Grace and My Mercy have been poured from the greatest depths of My Maternal Heart for all My beloved children.

Continue united to My Spirit of Peace and through the permanent prayer of the Rosary, be united every day to Jesus, the King of Love.

That your hearts, during these last eleven months, may have been able to be a part of My Great and Divine Son Jesus. That from now on, your lives may be surrendered to the Plan of God, as a reparation of all offenses that He receives from this world.

Be merciful and love your brothers and sisters because they are also My children.

For all this time of Mercy, I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Opening My merciful arms again, and with perpetual prayer between My lips, today I invite you to live My message, today I invite you to consider each one of My words, those that have been pronounced during these last months.

My children, if you do this in this way, you will be able to be instruments of God, you will be able to be the living message for each heart in the world. This will allow that each one of My words be sown in your hearts.

Dear children, know that as Intercessor for all souls, the divine message that I lovingly give to you every day is a message of Light that comes from Heaven.

My children, today I want that you not only awaken to the maternal call, but also that you remember that each one of My words reaches your lives to bring you Forgiveness, Re- conciliation, Mercy, Divine Love and Redemption in these last times.

Being the Mother of Jesus, the Great Priest of Love, I want to teach you to read the messages, I want to teach you to meditate on My messages, and I want to teach you to interiorize My words in your hearts.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has already spoken much to this humanity throughout these centuries. It has spoken to make you remember that God is your only and true aspiration for all eternity.

But still, My little children, a great part of humanity is blind and closes its own heart to the gift of life that My Son represents and, more so, it little accepts Mercy.

For this reason, dear children, your prayer must help to restore all these events so that your hearts, as mediators, may receive a Greater Grace of Forgiveness.

My children, when you feel My messages, your souls will be in eternal prayer. As the world changes rapidly and without pausing for reflection, My Immaculate Heart is offering Itself to each one of you so that, united in prayer, we may change the course of humanity, in the Grace of God.

Dear children, remember to feel My words with the love of your hearts, allow the light of the Holy Spirit to descend from the Infinite Heart of God upon all humanity.

Let us pray in this time of emergency! Let us pray for the presence of peace!

I thank you!


Dear children,

When you live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize, by means of prayer, the immensity of works of Love, Pity and Mercy that He realizes in this whole world.

When you live in the Will of the Lord you will recognize your preferences and your goals and you will know which of them to purify.

When you live in the Will of God, you will feel what Good is so that imitating it, your lives may also conduct other souls.

When you live in the Will of My Son, you will recognize the One who, with so much love, speaks to you day by day and you will be able to value everything that has been given to your hearts.

When many of My children live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize My messages and you will confirm all the maternal instruction given month by month.

When humanity lives in the Will of the Holy Spirit, everyone will know where they are and that at this moment they are invited to travel the new pathway of Christ.

When the hearts live in the Will of God, they will be able to surrender life into the Hands of the Creator, and they will stop controlling their own lives. This will allow God to express His Universe in each one of His children.

My children, if humanity already lived in the Will of the Lord, conflict would end in the world and Celestial Peace would be present, there would be no separation within families and only unity would reign; everything would be rebuilt so that God would be able to make Himself present in the hearts of His children.

But still, dear children, souls do not live in the Will of God because they fear what Love, the Eternal God, may aspire to do in each essence. If humanity were already in the Will of the Lord the plans would change, and Divine Mercy would be the Light expanded in all the corners of this world.

While souls do not live in the Divine Will of God, I ask you for constant prayer so that the soul may recognize the path it is being called to travel, the path of Redeeming Love.

You, My little ones, can aspire to live in this unfathomable Will of God because this feeling will please the Heart of God, and you will help Me in this mission of the Queen of Peace.


Dear children,

Do you wait for the arrival of My Maternal Word each day?

I want to instruct you so that your hearts may recognize the Presence of God in all Universal Life.

I want to make you see the reality that the world lives for lack of the prayer of the heart.

I want to awaken My soldiers from their sleep so that all souls may serve their fellow beings through prayer.

For this reason, My children, today I invite you to consider each one of My loving words as sacred, words of God that I give you in My daily message. In this way your lives will be able to recognize that, as Mother of all, I want to bring you to where Jesus is to be found so that you may redeem your lives, your actions and your hearts in peace.

The Lord, God the Father, promises a Fountain of Graces for all those who hear His Voice, emitted by His Favorite Son and His Faithful Servant of Nazareth.

Dear children, the moment you are living with Me is the final moment that will not be repeated, because the coming of the Light of the Divine Heaven tries to awaken your consciousness and the consciousness of all My other children in this world.

Keep each one of My instructions as a gift and sow them so that they may be able to sprout in the time of the return of My Son. Thus your hearts, trained in the prayer of the heart, will be able to testify to the Presence of Christ in your lives and especially, to testify for all those who still do not believe in the Mercy of My Son.

