My beloveds,

After one year of continuous blessings, My Most Sacred Heart deeply wishes to consecrate your lives to the Plan of God. For this, today I come on this special day as a High Priest for the good souls to open, in a definitive way, the door of My Divine and liberating Mercy so that the sins of the world may be liberated from the hearts of the souls.

Today I come to announce My Paternal Affection and My Glory for each one of you.  Today I want to tell you that God has conceded Me, because of the faith of all of you and because of the trust that you have built in your hearts, to be able to return with new instructions for the life of the spirit and of the soul.

I want to tell you that My Sacred Heart rejoices Itself in announcing that It will be with you every Friday, in a special way the 4th of each month and the days of Marathon, the 5th and 6th of each month.  On these days I will come to pour upon My ones more blessings and repairing Graces.

It honors Me to tell you that I Am rejoiced for the devoted response of My companions.  For this the Lord sends Me to ask you to go two by two and announce to the world that My Infinite Mercy is working in your lives day by day.

I will wait with joy that every day you will continue praying the Chaplet to My Divine Mercy.  In this way I will also be able to visit you in the silence of the heart.

I thank for the year of Graces shared with My ones.

May God bless you.

Thank you for having been blessed of heart!

You Beloved King of Love,

Merciful Christ Jesus


On the eve of My sacred Anniversary of daily Instructions, I wish that the good and holy hearts, those that follow Me, in spite of tiredness, emptiness and pain, may make Me known as the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

To whoever makes My Face of the Return known, I promise the following:

Whoever carries the image of the Glorified Heart of Jesus will not perish in life, but they will know the power of My Mercy.

Whoever adores the sacred image will enter into contact and inner union with Me, as if I were eternally present by their side.

Whoever carries the sacred image with them, close to their hearts, or places it at the head of their beds, and prays a little daily prayer to Me, I promise to be the Watcher and Gatekeeper of their homes so that nothing that is not of My Light can approach.

Whoever shares the icon of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus with the sick, the elderly, the youth and the children, in a sacred and fraternal way, I promise that I will be visiting, in the inner levels, all of those who adore Me for just five minutes of their time, because I deeply wish to prevail in the hearts and in the lives of each being.

Whoever makes Me humbly known as the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, I promise to help, protect and illuminate the paths of all who call for Me out of love, devotion and truth.  I promise to be present in the moments of emergency and rescue.

Whoever recognizes the Sacred Icon as true and, at the same time, as merciful, I promise to protect them until the last days of their lives and to carry them with Me towards the Universal Kingdom of Peace.

Whoever sees Me reflected in the sacred image, I promise to make them feel deep trust, fullness and celestial bliss so that they may live in the eternal joy of My Heart.

The Sacred Icon of Christ shall represent the union between Heaven and Earth, between souls and the Glorified Christ, who will return to the world in order to remove it again from the death in which it is living.  God wishes you to glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus because He is offended by the unjust actions of souls.  In this way, I promise that whoever holds this sacred image within their homes will receive My Special Graces in order to achieve redemption.

May this Anniversary Marathon signify for everyone a step of absolute surrender to the Christ King so that, in this way, the New Christs may awaken.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Heart in your hearts!

The Glorified Christ Jesus


I know that by the next year of 2014 many families and hearts will have been able to guard Me in the interior of their dwellings.  Before My uninterrupted Presence during a year with you is fulfilled I wish that all consecrate themselves to the eternal light of My Sacred Heart.

For this I ask that from the first day of January of 2014 until the ninth day of January of 2014 all of the hearts glorify Me by means of the Powerful Novena of Jesus Christ.

I ask that you gather in group with the aim of materializing in the spiritual levels the consecration of the Americas to the Immaculate Heart.  If this novena is done with care, love and dedication I promise that on the ninth day I will realize as a closing of this cycle a last public apparition to reveal to the world the secret of conversion, of liberation and of redemption.

Those that, during the nine days in a row after the prayer to My Divine Mercy, surrender themselves like a child in the arms of its mother, will be restoring My Most Sacred Heart.  In this way, before the end of the times, all of the Americas will receive a special Intercessory Grace.

I ask you to pray the powerful novena as it is a precious and spiritual complement to the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy.  I promised Saint Faustina that the souls that adored and venerated Me through the Face of My Mercy would know what to do and where to be in the final times.

I wish to say of this promise, that I Am already fulfilling it through My daily Instructions.  I will need that soon you give to the world the book of the 365 daily messages of Jesus Christ.  It will serve as a spiritual key and of inner support to face the great spiritual crisis.

After fulfilling a year of My Presence among you I promise to return to confirm My Presence in your hearts.

I will now give thanks for the warm answer that your hearts may give Me.  In this way I will be able to conduct you towards the path of the Truth and of the Good.  When I ask you for something so great it is because My Divine Mercy is opening a door of opportunities for all. 

May the next year of 2014 be for all the time of the great harvest.  It is time to be able to see manifested the fruits of the instruction received as a precious experience of life.

I leave My special paternal blessing for all.  I send a ray of love from My Sacred Heart to your hearts.

Blissful be those who in truth live in God because from them is the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Under the Infinite Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for sincerely answering during a whole year to My Call!

Christ Jesus, Your Faithful Beloved 


At the request of the Material Divine Plan, and in response to the Most Beloved Will of My Father, I want to announce to all My dear marathon participants that the next encounter of the 6th Marathon of Divine Mercy will have a special development, due to the anniversary of the daily messages.

I want to share with My own that only for this next marathon of January of 2014, there will be a special universal conjuncture in the spirit of the planet and in humanity; in which all of those who unite to the Spirit of the merciful prayer will receive an infinite opportunity of Graces and Blessings.

With joy in My Paternal Heart I will be reuniting all of those who pray ones, so that they may receive again My spiritual blessing, that which will permit them to take the steps towards the Fountain of My Heart.

Dear praying ones:

The 6th Marathon of the Divine Mercy will start at 6.30 AM, with the first 150 beads of the Chaplet, and will be extended until 11.00 AM.   During this time there will be an important spiritual movement, in which we will work on the lifting of the souls that live in darkness.

The start of the Marathon in the first hours of the day will permit that those who pray may be willing to answer with their effort to My call for Mercy.  The first part of the Marathon will last until 11.00 in the morning, with the permanent prayer that the marathon participants will live.

From 11.00 AM until before 3.00 PM, all the praying ones will have a time of retreat, of silence, and of recollection, so they may continue to accompany My Consciousness in the planetary task that the Merciful Christ will be realizing.

At 3.00, PM, the hour of the Divine Mercy, each marathon participant, wherever they may find themselves, will pray 33 beads of each one of the prayers of the Devotional of Mercy and will pray one time the prayers of the Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ.

At 9:00 PM all the participants of the 6th Marathon, and at the Marian Centers, will realize a procession of candles in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for the consecration of South America to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  You will bring a banner with the image of the Merciful Christ and will sing joyfully so that this petition of the Master may be accomplished in humanity.

At the end of the procession, the last 150 beads of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be prayed and, at ending of this prayer, all the devotees of Christ will wait for the Yearly Apparition of Jesus Christ, in which the year of the daily messages will be commemorated.

At this moment, all the steeples, bells, and bowls will sound in unison, announcing the arrival of the Master.

All of this spiritual exercise for the 5th of January, 2014 will be the same for 6th of January.

My Sacred Heart will close the Marathon, on the 6th of January, with an important task for those who are present.

I would like for these days the special presence of some of the members of the Marian Centers of the Child King, of the Holy Spirit, and of Figueira.  In this way I will be able to reunite all under the Christic Spirit.

This 6th Marathon will be different from the ones before; My praying Companions must be prepared for a deeper task, since the Sacred Heart has received the permission of a greater approximation to the Marian Center of Aurora.

I will thank from now on the collaboration and the spirit of devotion and joy on the part of all.

Under the Eternal Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for praying next to My Heart!

Christ Jesus of Mercy


Most dear companions,

May the coming of this Christmas mean for the good souls the inner reunion of the new apostles of Christ.

May in the course of the next year your hearts prepare themselves ardently and with faith to celebrate, together with the King of Humility, the anniversary of the daily messages when a year will be completed, I mean, the 5th of January of 2014.

On this day a new cycle of precise instructions will come for all, and more sleeping hearts will wake up when they only get to know that I have been among My ones during 365 continuous days.

For this today I call you so that in this Sacred Christmas your lives try to live the sacrament of humility and the sacrament of faith.  In this way I will be able to realize My Works among the pure and simple hearts.

I want to leave today a pastoral hug, an affection of Master to disciple and of Friend to companion, because I know what it represents for the souls to be consoled and understood.  But I ask you to not fear, but to keep ignited the flame of devotion, the unquenchable spirit that will give you the necessary strength to cross the bridges towards paradise, between abysses and chaos.

The time is approaching in which, in some places of the world, I will be able to be seen and found as happened before My Celestial Ascension.  The open heart will know how to distinguish the true Master from the fake master because My Love will always be unmistakable, it will bring to you the peace and the confidence to know that whoever is in Me will lack nothing.

Now I leave you for you to listen to the warm and sweet voice of the Celestial Mother.

Go ahead because while the fire burns in the depths, new cells of spiritual life awaken in the Christic humanity.

Now we will listen to the Voice of Our Lady:


Dear children,

Today I specially announce Myself together with My Beloved Son.

After Jesus was born in the inner manger of each being, the Holy Spirit hopes to find pure dwellings in the human hearts.  Let that in this Christmas Day the Sacred Hearts radiate the principles of the new universal life.  This will occur after your yes to the universe.