And finally, My dear children, remember that your souls are blessed each day by the Holy Spirit through Me and this is because I love you.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


After thirty-one years of My presence with you in the world through the Apparitions in Medjugorje, today, dear children, I invite you to celebrate with Me the Grace that God has poured over humanity through My announcements and messages throughout these years.

Therefore, My children, may today be a special meeting be- tween your hearts and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because He is attentive to the praying voice of all My children, even more so of those who aspire to walk through the path of forgiveness and conversion.

Today, from this side of the world, My Immaculate Heart gathers sister souls, especially in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, in order to prepare them for the new time. And the most important for Our Lord is that you live in fraternity.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has already been in your lives accompanying you for five continuous years, just as My Maternal Love accompanies My children of Europe through the devotion in Medjugorje.

With this I want to call you to the reflection of the heart so that your consciousnesses may be able to truly awaken to that which My voice is announcing to you day by day in the messages.

It is the first time in My Apparitions in the world that God has allowed Me the Grace of dialoging and talking to all of you daily.

My Maternal Heart hopes that all this instruction that I give you today may be kept in the depths of your hearts so that, in prayer, you may receive with immense joy the coming of My Son, the Redeemer. And it is by His Merciful Love that all of you will be able to be guarded and thus carry the Light of Christ ignited in your hearts.

Dear and beloved children, I leave for each one of you this maternal reflection in this cycle that is ending, and which brings the Good News of the Kingdom of God for those who have never believed in the Creator.

May the Celestial Light of My Heart illuminate you eternally.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Immaculate Heart radiates Love to the world. My hands of a faithful servant sustain it with much love. From Eternity, I send Light onto all so that the Holy Spirit may act as a celestial fire in the hearts, may heal them, elevate them and forgive them in order to be in unity before the Creator.

Dearest children of My Maternal Heart, with the Flame of Love from the Holy Spirit over the world, let us celebrate today the immense joy that God gives you through My daily presence in your lives. Today, emanate the ray of gratitude so that all souls may also receive the Grace of the conversion of the heart, the inner relief for life.

Rejoice your hearts, for in these past seven months of daily messages My voice has been echoing. When your souls rise to the Heavens, the Eyes of Kindness will reveal to you all of this daily exercise of love that My Heart is doing for this humanity.

I want to tell you that God, silently, through My Fire of Merciful Love, has been calling you every day for seven months so that the world may remember that the One and Only Will, the original Source of Love and Unity, the Eternal God, Omnipresent and Kind, loves you and waits for you through a sincere act of reconciliation with His Beloved Heart. The Father of Graces has descended in Divine Spirit to awaken the Light in your hearts. This is the echo that My Maternal Voice is propagating so that all hearts may reach peace.

Therefore, dear children, may each moment of prayer dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary be a perfect alliance with the Love of God for your lives and for the conversion of all those who are still not converted.

My Heart, through these past seven months of daily calls has wanted to impregnate you with the instruction of Love and of the Redemption that My beloved Son radiates to the world with His Divine Mercy.

Walk without pause to the encounter with the Love of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

My words of Peace must be in your hearts so that in them flows the Love of My Son.

Dear children, each cycle that you live in life is a moment of renovation for the feeling of the heart. With this I want to say that your lives are precious before the Kingdom of the Lord. For this My children, remember that the prayer that comes from the fountain of the heart will bring you closer to the Kingdom of God.

As Mother of Assistance of all those who follow and who do not follow Christ, today again I give you My Peace so that by receiving it in your hearts it may be as a flame of light and truth for everyone.

In the immense bliss of the Glory of God, today I ask you that in prayer you elevate to Heaven all pleas that are urgent for the hearts that day by day have their inner flames extinguished.

Dear children, we are commemorating My seven months of transmissions of daily messages of instruction. For this, I ask you to meditate and to enter in each one of the announcements and that in prayer you live the greatness of My Love for all of you.

If it were like this, little children, the paths of humanity could be permeated by the existence of Grace.

My little children, smile to the life that God the Father gave to you. That within the Kingdom of Divine Mercy of Jesus, all the souls may be reborn under My Mantle of Peace.

We are in prayer for all causes. My Immaculate Heart accompanies follows you in each step you take towards the Lord of Love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Mary of Nazareth I give you all today the love of My Immaculate Heart of Mother.

Dear children,

It has been six months of daily messages that have been spoken with immense gratitude and joy to you. With this I want to tell you that the path of prayer is infinite for your lives, but it is on this path where you may find peace and faith for the heart.

I accompany you today as I have in these six months for this definitive cycle in the life of My children in the world. For this your perseverance will permit the awakening of the spiritual motivation of prayer on the part of other children. Each action that is done with the heart is a glorification of God the Father, because thus you will be inside the Kingdom of His Love and Will.