In the path of prayer you will find the retreat and the protection that you need in order to defeat your own inner evil and the evil of humanity.  The Holy Spirit wishes for this Christmas to be the new Pentecost that may prepare in each missionary heart the task and the mission to be fulfilled before the Celestial Father.

Pray lovingly for the Church and for the Holy Father so that they may recognize soon the great Marian task that My Immaculate Heart has been realizing for 32 years in Medjugorje and for 6 years in the Americas.

I wish for the believing humanity to wake up and to see the union of the times that I Am realizing between Heaven and Earth.  New and unknown laws are helping humanity so that it may not get lost amongst chaos and pain.

My Heart promises the spiritual salvation of those who may truly want to listen to My Spiritual Voice.  I wanted that after so many Christic years shared with My children, that you could grow up to receive a greater knowledge because the Mother of the World, the Solar Star announces coming and fruitful times for those who may only obey His call.

The Redeeming Grace will be available for all.  I will always be at your side to accompany you and to make you grow in simplicity.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you now and always,

Christ Jesus, the Master of Forgiveness and Your Mother Mary, Queen of the Hearts

Weekly Message received of the Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of the Blessed, transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

On the eve of the anniversary of the weekly Messages transmitted by My Immaculate Heart, today I call on you to remember all the teachings that I have communicated during this last year, and I also ask for the collaboration of the pilgrims for the publication of the first book with all the daily Messages, which I will bless on December 25 of this year, because I promise to come on that day with Christ.

On the eve of the anniversary of the weekly Messages, these sacred but simple instructions will become monthly, thus fulfilling the request of your Lord, of also appearing the third Saturday of each month to guide you and accompany you. After a year has passed of monthly Messages, My task with you will go through a withdrawal; that means, dear children, that afterwards, My coming will be once a month, in the coming year of 2014.

But if your hearts do not lose the devotion and the love with which you honor My Immaculate Heart, the Lady of the Solar Universe will also be able to visit you in a special way.

Beloved children, today I declare this communication to you because you know that My Apparitions throughout the centuries have had a cycle and a specific time. But today I want you to strengthen that union with Me, for in this way, more hearts will be activated in prayer and will thus be responding to My celestial call.

On this day of Mercy, I want to thank you for the persistence and the effort you made in the life you gave to this, My Marian Center of Figueira, as well as the fruits you have cultivated through each Marian meeting on the Hill.

I invite the other  Marian Centers to join and practice the same rhythms of devotion that you have at the Marian Center of Figueira. In this way, your hearts will work on your fraternity and in the end times you will not feel alone even for a moment.

Dear children, today the Queen of Peace thanks you for this spiritual moment that you share with Me, because the life of a Marian Center is built and evolves through the steps of love that My children decide to take.

Today, the Marian Center of Figueira is carrying out its greater task from the spiritual universe. Thus, now I ask that the members of this Center work and organize a monthly pilgrimage to the Hill of Apparitions, for the simplest of the simple; so that in honor of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, for Me they pray the Holy Rosary for Peace in the inner self of all the beings of the Earth. This pilgrimage can include the precious procession of candles and the songs that I always listen to from the top of the Hill.

Beloved children, may the impulse of living the peace of the heart be ever stronger, for the whole world has need of your beautiful prayers.

I thank you, dear children, for responding to My call!

Peace to you all,

Mary, Queen of the Blessed


Dear children,

Today, by the Will of God, an uninterrupted year of daily apparitions and Daily Messages of Love is fulfilled.

For this reason, dear children, today I tell you that the ever Blessed Virgin Mary will announce Her words of Love and Redemption for all Her children for a while longer.

Dear children, on this day I announce to you that God has asked Me, from today on, to communicate My instructions to you on Saturdays and on the days of the apparitions.

My children, after a continuous year of Graces received, My Maternal Heart asks that you look within your hearts and that you grow from within through My Redeeming Peace.

Therefore, dear children, may this day be for you a day of synthesis so that you can keep in your hearts everything that God has given you through My Immaculate Heart. From today on we will meet daily through the prayer of the heart because the world is waiting to receive the Mercy of My Son.

I give thanks to My children, those who accompanied Me to Medjugorje a year ago, for having pilgrimaged with devotion and love, because this state of love, radiated from your hearts before God in Medjugorje, allowed Him to send Me in order to guide you during a whole year of great changes.

Dear children, on this day all the groups of prayer and all souls receive as a task to pray week by week so that you may wait on Saturday for My Weekly Message, which will be transmitted in an apparition to My visionaries.

My children, the moment has come to grow and mature from the heart so that the soldiers of My Son may be prepared for the time that will come to humanity.

Dear children, once again I place you all in My arms, to offer to God the voice of your prayers, that have helped in the con- version of humanity.

In the next year of 2013 I will visit you by means of My Motherhood and from the Heavens, twice a month, on the 13th and the 25th of each month so that together we may accompany the descent of the Holy Spirit that will help humanity.

Little children, rejoice today because, for one year, My Immaculate Heart has triumphed due to your response to My maternal call. The celestial choirs, together with your hearts, are praising the One and Only God during all this day.

I thank you for responding this whole year to My call for peace.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary of My daily messages, when God gave Me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

My children, therefore, through all the instructions that My Heart has given, I invite you to exercise the reading from the heart again, that is, the reading of all of My messages from your heart. I invite you to live My messages, to practice them in a simple and humble way.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorje, when My Maternal Heart prepared My visionaries so that they would accomplish the task that has been carried out in the name of God throughout this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united with My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you transform your hearts day by day, you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penance and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penance and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more of your beings, without living great privations, but rather giving from your hearts all that can be transformed and redeemed.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will be rising themselves as a bird rises itself towards the top of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of grati- tude and devotion so that your hearts may unite to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, one year ago, on the 15th of November, 2011, My voice was announcing the emergence of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a very broad Work thanks to the response of My soldiers.

But to all of you, dear children, those who accompany Me month by month in My apparitions, I ask that you help and collaborate so that this co-redeeming work that is united to the Master Jesus may be able to expand itself even more, just as the work of Medjugorje was propagated 31 years ago.

My children, I want to tell you that all the Work that is real- ized in South America with the Blessed Virgin Mary must be supported with a little collaboration from all of My children. I ask you for a true collaboration from the heart, a surrender to God from your inner being, because a work on Earth happens and manifests itself through the workers that work in it, and these workers need the resources to accomplish it.

Thus God takes care of His workers and at the same time, of the Work.

Children, everything is united by the same link and your prayer will help so that My co-redeeming work may continue touching hearts in pain and suffering.

My dear ones, I invite you to accompany Me as the Pilgrim Mother so that Light may reach those that deny the Merciful Love of My Son.

Let us work through prayer so that the Work of God may be accomplished in South America.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


A servant of My Son Jesus must always transcend the paths of life to be able to finally see on their own horizon, the Light of Christ that guides them. For this reason, dear children, today I invite you to the persistence of the heart so that in this way your hearts may only seek to be in Jesus, to be in the Heights, in the House of the Father.

Therefore, My dear ones, I remind you of the importance of awakening the true spirit of the prayer of the heart so that all the groups of prayer that have consecrated themselves to My Immaculate Heart may be able to have Jesus as an aspiration and the Holy Spirit as a guide.

Each one of you must help Me at the end of this year so that the plans of conversion and salvation can reach the greatest number of souls. For this reason, My little children, carry Me in your hearts so that My Maternal Light may accompany you.

Know that I am with you, walking by your side, watching you with My Maternal Love.

Never forget that your hearts, day by day, must ignite the Marian fire that My heart radiates to you through the daily messages.

In this way your hearts, participating of My celestial mission, will allow the Grace of the Father to touch many souls that need conversion and forgiveness.

Know, dear children, that God sends Me to each one of your lives so that you may recognize that My Heart comes before My Son to rescue you and save you from the perdition that many are living.

May My Maternal Love fill you so that in trust you may walk towards My Son.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Immaculate Heart radiates Love to the world. My hands of a faithful servant sustain it with much love. From Eternity, I send Light onto all so that the Holy Spirit may act as a celestial fire in the hearts, may heal them, elevate them and forgive them in order to be in unity before the Creator.

Dearest children of My Maternal Heart, with the Flame of Love from the Holy Spirit over the world, let us celebrate today the immense joy that God gives you through My daily presence in your lives. Today, emanate the ray of gratitude so that all souls may also receive the Grace of the conversion of the heart, the inner relief for life.

Rejoice your hearts, for in these past seven months of daily messages My voice has been echoing. When your souls rise to the Heavens, the Eyes of Kindness will reveal to you all of this daily exercise of love that My Heart is doing for this humanity.

I want to tell you that God, silently, through My Fire of Merciful Love, has been calling you every day for seven months so that the world may remember that the One and Only Will, the original Source of Love and Unity, the Eternal God, Omnipresent and Kind, loves you and waits for you through a sincere act of reconciliation with His Beloved Heart. The Father of Graces has descended in Divine Spirit to awaken the Light in your hearts. This is the echo that My Maternal Voice is propagating so that all hearts may reach peace.

Therefore, dear children, may each moment of prayer dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary be a perfect alliance with the Love of God for your lives and for the conversion of all those who are still not converted.

My Heart, through these past seven months of daily calls has wanted to impregnate you with the instruction of Love and of the Redemption that My beloved Son radiates to the world with His Divine Mercy.

Walk without pause to the encounter with the Love of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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