So that your lives may take the certain steps to the Lord, you may imitate the path of humility and obedience that Christ, My Reborn Son, who lived before the presence of the Heart of the Father. This exercise of obedience and of humility will awaken in you the trust in the merciful decisions of God and so your hearts may be strengthened in the path.

Remember little children, that the good works that are born from the heart not only please the Heart of the Father but also have repercussions on the redeeming mission for humanity, a mission that My Son will bring forth in His return to Earth.

For these moments your hearts must be in prayer and awaken before the real needs of the world, so that your eyes, the eyes of souls in service to God, may recognize the presence of My Son among you.

Know dear children, that in the same way that He was among His followers, after the Glorious Resurrection, again He will be in the world, especially with the new disciples that await Him with an open and surrendered heart.

The will of the Father may be fulfilled for this last cycle through your response. My Will of Mother comes from this Supreme Will.

Let us celebrate in prayer these six months of daily meetings with Me, with the Mother of Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Know, My children, that My Immaculate Heart is among you so that your lives, as little children of the Great Father, may be guided through the paths of peace and redemption.

For this reason, little children, today I invite you to live on prayer through the union with Me in the devotion to the Most Beloved Heart of Jesus. Thus, dear children, you will be quenching the thirst for souls of all this humanity that My Son has.

All I ask, little children, is that you trust the purpose of My Peace so that it may be manifested in all the hearts that are thirsty for peace. Your little hearts, united with Christ, relieve the great sorrow of this humanity, which has arrived at the time of reconciling itself with the Celestial Father. And this will happen by means of the path of prayer that each of you builds day by day.

In this way, dear children, the Primary Source of the Divine Mercy of My Son will be able to be poured for some more time over the world, especially over all those children who do not hear the voice of My Immaculate Heart. To all of them the time will come for the reencounter with the true Eternal Father.

The path of the redemption of the heart is a path that My call is preparing day by day through the daily messages. Therefore, I will be able to say to all those children who may approach Me through the daily messages that they are on the path of redemption.

I promise to be present when hearts unite to Me. Then, in this moment, My Maternal Heart will be one with each one of My little children.

May the Celestial Peace reverberate in your hearts so that your lives are converted into pure prayer.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Children, I lift you in My arms as I did with the Child Jesus.

Dear children,

Today I bring all of you to the Heart of My Son who, having resurrected, comes in His Glory to bring you His Peace and His Divine Mercy. Thus, today, through the spirit of prayer, you will be preparing yourselves to receive the Rays of Mercy, an infinite source that you must accept. You must also live in the love for My Immaculate Heart.

Your hearts must convert into little flowers for the Creator. In this way, My dear children, your lives will become more peaceful because you will be in prayer with God.

My children, the primordial mission of My Immaculate Heart is to rescue all of My children, even more those who are blind, who are far away from God. Therefore, dear children, I await so that from each one of your little hearts may flow a fount of living prayer, truthful and humble, that may help the world of today.

Dear children, the one who walks confidently along the way of prayer will be together with My Son, adoring Him and contemplating Him in simplicity. I want to take you each day towards the Prodigious Heart of Christ because in this way your hearts will be inside the Kingdom of God even if you still remain on the Earth.

Today I call you to deepen into My daily messages because in them you will find the keys that the Lord, through His Faithful Servant, is giving you.

Little children, those who live My daily message will be on the right path of conversion. Know, dear children, that humanity lives today the cycle of the possible and total redemption of the heart and of life. Therefore, live with the heart the Grace that the Heavens are pouring to you.

Be fair and simple.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dearest children and souls of prayer,

With joy I receive all of your hearts in the Kingdom of My Father, and today I invite you to emanate peace and love from the depths of your little hearts.

Dear children, we are now in a celestial mission of peace and conversion for each one of your lives and for all of the lives that are in the world. For this reason, little children, I invite you to constantly live prayer so that in all the beads of contempla- tion done by all with the heart, you may be able to touch the Heavens, and the Lord may be able to respond through His Graces.

I am the intercessor of all souls. I am the one who will take you towards My Glorified Son. For this, dear children, after these months that have passed and in which we have been united from Heart to heart, I announce to you, as a Special Grace, that My celestial voice will continue for some time more accompanying all of your hearts through My Love and through My Words in the Daily Messages, with the aim that My Immaculate Heart may reach all. I ask you, dear children, to propagate My call for peace and for the time of conversion and that you invite hearts to reencounter the exercise of prayer as something primordial in these times.

Now the Lord has asked Me that, through the Holy Spirit, My Immaculate Heart may reach families, so that the families of the world may recuperate the symbol of the Sacred Family of Nazareth. And this will happen when all of the hearts of the families begin the precious path of prayer. Thus they will also be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, I thank with Divine Love all of your little hearts for responding to My call. You must know that it is God that now calls the world to reconciliation and to forgiveness so that Mercy may emerge as a source of conversion for all of the hearts.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mercy for all of My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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